How I learned to love ozone

It was an unsuspecting one-liner on, an ad which made some outrageous claim to the effect of “Cure cancer with $2” or something similarly ridiculous. Yet, having lost my mom to pancreatic cancer a few years prior, I was sensitized to cancer cure claims and was still looking for that one thing which would have made a difference..


My mom
Gone too soon. My Mom when she was young. She passed away when she was 49 years old of pancreatic cancer. Would have ozone saved her?
I was curious, after all it was on what I had then perceived as a prestigious publication, the Washington Post. It couldn’t be all bunk, could it?

I clicked on it and arrived at a page which went on to explain all about the wonders and miracle cures of Hydrogen Peroxide, H2O2. Something which could be bought at any pharmacy anywhere in the world for a few pennies.

I was incredulous but a lot of the claims sounded compelling or at least I didn’t have enough arguments to dismiss them. I kept scrolling down to wait for the inevitable “insert your credit card number here” button which would then charge me $5,000 or some other scandalous amount in order to reveal to me the true secret of how to cure cancer for $2.

That button did appear. But it asked me to pay $50 for a yearly subscription for a newsletter, instead of the anticipated $5,000. Yet, by the time I had arrived at the button I felt like most of the secret had been already given away. At least it was enough for me to cross reference and find out who was behind it. It turned out it was Dr. William C. Douglass, a third generation medical doctor. He had written the book “Medical Miracle”. It was available on amazon for $20.

That's how it all started: "Hydrogen Peroxide, Medical Miracle" by William C. Douglass, M.D
This is how it all started: “[easyazon_link identifier=”0962664642″ locale=”US” nf=”n” tag=”thepowerofo09-20″]Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle[/easyazon_link]” by William C. Douglass, M.D.
I decided to buy it.

I never clicked on the $50 button.

I read it and I was highly intrigued.

I went to the nearest pharmacy, bought 35% H2O2 and added around 2 cups into a full hot bath tub of water and soaked in it for 30 min.

After that one bath my arthritis which I had developed in my fingers at age 28, disappeared.

After a few more baths my outrageously stinky feet got better to the point that I started wearing the same pair of socks for 2 weeks straight without washing them. My feet just wouldn’t turn smelly anymore.

My dandruff improved dramatically. It used to be so bad that chunks of bloody skin would detach from my scalp. Previously, I had to buy a special shampoo which was so toxic I had to get a prescription from my doctor. The shampoo never helped me.

Submerging my head under water with the added H2O2 did the trick after just one bath.

I used to go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, but I would always have shortness of breath. When running on the treadmill my face would turn crimson red and I would look so tortured that I had people come up to me and ask whether everything was alright. In a notoriously impersonal country like Germany it takes strangers a lot to approach you, so that can give you an idea how bad I must have been looking.

My sister and I, on the left, in Nigeria, around 1984. I used to be the happiest kid.
My sister and I in Nigeria, around 1984. I used to be the happiest kid.
After I started the H2O2 baths, running on the treadmill turned into a pleasure. I had breath! I could go on forever it seemed. I had unlimited stamina! Wow, what a revelation.

I was in deep with this “miracle cure”, hook, line and sinker.

This was more than 12 years ago.

As amazing as H2O2 turned out to be, the book went on to say that there was something even more amazing than hydrogen peroxide: ozone.

Something even more amazing than H2O2? How could that be? I had a hard time imagining such a thing. Yet, if it existed, and the author assured me it did, I had to have it. I didn’t know how or when, but I knew I had to have it. Owning such a miraculous machine seemed like having the Ark of the Covenant at home, pure power over one’s health and consequently, over one’s life. Immunity to disease thanks to a forgotten, yet superior technology, the ability to cure cancer, every infection, every disease with this ancient yet pure molecule. The ability to remain healthy and strong until old age. Maybe to even live forever?

My imagination was going overboard.

I soon learned that there were lots of cheap water ozonators on the market which one could buy for $50 or so. But that was not the real deal. The real deal consisted of an oxygen fed medical grade ozone generator. This was the Crown Jewel. THAT’s what I needed to have.

