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The best ozone generators for ozone therapy at home are machines which are easy to use, are affordable, not too clunky, and are ideal for non-invasive therapies like insufflations, ozonating water, and ozone saunas. They should also come with a good customer support to explain laymen how to use the equipment in easy terms.

Ozone generators produce ozone out of oxygen. So make sure to select the right oxygen source for you together with the best ozone generator.

The Top 12 reviewed ozone generators for ozone therapy are (in alphabetical order):

    • Dr. O Solutions
    • HTU-500
    • Longevity EXT50
    • Longevity EXT120
    • Ozonette
    • Promolife O3Elite Dual Cell
    • Promolife O3Elite MINI
    • Promolife O3Elite Single Cell
    • SimplyO3 Stratus 2.0
    • SimplyO3 Stratus 3.0
    • Synergy WPS-100
    • Truly Heal O3 Power Bundle

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Don’t feel like reading the whole thing? Here is the best product for home ozone users:

best ozone generator for ozone therapy at home promolife dual cell


The Best Ozone Machines for Ozone Therapy at Home – 2019

Comparison table according to price – highest to lowest.

 ModellMax O3 OutputDial KnobDiscount Code AvailablePrice
Best ozone generator for ozone therapy professionals ozonette Ozonette
(Best Generator for Medical Professionals)
80 mcg/ml YES YES, $250 OFF with 103OZT250$5,300.00 
best ozone generator all glass EXT120 minLongevity EXT 120 / T
(Best All-Glass Ozone Generator)
120 mcg/mlYESYES, $100 OFF with POW100$1,995.00 
best ozone generator for ozone therapy power bundle truly heal minTruly Heal O3 Power Bundle
(Ozone Package with Most Extras)
99 mcg/mlNONO$1,440.00/  1,540.00 
best ozone generator for home ozone users PL dual cell minPromolife O3Elite Dual Cell
(Best Overall Ozone Machine for Home Users)
110 mcg/mlYESYES, 7% OFF with TPO7D$1,195.00 
best ozone generator EXT50 easiest to use minLongevity EXT 50
(Simplest All-Glass Ozone Generator)
65 mcg/mlNOYES, $100 OFF with POW100$995.00 
Best ozone generator simplest to use SO3 S3 minSimplyO3 Stratus3.0
(Easiest to Operate)
60 mcg/mlNOYES, $50 OFF with POWEROFSTRATUS$824.99 
best ozone generator for ozone therapy at home PL single cell minPromolife O3Elite Single Cell
(Best Deal for Home Ozone with Dial Knob)
70 mcg/mlYESYES, 7% OFF with TPO7D$799.00 
best ozone generator all glass most affordable HTU 500 minHTU-500
(Best Price All-Glass Ozone Generator)
70 mcg/mlYESNO$675.00 
best ozone generator no frills most affordable SO3 S2 minSimplyO3 Stratus2.0
(Most Affordable No-Frills Home Ozone Machine)
90 mcg/mlNOYES, $50 OFF with POWEROFSTRATUS$650.00 
best ozone generator no frills PL MINI minPromolife O3Elite MINI
(Best No-Frills Home Ozone Generator)
65 mcg/mlNOYES, 7% OFF with TPO7D$649.00 
ozone generator synergy wps 100Synergy WPS-100
(Most Flexible Price)
80 mcg/mlYESNO$399.00 
best ozone generator to ozonate water dr. o -minDr. O Solutions
(Best to Ozonate Water)
85 mcg/mlNONO$299.00 


Ozonette – Best Generator for Medical Professionals

Affiliate: YES  |  Tested Personally: YES  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: 👍

The Ozonette is a compact, high quality, feature-rich ozone generator for therapists and home ozone enthusiasts alike. It is the best ozone generator for ozone therapy on the market.

True medical grade ozone generator

Best ozone generator for ozone therapy professionals ozonette

Many vendors of ozone generators advertise their machines as medical grade without them having anything to do with medical machines.

Not so in this case.

The Ozonette is a true medical grade ozone generator certified with the CE II b seal. (The manufacturer, Sedecal, omitted to add this to their website, but a document I received from one of the company directors proves that the Ozonette indeed has this credential).

The CE II b certificate is issued by European authorities only to medical equipment which has been tested and found to be safe for therapeutical applications on humans.

Here we have a unique situation where a true medical grade ozone machine is accessible to the general public.

This is possible since the FDA does not recognize ozone therapy equipment as medical appliances. European authorities on the other hand do (although most of them do not recognize ozone therapy as a valid form of medical intervention either).

Versatility through three different modes of operation

The machine comes with three different modes: syringe filling, continuous flow, and manual. This allows for any kind of injection, intravenous administration, insufflation, or any other of the accepted forms of ozone therapy.

High tech syringe filling mode

Since the machine is optimized for medical professionals it’s optimized for filling syringes.

So for example, you don’t need to flush them since the machine automatically purges the lines before the filling starts. This ensures that only pure ozone/oxygen enters the syringe, and not air.

Don’t worry about the plunger falling out due to overfilling. The Ozonette automatically detects when the syringe is full and stops. This works with any size: I tested it with 60 cc, 10 cc, and 5 cc syringes.

The syringe mode allows for any kind of injections or infiltrations: into the joint, into the muscle, under the skin, DIV, or MiAH (Minor Autohemotherapy). You can even do MAH (Major Autohemotherapy): you fill as many syringes as you like and then inject the ozone into the bag with the patient’s blood.

Just set the timer, the machine does the rest!

The continuous option uses a timer. You just set the desired ozone concentration, flow rate, and the duration and press enter. The machine does everything else. After it’s done, the display shows you the total ozone dosage and volume used.

The continuous flow is great for doing any kind of insufflations like ear, vaginal, or rectal. It can also be used for ozonated saline IVs with continuous ozonation during the administration.

On the Ozonette you can set minimal ozone concentrations down to the single digits, in case you want to perform ozonated saline IVs the original Russian way (by not going above 2 mcg/ml).

The continuous mode is also great to ozonate water or do lightly ozonated oils.

Go micro management with the manual mode

You can select to the manual option to have total control over the process. This mode works by keeping a button pressed. The moment you remove your hand, the machine stops producing ozone. You press again, it continues. And it keeps calculating the ozone dosage and volumes during the process.

This is great for rectal insufflations to minimize discomfort. Instead of infusing the whole amount of gas in one go and risk cramping, you use small steps of around 10 cc, with short breaks in between.

