Can Ozone Therapy Cause Air Hunger?

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Some people who undergo ozone therapy start experiencing the disturbing sensation of air hunger. This is the feeling of not being able to breathe and some take it as evidence that ozone therapy is feeding Babesia infections. Is this what's going on or are other factors at play? And how often does this happen?

Yes, it has been observed that in rare cases ozone therapy can cause the sensation of “air hunger”. The reason for this has never been researched in a scientific manner, but there are different possible explanations: it could be a reaction to heparin, a Herxheimer response when clearing an infection, or because of an underlying structural problem.

How could ozone therapy have influence on a structural problem and what is heparin?

Let's investigate:

Can heparin cause the sensation of air hunger?

Heparin is a drug which in most cases is very well tolerated, but it comes with a long collection of side-effects which most doctors are not aware of, as I have reported in the past.

It is often used in ozone therapy, especially whenever a so called “blood ozone” treatment is performed, so for example Major Autohemotherapy or the 10 Pass.

Heparin is an anticoagulant which means it prevents the blood from clotting and makes blood ozone procedures possible. 

One of the long collection of adverse reactions are various respiratory problems, like “shortness of breath” or “trouble with breathing”. [1]

rare side effects heparin

The above are just the rare side effects, you can find a complete list here.

The explanation why heparin would trigger symptoms which are often observed in asthma and allergies could be because it is believed to contain histamine [3]. Which is not surprising, given that it's an animal product made from pig parts [2]. 

Patients with histamine intolerance, or MCAS, mast cell activation syndrome, should be made aware of this.

So, yes breathing difficulties after heparin administration are known side-effects. 

But this is not the only possible explanation for the occurrence of air hunger after ozone treatments. 

Can air hunger be an ozone induced Herxheimer reaction?

Toxins produced by bacteria after they die can create a range of uncomfortable symptoms which often resemble the disease they caused. This process is called a Herxheimer reaction, or a healing crisis. [4]

Ozone is known to produce such a response.

During a healing crisis symptoms of the given condition can spike temporarily until the infection is cleared.

Which means that any type of respiratory problem like bronchitis, lung infection, or asthma could also produce air hunger during the elimination of that medical problem. 

This is one possible explanation for the occurrence of this symptom after an ozone treatment.

Melissa Ami appears to have experienced a textbook ozone induced Herxheimer reaction.

She has been diagnosed with Mycoplasma pneumonia, a lung infection.

During the first three Major Autohemotherapy ozone therapy sessions, she reports that she was experiencing that specific sensation of shortness of breath.

This was accompanied by a cough which produced mucous.

Once that cleared, her lungs healed up completely.

Melissa air hunger vanished copy

(Shared with permission.)

Given that air hunger is also a typical symptom of Babesia infections [20], it is possible that shortness of breath will temporarily increase while ozone is clearing the bacteria from the system .

Can air hunger be caused by structural problems?

Structural problems are a widely overlooked reason for chronic health conditions.

Some of them can cause breathing problems. 

Shortness of breath has been observed in people with spine problems. [9] [10]

Especially, problems with the neck vertebrae are known to produce lung symptoms, as can be observed in people with atlantoaxial instability [11] or craniocervical instability [12] but also with disc hernias.

A bulging disc in the C3-C5 section can impinge on the phrenic nerve which is responsible for the proper function of the diaphragm. [8]

But also lower level cervical discs can have an impact on lung function. [7]

One of Jennifer Brea's most disturbing symptoms was the cessation of breathing whenever she lied down her head. [13]

This resolved after she underwent spinal fusion surgery.

Jeffrey Wood had a similar issue. [14] He was also diagnosed with an instability of the top vertebrae and he says that one of his symptoms was the sensation that his body seemed to “forget to breathe” whenever his head was in a certain position.

Jeff's breathing problems stopped after a successful surgery.

Why would cervical instabilities cause the feeling of not being able to catch a breath?

Because the part of our brain which controls breathing, the brain stem, sits at the bottom of the skull, just where the neck starts.

If the lungs have been found to be healthy, it can make sense to look for structural problems as the underlying cause for air hunger, especially if they are accompanied by symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, brain fog, inability to think, strange crawling or tingling sensations in the arms, hands, tinnitus,  headaches, and neck pain.

Could ozone therapy fix them?


My own experience with cervical instabilities has sensitized me to the issue of ozone therapy's possible impact on structural problems. 

How could ozone therapy have an impact on structural problems?

A possible effect of ozone therapy on spinal instabilities has never been researched as far as I know, so everything you read here are just my speculations based on my own experience and anecdotal observations.

Here is what may be happening when ozone therapy is used on spinal instabilities: I believe ozone may lead to a relaxation of muscles.

