Rectal Ozone Insufflation – What You Need and How It Works

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PLEASE READ FIRSTHow to protect yourself from breathing ozone
What are rectal ozone insufflations?
What equipment do you need?
How to perform rectal ozone insufflations with a syringe
How to perform direct rectal ozone insufflations
Risks and how to avoid them


What is a rectal ozone insufflation (RI)?

During a rectal ozone insufflation a mix of ozone/oxygen is introduced through a catheter into the colon. It's a type of gas enema. The ozone helps remove inflammation and kills pathogens like bacteria, viruses, parasites and yeast. It can help restore healthy gut flora. Some of the ozone is absorbed by the colon walls and the resulting oxidative by-products travel through the portal vein to the liver and potentially enter the blood stream. Some sources claim that RI are a valid substitute for ozone blood treatments, others (like Prof. Velio Bocci) call this into question. Recommended is to not introduce more than 200 ml of ozone at one time.

What equipment do you need?

Here, I present the in my opinion best way to perform a rectal ozone insufflation. This method uses a 200 ml syringe, an adapter and a syringe filling station. You can watch the whole process in this video (with a minor modification. I use a different catheter and hence also a different adapter in the video) which is also posted at the end of this page. This procedure requires an adapter, which you will have to make yourself. Below, I will explain what you need for that and how to put it together.

You need:

1. Oxygen source (tank or concentrator) including low flow regulator

2. Ozone generator

3. Syringe filling station with a filter

4. DIY adapter (luer lock connectors, an on/off valve, 2 silicone pieces) 

5. Syringe

6. Catheters

7. Extras: a towel, a lubricant (olive oil), vinyl gloves, a garbage bin.

I use the EliteO3 Dual Cell ozone generator, an oxygen tank, and a syringe filling station from Promolife. But one can also use an oxygen concentrator with a low flow regulator and a whole variety of different other ozone generators instead.

1. Oxygen source:

Either an oxygen tank or an oxygen concentrator can be used which produces oxygen of at least 90% purity. Whatever oxygen source you choose, make sure your ozone generator is able to produce concentrations between 20 and 50 mcg/ml at the given oxygen flow. Consult the chart of your ozone generator to find out whether you will be able to produce those concentrations.

2. Ozone generator: 

It should be an oxygen fed generator which can produce ozone concentrations of at least up to 50 mcg/ml. Any of the recommended generators on this page will do the job. The one in the pictures above is the EliteO3 Dual Cell from Promolife.

3. Syringe Filling Station: 

to fill and refill the syringe. It comes with a filter. I strongly recommend using the filter to prevent oil from the lubricated syringe from entering your generator. You can also do without the filling station and simply use a piece of silicone tubing and a luer lock connector. Or simply attach the filter directly to the ozone out port on the Promolife and then fill the syringe through the port. I highly recommend the filling station though, because due to its attached destructor it minimizes the exposure to ozone in the air.

In my opinion the best way to perform RI is with the 200 ml polycarbonate syringe, an adapter and a catheter.

4. Adapter:

The adapter will allow you to refill the syringe multiple times. The on / off valve makes sure that no contamination from liquified feces will reach the syringe while you unhook it. The adapter can be reused indefinitely. The adapter I explain here is slightly different from the one in the video, since here I use luer lock catheters, whereas in the video I use standard Coloplast catheters which require a different connector.

You need the following parts in order to build the adapter:

connectors for the adapter RI

An ON/OFF Valve and a pair of luer lock connectors.

And two pieces of silicone tubing, one can be a little shorter than the other. You can choose 3 and 5 inches, respectively. You can cut silicone tubing with a pair of scissors. The ideal size for the tubing is 3/16″ ID x 5/16″ OD.

1. Line everything up, as shown above. 

2. Connect all the luer lock connectors with the silicone tubing. 

3. The ready DIY RI adapter. 

5. Syringe: 

I recommend the 200 ml polycarbonate syringe with a silicone stopper from Promolife. It is ideal for rectal ozone insufflations. Make sure to lubricate the stopper with some olive oil, since when the syringe is new the stopper sits very tightly. With a little bit of oil it works perfectly.

6. Catheter:

is inserted into the rectum and then connected with the adapter and then the syringe. There are different types of catheters with different connecting ends. The catheter on this page has a luer lock attachment, so it perfectly fits with all the adapter I show above. But one can also use standard adapter with a silicone cone finish. In which case a slightly different connector is needed at the end of the adapter. You can find further information and links to that underneath the description of the video.

The 200 ml polycarbonate syringe is an ideal solution for rectal ozone insufflations. The materials are polycarbonate and silicone, making it uniquely ozone resistant.

This catheter connects perfectly with a luer lock connector. 

7. Extras:

Latex free gloves, a lubricant, a garbage bin, and a towel

Gloves: Rectal ozone insufflations are a messy affair. It's recommended to use gloves when applying the lubricant, introducing the catheter, and pulling it out. Make sure the gloves are latex-free since ozone destroys latex immediately.

Lubricant: Use it to facilitate the introduction of the catheter. You can use any ozonated or vegetable oil, or any cream of your choice.

Garbage bin: Keep it close. Once the catheter is out, you need to act quickly!

Towel: use an old towel to protect your furniture.

How to perform a rectal ozone insufflation with a syringe

Find step-by-step instructions here.

1. Prepare everything: put a towel on your couch, connect the oxygen source with the ozone generator, plug both into the power supply, connect the syringe filling station with the ozone generator. Have everything else close by: adapter, catheter, oil or cream, lubricated syringe, garbage bin, gloves.

2. Get undressed.

3. Open the oxygen source. If it’s a tank: open the valve of the tank and the regulator at a low flow of 1/8 LPM. If it’s an oxygen concentrator: let the concentrator warm up for around 10 min, then adjust the regulator  to 1/8 LPM. Let the oxygen flow before you turn on the ozone generator to flush all the lines. Make sure the valve on the filling station is turned so that it does not block the oxygen flow.

4. Connect the syringe to the syringe filling station. Turn the valve so that the oxygen flows into the destructor, not the syringe.

5. Turn the ozone generator on. Choose the desired ozone concentration. Allow the ozone generator to warm up for 10 to 15 seconds. Make sure the ozone goes into the destructor of the filling station.

6. Turn the valve on the filling station to let the gas flow into the syringe. If the plunger doesn’t move, help it out by pulling on it gently. Fill the whole 200 ml.

7. When done, turn the valve of the filling station again to divert the flow of ozone into destructor. Do not unscrew the syringe from the filing station yet. (If you decide to unscrew it, so park it close by upside UP. Do not lay it down on its side)

8. Turn the ozone generator off. Turn oxygen source off.

9. Put on gloves, lie down, apply the oil, insert catheter.

10. Connect the adapter with the catheter.

11. Unscrew the full syringe from the filling station, connect it with the adapter.

12. Make sure the ON / OFF valve on the adapter is open. Start pushing the content of the syringe into your colon. Suggested are 10 ml every 10 to 15 seconds.

13. If you want to use another syringe full, then close the valve of the adapter before you unscrew the syringe. This will prevent liquified stool to come up through the catheter. Unscrew the syringe, open the oxygen source again, turn the ozone generator on and repeat everything as above. Then screw the syringe onto the adapter again, open the ON / OFF valve and start pushing the piston.

