Oxalates and Ozone – An Introduction

Oxalates and Ozone – An Introduction

Around three months ago, I was so sick I thought I would kick the bucket. Check out. Go belly up.  Things were baaaad. I couldn't think, walk, or drive. I was lying in bed all day. I couldn't function. Within 2 months I had lost 26 pounds. Something was destroying my...

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In a battle between Ozone and the Ebola Virus - who wins? Instant spoiler alert: We don't know. [Update December 2015: In 2015 Dr. Rowen, Dr. Robins, Dr. Carew, Dr. Kamara and Mohamed Ibrahim Jalloh published a paper describing 5 cases of patients who had developed...

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Hi! I’m Paola, the Crazy Ozone Lady and self-proclaimed ozone junkie. I've been using ozone on and off for 12 years and still discovering new things every day.

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