Best Ozone Generator for Ozone Therapy at Home (2022)

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Pick your best ozone generator for ozone therapy, either as a home or professional user. Many of the presented machines are often used as medical ozone generators by doctors. 

I have used most of the ozone generators on the following list extensively, either for personal use, or in my practice as an alternative health care provider.

Here are my picks for the top five ozone generators for ozone therapy at home for 2021:

  1. Promolife O3Elite Dual
  2. Promolife O3Elite Single
  3. Longevity EXT120
  4. SimplyO3 Stratus 2.0
  5. Promolife Mini

As a user of ozone therapy at home you want a medical ozone generator which is:

  • safe to use for medicinal purposes
  • easy to operate
  • versatile (you can do many different ozone therapy applications with it)
  • of good quality (uses ozone resistant materials, doesn't break down often)
  • affordable

After having used the presented machines thoroughly over the past years, I can attest that the listed therapeutic ozone generators fulfill those requirements to a large or nearly complete degree. 

Although US regulators do not recognize ozone generators as medical devices (unlike in the EU), many of the here mentioned machines are legally used for healing purposes, and for this reason are often called medical ozone generators.

Keep in mind that the ozone generator is only one part of any ozone therapy equipment, whether for private or for professional use. Each ozone set-up always consists of the following four parts:

If you want to know how to pick a complete home ozone therapy kit based on your preferences, including oxygen and accessories: The Ultimate Guide on Buying an Ozone Generator.

Without further ado, let’s move on to my number one favorite ozone generator for ozone therapy bar none: 

1. Promolife O3Elite Dual – Best Ozone Generator for Ozone Therapy

Promolife Dual ozone generator for ozone therapy

You can’t go wrong with the Promolife O3Elite Dual ozone generator. It is an ideal part of any home ozone equipment package or as a medical ozone generator for professional uses, since it can fulfill all your desires.

It is super versatile. Thanks to its large range of ozone concentrations which go up to a generous 110 mcg/ml, you can use it for ozone saunas, to make ozonated water, use it for ear, vaginal, rectal insufflations, or have fun with some breathing ozonated olive oil. You come up with whatever ozone treatment, it’ll do it (I would not use it to ozonate oil, though, as I would not use any of the listed machines for this purpose. Better use an industrial type generator instead). I also use the Promolife Dual for any type of ozone injections.

What I find especially appealing about this ozone therapy generator is how silent it is: There is no annoying high pitched buzz, you can only know if it is on or not by looking at whether the light is on, it’s that quiet.

It’s also super light weight, so you can easily pack it in your bag and travel with it. When I was treating a patient’s gangrenous toe at his home, that’s exactly what I did: I packed the Promolife Dual ozone generator in a bag, strapped the oxygen tank over my shoulder and took that whole thing with me. I was able to save the man’s toe from amputation by using ozone therapy in the form of limb bagging on him.

The ozone output chart is printed on top so you can’t possibly lose it and it’s made in the USA of all ozone resistant materials. Thanks to the chart, I find it super easy to use, it's literally dummy-proof. 

But if you are still not sure how to handle the two dials (which correspond with two ozone cells, hence the name “Dual”), then you can either call up their excellent customer support and have everything explain to you step by step, or you can watch their many videos on Youtube, read the manual that comes with the ozone generator, or check the USB stick which is part of the package.

I’m not the only one who raves about this ozone therapy generator, though. People in The Ozone Group on Facebook seem to love Promolife just as much, or check out the reviews at the bottom of this page.

The machine has few but minor downsides, which are mostly of cosmetic nature, as I find. You can read about them here.

So, if you’re thinking about investing in your own “ozone therapy lab” at home, then get this ozone generator. Get it now before hyperinflation kicks in.

Another plus of buying from Promolife is that they are THE ultimate one-stop-shop: They can equip you with everything from A to Z, from various types of oxygen sources including regulators, and all the accessories in different variations you can think of. They also have a wide selection of ozone generator packages which also include the Promolife Dual.

Otherwise, pass go and collect your Promolife Dual ozone generator. 

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Would you like more info about the Promolife Dual? Request a Call Back!

2. Promolife O3Elite Single – Best Ozone Generator for Ozone Therapy at Home

Promolife Single Ozone Generator

You are not ready to splurge on the Dual just yet? No problem, just go for the Promolife Single. You will probably be just as happy and won’t even notice that you’re missing something. 

You can use this ozone generator for every type of ozone therapy people typically apply to treat themselves at home, and beyond: I’m counting over 20 different ozone settings I could use for direct vaginal insufflations alone, and even more for rectal and ear. 

Some also use it for more advanced medical procedures like ozonated saline IVs, and other ozone injections. 

You may not have as many ozone settings to choose from when it comes to making ozonated water or the ozone sauna, but you don't need to for it to work.

And the ozone machine comes with all the signature good stuff from Promolife: it’s super silent, light weight, has the ozone output chart printed on top, equipped with Luer lock fittings, universal voltage, excellent customer support, a rich array of accessories in the convenient online shop, and added silicone tubing and Luer connectors. 

If I had never known its bigger sister, I would have been probably perfectly content with the Single ozone generator. But alas, destiny intervened (or rather the smart people at Promolife). 

If you’re getting ready to set up your own home ozone lab, then the Promolife Single ozone generator should be part of it.

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Would you like more info about the Promolife Single? Request a Call Back!

3. Longevity EXT120 — Best All-Glass Ozone Generator for Ozone Therapy

Longevity EXT120 ozone generator for ozone therapy

“All-glass”? Does it mean you’ll have to bubble-wrap it to make sure it won’t break? No, of course not. No special handling is necessary.  

The all-glass part refers to the fact that the ozone chamber of the Longevity EXT120, so the heart of the ozone generator, consists of a double layer of quartz glass. So, when ozone streams through it, the gas never gets in contact with one of the metal electrodes, but instead is shielded from them on each side by glass. 

Longevity has perfected this technology and says that it guarantees the utmost purity of ozone, which makes it safe to be used therapeutically. 

Although the claim is a bit exaggerated (some of the most advanced true medical ozone generators only use a single layer of glass), fact is that the Longevity EXT120 is regarded to be among the top ozone generators for ozone therapy on the North American market. 

