Does Heat Destroy Ozone inside the Ozone Sauna?

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does heat destroy ozone inside ozone sauna S

There are voices in the ozone community that are very skeptical about the utility of ozone saunas. 

One of the reasons for their stance is the fact that heat destroys ozone.

If that is the case how could ozone saunas do anything, goes the argument. If heat destroys ozone, then logically, there can not be any ozone left inside the sauna. Consequently, ozone saunas can not have a therapeutic effect. 

Makes sense on paper.

Unfortunately, reality puts a wrench in the logic.

Yes, heat destroys ozone inside an ozone sauna.

Ozone is actually destroyed already at much lower temperatures than those found inside a sauna. 

But this does not mean that heat destroys all the ozone at once and that no ozone can be found inside the sauna box. There is still plenty of ozone left, in spite of the heat. 

Anyone who has ever done an ozone sauna knows this.

Observations from ozone sauna users completely invalidate the idea that ozone saunas are useless. 

Allow me to unleash my inner smart ass and deliver a lethal smack down to the ozone sauna naysayers.

It takes time for heat to destroy ozone

Ozone breaks down at any temperature, even at well below zero.

ozone destruction inside glass syringe M

This graph shows the rate of decomposition of ozone inside a glass syringe in minutes and hours, relative to temperatures from -15 to +30° Celsius (5 to 86 F). Graph taken from the book “The Medical Ozone” (“Das medizinische Ozon”) by Hans. H. Wolff, 1979.

It is true that higher temperatures destroy ozone faster.

But even at extremely high temperatures the process takes some time.

ozone half life in air

Ozone half life in air at temperatures of -50 to 250°C (-72.4 to 482° F ). At a temperature of 120°C (=248° F) it would take 1.5 hours to destroy half the ozone in the air. Source:

The above numbers show that even if the temperature inside the sauna reached 120° C (= 248° F), it would still take around 1.5 hours to destroy half of the ozone.

Temperatures inside ozone saunas usually stay well below such high numbers. They typically do not exceed 70 to 80° C (160 – 178° F).

Constant ozone influx 

Another factor to consider is that during an ozone sauna, fresh ozone is constantly being pumped in. 

Whatever ozone is destroyed by heat, it is continuously being substituted by new ozone molecules.

The recommended flow of ozone/oxygen gas during a sauna is 1/2 LPM. 

In total, more ozone survives the heat and more ozone is being infused into the box than is being destroyed by the high temperatures.

This is also easily observable.

Which brings us to the next point:

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ozone hose into neck hole o M

Ozone is flowing into the sauna box through a silicone hose for the duration of the sauna. There is a constant supply of fresh ozone. 

Ozone escaping from the sauna

Anyone who has ever done an ozone sauna knows that when you open the box to get out of it, a lot of ozone escapes. 

There tends to be so much ozone in the room after stepping out of the sauna, that you can accidentally hurt yourself by breathing it in. 

That's why I recommend wearing a mask or holding one's breath while getting out of the sauna.

Another easily observable and smellable fact is the excess ozone escaping through the neck hole during an ozone sauna.

Usually, there is so much ozone escaping the neck hole while sitting inside the sauna, that you need to wear a towel around your neck to prevent your face being engulfed with ozone gas.

I had to experience that even a triple protection of a towel around my neck, a fan and a mask did not block all the ozone.

With all that in place, I would still catch a whiff of the gas.

There is simply THAT much ozone inside the hot sauna box.

If it was true that heat destroyed all the ozone and rendered it useless, there would be no use for towels around your neck during an ozone sauna. 

And there would be no ozone gas filling the room after opening the sauna.

But there is.

This fact alone renders the whole idea of heat destroying all the ozone inside a sauna obsolete.


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Lingering ozone smell on the skin after an ozone sauna

Another phenomenon that completely annihilates the idea of complete ozone destruction by heat inside an ozone sauna is the lingering ozone smell on the skin. 

People who have done an ozone sauna report that they can smell the ozone on their skin for hours, sometimes for days afterwards. Even after they took a shower. 

How is this possible if there is no ozone left inside a sauna? Where does the ozone smell come from if supposedly all the ozone got destroyed by high heat? 

Clearly, there is plenty of ozone inside the sauna to penetrate the entire skin. 


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The mysterious ozone sauna experiment 

One of the most bewildering things I read in support of the supposed futility of ozone saunas is the tale of some obscure ozone sauna experiment.

Mysterious ozone sauna experiment

A text on mentions an unspecified ozone sauna experiment. Source:

The tale may be true.

