10 Pass Ozone Treatment: What Is It?

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There are different ways to apply ozone therapy and doctors come up with ever new ozone techniques all the time. Around 4 years ago, an Austrian doctor came up with the ozone high dose method, also known as the 10 pass. What is the 10 pass ozone treatment?

During the 10 pass 200 ml of blood are drawn from the patient's vein and mixed with an ozone/oxygen mixture at an ozone concentration of 70 mcg/ml and then are re-infused under a hyperbaric pressure of maximum 0.8 bar. This is repeated 10 times, hence the name “10 pass”. In total 2,000 ml of blood are drawn and mixed with 2,000 ml of ozone gas at a total ozone dosage of 140,000 mcg. 

Here is the whole story behind it:

Major Autohemotherapy – the basis of the 10 pass ozone treatment

Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) is a procedure during which blood is drawn, mixed with an ozone/oxygen mix, and then reinserted into the patient. Usually, between 100 and 200 ml of blood are extracted and mixed with an equal volume of gas at an ozone concentration of around 40 ug/ml.

There are two different ways to perform MAH: normobarically or hyperbarically.

Normobaric MAH means only the force of gravity is used to both withdraw and re-inject blood. To draw blood into the bag, once places it below the patient’s arm. To re-infuse it, one places the bag with ozone and blood above the patient’s arm. Gravity causes the blood to either flow into the bag, or from the bag back into the patient’s arm.

Hyperbaric MAH is performed with the use of special ozone machines. Those can create both negative (vacuum) and positive (hyperbaric) pressure.

There are currently two such hyperbaric ozone machines on the market: the Zotzmann Ozon 2000 and the Herrmann Hyper Medozon comfort.

Instead of using gravity to draw blood from the patient, a vacuum is created inside the bottle. Once the patient’s vein is punctured, blood is sucked into the bottle by the vacuum.

Inside the bottle is an anti-coagulant, either sodium citrate or heparin, to prevent the blood from clotting.

In this video the hyperbaric application of ozone is presented on the Zotzmann Ozon 2000. It is NOT the 10 Pass method. The video shows only 1.5 successful passes at an ozone concentration of around 40 ug/ml. But the procedure during the 10 Pass is very similar. Instead of 1.5 passes, 10 passes are completed at a higher concentration.


Hyperbaric pressure protects red blood cells during the 10 pass ozone treatment

Update 2019: this appears to be wrong, see this video I made on the topic. 

Once the bag is filled with 200 to 220 ml of blood, a positive (hyperbaric) pressure is created inside the bottle. This protects the red blood cells from being damaged when shaken. Once the blood is under positive pressure, ozone is added. Supposedly, this allows for the red blood cells to absorb more oxygen.

The blood and ozone mix is then vigorously shaken, unlike during normobaric MAH where gentle swishing is indicated in order to not damage the erythrocytes (red blood cells).

Afterwards, the blood is reinserted into the patient using positive pressure. This speeds up the process considerably.

The “10 Pass” method is roughly equal to 10 hyperbaric administrations of Major Autohemotherapy, but at a higher ozone concentration.

Zotzmann Ozon 2000 for the Ozone High Dose

The Zotzmann Ozon 2000 made by the German manufacturer Zotzmann & Stahl is a hyperbaric ozone generator. The 10 Pass method was originally invented by Dr. Lahodny with the use of this machine. It can generate an ozone concentration of maximum of 70 ug/ml. It has been found in independent testing that this is the only ozone generator on the market which puts out a precise ozone concentration, {Update August 2018: NOT CORRECT!! See here}, although it's the only one in the group of medical ozone machines without a built-in photometer. The Ozon 2000 costs around US$ 12,000, plus a $3,000 training fee. It can only be acquired by medical professionals. Its ozone chamber is an aluminum oxide and quartz glass construction which satisfies the most stringent German medical regulations.

Herrmann medozon comfort for the Ozone High Dose

The German Herrmann Hyper Medozon comfort is the only other hyperbaric ozone generator on the market. It has a more modern look and a built-in photometer but has shown to nevertheless produce less reliable ozone concentrations than its competitor model {Update August 2018: NOT CORRECT!! See here}. It also costs around US$15,000.

How is the 10 pass ozone treatment performed?

Austrian gynecologist Dr. Johann Lahodny is the creator of the OHT/10 pass method.

Dr. Lahodny found through self-experimentation on the hyperbaric Zotzmann ozone generator a safe maximum number of passes of the Major Autohemotherapy.

