How to Obtain Medical Oxygen for Ozone Injections?

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Over the years, I’ve performed hundreds of DIVs and other ozone injections on myself. The safety of direct intravenous ozone infusions largely hinges on the purity of the oxygen that is used, which should be at 99% or above. And where can you get this type of medical grade oxygen for ozone injections?

If you're in the USA, you have currently the following options: order pre-filled medical tanks online, buy ultra high purity scientific grade oxygen at Airgas, or Promolife's pre-filled O2Ready tanks.

Here is how to obtain them:

Option #1 to obtain medical oxygen for ozone injections: Two online shops in Georgia

Recently, some regulations have been loosened up in the state of Georgia, USA, and two companies are taking advantage of this opportunity.

It is now legal for them to ship tanks filled with medical oxygen to all states in the contiguous US without requiring a prescription from a doctor.

The companies are and

Both sell size E medical tanks already filled with medical oxygen for $175.

I highly recommend adding the cylinder key and the cart to the order. You need the key to open the tank. A tank holds around 600 L of oxygen.

The mentioned places do NOT offer refills. 

DO NOT BUY THE REGULATOR from them, since they only sell high flow regulators. For ozone treatments you need a low flow or pediatric regulator.

You can buy those from either Promolife, SimplyO3, or Amazon.

It's not clear how long this opportunity will last, so if you are thinking about doing any type of ozone injections in the future, this is a great investment.

Oxygen does not spoil. Oxygen tanks need to be maintained every few years, but the oxygen never goes bad.

So, if you want to be prepared for the next pandemic, this is a great investment.

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Option #2 to get oxygen for ozone injections: Promolife

Promolife O2Ready tanks hold 99.6% oxygen and come with a certificate of purity.

Tobias Segal, the head of Promolife, said that he feels 100% confident about doing DIV with those tanks.

The tanks require a unique regulator which you will need to buy with the first batch of your tanks. 

The minimum order for the tanks is a pair and together they hold 206 L of some of the purest oxygen.

That's 206,000 ml of oxygen. One DIV holds 60 ml, so that's a lot of injections you can perform with those tanks.

The tanks can not be refilled. When they're empty, you toss them and buy a new batch.

You can buy the tanks here. (Don't forget to include the regulator with your first order!)

Technically, this is not medical oxygen, but at 99.6% it's slightly purer than what medical oxygen is supposed to be.

Attention: Promolife also sells empty medical oxygen tanks. Do NOT confuse them with the pre-filled O2Ready tanks. 

Option #3 to obtain medical oxygen for ozone injections: Get a prescription 

This is the regular route.

If you or a family member has a respiratory problem like asthma, COPD, bronchitis, emphysema, or if you’re suffering from sleep apnea, your doctor may be willing to give you a prescription for medical oxygen.

With that prescription you then can either buy an oxygen tank and have it refilled through your Airgas supplier, or rent it. 

But: you will need a special, low flow or pediatric regulator which you can buy from the following shops: Promolife, SimplyO3, or Amazon.


The Power of Ozone SHOP

Option #4 to obtain medical oxygen for ozone injections: Befriend your ozone doctor

Befriend an ozone dentist or an ozone doctor and have your tank refilled through them.

That’s what I did when I lived in California.

I bought a medical tank, took it to the same dentist who had previously drilled out all my remaining amalgam fillings, and who happened to also use ozone in his practice.

I asked if he could have it refilled for me and he agreed.

I picked the full tank up a week later and he charged me $40.

The oxygen lasted for several years. 

Do you have other ideas how to obtain 99% pure oxygen? If so, let me know in the comments.

ultra high pure oxygen with regulator o 2 copy

An ultra high purity, scientific grade tank in an industrial CGA 540 tank with a low flow CGA 540 regulator. 

Option #5 to get oxygen for ozone injections: Ultra high purity scientific grade oxygen

This option has emerged thanks to a member of our ozone group who is a scientist.

He pointed out that Airgas offers the option of buying ultra high purity, scientific grade oxygen of 99.994%.

So, although it's not medical grade, it's actually purer than medical oxygen.

A 80 CF tank costs around $330, a refill runs at $150.

80 CF around more than 2,000 L, which if used only for ozone injections can last a very long time.

Ultra pure oxygen is freely available, you don't need a license to obtain it.

It comes in an oxygen tank with an industrial CGA540 valve, so you can use your industrial CGA540 low flow regulator.

Every batch comes with a certificate of purity, see here:


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  1. Kara

    I just contacted Airgas here in California. The industrial O2 is actually 99.5% purity and the ultra high purity is 99.994% purity. The price difference is about 5x-10x more for the ultra high purity. But based on these percentages, it seems the industrial 02 meets the standards for DIV. Please advise.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Kara,

      I do not recommend using industrial oxygen since it was found on at least two occasions of independent testing (by members of The Ozone Group) that the oxygen purity was lower than 99.5% by a few points.


  2. Aaron

    Hi, I was able to obtain a tank of aviator oxygen without any doctor prescription or any hassles at all by going to a gas supplier, that is a national chain. Aviator oxygen is actually rated to be more pure than medical, so it works for medical purposes as well, but is easier to get a hold of.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Great to hear!

  3. Katalin

    Hi Paula,
    Thank you for your work, I
    really loving it.
    Can you please advise where do I get a correct full pure Oxigen tank in the UK? I live in London. Could you please recommend?
    Thank you and looking forward to your book.
    Much love
    Katalin 😘

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Katalin,
      that's tricky … I believe you can get industrial oxygen in the UK relatively easily, but the problem is the regulator. You would need a matching low flow regulator, and those are hard to come by.
      An alternative is to get a high flow regulator locally, and then an additional, external regulator from Promolife:


  4. Dayna Drollinger

    It looks like the e cylinder has gone up to 175.
    Which regulator is the best? Your choice of 870 or 540 fitting for connection to Oxygen Tanks. 870 or 540?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Dayna,

      Yes, their prices have gone up, but consider that before they excluded shipping, now it's including shipping.
      For the medical tank you need a medical regulator. This one is supposed to be pretty good:

      The CGA 540 goes only onto tanks which have a CGA 540 valve. So, which regulator you pick depends on what oxygen tank you have.


  5. Brandy

    Do you have resources for oxygen tank and regulators for Europe? Thank you so much.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Brandy,

      this is right now a bit of a complicated thing. And it also depends where exactly in Europe you are, since from what I understand not all European countries have the same tank norms.

      One of the best options is to get an oxygen concentrator locally and an external low flow regulator from the US

      Or get a Kröber oxygen regulator which has already low flows built in.


  6. sharon

    Sadly the price of an oxygen tank from has gone up from $125 to a whopping $340! 🙁

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Sharon,

      you need to select “cylinder” from the drop-down menu. What you're looking at is the whole package.

      The price has gone up now from $125 to $140 – still pretty good.


  7. Alexandra

    This is such a good article, thanks Paola!

  8. Jen

    Thank you


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