14. When done, remove the catheter, dispose of it. Remain horizontal for a few minutes.

15. Repeat as often as prescribed by your ozone practitioner.

How to perform a direct rectal ozone insufflation

Another method of performing RI is the *direct method*. It means that instead of using a syringe or a bag, one connects the catheter directly with the ozone generator. There is a direct flow of the gas from the ozone generator into the colon.

There are several important considerations to make with direct RI:

1. The oxygen flow should be very low, not higher than 1/8 LPM. So either 1/8, 1/16, or 1/32 LPM.

2. The total amount of oxygen should not exceed 500 ml. Although, as stated above, even lower amounts of max 200 ml would be preferable (if you want to know why I think that, please watch the video below about risks and complications).

3. In order to make sure the total amount is not exceeded, one needs to perform the following calculation:

Example: if you want to introduce max. 500 ml into your colon, you do as follows:

a) Read the chosen oxygen flow you selected on the oxygen regulator, so for example 1/8 LPM.

b) Write the fraction of 1/8 LPM as ml per minute by typing 1 ÷ 8 = 0.125 x 1000 into your calculator. You will obtain 125. That's 125 milliliters per minute now (MLPM).

c) Divide 500 ml / 125 MLPM = 4 minutes. You should allow the oxygen to flow for around 4 minutes in order to not exceed the maximum amount of 500 ml. For 200 ml it would be 200 ml / 125 MLPM = 1.6 minutes.


About the author:

PaolaI’m Paola the Crazy Old Ozone Lady behind The Power of Ozone. I’m a licensed naturopathic practitioner, natural health consultant, ozone therapy enthusiast, researcher, and ozone therapy analyst. I hold certificates in ozone therapy, hyperbaric ozone applications, Oxyvenierung, and the Andrew Cutler chelation. I own several ozone generators including a German hyperbaric 10 Pass machine. I have been using ozone for over 13 years, I’ve chelated with the ACC program for close to 5 years and I’ve been carnivore for nearly 1.5 years. This website serves as a resource for those who are interested in ozone therapy and other approaches to successfully manage chronic conditions.

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  1. James Holcomb

    You were did you get your education and protocols from?

    Was it from the
    Doctor you mentioned, (I believe the same one from the video or article written)?


    You should look at the Genesis Center in Cummins GA. They have a treatment to specifically treat Lyme. The treatment is called a SOT. It changed my entire family’s life.

  3. Fiona Westby

    It took me a while to find your donation button, finally did on your spinal post – hope you are doing ok? and thank you so much for all you do for so many.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Fiona,

      yes, the spinal situation seems to have improved greatly.

      I will also send you an email in case you won't see my answers.


  4. Fiona Westby

    Paola, thank you so much I have been binge watching and reading your site on and off for a few years. Finally getting the courage to dive in and purchase everything. Mainly for health. Menopausal, you mentioned in one of the comments it helps with regulating hormones? Also, my sister In law diagnosed with her2 breast cancer, based of all the amazing responses, thinking the VI and sauna and spacing them what a few days after the chemo treatments (sadly, very allopathic).

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Fiona,

      thank you for supporting me and thank you for your donation!

      Yes, ozone is believed to be a hormone stimulator. Some believe it to be a hormone modulator (in that it reduces overproduction of hormones, and increases when they are underproduced). I don't have enough information to say if this is true, though.

      Yes, VI and ozone saunas could be potentially beneficial. Again, here are different ways to approach this with different ozone doctors suggesting different methods: some recommend doing the ozone treatment at the day of the chemo, others say to space it apart by at least a day.

      I hope they will help her!


  5. Derek Nielsen

    To address your comments on ozone killing your gut biome.

    From where does the gut biome start?

    How long does it take for ozone to react with your tissues?

    To think that any single molecule of oxygen will make it past your Sigmoid Colon is ridiculous. My recommendation is to NOT let the gas go into your colon, but stay entirely in the rectum.

    What is the Appendix for?

    Are you suggesting that rectal insufflation sends active ozone gas all the way up the Descending Colon, across the Transverse Colon and down the Ascending Colon to the Cecum?
    Maybe that's possible with huge volumes of gas, like what they use for Colonoscopies, but with volumes such as 1000ml, hardly possible.

    Ozone instantly reacts with your tissues. Those single molecules of oxygen disappear in milliseconds creating ozonides within those tissues. This is well known. It would take very large amounts of ozone gas in a very short amount of time with huge amounts of pressure to get that gas to your Cecum. That might very well be a deadly amount. I've never heard of that being done or recommended.

    From time to time our gut biome gets wiped out for various reasons, but never entirely, because the Appendix holds our life's history of probiotic to repopulate the colon, which is why it's important to eat lots of pre-biotic to feed them and to never get an Appendectomy.

    The goal of rectal insufflation of ozone is to get the ozonides into the Portal Vein System and into the Cardiovascular System. The direct effect on the liver from rectal insufflation is substantial and profound. There are many studies on this. Also, the direct effect on the blood is also substantial and profound, which is also well studied.

    If you look at diagrams of the rectum, you'll see veins going directly to the liver, and veins going back to the heart. This is why suppositories are excellent ways to get drugs into your blood supply.

    Take my mother for example, who had a heart attack that destroyed 70% of her heart. Eventually her legs turned black due to lack of blood circulation, but after 6 months of rectal insufflation her legs became youthfully white again. This is due to what ozone does to the blood, where it makes hemoglobulin more pliable and youthful.

    It's known that the older we get the less tolerant to alcohol we have. I love wine, but before ozone I could only drink a couple bottles a week. Since the rectal insufflation, my drinking tolerance is back to when I was 24. I'm not the only 50 something that reports this interesting side effect.

    Ozone therapy done right will not kill your gut biome.
    I've been doing rectal insufflation since July 2018, almost every day with more volume of ozone than anyone has recommended, because I only put it into the Rectum NOT the colon, and my gut biome is very healthy.

    Don't take my word for it. Study Dr. Frank Shallenburger's and Dr. Robert Rowan's work and the 6000+ published papers on the therapy.

    If you are afraid of putting a catheter up your butt, then let me suggest to cup your belly button, which has veins touching most all your organs and can have a profound effect on your Portal Vein System, almost as good as your rectum.

  6. Derek Nielsen

    I'm writing to report my experience with ozone therapy.

    I've been doing ozone therapy for 5 years. Been experimenting with different ways to get the ozone into my body.
    I've found that direct into the rectum, NOT the colon, is best. The rectum is much more tough, and can handle more ozone than the more delicate tissues of the colon yet have all the connections to the liver and heart to be a powerful way to affect the blood of both systems.
    I use pure O2 from industrial tank. (Dr. Rowan says to NOT use concentrator due to the nitrogen going through the generator, which will be toxic.) I do direct from generator 18 gamma, or 1/2 l/min flow from peds regulator, BUT I insert the catheter just past the 2nd sphincter, so no more than 2 inches. The gas goes in continually, but every 5 seconds or so I fart it out.

    So, I do a continual short hold then fart out for at least 2 minutes or about 30 farts.
    IF the gas goes deeper into the colon, I have an irritable mucosa discharge, so I try to keep the gas only in the rectum.
    IF I use a higher concentration ozone it stings and feels too strong. The 1/2 setting is perfect for me.

    For best results, I load a vasodilator such as beet juice concentrate, l'argenine, or l'citruline. This load opens the capillaries and I get a more powerful response. I feel it in my chest and axillaries almost immediately, as without I don't feel it in those areas.