I’ve been treated by at least three doctors with this ozone machine. It can be found in many practices of medical professionals in the US. I myself own a different Longevity generator, the EXT50, which I used extensively for invasive medical procedures (ozone injections). 

The Longevity EXT120 comes with partially pre-attached tubings and connectors which makes assembly a child’s play. Should you still need assistance: they have some of the best trained support stuff which can make you nearly forget the lack of an online shop: If you want to place an order, you need to either call or email them.

So, let’s sum it up: The EXT120 ozone generator has been used and approved for ozone therapy by some of the top medical ozone experts on the continent, it has a powerful ozone output (max 120 mcg/ml), it comes with many different ozone settings thanks to its digital controls, and you can add a wide range of accessories which allows you do all your favorite ozone treatments. 

Sounds too good to be true? Well, all this cosmic like purity does come at a price. The machine is the most expensive one on this list (although it’s not outrageous). And: It emits a high pitched sound, which I am not a fan of. 

If that does not bother you and you are willing to invest in some of the top ozone gear on the market, then call them up and let them know (and tell them you’ve been referred by the Crazy Ozone Lady from 

Place an order by calling TOLL FREE 1-877-543-3398  from US & Canada.

Request a Call Back about the EXT120:

4. SimplyO3 Stratus 2.0 — Best Ozone Generator for Beginners

SimplyO3 Stratus 2 frontal view

I’ve used this ozone machine for ozone saunas for my Dad a lot and also for BOOO, breathing ozonated olive oil, to treat his chronic bronchitis and COPD.

It’s a solid, well working, well calibrated, simple ozone generator for ozone therapy at home, especially if you’re a beginner. 

The Stratus 2.0 has an on and off button only, no dial knob, which means that the ozone concentration is solely controlled by the oxygen flow on the regulator.

Don’t confuse this machine with similar looking models available on Chinese online outlets: It’s calibrated completely differently, giving it at least three good settings (1/4, 1/8, and 1/16 LPM) for any type of direct insufflations or making ozonated water. 

On top of it, it comes with excellent customer service: not only are there plenty of Youtube videos showing how to use the machine, but the SimplyO3 has several full time employees dedicated exclusively to customer service. They can also assist in suggesting a whole home ozone therapy kit for you, including a low flow regulator and accessories. 

And if you really don’t like it, then you can take advantage of their 6 months no-questions-asked, full refund return policy. 

An internal fan, which creates a pleasant humming sound, keeps the ozone production stable.

I am also a huge fan of any ozone generator made in a dummy-proof way which makes it super easy for me to understand how to use it.

Part of good dummy-proofing is to print the ozone output chart with the oxygen flows on top, just like it’s the case with Stratus 2.0. You don’t need to go looking for booklets, or trying to run an internet search for the ozone settings, since they’re right in front of you at all times. Brilliant!

If you’re looking for something simple and reliable with zero risk in case you don’t like it – then that’s your machine of choice. 

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Request a Call Back about the Stratus 2.0:

5. Promolife O3Elite Mini— Best Home Ozone Generator for Minimalists

Promolife Mini ozone generator top view

There are few good, well thought-out, well designed ON/OF ozone generators on the market, and the Promolife Mini is one of them. 

This is the perfect machine for people who are not planning on transforming their spare room into a whole “ozone lab”, but who just want to have another tool in their tool box.

I’ve used the Promolife Mini ozone machine for such home ozone treatments like rectal as well as vaginal insufflations, which this machine is optimal for.

But I’ve also successfully used it for direct intravenous injections with its 1/4 LPM setting (= 25 mcg/ml). 

The Mini is brick-sized, so it can be stored away in a drawer. It’s super easy to set up: just connect the oxygen tubing into the back, and the ozone tubing in the front. The luer lock fittings keep the connections air-tight.

Thanks to labels and the ozone output chart printed on top, it’s been dummy-proofed (this dummy appreciates it!). 

It has four great settings (1/32, 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 LPM) with optimal ozone ranges for all the most popular and non-invasive home ozone therapies. 

The great thing about ordering from Promolife is that they can equip you with every single thing you need for your home ozone kit: starting with different types of oxygen sources, down to different types of catheters and connectors. Once the UPS guy leaves, you can begin your ozone treatments right away without having to get your oxygen tank filled first, since the special O2Ready tanks come already filled.

Promolife offers the ultimate service for home ozone therapy users.  

If you like to keep it simple, manageable, and classy at the same time – then the Promolife Mini is your machine of choice. 

Check the latest discount codes for Promolife on this page


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Would you like more info about the Promolife Mini? Request a Call Back!


Buy the Ultimate Guide to Home Ozone Therapy

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This website contains links to vendors of products I endorse, including If you decide to make a purchase through one of my links, they will pay me a commission. This does not influence my opinion about the products, as you can see from my reviews.


  1. Kyle

    Hai all – I am selling an Oxidation Technologies HTU-500 ozone generator. It is in perfect condition. I am only selling it because I need the money. The eBay listing i s available here:

    I can include an oxygen tank with it along with a regulator. Thanks very much.,

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      I see you sold it. That was a great price!

  2. Maja

    Hello, since these are all based in US and I want to avoid the additional tax costs, what ozone generator do you suggest to buy from inside the Europe zone? I would primarily use it to ozonate olive oil and I would not use the oxygen, but normal air…

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Maja,
      if you are looking for air-fed ozone generators, then get any one you can find on amazon for Euro 100 or less.
      I would not use them to make olive oil, though. It's better to buy already made ozonated olive oil in that case.


  3. Kerim Balaban

    Dear Paola, Thank you for your kind response. I was interested in purchasing the longevity as its heart consists of f a double layer of quartz glass. I waited for almost two months to purchase it. But it seems the company is permanently closed. I am unlucky. I would like to ask what ozone generator would be alternative to the longevity. I am particularly interested in buying an ozone generator whose heart is made of glass. Thank you for your response.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      The Promolife Double Cell or Single Cell are great machines. Their chambers are not made of glass, which is also not necessary for ozone therapy.

  4. Kerim Balaban

    This is the email I got from Longevity. hank you for your email and your interest in Longevity Resources Inc. products. This auto-reply is to let you know that Longevity Resources Inc has been permanently closed.