The manual mode allows you to fill only half a syringe or less. Do you need just 20 cc but have only a 60 cc syringe? Not a problem when you use the manual solution.

Machine does the math for you

Another feature I love is the automatic calculation of total ozone dosage and the total volume. After each application the generator shows how much O3 was used in total weight (mcg) and volume (ml). This happens in each of the three modes.

Super secure oxygen delivery system

SimplyO3 ships the Ozonette out with a special regulator. Although the machine has a built-in regulator, you still need one for your oxygen bottle.

That regulator and the generator itself come with an especially secure connection for the oxygen tubing that no other ozone manufacturer uses that I know of. It locks the tubing in. In order to pull it out, you need to unlock the hose from the connector.

Extensive testing report included

Each Ozonette goes through an inspection before it’s shipped out. Each of the three modes are checked for accuracy and the results are documented (This is more extensive testing than Herrmann and Zotmann perform. Both of them test only one mode.).

The testing report is included with every ozone generator. The document tells you how well the generator performs.

Extra features for exceptional ease of use

The touch pad is an ergonomically designed slider which allows to set ozone concentrations in 1 mcg/ml increments.

If you have accidentally filled your syringe with too much ozone – not a problem. You just empty it into the built-in destructor so you’re not exposed to the excess gas.

The machine runs on universal voltage. So whether you are in Europe, US, or Asia it will work everywhere equally well.

If there is something off, if for example you accidentally closed the oxygen tank, the display will inform you about it by showing an error message.


It has a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty which does not cover mishandling like dropping, or allowing liquids to enter the machine.

The Ozonette is produced by the Spanish company Sedecal which also manufactures x-ray and CT scan machines.


The Ozonette has a few downsides.

One is the units of the oxygen flow. In ozone therapy the flows is usually given in LPM, liters per minute. The units the Ozonette uses are given in L/h, so liters per hour. Which means in order to get to LPM you need to divide the number by 60. So the lowest flow of 10 L/h equals 1/6 LPM, or 0.17 LPM, the highest flow of 50 L/h equals 5/6 LPM, or 0.83 LPM.

Another feature that could have been done better is the maximum time for the continuous flow. It’s 20 min. Given that the recommended time for an ozone sauna are 30 min, the max time allowed on the Ozonette is too short for that. 20 min may also not be enough to ozonate larger amounts of water or oil.

An additional point is that the measured concentrations can differ from the set concentrations by +/- 10%. This becomes clear when studying the testing report. Which in my opinion is still acceptable. Ozone production is an inherently unstable process, so there are always some small differences between set ozone concentration and the actual result.

The calculation of the delivered volumes does also not accurately match the actually delivered amounts. There is also a deviation of around +/- 10%. 


The Ozonette is a true medical ozone generator that is easy and fun to use. If you are an ozone fan and only want the best equipment, then you will love the Ozonette.

If you are an ozone therapist anywhere in North America then I believe that this is one of the best quality ozone machines you can buy for your practice. It may boost your reputation and it’s a joy to operate.

The Ozonette will allow you to perform any type of ozone application (except the 10 Pass).

The next best comparable normobaric piece of equipment would be one from certified German manufacturers which cost a few thousand $ more.

With the code 103OZT250 you will get a discount of $250.

A note: I believe that the current description on SimplyO3’s website about the Ozonette being equipped with a built-in analyzer is not correct and that what they really mean is the built-in calculator.

  • true medical grade ozone generator fit to be used for ozone therapy with CE II b certificate
  • ozone concentration can be set in 1 mcg/ml increments
  • built-in destructor
  • ergonomically designed touch pad
  • automatic syringe stop
  • automatic calculation of ozone dosage and volume
  • runs on universal voltage
  • comes with special CGA 870 regulator and tubing
  • 2 year warranty
  • O2 flow is given in L/h instead of LPM
  • maximum set time for continuous flow are 20 min
  • deviation of ozone concentration and volume of up to +/- 10%

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Promolife O3Elite Dual Stage – Best Overall Ozone Machine for Home Users

Affiliate: YES  |  Tested Personally: YES  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: 👍

The Promolife Dual Cell is a light, quiet, low heat, yet very powerful ozone generator best overall deal for home ozone users dual cell ozone generator promolifewhich makes it the overall best solution for home ozone users.

Light as a feather – you can pack it in your backpack

One of the most striking features of the Promolife Dual Cell is its weight. If you’ve ever held an ozone generator in your hands, you will understand how unusual this is.

The light weight and the fact that it runs on any voltage from 110 to 230 V makes it a perfect traveling companion.

It’s so quiet, you can fall sleep while it runs

The next positive surprise is how quiet it is.

Again, if you’ve ever been around other ozone generators, you know that some of them can be pretty noisy with uncomfortable high pitched sounds.

Not so the Promolife.

It’s so quiet it’s hard to believe it’s actually on. Just look at the light instead: if it’s on, then you know it’s really on.

This quiet wallflower packs a powerful punch

Featherweight and silent yet it comes with a whooping horsepower of 110 mcg/ml.

As a home ozone therapy user you will likely never use such high ozone concentrations. They are also only attainable at super low oxygen flows of 1/32 LPM. But the fact that it’s so powerful allows for the perfect ozone concentrations of 30 to 50 mcg/ml at more commonly used flows of 1/4 to 1/8 LPM.

Everything right in front of your eyes – no more looking around

One of the most brilliant ideas Promolife came up with was to print the output chart on top. It gives you instant access to all the information you need in order to set the generator to get the desired ozone concentration. You first select the oxygen flow and then turn the dial knobs to the ozone output you need. Ozone for dummies! I personally really appreciate that.

Cool as a cat

It not only purrs gently like a cat but is also just as cool. There really is no such a thing as a completely cold ozone production process, but the Promolife Dual Cell is one of the coolest generators I know, pun intended.

Even after running it non-stop for 1 hour, the machine becomes only marginally warm. This is thanks to the ceramic cells which don’t heat up. Thanks to them, the Promolife does not require a fan.

Made in the USA

Promolife claims that every one of its components are made in the States. So no cheap and shady parts assembled in far away countries under unknown standards. It’s all made in my favorite country in the world – USA!

They got your back – for life!

Should anything break down, you just send it in and Promolife fixes it for you. You will have to pay the shipping though. They even offer a testing service where you can see if the machine still puts out what it’s supposed to put out.

The warranty does not cover damage from accidentally dropping it (please, do not throw it in the air to see if it can fly since it’s light as a feather) or allowing oils to get into the machine.