    (It's important to note that all my life I've felt that there was something wrong with my body. I had been searching to find out what. I'm very intuitive and feel the subtilties of minute differences in my body. 5 years ago after my 3rd rectal insufflation, I noticed that feeling was no longer there. Ozone therapy saved my life in many ways.)

    I do this almost every day, but at least 3 times a week.
    I also do the coffee enema at least once a week, BUT a few hours after I do the ozone. I do NOT do the ozone until I have a good bowel movement. The ozone always creates powerful peristalsis and after I poop again, so colon is as clean as it's going to get before the coffee goes in.

    It might be important to note that before I do the rectal insufflation I warm up the generator by passing the gas through ice water to drink. Then in my ears for about 2 minutes, then in my mouth. I'm very careful not to inhale, but the benefits are amazing for my gums and tonsils.

    cupping the navel is a powerful way to get the ozone into the portal vein system. I put a very small amount of BFC cream in the belly button, then at the highest setting, 1/32, cup for 30 minutes. After my urine smells of ozone. It feels like it hits my ascending colon too. The BFC cream also holds the ozone, so I'm careful not to wash it out. It keeps delivering the ozone over the next 2 days.

    Recently I had some skin cancer show up, which was very itchy. I cupped the tumor twice a day for a week, combined with Ivermectin and it totally disappeared.
    Ivermectin was transformational. It felt like it cured my lymph issues, as they drained and have not swelled up again.
    Ivermectin and ozone might be a huge cancer 1-2 punch.

  7. Dorset Campbell-Ross

    Hi, what do you recommend as the best therapy for prostrate cancer using ozone?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Dorset,

      I would probably do rectal insufflations and either ozone IVs or ozone saunas.


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Dorset,

      Probably rectal insufflations, low carb or zero carb diet, low vit A and copper intake …


  8. Maja


    just curious, if you own an ozone device, claiming to have Ozone Output
    1000 mg/H. Without the oxygen tank, how many minutes takes to reach 200 ml of ozone?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Maja,

      apologies, but I am not sure I understand your question …

      If you want to fill a bag with 200 ml with that machine, then it's impossible to tell how long it's gonna take without knowing the oxygen flow … there is no way to calculate this from the units of 1,000 mg/h …


  9. Radom

    Hi Paola. RI studies with SARS cov 2
    Rektální ozon snižuje dodávku O 2 a zlepšuje saturaci O 2 , snižuje biomarkery zánětu a zlepšuje Taylorův radiologický stupeň u pacientů s těžkou pneumonií COVID-19. Rektální ozon je bezpečnou, účinnou, levnou a jednoduchou alternativou schopnou působit na virus SARS-CoV-2 a je prezentován jako doplňková terapeutická možnost, kterou je třeba zvážit při léčbě těžké bilaterální pneumonie COVID-19.

  10. Candis

    Hello, will RI get rid of herpes HSV2?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Candis,

      I doubt it … but it may be a good adjunct approach.

      I would rather go for something more intense and direct like ozone IVs, vaginal insufflations, ozone saunas.


  11. Jacksen Yun

    Hi sirs,
    At present, my condition is that : metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma, sigmoid colon.
    took out all of them last month.

    My question is ;
    I'm doing :
    40 gamma x 400ml for every day in 3 weeks and 1 week rest.
    In thes case, what do you think about it?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Jacksen,

      sounds good, I think. Try that and see how you feel and report back.


  12. Steve

    Is it best to use medical grade oxygen if I can get it (vs. insustrial grade oxygen)?… and is it better to use a steel tank, or an aluminum tank? Thank you!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Steve,

      You don’t need medical oxygen for RI or any other non-invasive ozone treatments. Industrial oxygen is perfect for that.

      Steel vs aluminum tank is also irrelevant in my opinion. Tanks (either medical or industrial or ultra high purity) above a certain size are all steel. Only smaller sizes are aluminum.


  13. Laura

    Hi Paola, What would be your recommendation for total amount of RI / day at 200ml. Currently doing 3 / day approx 5 days a week. I have chronic Lyme that severely effects my gut that then spreads through my entire body, already on strictly veg and chicken diet, I don't tolerate keto / meat based diets. Thank-you.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Laura,

      If I understand this correctly, you're doing 600 ml total of RI? I'm not quite sure I understand your question correctly, since you're mentioning the amounts you're using, so did you want to know the maximum allowable amount or the ozone concentration?

      In general, if what you're doing works for you and you see some relief in symptoms, then keep doing that …

      But, you haven't mentioned how your gut problems manifest and where they are.

      If they are mostly in the upper region like stomach and small intestine then RI may not be the best approach. Have you tried drinking ozonated water or taking Oxy-powder (or analogue magnesium peroxide products) instead?


    • Laura

      Hi Paola, yes just wondering what the maximum or recommended daily amount should be. It helps but would like to do more. It's in my colon but I have body wide symptoms, yes currently I'm at 600ml/day. I mentioned I do 3x 200ml so you can see I'm not doing 600mL in one go. I'm also actively healing my colon and (intermittent) fasting so I don't want to interfere with that. Thanks.

    • Laura

      It severely effects my Gut like I said and It's helping why would I switch to VI when Rectal insufflation is the closest to doing IV ozone and I benefit from both the effects on the gut (the root of the infection) and systemic benefits (90% is absorbed through the colon). VI is better for fibroids, uterus issues etc.. I just asked a simple question about the maximum dosage but I can just ask my doctor.

    • Rick VZ

      I am currently taking a daily rectal insufflation dosage of 750ml at 40 level. I started a couple years ago at 250ml, then moved to 400ml. I do this to help in healing lesions on my leg that struggle to get skin closure. I tolerate this larger dosage very well. Is there any danger of this continued dosage level?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Rick,

      if you're treating lesions on your leg, I would rather suggest to do either rinsing with ozonated water, doing H2O2 soaking baths, ozone limb bagging, ozone saunas, or full body ozone bag. I would expect those treatments to have a better effect in my opinion.

      You are not mentioning how often you do the RI. But you can take a break of a week or two and see how you feel during a break.


    • Holly

      Ok disregard part of my last message as I’m watching the videos you linked now, & I get it now- you experienced a brief but violent reaction followed by feeling better & amazing & improvement or complete elimination of the problem you were dealing with.

      But, isn’t MAH or multi pass the least likely to cause ozone herx & wouldn’t that mean that even if you don’t have a dramatic herx or reaction with it that it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily not working?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Holly,

      a dramatic immediate reaction like I experienced after drinking ozonated water is not the only way to tell if a given ozone treatment is working. During the VI or ozone saunas I often didn't experience any herxes, but simply improvements.

      For me, there has to be some kind of improvement, no matter how brief, to know that it's working. Even if a given ozone treatment triggers a herx, this typically happens after an initial improvement.

      So yes, there can be NO dramatic herx, but still it is working. But when it is working you should feel an improvement in symptoms. So you should feel *something*.


  14. Loren

    Hi Paola,
    I have been doing RI (500mL twice a day at 50 gamma) for almost 3 months now to treat my 15+ years of antibiotics overuse. Every time right after each RI, I can see some light-colored mucous substance that looks like parasites/candida in my fecal matter. Is this common? How long does this parasites die-off usually last? Thanks!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Loren,

      I think this is quite common, I get that, too, but I don't know what it is. It may be simply oxidized mucous or fecal matter or a mix of both.
      I don't know if those are parasites or not, although some speculate that they are … I can't tell you how long this typically lasts, I'm sorry, I don't have that information, unfortunately.


