Ozone Sauna Therapy – Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects

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Ozone sauna therapy is a popular ozone treatment among athletes, laymen, home users, as well as doctors. It's a powerful non-invasive alternative to the intravenous ozone route.

What is ozone sauna therapy?

Ozone sauna therapy is the combination of sauna and ozone gas. During an ozone sauna you sit in a sauna box which induces sweating and into which ozone is introduced at the same time. It’s important that the sauna allows for the head to stick out to prevent you from inhaling the ozone gas.

It is assumed that when the wet and warm skin is exposed to ozone gas beneficial peroxides and lipid oxidation by-products are created which have an anti-inflammatory and immune boosting effects.

Observational data appears to show that ozone sauna therapy can have profound systemic therapeutical effects.

There are different types of ozone saunas: foldable sauna tents, hard-shell saunas, infrared and steam solutions, as well as horizontal or sit-in saunas.

What is ozone sauna therapy used for?

Ozone saunas are used for a wide array of conditions. Ozone therapy in general works through its potent anti-inflammatory and immune system boosting effect. Same is true for ozone saunas.

Ozone sauna therapy can be used for:

  • Joint pain
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Brain inflammation, encephalitis
  • As an alternative cancer treatment
  • As a complementary treatment to reduce side-effects of chemotherapy
  • Lyme disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Auto-immune disorders
  • Lupus
  • Eczema
  • Injuries
  • Chronic viral diseases like EBV, hepatitis B and C
  • Bacterial infections
  • Fungal infections
  • Skin ulcers (diabetic, infectious, necrotic)
  • Allergies
  • Influenza, cold
  • Lyme disease
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Vascular pathologies like hind limb ischemia, Buerger disease
  • Diabetes
  • Scleroderma with Raynaud's disorder
  • Asthma
  • and more … 

Because of the powerful results which can be achieved with ozone saunas, they can be also used as a substitute or alternative for intravenous treatments.


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What are the benefits of ozone sauna therapy?

Ozone sauna therapy is believed to be a powerful systemic treatment which may be comparable to intravenous ozone administrations. It can be performed at home or at wellness spas without the supervision of a doctor since it’s a low risk, non-invasive treatment.

The benefits of ozone sauna therapy are numerous:

  • It's a profound, anti-inflammatory treatment
  • Based on user reports it can have powerful systemic effects
  • It boosts the immune system
  • It combines the therapeutical benefits of hyperthermia and sweating with ozone therapy
  • It increases the oxygen saturation of tissue and blood
  • It improves blood circulation
  • It increases the metabolism
  • It can assist with weight loss

Ozone saunas combine the benefits of regular saunas with all the benefits of systemic ozone treatments without the invasiveness of intravenous administrations. 

What are the side effects of ozone sauna therapy?

Ozone saunas are one of the safest treatments in the alternative health field: They're non-invasive, meaning that the skin is never punctured, and consequently there are no heightened hygienic precautions necessary.

The reported side effects are usually prminor, transient, and can be easily remedied by discontinuing the saunas.

The most common side effect is an itchy rash that looks like small red pimples. It can occur on the abdomen, chest or back, or on the limbs.

It’s assumed that the rash is caused by toxins or oxalates being expelled through the skin.

The itch can be extreme to the point of not allowing you to sleep at night. A reduction of the ozone concentration or frequency of administration usually reduces the itchiness. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to discontinue the saunas completely and proceed after the disappearance of the rash.

Another possible problem is the accidental inhalation of ozone gas when stepping out of the sauna. This can be prevented by wearing a mask, using a fan, or with lots of ventilation.

A rare, negative side effect is the worsening of symptoms of spinal instabilities. People with for example cervical instabilities tend to have constantly tense muscles to make up for the lacking structural stability. The heat of the sauna and the ozone can result in a loosening up of the muscles and for a resulting worsening of the associated neurological symptoms.

Saunas of any kind, does not matter whether ozone or not, should not be performed by pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, and those with a high risk for a stroke.

Ozone therapy of any kind should also not be used by people with transplanted organs, or by those who suffer from hyperthyroidism.


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How much does ozone sauna therapy cost?