Best support ever

Promolife really has some of the best customer supports out there. Not only do they have a ton of videos on their Youtube channel and written instructions which come with the ozone generator, but if all that fails they will actually go through everything with you on the phone.

Promolife is the best One Stop Shop for home ozone users

Promolife is a market leader in ozone equipment and especially in ozone machines for home ozone users. They have everything, and I mean everything: from pre-filled oxygen bottles with 99.9% pure oxygen, to connectors, ozone resistant infrared saunas, hard-shell saunas, ozone oil to put up your bum, ozone monitoring devices, you name it. If they don’t have it, you can bet they’re working on getting it.

Get it up and get ‘er done

Do you live in cramped conditions or have too much stuff anyway? Get that thing out of the way and just hang it on the wall. The Promolife Dual Cell has two holes in the back, perfect for nails.


I’m really fishing here but I feel I need to write something otherwise it sounds too good to be true. So the only thing that I can honestly come up with is that some people may take a little longer to grasp the output chart and how to operate the two knobs. Once you catch on, you understand how easy it is though.  The chart is really simple and self explanatory. There really is no way one could have made it clearer. But if you never had to operate any machinery of that kind, there may be a small learning curve.


The Promolife is the best ozone generator for people who do ozone therapy at home.

You can use it for any type of insufflations, the ozone sauna, you can ozonate water with it, use it for more invasive applications if you desire, you can do everything with it and it will last you a long time. And if not – you have a lifetime warranty. And if you run out of supplies, you just order it all from Promolife’s online shop. Thanks to the two dial knobs the machine allows for a wide variety of ozone settings. It’s the perfect home ozone solution.

Use the following code to get a 7% discount on all ozone equipment: TPO7D.

  • light weight
  • super silent
  • allows for many different ozone settings
  • low heat
  • can be mounted on a wall
  • universal voltage
  • output chart printed on top
  • great customer support
  • lifetime warranty
  • comes with total of 10 feet of silicone and oxygen tubing, extra luer lock connectors, wall mounts, power adapter, and a check valve
  • online one-stop-shop with extensive inventory
  • I’m really fishing here: some may take longer to crack the output chart

Longevity EXT120 / EXT120T-Ultra – Best All-Glass Ozone Generator

Affiliate: YES  |  Tested Personally: NO  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: 👍

The Longevity EXT120 has one of the best reputations among ozone doctors thanks to its uncompromising dedication to ozone purity. The EXT120 T-Ultra is without a doubt the best all-glass ozone generator on the market. 

Cosmic purity

Longevity prides itself on producing the purest ozone of all. It says it’s the only manufacturer of ozone generators with certificates of purity of ozone.

They say they accomplish this by making sure that the ozone gas which flows through Longevity generators only comes in contact with glass and silicone, two highly ozone resistant materials.

Longevity touts NASA as one of their customers. So if you’re a space geek who is looking for subatomic purity on a quantum physical level – the guys at Longevity got you covered.

Fully digital with a timer

Dial knobs? That’s so yesterday. Longevity ozone machines come with digital interface and display. You set all the specifications with just a few pushes of the right buttons. The timer is super convenient for ozone saunas or ozonating water.

Go nano-ozone

The EXT120 machines can go down to 0.5 mcg/ml, that’s nanograms realm. On the upside, it goes to impressive 120 mcg/ml and you have the choice between an astounding 90 different ozone settings.

Good company

The brand is quite popular among medical professionals and it’s backed by the American Academy of Ozone. So as an owner of a Longevity ozone generator you’re in great company.

Not only ozone generators

In order to be able to perform ozone therapy you need more than just the generator. But even here, Longevity has you covered: they sell their own oxygen concentrators, oxygen tanks, hard shell pods for ozone saunas, lots of different glass ware, you name it they got it! If you want, they will put together an individual package just for you.

Precision is the name of the game

Each ozone machine is tested WITH the regulator it’s shipped and the measured concentrations are documented. This is the sign of a company dedicated to precision. So with your ozone machine you don’t get just a generic output chart, but a report which shows how much ozone YOUR generator together with YOUR regulator puts out at a given oxygen flow.

Welcome to the Matrix

Longevity has developed a new technology which allows its generators to run on very low amps, generate as good as no heat, and to top it all off – it has only one electrode! They call it NEOS Technology. If you have no idea what all this means or why it should impress you, just take this away: this is some pretty advanced stuff which shows that Longevity is deep into serious R & D.

Additional extras:

Longevity touts an impressive alphabet soup of certificates: QAI to CSA and UL, CE, and their unique Certificate of Purity of Ozone. That’s pretty much all you can have in North America. One more, and they’d probably qualify for the Nobel Prize.

Thanks to openings in the back of the casing, you can mount it on a wall. Longevity has designed a special plexi-glass board just for that. That’s ozone therapy with style!

All those electronic appliances can add up and for super sensitive people it can be too much. No problem with the Longevity: their casing is designed to shield off those nasty EMFs.

The ozone generators come with a lifetime warranty on the glass cell and 5 years on all other parts. The machines can be used anywhere in the world since they run on universal voltage.


One major downside is the lack of an online shop. The only way to order is by placing a call. If you’re new to ozone therapy and do not know which equipment you need for which ozone modalities you can quickly find yourself spending a few hundred to a few thousand dollars more than you anticipated after talking to the very persuasive sales staff.

The fact that they do not display prices on their website just adds to the inconvenience.

The distaste for using modern communication methods seems to also extend to email correspondence: it can take several days to get an answer.

Another downside is that the ozone machines do not come with any extras. You have to buy everything else separately.

Summary: The Longevity EXT120 and the EXT120 T-Ultra are the peek of external oxygen regulator controlled ozone generators: unique all-glass ozone chamber, all digital, timer, super pure, and super advanced. For the home ozone user it’s probably a bit of an overkill. Do you need all that NASA-certified purity in order to treat your arthritis? Probably not. For the ozone therapist who wants a simpler back up generator to their German hyperbaric ozone machine – that’s probably the right one. If you have time to schedule that call in between your patient appointments, that is.

Longevity offers a unique and limited discount to readers of my website. Use the code POW100 to get $100 off on the EXT120, the EXT120 T-Ultra, or the EXT50.

