How To Chelate With The Andrew Cutler Protocol

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1. The Andrew Cutler Protocol – Overview

IMPORTANT: Chelation can be performed only after ALL amalgam fillings and all other mercury sources have been removed. Chelating with amalgam leftovers can result in a mobilization and redistribution of mercury into the Central Nervous System. Please, ask your dentist for bite-wing x-rays to verify that you are truly amalgam free. 

Chelating with the Andrew Cutler Protocol involves the following three chelators:

  • ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid), half life: 3 hours
  • DMSA (Dimercaptosuccunic acid), half life: 3 to 4 hours 
  • DMPS (Dimercaptopropane sulfonic acid), half life: 6 to 8 hours

DMSA and DMPS are prescription medications in many countries, which requires the consultation of a medical doctor. Please make sure you comply with your country's laws before you start using these substances.

During the Andrew Cutler Chelation the chelators are taken in rounds of at least 63 hours in low oral dosages according to their half lives. After each round there is a break of at least three days. 

What this means in practice is described in detail on this page.

Starting dosages range between 3 and 20 mg.

A successful chelation can take 100 to 300 rounds, or 1 to 5 years. 

Table 1: Example of the constant succession of rounds and breaks during the Andrew Cutler program. 

ROUND 1 BREAK ROUND 2 BREAK  and so on … 
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3  


2. Chelating with DMSA

The purpose of DMSA is to lower mercury levels in the blood. In this way, it prepares the body for chelation with Alpha Lipoic Acid, which is the most important chelator.

DMSA is used during the first 3 months after the last mercury exposure, which in most cases is amalgam removal.  

Chelating with DMSA: things to remember

  • DMSA will clear mercury only out of the blood and the extracellular fluid. It cannot chelate mercury out of the brain or other organs.
  • DMSA can be taken 4 days after mercury exposure has ended. For example: If you had your amalgams removed on May 1st, you can start using DMSA on May 5th.
  • DMSA chelates mercury and lead.
  • DMSA can lower neutrophils which can lead to a flare-up of candida.
  • DMSA has a half life of 3 to 4 hours.

Chelating with DMSA: What it looks like in practice. 

You pick one dosage and stick to that dosage over the entire round. You select either a 3-hour or 4-hour interval. If you choose 3-hour intervals, then a DMSA round looks just like an ALA round (see table 5 or 6 below).

Table 2: Example of a round with DMSA with 4-hour intervals:




12 am 12 am 12 am
4 am 4 am 4 am
8 am 8 am 8 am
12 pm 12 pm 12 pm
4 pm 4 pm 4 pm
8 pm 8 pm 8 pm

A 72 hours round with 4 hours intervals consists of 18 dosages. 72 hours / 4 hours intervals = 18. You can start a round at any random time. What is important that the intervals in between single dosages are always the same. 


3. Chelating with DMPS

The purpose of DMPS is to lower mercury levels in the blood. It prepares the body for chelation with Alpha Lipoic Acid, which is the most important chelator. 

DMPS is used during the first 3 months after the last mercury exposure has ended, which in most cases is amalgam removal.  

Chelating with DMPS: things to remember

  • DMPS works very similarly to DMSA.
  • According to Dr. Cutler, DMPS is not significantly more effective than DMSA, but most people tolerate it better than DMSA.
  • DMPS will clear mercury only out of the blood and the extracellular fluid. It cannot chelate mercury out of the brain or organs.
  • DMPS can be taken 4 days after mercury exposure has ended. In other words, if you had your amalgams removed on May 1st, you can start using DMPS on May 5th.
  • Some people develop allergic reactions to the drug, which show up as rashes.
  • DMPS is considerably more expensive than DMSA.
  • DMPS chelates mercury and arsenic.
  • DMPS has a half life of 6 to 8 hours.

Chelating with DMPS: What it looks like in practice.

You pick one interval and dosage and stick to that interval over the entire round. So if you pick a 6-hour interval, you should keep that until the end of the round. Same if you pick a 8-hour interval. Do not change dosages mid-round. 

Table 3: Example of a round with DMPS with 6-hour intervals. 




12 am 12 am 12 am
6 am 6 am 6 am
12 pm 12 pm 12 pm
6 pm 6 pm 6 pm

A 72 hours round with 6 hours intervals consists of 12 dosages. 72 hours / 6 hours intervals = 12. You can start a round at any random time. What is important that the intervals in between single dosages are always the same. 


Table 4: Example of a round with DMPS with 8-hour intervals. 




12 am 12 am 12 am
8 am 8 am 8 am
4 pm 4 pm 4 pm

A 72 hours round with 6 hours intervals consists of 9 dosages. 72 hours / 8 hours intervals = 9. You can start a round at any random time. What is important that the intervals in between single dosages are always the same. 


4. Chelating with ALA

Alpha Lipoic Acid is the most important chelator.

One can successfully chelate mercury with ALA alone. DMSA and DMPS are optional. 

It's the only one of the three agents which is able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and pull the mercury out of your Central Nervous System (CNS) and from the inside of your organs. You start chelating with ALA three months after the last mercury exposure.

Example: if you had your amalgams removed on Feb 1st, the earliest you can start chelating with ALA is May 1st. 

Chelating with ALA: things to remember

  • ALA chelates mercury and arsenic.
  • ALA has a half-life of 3 hours. This means that it must be taken every 3 hours, DAY and NIGHT.  During the night, it's possible to extend the intervals twice to 4 hours since the metabolism slows down when we sleep. During the day, you have to go back to 3-hour intervals.

Chelating with ALA: What does it look like in practice?

You pick one dosage and keep that same dosage over the duration of the entire round. A round consists of minimum 63 hours. 

Table 5: An example of a 63-hour round with ALA.





  12 am 12 am 12 am
  3 am 3 am 3 am
  6 am 6 am 6 am
  9 am 9 am  
  12 pm 12 pm  
  3 pm 3 pm  
6 pm 6 pm 6 pm  
9 pm 9 pm 9 pm  

A 63 hours round with 3 hours intervals consists of 21 dosages. 63 hours / 3 hours intervals = 21. This example is ideal for people who work during the week or go to school. A 63 hours round as displayed above allows to start a round on Friday evening and finish Monday morning. 


In this article I mostly choose 72-hour rounds simply because a) longer rounds are in general preferable to shorter ones; and b) if you want to always alternate 3 days on and 3 days off, then 72-hour rounds and 72-hour breaks make for a simple and clear schedule.

Table 6: An example of a 72-hour round with ALA. 




 12 am 12 am 12 am
 3 am 3 am 3 am
 6 am 6 am 6 am
 9 am 9 am 9 am
 12 pm 12 pm 12 pm
 3 pm 3 pm 3 pm
6 pm 6 pm 6 pm
9 pm 9 pm 9 pm

A 72-hour round consists of 24 dosages, or 8 per day: 72 hours / 3 hours intervals = 24 dosages.