    Due to new Canadian government regulatory import/export issues and policies that have been imposed upon Longevity Resources in Canada, the operation and functioning of Longevity has become literally impossible. We have tried our very best for as long as possible to survive and serve our customers under these intense restrictions, however Longevity has now been forced to close our doors permanently after 26 years in business. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    We thank all of our customers, our employees, and partners who over the years have made working in the ozone industry an exciting adventure.

    We wish you all the best. We wish you Longevity.

    All of the former staff of Longevity Resources Inc.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Yes, they have closed down.

  5. Kerim Balaban

    Hi Paola,

    I hope you are fine. I would like to ask you two questions:

    1-) I would like to purchase Longevity but I cannot reach them. Do you think there is any issue with the company?
    2-) Can I take advantage of CAMECO Ozone Generator with Air & Water Modes? Would you advise me to use this ozone generator?


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Kerim,

      1. I have no information that would let me to believe there is some issue with the company, but I don't know where you are, maybe it's a matter of different time zones?
      2. It seems it's an industrial grade ozone generator adequate for home remediation. I would not use it for any therapeutic modes, if that's what you were thinking about.


  6. Tonya

    Please send price list of your ozone therapy kits please

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Tonya,

      I don't have any ozone therapy kits, since I don't sell anything.

      Best is to contact the sellers directly, be it Promolife, SimplyO3 or Longevity.


  7. Chris

    Many thanks for the wonderful website. Absolute gold!

    I am interested in getting:

    And you wrote the following:

    Paola Dziwetzki on January 21, 2020 at 9:33 pm

    Hi D.,

    to the first one: I was interested in it myself, but I could not find any further information on it on the company’s website, so I can’t say anything about it, apart that it looks interesting.

    I have obtained the manual for the above but don't know where to send it to you. Can you please send me your email?

    Also I don't quite understand the settings they seem to be opposide in that the higher the oxygen flow the lower the gamma??? For example the O3Elite shows for 1 litre oxygen setting for switch 1 as 2 gamma and for 1/32th litre 36 gamma. How can you have higher gamma for lower oxygen?

    Many thanks.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Chris,

      you can send it to thepowerofozone [at] gmail [dot] com.

      Yes, oxygen flow and ozone concentration have an inverted relationship. The higher oxygen flows through an ozone generator, the less ozone is created and vice versa.


  8. John

    Hi Paola, After viewing your videos and reading your comments and fabulous advice re the benefits of Ozone I decided to take the plunge and started to put together a kit from different sites such as Promolife, NaturalOzone, Amazon etc. I noticed that one of the companies you recommend sell what looks like a Chinese made Ozone Generator which it seems you are not a fan of as they are generally a lot cheaper than their American counterparts. So the question I have is why recommend a company that sells what looks like a Chinese made generator if you are not keen on cheap generators. – Manufacturer for the Chinese made generator is Aquapure which has exactly the same specifications. I take it you haven't purchased one of the generators either from China or the recommended supplier (which looks exactly like the Aquapure model). Would appreciate your comments on how I can test the Ozone output of the machine I purchased as to me it looks identical. It is shown on youtube (AOT-MD-520 Medical Ozone Generator). They also have a digital model that can be used for Blood IV as has a vacuum pump (AOT-MD-500A) – These look like great alternatives so would appreciate any comments you have on them and why you haven’t purchased one if you seem to have purchased at least one model from each US manufacturer. A big thank you for all the great information.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi John,

      I also answered your comment more in depth on the other page you commented on.

      But I think that the generator from the NaturalOzone website looks a bit more upscale than the one from Dr. O Solutions for example, but you are right that it would be best to buy it and actually test it out – which I haven't done. But the ozone output chart of the NaturalOzone machine also looks much more interesting than many of the other ones. Plus, it does not distinguish between oxygen concentrators and tanks as the oxygen source – which is good, since the ones they do give what I think are clearly misleading numbers.


  9. Dan

    Hi Paola,

    Thanks for all the handy info, just wanted to ask if all your suggestions remain current in regards to safest yet most affordable at home device for rectal insufflations. I was thinking about one of the chinese ones for about 200 but really not sure about the efficacy of it. What would be your suggestion still be the Mini if price was an issue?


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Dan,

      I am not sure what you mean with the last question … but I think the Promolife Mini is a great machine if you are planning on doing just RI. Or the Stratus 2.0.


  10. Nicolas

    Hello Paola,
    Your site is very interesting.
    I am thinking of taking the O3Elite Single ozone generator.
    Do you know where I can find a pure medical oxygen tank in France or in Europe without a prescription and suitable for this generator?
    And which compatible regulator to choose?
    Thanks in advance.

  11. Satesh Narain

    Dear Paola,

    You am amazing person, the leader in this field with competence, valuable experience, and audacity to reply to challenging comments (as on December 18, 2019 at 12:07 pm – I love the reply). You are of top caliber and is making a difference on the landscape.

    I love your our website. I only learned about you / website, a few days ago and I have been studying it for a few days. In addition, I have uploaded some of your material on my website, Casas de Healing,, for educational purposes. I wish I had done the research a year ago, before I bought an ozone machine which am not satisfied with (ozone smell from Day 1 – still not resolved). The positive, is I have been studying your video and comments and I just bought your book. Now, I will buy the The AQUAPUREOZONE ozone generator, AOT-MD-520, that Alex T mentioned on May 26, 2020 at 11:20 pm, so that I can get by until am ready to buy the Zotzmann. On Friday night, an email was sent to Zotzmann, inquiring on the prices / questions and within a few hours a reply was received.

    1. TrulyHeal O3 Settings for therapy treatments
    2. Herxheimer Reaction after Ozone Treatment
    3. An far as am aware of in South America, while doing Ozone DIV, Vitamin C is not recommended to use the night before and three days after.4. Where in Germany can I buy German parts to build my own Ozone Machine?
    . Quartz tube and Titanium electrode for the generator.

    I can seek a consultation with you to discuss the answers to the questions.

    Kind Regards,

    Satesh Narain
    Toronto, Canada

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Satesh,

      It was great talking to you.
      I wish you much success with your project!