  15. E

    hi paola, how long should one wait in between r.i treatments ? for example, if i do one at 8am how many hours later should i do the second?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi E,

      You can do another one right away. It depends on your response … how long does the improvement after the first RI last?


  16. Ramona

    Is it okay to use ozonated water with an enema?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Ramona,

      yes, you can.

  17. Dannielle Bryan

    Hi Paola,

    I have two questions in regards to the use of RI. With Sibo – would RI be the suggested treatment at 200ml per session and how many times a day or week would you suggest. I have read in other material a suggestion of a couple times a day initially to get it into your system.

    Second question – would you use RI to treat an active case of colitis? I have a friend who is having a hard time with her colitis right now and I am wondering if RI would be a good treatment for her.

    Thanks so much for all your wonderful information and your willingness to continue to support all of us!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Dannielle,

      I would not use RI for SIBO, since RI won't reach into the small intestine.

      I would rather drink ozonated water and take oxy-powder/homozon.

      For colitis I would primarily look into dietary options, so either the carnivore or keto diet or low fiber, low oxalate paleo. RI as an adjunct treatment.

      I hope this helps.


  18. Jessica Allynn-Smith

    Hello – I am starting to do RI after a long time of not using it. I had originally started to use it a couple of years ago due to EBV issues – I also have autoimmune Hashimoto's, but my ND recently discovered I have Mast Cell Activation and Bartonella Henslae. So I am thinking Ozone RI would help get rid of the Bartonell co-infection of Lyme but does it also get through biofilm to get rid of bartonella and will ig get ride of the Herpes (shingles chicken pox virus) and EBV etc. I am not sure what strength to use. I am using the Promolife single elite O3 unite and syringe. I have been usint #4 at 1/8 for 50 and 200 ML of ozone. Considering the nastiness of the Bartonella and EBV is this the settings and amount that will help break through the biofilm of bartonella and get to spirochetes of batronella or do I need more than 200ML or what is max for this? Is the 50 strength the max then as well Apparently I am dealing with Autoimmine, Inflammatory, and AND Histamine issues and was told the Bartonella causes automimmune problems so will RI help destroy the Bartonella as well as the EBV, Herpes viruses and how long does it take and how much (200ml etc) do I need to do and how often like every day? twice a day?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Jessica,

      I would not focus on RI in your case.

      Yes, ozone can degrade biofilm I believe, but if you are treating systemic infections, then I recommend stronger systemic approaches, like vaginal insufflations, ozone saunas, coupled with ozonated water and ozone IVs.


  19. Naveen Saroha

    Hai Paola Thanks to introduced me to ozone therapy.I have a question ..My wife suffered from chronicle fisher is it possible to insert an ozone enema at home whats the parameter of ozone +oxygen or ozone + water ….? Thanks

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Naveen,

      sorry, I don't understand what you mean with “chronicle fisher”. Please, be so kind and review your message to remove any typos.


  20. Suzanne Hunter

    Hi Paola;
    I purchased an Simply O3 machine. I have been doing RI for several months now. I have Scleroderma and Raynauds… I have noticed that my finger inflammation has decreased but my Raynauds has increased. My fingers are turning blue! I am using 2ml daily for 5 days because that is what my Dr. said to do. Now, I'm getting a bit disheartened.. Wondering if this is herx or the Ozone is simply not working.

    Thanks, Suzanne

    • Suzanne Hunter

      Sorry, I meant 200ml daily for 5 days.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Suzanne,

      I would need to have much more information to say something sensible.

      But maybe switch from RI to drinking ozonated water or vaginal insufflations. Ozone saunas could possible be an idea.

      I would also look into dietary changes, so a meat based, low carb diet.


  21. Angie

    Hello, I bought an ozone generator Simply O3 and it just arrived. I am collecting all the information needed to get started, but I am becoming terrified of using this product.

    I think your site is fascinating, but it is alarming to me because it seems like I'm not finding that you recommend most of the therapies or you give extreme caution. I'm guessing you have seen terrible effects or something??

    I read so far that oil can bubble back into ozone machine and break it and I need extra attachments (trap) to even do that and that oil can become saturated at some unknown point and you can breathe raw ozone by accident. I have also read that ear insufflations seem (esp from the comments) trigger pretty bad Herx effects, itching, oozing, drainage and terrible pain….some go on and on even in people who have previously had no problems and remain unresolved. I already have bad ears and lymph drainage issues and that's all I need!. Plus there is the issue of having to buy a mask from breathing ozone in (MORE supplies). I'm reading about rectal insufflations which the literature says is very close to Major autohemotherapy and now I am learning they should basically basically be “your last resort” because they can rupture your colon (I've had three babies and my last one was 10 lbs delivered naturally, no tears but everything seems strained and slack and who knows probably weak down there…so now I have to go see a colon dr to find out if my colon is weak?), that they may kill off permanently good gut bacteria, and that you can end up with horrible cramps and all that. I don't understand how all this places and people (in Europe, just listening to a whole ozone therapy episode from Dr. Brownstein in USA and there wasn't a single concern I can recall him mentioning and they do thousands and thousands of therapies all kinds in his dr, is a board certified MD, and just raves of the results) are recommending this method when it sounds actually very risky and damaging?

    The lady I talked to at Simply O3 said she would caution about drinking O3 water because they aren't sure if it disturbs the gut microbiome. So I don't know why men would be suggested in this video to not to use rectal insufflation to avoid disturbing the microbiome but drinking the water is ok. I also read on your site that drinking ozone may cause you to inhale the ozone by accident as it sits on the water surface and to have to take a deep breathe and drink it while holding breath.

    This is really starting to sound edgy and dangerous and I an wondering if I should ship my machine right back. I'm buying this not because I am in the best shape ever, but because I am trying to get my life quality back. If I just add a thousand trips to the ENT, bowel surgery, and SIBO to the list, I can't take it.

    I'm feeling really concerned that even an ozone therapist is feeling the need to caution people away from most of the ozone therapies I thought were promoted as generally ok. I'm not faulting you at all because you should speak up if there are problem!! I read elsewhere that if you are going to skip any, you should skip the vaginal insufflations (perhaps pulmonary embollim risk or vaginal bacteria imbalance?? But you recommend it!). I'm just wondering, what do you feel is helpful about ozone therapies to be at the end of the day, an ozone therapist when you seem to be seeing quite a bit of risk and damage from the therapies?

    I know sometimes places say we have to tell you about the risks, but seriously we see ten thousand patients and do all these therapies and like we have only ever had 2 cases of xyz. That to me is upbeat. Or are people downplaying the risks. I saw a video (perhaps you filmed it?) of someone called Justin who just had a wonderful result from Ozone and finally pulled out of debilitating Lyme's. It was after watching his series of videos that I bought the machine for myself. And now I'm thinking it was a mistake and may put me at greater risk. I have a young family and fooling around with therapies that will make, I don't know, me stop digesting oxalates (which are in pretty much almost every food on the planet) sounds like a terrible idea or have constant buzzing and ringing in my ears from EI treatments that could be permanent or laid out on the couch with more migraines……

    Please help me understand how ozone is beneficial and if the reason you state these things on your site is because you see it happen to clients a lot in real life and you just want people to not think it is all success and ease. If that's the case, I will need to return this.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Angie,

      this is quite a long post you wrote there … unfortunately, I did not read it all.