It took me a few more years to get such a machine or what I thought back then was the best option for my budget without having to compromise too much.

Around that time, I had tried to cure a chronic pain in my lower right abdomen (doctors assured me it was not appendicitis) with a 28 days water fast and was admitted to the hospital because of a heart rate of 40 as a result of the water fast.

Goofing around at the door of "Flute", a champagne speakeasy in Gramercy Park, NYC, around 2009. My health would deteriorate dramatically shortly afterwards.
In front of “Flute”, Champagen Speakeasy, NYC, close to Gramercy Park, around 2009. My health deteriorated dramatically shortly afterwards.


I realized that something was profoundly wrong with my body. I didn’t know exactly what. I just knew that at 32 years old I was feeling like an 80 year old woman.

It would take me another 6 years to figure out that I had been slowly poisoned by a substance the toxicity of which is only overshadowed by materials like plutonium or uranium: mercury. Mercury is, after radioactive metals, the most toxic substance on the periodic table. Amalgam fillings implanted into my teeth by a dentist kept emitting one of the deadliest poisons known to men and it was slowly destroying my body.

One day before heading back to work, I set down with a friend in Union Square, my favorite place in NYC, and I told her that I felt as if something was profoundly wrong with my body without being able to put my finger on what it was exactly. I had no idea about mercury building up in me and slowly poisoning me.

What I did have by then were two things: 1) an oxygen fed ozone generator which I felt confident I could do all the therapeutical applications with, and 2) a near unshakable belief that ozone would fix whatever was wrong with me.

Consequently, I started flooding my body with electrified oxygen: I was receiving ozone injections into my joints and ozonated saline IVs at Dr. Chandler Clark’s office, then DIVs (direct ozone IVs), then I started infusing my bodily orifices with ozone: rectum, vagina, ears. I was drinking ozonated water, taking Homozon or oxy-powder and doing ozone saunas. I would spend 2 to 4 hours per day using ozone in various forms on myself.

Ozone had become my religion.

Foldable steam sauna used as an ozone sauna
A foldable sauna used for ozone steam baths. The head remains outside, so that you won't breathe ozone in.
The results were life transforming.

My mood lifted.

My mind cleared up.

The burning sensation in my esophagus I used to experience after meals would become less or disappear completely.

I had energy. Lots of energy.

My joints stopped aching.

My psoriasis which made my nails detach themselves from the nail bed and fill them with puss, retreated completely.

I stopped feeling like an 80 year old and more like a 20 year old woman – while being in my mid 30’s.

I stopped getting colds and flus. I used to have a notoriously bad immune system and used to get sick on average 4 to 5 times per year. Often, winter for me turned into one continuous, torturous sickness. After discovering ozone I would get sick for 20 min only – which was the time it took me to get to my ozone machine and start an ozone protocol. In the past 7 years I was sick only one time.

My digestion improved.

All in all, ozone proved to be a life changing experience.

One of my ozone set ups for making ozonated water with an oxygen fed ozone generator
Having been diagnosed with lyme disease by a doctor, I then felt like ozone had cured lyme and made a video declaring such. Many people contacted me over the years after watching the video.

In the years since I have also discovered shortcomings of ozone therapy.

It's not a bulletproof solution for cancer.

It can elicit a powerful Herxheimer reaction which for many profoundly sick people can be very difficult to go through.

Unlike what many doctors and practitioners declare, it will not chelate mercury. There probably doesn't exist as person who tried harder than me to reduce my mercury burden with ozone, and I failed. But it can remedy many symptoms of mercury poisoning.

The gains I had made with ozone did not hold once my toxic metal poisoning progressed. At one point one of my 4 amalgam fillings broke in two, which must have unleashed a mercury vapor volcano in my mouth. My health began to deteriorate quickly. I was overcome by a crushing fatigue and no amounts of ozone were able to lift it. In the end it was amalgam removal and subsequent Andrew Cutler chelation which addressed the underlying problems of all or most of my symptoms.

Still, what I had experienced with ozone and what I kept seeing others experience with this wonder molecule, was unmatched in its immediate and powerful impact.

Ozone is not a miracle cure, but in my opinion it's the closest to such a thing there is.

