(* many patients used more than just ozone therapy and combined it with other alternative or conventional methods)  

Years ago I witnessed a friend getting rid of numerous skin cancer lesions on his legs after around 12 ozone sauna sessions within a time span of around 3 weeks. I had heard about ozone’s ability to resolve cancer. But 3 weeks?! It was shocking. I keep kicking myself in the butt to this day for not having taken before and after pictures.

Some time later I heard a story about a man who helped another man cure brain cancer with ozone ear insufflations. Apparently, he infused his friend’s ears for a few minutes every hour through a modified stethoscope, around the clock for 3 days, even when the man was sleeping. Then the tumor just liquefied through his ears and the man was cancer free. It was a “he said she said” story. I never met any of the people involved. Although it was retold by someone I felt was a pretty reliable source, not prone to hyperbole.

Some time after, I interviewed Gaylen Tibbitt about his wife. He helped her cure cancer twice when doctors had given up on her. It was mind-blowing. His wife is still alive and still cancer free 14 years later. I’m friends with her on Facebook. Ozone seemed to reliably deliver a knock out punch to cancer.


Prof. Velio Bocci says ozone will not defeat cancer.

Prof. Velio Bocci is often regarded at THE top dog among ozone specialists. He is a medical doctor who published many papers, studies and has designed a few clinical trials on ozone therapy. Parts of his books “Ozone, A new medical drug” and “Oxygen-Ozone Therapy, A critical evaluation” are often repeated as established facts among ozone therapist. And now he was going on record, saying:

“An early paper by Sweet et al [115] elicited great enthusiasm having shown that ozone selectively inhibits the growth of a variety of human cancer cells in vitro. Unfortunately this approach does not reflect the situation in the patient because ozone as such is never able to reach any cancer cells in vivo. Another hypothetical possibility had been to restore normoxia and apoptosis of tumor cells after the infusion of ozonated blood [91], but clinical experience in pre-terminal patient with hepatic or/and pulmonary metastasis has shown the irreversibility of the cancer. An experimental attempt [116] to insufflate an ozone and oxygen mixture into the peritoneum at an advanced stage of cancer led to a higher survival rate of treated rabbits (i.e. 7/14) versus sham-treated rabbits (i.e. 1/7). In a letter, Bocci [117] have suggested that these anti-tumor effects may be induced via an ozone/oxygen-mediated activation of the body’s immuno-surveillance, which is a real possibility in a virgin animal. Indeed these results are evident only in experimental oncology, particularly in mice and not in humans where, once the cancer is discovered, the immune system is already suppressed. To be objective, there are a number of rather old and uncontrolled clinical studies demonstrating that ozone therapy extends the life expectancy of patients with cancer. This is partly true in the sense that ozonated autohemotherapy improves the quality of life as often observed [46], but is unable to block the tumour progression. “

Mechanisms of Action Involved in Ozone Therapy: Is healing induced via a mild oxidative stress?” Velio Bocci, Masaru Sagai, 2011

This is pretty clear language. According to Prof. Dr. Bocci, the most ozonated authority (yes, that's a thing) on the subject, ozone is not able to reverse a cancer diagnosis in humans. Period. Talk about pooping on someone's parade.

say hello to my little friend ozone

This is NOT a representative depiction of Prof. Bocci

Think for yourself and question authority.” – Timothy Leary

But I saw what I saw – skin cancer dissolution within 3 weeks. OK, it was one of the situations Bocci mentioned where ozone was in direct contact with the cancer during the ozone sauna, so it would support his claim in that regard, without refuting his other claim that indirect exposure to ozone therapy will not make a tumor shrink. But, in my opinion ozone could help kill cancer even when not in direct contact with it. How? According to some research, neutrophils, the most abundant white blood cells in the human body, are able to produce ozone:

“Recently we discovered that all antibodies can catalyze the formation of H2O2 from 1O and H2O (8) via the postulated intermediacy of dihydrogen trioxide (H2O3) (9). An oxidative component of the cascade of reactive intermediates generated during this process possesses the chemical signature of ozone (10). This oxidant is a component of the overall antibody-catalyzed cascade that is capable of effectively killing bacteria by a process that involves the generation of holes in the bacterial membrane.”

Investigating antibody-catalyzed ozone generation by human neutrophils“, Bernard M. Babio et al., 2003

Ozone is a known immune system booster. So would it be too far-fetched to argue that in cancer cases where the cancer did not have direct contact with ozone supplied during ozone therapy, the immune system boosting properties of ozone could nevertheless make the body produce ozone and so help kill the cancer through the body’s own ozone production? In my opinion it’s not such a far-fetched idea at all. Plus, it wouldn’t be the first time Bocci was giving wrong statements about ozone therapy. One of his claims is that DIVs (direct ozone IVs) are nearly always deadly and he also spreads the misconception that DIVs have been outlawed in Europe since 1984 (by which European authority? The EU has been founded in the 1990’s. So how could there have been a EU wide law implemented before then? And if so, what is the name of the law? The ozone law? There is no such a thing nowhere in the world that I know of. Which authority is supposed to enforce it? Or is it part of some law which tells doctors which therapy they’re allowed to use and which not? That doesn't exist either. At least not in Germany, where Prof. Bocci claims the regulation originated from. There are regulations which doctors have to adhere to, but none of them cover ozone therapy specifically. In Germany Dr. Radelsberger has been performing Oxyvenierung for the past 30 years and trained many therapists who now also offer that protocol. Oxyvenierung is essentially like DIV, it’s injection of pure oxygen into the vein. So far without any known fatalities. And no one is being persecuted for using that technique. There is actually an association of doctors and naturopaths in Germany who practice Oxyvenierung and offer courses for it: “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Oxyvenierungstherapie“. As someone who has conducted a few hundred DIVs on myself, I know that Bocci’s opinion on that matter is definitely wrong.) Saying that ozone cannot kill cancer would not have been the first poorly researched claim pertaining to ozone that Bocci ever made.

Observation trumps theory

Below you will find written and video accounts of people who have recovered from cancer using ozone therapy. Included are also accounts of doctors and other practitioners citing various cases. I also go into the possible mechanisms of how ozone destroys cancer cells and why it sometimes doesn't work, I present  a number of doctors who use ozone therapy for cancer on a daily basis, and show a few veterinary cases as well. Those accounts have been collected from youtube, different internet pages, and forums, email conversations, and books. Many of the presented cases are reports of full recoveries. Some are cases of improvement to lesser or larger degree. Some show “success” in the form of a profound gain in life quality.

Most cases have not been followed up, so there is no way of knowing whether the remission or recovery was permanent.

All cases had some positive response to ozone therapy, either in decreased tumor size, dissolution of the tumor, or improved well-being.

Keep in mind that this is only what I could find in the English speaking world, and some Spanish (what internet translation services allowed me to understand), Italian and German sources. There are most likely more documented cases in other languages. There also patients and doctors speaking in Spanish about cancer but they were too difficult for me to understand.

