If you bought the “DIV for the Superparanoid” book, please check your email inbox for the download link. 

To book the “DIV for the Superparanoid” training, please make sure you have the following supplies:


  1. oxygen tank
  2. low flow regulator
  3. ozone generator
  4. syringe filling station
  5. ozone syringe
  6. 27 g butterfly needle
  7. extra filter
  8. silicone tubing
  9. luer lock connectors
  10. alcohol wipes
  11. medical tape
  12. cotton gauze
  13. tourniquet
  14. band-aid
  15. syringe caps
  16. sharps bin


Do you have everything? Then please schedule the training here:



You don't have everything, yet? Then find a list with links here, where you can buy all the supplies.

Once you have all the equipment and the supplies, please come back here to schedule the training.