It is possible that such an experiment was performed.

But, as it looks, no written record exists. No description of the experiment design can be found. No video is accessible which could tell us whether the experiment was performed in a sensible manner or not.

How much ozone was used? At what concentration? What flow? How long were the study participants exposed to it? What type of sauna at what temperature was used? How long did the study participants sit inside the sauna? How many were there? None of it is being disclosed.

As the tale goes, though, during this mysterious ozone sauna experiment ozone was measured at the “skin level”. It is not clear what this means and how the “skin level” is different from just the skin.

Surprisingly, no ozone was found at this obscure “skin level”.

Here is the thing: It may very well be that such an experiment was performed and that it was a valid experiment.

And let's assume that this “skin level” measurement, however this took place, was a valid method of measuring ozone near (or inside?) the skin.  

What I would like to understand is how it is possible that someone can sit naked for half an hour inside a box filled with ozone and not have the ozone come in contact with the skin during that time? How would that work? What's the underlying mechanism here? 

How is it possible to have one's skin exposed to so much ozone that upon opening of the sauna box there is the risk of accidentally breathing in the excess ozone gas, and yet none of the ozone made it to this curious “skin level”?

How is it possible to be bathed in ozone for 30 minutes to the point that the skin ends up smelling of ozone for hours or days afterwards and yet none of the ozone can be found on the mysterious “skin level”?

So, I don’t know how this experiment was designed or performed, but none of what I have heard so far makes the least amount of sense.

Anyone who has participated in this “experiment”, please feel free to contact me or comment below.

I'd love to get to the bottom of this.

Ozone sauna testimonials 

Another fact that refutes the whole idea of ozone saunas being supposedly useless are the many testimonials.

Whether Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, Lyme disease, or injuries — ozone saunas have proven to be a very effective ozone treatment. 

Do they work at all times for everyone to the same degree?

Of course not, nothing does. 

Results will differ. 

Some will not respond to ozone saunas at all. Others think they are as effective as ozone IVs:

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My personal experience with ozone saunas

Am I biased in favor of ozone saunas?

Yes, I am. I have been doing ozone saunas on and off for around 10 years or longer.

I have seen immediate, positive effects. Oftentimes, while still sitting inside the sauna. 

I have experienced resolution of fatigue and of beginning flu-like symptoms before even getting out of an ozone sauna.

Ozone saunas helped me overcome a work injury within 24 hours.

This happened when I was working as a bartender in New York city.

One day, at the beginning of a shift, I lifted a crate full of liquor bottles and hurt my back. I went to the manager to explain the situation and he agreed to send me home.

But instead of going home I went across the street to my friend’s place, La Casa Day Spa and asked for an ozone sauna session. 

After 30 minutes inside the sauna the pain in my back was down by 50%. 

After another sauna on the following day the pain was better by 90% and I went back to work. 

Ozone saunas were one of many instances that taught me the incredible power of ozone. 

What has been your experience with ozone saunas? Are you a sauna hater or a lover? Let me know why in the comments below.

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  1. Kara Scott

    I am looking to finally get my ozone sauna up and running…. I am concerned with the heat or the ozone damaging the hard wood floor that the sauna would be sitting on. What would you recommend to best protect the floor?

  2. tom

    Just found your website. Very interesting stuff. I have a very long standing issue with adhesions/scar tissue that originated with a surgery at one month old. Have had pretty good success with Myofascial Release (Barnes), Resistance stretching (Bob Cooley), but it still holds its grip from my abdomen to my neck with some leg involvement. What made me think of ozone is the oxygen. It seems like the scar tissue just cannot enough oxygen. First, will ozone help and where to start. Thank you very much in advance.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi tom,

      it would be worth a try I think … I can't give you a guarantee that it will or won't … but there is little risk involved, so why not try it out?

      Where to start would depend on where the scar tissue is located since this determines the mode of administration.


    • tom

      Thanks Paola. The origin of the scar tissue is in the abdomen about 3 inches from my belly button. I am thinking of an
      ozone injection. I have already had procaine injections with no effect, but willing to try again with ozone. Also, Houston has a ozone sauna place which I am planning to try. Any thoughts or additional suggestions. I appreciate your attention and remarks.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi tom,

      yes, I would probably give the ozone sauna a try, first.


  3. Reshma Bhagat

    Hey Paola, I’m a ozone sauna therapist at chiropractic clinic.
    I’m looking helpful research behind nervous system and neurological issues where ozone therapy and ozone help.
    If you can give me any info i would be very thankful.


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