Ozone sauna sessions at spas or at clinics cost between $20 to $220, depending on the area, the type of sauna, and possibly whether it's a doctor's office or just a spa.  

HOCATT saunas, which combine transdermal ozone treatments with carbonic acid, PEMF, and other extras, tend to cost more than simple ozone steam saunas. 

A complete ozone sauna equipment for your home can cost between around $1,000 and $5,000, depending on whether it's a hard-shell or a foldable cloth sauna, what type of ozone generator you pick, and what type of oxygen source. 

HOCATT saunas cost from $15,000 to $55,000 and include a hard-shell sauna box, ozone treatments, PEMF, micro-currents, a destructor, external oxygen source, and a number of other extras.


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What equipment do you need for an ozone sauna at home?

A home ozone sauna setup consists of the following 4 parts:

    1. Oxygen source and regulator (either an oxygen concentrator and an external low flow regulator or an oxygen tank and matching low flow regulator)
    2. Ozone generator
    3. Accessories: sauna box with steamer or infrared panels and chair, silicone tubing, luer lock or quick connectors, towels
    4. Breathing protection: more towels, a mask, fan
EXample O3 sauna marked copy

The picture above shows an ozone sauna set-up with the following parts: 1. An oxygen concentrator, here a Respironics Everflo, with an external low flow regulator, 2. An ozone generator, in this case the Promolife O3Elite Dual Cell, 3. Accessories: a foldable sauna tent with a steamer pot, silicone tubing, luer lock connectors, towels, 4 Breathing protection: Fan, mask, and more towels.

How are ozone saunas performed?

At home ozone saunas are performed in the following manner:

  1. The sauna tent is set up, and water is brought to a boil.
  2. The oxygen source is connected to the ozone generator.
  3. Once water is boiling, you put on a mask, and set up the fan.
  4. Then turn on the ozone generator, get into the sauna box and zip yourself up.
  5. Set the oxygen to 1/2 LPM, and ozone generator to 10 to 30 min.
  6. You sit in there for a good 30 minutes.
  7. When done, you turn everything off: ozone generator, oxygen concentrator, steamer, get a shower, towel everything dry
  8. Make sure you protect yourself from breathing ozone.

For a detailed step-by-step process go to this page.


Make sure to wrap a big towel around your neck when you sit in the sauna to prevent ozone from escaping. 

Does the ozone penetrate the skin?

According to Velio Bocci ozone does not penetrate the skin, unlike oxygen and carbon dioxide. Instead, ozone “dissolves in the superficial water film and reacts immediately with PUFAs [polyunsaturated fatty acids]”. This generates various beneficial oxidative byproducts like H2O2 [hydrogen peroxide] which are then absorbed through the skin layers and capillaries and so enter the blood stream. (Velio Bocci “Ozone – A New Medical Drug”, 2005)

Are ozone saunas a systemic ozone treatment?

Yes, ozone saunas can produce a systemic therapeutic effect. This has been deduced both from anecdotal reports as well as from a study performed by Italian professor Velio Bocci. He called ozone saunas BOEX, or body exposure to oxygen-ozone. The study is  described in his book “Ozone – A New Medical Drug” on pages 56 to 65. It was performed on “seven middle-aged physicians”, who were presumably Prof. Bocci’s colleagues.

The participants were first subjected to saunas with just oxygen, and a few months later to saunas with oxygen-ozone gas mix at an ozone concentration of 3%, so around 40 mcg/ml and a gas flow of 1 LPM. Various blood markers were measured each time 30 min, 1 hour, and 24 hours afterwards. 

The results showed a significant increase of PvO2 (partial pressure of oxygen in venous blood), a significant increase in leukocytes and IL-8 (interleukin 8), and a steep increase in peroxidation levels.

Bocci wrote that “contrary to our expectation, there was a very significant increase of circulating LOPs [lipid oxidation products] which continued long after the session” in the plasma pool.

He explains this by assuming that “both lymphatic and venous capillaries can rapidly transfer LOPs into the general circulation, thus inducing systemic effects.”

The study findings match reports of patients who have seen a reduction or complete resolution of symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, influenza, joint pain, heart problems, or chronic fatigue.