  12. Daveda Lamont-Tadeushuk

    Hi Paola, I love your website. I purchased the Simply03 Stratus 3.0 a couple of months ago. Question regarding the settings. The chart on the cover lists the Flow settings in whole numbers 1 – 11. The corresponding Ozone concentrations are in terms of ug/ml from 6 to 72. Not sure how to convert your fractional recommendations into this whole number system as I read about the different ways to use ozone. My industrial regulator likewise is not fractional, but goes from 0 to 11. I got this from Simply 03 so assumed it is standard, but I'd like to know how to use your articles with this setup. Thank you!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Daveda,

      The regulator you have is the Ozone+, which is a special invention of SimplyO3.

      The whole numbers are settings, they are NOT flows in LPM.

      In order to know which setting corresponds to which flow in LPM, you need to check the booklet you received with your ozone generator, page 10.

      So, for example setting 1 on your regulator is 1 LPM,
      setting 2 is 0.75 (3/4) LPM
      setting 3 is 0.5 (1/2) LPM
      setting 4 is 0.375 (3/8) LPM
      and so on …



  13. Linda K Hardin

    Hi! I would like a machine for vaginal ozone. Longevity 50? Does this machine have regulator problems? Thank you!

    • Muhammad

      Hi Paola, How are you. Hope you are doing well. I like see a revew about a ozone generator called “Bozon Home H2/O3”. Can you do it?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Muhammad,

      maybe at some later point …

  14. Linda K Hardin

    Hi! I would like a machine for vaginal ozone. Longevity 50? Does this machine have regulator problems?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Linda,

      yes, Longevity EXT50 will work for vaginal ozone insufflations.

      I am not sure what you mean by “regulator problems” though?


  15. Marcel Fundora

    Hi, I am a general dentist, and I want to buy a generator for the dental office, so it can be collected and used during dental procedures. which ones would work? thank you

  16. Teresa

    Hi Paola, What an excellent article on the ozone generators with lots of in-depth research. I'm Stage 4 lung cancer starting Gerson therapy with rectal sufflation. My practitioner is overseas in Europe and doesn't know anything about the specifications used on the US ozone generators. He prescribed “Oxygen-ozone rectal insufflation with 180 cc of oxygen-ozone at 80 mcg of concentration for 3-4 times week”. How should I interpret this please? Please help. Thank you.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Teresa,

      it does not make any sense to use rectal insufflations for lung cancer, in my opinion.

      With ozone you want to address the cancer as directly as possible. In which case doing BOOO – breathing ozonated olive oil, coupled with ozone saunas (while directing the ozone hose towards the lungs), and also ozone IVs would be the best approach.

      Also: eat meat, drop the Gerson diet. Go on a meat based, low carb keto diet instead. With cancer you want to have the best nutrition available and eat meat to stay strong.


  17. Gene

    Hi Paola, When I bought my HTU500 over 10yrs ago I purchased it from Longevity. Darn, I recall spending over $3000 for the whole kit, including a large supply of ‘sufflation' hoses. Nice to know prices have dropped.
    Thanks for such a comprehensive and useful website!, Gene

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Gene,

      thank you for stopping by!

      Yes, there are better deals out there now.


  18. Biliana

    Hello Paola, thank you for all that you do! I am a naturopath in UK and am considering to buy an ozone generator for me as well as my clients with autoimmune issues. Which generator would you recommend and yes, the one that is best value for the money? Xxx

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Biliana,

      for any therapist I recommend to buy a certified medical device from Herrmann. If you want/can do the 10 pass, then go for the Herrmann Comfort, if you don't want to offer the 10 pass, then go for their “standard” machine.


  19. Thomas

    The Promolife units you recommend don't seem to have an ozone destructor. How important are they to have, or how dangerous is breathing excess ozone?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Thomas,
      a built-in destructor has only limited uses. You can use it to purge a syringe. You could possibly rig it to eliminate ozone when ozonating water, if you have the right water bubbler. Not much more. And for that, you can always buy external destructors.

      As to how dangerous breathing ozone is: you should definitely try to reduce the exposure to ozone as much as possible. But you won't be able to do so completely. As long as one is exposed to low level ozone for a limited amount of time, it's probably not too dangerous. Also: it's impossible to expose yourself to ozone for too long, since if it's too much, you will notice it immediately and instinctively move away from the ozone source.

      I hope this helps.


  20. sharon

    I am leaning towards the HTU 500 and I think it would be nice to ozonate water with air instead of oxygen? Is the end product the same? But you mention that one should not add any optional things? Like the air pump? Can you please explain why? Does having an air pump mean one can't use it with o2 anymore?
    THanks for all your help!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi sharon,

      the end product when using air would be lesser ozone concentration.

      If you want to use it with air then you need the air pump.

      The recommendation for no air pump is for those who want to use it with oxygen.


  21. Johannes Hermiz

    hi paola
    sorry for being a bit thick.
    if the smallest setting is 0.1 then how does one dial 0.05 for 1/16 or for that matter 0.03 for 1/32 with the bexamed regulator?
    thank you for expert help.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Johannes,

      you can't use in those settings.

      The lowest you can go is 0.1 LPM, which is an approximation to 1/8 LPM.

      With this setting you can do all the treatments which call for low flows: EI, VI, direct RI.


  22. Johannes Hermiz

    hi paola
    your link of the german regulator does not work.
    i called the company and they said they do not have
    a regulator with which you can dial 1/32 or 0.03 accuratly.
    can you help to clarify?
    thank you

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Johannes,

      just copy and paste the entire text of the url, then it will work.

      No, there is no German regulator with the exact fractions like 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 LPM etc. I think I mentioned this during our call.

      That regulator from Bexamed has settings like 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.25 LPM etc.

      So if the Promolife calls for a flow of 1/8, which is 0.125, you can set on your German regulator either 0.1 or 0.15 LPM. You will not get the exact same ozone concentration that you're supposed to, but maybe 3 or 5 mcg/ml off, which is irrelevant in my opinion.

      That regulator is good enough. It's actually a great regulator.

      I hope this helps.