As a result, the 10 Pass method is also called the Lahodny or Zotzmann method, or Ozone High Dose Therapy (OHT, or “Ozonhochdosistherapie” in German).

The 10 Pass method describes an ozone therapy treatment during which 200 ml to 220 ml of a patient’s blood are drawn under negative pressure (vacuum), the blood is then mixed under positive pressure with 200 ml of ozone at a concentration of 70 ug/ml, and then re-infused into the patient’s vein, also under positive pressure. This is repeated 10 times, hence the name “10 Pass”. One 10 pass procedure can last between 1 to 2 hours. The total ozone dosage supplied is 10 x 70 ug/ml x 200 ml = 140,000 ug (= mcg = micrograms) or 140 mg, hence the name Ozone High Dose.

During a 10 pass administration a total of 2,000 ml of blood are drawn and enriched with up to 140,000 ug of ozone.

In order to keep the blood from coagulating up to 20,000 units of heparin are used.

Before the treatments, patients are asked to drink at least 3 glasses (750 ml or 25 oz.) of water.

An instructional video showing how to perform a hyperbaric MAH on the Zotzmann 2000. It also shows the safety mechanisms of the machine: an air trap and a foot pedal. When the air trap detects air in the transfusion line, the machine immediately stops. This prevents air bubbles from entering the patient's vein. The foot pedal has to be pressed every 8 seconds, otherwise the machine will stop working. This mechanism checks the presence of the assistant. It makes it impossible for the practitioner to leave the room during the procedure.

How does the 10 pass ozone treatment compare to other ozone protocols?

As a comparison, the hyperbaric Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) supplies around 150 ml of ozone at a concentration of around 40 ug/ml, which amounts to a total ozone dosage of around 6,000 ug or 6 mg. So the Ozone High Dose uses over 23 times more ozone than one MAH.

A standard Direct Ozone IV (DIV) delivers 60 ml of an ozone/oxygen mix at a maximum ozone concentration of 50 ug/ml. Which amounts to 3,000 ug or 3mg of ozone. So the Ozone High Dose uses over 46 times more ozone than one DIV.

Here you can find a list of all the intravenous ozone treatments according to how much ozone they use. 

Some considerations about the 10 pass:

– The Ozone High Dose is not a home application. This procedure cannot be self-administered.

– A doctor or a trained professional should oversee the therapy.

– Heparin is a prescription medication and it has a number of contraindications.

– The machines can only be acquired by medical professionals who need to be instructed by a technician.

What are the advantages of the 10 pass ozone treatment?

  • The advantages of the 10 pass method over a MAH are more ozone in a shorter amount of time and better saturation of erythrocytes with oxygen.
  • It’s also said that the positive pressure during hyperbaric ozone applications protects the red blood cells from being damaged. Unlike with normobaric ozone IVs, where the mechanical movement of the patient’s blood causes trauma to the cells.
  • Dr. Lahodny recommends daily administrations of OHT for up to one month for certain conditions. Another approach is to give patients one OHT per week for 10 weeks. This, he claims, cures “nearly all illnesses”. He says it’s the only therapy which is “nearly always successful”. Allegedly, some conditions can be reversed after just one 10 Pass.
  • Dr. Lahodny is also convinced that the 10 pass method stimulates stem cell production. He concludes this from the observation that chronic wounds sometimes heal within 48 hours of the Ozone High Dose, which is the same result one achieves from an injection of cultured stem cells. So far, the assumed stimulation of stem cells through ozone has not been substantiated by laboratory tests.

Herrmann Medozon comfort

Herrmann Hyper Medozon comfort being used for the administration of the Ozone High Dose. Instead of a vacuum glass bottle an ozone inert plastic “egg” is used.

What are the disadvantages of the 10 pass ozone therapy?