5. Chelating with DMSA and ALA

The usual course of action is that people first get their amalgams removed, then chelate with DMSA or DMPS for 3 months to lower mercury blood levels, and after that add ALA
But: If three or more than three months have passed since your last mercury exposure (in most cases in the form of amalgam fillings), you can start chelating with the combination of DMSA and ALA right away
Example: If you had your amalgam fillings removed two years ago but you are learning about this protocol only now, you don't have to chelate with DMSA first. You can immediately start with a combination of DMSA and ALA or ALA alone. 
Practically speaking, in such a case it makes more sense to first start with just ALA to gauge one's reaction and to see if there is a reaction at all. Then, once you have found a manageable amount of ALA for you, you can add DMSA at the same or half the dosage.
The ratio of ALA and DMSA is not very important for the success of the program. Ratios of around 1:1, 2:1 or 1:2 are common. 
When DMSA and ALA are combined, you choose the half-life of 3 hours. That way, both compounds are taken together at the same time.

Table 7: An example of a 72-hour round with DMSA and ALA. 




 12 am – DMSA and ALA 12 am – DMSA and ALA 12 am – DMSA and ALA
 3 am – DMSA and ALA 3 am – DMSA and ALA 3 am – DMSA and ALA
 6 am – DMSA and ALA 6 am – DMSA and ALA 6 am – DMSA and ALA
 9 am – DMSA and ALA 9 am – DMSA and ALA 9 am – DMSA and ALA
 12 pm – DMSA and ALA 12 pm – DMSA and ALA 12 pm – DMSA and ALA
 3 pm – DMSA and ALA 3 pm – DMSA and ALA 3 pm – DMSA and ALA
6 pm – DMSA and ALA 6 pm – DMSA and ALA 6 pm – DMSA and ALA
9 pm – DMSA and ALA 9 pm – DMSA and ALA 9 pm – DMSA and ALA

A 72-hour round consists of 24 dosages, or 8 per day: 72 hours / 3 hours intervals = 24 dosages. The exact starting time is irrelevant, it can be also 1:34 pm on any day of the week. What is important is the constant intervals of 3 hours between the single dosages. 


6. Chelating with DMPS and ALA

The usual course of action is that people first get their amalgams removed, then chelate with DMSA or DMPS for 3 months to lower mercury blood levels, and after that add ALA
But: If three or more than three months have passed since your last mercury exposure (in most cases in the form of amalgam fillings), you can start chelating with the combination of DMPS and ALA right away
Example: if you had your amalgam fillings removed two years ago, but you are learning about this protocol only now, you don't have to chelate with DMPS first. You can immediately start with a combination of DMPS and ALA or ALA alone. 
Practically speaking, in such a case it makes more sense to first start with just ALA to gauge one's reaction and to see if there is a reaction at all. Then, once you have a manageable dosage of ALA, you can add DMPS at the same or half the dosage.
The ratio of ALA and DMPS is not very important for the success of the program. Ratios of around 1:1, 2:1 or 1:2 are common. 
When DMPS and ALA are combined, ALA is taken every 3 hours and DMPS every 6 hours.

Table 8: An example of a 72-hour round with DMPS and ALA.




12 am – ALA 12 am – ALA 12 am – ALA
  3 am – DMPS and ALA   3 am – DMPS and ALA   3 am – DMPS and ALA
  6 am – ALA   6 am – ALA   6 am – ALA
  9 am – DMPS and ALA   9 am – DMPS and ALA   9 am – DMPS and ALA
12 pm – ALA 12 pm – ALA 12 pm – ALA
  3 pm – DMPS and ALA   3 pm – DMPS and ALA   3 pm – DMPS and ALA
  6 pm – ALA   6 pm – ALA   6 pm – ALA
  9 pm – DMPS and ALA   9 pm – DMPS and ALA   9 pm – DMPS and ALA

A 72-hour round consists of 24 ALA dosages and 12 DMPS dosages. ALA is taken every 3 hours, DMPS is taken every 6 hours. The exact starting time is irrelevant, it can be also 2:14 am on any day of the week. What is important are the constant intervals of 3 hours and 6 hours. 


7. Choosing and increasing dosages

A recommended starting dosage is 3 mg to 20 mg. Some may need to go as low as 1 mg. Others can start with more than 20 mg.
Mercury chelation results in the controlled mobilisation of one of the most dangerous neurotoxins known to men. As a consequence symptoms can worsen or new symptoms can emerge during the protocol.
Dosages of the chelators are chosen in a way that symptoms during chelation remain manageable. You should be able to perform daily tasks while on round. If you feel unable to function, your dosage is too high.
In such a case, abort the round, wait at least 3 days and then start a new round at a lower dosage.
Alternatively, one can shorten the interval between the dosages. This often results in a more comfortable chelation experience.
Example: instead of taking ALA every 3 hours, you can take it every 2.5 hours.
Shorter intervals are allowed, longer ones are not (except twice at night).
At the beginning one should proceed with caution. The goal is to find the dosage where there is a reaction but it is tolerable. Until that dosage is found, one can increase by doubling the amount with each round.
Never change the dosage mid-round. Always wait for a new round to start on a higher (or lower) amount.
Once you have found the initial dosage for you, you stay there for several months before increasing by maximum 50%.
Round 1: 3 mg ALA.
No reaction. Neither on or off round.
Round 2: 6 mg ALA
No reaction. Neither on or off round.
Round 3: 12 mg ALA
No reaction. Neither on or off round.
Round 4: 25 mg ALA.
A distinct but still manageable reaction: improved fatigue on day 1, worse on day 2 on round. Pronounced irritability during the break.
Stay on the same dosage, 25 mg ALA, during rounds 5 to 12.
On round 12 there is as good as no discernible reaction in symptoms.
Round 13: 38 mg ALA (25 mg + 50% = 38 mg)
Again, there is a distinct but manageable reaction.
Continue doing rounds with 38 mg until there are no more reactions. Then increase again by maximum 50%.
Repeat this process again and again until you reach the maximum dosage of 3 mg of ALA per kg of body weight. So if you weigh 60 kg, your maximum dosage is 180 mg ALA.
It can take several years to reach one's maximum dosage. 

8. Dump Phase

The dump phase is a time period during mercury chelation when there is either no improvement or even a worsening of symptoms. It sets in around 2 to 4 months after starting chelation (or after amalgam removal). It shows its peak at around 6 to 9 months into chelation and can last several months.
Once the dump phase has passed, you'll find that with continued chelation there will be a consistent improvement of your symptoms. The dump phase is only observed during mercury chelation. No other toxic metal shows this pattern.
It's recommended that you chelate through the dump phase. Most people decide to reduce their chelator dosage during that time. 