  23. Alex T

    Hello Paola
    A very interesting and informative site on ozone therapy, thank you very much. Since I am limited in funds, I had to buy a Chinese ozonizer made using German technology ..It would be interesting to know your opinion about this ozonizer. Thanks!
    The AQUAPUREOZONE ozone generator for ozone therapy is using German latest corona discharge technology. To ensure the machine with a high performance, we use accurate quartz tube and Titanium electrode for the generator part, this is a small compact & economic design, easy operating and wide concentration range from 4-95 μg/ml, user can choose any concentration they would need to have according to our machine's capacity.
    1. Built-in fan cooling system to make sure a long working life
    2. 6 optional levels to generate various concentration
    3. Stable ozone concentration
    4. Adjustable ozone concentration
    5. 100% ozone resistance material
    6. Ideal for all kinds of medical application
    7. German ozone technology
    8. Built-in ozone destructor
    1. Ozone concentration: 4-95μg/ml with oxygen source (adjustable)
    2. Recommend oxygen flow: 1/32-1L/min
    3. Ozone generating method: German corona discharge
    4. Product size: (L×W×H) – 240×195×80mm
    5. Box size: (L×W×H) – 280×270×125mm
    6. Voltage: 110-220V
    7. Power: 15W
    8. Weight: 3KGS with package
    9. Cooling system: air cooling

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Alex,
      yes, I know this model.
      It should work, I think …

    • Alex T

      Thank you very much .. I think the reasons for the huge difference in the price of ozonizers of German and Chinese firms are production volume .. China will soon fill the market with high-quality and inexpensive products .. Thanks again and all the best!

    • Alex T

      I bought this device for $ 150 and $ 90 – shipment

  24. Robert Hill

    Hi Paola,

    Thank you for a brilliant, honest and informative article. After reading it I am considering the O3 arc standard and just wanted to query the legitimacy of Promolife as a business as I have seen critical reviews on the site jabber review site?

    Alternatively please can you offer a personal recommendation for me as an alternative and equivalent in price to the O3 arc standard? It’s use is for personal and family health. So I’m after a unit that can do 100 gamma output to cover the ear and rectal insufflations plus ozone infusing of liquid and oils I would like to do. Also I may possibly use it for ozone saunas in future.

    Thank you and kind regards,


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Robert,

      thank you for reading and liking my page!

      Promolife is definitely a very legitimate business. I've been following them and working together with them for around 4 years. They're one of my most favorite businesses. Not only due to their great and unique ozone solutions which they keep refining all the time, but they're also a bunch of super nice people.

      Unfortunately, even the best business won't be able to satisfy every customer 100%.

      During the Coronavirus crisis they also had an increased demand and due to the shutdowns in many states, had shortages of products. So I can imagine some things did not run as smoothly as usual which may have frustrated their customers. But I think it borders on a miracle that they happened to be one of the states which was not affected by the shutdown, so that they still could service their customers as much as possible during that time.

      If you're looking for an ozone generator for home use, I recommend the Promolife Dual Cell: . Maybe even before the O3Arc standard (which I haven't tested yet personally, so I'm reserving my final opinion until then).

      As to making ozonated oils: I would rather pick a machine like this one with an oxygen concentrator.

      And you may want to check out what I wrote on the topic of ozonating oil at home:

      Or buy the already ozonated oils:

      I hope this helps!


    • Robert Hill

      Hi Paola,

      My apologies for the late reply. The information you have shared is brilliant and I think the next step before I go ahead likely in next 1-2 months is to pay for some of your time, to get your insight and It would be great to support your cause. I’ll be in touch when ready to go ahead.

      Thanks again and kind regards,


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Robert,

      sounds good to me!
      You know where to find me whenever you're ready :-).


  25. Hully

    Send me detailed info

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Hully,

      send you detailed info about what?


  26. Rico

    Hallo Paula, kann ich den obigen Filter benutzen , also zwischen Sauerstofflasche und Ozongerät

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Rico,

      ja, kannst Du. Aber nur, wenn Du mich Paola nennst ;-).


  27. Armin

    Hallo Paula,
    ich wollte mir von Promolife den O3 Elite Mini aus den USA bestellen. Mein Problem ist ich weiß nicht welchen Druckregler ich benötige den auf dem Gerät sind die Konzentrationen in Brüchen angegeben und in Deutschland findet man meistens Regler mit ganzen Zahlen. Ich möchte den Tank und Regler aus Deutschland beziehen

  28. D

    I found the Brochure for you to review of that double ozone unit from China. It would not let me reply to your last comment on the blog. What are your thoughts? IF you have any questions let me know and I can ask the sales rep who is on Alibaba for the model. Perhaps she can send you one as a sample to reivew. Wish you could review it as you are the authority when it comes to Ozone and this is a cheap alternative to the above. This is the same company that manufacturers the Dr O product but they say that is their cheapest product he sells and they never said to put “ambient air” numbers which is interesting.
    Thank YOU!

  29. D.

    Thank you for your blog. I found you while researching Dr O. It seemed like a reasonable price. But I see it's just a A l i b a b a Unit. Some of use cannot afford the high prices for units and thus we don't get benefits from Ozone. HAve the Chinese Improved their products since your blog. I don't see the concentrator vs oxygen tank settings on the top. Perhaps you can educate me. I know big name ozone manufacturers produce their units in China so they have the technology. It won't allow me to post direct links. Google Search MOP0.3-AD Model. MOZ0.2-AD Model. AOT-MD-520 Model. MSLOT01 Model.
    Thank you for your insight and education.


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi D,

      the last time I checked Dr. O's unit had a sticker on top which distinguished between oxygen and air.

      It's possible that he has changed this since, without updating the information on his website.

      I looked up the first model you mentioned. I assume it's this one?

      If so, I can't tell from the specifications if it can be used for ozone therapy. For this an output chart with different units is necessary.

      You can read more about it here:


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi D.,

      to the first one: I was interested in it myself, but I could not find any further information on it on the company's website, so I can't say anything about it, apart that it looks interesting.

      second machine: looks ok, but the ozone settings are not very attractive. The only somewhat usable ones are the ones on 1/4 LPM flow. If you go down to 1/8 LPM you are getting 68 mcg/ml minimum.
      And at 1/2 LPM you are in the 20s – so not a lot of variability. So you're essentially stuck with the 3 settings at 1/4 LPM.

      third machine: Same as with the first one. I can only read the blurry numbers in the video, and it appears the ozone concentration is extremely low . But I can't see it properly and there is nothing on the machine on the company website.

      the last one: the ozone range is good, but it says in the specs oxygen flow of 0.3 to 4 LPM – so what ozone concentration is produced exactly at what flows? Without a chart it's impossible to say.