  • The main disadvantage is the price. In the US a 10 pass application can cost over $1,000. The price for a series of those applications can jump up to tens of thousands of dollars. (Go to the Facebook group “Ozone to Health” to learn about ozone doctors who offer the 10 Pass method for as little as $110 in Austria or $500 per session in the US.)
  • Dr. Lahodny, the inventor of the method, charges Euro 120 [US$ 130] per Ozone High Dose at his office in St. Pölten, Austria.  The rectal 2 liter high ozone concentration administration costs Euro 60 [US$ 68]. Dr. Lahodny suggests to combine the two procedures.
  • Another disadvantage is the use of heparin. Up to 20,000 units of heparin are necessary to complete the procedure. This is contraindicated for people with a low Quick value. Other contraindications are acute heart attack, stroke, or anaemia. Heparin can lead to nosebleeds, brown urine, and in some cases to uncontrolled bleeding and death.
  • The method has to be performed at a doctor’s office. It’s not a home application. Not only does it require the purchase of a costly machine which can be only bought by licensed professionals, but the method requires an assistant to be performed.
  • The successful administration of this method largely depends on the state of the patient’s veins. Often, veins are too weak or too small to withstand the considerable pressure exerted on them and the full 10 passes cannot be completed. Which often results in the 10 pass method turning into a 5 or 6 pass administration.
  • Sometimes the veins are too small or too weak and the OHT cannot be performed at all.
  • Occasionally, the patient’s blood results in full oxygen saturation before all 10 passes are over. The patient starts experiencing discomfort in the lungs due to outgassing of excess oxygen. This also leads to a premature abortion of the application and the subsequent administration of Vit C in order to counteract the oversaturation with ozone.

Can the 10 pass ozone treatment be also administered rectally?

Dr. Lahodny also administers a rectal version of the 10 pass: he introduces up to 2 liters (2000 ml) of ozone/oxygen mix at an ozone concentration of up to 80 ug/ml into the patient’s large intestine through the rectum.

The procedure is performed in a very slow manner of 10 ml at a time over the course of around 1 hour or longer.

If one administers more than 500ml, it has to go extremely slowly, since the more gas is infused, the more the risk of colon rupture increases.

The rectal administration with high ozone dosages à la Lahodny is NOT a substitute for the intravenous OTH, although the Austrian doctor claims that its effect is close. He says that best results are achieved with a combination of both methods.

It does show that ozone therapy's limits are not written in stone, and are continuously being explored.

Are you interested in the 10 pass ozone treatment? Then join the Facebook group “The Ozone Group” to find out about doctors and their prices.

If you have any questions regarding the 10 pass, let me know in the comments below.

In the next installment I will answer the question whether the 10 pass can cure Lyme disease.

So stay tuned!

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  1. Tracy

    Any info of ozone helping Acute Myeloid Leukemia? Why no ozone recommended if one has anemia?

  2. Vital

    I just read that the 20 pass is not uncommon, so I presume it can be okay.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Vital,

      Yes, it's not uncommon. Try it out, see how you respond to it. If it goes well, continue. Although, I am not sure why to do 20 pass first? Or are you saying to start with 10 pass and then build up to 20 pass? Which would make more sense, I believe. Or rather start with a single pass and build up from there, if necessary.


  3. Vital

    Hello Paola,
    There is a place, where they do 20 pass treatments. Would you recommend this or is it too much at once?
    Kind regards

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Vital,

      I would probably first start with a MAH or single pass and observe the results. If the single pass would render good results, then one can experiment with more passes.


  4. Emma

    I just had 10 pass I don’t feel any different what lab test should I have? I have IBS, dry eyes, high cardiac markers. I still have dry eyes and still gas from my I BS.
    Emma Bustamante


    I have COPD…is 10-pass a recommended treatment?

  6. Sam

    Hi Paola,

    I’m just wondering..I have a relative who just had colon cancer operation, and is now continuing with the chemo sessions. Is she a candidate for 10 pass if she is anemic/ borderline anemic?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      HI Sam,

      with colon cancer rectal insufflations would be the better option.

      And no, I would not recommend 10 pass if there is anemia present.


    • DKN

      Colon cancer is curable. The advice is to never remove or cut out any part of your body. The body knows how to cure the cancer. It needs to be nurtured to support the process.

  7. Diane Steva

    Do you know of any doctors in the U.S. who offer this treatment? Thank you.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Diane,

      yes, there are many. If you search for “ozone therapy” + [your area], you will probably receive some results of practitioners who offer this near you.


  8. Richard Buckman

    Hi Paola,
    I am glad I discovered your information here. I have been doing Direct IV Ozone treatments on and off for over 1o years. I have also had about 6 or 7 Ten pass treatments in the past 18 months.
    I am a strong advocate and supporter and attest to the power of Ozone. I see you reference a web site can you share that address with me please I would like to continue to follow you?
    Long Island New York

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Richard,

      thank you for reading my blog.

      Which website are you referring to? My website is thepowerofozone.com. Is that what you mean?


  9. Diane RIPERT

    Hi Paola,

    I'm French and I live in Avignon, in the South of France. I have a multiscerosis since more than 5 years and I can't support my treatment with TYSABRI in hospital anymore . I was perfectly treated since three years up to last month when I had an anaphylactic reaction. I can't receive “tysabri” anymore.

