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Ozone therapy is the use of ozone/oxygen mix for curative purposes to either heal a condition or reduce its symptoms. One of the earliest mentions of ozone therapy dates back to 1885 when The Florida Medical Association published Dr. Charles J. Kenworthy’s “Ozone”.

During ozone therapy, ozone is administered at different concentrations depending on which condition is treated and depending on the type of application. Ozone is very volatile, it can’t be easily stored. It needs to be generated on site when used for ozone therapy (see also “How is ozone generated?“).

There are different ways to administer ozone:



Major Autohemotherapy (MAH): blood is extracted and mixed with ozone/oxygen outside of the body. An anti-coagulant like sodium citrate or heparin is added. The ozonated and heparinized mix is then reinfused into the patient.

GreenSmoothieGirl aka Robyn Openshaw is receiving a normobaric Major Autohemotherapy with additional UV light treatment.

Hyperbaric Major Autohemotherapy: 150 to 220 ml of blood are extracted and mixed with ozone/oxygen at a concentration of around 40 ug/ml outside of the body. An anti-coagulant like sodium citrate or heparin is added. The ozonated and heparinized blood mix is then re-infused into the patient under pressure of up to 0.9 bar. The high pressure protects red blood cells and allows for a better oxygen saturation.

1.5 ‘passes’ of the Hyperbaric Major Autohemotherapy are performed using the Zotzmann Ozon 2000. This is the same machine which Dr. Lahodny uses for the Ozone High Dose treatments.

Ozone High Dose Therapy (OHT), also known as “10 Pass” method. It has been developed by Dr. Lahodny in Austria. It consists of extracting 200 ml of blood, mixing it with 200 ml of ozone/oxygen mix at a concentration of 70 mcg/ml and re-infusing it into the patient under high pressure. This is then repeated 10 times, hence the name 10 Pass. One 10 Pass application takes around 1 to 2 hours to complete, up to 20,000 units of heparin are used, 2 liters (2,000 ml) of blood are drawn and mixed with a same amount of ozone. A total of 140,000 ug of ozone is administered during a successful 10 Pass treatment.

The video shows one pass of the hyperbaric ozone treatments. During the Ozone High Dose 10 such passes are performed at a greater pressure and using higher ozone concentrations.

Ozonated saline IV: 0.9% saline solution is ozonated and infused into the patient intravenously. This is also called “the Russian Method” since it was first developed in Nizhnyi Novgorod, Russia. Low ozone concentrations of often less than 1 ug/ml are used. around 150 to 200 ml are continuously ozonated and infused into the patient.

A video I shot while receiving ozonated saline IV at a hospital in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, where the method was invented.

Direct Ozone IV (DIV): the ozone/oxygen gas is introduced directly into the vein. Usually, 60 ml of ozone at maximum concentration of 55 ug/ml are injected. This needs to be done very slowly at around 1 ml per 30 to 60 seconds. Injections of up to 400 ml in one session have been reported without incidences. This procedure has been administered successfully on Ebola patients in Sierra Leone.

A patient of Dr. Jose Luis Gallardo receives a DIV at his practice in Queretaro, Mexico.

RHP / EBOO: RHP stands for Recirculatory Hemoperfusion, EBOO stands for Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation. Both describe the same process: blood is extracted from one side of a person’s arm, run through a type of dialysis machine where ozone is added, run through a filter, and then reinfused into the other arm. There are several clinics in Asia which offer this protocol, as do some clinics in the Ukraine.

EBOO (Extracorporeal Blood Ozonation and Oxygenation) performed on a patient at a clinic in the Ukraine. This type of RHP/EBOO also adds saline and uses a slightly lower ozone concentrations than what is used in Asia. The machine in the video is a unique invention of Prof. Eugeniy Nazarov. For a list of affordable EBOO / RHP treatment centers in Asia, please go here.


Injection of ozone gas into the joint. In the US this procedure has been made popular by Dr. Frank Shallenberger.

Dr. Bino Rucker injects ozone into the elbow and shoulder joints.


Injections of ozone into the muscle, either as pure gas or in the form of Minor Autohemotherapy: 2 to 5 ml of blood are drawn, mixed with ozone/oxygen mix and then reinjected into the muscle.

Minor Autohemotherapy: a mixture of the patient’s blood and ozone is injected into the muscle.


Used to relieve pain or for cosmetic purposes



Into wrinkles to stimulate collagen production


  • injection into a tumor for tumor dissolution


  • intraarterial injection



Introduction of ozone/oxygen gas into various body cavities:

– ear insufflations

– vaginal insufflations

– rectal insufflations

– bladder insufflations

– nasal insufflations

– Intraperitoneal insufflations

An incision is made and ozone is introduced into the peritoneum (a membrane which lines the abdominal cavity). This procedure can only be performed at a clinic.

  • ozone cupping with a funnel. It can be also be performed using a vacuum cup which is ‘sucked’ onto the skin.


  • limb bagging: this is performed to treat wounds or gangrene.



  • ozonated water enema



Water has the ability to bind ozone for a limited time. Ozonated water can be ingested to treat gastrointestinal conditions or to rinse nasal cavities or wounds. It can also be used in surgery to speed up healing and prevent infections.


Ozone is added to a sauna which allows for the person’s head to remain outside.

I demonstrate how to set up an ozone sauna at home.
A special type of sauna is the HOCATT ozone sauna: it adds carbonic acid which is supposed to enhance the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, hence making the ozone sauna more effective.
Dr. Tonya Bastress presents the HOCATT ozone sauna.