      But you are most welcome to schedule a call with me if you'd like to have a more in depth conversation with me:


    • Student of Life


      Sounds like someone is having a stressful week😉seems like u did a decent amount of research, but also didn’t seem to notice Paula stating all of the side effects ur getting stressed out about are EXTREMELY rare & usually are completely avoidable. This is why the other doctors u mentioned who have treated 10k plus patients didn’t even mention the potential side effects-they almost never see them.
      Although Paula’s information is very accurate when she quotes the science related to RI’s all the ozone doctors I’m aware of only report Patients improving from gut related issues after using RI’s. Unfortunately they don’t have b4 and after gut biome analysis in any of the clinical studies on RI’s (usually combined w ozone water) that I’m aware of, & I haven’t even heard of doctors measurements b4 and after in their case reports. They’re just basing their recommendations on clients issues improving & often total health benefits-which honestly is good enough for most of us & in my opinion is could be even more accurate than hard data bc of sciences fairly limited understanding of the gut biome -at least if these doctors are reporting accurately & unbiased in their talks. I wouldn’t think they would have anything to gain from this- since RI’s & ozone water are usually done at home wo a doctors help…if anything seems it would cost them some business from IV ozone etc in their practices.

      Anyways, we would all love to see the b4 and after stool studies to see what exactly is happening but since virtually everyone sees an improvement & something like 75-85% of people have huge improvements in the clinical trials w IBS, which is a gut biome problem, it’s probably improving the probiotic ratio substantially. Actually finally doing the IBS protocol these last few weeks, put it off due to gut-biome concerns & not liking to do RI’s quite frankly, but decided the results of multi trials was too profound not to try. The first week or so detoxed a lot of pathogens, but I’ll definitely post an update if I have a negative effects down the road😉

      Ozone, unlike antibiotics, kills everything in balance & actually helps improve the immune system. Even at 750ML and higher concentrations ozone is probably not going to reach the entire colon and will not be able to completely sterilize it either way. This would take a lot of strong ozone probably at least 2-3 liters if not more & probably at very high concentrations that would be dangerous for multiple reasons.

      Many doctors have said most people, especially those w chronic issues, tend to have about 90% pathogens and only 10% benefitial probiotics in their gut. If this is true, this could explain the results people are getting curing IBS w ozone RI’s & ozone water. Perhaps the ozone kills a lot more pathogens that have a lot more volume, especially larger organisms like fungus and parasites that are exponentially larger than bacteria. Perhaps ozone is restoring the balance to something like 50/50 pathogens to probiotics.

      Perhaps there could be more risk for the rare person who’s not only free of any gut related or any other chronic issues, but never took antibiotics & is completely healthy?

      All this is just educated speculation, would love to hear Paula’s thoughts on why people are getting surprisingly good results w RI’s especially combined w ozone water, but I believe doctors are stating good results w just RI’s as well?

      Many of us who use ozone also use things like V-C and anti-pathogenic plant medicines like Cistus Incanus Pau D’ Arco green walnut husks etc that are designed by nature to target pathogens while sparring probiotics these plants need to thrive. Since something like 90% of their pathogens & probiotics are the same or similar to ours these kill pathogens while actually helping probiotics gain numbers as a result, when used correctly. Unfortunately over time some pathogens can eventually gain a higher tolerance level for these, so it’s often a good idea to start w ozone or other oxidative medicine & only use plant medicine away from ozone treatments. They’re more effective after ozone has torn thru fungus parasites & biofilms & helped restore some balance to the gut biome & body, & can then jump in and kill even more while sparring most of the good guys and free up more room and resources so they can start to thrive again. It’s also important to have an ideal diet to feed the good guys & not eat a bunch of junk pathogens love. During this whole time it’s also a really good idea to be taking probiotics, homemade kefir is the best source & has trillions of them per table spoon. Probiotics rarely colonize, at least in capsule form, but they’re really good at running security & create acids that keep fungus & other pathogens from bouncing back quickly while producing an environment the good guys can bounce back in.

      Heavy metal detox is also an important aspect that must be dealt w if it’s an issue…otherwise often nothing else works

      Anyways, there’s often many components but ozone is one of the best tools out there. All of the safety statistics I’ve seen & heard show it being substantially safer than aspirin…people apparently have a much better chance of having an extremely rare allergy & dying from aspirin than they do from dying from some extremely rarely ozone complications which virtually always seems to be due to a doctor who seriously messed up.

      The only important thing is to start w lower concentrations and volumes/treatment times & slowly work up to stronger treatments. This gives the body a chance to adapt to the oxidation & avoids killing so many pathogens that u get sick w herxiemer-which is important especially when dealing w the gut.

      I got sick from killing a bunch of parasites & Candida of just something like 4-5 oz of ozone water my first time, instead of the 2-3 Oz recommended LOL but got up to drinking over a liter wo an issues once most the bad guys were cleaned out. I had a lot of issues though & 90% of people probably won’t get, but better to side w caution

      Paula likes to go w the hard science & discusses aspects no one else is talking about, which makes her an extremely important source. Although she mentions very rare side effects she also usually explains how to avoid any real risk of these for the supper paranoid. Most side effects are completely temporary & although can be annoying they’re usually completely harmless in the grand scheme of things and pass quickly.

      Hopefully u figured things out & kept the ozone machine. If u have children having one at the house is perhaps the best gift u can give them. Instead of having their immune systems & gut biomes destroyed by antibiotics & other harmful Rx’s u can effectively treat them at home & hopefully they’ll grow up to be one of the very few who’s actually healthy, & not stuck trusting in the mainstream medical paradigm…or as the professors called it in medical school-“the biggest scam in the planet”

  22. Tania

    Thank you Paola, my husband doing 10 pass twice a week, is it OK to use antioxidant supplements, for example 6 sachets Livon vit C per day (to mimic intravenous) ?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Tania,

      I would space it apart by at least 2 to 3 hours from the 10 pass, but yes, that's OK, in my opinion …


  23. Tania

    Hello Paola, my husband has similar problem as Antonio, can you send me please your suggestion also?

  24. Mees van Deth

    information about ozon treatment Dupuytren please

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Mees,

      I found this video . There is no comment whether the injections are helpful, but I assume they are, otherwise he wouldn't be doing them?

      Given that anti-inflammatory drugs seem to sometimes help with Dupuytren, ozone could be also explored as a possible treatment.

      If you are not interested in the injections, I would suggest limb bagging or ozone saunas.


    • Antonio

      Hello Paola What dosage for rectal insufflation should be used for prostate cancer with bone metastasis? How many times a week should be done in how many months? Does this technique replace hormone therapy? How effective is this situation?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Antonio,

      I just sent you an email, please check your inbox.


  25. Jass

    hello Paula,
    i need your advise on how RI & VI & Ear insuff. can treat HERPES 1 & 2. I need to help my housemate.
    what are the dosage and how many weeks she will be treated and and get Good result of FREE herpes once blood test.
    how many in one day to adminster this RI, VI & EI. to get the best result for her.
    How many Gamma and can start from 1/2 or 1/8?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Jass,

      I recommend she does daily VI and ozone saunas 3x/week.

      No RI.

      VI: start at 10 min / day, 1/8 LPM at 40 to 60 mcg/ml.
      Work up to 30 min / day.