    I heard about the 10 pass and I want to do it.
    But, it's urgent as I don't have any treatment anymore and I risk a violent reaction of my body in the next three months.
    I can hardly walk a few metters and I'm more and more exhausted .

    I need a doctor who practices this method with good results for multi sclerosis. Can you give me references of such a doctor near France. Perhaps in Spain, Italy, or anywhere else ? Someone free quickly to take care of my health.

    I've tried many alternative therapies before and now, I hope so much of 10-pass .
    Thank you for responding . I'm pinning all my hopes for you.
    Best regards.

    Diane RIPERT

  10. Alyssia

    Hi Paola, is there only one needle size recommended for the 10-pass or can the next size down needle be used?

    • paola d

      Hi Alyssia,

      the recommended butterfly needle size is 18G, but some use 19G or evern 20G. But the smaller the needle, the higher the risk of blockages. 18G is regarded as the ideal size.


  11. Bommi v Reddy DVM ND

    Hi Paola, i need help in deciding to buy an ozone unit for my new naturopathic clinic . please let me know when u are available for consultation.
    Dr.Reddy 760-559-9278

  12. gregg marchese

    I have been diagnosed with lyme disease and co-infections babesia and ehrlichia. I was bitten with bulls eye rash 28 years ago. This appears to be chronic lyme. Many troubling symptoms.

    I am considering coming to Austria for multiple 10-pass treatments. How can I learn more?

    • paola d

      Hi Gregg,

      you would need to specify a little more what exactly you need to learn more about? Do you have questions regarding the treatment itself or Dr. Lahodny?
      I think it would be probably best to contact him directly.


  13. John

    Hi Paola, I have been diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis. There is all of kinds of treatments out there to remove the viens, ect but nothing related to unclogging the arteries. Do you know if any has been cured , specifically got rid off the clog in the vein with Ozone therapy? Thank you so much i look forward to hearing back!

  14. Lan

    Hi Paola,

    My father suffers from Multiple System Atrophy, a neurodegenerative disorder. He is loosing his mobility gradually. I am wondering if it is worth trying out the ozone treatment given there is no effective cure available for MSA. Have you heard of any MSA paitents undergoing ozone treatment?


    • paola d

      Hi Lan,

      I have not, I am afraid.
      Which doesn't mean there aren't.
      With any neurodegenerative disorder I would also look into mercury toxicity and oxalates build-up.


  15. Miren

    I have a 20 years old son with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.
    I was wondering if the high dose of ozonotherapy cloul help him.
    After the 10 pass treatment, what could happen? It is necesary a maintenance treatment???
    There is a doctor in Spain, in Pontevedra actually, do you have any references about him???
    (we are from Spain)¿is there any doctor in Germany?

    • paola d

      Hi Miren,

      ozone has quite a good track record with psoriasis in my opinion. It helped me!
      So yes, it could help him.

      With psoriasis the improvement could actually be permanent …

      What is the doctor's name?

      Yes, there are a few doctors who do the 10 Pass in Germany. One is in Cologne.
      Join the FB group “Ozone to Health” there is a list with ozone doctors who do 10 pass.


    • Emma Bustamante

      I have high oxalates what type of Ozone WOULD HELP.? I just had a 10 pass and I dont feel any different.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Emma,

      It would be a matter of trying out different ozone modalities and go with the one you respond the best to …

      But a complete lack of response to ozone can be an indication of something blocking the ozone. Often, this seems to be vitamin A intake in the form of foods or supplements: https://thepowerofozone.com/ozone-therapy-vitamin-a-bad-combination/


  16. Ron

    also to add to last comment, has there every been long-term follow up of people who have used ozone therapy to see if there were any negative effects that showed up years later? just wondering as with radiation the negative effects like cancer often only show up years later, obviously the patient feels no bad effects during a ct scan. i guess for 10pass there has been no long-term follow up as its a new therapy

    • paola d

      Hi Ron,
      no, again I don't know of ay long-term follow up research. This would certainly be interesting.
      Ozone therapy has been around for around 150 years, so I think if there was strong indication of it doing harm long term, it would have become evident by now, but who knows …

  17. Ron

    Has there been any research to make sure the dose of ozone is not too much and not inducing any genotoxic harm? Dr. Velio Bocci says ozone is potentially mutagenic if used beyond antioxidant capacity of body. and 10 pass is way more ozone than most other ozone therapies. so has there been research to confirm the safety of 10 pass?