  • ozonated oil: it can be ingested, used as a suppository, or topically to treat inflammation or to promote wound healing.


  • dental use of ozone: to prevent root canals and caries


Continue with “How to protect yourself from breathing ozone?


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Hi! I’m Paola, the Crazy Ozone Lady and self-proclaimed ozone junkie. I've been using ozone on and off for 12 years and still discovering new things every day.


  1. Greg

    This is really good. It shows all the various types of ozone therapies and applications.

    • paola d

      Thank you!

  2. neil shuell

    hi can u please give places to recieve high ozone usa and otherwise

    • paola d

      Hi Neil,
      please join the Facebook group “Ozone to Health” to look at the list.

  3. mark olinyk

    The many great uses of ozone. What an awesome wonderful treatment. Thanks or posting.

  4. Eoin

    Hi Paola, Do you know anyone who is doing Major Autohemotherapy in the UK or Ireland or would Germany be the closest place to there where someone is working with this therapy? Cheers

    • paola d

      Hi Eoin,
      yes, I do know someone in London who does MAH.
      Can I email you the name and address?

    • Eoin

      Thanks Paola. I just saw this now. I found a place in Berlin so went there but I think I’d like to try EBOO RHP next for a circulation issue I have. Cheers 🙂

  5. Dominic

    Hi Paula,
    could I also get the details on the place doing Major Autohemotherapy in London ?


    • paola d

      Hi Dominic,
      I sent you an email a few days ago.
      Did you get it?

    • mcg

      I have been getting 10 pass at the Hale clinic in London. Dr. Katrin Hempel, B.H. Sc., ND, Dipl.Ac.
      Naturopathic Doctor, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Homeopath, Acupuncturist

    • paola d

      Cool. How much do you pay?

    • ilona

      Eoin, would you share where you went? I’d love to hear where in Berlin you went, and how you liked it there….thanks!

  6. Rob

    This site recommends the Cutler Protocol as well as ozone. Andy Cutler always warned mercury toxic people not to do therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen because they are oxidative catalysts that cause additional oxidative stress. Can you please explain to us what makes ozone ok for merucry poisoned people when hyperbaric is not? Thank you.

    • paola d

      Hi Rob,
      I don’t think this is correct: “Andy Cutler always warned mercury toxic people not to do therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen because they are oxidative catalysts that cause additional oxidative stress”.
      Andy warned against hyperbaric oxygen therapy especially for autistic kids since he saw many of them get worse. I don’t think he ever blamed oxidative stress caused by HBOT for that. I don’t think he ever gave an explanation for why they would regress, it was just an observation he made. Given that during HBOT therapy there are 2 things going on: the pressure AND the breathing of oxygen, one can’t actually say that it is the oxygen part which causes the problems, and Andy never specified that. It is entirely possible that it is just the pressure part itself.

      Some people who are experts on HBOT actually pointed out that there are different ways to perform HBOT: with 100% pure oxygen (which is much more expensive and the preferred “real” HBOT) or with lower concentrations of oxygen. They said that the adverse reactions occur predominantly during the HBOTs which try to cut corners with the oxygen. I personally don’t know. I have never investigated that issue in such a depth. And neither has Andy as it seems.

      “Can you please explain to us what makes ozone ok for merucry poisoned people when hyperbaric is not?” – Because many mercury toxic people benefit greatly from ozone therapy, yours truly included.

      Andy was asked about ozone therapy a number of times, also in the group “Andy Cutler chelation support group” on Facebook where you should be able to still find his quotes. He said that ozone therapy during chelation and in general was fine.

      During personal conversations with me, it became clear that he was well aware that ozone does not increase oxidation in the body, it actually stimulates antioxidant activity. So it fights oxidative stress.

      Hope this clears it up.

  7. Cilla

    Hi Paola

    Can ozone penetrate the mucous/slime that surrounds a tumour? My understanding is that the tumour creates mucous to protect itself (to the extent that many chemo drugs can’t get through it), but can the ozone get through to attack the tumour? I have a tumour that started in the colon but has grown through to the uterus, so I am doing RI and VI, and am hoping that some ozone can get through the slime to the tumour in both places!

    • paola d

      Hi Cilla,

      I didn’t know tumors were surrounded by mucous …
      What I do know is that there is a whole number of ozone doctors who claim to see results in cancer patients when treating them with ozone.
      There is one video on Youtube of Dr. Frank Shallenberger where he says that when the tumor is directly exposed to the ozone that that’s when one sees the best outcomes. For example in intestinal tumors who are treated with rectal insufflations, since the tumor is directly exposed to the gas.


    • Cilla

      Thank you Paola – I just have to hope that the ozone can get through the mucous.

      Do you know the name of the video? There are pages of them on YouTube all featuring Dr Frank Shallenberger.

  8. Peter

    Hi Paola,

    Do you know if ozone treatment can help to cure MND (motor neuron disease) or is that impossible.

    • paola d

      Hi Peter,
      I don’t recall anyone saying that they cured MND with ozone, which doesn’t mean there aren’t such cases, I don’t know.
      I think it depends on what the cause is. If it’s due to inflammation or an infection, ozone may help.
      If it’s due to metal toxicity, I suggest Andrew Cutler Chelation.
      If it’s due to structural problems, I suggest seeing a neurosurgeon or chiropractor.



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