  • all glass ozone chamber with super pure ozone, advanced NEOS™ Technology
  • many quality certificates
  • popular among doctors
  • lifetime warranty on glass cell, 5 years on all other parts
  • digital timer available (T-Ultra model)
  • low EMF
  • wall mountable
  • lifetime customer support
  • sell full ozone packages with full accessories
  • universal voltage
  • no online shop, orders are placed on the phone
  • no extras
  • slow email response
  • prices are not displayed on website


>> Call Toll Free in Canada and the USA: 877-543-3398 or Overseas Call: 250-654-0092 and say you have been referred by The Power of Ozone

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3. Promolife O3Elite Single Cell

“Best overall solution”

 US$ 799

70 mcg/ml


– very light weight
– very silent
– comes with many extras
– universal voltage
– great customer service
– Promolife constantly evolves with and adapts to the needs of its customers
– lifetime warranty
– cleanable ozone chambers
– low EMF output
– 7% discount if you subscribe to the The Power of Ozone newsletter
– minimal heat generation
– FREE shipping
– CE certificate as of February 2018


no quality certificate

I absolutely love this company: Promolife has been selling ozone gear since the 90s. If you followed them for some years as I have, you will recognize one of their most striking features: how readily they respond to their customers’ needs and even seem to anticipate them.

You bought an ozone generator at a yard sale and would like to know if it still works properly? Not a problem: Promolife has the solution: the Ozone Generator Testing Service.

You live in the UK or the EU and can’t buy a pediatric regulator which would fit your UK or EU tank? Not a problem, Promolife has the solution: a regulator which will fit onto a UK tank. Or get an adapter.

You don’t want to spend extra money on a humidifier AND a water bubbler? Not a problem with Promolife: just buy the Ozone Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo. It allows you to ozonate your water without creating excess ozone in the room – all you need to do is attach the destructor unit. Or you can use the same glass bottle as a humidifier – all you need to do is disconnect the destructor and connect the bubbler to an earscope or catheter. E voila!

Not to speak of the new hard-shell sauna, now back bigger and badder. Or the build your package service, or the all-Teflon earscope, or the ozonated oil suppositories, or the glass syringes with luer lock fittings. Promolife always comes with new exciting stuff, always reaching out to its customers, seemingly eager to fulfill each of their ozone dreams.

That same mind set seems to have been applied to their line of ozone generators.

The O3Elite Single Stage ozone machine is a small, light, quiet ozone generator. It is the perfect ozone device for a wide range of applications. If your main goal to get an ozone generator is for personal health care purposes, this generator offers all you need.

Both ozone generators (the O3Elite Single Stage and the O3Elite Dual Stage) are endowed with little details which show how much thought and care went into their design. The ozone output dials are elegant metal knobs with a smooth feel to them and a subtle “click” when the output is turned off. The oxygen in and ozone out connectors are luer lock attachments which come with caps to protect them from dust if you don’t use them. A luer lock is like a little screw. Once it’s connected, you don’t need to worry about it accidentally getting loose. It sits airtight.

The generator comes with a number of extras, including additional luer lock and quick connectors so you can easily attach anything from humidifiers to catheters.

[A drawback of the Single Stage, as opposed to the Dual Stage, is the missing chart on top of the machine. It only comes with a printed version]. – SCRATCH THAT!! The new single stage machines come also with a chart printed on top. You have one of the old ones? Contact Promolife and ask them for a chart and they will send you one.

Here a video by my friend Teresa Caballero how to best attach the new chart on top of your chartless single cell O3Elite.

The O3Elite Ozone generators are unique: they use ceramic in their oxygen gas chambers. They are single dielectrics, which means there is ceramic on one side of the ozone chamber and an aluminum oxide electrode on the other side. Both materials are highly ozone resistant with aluminum oxide being approved even by the most stringent German industry standards and ceramic being used in high powered industrial grade water ozonaters and being known for their high ozone resistance.

Another great extra feature of the machine are the different electric plugs: whether you’re in the US, EU or UK – you just select the corresponding plug and can start insufflating yourself internationally. No transformer necessary and you don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging the machine with too high voltage. This, plus its light weight makes it the perfect ozone generator for traveling.

Are you still concerned about a possible contamination? Buy a line filter, also available at Promolife.

Another great thing about the generators is that they can be completely cleaned. Should you accidentally get water into the chamber, just run oxygen through it.

Oil is a little more complicated matter. One should always take careful precautions not to get any oil inside an ozone generator. The simplest and best solution is a trap.

The single components of Promolife generators have various quality certificates, the ozone generators themselves, don’t.

As of February 2018 all Promolife generators have obtained the EC certificate!

Subscribers of The Power of Ozone newsletter receive an exclusive discount of 7%. Click here for the code.


If you’re looking for a light, quiet, durable ozone generator to use for personal purposes from a great, service-oriented company with a lifetime warranty, and if you are not an “all-glass” fanatic, then that’s the ozone generator for you.

5. Longevity EXT50

“Most affordable all-glass unit on the market.”

 US$ 995

65 mcg/ml


– all glass ozone chamber
– light weight
– ETL approved and backed by American Academy of Ozone
– found in many doctors’ offices
– lifetime warranty on glass chamber
– low EMF
– many quality certificates


– no online shop, orders are placed on the phone
– no discounts
– no extras

The EXT50 is a classic. It is a bare-bones, simple, and beautiful machine. It is the most basic generator Longevity sells which has been recently upgraded to make it even more attractive. The maximum ozone output at an oxygen flow of 1/32 LPM used to be 55 mcg/ml, now it has been bumped up to 65 mcg/ml.

At US$995 the EXT50 is the most affordable all-glass ozone machine on the consumer market. Longevity sources pride themselves for producing what they claim is the purest ozone production: there are only highly ozone resistant materials in the ozone path and no metals. Something which many users value a lot. Many people feel overwhelmed by the different types of ozone generators and different claims about quality. Longevity puts those worries to rest.

I’ve had an EXT50 for around 4 years now. I’m very happy with the machine. I decided to buy it because I wanted to have peace of mind when giving myself ozone intravenously. I wanted to make sure that the ozone going into my body would be free of any possible contaminants, and I felt that a Longevity generator could provide that.

The machine itself is small and very light-weight (it has been recently made even smaller). It can be mounted on the wall, although I personally prefer to keep it on a little side table.

The EXT50 is regulated entirely by the oxygen flow, there is no dial knob. The lower the oxygen flow, the higher the ozone concentration. The higher the oxygen flow, the lower the ozone concentration.