    • paola d

      Hi Ron,
      the way I see it is extraordinary claims should be backed up by extraordinary evidence.
      So in my opinion Dr. Bocci should come up with information to back up his theories …
      As to the research to confirm safety of 10 pass: Again, you would have to ask Dr. Lahodny, the inventor. To my knowledge he hasn't published anything on the matter …

  18. staci

    I've completed 3 ten-pass sessions. At between the sixth and eighth pass, I develop discomfort in the lungs due to outgassing of excess oxygen as stated in the article. Should the procedure be stopped once this discomfort begins or is it okay to proceed to get the full ten passes? Afterwards, my lungs are strained for several hours. I have several more sessions booked (treating Lyme).

    • paola d

      Hi Staci,
      yes, the procedure should be stopped in my opinion.
      In some cases, that discomfort goes away after the patient takes a few deep breaths (never works in my case, it only gets worse), but if it does not, then it should be stopped.

  19. Sheri

    Hello Paola. I am scheduled for my first 10 Pass treatment this Wednesday, 1/17/18. I have Multiple Sclerosis and have not walked in years due to the disease. Do you know of any success in treating MS with 10 Pass ozone? Thank you and anxiously awaiting your reply.


  20. Bird

    Hi Paola,
    Does Dr. Lahodny use Herrmann machine for his ozone high dose therapy?

    • paola d

      Hi Bird,
      I believe Dr. Lahodny uses both a Zotzmann and a Herrmann in his office.

  21. Andy

    Hi Paola
    sorry I missed your comment I am going to healthy healing cyprus for a month of ten pass and rectal ozone
    Hopefully this will get me on a path to recovery !
    Thanks for you site without it I would not have known about ten pass

    • Kimberly Harper

      Hi Andy
      Will you keep us posted if the 10 pass helps the flouroquinolone poisoning please?? I was floxed as was my mother and brother.
      Thank you

  22. Andy

    Hello thanks for your article I don’t use Facebook where can I get a list of ten pass practitioners in Europe ?
    I had 20!ozone sessions for flouriquinine poisoning but it hasn’t helped
    I think ten pass would

    • paola d

      Hi Andy,
      tell me where in Europe you are and I can send you some addresses of practitioners in your area, if I know of any.

      If you want to have access to the whole list, you will have to join one of the groups, though.


    • Miren

      I would like to have the list of pratitioners in Europe.
      Where could I find it?

    • paola d

      Hi Miren,

      the list is not only with doctor in Europe, but worldwide.

      You need to join the Facebook group “Ozone to Health”. There you go to the files, that is where the list is.


  23. urine detox

    I must admit this really is one of the more impressive postings I've discovered on this niche. I will definately keep an eye on your posts.

    • paola d

      Thank you!

  24. herbert r

    Hi Paola,
    Herrmann's Medozon “Compact” is written to be normobaric, but still has vaccum function, how could that be?

    On the other hand, the “Confort” model and also the Zotzmann “2000” seem to have an extra device where the blood line passes through. What is that supposed to do anyways and how is it connect in making these ones hyperbaric?

    • herbert r

      One other thing is. If doctors been using Zotzman and Herrmann “forever” for perform MAHs, the change between a MAH and a pass would be the oxygen added?

    • paola d

      Hi Herbert,
      not sure what you mean with this? “If doctors been using Zotzman and Herrmann “forever” for perform MAHs, the change between a MAH and a pass would be the oxygen added?”
      Do you mean what the difference between a MAH and a 10 Pass? Or the difference between a MAH and a single pass?

    • paola d

      Hallo Herbert,

      Vacuum function is compatible with a normobaric ozone treatment.
      You only use the vacuum to faciliate the blood draw, it has nothing to do with the ozone treatment itself.

      That extra device through which blood passes through is the air trap. Only hyperbaric machines require that. It is a safety mechanism to prevent that gas is being pumped under pressure into the vein during re-infusion. You don't need that with normobaric machines. During normobaric treatments the counterpressure of the blood from the vein will prevent that gas in the transfusion line enters the vein. The blood will stop by itself a few centimeters before the needle.

      Hope this helps.

  25. miles

    I was infected with HSV 2, I did 10 treatments of 10 pass with Dr birch in santa barbara and received negative pcr and igg tests. it's been 4 months since the treatment and i had no outbreaks, this therapy really does work.

    Please note after 3 treatments i got really sick for about 3-4 days but after that i felt amazing.

    • Jeff

      Greetings I saw your post regarding your success with the 10pass treatment for HSVII. Can you tell me how many treatments you had to do for your body to clear the virus? Also were your treatments expensive?