      Hope this helps.


  30. Teresa C.

    WOW!! Super informative article, very thorough, well organized and great for comparing generators! Thank you Miss P! 🙂

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Thank you, darling!

    • Jan

      Unfortunately Paula has decided to misinterpret and misrepresent our products again.
      We are AZCO Industries LTD. We manufacture the HTU-500. Firstly this unit does not have the circuitry described in this article secondly the reasons why things “didn't go well” is because gnosis was dropped as a distributor was consistent misleading marketing of our product and not following basic ethical guidelines. This device is the lowest grade product we produce and is designed for basic industrial needs such as deoderizing a vehicle. To use this product in the way described in this article is irresponsible to say the least. Buyer and listener beware. There is so much ill informed information in this article on our unit alone that I would find it difficult to trust anything here. I was linked here by one of the customers that this article has mislead. I formally request all mentions of our products be removed from this misleading website.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Unfortunately, Jan has decided to misinterpret and misrepresent what I wrote. 

Firstly, the description of the circuitry is taken from Oxidation Technology website.

      In accordance with AZCO’s high ethical standards, I herewith formally request that Jan contact Oxidation Technology, which sells his HTU-500, and requests that they update their description to reflect what he’s saying, namely that the HTU-500 is their “lowest grade product” and designed for deodorizing vehicles, not much else.

      In order to meet the same ethical standards I also herewith formally request that the same description is put up on AZCO Industries’ own website.
Reader beware: there is so much ill information in Jan’s comment that I would find it difficult to trust anything Jan says about his own product or any other.

      Consequently, I herewith formally request an apology from Jan to me for misrepresenting me and my article. Just stating “there is so much ill information” and that what I’m saying is “irresponsible” without providing evidence for it, is – irresponsible, slanderous, and damaging to me and my reputation.

      His comment is offensive, misinterprets my article, and misrepresents me. I’m wondering if he read it at all. 

I formally request that Jan removes or retracts his misinformed comment.

      I think the only acceptable solution here is that Jan stops producing this machine entirely, and then publicly flogs himself for ever having done so. This event should be broadcast live on Youtube.

      I think this is the only thing that would meet AZCO’s high ethical standards. Anything less than a public flogging of the head of that company would be a slap in the face of the masses of people who have bought his machine and who have hurt themselves by using it in this irresponsible manner.


Jan needs to understand that he will never be able to stop people from using the machine for personal ozone treatments as long as it is being built and sold.


I herewith formally request that Jan stop harming the public by putting this dangerous device into the world and admit the shame that he should rightly feel about having ever done so by flogging himself publicly.

  31. Vital

    Hoi Paola,

    Why do you put the Promolife Mini behind the other single button generators, while you place the O3Elite Single Cell, which seems to be mostly the same as the Mini, except for the dial for different settings, in second?



    • paola d

      Hi Vital,

      having a dial knob which allows for more different settings and different ozone concentrations is a plus.
      The Mini is actually a great single button machine. Once I started the “Top x” format of the page, I had to take a pick which one I will put before which another, but they is not much difference in terms of comfort of use. So my placing of them is really not that important.


  32. Vital

    Hi Paola,

    Thank you so much for all this very valuable information.

    Apart from nasal- and rectal insufflations, as well as, as an addition to FIR-Saunas, I would like to produce ozonated water and possibly oil too.
    As I suppose it is rather expensive to use pure oxygen for this, would it not be good to use air-fed ozonator(s), and if so, which ones would you recommend to do this?

    Many thanks in advance!


  33. Mike

    Do you recommend the ozone unit and what is the cost?

    • paola d

      Hi Mike,

      yes, I think it's a good non-hyperbaric ozone generator.
      They cost between 4,800 and 6,700 Euro.


  34. Michael Reitz

    Hello Paula,

    your site is very interesting. Do you know if I can buy a promolite ozone generator in germany or europe. And which regulator do i need for the oxygen (industrial or medical)(DIN?).
    Many Greetings


  35. Monika Hudecova

    Hello Paola,
    If you had to choose between Promolife ozone generator and Simply 03 Stratus 2.0, which one would you choose? I was looking into purchasing the one made by Longevity, but they seem to be quite expensive. If I could buy the accessories from another company, like Simply ozone, do you think that they would fit into the Longevity ozone generator? This would save me a bundle. Also, Promolife generator's electrode is made with ceramic, and some say that it is not resistant to ozone. On the other hand, Simply 03's generator is made of glass, titanium and Kynar. Thanks for your opinion. Monika

    • paola d

      HI Monika,

      I would choose Promolife either single or double cell generator over the Stratus, because of the dial knobs. They do offer extra comfort which I came to appreciate a lot.

      The scare about ceramic comes mostly from Longevity. It's an ongoing marketing tactic they have been engaging in. Ceramic is perfectly fine for ozone production.

      Yes, you could probably buy accessories from a different company and use them with Longevity generators. At the worst you may have to buy some extra quick or luer lock connectors.


  36. Monika Hudecova

    Hello Paola,

    I am trying to decide which ozone generator to get, it would be used for my mom who has leukemia. Are you familiar with Dr. O solutions ozone generator? It seems quite affordable, it costs only $259, but I am not sure if the product can be trusted. I am looking for a generator that can be safely used for cancer patients, the one that is built properly so that the ozone will not react with anything unsafe to the body. There is a lot of info on ceramic that is listed as unsafe, and then other websites list ceramic as safe. I never thought that it would be so complicated when trying to buy an ozone generator. Here is the website for Dr. O. Thanks for your great information on your website.

    • paola d

      Hi Monika,
      if you're working with cancer patients as a practitioner, I would definitely suggest to buy a medical ozone generator like the Ozonette. Or one of the German brands like Herrmann, Humares, Ozonosan etc. It's also a legal protection for yourself.

