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  1. Tracy

    I was nervous because I wasn't sure with my ADD, Lyme and EBV if I could make it through four hours of training. This is a training like no other. Paola is amazing and the time flew by. Her approach and patience was amazing. The information was clearly laid out clearly and easily understandable. It is definitely the hands-on training needed for individuals. I would highly recommend.

  2. Steve Perlmutter

    I was very skeptical going into the training. Paola made me feel at ease and her method of training is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. By the end of the training I was actually looking forward to the injection, which frightened me prior to the appointment. She takes every precaution to ensure our safety. It was the best decision I’ve made in a while.

  3. Christopher Brandlin

    Paola is one of a kind. She has researched and investigated all ozone modalities, and she understands the benefits of each type of ozone therapy for treating certain symptoms.

    I highly recommend consulting with her since she has helped many others, and she continues to spread the good word of healing with ozone!

  4. Danielle Hendrickson

    I have been struggling with chronic Lyme disease for many years and ozone is the only things that really helps me. I have spent spent thousands of dollars in previous ozone therapies over the years. It was time that I found a way to make it affordable for me to do at home. Paola is a wealth of knowledge and very generous of her time. I booked a DIV 4 hour training session with her and by the end I felt very confident in my ability to do DIV on myself and for my family members.

    Her book DIV for the Super-paranoid is also great to have on hand for a visual reference also has some tips and information you really need to know when doing DIV at home.
    I am so grateful for Paola she has been a huge blessing to me and my family.
    I plan on keeping in touch with her for my questions and her ozone advice.

  5. claireablani

    Paula is a treasure and a godsend! Her work and teaching style are meticulous, responsive, and supportive. She’s doing incredible work on a tricky frontier where sane, conscientious information is hard to come by. I’m so thankful she offers a DIV for the Superparanoid online training. Learning how to give myself DIVs is incredibly empowering for my health!

    Previously, my best option for an ozone injection was to travel to one of the most expensive cities in the world, a tiring four hour journey, to receive injections in a crowded office – yes, crowded even during Covid.

    The safety protocol Paula teaches is invaluable and NOT practiced everywhere. I had previously had a scary reaction from an injection at the office, involving entire body going limp, severe stomach cramps and vomiting. The doctor in charge told me it was because I didn’t drink enough water.

    So it’s quite eye-opening to learn that this kind of reaction is NOT normal and avoidable with the proper safety protocol (safety techniques trivially easy to perform but not practical for the bottom line of an office in prime real estate with a high volume of clients).

    I feel incredibly lucky that we have Paula blazing a trail in this challenging frontier – someone brave enough to speak her mind, have a sense of humor, and create safe solutions for people like me looking to heal themselves with ozone.

  6. Ron

    I have a strong technical and science background so when I learned about Ozone therapy I was instantly a strong believer in its potential health benefits.
    In March ’20 (No coincidence to the start of the chaos) I researched home ozone equipment (thank you Paula for making it easy; and ordered my comprehensive ozone package.
    I eagerly learned all the home treatment modalities including ozonating water, BOO, topical oil, EI, VI, RI, cupping, bagging, and sauna.
    For preventative measures and treating whatever minor ailment I had, I explored with the different ozone treatments I could do at home. I have become a student of ozone and have been reading whatever I could find every day.
    I always thought the most effective and powerful ozone treatment was with the 10-pass or other injection (intramuscular, prolozone, DIV, etc.) and was disappointed I couldn’t do any of them myself – so I thought.
    When I heard about Paula’s DIV book – I was excited. I was excited that there was a way for a non-medical professional like myself to learn and administer DIV. I read the book, choregraphed the steps in my mind, and was confident that I could do DIV. But even having read the book and having the know-how; for a non-medical person like myself to actually do DIV is a daunting thought and step to take. So when I read about Paula’s face to face DIV training via Zoom there was no doubt that I wanted to do that too. I bought all the necessary supplies and booked the meeting.
    I’ve watched probably all of Paula’s videos so expected her to be that easy going, personable, fun, but most importantly technical, knowledgeable, and professional person that I had seen – she was all that – live – with just me for many hours.
    My short summary of Paula’s DIV training is this: Paula’s DIV training is excellent.
    If you ever think you may potentially want to do DIV yourself safely and confidently – book a DIV course with Paula.
    Going through the steps with Paula will give you that extra confidence that you are doing everything correctly even if you are super paranoid.
    Paula’s DIV course is thorough with the importance of sequence, handling methods, precautions, and mandatory safety procedures. Paula walks you through all the details and then the whole DIV sequence many times first with her leading and then with you leading. She has a true intent on having the student understand the importance of every step.
    The ebook is a great reference to always have, especially if you won’t be doing DIV regularly, so I recommend getting and reading the book, taking the course with Paula, and then keeping the book for future reference.
    I’m super glad I took the DIV course with Paula and feel that I’ve opened up my home ozone potential as far as I can.
    Now having performed my own DIV treatment I feel like I have a black-belt in ozone.
    Thanks Paola!