Bocci skin LOPs sm

Source: Velio Bocci, “Ozone – A New Medical Drug”, 2005

How to deal with the ozone sauna induced rash?

One of the most commonly occurring side effects of ozone saunas is an extremely itchy rash in the form of slightly elevated, small, red dots, or round circles. It mostly shows up over the abdomen or back.

The more often ozone saunas are performed and the higher the ozone concentration and amount is, the higher the risk of the developing the rash, and the more intense it tends to be.

There are several ways to deal with it:

– Reduce the ozone concentration, frequency of applications, or duration of the ozone saunas. Examples: Instead of doing them three times a week, reduce to once a week. Instead of using an ozone concentration of 30 mcg/ml, go down to 10 mcg/ml. Instead of sitting in the sauna for 30 minutes, reduce to 15 minutes.

– Apply a stream of hot and cold water over the most itchy spots

– Apply any of the following:

Liver flush

Protease enzymes

Ozonated olive oil, topically

Gardener's Dream Cream, topically

Activated charcoal slurry, internally

Vitamin B12 : up to 1500 micrograms at a time

Oat juice, topically

Hydrogen peroxide 3%, topically

Colloidal silver, topically

Emu oil, topically

Vodka, topically

The Itch Cream, topically

Calcium lactate

Lycopodium powder

Homeopathics: Psoriaheel; Schwef-Heel

Boric acid powder, topically

Bentonite powder paste, topically

Safflower oil, topically

Coconut palm butter, topically


Nature Dream “Cu-Well” Cream

Zambesia Botanicals herbal skin cream

Bathe in tub with Masada Dead Sea Salts

Activated charcoal slurry

Mint oil


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This website contains links to vendors of products I endorse, including amazon.com. If you decide to make a purchase through one of my links, they will pay me a commission. This does not influence my opinion about the products, as you can see from my reviews.


  1. Dennis

    I use a Relax sauna daily for prostrate cancer & also do RI sometimes the same day. Do you think one is better than the other and combining them the gold standard.

    Also, I make ozone water to clean veggies & fruits and to kill bacteria, which is a good thing. However, in doing this could I be killing the beneficial bacteria to make fermented food? Am I killing the beneficial bacteria in my gut doing RI (Rectal ozone)?

  2. Brian

    What is your opinion of the Hocatt machine?Is it worth the expense,compared to other ozone saunas?

  3. Scott

    Late to comment but …. I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. I have all the ozone equipment and sauna tent. I followed your video instructions but feel like maybe there was insufficient ozone? Could I drop the flow rate to 1/4? Also, how frequently should I be doing this? Thanks!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Scott,

      If you got any benefit from the ozone sauna, no matter how small, I would not necessarily increase the ozone concentration.
      Instead, increase the frequency of saunas. So do them daily instead of 3 times a week or however often you were doing them now.
      Do this for a week or two and observe.

      You ideally want to avoid cranking the ozone concentration up higher, since then the risk of developing the super itchy rash increases as well.


  4. Lee Walton

    Hi Paola,
    I bought an Longevity Ozone sauna cabinet in November last year but have not been able to use it because it is offgassing so badly despite having run it for 20-30 hours with ozone.

    The water in the bottom of the unit is milky and foamy and smells awful.
    Longevity claim noone has ever complained before about the smell before once it's been used a few times and that what I am smelling is the chemical they use to preserve the fiberglass – they claim it is non toxic and fine to use but I am skeptical of this.

    It is slowly getting better – it only smells bad now when it gets hot- the first week I had it I had to wear respirator to clean it the fumes were so noxious!

    Do you have any experience with this and if there is any way to decrease the amount of time it takes to offgas?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Lee,

      I am afraid I can't help you much with it. I have never come across neither persistent smell from hard shell saunas nor milky and foamy water.

      My tip would be maybe to accelerate the smell removal by buying an industrial, high powered ozone generator and blast it through the hard shell sauna ….

      But I am perplexed by the foamy and milky water. This sounds like a reason to invoke the warranty …

      Sorry, that's all I got in terms of ideas.