Also keep in mind that the cases I found often lack a good description, there is no proof provided of either the original cancer diagnosis nor of any cure; often it’s just a few lines written by an anonymous source, without the possibility of contacting the poster to obtain further information and to check how long they stayed cancer free. Or it’s an account by a third party. In some cases it’s just doctors citing numbers of cases they have cured.

What is important to note is that in most cases the patients used more than just ozone therapy. Often it was in combination with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, IPT (insulin potentiation therapy), dietary changes or other alternative or conventional therapies. Each of those therapies alone has shown in some cases to be able to cause cancer regression.  



1. + 2. (This story counts double since the person cured her cancer twice.) One of the most famous cases circulating for over 10 years on the internet is that of Gaylen Tibbitt’s wife having been cured of cancer twice with ozone, after she was told that chemotherapy was not working anymore in her case and to go and get her things in order: Metastasized cancer in intestines, liver, kidneys, breast, ozonated water and air ozonation:


I just want to tell the story of how my wife was cured from cancer twice.

The first time my wife had 16 tumors throughout her body, in her intestines, liver, kidney, and breast. All the doctors said there was nothing they could do and that she had 6-12 months. That was 3 years ago.

My wife found a new experimental chemo treatment that “had a 80% cure rate”. She did the chemo for 9 months and it was killing her. The chemo was Not affecting the three largest tumors at all. The doctor said her system was starting to shut down, and that she should take a break and get her affairs together.

I had been looking at alternative treatments from various sources & doing research on my own & found ozone. We didn’t want to try it because of what the EPA & everyone else said about it, but since her system was starting to shut down, what did we have to lose?

We drank ozonated water & breathed it while we slept every night, and also started juicing and eating healthy. She started feeling better so she went back to the doctor & continued with the chemo. Within 3 months she was cancer free. Naturally the doctor thought it was the chemo that cured my wife.

Now if that wasn’t enough, a year and a half later when she went in for her check up to see if she was still cancer free, they said she had two more tumors. One on the bile duct & one in her intestines again.

The doctor told her they couldn’t give her any more chemo & there was NOTHING they could do this time because the cancer was chemo resistant now.

We had slacked off on the ozone for about a year then so we decided to flood our bodies with ozone again. Guess what? Within about 3 months the tumors were gone again. We did did the same thing again, the ozonated water, breathing ozone, juicing and healthy diet.

The doctor couldn’t believe it & sent the tests out to 4 other doctors & they all said there was no cancer. He said they should hire me. By the way my wife is the only one out of 54 who is still alive from the group that was given that chemo. I think they played with the numbers a little in their 80% cure rate claim.

Also I have cured athletes foot, a rash or something like that on my head, and removed age spots with ozone.

I just want eveyone [sic] possible to know what ozone can do. It really works!”


Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 19.40.07

Here I interview Gaylen about his wife's experience with ozone and cancer.

3. Breast cancer, ozone saunas

“(…) I had an elderly client (70s) who started to come see me in Feb with breast cancer. She also had many other serious ailments: diabetes, COPD, obesity, and arthritis. She was on oxygen 24/7 and could barely make the stairs.

She started coming 5 days a week and REALLY suffered through the healing crisis. In June she purchased an ozone sauna setup from Saul and continued treating herself at home.

She called me last week to tell me she had gone for a mammogram (gotta tell her to stop doing that! 🙂 ) and her breasts were completely clear. Nothing. No tumor masses at all. This is a woman whose doctors said they could not do anything for her, go home and die and left her floating in the wind.

She took control of her healing and never wavered in her dedication no matter how bad her rash got, and it was BAD!

Her doctor also did a bunch of blood work — it showed no diabetes and an incredibly good blood count. He said to keep doing whatever it was she was doing.

She laughed all the way home and then phoned me. ”


  4. Cervical cancer, ozone saunas and ozone vaginal insufflations

“My name is Stephen and I'M AN OZONE TECH in Dallas. I have been using the steam system from Saul treating a variety of illness with tremendous results. One in particular I would like to share with you. My girl friend was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer about 15 months ago which was right when we had started dating. I persuaded her to do ozone therapy instead of mainstream treatment. I administered 40 treatments over an 8 week period consisting of 3x's a week sauna and 2x's a week vaginal insuffalation. What were our results you ask? On 07/17/99 at 12:39 p.m. we celebrated the birth of our baby boy who checked in at 8.6lbs&21 inches. The healing power of ozone…”


5. Tumor on the back, ozone saunas

“I thought I would just give you an update about my son. I have attached two pictures. One shows the wound on his back that is discharging the dead tumor tissue, the other one is dead tumor tissue that came out. The wound has now been discharging for 4 weeks – lots of fluid and once in a while big chunks of tumor tissue.

He also went to see his oncologist to have his tumor markers checked, and the results came back normal. His oncologist did not say much, just that he recognized it as dead tumor tissue – he also had a surgeon have a look at it. They wanted my son to stay in the hospital so that they could operate on him and remove the dead tumor (originally they did not want to operate as there were too many tumors). My son wisely refused.

Since the tumor has opened up and is discharging stuff, he has been feeling much better. He is now able to walk much straighter and can sit up better. Before, the tumors were causing him a lot of discomfort.

He is still taking daily ozone steam saunas and drinks essiac tea twice a day.

Best wishes,“


6. Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (Cancer of the blood), ozone sauna

“As you are aware, my cousin was coming out here to use Dad's ozone sauna. She was diagnosed with CLL 1.5 years ago and within the year she did a round of chemo because the disease was progressing so rapidly. Her WBC stayed down for only one month and then they started to increase rapidly. She came here every weekend for four months. After three weeks she noticed some of her symptoms were starting to disappear. In the first three months, her platelets came back up to normal but her WBC's continued to go higher. On the third month, her WBC's doubled. This caused considerable stress. She didn't quit. On the fourth month, her WBC's dropped 30% and she at that point ordered her own ozone sauna. She is looking good and feeling well. “


7. Leukemia, Major Autohemotherapy (MAHT blood is taken out, mixed with ozone and re-infused into the patient)

“My brother had Leukemia; was administered with Gleevac (very expensive drug; dosage of USD110 daily).

On the onset of this disease we brought him, to have MAHT ozone therapy. After four sessions he had his white blood count down to less than 9, from as high as 40. (normal range 4-10).

He had to date 10 sessions of the ozone therapy and is continuing with the Gleevac for about two months now, blood count results had been very satisfactory. Physically, he had regained his original weight which he had lost about 15 kilograms during the first two weeks of diagnosis. He intend to alternate the ozone therapy with chelation therapy now.

My question is, can he stop the Gleevac; and when can he also do the maintenance dose (if there is such term) for the chelation and ozone therapy.