This is an approximate illustration of what I went through during the first months of chelation. I started the AC program in September 2013, experienced an improvement in symptoms during the first 2 to 3 months, after which progress seemed to have stalled. By March/April 2014 I was doing very poorly with new, troubling symptoms setting in. I was feeling so bad that I had stopped chelating during that time. This was, unbeknownst to me at that time, the peak of the dump phase. Dr. Cutler maintains that the dump phase is something that most people go through while detoxing mercury


9. Supplements

Dr. Andrew Cutler called the following supplements the “Core Four”. They are the most important supplements to take during chelation. Minerals and vitamins speed up recovery and allow the body to fix the damage mercury has caused.

1. Vitamin C*, 2 to 5 grams per day. Or more if bowel tolerance allows.

2. Magnesium, up to 1,000 mg per day. Take it in smaller dosages of 150 to 200 mg with meals and before bed time.

3. Zinc, 25 to 50 mg per day

4. Vitamin E, up to 1,000 IE per day.

* A word of caution about Vitamin C. This is a personal note of mine and is a strict deviation from the Cutler protocol. I have successfully chelated without supplementing with Vitamin C (or zinc or Vitamin E). The reason I did that was because I reacted badly to it and to most other supplements. As I later found out this was due to oxalates. Dr. Cutler maintains that the idea of oxalates causing problems is nonsense. After visits to ER and numerous doctors, I had to find out that he was dead wrong about it. Vitamin C can convert to oxalates in the body. If there are significant oxalate stores present, taking Vitamin C in large dosages can be highly detrimental to one's health, even without kidney problems.  

There are also many other supplements which are recommended. The most popular ones are Adrenal Cortex and B Vitamins. According to Dr. Cutler anything that will lessen symptoms and make chelation more bearable should be taken. This includes pharmaceuticals and even psychotropic drugs.


10. My experience with the Andrew Cutler Chelation

From September 2013 until February 2018, I chelated with the Andrew Cutler protocol in order to remedy a chronic mercury poisoning. Except for a 1.5 month break in March/April 2014, I chelated continuously during that time, only taking the minimum 3-day breaks in between rounds. 

During that period I have performed over 211 rounds from 3 days to 78 days in length. I have reached dosages of up to 400 mg ALA. In order to be officially finished, I would need to chelate for another 30 days. But I consider myself as basically being mercury-free at this point.

At the end of 2014 I have completed a one-on-one online / phone course with Dr. Andrew Cutler.  After having successfully passed the exam, I was issued a certificate.

This, plus my 4 year ACC experience, makes me a certified Cutler expert. 

11. What does mercury chelation have to do with ozone therapy? 

Why am I writing about chelation at all here? Isn't this an ozone website?

I am of the opinion that a large number of people who do ozone treatments for infections like Lyme or inflammatory conditions like MS, really may be dealing with a misdiagnosed mercury poisoning. Ozone is not able to remove mercury. 

Unless mercury is detoxed properly, antibiotics or even ozone therapy, may not work as intended.

Hence, getting rid of this most insidious of toxins is of paramount importance on the way to health.

Although I had to find out that Andrew Cutler was wrong about a number of things, the most important one being oxalates (more on that in a future article), I do believe that when it comes to mercury removal his approach is the only scientifically sound and is the safest way to remove the toxic metal from deep stores like brain, liver, or adrenals.


Recommended reading: “Amalgam Illness”, Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD


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  1. Alex

    Hi Paola,

    Thanks for posting the protocol info in such a clear way. I'm planning to start the ALA-only protocol. But I'm confused about a statement you made above, in 2023, when answering another commenter: “I have chelated nearly 5 years, only to find out that it did as good as nothing or very little for me.” This seems to contradict the graph where you showed how bad you felt initially and, later, after the dump, how much less bad you felt. Can you please clarify this?

  2. Fanda

    Comment *Hello, thank you for your feedback. I would like to ask you a few questions please…is it possible to use only cilantro, with chlorella and wild garlic? as Dr. Klinghard or Dr. Georgiou who invented HMD tm (heavy metal detox tincture) does, he has a study where it was found that it is a safe process, so far we are before the amalgam remediation, so I only use chlorella and wild garlic, after the remediation I will try coriander, don't you know I'm asking for studies that support Andy Cutler's protocol, or do you know any people who have been cured, because I'm not sure if Andy Cutler's protocol is credible enough… please let me know, thank you František Mánek

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Fanda,

      It is not possible to chelate anything with either cilantro, chlorella or garlic, as far as I know.
      You CAN make yourself much sicker, especially from cilantro and chlorella.
      This has likely to do with the extreme amounts of vitamin A and copper in chlorella and elevated amounts of vit A in cilantro, not with any assumed mercury redistribution.
      There are no studies that support the idea that chlorella or cilantro detox any metals in chronic poisonings. There are only studies that show that the absorption of new metals is limited with chlorella. But this is likely true for any plant material, but it is mostly irrelevant for people who are dealing with chronic metal poisonings.
      You may also want to look up this case of two men who became bedridden after following the chlorella heavy Klinghardt protocol:

      I doubt that there are any studies that show the efficacy of the Cutler protocol. Who would be funding such a study? A clinical trial runs at hundreds of million of dollars right now. Who would be financing this? Producers of alpha lipoic acid that costs $30 a bottle on amazon? I dont' think so …

      I also moved away from the Cutler protocol, so I am not really interested in that area that much anymore.


  3. František Mánkek

    Hello, is it possible to use only ALA? The initial dosage is 3-20mg is it meant as 3-20mg per 1 kilo of body weight? How is it taken before or with food please? Thank you in advance for your reply, František mánek Czech Republic

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Frantisek,

      no, it is meant as single dosages of 3 to 20 mg.

      NOT per kg of body weight.

      It doesn't matter whether you take it with or without food, according to Dr. Cutler.


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      But yes, you can use only ALA.

  4. Ginny

    Thank you for this vital information on chelation. I have a concern for dosing. Is it possible to do skip the dosages at night for a child? I wanted to know if the dosage for a child could be skipped through the night because possibility of child not going back to sleep. Also, do you know if chelation will cause moodiness in a child?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Ginny,

      according to the cutler protocol, you can't skip the nightly dosages. Doesn't matter whether it's a child or adult.

      Yes, moodiness can be one of the side effects.


  5. Dianne Augustine

    Fellow ozone user of five years. I found this video about a research article regarding the use of Natto – Japanese fermented organic soy beans to destroy the spike proteins of Covid.