There is around one foot of each PVC and silicone tubing attached to the ‘oxygen in’ and ‘ozone out’ ports. One can choose between quick or luer lock connectors. Other than that, the machines comes with no extras. Anything else: from humidifiers, catheters, to extra connectors has to be ordered separately.

And that’s where in my opinion one of the downsides of Longevity’s services start: Longevity does not have an online shop. Every order is processed on the phone.

This can be a good thing or – not such a good thing.

It is a good thing if you’re new to ozone applications, have no idea what you need to get started, which connectors go with which equipment and which regulator with which oxygen tank. In that case, the Longevity support staff will help you figure out what you need and put together a customized package for you.

On the other hand this could also be to your disadvantage, since after talking to the very persuasive sales staff you might find yourself buying equipment which you either might have bought at a much cheaper price elsewhere or which you don’t really need.

So the purchase of a $995 ozone generator can result in additional expenses of several hundred to a few thousand $.

If you have a large budget and don’t mind paying extra as long as you get everything you need from one source and do not need to shop around, then this is certainly the right place for you. You will get friendly, thorough phone support which will ensure that you get the highest quality products from a one-stop-shop: they have everything you need.

Longevity recently started uploading some pictures onto their website of the many accessories they sell. There is possibly also a full online shops in the works for the future, but as of now, one is still largely at the mercy of the sales staff.

The EXT50 110 V costs $995, the 240V version is available for $1,100.

It comes with a lifetime warranty on the quartz glass chamber and a 5 year warranty on electronics.


The EXT50 is an ozone classic: controlled entirely through the oxygen flow it is a simple no frills generator with an all-glass chamber. With the recent upgrade in ozone output from 55 to 65 mcg/ml makes it an even more attractive investment, suitable for any ozone application.

6. SimplyO3 Stratus 2.0

“Reliable, solid and simple”

 US$ 650

88 mcg/ml


– light weight
– very silent
– universal voltage
– lifetime warranty
– 60 days money back guarantee
– $50 discount available for subscribers of the Power of Ozone newsletter
– CE certificate
– FREE shipping


– no dial knob, so limited variability in ozone output

I love to be positively surprised. And SimplyO3 has achieved just that. I wrote about this machine a year ago and I was not impressed. There were a few things I had not liked like the confusing chart, the too high ozone concentration at moderate oxygen flows and a discount model which applied only to wholesale buyers.

SimplyO3 heard me and they fixed all that! They even removed the sharp edges on the machine.

This cute little ozone generator now comes with a straightforward output chart printed on top. It has been modified so that it produces better ozone concentrations at low oxygen flows, and it offers attractive discounts for even single machine buyers.


I love it!

For such a simple machine, the Stratus 2.0 displays an astounding accuracy of its ozone output.

This is really a great machine for the small budget. For those who sign up for my newsletter there is a discount available for $50 off.

The machine now produces adequate ozone concentrations at the most commonly used flows of 1/2 to 1/16 LPM. It is small and quiet. There is a built in fan which makes a pleasant, whizzing sound instead of a high pitched like some other ozone generators.

The clean, industrial look of the machine might seem familiar to you since other manufacturers have copied the casing. What makes this machine stand apart from other nearly equal looking products is the now modified ozone output which makes it more suitable for safe ozone applications.

According to Micah Lowe, the founder of SimplyO3, the innards of the Stratus 2.0 consist of 100% ozone resistant materials like titanium, glass, silicone, and kynar.

The machine runs on any voltage in the world from 90 to 240 V. You just need the right plug adapter which is easily obtainable for a few bucks, and you can use the machine anywhere you want. The tiny size allows it to be easily transported.

The Stratus 2.0 does NOT have a dial, so the ozone concentration is adjusted solely through the oxygen flow.

The oxygen in port has a 3/16” outer diameter, the ozone out port is a luer lock. The machine comes with 6’ of silicone tubing which fits the oxygen in port perfectly, a luer lock connector for the ozone port, and a three year warranty.

SimplyO3’s online shop offers many other accessories for the newcomer or professional user.

Subscribers of The Power of Ozone newsletter receive is an exclusive discount code for $50 off. Click here to apply.


The Stratus 2.0 is a solid and simple machine with a good range of ozone concentrations. Perfect for the small budget or the frequent traveler.

7. Promolife O3Elite Mini

“A mini with a maxi potential”

 US$ 649

65 mcg/ml


– very light weight
– very silent
– comes with many extras
– universal voltage
– great customer service
– Promolife constantly evolves with and adapts to the needs of its customers
– lifetime warranty
– cleanable ozone chambers
– low EMF output
– 7% discount if you subscribe to the The Power of Ozone newsletter
– minimal heat generation
– FREE shipping
– CE certificate


no quality certificate

With the Promolife Mini the Arkansas based company shows yet again what it’s best at: feeling the pulse of the ozone community and responding accordingly.

The Mini is an answer to the recent emergence of very affordable ozone generators. Unlike Promolife, most other sellers give ambiguous and evasive answers about the provenance of their machines, just to avoid the “C” word, as in Made in China.

That is not the case with Promolife. Their generators are all Made in the USA.

The Mini allows to perform applications like ozonate water, various insufflations and even ozone saunas. Due to the fact that the ozone concentration is entirely regulated through the oxygen flow, this machine does offer less options.

For example: at the oxygen flow of 1/16 LPM the Mini produces only one ozone concentration, namely 52 mcg/ml.

The Promolife O3Elite Dual on the other side allows for 10 different concentrations at the flow of 1/16 LPM, ranging from 21 to 95 mcg/ml.

So when using the Mini one needs to increase the oxygen flow in order to achieve lower ozone concentrations. On other generators, one simply turns down the dial knob.

The maximum ozone output of the Mini is 65mcg/ml, which is likely more than what most people will need for most ozone applications. With ozone, more is not necessarily better. Most popular concentrations lie in the 20 to 40 mcg/ml range.

It is a mini machine with a maxi potential since the rich arsenal of Promolife’s online shop allows to pair it with any available accessory.

The Mini comes with Promolife’s trademark ceramic/stainless steel cell, a slick white metal casing with the output chart glued on top, additional silicone and vinyl tubing, dust caps for the luer ports, an array of power adapters, a manual, and a check valve.

Subscribers of The Power of Ozone newsletter receive an exclusive discount of 7%. Click here for the code.


The Promolife Mini is a basic no-frills ozone generator. Together with accessories from to the company’s extensive online-shop one can perform any ozone modality there is.

Other generators I do not recommend anymore:

Plasmafire Beta V and Alpha V 

“Nikola Tesla’s legacy lives on.”