Thanks for any information or resources you can provide. “


  8. Lung cancer, drinking ozonated water, ozone cupping, and H2O2

“How about a testimonial? A few months ago my best friend lost a kidney to cancer. It was either about to metastesize or just had. The day he came home from surgery I loaned him my model 40 ozone generator. He drank ozonated water, did cupping over his kidney area to aid healing, put hydroxygen drops in his water & ate ground flax seed & cottage cheese.

When he left the hospital he had a tumor the “size of his thumb” in his lower lung. They never got to find out if it was malignant or not. Eight weeks later, when he returned to see if the tumor had grown, it was gone! No sign of it. This was at NIH, so there was no mistaking the facts that there had been a tumor and it was now gone.

His MD there told him there was no known medical reason to explain why his tumor had disappeared, but that his home regimen was “the best things you could possibly do for your condition!” “


9. Spinal cancer, ozone sauna

“Diagnosed with a rare spinal cancer in 1998. Her oncologist advised her to go to a local University cancer clinic for some radical new chemo treatments.

Within six months, she was bedridden, her cancer-riddled spine unable to support the weight of her head, losing weight rapidly, deathly ill from the toxic drugs they gave her. She left there on a stretcher, advised to put her affairs in order.

A friend of hers called me up and asked what could be done. Since I knew someone who lived near her, who had an ozona sauna, I connected them, and the ozone sauna ended up at DY's place for six months. During that time, she gave herself daily ozone saunas (at first with considerable help from friends), did liver cleanses, ate fresh organic food and several varities of oriental mushrooms.

Within six months, she could walk unassisted, hold her head upright, and had begun an exercise program. Now, three years later, she is free of cancer, and will be opening an ozone sauna clinic of her own in the spring. “


10. Pancreatic cancer

“We have fantastic news to share!!

Last week our mom had a CA-19-9 cancer-tracking blood test, specific to the pancreas. A number between 0 – 27 is normal analysis for an individual, with anything above 30 being cause for concern. Her latest test result was below 8, down from above 500 in August!!

This means that since surgery June 12, 2000, my glorious mother's choice to heal holistically without using an established medical, western doctrine has supported her healing from 4th stage pancreatic cancer!!! PET scan to follow!!

All right!!! We're celebrating!!! Running naked through the streets with bells on our toes, and tears of joy pouring from our hearts!!

Happy Holidays to you all, with deep felt thanks and appreciation for your continuing love, prayers and support!!!! You have contributed, and we are blessed!! This truly is the best gift we could ever receive!

Wishing you all peace, love, joy and light!!!



11. Prostate cancer, ozonated saline IV and ozone sauna

“My dad had 20 IV normal saline ozone treatments or approx. 125 cc's to treat his prostate cancer. After 5 treatments the constriction in his prostate was relieved and his 3 trips a night to urinate at night went away. The pain and discomfort on his left side was still present after the 20 treatments but they were having trouble getting the IV into his vein and his veins were hard. He purchased a Plasmafire ozone sauna and after six weeks of daily saunas the pain diminished and now after 3 months (80 saunas) he doesn't feel any pain. My husband had 5 IV treatments and the arthritis in his hands disappeared. I had 5 treatments and didn't really notice anything too earth shattering but I don't have any life threatening disease that I am aware of. On the other hand, I have had 40 saunas in 3 months and I am getting such bad healing reactions that I must say the sauna has me on my knees. In my experience, the ozone sauna would appear to be more powerful if used consistently…..”


  12. Colon cancer

“The past few years I have successfully treated my terminal Stage IV Colon Cancer with ozone and hyperthermia with insightful help from you to which I deeply appreciate. “


13. Lymphoma, ozone sauna and ozone funneling

“The fellow with lymphoma had golf ball size nodules at armpit and groin, and was told he had less than three months to live. After three months, the lumps were gone, but then a couple of lumps popped out on his head, because it wasn't in the sauna. He called me up and asked what to do, as his doctor had never seen that before, and told him it was curtains for sure this time. I thought about it for a minute and then suggested he get a kitchen funnel and connect it to the tubing and funnel the lumps on his head. They were gone in three weeks. That was the first time we used the funneling technique, back in 1994. He has continued to do his saunas religiously since then. I lost contact with him, until 1998, when he called me up and needed a repair on his sauna seat. He is hale and hearty and working full time. “


14. Vaginal cancer, a former patient of Saul Pressman, taken from a forwarded email, with his permission:

“Many years ago, you told me about one of your systems being offered by a Little Rock lady who had lost her daughter. I bought the unit and it healed my new wife of vaginal cancer. It healed her cancer, and the tumors just fell off.”

15. Colon cancer, stage 4, a former patient of Saul Pressman, taken from a forwarded email, with his permission:

“I bought an ozone generator from you 9 years ago when I was treating myself at home for Stage 4 Colon Cancer. BETA V I think is the model and it has been excellent. I am a member of a support group in the UK for people suffering from cancer with 1400 members and there are often discussions about Ozone. I always give out your details and where to buy. Do you have the latest version of ‘The Story of Ozone' in PDF form that I could share with the group?”

16. Thyroid cancer, ozone funneling

“We have had thyroid cancer treated in the ozone sauna. The lady sat as far down as possible, and held the funnel to her throat area, delivering ozone to the tumor. After 20 treatments, she scanned clear, and has remained clear since then.”


17. Breast cancer, ozone bath and rectal ozone insufflations

“I have been using ozone since 1996 when I had a terminal stage for breast cancer. Today I am 90% cure and I used the ozone almost every day as an ozone bath and rectal insufflation. “


18. Oncologist Dr. Alexander talks about how he cured himself of throat cancer with ozone therapy:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 19.27.55

Click here to watch the whole video.

19. Christine Drayton, a former breast cancer patient and her doctor, Dr. Stan Odle talk about ozone therapy. She received ozone through RHP or EBOO:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 19.25.23

Click here to watch the whole video.

20. Shannon recovered from breast cancer by among others using ozone IVs and ozone saunas, Christopher Wark from chrisbeatcancer.com presents:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 19.00.12

Click here to watch the whole video. She mentions ozone at 7:30 and 20:30 mark.

21. Christopher Wark, colon cancer, mentions drinking ozonated water and having done ozone saunas. Chirs has now been cancer free for around 12 years.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 19.06.29

Click here to watch the whole video.

Here also mentions ozone on his blog.

22. Aggressive diffuse B Cell Lymphoma treated with ozone sauna (Hocatt: ozone sauna with carbonic acid)

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 19.21.11

Click here to watch the whole video.

23. Vincent stays free of cancer after surgery which removed tumors from his colon and liver. He uses ozone therapy, Christopher Wark reports:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 19.23.23


From Dr. Robert Rowen’s youtube channel:

24. 76 year old man recovers from end stage colon cancer with ozone therapy, patient of Dr. Rowen’s

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 19.31.37

Watch the whole video here.

25. Ozone therapy in a prostate cancer patient with metastases to bone dramatically reduces pain:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 19.34.21

Watch the whole video here.

26. Ozone Autohemotherapy is used to successfully treat prostate cancer

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 19.45.13

Watch the entire video here.