      Ozone sauna: 3x / week, 1/2 LPM at 15 to 30 mcg/ml, 20 to 30 min each.
      Put the ozone output hose to the base of the spine while in the sauna.

      Drinking ozonated water may be also a good idea. 2 to 3 glasses first thing in the morning, ozonate at 1/8 LPM maximum ozone concentration at that setting, for 15 min.

      But most importantly: a MEAT BASED, low or zero carb diet. Diet alone can, in my opinion, eliminate or completely control symptoms.

      Let me know how it goes.


  26. Patsy Scott

    Paola: It is Patsy again. I THINK I am doing this fine now. I'm now lying on my side, the catheter is in 3-4 inches and I can slowly collapse the bag with 200 ml ozone gas. Then I hold the collapsed bag up high for about 60-seconds…as I can still feel action at the end of the catheter (at least I think). Then about 5-minutes later, I need to sit on the toilet. Well…I will expel a blow-out of gas, sometimes more than other times. Is this the ozone? I was under the impression that as soon as it hit the colon mucosa then it was into the portal vein and off to the liver. Please help me understand this as I don't wish to be going through this process and not gaining the benefits. Many thanks for your feedback.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Patsy,

      according to experiments conducted by Prof. Bocci, who was an ozone therapy scientist and doctor, the ozone is NOT absorbed by the mucosa and does not travel to the portal vein.

      I don't know what you're treating with the RI, but in most cases (apart from some intestinal problems) there are other ozone approaches which are more effective.

      But what you're describing what you're doing, it sounds like you're doing it correctly. I mean just from the technical side.


  27. Dixon

    RI is made much easier with a bidet, one with a manual control for the water pressure. After a bowel movement a little water pressure can inject a few ounces of rinse water, just what's comfortable. One or two quick rinse and releases and you're well prepared for a very clean RI process. The pre-rinse also means more of the O3 is going to contact the intestinal wall and not react with residual fecal matter.

  28. Patsy

    I am new to the process. I am using the bag method, and fill it to 200ml. Then attach it to the catheter. Insert the catheter to at least three inches, open the lock on the hose and then start to roll up the bag to push the gas into the catheter. BUT I really need help! The gas will not go down the catheter. The bag will empty if I pull the catheter out…or if it gently massage the bag, the catheter will remove itself. My colon is empty. I can gently pull and push the catheter up and down freely to about 4″ of catheter. I doubt the fact that I am 50lb overweight should be the issue. The only way I can easily enter the rectum is by sitting on the toilet. Could that be the problem? I have cleaned the catheters, tried another one…but am getting frustrated. I REALLY want to get this to work.

    I don't read anywhere, where people are having trouble with this. Is it because it is perhaps embarrassing? Surely I'm not the only one having trouble. What is the answer please?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Patsy,

      I am not sure I understand what the problem is.

      But if sitting on the toilet is the only way to do it, then do while sitting on the loo …


    • Patsy

      The problem is…that the gas does not leave the bag while the catheter is inserted.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Patsy,

      it's difficult for me to say what could be going wrong. If the clamp is open, then it should be going in. Maybe try pressing harder on the bag? Or try it with a syringe instead of the bag.


    • Patsy Scott

      Paola: Thanks for getting back to me. Of course I tried pressing on the bag…but did not want to burst it open. It finally worked for me lying on my side and moving around a bit. So happy that it now works!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Patsy,

      great to hear that it worked out!


    • Patsy Scott

      I hope this helps others who may be having difficulty, but too embarrassed to ask!

    • Lance Zielaskowski

      In my experience, this only happens to me when my colon isn't completely empty. In other words, there may be particles of feces getting into the opening of the catheter that's blocking the gas from leaving the bag. Have you tried doing a colon flush before your insufflations?

  29. Tony

    If I ozonate water and use it immediately after the ozonation in an enema, will that not achieve similar results. Warm water ozonated retains the ozone for about 20 mins. It seems safer this way

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Tony,

      ambient temperature water will retain some ozone, but not as much as cool water.
      Ozonated water enemas are certainly more comfortable. I see no reason why you couldn't try it.


    • Lance Zielaskowski

      In my opinion, the water acts as a kind of buffer by comparison to straight up ozone/oxygen gas. The absorption rate would most certainly be significantly lower using water than gas. Great for drinking ozone but not as effective as gas RI.

  30. Ken

    CommeHi Paloa-

    Nice video on RI! I've learned a lot from your research. I have question regarding the use of an Oxygen Concentrator for RI uses. According to Dr. Rowen, OC produces Five (5)% of Nitrogen, and shouldn’t be used for RI. See link attached- start at 37: 00 tape counter. By the way, in this video Dr. Rowen didn’t elaborate on why Nitrogen isn’t good for RI uses. If you have any literature on this please let me know. Thanks.

  31. Chris C.

    Hi Paola,

    Have a Syringe from PromoLife, Oxygen concentrator, cheap hack flowmeter as on your oxygen concentrator page. Everything seems to be set up and working fine, flowmeter at the right level, but suddenly the syringe is not filling on its own. I have to pull the plunger out. Does the syringe have to be oiled every time? Does this suggest I have a problem elsewhere. Everything seems to be set up correctly as I have done before otherwise. Any suggestions?


    • paola d

      Hi Chris,

      the plunger of the syringe needs to move really easily. If it's not, then re-apply the oil. You may need to before every application.
      Or you may have a leakage somewhere …


    • Lyel

      What do you think about doing RI on daily basis. I have talassemia trace and would like to use o3 daily to enhance blood oxigenation. My former o3 pratitioner advices me not to do RI daily because it can cause damage do good gut bacteria and eventually have disbiose. What do you think?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Lyel,

      I agree that RI longterm could have a detrimental effect on the gut biome. If this is in fact so, we don't know since no one ever tested this. But since ozone can kill any bacteria known to man, it would stand to reason that it would also kill good gut bacteria.

      I would rather suggest to do ozone saunas, or drink ozonated water, or get ozone IVs done regularly. Or do hyperbaric oxygen, or H2O2 soaking baths.


    • Lance Zielaskowski

      I strongly disagree with this. ozone RI only goes a few inches into the rectum before it's quickly absorbed into the blood stream directly. The intestines are very very long and most of the gut will never be exposed to the ozone directly. Besides, even the ozone absorbed into the blood gets broken down almost immediately into derivatives such as h2o2 and o2 and other oxygen species. Most of the beneficial bacteria in the gut thrive on oxygen and therefore wouldn't have a problem with the produced derivatives. In fact, immune cells and some beneficial bacterium are known to produce h2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) to help eliminate the harmful microbes while upregulating immunity. I definitely would not worry about ozone doing too much to the gut microbiome in a negative way.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Lance,

      I have been researching this in depth and could not find evidence for this common assertion: “ozone RI only goes a few inches into the rectum before it’s quickly absorbed into the blood stream directly.” Would you mind pointing me to research which proves this? Or what is it based on?

      Prof. Bocci conducted a study with rabbits and RI and came to the conclusion that ozone itself never crossed the intestinal mucosa. There are ozone byproducts produced which are found in the portal vein, but it's not clear whether it's the ozone or the oxygen part which does that since comparable studies are missing. Here his statement on that:

      As to “Most of the beneficial bacteria in the gut thrive on oxygen and therefore wouldn’t have a problem with the produced derivatives.” – this is not correct. 99% of all bacteria in the gut are anaerobes since most of them live in the large intestine, not small intestine. I pointed this out in the following article:

      “In fact, immune cells and some beneficial bacterium are known to produce h2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) to help eliminate the harmful microbes while upregulating immunity.” – yes, also cancer cells produce H2O2 but this still does not make them immune to ozone or other oxidative therapies like chemo or radiation. So this argument unfortunately is invalid.

