“DIV for the Superparanoid” eBook

The step-by-step guide on how to perform direct intravenous ozone injections on yourself safely and confidently

DIV ozone injections in a step-by-step process

This guide with over 200 pictures shows you everything you need to know and do to keep the risk of direct intravenous ozone injections to an absolute minimum.


  • Learn about the four tenets of safe DIV ozone injections
  • What equipment you need and where to get it
  • How to put it together to create an airtight oxygen circuit
  • How to handle a syringe with a colorless and invisible gas safely
  • How to prevent complications
  • How to inject a vein
  • How to use DIV ozone injections therapeutically
  • Exclusive discount codes for DIV training and ozone equipment inside the book

$47.00 (old price)

Perform DIV ozone injections with confidence

Know how to make the safe administration of DIV injections not a matter of luck but a matter of knowledge and technique. Understand the underlying physiological, chemical, and clinical principles. 


Put safety above everything

Use an approach which stems from a radical focus on reducing the risk of contamination with air to near zero.


Use a tried and tested technique

My method has stood the test of time for the past 11 years. It is built on 60 years of experience gained from the practice of Oxyvenierung, the injection of pure oxygen into the vein.

A picture for each step

This is essentially “DIV for Dummies”: there is a photo for each step. In total there are 227 pictures. All you need to do is copy what you see. It could not be any simpler!

Know how to find a vein

Not finding a vein can be the most frustrating thing ever. It was for me when I started out. In the book I lay it all out in an easy 4 step process with the help of detailed pictures!


Don't be afraid of your ozone equipment

Handling an oxygen tank and an ozone generator may be a new and unfamiliar thing for many. I explain how to handle everything safely and properly to avoid accidents.

This step-by-step guide in PDF form contains 227 images and 170 pages. After each chapter there are questions and answers to allow readers to test their knowledge.

The first and only exhaustive guide on how to perform direct intravenous ozone injections by being proactively overcautious.

The book covers the following topics:

        • What are DIV ozone injections?
        • Detailed discussion of risks and contraindications
        • Listing of the required equipment
        • General preparations
        • How to create an airtight oxygen circuit
        • How to handle an oxygen tank
        • Veins: how to keep them healthy by treating and preventing phlebitis
        • How to inject veins including rolling veins
        • Step-by-step process with a picture for each step
        • How to inject more than 60 cc
        • How to perform DIV ozone injections with a glass syringe
        • How to treat varicose veins
        • Before & After pictures of varicose veins
        • Troubleshooting: burning sensation, blockages, allergic reactions, chest tightness, trouble finding a vein, and more
        • Things one should never do during DIV injections
        • Where to buy the equipment
        • How to use DIV therapeutically
        • How to deal with Herxheimer reactions
        • How safe are DIV ozone injections?
        • Questions and answers to test one’s knowledge

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There are discount codes inside the book for the DIV training and ozone equipment.

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$47.00 (old price)

Watch Video

I present the book in a 45 min video with lots of inside looks. Check it out:

DIV Book Announcement copy




  1. Tamie Cochrane

    I was unable to download the book before the cut off. How can I get access again?
    Thank you

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Tamie,

      just sent you the download link again. Let me know if it works.


      • SAM

        HI PAOLA

        I cannot save the book in I phone. HOW do I save it ?

      • Paola Dziwetzki

        Hi Sam,

        if you were able to download it, then there should be a way to save it, but I don’t know how to do this and what type of phone you have?

        But it should be possible for you to sent that book to yourself via email and then open it on any device you can open the email.

        Let me know if it worked out. I reset your download attempts, so you have another 5.


  2. Jimmy S.

    Great book with lots of details and photos. This is a great resource for anyone interested in ozone therapy. I consider this a must have book for my personal library. Thanks Paola.

  3. Jordan Rogers

    Paola is much needed in this world. I’m grateful for her and always support her work. This book is definitely worth the money if you are considering doing DIV ozone from home.

    Previously to reading it, I had been doing DIV (from home) for 6 months, and started hurting my veins (they were literally closing) so I bought this book and also reached out to Paola. As always, she was super helpful.


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