      The main problem with ozone generators like Dr. O I have is that it's unlikely that they're accurate. You also want to make sure you have warranty or who to contact if something starts malfunctioning. But they very well may do the job. At least for a short while …


  37. LIng Tan

    Hi Paola,

    I just bought SimplyO3 ozone generator and I want to purchase some accessories from Promolife, especially the full body ozone suit. I don't know if their silicon hose will fit in to my O3 ozone generator. Please advise.


    • paola d

      Hi Tan,
      yes, they should fit.

  38. Stephen

    Hi Paola,

    What is your opinion on the Synergy Ozone Generators? I've been using this generator for a while now and haven't had any issues with it as of yet. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.


    • paola d

      Hi Stephen,

      Synergy was one of the first home ozone machines I used to have. I do not recommend them. I had bad experience with it and with the producer/seller of the machines. But if yours has been doing well so far, then it's likely ok to keep using it.


  39. Michael Mathieu

    Hello Paola,

    I just purchased a Promolife Single cell. Dr. David Brownstein recommended them in one of his talks so I decided that was good enough for me. However, I just bought Frank Shallenberger's Book O-Zone miracle and he did not include ceramic and his list of acceptable materials. So I got online and did some reading and now I’m finding myself confused about safety of the ceramic. I’m wondering if you might be able to say anymore about that? One of the articles I found said that other materials have to be used with ceramic that aren’t necessarily O-Zone safe… I would absolutely love your comments. Here is the link for that article in case you’re interested


    • paola d

      Hi Michael,

      I am aware of that article (don't you hate it when there is no author mentioned under a piece of text? I do! Who is it that is talking to us there? No idea. So it's probably just a company representative with a corresponding pro-company bias?). Fact remains that the most potent ozone generators which are employed for industrial or municipal purposes of water ozonation are made of ceramic, exactly because it is such a highly ozone resistant material.

      As to the rest of the problem which is supposedly because of the difficulty of connecting two different materials together: this argument has become mostly mute with the rising popularity of the German medical ozone generators like the Herrmann and the Zotzmann machines. Those are the best of the best and they both use metal and glass in the ozone path. Many metals are highly ozone resistant and pass the most stringent German requirements for ozone applications. Stainless steel, titanium, aluminum compounds are among them. So it's clear that fusing two different materials like glass and metal does not have to involve non-ozone resistant materials like glues or raisins (although it hasn't been shown that those couldn't be highly ozone resistant either. How do we know that a silicone sealant would automatically be no good for ozone? The author simply presupposes it without providing evidence that it is so.). So, I think this whole discussion is irrelevant. The article you mentioned is printed on a website which sells ozone generators. This is always problematic for obvious reasons.
      That's my 2 cents on the subject.

  40. Swisstoph

    Due to you fantastic comparison of the generators I bought for my rectal insufflations and oil bubbeling inhalations the solid and reliable Stratus from simply O3. Thanks a lot.
    Now I notice that it smells out of it ozone odor. Where it comes from? At the back of the device there are 13 tiny holes arranged in a nice round pattern.
    My questuon: Is that normal or a danger? My wife was shocked an opened all doors and windows while I was dooing my oil bubble inhalatuon for 15 minutes.

    • paola d

      Hi Swisstoph,

      ozonating olive oil smells of ozone.

      Also, any time you turn on the ozone generator, ozone will come out of it and you can smell it. The only time when this would not occur is if there was a destructor attached to the output hose.

      I suggest using a mask when handling ozone at home.


  41. John Coulson

    I have been using a 10mg /hr machine from foreverozone for water purification. I don't know how to convert this to ug/ml. Would it be safe to use for filing and using rectal bags?

    • paola d

      Hi John,

      you can't convert that to ug/ml as long as you don't know the flow of the gas through the machine.

      Any machine which gives the concentration in mg/hr is likely an air-fed industrial type ozone generator and hence NOT safe for internal use. So, no, I would not use this for RI or any other therapeutic application.


  42. Mariluce

    Hi Paola,
    Please, may you kindly tell me more specifically which germany Ozone device you refer in this text whose cost is around $2000 ? Best Regards. Mariluce ??

    • paola d

      Hi Mariluce,

      I do not know of any German ozone device which costs $2,000.

      You may have misunderstood what I wrote underneath the Ozonette. There, I mention that the next best device which comes close to the Ozonette would be a German machine which costs $2,000 *more*, meaning around $6,000.

      I do not know of any German ozone machines for home users for $2,000, sorry.


  43. Kim

    I am interested in the Longevity EXT50. If needed can I get it repaired in New York City?

    Thank you for providing such excellent ozone equipment info!

    • paola d

      Hi Kim,

      I don't think so.

      I think it needs to be send in to Longevity in Canada for repairs.


  44. Chris B

    “United Ozone is a new company founded by Brandon Smith”
    This company is no longer in existence since their website just went down, and their owner Brandon Smith did not deliver all of the parts to, then requested the product back, but kept my money, and he ran off to Pennsylvania.
    If you have any connection to Mr. Smith (since his website is no longer up and running), I recommend that you advise him to reimburse his customers.

    • paola d

      Hi Chris,

      I am sorry to hear of your bad experience.

      As I mention in my article above, I have made a similar bad experience.

      Brandon still owes me several hundred $$. And he does not respond to my emails.


  45. Dr. Larry Horton

    Paola, in response to your mention of manufacturers who provide calibration of generators, it's important to understand that any analysis of an ozone generator's actual output is relatively meaningless unless it's performed using the owner's own oxygen regulator. This is simply because regulators are notoriously inaccurate. If we don't know how much oxygen the regulator is sending to the generator (rather than what the dial says it *should* be doing), we don't know what ozone concentration is coming out of the generator.

    This is a very important factor in checking calibration. Inaccuracies of either the generator or the regulator will cause errors in ozone output. Those errors may be damaging to health, or they may be ineffectual to improving our health. The inaccuracies can go significantly either way, which, of course, is the reason for having both checked.

    Please make sure your readers understand this.


    • paola d

      Hi Dr. Horton,

      yes, the accuracy of the generator depends also on the oxygen regulator. This is why one should send in one's regulator together with the machine when having it checked for output accuracy.