  7. C David

    Paola's gifts include an ability to ask enough questions to find the core issues for you in how ozone protocol can
    change your life. In helping you start a DIY program, that other health issue you have interplay. Do you do the coffee
    enema before or after rectal insufflation, or is it needed to clear the bowel at all first? She helped me think about my
    heavy metal toxin program, as how it does or doesn't relate to ozone. Good call on my excess dietary oxalates.
    Her ideas on how to do an ear insufflation were excellent so as to not cause harm and side effects.
    Seems like anyone beginning an ozone protocol would benefit from some time with Paola.

  8. Quinn

    After 3 lab tests with substantial panels Paola patiently sifted through them all AND went above and beyond in her very thorough line of questioning. I am several steps closer to healing as a result of her consultation and conclusions and far more educated. Thank you, Paola!

  9. karen pasquini

    Not only is Paola an excellent teacher, her DIY DIV training is a must! There are some essential safety tips that are extremely helpful. I'm happy I read her book before I did the training. I picked up some gems from both the book and the course! I would highly, highly recommend doing anything with Paola. As they say, “train with the masters!”

  10. KD

    I recently had a session with Paola. She was so kind, helpful and positive. She asked many questions as well as listened intently. Her follow up notes and instructions look great and are very detailed. I would highly recommend her to anyone! Thanks Paola!

  11. T.L,

    Thank you so much for all your help. You really do care about the well being of others. Please keep educating us all on the use of Ozone

  12. Arthur

    Also, the DIV training sessions are great, very precise and enjoyable. For all those who need clarity, Paola is the one the one with the answers.

  13. Arthur

    Just like to thank paola for her help for all aspects regarding buying the correct equipment to administration.
    Offering countless emails for all the questions to someone who is knew ozone therapy.

    Thanks, paola..

  14. Daniel Martin

    I was quite glad to have the opportunity to do the DIV training with Paola. It was a bit tedious at first going through all the safety information that I already read in the book, but the hands on practice and training was invaluable. I felt quite confident going on on my own afterwards. Thanks Paola!!

  15. Laura

    I can hardly express how grateful I am for Paola and the time she spent with me during a phone consultation. When I booked the call, I had one goal, which was to seek information about ozone therapy for Lyme and Mold. By the time I hung up with Paola, I had an entirely new path. She spent over an hour asking detailed questions and once she had a complete understanding of my story, she suggested I may be dealing with CCI. This is something not a soul had ever mentioned to me over the 4 years of seeing countless practitioners. I went in for a MRI and DMX soon after my consult and was infact diagnosed with CCI and Chiari. Paola is truly a gem!

  16. Jacque' M

    I am a senior citizen with a fair amount of skepticism about MANY things. After following Paola on YouTube, I felt she was the right person to bring me over to the “Ozone Side”. Was I ever right!

    Paola has single-handedly improved my life by leaps and bounds. AND SHE DID IT IN ONE AFTERNOON!!!

    Over the past two years I've purchased Ozone equipment for every possible use. Sauna, insufflations, cupping, bagging, water, oil – you name it, I had it. Until Paola patiently assisted me, including how to get through my first ZOOM call, I was paralyzed due to my fear of “mixing metrics” and blowing up my home. Incorrect gas utilization was more frightening than most can imagine. But Paola analyzed and explained, then watched me demonstrate process and procedures to open me up to a whole new world. Paola is knowledgeable, and warm. Easy to talk to and very patient. I highly recommend her and plan to move forward with my Ozone usage.

    Next step – DIV.

    Thanks, Paola

  17. Tony W :-)

    I just completed Paola’s DIV training for the superparanoid, it was absolutely brilliant, well set out, comprehensive and very professional. I felt 100% confident to do the DIV on myself at the end of the session. Paola goes above and beyond to ensure my safety was paramount and I was competent to perform the DIV.
    I would strongly encourage anyone who is serious about learning DIV to do this training. Paolo gives so many extra gold nuggets to improve your success using ozone.

    I recently completed a one on one online session with Paola. She provided exceptional advice that reduced my systemic pain by 80% in just over a week & increased my energy. She is a smart cookie 🙂

    Thank you Paola, you have a huge heart and go above and beyond to help me on my healing journey 🙂

  18. Chris

    Paola was super helpful, very thorough and answered all my questions about DIV with much detail. I am very grateful there is someone out there like Paola spreading helpful and healing information!