  6. CandaceG

    Hello there Paola!
    I am new to your channel on YouTube and have just splurged on a home ozone machine when my 3 year old had an oxygen of 91 and needed antibiotics, prednisone, cough syrup, and more that they put in him. Heart breaking for this all natural mama! It has yet to arrive so I am doing all I can to learn. I bought the ozone stethoscope. Is that the best application for children? Ozonated water too? More ideas would be greatly appreciated!
    Another question I had, what type of probiotics do you use? I am also carnivore and have been for almost two years now. With the inclusion of ozone, I know I’ll need to up my probiotic game. But not sure what to choose from all the crap being sold. Criminal!
    Is ozone an effective way to detox from all the constant chem trails, shedding, EMF, etc. we are exposed to on the regular? SO many questions! I bought your book all about home ozone and am making my way through it. Also got the DIV one too! I am excited to do all the things ozone because I have had long covid for over THREE YEARS! I am about to turn 40 have four children, am praying for number five, and have felt like crap for over three years after I had covid in March of 2020.
    While I was pregnant with number four I had a few blood ozone sessions – I forget what those. Called at the moment. My baby is the cheeriest baby of all the my children!
    The cost was too much to continue. I am hoping to splurge on the sauna next but my husband about freaked when I secretly bought the ozone generator… not so much a secret because we have the same bank accounts – but when he saw it… you can imagine his surprise and then the talk that ensued about managing our finances. Anyway. I feel like we are friends because I’ve been devouring your content so forgive my chattiness. A few last questions. How long do different oxygen tanks last? I know it depends on the usage but a ballpark time frame would be great. Oh! And if I wanted to store up some oxygen tanks in case the poo hits the fan, how long do the last in storage?
    And finally, about chelation, which I am sure I need due to Mercury fillings as a child. They got removed many years ago but I know a detox from them is in order. I cannot find a source for Rx for the two that start with the D (bad brain fog here, sorry!). Is it possible to chelate using just the ALA (is that what it was called?)?
    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration of these questions. Lord bless you!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Candace,

      thank you for watching and reading my stuff.

      As to your questions:

      – I currently don't take any probiotics. It's not something I am concerned about … I also switched to a meat and beans diet … but now am back to full carnivory since a week ago or so …

      – What the best application is for children: Apologies, but this is a too tricky (legally) subject, for me to offer any advice. Plus, I don't have much experience in that regard, either. All I can say is that children of all ages (even babies) have and are being treated with various forms of ozone therapy …

      – I think it's a good idea to add bile binders like beans, psyllium husk, apple pectin, sunfiber (PHGG), zeolite, activated charcoal, or bentonite clay to your ozone regimen. Since most toxins we are exposed to are metabolized in the liver and since the liver detoxes via bile, it would make sense to bind it so that it can be excreted safely instead of re-absorbed

      – I hope your prayers will be answered and that you will have more children.

      – How long oxygen tanks last depends on the size of the tank and how much ozone and what ozone treatments you will do. A 20 CF tank will likely last you 2 months if you use it for an hour each day at a flow of 1/8 LPM.

      – Officially, an oxygen tank should be kept maximum 10 years, I believe. Personally, I think it's indefinite … The oxygen won't go bad, I don't think, it's just that the valve of the tank may need to be inspected.

      – Yes, you can chelate using just the ALA, the others are called DMSA and DMPS, but they are not absolutely necessary.

      Sorry for the belated reply.

      Was dealing with some health issues again.


  7. Nike

    Hello Paola,

    I did an OATS test for my son. In addition to having high mold/yeast levels, he has very high oxalate level also. We are in the process of starting acc with him. Do you advice we hold of on vit e, zinc and vit c because of those high levels?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Nike,

      I am not an expert when it comes to interpreting the OATS test, so I don't see this as a reason to stop those supplements based on that.
      Zinc and Vit C are both good for the immune system. So I don't see mold as a justification to stop those?
      Vit E could be problematic with liver problems, from what I understand, so cutting it out may make sense …


  8. Valeria

    Hi! In April I will have been chelating for a whole year, which makes 50 rounds without interruption (only the three days off between the rounds). I did my homework well, I read Cutler´s books and I started chelating. At first, I noticed I was unable to tolerate any supplements, so I have been chelating without any supplements for the entire year. I also noticed that the body recovers by itself, so I did not want to push it and I just let it be. My curve seems to have ended, I had 4-6 months of intense pain in my gut during the whole digestion process. Yet I did not give up, nor did I lower my dosage. This curve arrived when I touched my max dose of 150 ALA and 50 DMSA. Both my on and off days were rough, to the point that I thought I would give up on the treatment. One day I thought to myself that mercury had ruined me, so basically I had nothing else to lose, as I had already been very sickly in my life, of which 4 yrs in bed with tetany and semi-paralysis. After almost a year I can definitely see improvement! Hallelujah, praised be God! I started with 18.75 mg DMSA and ALA respectively and now I am going on 50/150 until October/November (that makes about 1.5 yrs of chelation).
    I am trying to form the question in my head and write it down… A toxicologist here in my country, studying and treating people with the Cutler protocol (with good results), told me that, after reaching the max dose, one should continue taking it for about 6 more months and another 3 final months to make sure everything is in order and clean. Again, the patient should chelate yearly for at least one month, as we accumulate heavy metals from food all year round. According to her, 1.5 yrs would be an ideal minimum treatment span. Cutler said we should chelate until there are no more symptoms left. I have been enjoying a decent life now since my curve lowered, however, I do not see any magic. I cannot dictate my body anything. It is definitely a question of endurance and patience. Perhaps my second guess would be if my symptoms are all coming from this mercury poisoning…(?) I would not know this, as I was only 10 when I got 4 huge mercury fillings in my mouth and now I am 35. I forgot most of my life, but the shadow of suffering… that is still lurking there in the back of my mind, reminding me that life sucks and is not such a green field to pasture on, as one might imagine… Long story short: Is a 1.5 yr long chelation an ideal? And how exactly does one know when to stop? After longer chelation should I feel like Wonder Woman jumping on rooftops… or what should I feel like? Isn´t life without a bit of suffering a bit weird? :)) Sorry about this almost jigsaw similar text… I´m surely grateful if you can enlighten me a bit on this whole matter. A hint would suffice.
    Oh, and one other thing: what´s the thing about curcuma or turmeric? Is it full of oxalates, too?
    Thanks a bunch!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Valeria,

      Cutler was saying that his program can take between 1 to 5 years. I am not aware of 1.5 years being an ideal length. I think you should ask the person who came up with this idea to ask why he/she thinks that ….

      According to Cutler, you know when to stop when you have chelated on the maximum dosage for 6 months and if there is no further improvement in your symptoms in that time.

      How should you feel like? Again, according to the program creator, the symptoms that have been caused by mercury should be gone. For one person this may mean jumping off roof tops, for another just mild improvements, depending on how they were impacted by mercury ….

      That's at least what Cutler was saying, if that's what you are asking.

      If you are asking about my opinion, then I tend to discourage people from doing the Cutler protocol at the moment. It takes too much time and is too disruptive. I have chelated nearly 5 years, only to find out that it did as good as nothing or very little for me.

      There is also the problem of Vitamin B1 and ALA. ALA can make a B1 deficiency worse. I also ask myself whether what ALA primarily does for people who get better on the Cutler protocol is that it fixes their liver. Since ALA is a great and potent liver tonic. If that is so, then there are many other things that can further improve the liver like a low vitamin A diet, lactoferrin, beans (soluble fiber that binds and exports toxic bile), but also B1, magnesium, milk thistle, zinc and a few other things.