      This is why medical machines like the Zotzmann already come with a regulator and have been calibrated accordingly.
      It is also important for the readers to know that the regulator on medical machines has essentially one setting. So the operator never adjusts the oxygen flow, this is done by the ozone generator.

      I assume the same is true for the Herrmann machine.

      So, yes, the regulator plays an important role in the accuracy of the generator, which quality ozone generator manufacturers already take into account.

      The simple non-medical machines are indeed much more dependent on an accurate oxygen regulator.


  46. Jana

    So the Ozone Box will work for a sauna? My Alpha V is not working & needs to be repaired or replaced. Any suggestions? Do you know where I can get it repaired since SP is not responding to emails? Perhaps I could sell at a reduced price to someone who knows how to repair Plasmafire products. I appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks

    • paola d

      Hi Jana,
      yes, the ozone box will work for a sauna.
      Which email address did you write to when trying to contact SP?

    • paola d

      Hi Jena,
      someone will contact you shortly about your Plasmafire, ok?

    • paola d

      Hi Paul,
      I am afraid the machine you linked to is not adequate for ozone saunas. It is not powerful enough and it also runs on ambient air. What you need is an ozone generator which runs on oxygen. Any of the machines presented here are good for ozone saunas

  47. pedro p

    Hi Paola,
    I've spent all day today doing research on O3 machines. I'm very meticulous when it comes to gadgets of this order and my poor head is spinning by now!
    What a relief to have found your website! I now have my eyes on a Plasmafire Alpha V for later, when I can afford one. Meanwhile, you helped me to decide on a Longevity EXT50.
    Thank you very much for such an excellent, well researched post!

    • paola d

      Hi Pedro,
      thank you very much for reading my page!
      Enjoy your EXT50!

    • Harris Robert

      The Longevity units Are they only true safe house on machines on the market. The other is on machines I’ll have non-O-Zone resistant materials and contact with the ozone stream. Firstly, they put toxins into your body while you’re injecting it. Don’t use them!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Harris,

      I hope you put a bit more care into your research about ozone machines than you put into writing that comment.

      Otherwise what you're saying just sounds like you drank Longevity's cool aid.


  48. Eduardo


    Some equipment mention quality certificate. Which quality certificate you refer, CE?

    Also, wouldn't it be nice to plug all machines into a an analyzer to compare accuracy?

    Best O3 website ever, congrats Paola!

    • paola d

      Hi Eduardo,
      there are different certificates like CE, UL, or CSA. Those certificates mostly make sure that the machine won't fry you when you plug it into the socket. It does not check for the purity of the ozone or if the ozone output is accurate or safe for therapeutic or any other administration.

      Yes, it would be fantastic to have such an analyzer. Just as it would be great to have a couple of grand to be able to buy them 🙂 … I think the cheapest Made in China analyzer runs at ca. $2,000 (plus customs fee). A better quality one at $4,000 to 5,000 …

    • Eduardo

      Hi Paola just asking but have you tried all generators in the list?

      I'm buying one of them; just ocurred to me is not the most popular one above.

    • paola d

      Hi Eduardo,
      no I have not tried them all.
      The ones I tried are: SimplyO3 Stratus, Promolife Dual Cell (since using just one cell is equivalent of using the single cell, I think I can also sat that I have a good idea how the Single cell works), I am in the process of trying out the Ozonette, I tried the EXT50, and I have been treated by doctors who used the old EXT120.
      Hope this helps.

  49. kathymcdevitt

    Hi I recently read on a blog that ozone can cause cancer because of oxidation in some people.. is that true or just a wives tale? I know one lyme patinet who claims she got cancer from ozone.

    • paola d

      there is lots of misinformation floating around about ozone.
      The way chemotherapy kills tumors is through oxidation. The same way radiation is used to shrink tumors: through oxidation. This is the same way ozone is used to combat cancer by many doctors worldwide. An oncologist in Spain actually is of the opinion that ozone therapy is much more effective in treating cancer than chemotherapy or radiation. So if someone says that oxidation caused their cancer, this is really really unlikely. What is more likely is that the ozone most likely postponed the emergence of the cancer.

  50. hugh taylor

    What a first class presentation . Sensible . Honest . Hope you are getting big hugs for doing it the right way .

    • paola d

      Thank you, Hugh!
      There is more coming up, so stay tuned 😉

    • Sarah

      Can any be used for an ozone bath? Is it supposed to be on while you're in the tub?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Sarah,

      not sure which ozone generator you mean, but yes most of them could be used for an ozone bath.
      Yes, it should be on while you are in the tub.
      Just make sure the machine can't fall into the tub, otherwise you'll get electrocuted.


    • A

      Thank you for sharring your knowledge.
      Regarding ozone in the tub, do I understand correctly,
      that you can lay in the tub with hotwater and you would
      run a tube from the ozone generator into the tub ? Would it
      be like bubbling in the tub ? What benefit would you be get ?
      For the skin ? I am assuming you would need a high concentration ?

      Thank you.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi A,

      yes, that's exactly what you can do, bubble ozone through the hot water in the hot tub.
      But, you need to figure out how to protect yourself from the escaping gas. So either put a fan in front of you or have a neck fan or wear a mask.
      Benefit would be similar to a H2O2 bath, ozone sauna or ozone body suit.
      Yes, a high concentration would be good, of 80 or 120 mcg/ml or at least 60.


  51. Kim forsberg

    Hi Paola,
    Im considering buying the Longevity ext 50.
    the part That confuses me is the 55ug/ml . Is that powerful enough to treat and help with Lyme etc?
    I don't get what that refers to.

    Thank you so much ,

    • paola d

      Hi Kim,
      55 ug/ml refers to the ozone concentration produced by the generators. ug is micrograms. So 55ug/ml means there are 55 micrograms of ozone per one milliliter of ozone/oxygen gas mix.
      The higher that number, the more powerful ozone output the machine produces.
      Many doctors who treat Lyme and other infections successfully, use ozone concentrations in the 40 to 50 ug/ml range, so yes it appears that is enough to help with Lyme. Successful ozone treatments also depend on the frequency and duration of applications, not only the concentration.
      Let me know if you have any other questions.


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