Ozone remains for me a most precious treasure and there is no greater joy for me than to share this treasure with others and see people benefit from ozone the same way I did.


Paola, February 2016

Me now. Feeling bloody awesome.

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  1. David Koon

    Greetings Paola, I have been using ozonics (new word) for many years since I discovered Ed McCabe's book. Mostly ear and rectal insuflations. Your video on Youtube caught my attention, because for years, I have tried to duplicate the “ozone sauna” I once saw in operation on Youtube, but has since been removed. This sauna used the pvc to fill and utilize small attach sprayer nozzles at various locations throughout the pvc frame. But I have always come to the stumbling block that heat, kills ozone. How do you circumvent this from happening in your ozone sauna models? I know this may be very technical, but hope you might be able to shine some light on this for me. Thanks

    Also I salute and commend you for spreading the ozone word. I also lost my mom to pancreatic cancer, which in turn started my search for a cure.

    • paola d

      Hi David,

      the heat in the sauna destroys some of the ozone, not all of it. Which you can tell when you're stepping out of it: there is so much ozone coming out of the sauna, that one needs to be careful not to breathe it in. So I wouldn't be concerned about that.


  2. Steven

    What ozone protocols are you currently doing and what have you cut out?

    • paola d

      Hi Steven,
      right now I'm investigating the effect of ALA, alpha lipoic acid, on a suspected mast cell activation syndrome.
      So, I'm taking a break from ozone.
      But usually, it's always the same: a combo of mostly VI, O3 water, DIV.


  3. blake miller

    Hi Paola! My name is Blake miller. Ive been using ozone/plasmafires for 22 years. i worked with Dr. Saul Pressman for 18 years and im now manufacturing Cold plasma ozone generators for humans and horses as well .. My unit is called the Alpha x. Chat soon
    Im in Dallas, Tx

  4. Heidi

    Can ozone affect your eyes?

    • paola d

      Yes, the Russians treat a whole range of eye conditions with ozone.
      But it needs to be done in low concentration and knowing how.
      Higher concentrations could potentially damage the eyes.

  5. roland Short

    hi Paola wot is the price of this machine

    • paola d

      Hi Roland,
      sorry, am only now seeing your message.
      Which machine do you mean?

  6. Jenna

    Thank you for your response. I have followed your ear insufflation procedure, but also see myself using many other modalities. If I want all glass, is the Longevity ext 50 any quieter? Or are you suggesting that I do not need to concern myself with the all glass bit?

    • paola d

      Just realized I have not answered your whole question. So yes, I believe the all glass part is overblown.
      The arguably best ozone generator in the world, the Zotzmann Ozon 2000, uses Al2O3 (aluminum oxide) and glass in the ozone path.
      316 stainless steel, glass, ceramic, aluminum oxide, titanium – those are all highly ozone resistant materials.

  7. Jenna Marie


    Thank you! You have helped me so much along my merry ozone way. I Purchased Paul's machine from your tip. Loved Paul, but the machine is loud indeed and quiet piercing. Are other machines along that price range as painful to the ears?

    • paola d

      Hi Jenna,
      the quietest ozone generators are the Promolife machines. That would be your next best option.
      If you feel the noise is too loud during ear insufflations, you can use an empty humidifier bottle to muzzle it.
      I describe the procedure here:

    • Peter

      Hello Paula, thank you for relaying your journey with ozone here, I went through about the same steps in the last 25 years in this adventure with mercury and ozone.. in 1993 my health was extremely bad, mentally and physically due to 20+ years of mercury from the fillings (I'm from 1959). Discovered H2O2, then went to Homozone and then bought myself in 1998 an exactly same ozone sauna.. Right now I'm developing RHP equipment as well as the best ozone sauna equipment available. We sell these Sauna's from Norway..My website is by far not up to date.. Have now since 10 years Lyme Disease and that slows things down.. only RHP seems to be able to treat that, next to Tesla Lamps, essential oils etc. Thanks for your great articles on your website!!

    • paola d

      Hi Peter,
      this sounds interesting about the RHP equipment. keep me updated on how that is going.


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