27. Ozone and UV blood treatments resolve stage III colon cancer

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 19.48.07

Watch video here.

28. Ovarian cancer responds to ozone IV therapy:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 19.50.51

Watch video here.

29. Breast cancer patient successfully uses ozone treatments

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 19.55.38

Click here to watch whole video.

30. Ozone autohemotherapy dramatically improves woman’s quality of life

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 19.59.53

Click here to watch the video.

31. Prostate cancer responds positively to local autohemotherapy injections

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 20.24.22

Click here to watch the video.

Reports in other than the English language:

32. Dr. Perez Olmedo treats a patient with bladder cancer and metastases into the prostate. It completely resolves with, among others, ozone insufflations, description in Spanish:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 20.26.27

Click here to watch the video.

  33. Cancer of the soft palate resolves with ozone injections and bicarbonate, Spanish and English:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 20.29.35

What is interesting about this case is that the man is being told by one doctor to absolutely not do ozone therapy since it would make the cancer grow. He ignores the advice and goes ahead with ozone therapy and the cancer dissolves completely.

Spanish with English subtitels, watch here.

Here is a shorter version.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 20.32.57

34. A daughter recounts the success of his father who had bone cancer and was treated with ozone therapy, video in Italian:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 21.01.01

Watch the video.

She's a patient of Dr. Margherita Luongo from Italy.

35. It’s not clear to me what type of cancer this woman is dealing with but she speaks enthusiastically about her experience with ozone therapy, also a patient of Dr. Margherita Luongo:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 21.03.46

Watch the video here.

36. Video in Portuguese: patient with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma receives ozone autohemotherapy and intraperitoneal insufflations:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 21.08.19

Watch the video.

37. MRI shows that ozone therapy alone reduced brain tumour (without chemotherapy nor radiation), video in 2 parts in Spanish:

Part 1:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 21.10.42

Part 2:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 21.11.31

A presentation by Dr. Frank Shallenberger of resolved cancer cases from his practice:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 21.15.06

Watch the whole presentation.

38. Rectal Adenocarcinoma in a 78 yo female cleared after rectal ozone 2x/day 4 days per week for 2 weeks, then the same for 3 more weeks and IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy)

39. Esopahageal cancer, 68 yo male receives ozone Major Autohemotherapy twice a week and IPT. Cancer clears.

40. Tonsillar cancer, 68 yo male, IV H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) and radiation, 2 months later complete resolution of cancer; still clear of cancer 10 years later.

41. Liver cancer with metastases to mediastinum and vena cava: 65 you male, Vit C and daily rectal ozone 5 days per week.

42. Breast cancer with metastases to spine, liver lungs in 51 yo female, IPT with Major Autohemotherapy twice a week for 3 weeks

43. Colon cancer with metastases to lymphnodes, 73 yo male, IPT and Major Autohemotherapy

44. Breast cancer with metastases to liver, lung, sternum, 65 yo female, IPT with Major Autohemotherapy  

Reports cited from books:

Flood your body with oxygen”, Ed McCabe:

45. President Ronald Reagen is supposedly cured from cancer with ozone therapy supplied by Dr. Hans Nieper [Ed McCabe wrongly calls him Neiper], page 10.

46. Ed reports about a case of cancer of the ear and leukemia having been resolved with “Medical Ozone Therapy, the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, the peroxide intravenous drip, the chelation, the peroxide bathing”, page 361.

47. Kit Carson, the old time film cowboy had a big tumor on his throat that disappeared in a few days, shrinking from the inside out after getting a few injections of ozone, page 367

48. Cervical cancer cured with six ozone treatments, page 458.

49. Bladder cancer resolved after drinking ozonated water, page 460.

50. Stomach cancer disappeared after drinking “about 20 glasses of fresh ozonated water a day”, page 460.   The Oxygen prescription”, Nathaniel Altman:

51. Immunocytoma stage IVb , AHIT (a therapy developed by Dr. Horst Kief which includes the ozonation of blood and parts of urine and resinsertion into the patient’s body):

“A sixty-two-year-old man, happened by the clinic for a routine examination. In 1988 he was diagnosed with immunocytoma stage IVb, a particularly lethal cancer that involved the lymph nodes. The oncologists who treated him held out no hope for his recovery. After eleven months of AHIT, the patient experienced a complete remission that continued until the time I met him four years later”, page 120.

52. to 111. 59 cases of either full or partial remission from bronchial, prostate, ovarian, colon and “other” cancers in Dr. Kief’s clinic, page 121:

“As in the case of many oxidative physicians, many of Dr. Kief's patients come to him as a last resort after traditional medical therapy failed them. Nevertheless, Kief's clinical findings merit serious study. During 2000 – 2002, Dr. Kief kept records on 108 patients who received a course of treatment in AHIT-aM [a type of ozone treatement Dr. Kief developed]. Of the total, 55 percent experienced either full (thirty-four patients) or partial remission (twenty-five patients). The best results took place with bronchial cancer (68 percent), prostate cancer (55 percent), ovarian cancer (57 percent), colon cancer (50 percent), and “other” cancers (85 percent), while the least favorable results were among women with breast cancer (27 percent).”

Das medizinische Ozon” (The Medical Ozone) Dr. Hans H. Wolff, one of the pioneers in ozone therapy in Germany:

112. to 114. Dr. Wolff reports of 4 women with cancers of the ovaries who where given survival periods of 6 to 8 weeks. All of them went on to be treated with Minor Autohemotherapy for years, low carb diets and 10 grams of Vit C daily. 3 of them were alive up to 9 years later, page 486.

115. The case of a tribunal assessor with metastases in the neck. The main tumor was never identified. He received the same treatments as the above mentioned women. 9 years later the former patient was working as a judge, page 486.

116. A friend of mine had both his legs covered with skin cancer. He did around 12 ozone sauna sessions within a time frame of around 3 weeks after which all his cancer lesions disappeared.  


Additionally to the above cases, there are also numerous general quotes made by doctors or about doctors who heavily rely or relied on ozone therapy for cancer treatments:

“‘well over 2,000 people had been treated with uniformly excellent results’. Apparently, some terminal cancer patients had been cured!!!”

  • on page 164, he mentions Dr. Beyerle who

“treated prostate cancer with “phenomenal” (?) results. For other types of cancer (throat, ovarian, colon and breast), he comments:

“We are seeing patients who were bedridden two years ago and sent home to` die. They are becoming ambulatory. Their energy level is coming up. They are gaining weight. And we see these spontaneous fractures in the spine are gradually disappearing. Strength is returning to the musculature. There is no spinal pain.””

  • Saul Pressman claims to have witnessed around 200 cases of cancer dissolution during the 14 years when he was operating an ozone clinic in Canada. Many of the accounts above are by his former patients. Pressman also claims that Bocci's above quote of 2000 patients refers to a conversation he had with the professor.
  • Dr. Klaus Maar from Düsseldorf, Germany, manages to shrink prostate tumors in 80% of his clients with, among others, ozone therapy:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 21.40.35


“Die Welt” is one of the big newspapers in Germany.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 21.43.38

The man on the far right is Dr. Olmedo.