    • paola d

      Hi Jeff,
      I never had HSV II as far as I know …

      Could it be that you are confusing it with this video I posted on my Facebook page? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE73d9u449k


    • Jim stone

      Could you tell me how many days or weeks each 10 pass was done, what the cost was for each and list the dr again again it was not visible because of the face icon. Also did you choose to do 10 pass 10 times or was that the Dr suggestion? It is amazing that you received those negatives.

    • Karen K

      Miles said the doctor he used was Dr. Birch in Santa Barbara.

    • Ashley

      Miles, how much did each 10 pass cost if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Pete jones

      How often did you do the 10 pass and how long did it take for you to receive a negative igg score ? Also is there anything else you did to help ?

    • paola d

      Hi Pete,
      I did one 10 pass in my life and only during a seminar, just to be able to say that I did it. I wasn't treating anything at that point.
      Not sure why I would be looking at my IgG score …. ??


    • James

      Hi Miles. That’s great news. Have you been retested since?

    • Bam

      Hi, how often did you receive the 10 pass treatments?

    • Jody Mitchell

      Hello!! I am a very new Ozone practitioner. We were taught to use 7500 units of Heparin for 10 pass. Should I be concerned this is not enough? I give 4000 units the first pass and then 500 units with each additional pass. Just looking for advise.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Jody,

      the recommendations on how much heparin should be used have been revised down to 7500 units. So you can use more, but don't have it.
      If you don't see any clotting of the lines and if you can perform an entire 10 pass with 7500 units, then you can keep it that way.


  26. Dr.Pravin Patel

    Very nice blog Paola, really knowledgeable .I was in Las Vegas in May for AAot conference. i saw generator of 10 pass. but when Demo was done Chennai, India after 7th pass, patient was almost lost. fortunately survived. Hence, I am scared to do ten pass. Rather prefer EBOO. or even high dose of no more than 500 ml of o3.
    Thanks again.

    • paola d

      Hi Dr. Patel,
      what do you mean with “patient was almost lost”? What exactly happened? Who was performing the demo with which machine? Did the patient receive any other treatments like glutathione or chelation IVs prior or post the 10 pass?

  27. Evelyn

    My husband's doctor has recommended this as sole treatment for early stage prostate cancer. Is there any data to support this?

    • paola d

      Hi Evelyn,
      there is lots of anectodal data about ozone and cancer … I gathered some of it here thepowerofozone.com/116-reports-of-cancer-successfully-treated-with-ozone-therapy/

      Hope this helps!

  28. jo bouley

    Again, thank you for your insightful knowledge. Weighing the high monetary costs of multiple 10-pass procedures, the possible side effects of high dose heparin and the [quite visible difference] administering of a ‘vigorously shaken' or ‘gently swished' product, would the long-practiced simple DIV be the logical choice? It's clearly opinioned the DIV's effect is more. {so why pay more for less ?}

    • paola d

      Hi Jo,
      I do not necessarily agree that DIV is always more or more effective.
      Looking purely at the total ozone administered, for sure nothing beats the 10 Pass method.
      But I agree that the high doses of heparin are a risk and the side effects are often underreported. And not everyone has the veins which are required to successfully perform all 10 passes.
      But assumed that the veins and everything else is not an issue, then in the end, it is really about what one responds to the best.
      It is highly individual in my opinion.

  29. jo bouley

    Your reply certainly does help and I am very much appreciative. The only warning about heparin was I should not ‘fall down' or ‘bump my head' for 24 hours. You state and illustrate the bottle has to be “vigorously shaken” in the Hyperbaric MAH. The technician never once removed the bottle from the hook and vigorously shook it. She only did gentle swishing[s]. Was this 10 pass $800 procedure done grossly in error ?

    • paola d

      Hi Jo,
      I am sure you have by now seen my response in the Facebook group.
      Just to state it for the readers here as well: the bottle *can* be shaken, it doesn't have to be. Dr. Lahodny does not shake during the 10 pass, he only swirls.
      I can confirm through self experiments that swirling is indeed enough. So no, it does not sound like it was performed in gross error at all.

  30. jo bouley

    No I was not informed of the possible side affects. Please …I would like to know.

    • paola d

      Hi Jo,
      any ozone therapy can cause a Herxheimer reaction. This can result in a flare up of old symptoms or even the occurrence of new ones.
      A Herxheimer reaction appears to happen less often with IV ozone applications, but still happens often enough in my opinion.