      I hope this helps.


    • Valeria

      Dear Paola,

      thanks so much for your extensive reply. It helped me remember the idea of at least 6 months chelating on the max dose. I have been chelating on the max dose for 5 months now. The quality of life has improved considerably, absolutely! I now have two jobs, am very active and my spirit has become more optimistic. I had a Santa Claus´ list of major health problems, more than 70% of them disappeared during the chelation. I will continue with the chelation until I find there is no more symptom caused by mercury that affects me.
      Could you please answer one more question for me, on the turmeric/curcuma/curcumin? Why is it not compatible with the chelation? Does it contain sulphur or oxalates?
      Thank you so much!
      Stay healthy!

  9. Erin

    Hello, I have been doing ACC for 3 months. I am already seeing improvement. But I am worried about zinc, as it is not recommended on the Root Cause Protocol. I already notice it badges me feel nauseous. I am wondering if when you dropped zinc (and vit A and Vit E) if you replaced with something else or if you just continued protocol without? Thank you

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Erin,
      I did the protocol without it.
      But if feel nauseous after zinc, this could be an indication of an impaired liver. Zinc is generally good for the liver, but you may have to reduce the dosage.

  10. Corin

    Hi Paola, can you help me figure out how much ALA to use to begin chelating my 6 year old son? Is there a way to figure it out by his weight?

  11. Chris Jackson

    “According to Dr. Cutler killing off of candida does not lead to the release of mercury either”.

    Then AC was wrong, and thats is easily provable.

  12. Juliet Ajedegba

    Hello Madam,

    I would like you to shed some lights on what you mean by structural problem and how to cure it with regards to using Andy's ACC Protocol on an ASD Child recovery.


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Juliet,

      with structural problems I mean craniocervical instability, atlanto-axial instability, bulging discs in my neck. I wrote about it here:

      You can't fix those with the ACC protocol.

      Instead, you can either try to fix them with
      – physiotherapy
      – injections (dextrose, ozone, stem cells, PRP, or other)
      – neck braces
      – traction
      – connective tissue strengthening protocols, like Vitamin C, zinc, peptides, ozone therapy, ketogenic diet, cryotherapy, red light therapy, HBOT
      – in severe cases: surgery

      With ASD, I would first and foremost try different dietary changes, like keto, carnivore, GAPS, low oxalate, or similar.


  13. Jessie

    Hi Jenny,

    I've been chelating for about a year and have seen some physical improvements. I recall Andrew Cutler saying the psychological symptoms were the last to resolve. Did you experience that as well?


  14. jenny

    I already know I am mercury toxic and thiol-intolerant. How do I know if I am also intolerant to oxalates?
    Are there any supplements to avoid if intolerant to oxalates?
    Thank you

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi jenny,

      A way to find out if you have an oxalate built-up is to go on a zero or very low oxalate diet and see if your symptoms improve in that time.

      As to supplements: what could be a problem are supplements which contain high oxalate fillers like beet powder.

      Turmeric is also high in oxalates.

      Cellulose may be also a potential problem.

      It all depends how high your oxalate load is. If it's very high then the smallest amounts of oxalate can further push you over the edge.

      If it's low, then your tolerance level will be higher.


  15. kaine ermy

    Hi ,thank you for these informations ,but am no scientist and this sounds confusing to me.
    I rade that you did seminar with Dr.lahodny makes 3 heavymetal chelations for every 10pass , i know they are intravenous.

    1-how nany times an iv chelation more powerful than edible?
    2-how many iv chelations takes to totally get rid of mercury?

  16. Aquia

    Hi where do I purchase everything ?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Aquia,

      you can get the ALA and other chelators at .


    • Chris

      Do I have to buy it off the website “” Can I buy ALA off amazon?

  17. Dean

    Hi Paola

    How late can one be late for a does and still continue the round with ALA????I was late by 14 mins for a does during round, not sure if thats gonna be a problem.


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Dean,

      you can be maximum an hour late and still take the dose, but I recommend to adjust the following dosages accordingly by an hour.


    • Dean

      I see, thank you Paola

  18. Dean


    Is there any other protocol beside Andy’s that can remove mercury as effective as 72 hours of ALA?


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Dean,

      Andy's protocol can take 1 to 5 years, not 72 hours, to remove mercury.

      There are other protocols which are touted as effective, but Andy maintained that his was the only one which was effective and safe.

      It's possible that Boyd Hayley's new chelator works. But I think we know too little about it, yet. But I'm open to the possibility.


  19. Dean

    Hello Paola

    Can I only do round on weekend??and take 4 days break after???

    Also if I weigh 60 kg, then eventually I will have to take 180mg of ALA 8 times, 1440 mg a day???

    Many Thanks

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Dean,

      yes, you can take 4 days off and do rounds only during weekends.

      Correct, 1440 mg/day would be your maximum dosage, eventually.


  20. youlian

    hallo there
    can we start with 20mg DMSA, or is too much.
    and how do one really get to know what amount of heavy metal intoxication one has
    i mean is it a hair testing or something else?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Unfortunately, there is currently no test available which can tell you the amount of toxic metals you have in your body …
      Go according to symptoms, says Cutler.


  21. youlian

    hallo there
    can we start with 20mg DMSA or is too much
    and how do one really get what amount of heavy metal intoxication one has

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi youlian,

      according to Dr. Cutler, yes you can and see how well you tolerate it.

      If the side effects are too bad, abort the round, wait 3 days and re-start with a lower dosage.


  22. Justin

    Just started learning about oxalates. Just did a great Plaines laboratories organic acids test and I showed up high for fungal and oxalates. So I stopped doing the high dose vitamin c. But I recently found some articles that EDTA helps clear oxalates. Was wondering what you though about EDTA for clearing oxalates?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Justin,

      as far as I know there are some studies about EDTA and oxalates in petri dishes, but I could not find anything on humans or animals.

      So we don't know its effect in that regard. But it's possible that it helps … EDTA is apparently able to clear arterial plaque. Some speculate that plaque is due to oxalate build-up. Which would make sense, since the Coronary Calcium Score measures calcium in your arteries which is a pretty good determinant of arterial plaque. Oxalates of course pull out calcium from bones, bind to it and create various calcifications throughout the body … So it would all add up. But as mentioned, there appear to be no good studies on the subject.

      That's all I got.


    • Dean

      Hello Paola

      Thanks for the info and sorry for so many questions. But I have done 3 rounds of ALA without taking the core 4 supplements, would that make my rounds ineffective in chelating mercury?

      Many thanks

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Dean,

      no, it will not make them ineffective.

      The supplements have no impact on whether mercury is removed or at which rate.

      They are only supposed to speed up to fix the damage which has been left behind by the metal.