US$ 1,900 / US$ 3,050

US$ 2,000 / US$ 3,200

52 ug/ml / 62 ug/ml


– all glass ozone chamber
– no heat generation
– Nikola Tesla’s unique invention
– comes with many accessories which allow you to start many ozone treatments right away
– discount available
– A “built-in” safe concentration of ozone through the use of electrified noble gasses instead of metal electrodes.
– FREE shipping


– bigger and heavier than other machines
– needs time to run at full ozone concentration
– some accessories are of low quality

The Canadian company Plasmafire Intl over the last 25 years has perfected Nikola Tesla’s cold plasma technology for ozone generators. It makes their products stand apart from all other ozone generators on the market which use corona discharge. The exact construction of the generators is kept secret by their designer Saul Pressman. What we do know is that it involves glass tubes with noble gases. It is a singular type of a dual dielectric ozone generator. The gases are excited by high voltage creating a plasma field through which oxygen flows. The oxygen picks up energy in the plasma field and some of it reassembles into ozone.

Other dual dielectric ozone generators also use glass as the dielectric material, but their electrodes are made of metal, usually stainless steel, aluminum or titanium. When metal is subjected to high current, considerable amounts of heat are generated. Cold plasma generators on the other hand are electrostatic devices which use voltage and do not create heat.

Consequently, they produce uncontaminated ozone and are extremely durable. Saul Pressman alleges that in the 23 years of production no uncontaminated Plasmafire tube has ever failed. The lack of any heat during the process makes them perfect devices to ozonate olive oil: they can be run continuously without any need for cooling.

Nikola Tesla, the inventor of the first cold plasma ozone generator

Nikola Tesla: his original electrostatic ozone invention lives on in the Plasmafire ozone generators.

Cold plasma generators also have a built-in safety precaution: they do not produce ozone concentrations above 70 mcg/ml. Interestingly, it has been determined that this is also the ozone concentration above which erythrocytes (red blood cells) are damaged by ozone. Which is the reason why high end German ozone generators (accessible only to medical professionals) do not exceed an ozone concentration of 70 mcg/ml.

There have been reports that the machines of another highly regarded ozone generator manufacturer were producing much higher ozone concentrations than quoted, of up to 40 mcg/ml more than supposed. So a setting which was supposed to produce 60 mcg/ml was measured to produce over 100 mcg/ml. Thanks to the neon tube technology, this could never happen with a Plasmafire generator.

There have been some rumors floating around that plasma generators are the only ones which are able to generate the right kind of ozone in order to combat Lyme disease. This is certainly not true. Ozone is ozone, doesn’t matter what type of technology is used. The quality of ozone is largely determined by the feed gas and internal parts of the generators.

Technical Specifications

Plasmafire Alpha V

Plasmafire Alpha V ozone generator
  • Ozone Output:

plasmafire alpha v output chart

  • Dimensions: 16″ wide x 14″ deep x 6″ high, weight: 14 lbs
  • Unique Cold Plasma Design
  • All Glass Tube Construction
  • Teflon Output Fittings
  • Quality Acrylic Case
  • No Cooling Fan Needed
  • Safe, Stable Output
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Available in 120V or 240V at no extra charge
  • Comes with the following accessories: oxygen input tubing, 6′ of silicone tubing, asthma kit (oxygen mask and two humidifiers), 5-in-1 connector, 3 catheters, an ear adapter, a set of funnels, a limb bag, a water bubbler, and a CGA 540 pediatric regulator. The accessories will allow you to do the following ozone applications: ozonated oil breathing, ear insufflations, cupping/funneling, limb bagging, ozonating water.
  • FREE shipping to the continental US
  • US$150 flat rate for international shipping
  • Exlusive Discount of US$150 for The Power of Ozone Readers, please fill out form below to apply
  • Price: US$ 3,200.00  US$ 3,050.00

Plasmafire Beta V

Plasmafire Beta V ozone generator
  • Ozone Output:

plasmafire beta v output chart

  • Dimensions: 16″ wide x 12″ deep x 6″ high, weight 12 lbs
  • Unique Cold Plasma Design
  • All Glass Tube Construction
  • Teflon Output Fittings
  • Quality Acrylic Case
  • No Cooling Fan Needed
  • Optimized for Low Flow Rate
  • Safe, Stable Output
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Available in 120V or 240V at no extra charge
  • Comes with the following accessories: oxygen input tubing, 6′ of silicone tubing, asthma kit (oxygen mask and two humidifiers), 5-in-1 connector, 3 catheters, an ear adapter, a set of funnels, a limb bag, a water bubbler, and a CGA 540 pediatric regulator. The accessories will allow you to do the following ozone applications: ozonated oil breathing, ear insufflations, cupping/funneling, limb bagging, ozonating water.
  • FREE shipping to the continental US
  • US$150 flat rate for international shipping
  • Exlusive Discount of US$100 for The Power of Ozone Readers, please fill out form below to apply
  • Price: US$ 2,000.00  US$ 1,900.00

Summary: If you are a fan of Nikola Tesla and want to help keep his unique invention alive, then this is the machine for you.

* C.O.O.L. Rating stands for Crazy Old Ozone Lady Rating. It’s my subjective assessment of an ozone generator based on its features, output, how easy it’s to operate and also the overall service the vendor provides. 

Except for the Ozonette, none of the ozone generators presented on this website have been approved for medical purposes. Any application of the machines for other than water purification is at the sole risk of the user.

Legal Disclaimer

Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. No health claims for these products or diagnostic tools have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA nor any other medical authority approved these products to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Since every person is unique, we highly recommend you to consult with your licensed health care practitioner about the use of ozone products in your particular situation. Neither The Power of Ozone nor the manufacturers of these items are responsible for the misuse of this equipment. It is highly advised to receive professional council from a licensed doctor before using Ozone Therapy or any of the mentioned products or tests on yourself.


  1. Vital

    Hoi Paola,

    Why do you put the Promolife Mini behind the other single button generators, while you place the O3Elite Single Cell, which seems to be mostly the same as the Mini, except for the dial for different settings, in second?



    • paola d

      Hi Vital,

      having a dial knob which allows for more different settings and different ozone concentrations is a plus.
      The Mini is actually a great single button machine. Once I started the “Top x” format of the page, I had to take a pick which one I will put before which another, but they is not much difference in terms of comfort of use. So my placing of them is really not that important.


  2. Vital

    Hi Paola,

    Thank you so much for all this very valuable information.