  5. Arthur

    Hi, in the sauna article from dr. Bocci I found the following: “The session lasted 20 min, during which the maximal temperature inside the cabin reached 46±50°C.”. In my sauna it gets around 70°C. Do you think the findings of dr. Bocci still apply?

    ( I'm referring to the article “Quasi-total-body exposure to an oxygen-ozone mixture
    in a sauna cabin” )

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Arthur,

      Prof. Bocci was using healthy volunteers and only measured some blood markers. He did not establish whether those changes had any therapeutical effect since there was nothing to cure.
      Is this also the case for you? Or are you intending to see some results in specific symptoms? If so, then I suggest you track those and see how your symptoms respond to whatever settings you will use in the ozone sauna …


  6. sherri hathaway

    Hi! Can you please tell me if the dark spots on the towel after ozone therapy is truly toxins? National Geographic and The Atlantic have articles out saying that can’t be so. BUT, I always have grey dark spots on my towel and if it’s not toxins, what is it? Thank you!!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi sherri,

      I don't know what this is. And I don't think anyone else doesn't either. Some point to a doctor who had those spots, or just one spot on one towel analyzed and found metal residue. But the problem is that he didn't compare this to a non-stained spot of the towel. So, it is possible that it's normal to find trace amounts of metals on sweat or simply wet towels ….

      But it could be oxalates, which supposedly show up as dark spots also on people's fingernails …

      Or something else we don't know yet.

      But I'd say: whatever it is, better out than in …

      Sorry, I can't say more on the topic.


  7. Loren

    Will there be water from the steam inside the tent flowing into the generator and damaging it?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Loren,

      This is a good question, but no, I don't think there will be. I have not noticed any steam/water back flow in the tubing so far … There is a constant gas flow out of the tubing, so I don't think that any steam has the opportunity to enter.


  8. Ray

    Hi Paola,
    About 4 months ago I had 1 amalgam filling replaced .Recently I got a pinkish rash on arms that worsens with heat and sun.I believe there’s a connection.Do you think saunas would be useful and I’m guessing this may get worse before getting better.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Ray,

      Yes, to both: ozone saunas could help, and yes, it could get worse (with the O3 saunas) before it gets better.

      Try it out and report back!


  9. Moon

    I just wanted to say thank you for all your info. I found them very helpful and informative. Appreciate all your hardwork!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Thank you, Moon!

  10. Micheal

    Why do you use plastic or PVC TYPE SAUNAS? Ozone will destroy platic and lastex. Where can you get a sealed cloth sauna tent? Or is there a thin silicone sauna tent that can be purchased?

    Thanks for your input.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Michael,

      there is no latex anywhere in the saunas.
      I've been using them for years, they're quite ozone resistant.
      I don't know what you mean with “sealed” cloth sauna tent, but I give an example of the setup I'm using here: https://thepowerofozone.com///how-to-guides/how-to-do-an-ozone-sauna/ with links where you can get it.


  11. Jessica

    I just used my infrared ozone sauna for the first time! I have a hard shell dome sauna. Should you be able to smell the ozone in the room? Was worried I may not have everything connected correctly! Also should you smell the ozone on your skin after? What is proper after care? Shower immediately, shower later? Great info thank you for sharing!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Jessica,

      usually, some ozone will escape into the room and you will smell it. But one should minimize this as much as possible.

      Yes, it's common to smell the ozone on the skin for a while afterwards.

      Yes, it's recommended to shower afterwards. This may reduce the risk of developing the itchy rash.


    • Dennis

      Hey Paola
      Have you thought to buy a carbon dioxide bottle, then you have the world's cheapest HOCATT.
      I am all for going the McGyver road, while always playing safe

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Dennis,

      I find regulator ozone saunas so effective, I never felt the need to enhance them …

      So, no have not done this yet. Not looking forward to having even more tanks lying around at home than I already have, LOL.


  12. Sergio Zambrano

    Hi Paola thank you for your video. It was great to see and easy to follow.

    We have the ozone generator MOB-108 ozone generator and oxygen tank for the sauna.

    We tried the setting of L6 with LPM of 1/2. We have the silicone tube to flow into the sauna. What do we do with the ozone destructor? Currently I have it going to the water funnel to minimise the ozone in the room however not sure if this is the right thing to do. Help please?