  23. Grim Valor

    Dear Paola,

    Do you have experience of using ALA for rounds longer than 3 days/72 hours? If one feels better ‘on round', is this possible ?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Grim,

      I've done chelation rounds of up to 78 days. According to Cutler longer rounds are better than shorter ones, as long as you feel better on round than off round.


  24. Sune Norrman

    Hi Paola! Thank you very very much for your good website: I have learned me a lot! I have two questions I hope you want to answer!
    1) Regarding ALA and mercury poisoning. It says that you should start with a dosage between 1-20 mg. So that no misunderstanding arice! We say I can endure, (manage) 10mg ALA, and you should take this 8 times in 24 hours.
    What is right? 10mgx8=80mg in 24 hours or 1,25mgx8=10mg in 24 hours.

    2) If you miss taking ALA for more than an hour, yuo should start from the beggining, it says, It is very important it says, why?
    Very grateful for answers
    Best regards
    Sune Norrman

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Sune,
      1) Yes, that's correct. You do this for 3 x 24 hours.

      2) Otherwise you risk redistributing instead of chelating mercury.


  25. Abu Hammaam

    Hi Paola
    Thanks for this informative article.
    Is r-ala OK or just ala?
    What's the recommended dosage for a 27-month old kid with mild autism?

    • paola d

      Hi Abu,

      no R-ALA. It has to be the normal one.
      The dosage for kids is calculated by weight. It is suggested to take around 1/8 mg of ALA per pound body weight.


  26. Rich


    Is Ozone safe during Chelation . I know people say it’s an oxidant , and I would only think at super high exposure around 72 gamma will cause greater stress on body if not properly supported with antioxidants.
    From the ACC FB support one said it was not good . I did not want to argue or even comment , but I wanted to know your thoughts about DURING the rounds and in between rounds.

    • paola d

      Hi Rich,

      That's funny that they said that ozone is not good if Andrew Cutler himself was supporting it.
      I suggest you run a search in that group “Andrew Cutler ozone” and look up his responses on the topic, hoping they haven't removed them.
      So yes you can do both of them, I suggest to do the ozone during the breaks though, not when you're on round.
      Ozone therapy boosts antioxidant systems, no extra antioxidants needed.


  27. Arash

    Hi paula

    Where can i order rs-ala ? Cause i read that r-ala is not good for chelation.

    Kind regards

    • paola d

      HI Arash,

      when it's not specifically specified as R-ALA, then it's in most cases the RS-ALA.

      Small dosages can be found here


  28. Greg

    Thank you Paola, great coverage. Just one thing I think you've answered but I need it spelled out to be certain.
    In regard to ALA: In point 7. Choosing and increasing dosages
    You say “A recommended starting dosage is 3 mg to 20 mg. Some may need to go as low as 1 mg. Others can start with more than 20 mg”. Are these amounts per kg of body weight? I am 100kg and very sensitive to supplements, so this is important for me.
    You eventually took 400mg, was that per 3 hours?

    • paola d

      Hi Greg,
      no, those are per dosage that you take every 3 hours.
      So, if you choose a dosage of let's say 10 mg, you'd be taking 10 mg of ALA every 3 hours day and night.
      It's NOT per kg of body weight.
      Yes, I was eventually taking 400 mg of ALA every 3 hours.


  29. Monika

    Hello Paola,

    I came across this information on Dr. Mercola website
    According to Dr. Haley DMSA chelation is not very effective. He developed a chelator called Emeramide which supposes to be superior to DMSA.

    I don't know anything about how effective Emeramide is, I just came across this information and I just wanted to share this article with you and anyone who is interested. Life is getting more complicated by the second.


    • paola d

      Hi Monika,
      I know about Emeramide aka as OMD, also Dr. Cutler knew about it.
      It is a real chelator, but there seems to be some confusion about its half life. Without that it's impossible to take it safely.
      Also there is not enough information about it and not enough reports from people who have used it.
      Dr. Cutler agrees that both DMSA and DMPS are not very effective mercury chelators, except DMSA for lead.
      That's why they are not the most important ones in the Cutler protocol.


  30. monika

    Hello Paola,

    I just would like to say that you have the best sense of humor, I thank you for that, you always make me laugh as I haven't been laughing much these days.

    In regards to DMSA chelation, I was actually doing it as a daily supplement. I took 100 mg of DMSA with 100 mg of ALA for 60 days straight. I have had my mercury fillings removed about 20 years ago. Probably this was the wrong way to do it, but by doing it this way I was not as constipated and I did not get headaches. I do have to say that I do get cold sores.

    However, I figured out how to kill the virus before it makes a mess on my lips. I expose it to 42 gamma ozone for 3-5 minutes the same day when I feel that it's being activated, and then before I go to sleep I put a bit of cannabis oil (500 mg of THC in 1 ml) on the sore spot on my lip. The next day I can feel that the virus is being killed as the pain is less obvious. It usually does the trick after I do this for two nights. I have not read about this remedy anywhere on the net, I just used myself as a guinea pig one day when I felt that I was going to get the cold sore I just applied the cannabis oil just to see what would happen. It seems that the virus hates THC in the cannabis plant. I think people should give it a try. Don't ingest the oil, you have to apply it to the lip where the virus is being activated.

    I just wanted to share this with you.

    thanks again for your sense of humor, it's the best

    • paola d

      Hi Monika,
      thank you for sharing and I'm glad you're enjoying my videos!

  31. Pj

    I’m keen to start DMPS chelation. Had amalgams out in August but developed tingling in feet, fingers and chronic pressure headaches, tinnitus afterwards. It’s caused anxiety and heavy depression. These symptoms haven’t left me. What is a good starting dosage of DMPS and how long would you stay on it before going to ALA? Also I had a crown over one of the old root canals that used to be filled with amalgam and there is a very tiny spec I can see in the x Ray under it. Would this matter?

  32. Allison

    Hi Paola! I'm grateful for your post! I'm a single working mama of 2 boys. I have mercury toxicity and so does my youngest. I'm not certain as to the mercury issues with my oldest but he does show toxic levels of cadmium, aluminum, antimony, etc. We started chelation using the Andy Cutler protocol. We have changed back and forth at various times between the ALA alone and ALA with DMSA. At around 20 rounds it became more difficult to wake up during the night. I would end up sleeping through the alarm unintentionally and during the day my mind would be so foggy that I couldn't remember whether I gave my boys their pills or not. I had to stop chelation for many months. I wanted your thoughts on starting again. If we start will it be like starting round 1 again to get the body pushing out heavy metals or do the first 20 rounds hold a lot of weight to where we will be picking up with chelation again? I guess my question is if I do a few rounds and then have to stop for 6+/- months, is it effective? Thanks!

    • paola d

      Hi Allison,

      whatever you got out during the first 20 rounds is out.

      So you should be able to pick up where you stopped. But if you want to be sure, restart with a slightly lower dosage than where you stopped.


  33. bommi reddy

    where can i purchase uv blood radiation equipment to use with ozone ?