      Additionally, heparin itself has a whole range of side effects. I noticed that as good as no ozone practitioner informs his or her patients about them. And the amount of heparin administered during 10 pass is excessive, it's 20,000 units. Often, what is an obvious heparin reaction is explained away by the doctor as a Herxheimer reaction. Example: brown urine, itchiness, bloating, or joint pain. Here you can find a complete list of side effects due to heparin: https://www.drugs.com/sfx/heparin-side-effects.html . Admittedly, it is often difficult to figure out what it is one is dealing with: a Herx or a heparin side effect?

      It is possible that the body aches you experienced after the 10 pass are due to heparin. Or a Herx due to ozone, or a combination of both.

      A way to find out would be to continue with the 10 pass and see if the body aches get better. If they do, this could be an indication that it was an ozone induced Herx.

      Or you could switch to an intravenous form or ozone therapy which does not include heparin, like DIV or ozoanted saline IV, to exclude the heparin factor and observe how you react to that.

      Hope this helps.

  31. jo bouley

    I had this 2 1/2 hour 10-pass yesterday afternoon. I felt absolutely no different afterwards. I awoke this morning and felt like I had an alcohol { I do not drink alcohol due to a detox diet] hangover and my whole body ached. I really question its worth. I do rectal anals daily and certainly feel the ozone inside me. How can one determine effectiveness ?

    • paola d

      Hi Jo,
      have you been correctly informed about the possible side effects of the 10 Pass which arise from the high dosages of heparin and the possible Herxheimer reactions?

  32. Learner

    I have an educated doctor, and he ran the tests.

    I've been on PolyMVA, an alpha lipoid acid polymer for over a year, with good results, AFTER chelating with DMPS, DMSA, and EDTA over a 6 year period. It's the only thing that'll clean heavy metals out of mitochondria. If I did it at Cutler's speed, I'd be dead by now…his advice is great for folks who don't have doctor supervision.

    I recently found I haven't got any NK cells either. I'm looking for some hard data on what hyperbaric MAH does for IgG and NK parts of the immune system…. not just immunomodulating promises … I've been on every possible immunomodulating treatment and they've utterly failed. I have multiple infections and am very ill… where can I find some facts?

    The doctors I'm seeing disagree with each other and I'm trying to find a way to get well before going broke…

    Thank you!!

    • paola d

      Hi Learner,
      Andy Cutler's protocol usually takes between 1 to 5 years, very rarely longer than that. So if you had done it the way he suggests from the start, chances are you could have been recovered by now. Instead, 6 years later, you say you are still very sick … This is not to be understood as medical advice, but your current issues might be actually the effects of the wrong chelation you have used. I don't know. But maybe this is something to look into.

      Low antioxidant levels are an excellent indicator of increased oxidative stress the cause of which is often heavy metals.

      “I’m looking for some hard data on what hyperbaric MAH does for IgG and NK parts of the immune system…. not just immunomodulating promises …” – Ok, great. Let me know once you have found it. Just keep in mind, once you have found some articles on it, it is still not a proof that this is what it will happen in your case.

      I don't know of any therapy, neither alternative nor conventional which can give you a 100% guarantee that it will work, if that is what you are looking for.

      If you would like to know something more specific about the 10 Pass method, I suggest you contact the inventor, Dr. Lahodny himself: http://dr-lahodny.at/index.php?Page=1944

      Hope this helps!

  33. Learner

    Hi Paola,

    I've tried almost every known immunomodulator, and my IgG subclasses are still very low.

    Ozone has helped some, though I became totally depleted of antioxidants – glutathione, vitamins A, C, E, and lipoic acid. I am concerned about mitochondrial membrane damage and the risks vs the potential benefits of 10 pass. How can I learn more, please?

    • paola d

      Hi Learner,
      when doing ozone and running blood tests it is important to consult a doctor who knows the effect on ozone on various blood parameters and knows how to interpret them.
      Ozone will deplete antioxidants but increase antioxidant enzyme production. So the effect is an overall increased antioxidant activity.
      Ozone can also skew various blood parameters temporarily, that's why it is in general not a good idea to have one's blood checked during ongoing ozone treatments.
      One should also primarily treat symptoms, not numbers on a lab test. Any lab test doestn't say anything without the context.
      There is no reason to believe ozone would lead to mitochondrial membrane damage. Ozone greatly enhances mitochondrial activity.
      Also, be careful to not start supplementing with lipoic acid. This can have dramatic adverse reactions: http://cutlersuccessstories.weebly.com/what-not-to-do.html
      Hope this helps.