    Apart from nasal- and rectal insufflations, as well as, as an addition to FIR-Saunas, I would like to produce ozonated water and possibly oil too.
    As I suppose it is rather expensive to use pure oxygen for this, would it not be good to use air-fed ozonator(s), and if so, which ones would you recommend to do this?

    Many thanks in advance!


  3. Mike

    Do you recommend the ozone unit and what is the cost?

    • paola d

      Hi Mike,

      yes, I think it’s a good non-hyperbaric ozone generator.
      They cost between 4,800 and 6,700 Euro.


  4. Michael Reitz

    Hello Paula,

    your site is very interesting. Do you know if I can buy a promolite ozone generator in germany or europe. And which regulator do i need for the oxygen (industrial or medical)(DIN?).
    Many Greetings


  5. Monika Hudecova

    Hello Paola,
    If you had to choose between Promolife ozone generator and Simply 03 Stratus 2.0, which one would you choose? I was looking into purchasing the one made by Longevity, but they seem to be quite expensive. If I could buy the accessories from another company, like Simply ozone, do you think that they would fit into the Longevity ozone generator? This would save me a bundle. Also, Promolife generator’s electrode is made with ceramic, and some say that it is not resistant to ozone. On the other hand, Simply 03’s generator is made of glass, titanium and Kynar. Thanks for your opinion. Monika

    • paola d

      HI Monika,

      I would choose Promolife either single or double cell generator over the Stratus, because of the dial knobs. They do offer extra comfort which I came to appreciate a lot.

      The scare about ceramic comes mostly from Longevity. It’s an ongoing marketing tactic they have been engaging in. Ceramic is perfectly fine for ozone production.

      Yes, you could probably buy accessories from a different company and use them with Longevity generators. At the worst you may have to buy some extra quick or luer lock connectors.


  6. Monika Hudecova

    Hello Paola,

    I am trying to decide which ozone generator to get, it would be used for my mom who has leukemia. Are you familiar with Dr. O solutions ozone generator? It seems quite affordable, it costs only $259, but I am not sure if the product can be trusted. I am looking for a generator that can be safely used for cancer patients, the one that is built properly so that the ozone will not react with anything unsafe to the body. There is a lot of info on ceramic that is listed as unsafe, and then other websites list ceramic as safe. I never thought that it would be so complicated when trying to buy an ozone generator. Here is the website for Dr. O. Thanks for your great information on your website.

    • paola d

      Hi Monika,
      if you’re working with cancer patients as a practitioner, I would definitely suggest to buy a medical ozone generator like the Ozonette. Or one of the German brands like Herrmann, Humares, Ozonosan etc. It’s also a legal protection for yourself.

      The main problem with ozone generators like Dr. O I have is that it’s unlikely that they’re accurate. You also want to make sure you have warranty or who to contact if something starts malfunctioning. But they very well may do the job. At least for a short while …


  7. LIng Tan

    Hi Paola,

    I just bought SimplyO3 ozone generator and I want to purchase some accessories from Promolife, especially the full body ozone suit. I don’t know if their silicon hose will fit in to my O3 ozone generator. Please advise.


    • paola d

      Hi Tan,
      yes, they should fit.

  8. Stephen

    Hi Paola,

    What is your opinion on the Synergy Ozone Generators? I’ve been using this generator for a while now and haven’t had any issues with it as of yet. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.


    • paola d

      Hi Stephen,

      Synergy was one of the first home ozone machines I used to have. I do not recommend them. I had bad experience with it and with the producer/seller of the machines. But if yours has been doing well so far, then it’s likely ok to keep using it.


  9. Michael Mathieu

    Hello Paola,

    I just purchased a Promolife Single cell. Dr. David Brownstein recommended them in one of his talks so I decided that was good enough for me. However, I just bought Frank Shallenberger’s Book O-Zone miracle and he did not include ceramic and his list of acceptable materials. So I got online and did some reading and now I’m finding myself confused about safety of the ceramic. I’m wondering if you might be able to say anymore about that? One of the articles I found said that other materials have to be used with ceramic that aren’t necessarily O-Zone safe… I would absolutely love your comments. Here is the link for that article in case you’re interested


    • paola d

      Hi Michael,

      I am aware of that article (don’t you hate it when there is no author mentioned under a piece of text? I do! Who is it that is talking to us there? No idea. So it’s probably just a company representative with a corresponding pro-company bias?). Fact remains that the most potent ozone generators which are employed for industrial or municipal purposes of water ozonation are made of ceramic, exactly because it is such a highly ozone resistant material.

      As to the rest of the problem which is supposedly because of the difficulty of connecting two different materials together: this argument has become mostly mute with the rising popularity of the German medical ozone generators like the Herrmann and the Zotzmann machines. Those are the best of the best and they both use metal and glass in the ozone path. Many metals are highly ozone resistant and pass the most stringent German requirements for ozone applications. Stainless steel, titanium, aluminum compounds are among them. So it’s clear that fusing two different materials like glass and metal does not have to involve non-ozone resistant materials like glues or raisins (although it hasn’t been shown that those couldn’t be highly ozone resistant either. How do we know that a silicone sealant would automatically be no good for ozone? The author simply presupposes it without providing evidence that it is so.). So, I think this whole discussion is irrelevant. The article you mentioned is printed on a website which sells ozone generators. This is always problematic for obvious reasons.
      That’s my 2 cents on the subject.

  10. Swisstoph

    Due to you fantastic comparison of the generators I bought for my rectal insufflations and oil bubbeling inhalations the solid and reliable Stratus from simply O3. Thanks a lot.
    Now I notice that it smells out of it ozone odor. Where it comes from? At the back of the device there are 13 tiny holes arranged in a nice round pattern.
    My questuon: Is that normal or a danger? My wife was shocked an opened all doors and windows while I was dooing my oil bubble inhalatuon for 15 minutes.

    • paola d

      Hi Swisstoph,

      ozonating olive oil smells of ozone.

      Also, any time you turn on the ozone generator, ozone will come out of it and you can smell it. The only time when this would not occur is if there was a destructor attached to the output hose.

      I suggest using a mask when handling ozone at home.


  11. John Coulson

    I have been using a 10mg /hr machine from foreverozone for water purification. I don’t know how to convert this to ug/ml. Would it be safe to use for filing and using rectal bags?

    • paola d

      Hi John,

      you can’t convert that to ug/ml as long as you don’t know the flow of the gas through the machine.