    • paola d

      Hi bommi,
      I don't know. Try contacting Micah Lowe at simplyO3: I know his Dad is into UV light treatments. He may know.


  34. Tawny

    If you are chelating is it okay to do ozone therapy? Things like EI and VI?

    I purchased a cream for home use called Kelacream recommended by Dr. Garry Gordon. I cannot afford to go to a doctor at this time for chelation therapy.

    As for the cream it contains 350mg of Calcium Disodium EDTA.

    What do you think of doing this at home for the time being? Helpful or a waste of money?

    • paola d

      Hi Tawny,
      yes, one can do ozone and chelate at the same time.

      I think EDTA in any form can be quite dangerous. It can only chelate lead, not mercury. But if mercury is present, it can cause redistribution and damage.
      When it comes to chelation, I only recommend the Andrew Cutler method.


  35. Daniel

    Are you sure it's completely safe to take ALA every 4 hours while sleeping?

    • paola d

      Hi Daniel,

      many do that and seem to be fine. I do better when I do 3 hours day AND night.


  36. Laura

    Paola, do you reckon it is OK to take Chlorella or Zeolite during rounds of DMPS to see if it helps mitigate some of the symptoms?


    • paola d

      Hi Laura,

      I do not recommend Chlorella at all. Too many bad side effects reported by people.

      Zeolite seems to be mostly benign. I still don't like to recommend it, since it's a sand-like structure which gets wet and probably weighs down in your gut. It won't help with toxic metals. I don't know if it could bind to DMPS, I don't think so. If you feel that you're getting benefit from it, probably better to take it during the break only, not sure.


  37. Laura

    Firstly, I would just like to thank you for sharing this content and your experiences Paola.

    It's been over 6 months since getting my amalgams removed and I am just starting my 1st round of DMPS. I had hoped to treat and recover from this painful chronic UTI (enterococcus) before attempting the mercury protocol, however it seems to be impossible to treat so I figured I might have been waiting forever!

    The oxalates issue does sound like something I could also be struggling with as well and so I will certainly be exploring this area as well, thank you.

    Pavol, I can sympathise with your issue with the leaky gut. I also seem to have pain in the heart area again even after just starting day 1 of the DMPS, similar to the pains I had after the amalgam and root canal removals. My original plan was to heal my leaky gut as well before attempting the mercury protocols but it's not been straightforward!


    • paola d

      Hi Laura,

      I wish you much success.
      A note: if it's been 6 months since your removal, you can start with ALA right away.


  38. Tee

    Hello Paolo,

    My 3 year old son has been diagnosed with ASD and we want to start chelating. He has been on the core 4 supplements for a week now, his daily dosage is Zinc 60mg, Vitamin E 400mi, Vitamin C 1000mg and Magnesium 300mg.

    We will start with DMSA first before adding ALA after a few weeks but my concern is with the frequency of rounds. Do you suggest we do 3 days on round and 4 days off OR 3 days on and 11 days off? I do not want to burden his organs/body. Also, would you recommend I double the dosage of his core supplements when he's on a round or do I stick with the usual dosage?

    Thank you.

    • paola d

      Hi Tee,
      you can stick with the usual dosage while on round.
      As to whether do 3 days on and 4 day off or 3 days on and 11 days off – it's impossible to tell before he starts chelating.
      Just go according to his reactions. But if it makes you feel more comfortable you can definitely do longer breaks.


  39. Shirley Jacobson

    What if you have gold crowns? I understand there is sometimes amalgam under them.

    • paola d

      Hi Shirley,
      one should definitely do the best one can to make sure that there is no amalgam under the gold crowns before starting chelation.
      If you can't have them lifted, then at least try to track down the dentist who put them in and see if your old records are still there.
      With some luck they could reveal if there was an amalgam filling prior to the crown.

  40. Elle

    Hi Paola,

    How are you today? Do you feel you fully recovered from mercury poison? Do you feel back to your original self mentally? Do you feel just ALA is the best way or should one add a D chelator?

    • paola d

      Hi Elle,
      I believe I am mostly recovered from mercury toxicity, since I had reached dosages of 400mg ALA.
      But after 250+ rounds and over 4 years of chelation I had a health crisis with symptoms I had never had before in my life.
      It turns out I had most likely an oxalate burden. Something which Andy Cutler completely ignored.
      Only after lowering my oxalates did I start feeling better.
      I can say that 5 months after being on a zero oxalate diet I feel better than after over 4 years of chelation.


  41. Nancy Frayer

    What did u use in place of the CORE 4????

    • paola d

      Hi Nancy,

      nothing. I was only taking magnesium.


    • Nadia Oppenheimer

      I have crown s all teeth and have gut issues for long time and csndids could I do it too.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Nadia,

      if there is no amalgam underneath the crowns, then yes you can do it.


  42. Richard

    How many years ago did dentists stop using amalgams in fillings?

    • paola d

      Hi Richard,
      amalgam fillings are still legally used in most countries.

  43. Pavol Sebo

    Hello Paola.

    Thank you for the answer.

    I started with regular 10-pass treatments, which means alltogether 10x200ml of blood was ozonated. Then we went even for 20-pass resulting in alltogether 4L of blood being ozonated. 1 time we tried even 8L in one session, but there was no noticeable gain compared to the 4L procedure. The greatest oxygenizing and leukocyte reducing effect was achieved with the 4L doses. However, it was always just a symptom management tool and not a cause removing/solving process. Yet I am happy, that I experienced the causal role of heavy metals through that experience and could finally start removing the real cause of my leukemia with chelation.

    4x4mg I meant that over the chelation round of at least 3 days I was taking 4mg of DMPS every 6 hours. Even if now I was able to tolerate only 1mg doses and even then, after two days of taking, the palpitations and inability to fall asleep came.

    Regarding candida. This is another weakness or absence of Cutler's experience including leaky gut. It is scientifically proven, that Candida Albicans is the main organism, that develops in tissues, especially the gut, where mercury toxicity is present. It lives to bind the mercury, store it in it's membranes and it makes itself immune to the immune system. Over 2016-2017 when I was rebuilding my gut with butyrate, water kefir and a ton of candida colonies went out of me, I experienced only mild mercury toxicity released from the candida die off. I was also drinking lots of the Schweitzer formula which is a genious pathogen killer for blood penetration, after I had my gut in good shape and no candida was leaving and no toxicity occured either.

    However after a few months on DMPS, where supposedly 80% of the mercury should be leaving the body through the kidneys in urine and the rest gets processed by the liver and should leave through the gut, when using just a small dose of the Schweitzer formula, I experienced a tremendous outburst in circulating mercury toxicity even if I was on OFF round for around 3 weeks already. It was days of feeling warmth and hottness all over my body and my cheeks, days of strong palpitations and days of headache. It was 100% for sure released mercury from the gut, where some new candida grew as a means of binding the newly settled mercury, which wasn't previously there.