Why is this significant for people with spinal instabilities? Because whenever there is looseness in the spine, the body tries to compensate by contracting muscles in that area to re-establish stability. [15]

Relaxing muscles with the help of ozone treatments could make symptoms of spinal instabilities worse, including the sensation of air hunger.

I have experienced this from doing ear and vaginal insufflations, even more so during ozone saunas, but also after taking magnesium, an effective muscle relaxant.

But, it gets a bit more complicated, since in some people the painfully contracted muscles can actually benefit from the relaxing effect of ozone. 

In such a case, the impingement on critical neurological areas which produce the air hunger will be lessened and the person feels better after an ozone treatment.

This could explain why ozone therapy appears to make symptoms of structural problems sometimes better, and sometimes worse.

Many foods which are regarded as healthy contain many oxalates. Carrots, beets, char, spinach, nuts, rhubarb, and many more, contain a high amount of those tiny crystals. They are deposited in joints and cause calcifications which can cause painful structural problems. 

Other possible factors: oxalates and tick born infections

Oxalates are tiny crystals which we take in through foods and which can damage our joints and ligaments and lead to calcifications. [16]

I speculate that ozone therapy is able to help purge oxalates. This movement of the crystals could be causing a spike in structurally induced symptoms.

Another possibility are infections as the underlying cause for structural instabilities. 

We know that atlantoaxial subluxations in children can be caused by certain respiratory infections. [17]

Tubercullosis is known to cause deterioration of the cervical vertebrae and consequently instabilities in that area. [18]

The same is true for Brucellosis. [19].

Are there other pathogens which can lead to damage of the vertebrae or the ligaments in the neck that we don't know about?

Maybe Babesia, Lyme, and Bartonella can cause a similar structural damage? Neck pain is a known symptom observed in Lyme disease patients and many symptoms which are ascribed to tick born infections match those of cervical instabilities. [21]

Have you ever experienced symptoms like air hunger, dizziness, neck or head pain, strange crawling sensations in your body? Let me know in the comments below.



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The way ozone therapy is used these days, it's often doomed to fail. Let me help you out figure out what is the right and what is the wrong approach for your situation. 

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  1. Rae wright

    HI there, I have just recently stared with rectal ozone vaginal ozone and bubbling. I got sick in the stomach and went steadily with the water especially, I also did a 48hr fast and It cleared up. Though after 10 days I still or even more, feel dizzy, off balance, a headache, with some memory loss and inability to concentrate. I don't know If theses things could have been brought on by an experience that I believe to have happened when I started to feel bad, and that is called ‘shedding' -being in contact with someone that just got vaccinated, which was the day before I started with the Ozone. I don't know what to do. If I should continue with ozone or not? The vaccine's bad elements may travel more freely with hydrogen.I'd love to hear your perspective.

  2. Barry

    How much is your spine surgery going to cost, that you are raising money for ? Are you a citizen of the USA ? If you are a US citizen then US Social Security will pay for the surgery, and that is only if you correctly fill out and correctly submit the long application form which is best done by an experienced attorney who knows how to do it correctly.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Barry,

      thank you for your concern, but I am not a US citizen, and I talked to my local insurance several times and no, they would not cover the costs. They would, under circumstances, refund me the cost after the surgery, which still means that I have to pay it upfront first.

      But it's possible that they would also refuse to refund me the costs if I do not show sufficiently convincing evidence from local doctors that the surgery is needed.


    • Barry

      I hope that you have tried contacting all of the many popular ozone therapy medical doctors such as Dr Rowen, to get their advice about your spine problem and also about any recommendations from them about your medical insurance problem. If you have not tried contacting them, then you might simply ask if they can tell you anything about your spine situation that you are not aware of. Once I emailed the secretary of Dr Rowen with a quick question to Dr Rowen, and the secretary came back with an answer from him.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Barry,

      I'm myself an ozone practitioner.
      I've been doing ozone for over 10 years and, not sure you've noticed, but I am a big believer in it.
      My spinal problems is not an issue which can be fixed with ozone. So there is no reason for me to see Dr. Rowen since he's neither a neurosurgeon nor an orthopedist.
      I have consulted a number of specialists on the subject, and flew twice to a different country to find answers to my problems.
      If you'd like to help, feel free to donate to my cause:


    • Barry

      Regarding dealing with insurance, it can be very helpful to consult a good attorney for advice because sometimes an attorney may know magic secrets that the insurance companies will not tell you, as I have had this experience. I know that Ozone therapy will not help your spine, but Dr Rowen and other doctors have a lot of experience with ideas that may be surprisingly helpful to you.

  3. Graham

    I get plenty of crawling sensations. I've been researching UVBI (Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation) recently. I know it's off topic but have you tried this, and/or do you know anyone in Europe who does this, it apparently works very well for any kinds of bacterial infections.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Graham,

      I do not know anyone in Europe who does it. It may be that there are practitioners, but unfortunately no one I can think of off the top of my head right now.


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