  • A private German association which specializes in alternative ways to treat cancer, Biologische Krebsabwehr e.V. or biokrebs.de, cites ozone and oxygen therapies as one of the recommended protocols. The following video shows a woman who had breast cancer which had metastasized to her brain and bones. She was given 2 days to live. She was then admitted to an institute which followed the recommendations of biokrebs.de and now, years later she is fully recovered and enjoys strenuous horse rides! (Important: she does NOT say anywhere in the video that she was treated with ozone. She only says with “IV” without specifying what those IVs consisted of. That's why I did not include her case into the ozone cancer cases.)
  • In Nathaniel Altman’s book, Dr. Kief is cited as saying that he helps around 60 percent of cancer patients go into remission after AHIT (Autologous Immune Therapy), an ozone therapy he invented. 20 percent more see an improvement.
  • Dr. Joachim Varro’s work is cited by Nathaniel Altman in his book, p. 117:

“The patients are free of metastasis and tumor relapses for remarkably long periods of time.”

  • Dr. Donsbach, another medical doctor who employs ozone therapy, also from Nathaniel Altman’s book:

“Approximately 70 percent of our patients are alive three years after their first visit to our facility. Some are cured, some are in remission and some are slowly dying. However, very few of these patients had more than months to live according to their doctors when they arrived. (…) We see a significant percentage of our patients become totally and completely cured as documented by medical diagnostic standards.”

  • Dr. Schuppert in Bonn, Germany, calls ozone therapy the foundation in the treatment of different types of cancers. He cites a 30 year experience with autohemotherapy and claims to have performed over 100,000 ozone sessions: https://www.praxisklinikbonn.de/ozon_sauerstoff.php


A few successful cancer cases in animals, treated with oxidative therapies (ozone and hydrogen peroxide):

  • Dog is cancer free after 10 ozone sessions, video in German.
  • Cow is being treated orally with H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) for eye cancer which dissolves completely. Interesting part: the cancer seems to get bigger first before it completely disappears.

Download this remarkable report and look at the pictures which trace each step of the recovery:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 21.56.13CowCuredOfEyeCancer copy

  • An interview on Dr. Mercola's website where Dr. Roman, a veterinarian, talks about how she applies ozone therapy in her practice.


How does ozone kill cancer?

These are the currently discussed probable mechanisms of how ozone contributes to cancer dissolution:

1) Healthy non-cancerous cells produce enzymes which protect them from oxidants, such as catalase, glutathione peroxidase or superoxide dismutase. These enzymes protect the healthy cells from oxidants in the form of reactive oxygen species (ROS) or EMODs (electronically modified oxygen derivatives). Cancer cells lack these enzymes. This makes them vulnerable to oxidative destruction. Ozone is said to increase the production of ROS and LOPs (Lipid Peroxidation Products). Which in healthy cells leads to an increased production of antioxidants as a protective mechanism. Cancer cells lack this protective mechanism and are destroyed by reactive oxygen species. Research shows: oxidation kills cancer cells. Even if the oxidation is generated by chemotherapy or radiation:

“The postulated mechanism of action for radiation therapy is the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS)”

Androgen Induces Adaptation to Oxidative Stress in Prostate Cancer: Implications for Treatment with Radiation Therapy“, Jehonathan Pintus et al, Neoplasia 2007.

“Radiotherapy and many chemotherapy agents act by producing free radicals; some vitamins and supplements, including vitamins C and E, are antioxidants and bind to free radicals, preventing oxidative damage.”

Use of Antioxidants During Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Should Be Avoided“, Gabriella M. D’Andrea, MD, A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, 2008

“However, most chemotherapeutic agents generate some oxidative stress, as do all anti-neoplastic agents when they induce apoptosis in cancer cells”

Lipid Replacement Therapy: a Functional Food Approach with New Formulations for Reducing Cellular Oxidative Damage, Cancer -Associated Fatigue and the Adverse Effects of Cancer Therapy“, Garth L. Nicolson and Robert Settineri, Functional Foods in Health and Disease: 4:135 -16 0

In other words: chemotherapy and radiation destroy tumors through the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). This is also one of the reasons why it has been shown that antioxidants can promote cancer growth by counteracting the formation of ROS.

The cytotoxicity of the antineoplastic quinones doxorubicin, mitomycin C, and diaziridinylbenzoquinone for the Ehrlich ascites carcinoma can be significantly reduced or abolished by the antioxidant enzymes catalase and superoxide dismutase (*), the hydroxyl radical scavengers dimethyl sulfoxide, diethylurea, and thiourea, and the iron chelators deferoxamine, 2,2-bipyridine, and diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid. “

(*) Catalase and superoxide dismutase are potent antioxidant enzymes.

Significant in vitro data exists showing that antioxidants can block EMOD [electronically modified oxygen derivatives]-induced apoptosis for a wide variety of cancerous cell types, such as leukemia, lymphoma, retinoblastoma, myeloma, pheochromocytoma and human cancers of the breast, lung, pancreas, liver, colon, rectum and endometrium. (204) This data can not be ignored. “

Hydrogen Peroxide: A review of a scientifically verifiable omnipresent ubiquitous essentiality of obligate, aerobic, carbon-based life forms”, Randolph M. Howes, MD, PhD, The Internet Journal of Plastic Surgery. 2009 Volume 7 Number 1.

Too much glutathione peroxidase, which neutralizes H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide, a reactive oxygen species ROS), stops cancer cell death. So: Less hydrogen peroxide -> less cancer cells die. More hydrogen peroxide -> more cancer cells die:

“Doxorubicin (DOX) is a widely used anti-tumour drug. (…) Overexpression of glutathione peroxidase, which detoxifies cellular H(2)O(2), significantly decreased DOX-induced NF-kappaB activation and apoptosis. (…) Removal of intracellular H(2)O(2) protects endothelial cells and myocytes from DOX-induced apoptosis, possibly by inhibiting NF-kappaB activation.

Activation of nuclear factor-kappaB during doxorubicin-induced apoptosis in endothelial cells and myocytes is pro-apoptotic: the role of hydrogen peroxide“, Wang Suwei et al, The Biochemical Journal 2002


Is it then a good idea to use chemotherapy and radiation for cancer treatment given that they’re oxidative therapies? This is clearly something that everyone has to determine for him/herself. But in order to be able to make an informed decision it’s important to know that it has been shown that chemotherapy can eventually lead to more cancer over time. Even if it succeeds it removing the original tumor.

Chemotherapy and radiation are toxic to the human cell.

Ozone, hydrogen peroxide and its byproducts are natural, non-toxic (if used in correct therapeutical dosages) agents, most of them produced by human cells.

Chemotherapy regularly induces depression, fatigue, and hair loss.