    It took me almost two months to recover from that single outburst. Thatswhy I am searching for a proven and working absorbent/binder to take care of the secondary effects of mercury chelation, because the reabsorbtion through the gut is a real and painfull thing :< Maybe, in healthy gut it is absorbed little, but as it causes all of the degenerative diseases of the intestine and the leakage, one quickly sees, that the topic is much more complex than Cutler presented.

    With kind regards,


    • Veronika

      Hi Pavol,
      please send me an email on, I´m from the Czech republic, we can discuss this issues more in our native language 🙂

  44. Pavol Sebo

    Hello Paola,

    I congratulate you from my whole heart that you made it so far with the mercury chelation! I can only hardly imagine, how you feel after all that poison is out of your system.

    I am Pavol from Slovakia with CML leukemia. We communicated a bit in the past…

    I had several 10-20-40 pass treatments ad Dr. Lahodny's last year. First it helped tremendously, but after around 4 times the improvements started to become marginal. Then the Dr. had the idea of trying his chelation infusion of 2000mg EDTA and 100mg DMSA and when I felt strong and immediate improvement in the remaining tinnitus I was having I understood that it was all the time about heavy metal toxicity. . .

    I started in august with EDTA, took that as suppositories till november and it helped me greatly and improved my wellbeing very much, however I felt, it wasn't moving a lot of mercury compared to other toxins. So I started with DMPS in november. It went well for some weeks with 4x5mg – 4x10mg and even 4x15mg a day and I felt it was working. Then my body became a kind of overburdened or I guess the autonome detox pathways started working, as white fat spots started going out through my skin and I finally, after long years, started being able to sweat even at low intensity trainings. My sweat also started to smell bad :>

    But it didn't stop at that. My heartbeat reacted with palpitations and the whole body got irritated badly and I wasn't able to sleep, when I tried to come back to the DMPS rounds. I just wasn't able to tolerate not even 4x4mg of DMPS daily and even needed to give the body several weeks of rest phases and now I settled on around 1-2mg of DMPS 4times daily, as my system doesn't tolerate more. I figured out from forums and Amalgam Illness that I probably got into the dump phase…

    Yet, here is my question. I want to ask you, because I didn't find it anywhere in Cutler's work. What is your proven by experience and working intestine mercury absorbent of choice? The thing is that over the course of oral chelation I experienced that a lot of the mercury that doesn't leave the body with urine, ends up in the gut. And when I take something that I used before to kill candida colonies in the past and I had no reactions to it, in the last months it caused dramatic worsening of my condition as I felt that anything candida killing causes the newly formed colonies that grew and bound up the unexpelled mercury to burst up and release large amounts of mercury into the blood that a during the time before DMPS just werent'there. I know as a fact that before I had my bowels in good shape as I was eating (and still am) a ketogenic diet, I drank a lot of water kefir and I had no bad reactions to for instance turpentine with castor oil which I used for sporadic bowel flushes… But now, even when I tried the stupid chlorella, dr. Klinghard pushes so much, I needed a whole week to recover from the damage the mobilized mercury caused.

    I normally use a mix of bentonite, zeolite or activated charcoal with psyllium, but I don't have the impression that it helps much. Especially, when I add diatomaceous earth I feel, that it kills some candida and releases some by it bound mercury as I feel a low level of toxicity a few hours later.

    I will never touch anything silica based again and don't even think about NDF as not only chlorella caused a redistribution burst, but stinging nettle extract as well.

    Currently I am in a resting phase after the last DMPS round where I was able to take 4x1mg over a few days until my palpitations started again and I had to go off. I also need much longer breaks now for me to be able to tolerate circulating mercury again. The white fat spots and the bad smell of the sweat also nicely indicate how much the body is pushing currently out. What bothers me is mostly the unsolved gut mercury cumulation :<

    I will greatly appreciate any input on gut mercury brushing from your side.

    With thanks and regards,

    • paola d

      Hi Pavol,

      according to Dr. Cutler the reabsorption of mercury through the gut is so low, that it is not clinically relevant.

      But I don't quite understand what you mean with things like “4 x 4mg”. Chelators need to be taken according to a very strict schedule in rounds of at least 63 h duration. If this is not done, one risks redistribution of mercury and a worsening of the condition.

      I also don't understand this: “10-20-40 pass treatments”.

      According to Dr. Cutler killing off of candida does not lead to the release of mercury either.

      I hope this helps.


    • metamars

      Dr. Eliaz has researched, and markets, modified citrus pectin (MCP), which is both a galectin-3 suppressor, as well as a heavy metal chelator. One version of the MCP is called PectaClear, to which he adds “modified alginates derived from seaweed”. If I recall, correctly, from a video or two of his, he adds the alginate precisely because he wants to prevent re-adsorption in the gut.

  45. Lawrence Liodice

    Hi Paola,
    Congrats on completing the Cutler program. I have completed 150 rounds and feeling a lot better but I am not done.
    I thought the ALA dose at completion was 200mg not 400mg according to Dr Cutler. Is there a reason you took the max dose to 400mg?

    • paola d

      Hi Lawrence,
      according to Cutler one has reached one's maximum dosage at 3 mg x body weight in kg.
      According to this my maximum dosage was around 220 mg ALA.
      But Cutler was also once asked if one can go above that. There was one person who asked him if it was ok to go as high as 600 mg and Cutler said yes. So, I decided to push it, too, and that is why I went as high as 400 mg. But this was just because I wanted to see how high I can go and to speed things up.



      Thank you for thorough review and your personal experience. I am curious to find out what else Dr.Cutler was wrong about?

    • paola d

      Hi Greg,

      the oxalate part has actually quite wide ranging consequences.
      I am planning on writing about this in my next articles.


    • Steve

      You did not mention the Core Four until the end of the article s yet this is one of the most important steps! Chelation is not even recommended to begin until you’ve been taking the. Core Four for several weeks. I know you had a problem with vit C but this badly misrepresents the ACC protocol. Could you fix this please? Thanks.

    • Deannx

      Sorry the previous post I have post on the wrong section

      Hello Paola
      Thanks for the info and sorry for so many questions. But I have done 3 rounds of ALA without taking the core 4 supplements, would that make my rounds ineffective in chelating mercury?Also is it possible for mercury toxic people to react only positively to ALA without any negative side effects? I am taking 50mg for 3 rounds but haven’t notice any side effects yet

      Many thanks

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Deannx,

      I responded to your other question and no, the lack of supplements do not make chelation ineffective.

      “Also is it possible for mercury toxic people to react only positively to ALA without any negative side effects?” – anything is possible, but whether it's likely: I think longterm you will experience some negative effects as well.

      Do 2 more rounds with 50mg and if there is still no effect, then increase to 75 mg.


    • Dean

      Hi Paola

      what king of side effects should I be expecting??

      Many thanks

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Dean,

      in general all the symptoms which are caused by mercury toxicity that you experience could get temporarily worse.

      People often experience increased fatigue and irritability.



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