    Thank you so much.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Sergio,

      not sure what you mean with water funnel?

      But there is no use for the ozone destructor while doing the sauna.


  13. Sergio

    Hi Paola thank you for your video. It was great to see and easy to follow.

    We have the ozone generator MOB-108 ozone generator and oxygen tank for the sauna.

    We tried the setting of L6 with LPM of 1/2. We have the silicone tube to flow into the sauna. What do we do with the ozone destructor? Currently I have it going to the water funnel to minimise the ozone in the room however not sure if this is the right thing to do. Help please?

    Thank you so much.

  14. Jackie McMillan

    Paola, thanks so much for not only demystifying oxygenation self-care, but also for making it entertaining! The subsequent Q&As are almost as good as your videos, with most of my remaining questions getting answered… and I'm pretty sure the ones that aren't yet clarified will be soon, just from looking around your website a little longer.
    My one bigger question has to do with how ozone saunas compare with hyperbaric chamber treatments in the research. Many autism families invest in hyperbaric treatments without ever hearing about alternatives. Would you be willing to speak with me about this?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Jackie,

      thank you for contacting me.

      There is not much research on ozone saunas, so it's difficult to say how they compare to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or how they do with any health conditions at all.

      All we have are anecdotes.

      Not sure what you mean with “speak with you”? Do you mean like an interview?


  15. Wade

    Is the 30 minute Ozone Sauna session systemically as powerful as a DIV (Ozone Direct IV)?

    • Rintz

      I read so many benefits to Ozone Saunas.2 questions?Can this be used in tandem with ear insufflation?And this ozone uses infrared to my understanding!Some say Near infrared in safe as opposed to far.Can you expand on this concept?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Rintz,

      yes, you can use it together with ear insufflations.
      Not sure what you mean with “this ozone uses infrared” though ..
      I know that you can use infrared sauna tents for ozone saunas, like this model for example: https://thepowerofozone.com///PLinfra
      I don't know of near infrared ozone saunas, sorry.


  16. Wade

    Is Ozone Sauna produce the same systemic effect as an ozone DIV?

    • paola d

      Hi Wade,
      I don't know if it is comparable to DIV or if the sauna has an even greater systemic effect since they have never been measured and compared.
      But the ozone sauna certainly has a strong systemic effect.


  17. Bob Rynes

    I have a cheap portable steam sauna from Amazon,,, it was under $100. Works like a champ! I put a bath towel around my neck and I never have had a problem.

  18. Ann-Mari


    Should the steam be on while I sit in the foldable sauna with the ozone on?

    I heard that the steam should be turned off, when ozone is turned on, because the ozone would not be so strong then.

    And what settings are best?
    I have Promolife dual.

    Is this treatment the most effective,or should it be combined with f eks RI, EI and NI to be more effective?

    Does this ozone sauna treatment go through the brain barrier, so that if the brain is infected, the infections Will be affected?

    • paola d

      Hi Ann-Mari,

      leave the steam going on for the whole time.

      Turn oxygen to 1/2 LPM and the ozone to 15 mcg/ml. If after several weeks of doing that the rash is manageable, you can keep increasing the ozone concentration to around 33 mcg/ml.

      This treatment does not tackle the brain directly, but you may still get some benefit from it in that regard.

      For treating the brain I suggest to add EI or IVs to the program.


  19. Debbie Boyd

    Hello, I am a senior with many health issues. Is there a place in Madison Wi or Wisconsin somewhere that I could go to do an Ozone bath, sauna or the body bag?
    608-520-1844 608-520-1844

  20. Mick

    Hi Paola,

    I'm curious why you don't suggest bubbling the ozone through olive oil?

    • paola d

      Hi Mick,
      you mean for the sauna? That would make no sense. Oils and water repel each other.

  21. D.J. Johnson

    Hey Paola,

    I see your recommendations for the ozone sauna settings of 1/2 LPM between 20 to 40 ug/ml (gamma)

    My generator has the following settings:

    LPM Ozone
    1/32 78.6
    1/16 60.9
    1/8 38.9
    1/4 22.4
    1/2 12.5
    3/4 8.0
    1 6.0
    1.5 4.4
    2 3.2

    Which setting do you suggest I use?