      But it may still be true that RI do not have a negative impact on gut biome.

      Point is – we don't know.

      So, for some it may make sense to err on the side of caution, given how important the gut biome appears to be for our general health.


  32. laura

    hello Paola I was wondering if an oxygen concentrator is good to get with a low flow regulator and also could I ozonate a glass or two of water and throw it in my bath water? thank you for being you

    • JR

      Hello, if heat destroys the ozone, how are ozone saunas beneficial? Thanks

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi JR,

      the heat does not destroy all the ozone. Which one can see on the fact that when stepping out of the sauna there is so much ozone that one has to be careful not to breathe it in.


  33. Rodrigo

    I wonder if 750ml of Ozone at 43 Gamma would be a recommended dose for immune stimulation. Could you give me some help?

    • paola d

      Hi Rodrigo,

      I personally would be cautious about using amounts above 200 ml for RI.
      Also better than RI would be ozone saunas in my opinion.


  34. Chris

    Hi Paola,

    I have a question about your instructions for performing rectal insufflations above. Under #11 where it says “Unscrew the full syringe from the filling station, connect it with the adapter”, wouldn't I be releasing ozone into the environment until the time that I actually get the syringe attached to the DIY adaptor? Wouldn't that be a problem?

    • paola d

      Hi Chris,

      as long as you keep the syringe upright, no ozone should escape or minimal at best.
      Ozone is heavier than air. So as long as you don't tilt the syringe, no ozone will pour out.
      If you want to be super cautious, get a mask and wear it for the duration of working with ozone.


  35. Xavier

    Hi Paola.

    I had a question regarding the ozone concentration.

    I started doing RI at 22 mcg/ml, that used to give me pretty strong die off reactions. After a while they were too weak, didn't feel any benefits in doing such low concentration. So I gradually started increasing ozone concentration, now I'm at 75 gamma, is that ok or is that too much? I feel good doing it at that concentration but a lot of people are saying that's too much and that it's more harmful than beneficial. I wanted to know your opinion. Thanks.

  36. John W

    Hi Paola,

    I had colorectal cancer and a colectomy. I’m starting RI at 50mcg/ml. I’m supposed to get to 360ml, 3 times per week, but have only got up to 180ml so far. I’ve had gas/bloating and belching after one or two 60ml syringes. Is this normal? And how long does the O3 need to stay in your system to be effective. Should I try to keep it in for a certain time before passing it? Thanks!

    • paola d

      Hi John,
      has your whole colon been removed or only a part?

    • John

      Paola, only a part of the colon was removed; 15 inches.


  37. Cynthia kendrick

    I have been doing RI insuflation treatments 4 x per day for 5 weeks- then 3x per day for 5 days, etc. is that too many?i have Addison’s. My stomach is so bloated.

    • paola d

      Hi Cynthia,

      Addison's disease concerns the adrenals. I would not do RI for that condition.
      I don't know if ozone would help at all. It is supposed to help stimulate hormone production, so it might …
      But I would rather do ozone saunas with directing the ozone stream towards the adrenals.


  38. Robert

    I began to do rectal ozone therapy more than 10 years ago. In those days we simply hooked up the catheter direct to the machine. Can you explain why a bag or syringe is “better”?

    • Robert

      More…maybe it is to ensure a specific volume, but that can be calculated with flow rate/time also, which is what I do. I do not have a weal colon, but also only use low flow rates such as 1/32 or 1/16 l/m.

    • paola d

      Hi Robert,

      yes, as long as you are careful and watch the time during the insufflation, you should be fine.


    • paola d

      Hi Robert,
      it is not necessarily better, but less risky.
      With a syringe or bag you don't have to set a timer to make sure you don't go above a certain amount of ozone.

  39. Amy

    Hi Paola,

    Thank you so much for the info… You know so much!
    I have a question, wich protocol would you use for a patient with adrenal fatigue?
    Would you use a combination of therapies? Like maybe, MAAHT and Rectal Ozone? or what would you think would be best?

    Thank you!

    • paola d

      Hi Amy,

      with adrenal fatigue I would look into mercury toxicity and oxalate build-up.

      If it is due to oxalates, ozone can help greatly. I would do any type of ozone IV or ozone saunas.

      Adrenal cortex supplements can help as well.


    • Endi

      I had a full colectomy with an ileo-anal construction (j-pouch) because of inflammatory bowel disease. Can you tell me what my options are for systemic ozone therapy?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Endi,

      There are all sorts of intravenous ozone treatment from DIV, MAH, ozonated saline, multi pass, 10 pass, ozone IV with UVBI.

      Also ozone saunas or the full body ozone bag.

      Drinking ozonated water is another option as well as vaginal insufflations – I can't tell if you are male or female, so apologies if you are the former.


  40. Chris C

    Hi Paola,

    Great site!

    I have a question about the following statement which appears in your the article above:

    “The oxygen concentrator or tank does not have to be low flow since the gas is not introduced directly from the machine but with the use of an intermediary, the bag”.

    I've read on other sites that the oxygen flow should be 1/8 or 1/4 LPM to collect ozone in a bag or syringe for rectal insufflations. I've also read in another section on your site that I would need to purchase a low flow regulator if I plan to use an oxygen concentrator. So I'm confused. Do I need a low flow regulator for filling an insufflation bag or syringe, or not?


    • paola d

      Hi Chris,

      this all largely depends on which ozone generator you have.

      This statement “the oxygen flow should be 1/8 or 1/4 LPM to collect ozone in a bag or syringe for rectal insufflations” is only true if your ozone generator produces the desired ozone concentration at the flows of 1/8 or 1/4 LPM.

      When you use a bag or insufflation the flow is irrelevant. What is relevant is what you fill the bag with. And what you want to fill the bag with are ozone concentrations of 40 to 50 mcg/ml, tops 70 mcg/ml. If your ozone generator gives you an ozone concentration of let's say 45 mcg/ml at a flow of 1 LPM, then that is fine for indirect RI. You just hook up the bag to the output of generator, set the oxygen source at 1 LPM, turn the ozone generator on, fill the bag and disconnect everything when the bag is full.

      No need for low flow regulator or anything.

      But if you want to do direct RI *without* the use of a bag, then you need a low flow regulator. Either for your oxygen concentrator or oxygen tank.

      So you need to look at what applications you want to do at which ozone concentrations and if those applications require low flows, like for example ear insufflations. If your machine puts out 45 mcg/ml at 1 LPM, then to get to 20 mcg/ml, one would have to dial the oxygen flow up to something like 2 LPM, this is just a hypothetical example. You can not do ear insufflations with such a high flow or it would blow your ear drums out.


  41. Chris Pfeiffer

    Why would someone not infuse the ozone into water and then use the water for an enema.

    • Lance Zielaskowski

      The transfer of the gas from water to blood would be significantly less than direct gas to blood. Furthermore, water would be harder to hold in long enough for maximum absorption and it would also be a lower concentration. Water is better for drinking when it's ozonated as it can be absorbed directly in good concentrations safely though the gut lining. Recent research has shown it is absorbed much better in the gut than previously assumed.