Ozone therapy on the other hand regularly induces euphoria, increased energy, and a healthier, more rested appearance and overall well-being.

I have posted the above quotes showing that chemotherapy and radiation are oxidative therapies in order to show the illogical stance of modern oncology: conventional medicine treats cancers with oxidation through toxic chemotherapy and radiation while at the same time dismissing non-toxic oxidative therapies like ozone and hydrogen peroxide.

2) Ozone improves hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and restores normoxia (normal oxygen levels). Why is this detrimental to cancer cells? Because low oxygen levels are a contributing factor to resistance of tumors to anticancer drugs. The better the oxygen saturation, the better the chances of cancer responding to anticancer treatments.

3) Ozone upregulates the immune system. Many doctors who treat cancer with alternative methods tend to see cancer mostly as an immune system problem. Some mainly treat cancer purely by trying to re-establish a healthy immune system which they claim will then help the body overcome the cancer itself.

4) Ozone is a potent anti-inflammatory agent and is thus able to prevent cancer growth: “Chronic inflammation plays a critical role in neoplastic growth”, says Prof. Bocci.

5) Ozone stimulates the production of NK cells, cytokines, T-Cells and Nrf2 factor, all of which have been associated with the body’s cancer killing abilities or are known to be able to destroy cancer cells.


Why do some cancer cases do not respond to ozone? Speculations:

– Ozone is used for a limited time only. This is also one of the reasons Dr. Shallenberger cites when asked why in some cases in which the cancer was successfully treated with ozone therapy the first time around, the cancer sometimes reemerges but the patient does not seek out the help of the doctor the second time around. The reasons might be of financial nature: most patients rely on their doctors to receive ozone therapy. Ongoing treatments at a doctor's office stretching over months can be prohibitively expensive. Ozone therapy can be administered at home but some patients do not feel comfortable doing that. Organizational and geographical factors can play a role: when faced with the reality of having to relocate in order to be closer to the doctor's office for an unknown amount of time, patients might not be willing to go through such a profound disruption to their lives when dealing with extreme physical weakness. Particularly medical professionals who are not yet entirely convinced of ozone's anti-neoplastic properties, tend to use it over-cautiously and similarly to pharmaceutical anticancer medications or chemotherapy – for a limited time only. Just when the cancer starts to regress, the ozone therapy is interrupted and the progress is evaluated. After the therapy is interrupted, tumors start to grow again. Whereas in those cases where ozone has been applied continuously until the tumor’s complete resolution, the cancer has been eradicated for good. Sometimes a misinterpretation of the situation might take place: with ozone and hydrogen peroxide therapy there can be a temporary swelling up of the tumor before it completely dissolves. The case of the cow with eye cancer demonstrates this beautifully, see above. This temporary swelling can be misinterpreted for a failure of oxidative therapy. Whereas the opposite is true: the tumor swells up before its final destruction.

The wrong ozone protocol is used. Ozone can be administered in a multitude of ways. Some of the more common ways include: intraveneously (as an injection directly into the blood either with methods called DIV, AHT/MAH or ozonated saline IV), as rectal/vaginal/ear/bladder/intraperitoneal insufflations (in which the gas is being slowly infused into the given bodily cavity), drinking ozonated water, ozone saunas. One of the most important factors when applying ozone therapy is to match the condition with the right ozone method (see the successful use of penile ozone insufflaions for the treament of bladder and pancreas cancer under case report 32, or the successful use of rectal insufflation in rectal Adenocarcinoma, case report 38). The idea is to bring the ozone and its byproducts like ROS and LOP (lipid oxidation products, basically oxidized fats) as close to the affected site as possible.

Example: the ideal ozone protocol for brain cancer would be either ear insufflations or ozone IVs, less so ozone saunas or intraperitoneal insufflations or rectal insufflations.

The ideal ozone protocol for colitis (inflammation of the large intestine) would be rectal insufflations, less so ozone IVs.

Cancer of the breast on the other hand is ideally treated with vaginal insufflations due to the lymphatic connection between the two organs, and with ozone saunas.

Although all ozone applications exude a systemic effect, some do more so (like ozone IVs) and some do less so (like ozone insufflations) and treat primarily the area which is being exposed to the ozone directly.

One of the main misconceptions about ozone therapy seems to be the idea that rectal insufflations are nearly equivalnet to a Major Autohemotherapy (also abbreviated with MAH or AHT, during which around 100 to 250 ml of blood is drawn, mixed with ozone and then reinfused. It’s a form of intravenous ozone.) and are hence an effective systemic treatment to help boost the body’s immune system and help it fight the cancer, irrelevant of its location. It seems that this misconception goes back to Prof. Bocci himself who in his book “Ozone, a New Medical Drug”, pages 50 and 51, proposed the theory that this may be the case:

“(…) This conclusion is relevant and would support the contention that the beneficial effect of RI in chronic limb ischaemia may be similar or equivalent to major AHT. If this result can be confirmed in a controlled, randomized clinical trial, it will be helpful for patients because they will be able to do automedication and avoid repeated venous punctures. Moreover is does explain why prolonged (up to 13 weeks) RI [rectal insufflations] in aged subjects cause an increase of both ATP and 2,3-DPG in erythrocytes (Viebahn, 1999a,b). These results are the more surprising because, in comparison to the precise volumes and ozone concentrations in major AHT, we know very well how imprecise the application of can be and particularly the volume f gas retained and effectively actin gin the gut lumen.” [emphasis mine and different from the book]

On page 53 he goes on to say:

If, by appropriate randomized clinical trial (RCT), we can prove that IR [sic] also has therapeutic activity in vascular disease, chronic hepatitis and intestinal disease, we will have to promote RI, as the Cinderalla of approaches, to the rank of AHT.[emphasis mine]

Such randomized clinical trials have never been conducted. Hence we do not know whether Rectal Insufflations are at the “rank of AHT”. What seems to have happened is that many ozone doctors took that “contention” of Bocci and ran with it, having taken it as fact. Whereas it was only a suggested idea. In fact Bocci himself published a paper in 2013 titled “The rectal insufflation is not the best administration route of ozone.” in which he tried to set the record straight, saying that

“In patients, our opinion is that only the classical ozonated autohemotherapy is the most direct, precise and effective ozone administration and in such case the therapy can be done for years with real advantages and without any side effects.“ 

and that the theorized systemic effect of rectal insufflations goes back to a rabbit study which showed only a mild systemic effect (measured by the presence of ROS in the jugular vein) which does not match the one generated by ozone IVs, in this case AHT. Unfortunately, although there is little evidence to support the claim that rectal insufflations offer a significant effective systemic treatment, it’s still being widely used as such in a multitude of cancer treatments.  

– According to various studies, including a Scandinavian study from the year 2000 conducted on tens of thousands of twins, the majority of cancers are caused by environmental factors, not genetics:

Except for certain types of familial cancer, such as adenomatous polyposis coli, the contribution of hereditary factors to the development of cancer is thought to be relatively minor.