    • paola d

      Hi D.J.,
      1/2 or 1/4 LPM, not less.


  22. Claudia Quiceno

    Gracias por la enseñanza. tengo preocupación con la hemoglobina muy baja, se puede usar esta terapia en estos casos?

    • paola d

      Hi Claudia,
      sorry, but I do not speak Spanish …

  23. Jim Hazel

    What areas of the body does the ozone go to when an ozone sauna is used? Does it get into the head or does it drive Lyme spirochetes into the head?

    • paola d

      Hi Jim,

      it certainly does not drive spirochetes nor any other pathogens into the head.

      The ozone sauna is a full body approach. With at least one report of a person who was suffering from MS who says that it helped her greatly in reducing symptoms.

      But it could also a good idea to pair it with EI or IV in order to directly address the CNS, too.


  24. Mark Cooper

    I am going to open a Hard Body Oxygenation Clinic. What would you think is a fair price per treatment?

    • paola d

      Hi Mark,

      I would say US$ 30 is a fair price.


    • Jane DWard

      In Texas, the charge is $80 per session, hard shell ozone sauna. Great site! Thank you.

  25. Eilene Hazel

    I have chronic Lymes and purchased a hard shell ozone sauna. My symptoms are mostly nerve related I think since I do not have pain. I have anxiety, lightheadedness, tired eyes, crazy feeling in my head, fatigue, hard time sleeping, digestive issues. Since my head is out of the sauna, does ozone still get to my head anyway? Also how long will it take before I see a significant improvement? I’ve been in it 4 times now. I seem to only be able to handle it twice a week for now. I use 22 gamma at 100 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Thank you for any advice you can give me! I also have done 2 ear insufflations at low flow for 1 minute presently. Also is it possible to call and talk with you?

    • paola d

      Hi Eilene,

      some people who do ozone saunas also feel improvement in neurological symptoms when doing ozone saunas.

      I am sorry, but it is impossible for me to say how long it could take in your case to feel a significant improvement.

      If you would like to talk to me, best is to schedule a Skype call: https://thepowerofozone.com///book-a-skype-session/


  26. Rick

    Hi Paola

    Colleagues of mine have had some problems regarding people fainting in the ozone steam chamber. Does this happen often? What can be done to prevent this? Should we be concerned about more serious risks resulting from this?

    • paola d

      Hi Rick,

      this is the first time I hear this. How often has this happened?
      Have precautions been taken to make sure people who sit in the sauna don't breathe in any ozone?


  27. Infrarotsauna

    Nice post. I learn something more challenging on different blogs everyday. It will always be stimulating to read content from other writers and practice a little something from their store. Id prefer to use some with the content on my blog whether you don?t mind. Natually Ill give you a link on your web blog. Thanks for sharing.

    • paola d

      Hi Infrarotsauna,

      yes, feel free to use the content, as long as you put whatever you found on my site in quotation marks and link to my page.

      Thank you!

  28. Hopi Ryder

    What is difference between steam or infa red. For example if I get a portable infa red sauna and put ozone is it the same as getting the steam sauna and putting ozone? Id like to have benefits of Ozone steam as well as infa red at same time…. So either I get infarred portable and add steam to it ( whihc im not sure is possibel ) or I get steam portable and add infared bulbs, but is that the same amount of infa red as portable infa red???

    • paola d

      Hi Hopi,
      as I mentioned during our chat: I would not do that. I don't think it is a good idea to add steam to an infrared sauna. The excess moisture could create problems in my opinion, but I would suggest you ask a professional.
      “I get steam portable and add infared bulbs, but is that the same amount of infa red as portable infa red???” – the problem with the more affordable infrared saunas is also that they do not heat your body evenly, which for can be problematic … Now if you add infrared bulbs yourself, you can choose how many you add and how evenly they will treat your body. But if they can be combined with a steam sauna, again I don't know …

  29. Richard

    Hi Paola,

    Thanks for this awesome website!

    I bought an ozone bag and I'm using it with a concentration of 30 to 40 ug/ml (gamma) for 30 minutes.