  19. SK

    I just took Paola's DIV training for the superparanoid, it was very well done. She took her time to make sure that when I did it, I would be as safe as possible. We did several dry runs. She ensured that my set up would not possibly allow air to enter into the ozone oxygen mixture by guiding me to replace my quick connectors with the luer type. I learned a lot of things I would not otherwise have known had I relied only on YouTube videos. I am so thankful and I highly recommend her training program. She is an excellent, thorough and patient teacher. The cost was reasonable and I did it in the comfort of my own home and any lay person can acquire this potentially life saving skill.

  20. Linda saloman

    Paola”s information about ozone was super helpful for those who want to familiarize themselves with ozone therapy. Her knowledge of ozone with all the different protocol of the ozone therapy far exceed those who called them selves expert.
    I admire Paola for her honesty, compassion and practicality with people by showing her desire to help them in every way she can.
    She was generous with her information and expertise, explaining every little thing you need to know to succeed with ozone. She was also with her time not rushing to talk to you.
    Was very kind and a down to earth person that will not hesitate to ask her anything about ozone ” I wish I can be her friend”. People like her are so important for a lot of people needing help. She is one of a kind that you wouldn't find in this world today.
    I highly recommend Paola to everyone that seeking to learn about ozone therapy. She is the best ! Thank you so much Paola , keep up the good work.

  21. Teressa McCord

    My husband and I jointly had 2 consults with Paola and came away with a wealth of knowledge and confidence in using our ozone equipment! I'm a person that requires a LOT of information before I can take action.My husband, on the other hand, just wants the highlights, and had done no research on ozone prior to our consultation call with Paola. She gave us all the details, including hands on demonstrations, and any information we needed to have confidence in ozone therapies. She was very enjoyable to learn from! We even had a few laughs! I highly recommend anyone that is hesitant to use their ozone equipment or needing a better understanding of ozone therapy and the variety of optional ways to use ozone to sign up for a consultation with Paola! It was time and money well spent!

  22. Lois

    Paola has been a valuable resource in helping me to resolve my health issues for years. I am eternally grateful for her transparent and generous sharing of her knowledge on ozone and its applications. She is pleasant to work with and answers all my questions thoroughly in a way that is easy to understand. She helps to educate her clients on the best protocol based on their needs.
    Thank you for all you do Paola! You are a bright light out in the world and keep doing what you are doing! Take care my friend…

  23. Robert Thompson

    Paola helped me in ordering the equipment and supplies I needed for ozone therapy and setting up the equipment. She is exceedingly knowledgeable and helpful and provided more than I expected.

  24. Sergio Zambrano

    Paola was pleasant to talk to about health. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience which I found useful. I approached her to talk about ozone and the different modalities one could apply. She helped me navigate through the confusion to narrow down the types that would work best for me and explained why. Paola also brought to light the benefits of the carnivore diet which I found interesting and will start to explore. She provided the necessary information to get me started. Thank you Paola. Ciao!

  25. D

    Highly recommend Paola when it comes to ozone therapy. She helped me identify issues with my ozone set up I wasn’t even aware of.
    She also guided me with different ozone therapies. She takes safety seriously and I love that!

  26. M

    Please don't assume you already know everything there is about ozone. Paola pointed out very crucial tips that we hadn't considered before. Well worth the time and investment. Thank you, Paola

  27. LB

    Paola is very astute direct, and an exceptionally clear communicator. I was so relieved to connect with such a knowledgeable person. She was instrumental in helping me decide if DIV was right for ME. I decided to hold off for the time being until MY particular circumstances improve. Paola is out for one's highest good and and safety and that is top priority to me as well. Wish all doctors would share their knowledge as she does. Thanks Paola❣

  28. Steven Willett

    I took the DIV training with Paola. She did a great job. Paola went step by step on how to do the protocol correctly and safely.
    Paola's excellent training has given me the confidence to do DIY DIV. Paola, Thank you.

  29. Paul Rubin

    Paola is very generous with her wealth of knowledge. She is patient and meticulous in her training sessions. She passionately believes in safety and makes that a high priority in her protocols. This training made me feel competent, confident, and empowered to have a new tool in my toolbox for helping self and family.

  30. E.

    What I like about Paola is her unyielding dedication, and desire for knowledge. Yes she's a knowledgable person, a kind teacher and a cute geek. However what separates her from other medical people is her brutally honest attitude. She's a realist who knows the hidden paths to holy grail, if there's any. She doesn't promise you a rose garden, but instead shows you the right routes to a healthy life. I think she's the closest prototype to the wounded healer Chiron, that I've come across in my life. Her healing journey made her a wise healer. May we be blessed by her knowledge.