Environmental and Heritable Factors in the Causation of Cancer — Analyses of Cohorts of Twins from Sweden, Denmark, and Finland“, Paul Lichtenstein, Ph.D. et al, The New England Journal of Medicine, 2000.

The Green Cross' annual “Environmental Toxin Report” cites toxic metals like mercury, lead and chromium among the substances which pose the greatest danger to human health, causing a multiple more deaths each year than infectious diseases like malaria or tuberculosis combined. If the cancer is due to elevated levels of a toxic metal in the patient’s body, ozone will not be able to resolve the issue.

There is reason to believe that heavy metals are able to block the human cell’s ability to metabolize nutrients including oxygen. If that is the case, it’s unlikely ozone will be able to unfold its anticancer properties before the metal is successfully chelated. Most known clinically significant mercury exposures in the Western world include among others mercury amalgam fillings (misleadingly called “silver” fillings), vaccines, years of consumption of high mercury fish like tuna, or broken CFL light bulbs.

Mercury intoxication from years of amalgam fillings usually does NOT resolve with the removal of the fillings. Patients who had their fillings removed can still have mercury levels high enough to cause diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, dementia or auto-immune conditions years or decades after amalgam removal.

Mercury intoxication from vaccines received as a baby can cause symptoms decades later. This often observed delayed reaction makes mercury toxicity one of the must misunderstood and misdiagnosed illnesses of our times. To find out more about how to properly diagnose, and chelate mercury, please read Andrew Hall Cutler's book “Amalgam Illness” and join the Facebook group “Andy Cutler Chelation Think Tank”.

– There might be an unknown ongoing exposure to toxins: like mercury, lead, radon gas, chromium, other chemical environmental toxins, electromagnetic smog. If that is the case, the ozone is being constantly hindered in its ability to heal and the therapy fails. – The cancer is too advanced.

– Immune system suppression is too advanced (which can be often caused my mercury). Around 30% of cancer patients die due to infections which their weakened body cannot cope with anymore. Ozone therapy can temporarily take over the human immune system’s function and is an excellent immune system modulator, but in some cases, the immune system might be beyond repair, even with ozone.

– There is too much irreparable damage due to radiation or chemotherapy. We know that many cancers are caused by the very therapies which are supposed to remedy the situation.

– Too much sugar in the diet. Many patients find it hard to keep to a strict sugar free diet. Cancers thrive on refined sugars. In which case a similar situation is created as with ongoing toxin exposure: if the patient is feeding the tumor with a high sugar diet on one side and using ozone therapy on the other side, the ozone might not be enough to counteract sugar's ongoing detrimental effect.

– The patient sabotages his/her own treatment, something I have witnessed personally. Just when the given therapy shows definite positive results and the tumor regresses, the patient decides to not pursue the therapy further, to the shock and incredulity of his or her caretakers. If it is the will of the patient to pass, the best intentioned therapy will fail because the patient will always find a way to sabotage it. It’s important to not act against the free will of a patient.  



Ozone treatments for cancer are not a magic bullet. There are many factors at play in how the cancer evolved, the physiology and state of health of the person and what combination of therapies is being applied. Different factors might be responsible for different outcomes. But there are a number of quite astounding and difficult to ignore reports, both online as in printed literature of cancer having been cured with ozone therapy, either by itself or in conjunction with other alternative or conventional methods. Additionally, there is a wide range of doctors, past and present, who either heavily rely on ozone therapy during cancer treatment or combine ozone therapy with chemo or radiation. Be it to either directly dissolve the tumor or to lessen the side effects of chemotherapy like fatigue, hair loss, depression or nausea, ozone emerges more and more as the therapy of choice in cancer treatment among both doctors and patients.


Have I missed any interesting accounts about cancer and ozone therapy? Please, let me know at thepowerofozone@gmail.com.

Would you use ozone therapy for yourself or for your family members if you were diagnosed with cancer or would you go the conventional surgery / chemotherapy / radiation route? Or would you do a combination of therapies? Let us know in the comments section.

Feel free to join the Facebook group “Ozone to Health” to share information about ozone therapy with other ozone enthusiasts.

Or the Facebook group “Ozone, Chelation and Paleo Diet” if you want to follow me while I keep chelating with the Andrew Cutler protocol.  



All of the material on this site is intended as educational information only in regards to alternative healthcare options that are available to the healthcare consumer.  The advice on this site are intended solely for informational and educational purposes and are not intended to replace your doctor. Only medications (drugs) can cure an illness or disease. Please consult a medical professional if you have questions about your health.

About the author:

PaolaI’m Paola the Crazy Old Ozone Lady behind The Power of Ozone. I’m a licensed naturopathic practitioner, natural health consultant, ozone therapy enthusiast, researcher, and ozone therapy analyst. I hold certificates in ozone therapy, hyperbaric ozone applications, Oxyvenierung, and the Andrew Cutler chelation. I own several ozone generators including a German hyperbaric 10 Pass machine. I have been using ozone for over 13 years, I’ve chelated with the ACC program for close to 5 years and I’ve been carnivore for nearly 1.5 years. This website serves as a resource for those who are interested in ozone therapy and other approaches to successfully manage chronic conditions. 

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  1. Vital

    In an earlier comment it reads:
    “… one direct injection into a half dollar sized tumor and it dissappeared overnight.”
    What do you think about this – where could I find somebody who performs this treatment?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Vital,

      I would just call up some ozone doctors and ask them if that's something they do …


  2. Vital

    Hello Paola,
    If you would have a very large tumor in your abdomen (with ascites), which ozone treatment(s) would you do, how often per day or week, and for how long each time?
    With many thanks in advance!
    Kind regards

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Vital,

      I would first want to determine what the ascites is due to and fix that, if possible.

      But ozone saunas and cupping over the abdomen could help, drinking ozonated water as well. Taking Oxy-Powder possibly. I would do at least one ozone treatment per day.


  3. Ally

    What ozone treatment would you do for a person with diffuse large b cell lymphoma. Thank you

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Ally,

      I think ozone saunas may be worth a try …


  4. Jon Hegarty

    Hi Paola,

    My brother has bone cancer, which originated in his knee and metastasized to his lungs. I see the quote from Bocci that he has clinically seen an irreversibility of cancer that has metastasized to the lungs/liver.

    Are you aware of any successes with bone cancer, or lung metastasis?
    Regardless, is there a protocol you'd recommend for my brother?

    Thank you. 🙂

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Jon,

      Saul Pressman used to be an ozone practitioner in Canada and his favorite ozone modality were ozone saunas. He used to run a yahoo group. There used to be quite some report from people with bone cancer who said that the ozone saunas helped them overcome the cancer. Many of those reports used to be available on a page but it has since gone off-line and is not available anymore. Which is a shame because it was a great data base with at times amazing testimonials.

      Hope this helps.


  5. Yana

    Hello Paola,

    what kind of ozone therapy would you use while treating Hodgkin´s lymphoma st.III? What dosage? How Often? Thank you very much!