    Please, Do you known how many times per week can I use it?

    I also do Ozone insufflation 1x per week.

    Thank you so much!

    • paola d

      Hi Richard,
      you can use the bag as often as it is intact …
      If it starts leaking due to a hole, it is time to get a new one.
      I hope this answers your question?

    • Richard


      If I do Ozone Sauna with an oxygen flow of 0.5 LPM = 1/2 LPM and an ozone concentration of 20 to 40 ug/ml (gamma) for 30 minutes.

      In your opinion, How many times per week can I do ozone sauna? (1x, 2x, 3x a week or maybe every day?)

      Thank you so much!

    • paola d

      Every day if you like and if it gives you benefit.
      The more often you do it, the higher the probability of developing the ozone rash. So keep that in mind …

  30. Katie Rothenberg

    Hi Paula thank you for the info. Could you post a link of where to purchase the ozone sauna that's around $100? I'm confused on how you would connect the silicon tubing from the ozone machine to the sauna, is there a special port? Thank you

    • Katie Rothenberg

      *Paola , sorry about that

    • paola d

      Hi Katie,
      if you go to the “Super Saver Tip: Ozone compatible saunas for around $100” on this page https://thepowerofozone.com///protocols/ozone-sauna/#sauna100 and click on the pictures of the saunas, you will be directed to the amazon page.
      You just put the silicone tubing through the neck hole or one of the zippers of the foldable sauna, and voila! you have an ozone sauna. No special port needed.
      Hope this helps.

  31. Susana


    I noticed that you are using an oxygen concentrator rather than a tank. Can you elaborate on your preference? Does a sauna use a lot of oxygen compared to other procedures like insufflation?
    Thank you!

    • paola d

      Hi Susana,
      my oxygen concentrator produces oxygen of 95% and up. Most concentrators do. One can safely use that for most ozone applications except intravenous.
      And yes, an ozone sauna uses more oxygen than other protocols, since one uses a rather high oxygen flow of 0.5 LPM.

  32. Julie H. Hotard

    What a relief that I don't have to have it super hot, since I can not tolerate heat very high. I have it warm enough that I sweat now, and I can tolerate that. Thanks again, Paola. You're the best.

  33. Julie

    Hi, Paola
    Thanks for setting up this wonderful web site.

    What temperature do you use in your ozone steam sauna? Thanks.

    • paola d

      Hi Julie,
      thank you for reading it 😀 !

      I do not know what temperature I use in my ozone sauna since I do not have a thermometer inside the sauna.
      What you want is to have the skin warm and wet in order to derive benefit from the ozone sauna. You do not even have to sweat profusely.
      If you keep it hot enough to sweat – even better! Since a lot of toxins are excreted through sweat. But for the ozone to do its magic, all you need is to have the skin warm and moist. That's when the pores are open.

      Hope this helps.

    • Sarah


      It takes me about 10 minutes in a FIR sauna to begin sweating. Should I wait until then to begin the ozone since my pores may not be open until I begin sweating?

      Thank you very much–your website is very helpful. I'm so happy I found it, and I look forward to spending more time here! 🙂

    • paola d

      Hi Sarah,
      no need to wait.
      Your body starts absorbing ozone when the skin is warm and moist, even before it starts to sweat.
      Thank you for visiting my site!

    • Sarah

      Thank you Paola! This is great to know! I am currently using an ozone compatible (from what I understand) FIR sauna (Relax Sauna) with a cheap, $100, Enaly ozone generator with an air dryer attachment to remove moisture from the air. I know this is not typically recommended, and has a nitric oxide risk, but I wanted to see if I could tell a difference before I invested more money, and I am! I have a form of Lymes, and with it, I was experiencing pretty severe head inflammation. The ozone sauna has “greatly” reduced it! I have been doing 20 minutes of ozone in my sauna each day and am thrilled! I love that I am also getting the benefits of FIR at the same time.

    • paola d

      Hi Sarah,
      great you are liking ozone but yes, definitely be careful with that air fed generator.

  34. T.Caballero

    this is great! thank you Paola for always sharing your knowledge and wisdom!

    • paola d

      Thank you, my friend!


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