  31. Bohdan

    Thank you Paola for sharing your experience with me! You are the best expert in the field! Thank you!

  32. Wayne

    Paola was very informative and patient during her class. She emphasized safety and proper technique in an uncommon and pleasurable presentation. Her class was well worth the time and commitment. Having researched ozone therapy rather extensively, I wasn't sure I needed additional instruction /information. After her class, I realized I was dead wrong! Her wealth of knowledge and experience uncovered numerous tips and techniques that I was totally unaware of. Thank you Paola for the guidance and care you gave.

  33. Beanie

    Paola called me promptly at the arranged time of my appointment always a bonus punctuality: the appointment lasted longer than scheduled due to my numerous questions (whilst talking to her I realised that my knowledge is so very limited in comparison to hers) which for me highlighted a deep desire to help.

    The vast knowledge she has which she imparted freely is tremendous and so helpful to anyone that needs guidance or direction in regards to ozone or other health protocols. I am very appreciate and grateful of her willingness to help. I thank her deeply for her unmitigated desire to assist anyone interested in ozone protocols.

    I highly recommend her and her website. Once again many thanks Paola.

  34. Eirik K

    Paola is a unique person that has tremendous knowledge about health. I have benefitted greatly from the two sessions we have had so far and I plan to keep having sessions on a regular basis. People like Paola are so important, it was because I found her website that got me started with the ozone therapy. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to learn from Paola.

  35. Wayne

    Paola was very informative and helpful outlining her class on ozone therapy. Our initial interview was straightforward and well structured. I appreciated her efficiency and organization.

  36. John McDowell

    Paola is very knowledgeable about diets, ozone, chelation, and much more. So thankful for her expertise as I begin this process. Very caring and thorough.

  37. Mike D

    Even though she refers to herself as the “Crazy Ozone Lady,” one should not be fooled by these words as when it comes to Ozone Therapy, Paola is the real deal; extremely well-informed and experienced. It is evident this is a passion for her. Her love for the “actual science” and not just taking things at their word is what I really love about her and her site here, as well as her facebook group. She is also a very kind and simply just a down-to-earth person. When I got my ozone equipment for home use, I consulted her to show me how to set it up and use it, and it could not have gone any better. Whenever I have a question about ozone, she is the person I go to! Thanks Paola for all you do.

  38. Andreas

    Thanks to Paola for the nice 1-hour-call. Paola explained me which options I have to do ozon treatmens myself and what would be a good way to start.
    There is soo much information out there and it's easy to become overwhelmed, so this was very helpful.

    Furthermore we talked about my CFS and which option make sense to check furhter, in my case a instabil neck might be a large contributor.

    Paola can good adivice, but is also a good listener. I can fully recommend her.

    • Nate

      Paola is very knowledgeable and helpful with every question I have asked. If she didn't know an answer she would help me find what what I was looking for. She is one of the best in the world when it comes to ozone. She has spend at least an hour and half during Skype sessions helping me with certain ozone techniques that I was unfamiliar with. She is the absolute best! Thanks again for all your help!

  39. John

    We found Paola online when researching ozone therapies. She is doing important work in spreading the word about ozone and has posted many blogs on her website which are informative and thought provoking. We booked a chat session with Paola and it was great to talk with her as she has experience with various ozone treatments and had practical and sensible suggestions as to how to approach different treatment methods. She is also kindly and very approachable. We enjoyed our chat session with her.

  40. Claire

    Paola really helped me navigate my personal protocol with her vast knowledge of ozone and all the various products available. Her experience is invaluable to anyone who suspects that ozone may support their healing. She has a wide range of understanding on other “Underground” therapies and her desire to help people is apparent. I love working with her and I love the work she is doing.

    • Elizabeth

      PmPaola super helpful and knows a lot about Ozone. Thanks so much help!!

    • Gary Nalavany

      I’ve been following Paola’s writings for quite some time. Her information with respect to ozone, is something I feel one can take to the bank! It is refreshingly free of hype and self promotion and represents “just the facts”. Thus when I wanted to learn about DIV, and Paola had her “ask me anything” program, the decision was a no brained… Paola does not take short cuts in her teaching, and she does not disappoint she is exceedingly generous with her information and expertise. She explained in great detail the technique and the pitfalls: what and how to avoid them. After spending a good amount of Skype time with her, I feel confident in my ability to self administer this technique. I highly recommend her program.

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