“Treatment by Octozone”, Oscar Parkes, C.H. Buckley, The Lancet, Oct 17, 1931, pages 849, 850. Ozone is reported to help with arthritis, sciatica, varicose ulcers, skin conditions, wounds, and the elimination of “waste products”.

Spatial Analysis of Air Pollution and Mortality in Los Angeles“, Michael Jerrett et al.: Ozone is not associated with elevated mortality risks in air pollution.

Comparison between intra-articular ozone and placebo in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis: A randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study” (Carlos César Lopes de Jesus et al) comes to the conclusion that ozone injections are a valuable treatment for osteoarthritic pain in knees, July 2017.

Mechanism and Kinetics of the Reaction of Ozone with Sodium Chloride in Aqueous Solutions“, Razumovskiia et al, shows that ozonating a saline solution does not create hypchlorites,


  1. Michael Schmok

    Hi Paola,

    I love your blog site. I’m also an Ozone junky. I’ve been to Malaysia for EBOO and own a Longevity generator for home use.
    I have an aluminum E cylinder (24 cf) with a CGA870 regulator. However, it’s very difficult to find a place to fill it with oxygen (places require a contract and prescription). I was thinking of switching to a 21 cf steel welding cylinder and get a CGA540 reg. What type of oxygen cylinder do you use? Do you have any advise on this?

    • paola d

      Hi Michael,
      oxygen cylinders seem to be a tricky subject, since gas companies also make problems with the industrial ones. They usually do not want to accept clients’ own tanks but either sell their own or rent them out.
      I was in the lucky position that I found a sympathetic doctor (ozone dentist actually) who refilled my medical CGA 870 tank for me. It lasted me several years. That might be a route to explore … Or join our Facebook group “Ozone to Health”. We have over 3,000 members there. You might find someone in your area to give you a tip where to get your tank filled and which one to get …

  2. Courtney Humphrey

    My 4 yr old has an autism diagnosis and is on seizures Med for abnormal brain waves on an EEG but doesn’t have visible seizures. On a biomed FB group some parents did a trial with ozone water . With the inexpensive machines on Amazon. They noted significant gains. However, I’m struggling to find much info on how ozone water would interact with oral low frequent side chelation . So far I’ve pieced together that since ALA chelator is an antioxidant that I can’t do ozone while on a chelation round . His chelation round is 3 days on chelators 4 days off. BUT on the off days he takes magnesium, zinc and VITAMIN C three times a day . So I’ve heard some say you could space them out with 2 hours between vitamin c and ozone . My two concerns are making sure it’s been studied and proven that you can do ozone and chelation just not at the same time and you can space out vitamin C and ozone water and both still be affective . Also, I’m concerned with increasing oxidative stress because chelation already causes oxidative stress , so would doing something everyday that causes oxidative stress be too much of a burden on the body over time ? Should I give more antioxidants than just vitamin C to help balance the burden .

    • paola d

      Hi Courtney,
      I saw you also had posted this in the Ozone groups, so I hope your questions have been answered already?

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