  34. Alexander

    Hi Paola,
    Great article, actually great web-site I should say. I signed up for your FaceBook group, Absolutely fabulous.

  35. Learner

    Hi there,

    I have multiple infections and IGG 1 and 3 subclass deficiencies. Have done HBOT and UVBI and am looking at 10 pass vs IVIG. Is there any info on 10 pass increasing IGG subclasses? Or who can I ask?

    • paola d

      Hi Learner,
      I do not know anything about ozone specifically increasing IGG subclasses.
      It does modulate the immune system, so if it is underactive, it will stimulate it to be more active.
      If it is overactive, it will dampen it.
      In general it is better to treat symptoms than numbers on a test, in my opinion.
      So if you have been doing ozone and you feel it is helping you, then it might make sense to try a stronger modality to see if you can get even more benefit.

  36. amy

    Hi! I looked on the FB page and was unable to see any info on Dr's that offer it in Spain. Hoping to find that info and travel there for treatment. Would love if you could point me in the right direction!

    • paola d

      Hi, I actually removed the doctor in Spain. It turns out he was pushing ALA IVs on his patients and at least one member of our group and at least one of them got badly hurt by it.

      I can recommend Dr. Lahodny in Austria, the inventor of the 10 Pass method or Lahodny I as he calls it now. He charges Euro 120 for 1 10 Pass, or around $130. This is his page http://dr-lahodny.at/

  37. Annette

    Will this treatment help with dementia/alzimer's

    • paola d

      It could provide a relief from symptoms, I think so.
      Alzheimer's / dementia is always a good reason to check for mercury toxicity …

    • Ryima

      Pourrais je avoir la liste des médecins en Allemagne qui font des thérapies à l'ozone ?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Ryima,

      sorry, I don't have such a list.


  38. Susan

    Hi I am thinking about ozone but have a bad root canal and worried about mercury what do I need to do to be cleared to do therapy and I also have Lyme but my tooth in the last month is really causing havoc. Susan

    • paola d

      Hi Susan,
      you do not need to be cleared of mercury to be able to do ozone therapy, sorry if something I wrote lead to this misunderstanding.
      If you want to know if your root canal contains mercury, have an x-ray done. If there is amalgam, it should show.
      Independent if you have mercury or not, you can do ozone therapy of any kind.

      Hope this helps.

  39. Terry

    that's unbelievable for 140mg…

    …The total ozone dosage supplied is an astounding 10 x 70 µg/ml x 200 ml = 140,000 µg (= mcg = micrograms) or 140 mg…

    • paola d

      Yes, that's the math …

  40. Rob

    Does OHT work for lyme-patients as well? Experience?

    • paola d

      Hi Rob, it works for Lyme patients, for some to a lesser, for others to a larger degree. Others again experience dramatic Herxheimer reactions – which can happen with any ozone treatment.
      I'm about to post a second part of the article where I will address exactly this question. Stay tuned :-).

  41. Charlene

    My daughter is getting IV ozone and ultra-violet blood irradiation treatments for rheumatoid arthritis. She has also had some prolozone injections into the joints. After just 2 treatments of IV ozone and UVBI, she is walking much better. William Campbell Douglas wrote “Into the Light” about UVBI and said that these two therapies work well together.

    • paola d

      This is great! Thank you for sharing.
      I will look into that book, thank you.

  42. Michael

    I heard that for some people ozone could possibly not be good. That they could have a negative reaction. Is there any condition when ozone should be avoided.

    • paola d

      Hi Michael,
      yes some people can have adverse reactions to ozone.
      It appears that in some rare cases, mercury poisoned people have adverse reactions to ozone. Other mercury poisoned people get benefit from it.
      Other contraindications are transplanted organs, acute stroke, heart attack, anemia. Some also maintain that the G6PD deficiency is a contraindication as well as untreated hyperthyroidism.

  43. freddie kimmel

    Thanks for a very clear, informative article. Loved the clarity and equal balance of opposing thoughts on treatment. Thank you!

    • paola d

      Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for commenting!

    • Luis Mora

      Good information. Thank you.

  44. Teresa C.

    Wow Paola! Thank you so much for putting this together. So great to have all this info in one place! And it is really nice to get all the numbers and all other important notes you share – haven't seen this level of detail anywhere else. You are helping so many people with all the wonderful info you share here and on the facebook groups. THANK YOU!!!❤️

    • paola d

      Thank YOU for reading my blog and thank you for all your help! ❤️❤️❤️

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