  42. Frank

    Thanks Paola
    I am thinking on days/months as health and anti aging regular treatment for senior:)

    • paola d

      Hi Frank,
      there is no set guideline for anti-aging ozone treatments.
      But many suggest a series of 10 to 12 treatments twice a year.
      Or how many you feel give you benefit.


  43. Frank

    Is there a number of session to be take and feel results?

    • paola d

      Hi Frank,
      this is very individual.
      It depends on what one is treating, how frequently, with what volume at which concentration …
      Some ozone practitioners recommend up to 2 RI daily at various volumes and concentrations.


  44. Vicky

    Can catheters be reused if cleaned properly? If yes, what's the recommended sterilization method?

    • paola d

      Hi Vicky,
      yes, some people reuse their catheters.
      They soak them in 3% H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) and then rinse them out thoroughly.

  45. Ricardo Reis

    Hi. Pretty nice article!

    I have done rectal ozone insulfflations before without major issues.
    Today I've made the treatment on a new clinic, and I started to feel some muscle pain
    and a bit of brain fog. (Seems I'm full of gut candida and some bad bacteria)

    Could this be a symptom of herxheimer?

    Best regards,
    Ricardo Reis.

    • paola d

      Hi Ricardo,
      yes, it could be die-off from candida.

  46. Lia

    Hello Paola:

    I am trying to be time efficient with all my treament regimens. They consist of vitamins twice a day, infra red sauna (biomat) and ozone.

    How long before ozone is it advisable to take vitamins? How long after. I do VI and RI alternating days. I will be starting 10 pass for 2 sessions this week and then plan on 2-3 weeks of daily MAH per Silvia Menendez.

    Also is it ok to do EI and VI/RI the same day? And if I do EI is there any time constraint on taking vitamins?

    Well time for the sauna!!

    Thank you in advance. I have tried to look this up on line, but hard to get the info

    • paola d

      Hi Lia,
      in order to maximize the benefit from ozone it is recommended to take antioxidatn Vitamins at least an hour after ozone or several hours before ozone.
      The bio-mat can be used at any time with ozone, if you are doing well with it.


  47. Carla maloney

    I have been on a liquid diet for 2 years(juicing and bone broth).solid food food gets stuck in my esophagus.2 years ago the doctor urged me to go to emergency room as he thought I had all the symptoms of esophageal cancer, I never went.did not like the survival rate of modern all started with constant extreme stress.acid reflux destroyed digestive tract and gut lining.barely digesting not have bowel movement unless I have an enema.started doing rectal ozone insufflations, at home it's giving me painful heartburn.i want to continue doing it because I believe it will can I heal and protect the digestive tract from the ozone so I can continue doing it.i need something powerful asap.Please help, don't know what else to do.Thank You Paola

    • paola d

      Hi Carla,
      please, find a doctor in your area who does ozone therapy and consult with him.
      If ozone is the solution for you, he should be able to offer guidance.
      But you might also want to switch to vaginal insufflations and start drinking ozonated water and see how that goes.
      If you have amalgam fillings – have them removed. If you had them removed already, then starting chelation would be a good idea:

  48. Nick L

    What impact does rectal ozone have on your microbiom – do you need to take probiotics if you are doing rectal ozone? Is there a number of consecutive sessions you should not go beyond at one time?

    • paola d

      Hi Nick,
      many ozone practitioners recommend probiotics after RI. I think it is not absolutely necessary, but not detrimental either, in most cases.
      “Is there a number of consecutive sessions you should not go beyond at one time?” – Not that I know, no.

  49. Bill

    Good instructional article. I have been doing RI for about a year using the bags and catheters. The bags are good for 5-8 uses. They begin to leak and no longer fill completely. I see that Promolife has replaced the 5-pack with a 3-pack for $59.95. Yet I can buy a single bag for $9.95. The single bag is half price!

    I am curious about the syringe. Does it breakdown after 5-8 uses like the bags? Are there larger ones – like 500 or 750 ml?

    • paola d

      Hi Bill,
      yes, I saw that with the 3-pack. That is weird … I will ask them about it.

      The syringe definitely lasts longer.
      I am not aware of larger syringes. Larger ones would be really difficult to handle, I can imagine, since one needs to be able to grab the plunger with one's fingers. A 500ml syringe would make that basically impossible.

    • Faith

      Hi Bill 🙂 We bought the syringe after using half a dozen bags. The syringe is MUCH better. We have used it 40+ times and still going strong!

    • paola d

      Hi Faith,

      thanks for the feedback!
      Yes, the syringe is great.

  50. Andrew

    Is it necessary to replace the silicon tubing used in insuflations in a regular time period? I can't seem to find any information on this.

    • paola d

      Hi Andrew,
      you don't really need to replace silicone tubing. But if you see dirt inside which you can't get out or if you see that it starts getting hard, then it is better to replace it.
      I also prefer to have a dedicated RI or VI tubing, in order to not use the same tubing for let's say ozonating water that I used for RI, know what I mean?

  51. Rodney Thomas

    Do the benefits of insufflation come from increasing oxygenation in the host through a systemic increase in o2? Or does the o3 (or its metabolites) have systemic oxidative capacity? I assume it's the latter, otherwise a plain old o2 insufflation would suffice?

    On another note, do you have any second hand experience of penile insufflations? Ive been using them and seem to get much better results compared with rectal, however I'm not sure on what's considered a safe volume and at what gamma. I would be keen to learn more.

    Many thanks

    • paola d

      Hi Rodney,
      the benefits from insufflation come from directly killing pathogens and inflammation and from the by-products like lipid peroxides.
      I have no first, second nor third hand 😉 experience with penile insufflation, sorry.
      But I would not go over 150 ml in volume at a concentration of max ca. 50 mcg/ml.
      Hope this helps!

    • Charlie

      Hi Rodney,

      Can you give me specific instructions on how you are doing penile insufflations?

  52. Ruth

    How often should RI be used (times per week?) and for how long (weeks/months/years)?

    • paola d

      Hi Ruth,
      there are different opinions on that and best is to consult an ozone doctor or ozone practitioner.
      First, it depends what you are treating.
      Some doctors say one can do up to 2 RI per day daily for a number of weeks or until resolution of symptoms.
      There are home users who have been doing RI three times per week for months. As long as one gets benefit from them, one can keep going, seems to be the consensus.

      Hope this helps.

  53. Joyce Stephenson

    How do I purchase an ozone therapy machine in Queensland Australia?

    • paola d

      Hi Joyce,
      all the ozone generators listed here are available internationally: .
      Make sure to pick the 230 V type if you gonna pick one which does not run on universal voltage.
      I can also recommend joining the Facebook group “Ozone at home Australia/international”.

  54. Cassie

    Where can I purchase equipment for rectal insufflation in the United States?

  55. Tony Tan

    Where to purchase equipments for rectal insufflation at Perth WA.

    • paola d

      Hi Tony,
      best is to join the Facebook group “Ozone Therapy at home Australia”.
      They will give you tips where to get the best deals for your equipment.

    • Joanne


      I am in Perth, WA and I bought the equipment from prolife. No issue with importing.

      Getting the oxygen source is a bit more difficult because you need UHP oxygen and if you don't have a prescription you need to give another reason for its delivery. The cylinders are also extremely large.

    • Spring

      Need tubing, leur locks accessiries




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