    Best wishes

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Yana,

      intravenous ozone treatments and ozone saunas as primary treatments, probably.

      Hodgkin's is one of the very few types of cancer which respond well to chemo therapy. According to an Australian study, chemo was responsible for a 35% higher 5 year survival rate https://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/contribution-of-chemotherapy-to-5-year-survival.pdf.

      Although, admittedly, I personally would probably not go that route, and rather look into ozone therapy, continue a meat based, low carb diet, and try my best with ozone, cannabis oil, PEMF, and possibly fenbendazole and high dose Vitamin C.

      If you want to go the ozone route, for ozone saunas it'd be at least 3 times a week, 30 min, O2 flow at 1/2 LPM, ozone at 10 to 20 mcg/ml.

      Ozone IVs: depends what you have available in your area, but a multi-pass of 4 to 5 passes, not necessarily more, or MAH, so major autohemotherapy, or DIV, direct intravenous ozone injections, also at least 3 times a week.

      VI, vaginal insufflations, could be also a good idea, if you're thusly equipped.

      10 to 15 min daily, at 30 to 40 mcg/ml, O2 flow: 1/8 or 1/16 LPM.

      Hope this helps!


  6. Rintz

    Is. Infrared radiation involved with Ozone Saunas.Just wondering if it has a part.I just heard so many good things about these Saunas.

  7. Wm Sikes

    What are the best ozone methods for metastatic prostate cancer, other than IV? Are ozone saunas and drinking ozonated water effective? What are recommended doses and protocols. Can you overdo the ozone? What are the optimal limits, number of saunas per week, how much ozonated water to drink each time, how many times per week for how many weeks. Should their be short breaks?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Wm,

      For prostate cancer best methods would be rectal insufflations and direct ozone gas injection into the prostate.

      For metastases – it depends where they are. But any type of ozone IV would be most likely helpful. Alternatively, ozone saunas.

      Yes, I believe one can overdo ozone. I recommend to take in copious amounts of Vitamin C with intensive ozone courses, but away from the ozone.

      For therapeutical purposes it's recommended to do at least 3 times a week. Ozonated water can be ingested every day in the morning on an empty stomach, 1 to 2 glasses.

      For cancer this should be done until the cancer has been cleared completely. Unless there is no positive progress after 3 months of daily treatments.

      No need to do breaks in my opinion, as long as the above is respected.


  8. Maria k

    Hello, is it possible to learn the application of ozone through online prigrammes?

    • Mike


      What ozon method has the best result on pancreatic cancer ?

      Thank you

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Mike,

      this is not known. I don't think anyone has ever done a study looking at just this type of cancer and compared it with other ozone methods.

      But, if I was dealing with it, I would probably drink ozonated water, do ozone saunas, go on a zero sugar, zero fructose and super low vitamin A diet. So, basically eat muscle meat and black beans only …. but then, I am crazy and like to experiment on myself, so not sure anyone should take this as a recommendation.


  9. Marie

    Is there a safer way to do Ozone saunas other than with those portable made in China saunas that go up to your neck? They have been found to be made with carcinogenic material that off-gasses when heated and they are also very high in EMFs, like sitting in a microwave. I love the idea of ozone saunas but don't know how to do it safely. You don't want to breathe in the ozone as that can be dangerous to lungs, correct so putting it into a different enclosed space is not a good idea?!

    • paola d

      Hi Marie,
      I mention the hard shell saunas under the FAQ on this page: https://thepowerofozone.com///protocols/ozone-sauna/

      I doubt that the steamer pot of a small sauna emit much EMFs. You may confuse them with IFR saunas.


  10. monika

    Hello Paola,

    What ozone treatment would you do for a person with leukemia. I read in one of the reports a success with ozone sauna. My mom has leukemia and she has been doing rectal insufflation every day for about a month, and her white blood cell count is still increasing. The person in the report said that her white blood cells got worse until the third month and then they went down eventually. I wonder if you have any thoughts on what is best for a leukemia patient to do. The doctor is trying to convince her to take imbruvica but she doesn't want it as it also causes other cancers. thanks for your reply, I appreciate it

    • paola d

      Hi moniak,

      cancer is something that often requires a multi factor approach. I would first look at what else may be going on in terms of metal toxicity, and also look at diet.
      I find rectal insufflations the least effective systemic treatments when compared to intravenous applications, ozone saunas, or VI. And especially with leukemia I would not expect any significant effect when doing RI. I think it's also a good idea to consult an ozone doctor who has experience treating cancer patients.


  11. Melissa

    I have used ozone and witnessed it's effects since 1997 in US. My dad had Esophogeal Cancer and we administered IV ozone once to twice a week for 6 weeks his blood went from chocolate to bright cherry red. He proceeded to chemo and did not use it again after he began chemo. He did not drink any water, we did one direct injection into a half dollar sized tumor and it dissappeared overnight. He extended his life by about six months, but the refusal to drink water to flush his body and continued intake of mountain dew and Gatorade hindered the ozones ability to erradicate his cancer.

    I reversed my failing eyesight, no longer have MRSA outbreaks,sinus infections, muscle and ACL and miniscus tears via subdermal injections, reversed FLU ailements on my infant via ear insulfations.

    Treat puppies, dogs and cats via ear insuflation and had zero parvo or parasite ailments. If animal acted or looked frail or wormy, sick I would insulfate ear and within 24 hours they would be healthier in all aspects. Veterinarian in South Texas has grown Horse hooves back and personally healed life threatening chests ripped wide open, dissected one of her arteries and ripped open from shoulder to shoulder healed with a quarter sized scar and was 45 days in foal and carried it full term.

    Ozone can help heal a body. But if the cancer is fed sugars and water is not used to flush the toxic out, eradication will not be possible. Unfortunately big pharmacitical and doctors, governments can not patent this treatment, they would not be in business if individuals administer this on their own (which is possible with training in proper protocols). Sauna and insulfations is the safest, Direct IV protocols require medical grade O2 and proper use if machines. I personally have administered hundreds Direct IV with positive results from prolonging life to reversing ageing ailements.

    • paola d

      Hi Melissa,
      thank you very much for your very interesting posting!
      I hope many people will read it and will be inspired.

  12. Carol Willess

    If someone is taking Vitamin C via IV, is there a recommended time to wait for an Ozone Sauna Session?

    • paola d

      Hi Carol,
      it is recommended to wait several hours after Vit C before doing ozone.
      I would rather do it the other way around: first do ozone, then after one or two hours do Vit C.

  13. Patti

    Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

    • paola d

      Thank you! I appreciate it 🙂

  14. Doug

    If someone had colonrectal cancer how would they administer a hydrogen peroxide treatment?

    • paola d

      I thin H2O2 would be way too harsh.
      I would rather try Oxy-powder or Homozon. Or ozonated water enemas.

    • Jules Schindler

      I would not accept chemotherapy, but ozone therapy in Germany


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