      Any machine which gives the concentration in mg/hr is likely an air-fed industrial type ozone generator and hence NOT safe for internal use. So, no, I would not use this for RI or any other therapeutic application.


  12. Mariluce

    Hi Paola,
    Please, may you kindly tell me more specifically which germany Ozone device you refer in this text whose cost is around $2000 ? Best Regards. Mariluce 🇮🇹

    • paola d

      Hi Mariluce,

      I do not know of any German ozone device which costs $2,000.

      You may have misunderstood what I wrote underneath the Ozonette. There, I mention that the next best device which comes close to the Ozonette would be a German machine which costs $2,000 *more*, meaning around $6,000.

      I do not know of any German ozone machines for home users for $2,000, sorry.


  13. Kim

    I am interested in the Longevity EXT50. If needed can I get it repaired in New York City?

    Thank you for providing such excellent ozone equipment info!

    • paola d

      Hi Kim,

      I don’t think so.

      I think it needs to be send in to Longevity in Canada for repairs.


  14. Chris B

    “United Ozone is a new company founded by Brandon Smith”
    This company is no longer in existence since their website just went down, and their owner Brandon Smith did not deliver all of the parts to, then requested the product back, but kept my money, and he ran off to Pennsylvania.
    If you have any connection to Mr. Smith (since his website is no longer up and running), I recommend that you advise him to reimburse his customers.

    • paola d

      Hi Chris,

      I am sorry to hear of your bad experience.

      As I mention in my article above, I have made a similar bad experience.

      Brandon still owes me several hundred $$. And he does not respond to my emails.


  15. Dr. Larry Horton

    Paola, in response to your mention of manufacturers who provide calibration of generators, it’s important to understand that any analysis of an ozone generator’s actual output is relatively meaningless unless it’s performed using the owner’s own oxygen regulator. This is simply because regulators are notoriously inaccurate. If we don’t know how much oxygen the regulator is sending to the generator (rather than what the dial says it *should* be doing), we don’t know what ozone concentration is coming out of the generator.

    This is a very important factor in checking calibration. Inaccuracies of either the generator or the regulator will cause errors in ozone output. Those errors may be damaging to health, or they may be ineffectual to improving our health. The inaccuracies can go significantly either way, which, of course, is the reason for having both checked.

    Please make sure your readers understand this.


    • paola d

      Hi Dr. Horton,

      yes, the accuracy of the generator depends also on the oxygen regulator. This is why one should send in one’s regulator together with the machine when having it checked for output accuracy.

      This is why medical machines like the Zotzmann already come with a regulator and have been calibrated accordingly.
      It is also important for the readers to know that the regulator on medical machines has essentially one setting. So the operator never adjusts the oxygen flow, this is done by the ozone generator.

      I assume the same is true for the Herrmann machine.

      So, yes, the regulator plays an important role in the accuracy of the generator, which quality ozone generator manufacturers already take into account.

      The simple non-medical machines are indeed much more dependent on an accurate oxygen regulator.


  16. Jana

    So the Ozone Box will work for a sauna? My Alpha V is not working & needs to be repaired or replaced. Any suggestions? Do you know where I can get it repaired since SP is not responding to emails? Perhaps I could sell at a reduced price to someone who knows how to repair Plasmafire products. I appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks

    • paola d

      Hi Jana,
      yes, the ozone box will work for a sauna.
      Which email address did you write to when trying to contact SP?

    • paola d

      Hi Jena,
      someone will contact you shortly about your Plasmafire, ok?

    • paola d

      Hi Paul,
      I am afraid the machine you linked to is not adequate for ozone saunas. It is not powerful enough and it also runs on ambient air. What you need is an ozone generator which runs on oxygen. Any of the machines presented here are good for ozone saunas

  17. pedro p

    Hi Paola,
    I’ve spent all day today doing research on O3 machines. I’m very meticulous when it comes to gadgets of this order and my poor head is spinning by now!
    What a relief to have found your website! I now have my eyes on a Plasmafire Alpha V for later, when I can afford one. Meanwhile, you helped me to decide on a Longevity EXT50.
    Thank you very much for such an excellent, well researched post!

    • paola d

      Hi Pedro,
      thank you very much for reading my page!
      Enjoy your EXT50!

  18. Eduardo


    Some equipment mention quality certificate. Which quality certificate you refer, CE?

    Also, wouldn’t it be nice to plug all machines into a an analyzer to compare accuracy?

    Best O3 website ever, congrats Paola!

    • paola d

      Hi Eduardo,
      there are different certificates like CE, UL, or CSA. Those certificates mostly make sure that the machine won’t fry you when you plug it into the socket. It does not check for the purity of the ozone or if the ozone output is accurate or safe for therapeutic or any other administration.

      Yes, it would be fantastic to have such an analyzer. Just as it would be great to have a couple of grand to be able to buy them 🙂 … I think the cheapest Made in China analyzer runs at ca. $2,000 (plus customs fee). A better quality one at $4,000 to 5,000 …

    • Eduardo

      Hi Paola just asking but have you tried all generators in the list?

      I’m buying one of them; just ocurred to me is not the most popular one above.

      • paola d

        Hi Eduardo,
        no I have not tried them all.
        The ones I tried are: SimplyO3 Stratus, Promolife Dual Cell (since using just one cell is equivalent of using the single cell, I think I can also sat that I have a good idea how the Single cell works), I am in the process of trying out the Ozonette, I tried the EXT50, and I have been treated by doctors who used the old EXT120.
        Hope this helps.

  19. kathymcdevitt

    Hi I recently read on a blog that ozone can cause cancer because of oxidation in some people.. is that true or just a wives tale? I know one lyme patinet who claims she got cancer from ozone.

    • paola d

      there is lots of misinformation floating around about ozone.
      The way chemotherapy kills tumors is through oxidation. The same way radiation is used to shrink tumors: through oxidation. This is the same way ozone is used to combat cancer by many doctors worldwide. An oncologist in Spain actually is of the opinion that ozone therapy is much more effective in treating cancer than chemotherapy or radiation. So if someone says that oxidation caused their cancer, this is really really unlikely. What is more likely is that the ozone most likely postponed the emergence of the cancer.

  20. hugh taylor

    What a first class presentation . Sensible . Honest . Hope you are getting big hugs for doing it the right way .

    • paola d

      Thank you, Hugh!
      There is more coming up, so stay tuned 😉

  21. Kim forsberg

    Hi Paola,
    Im considering buying the Longevity ext 50.
    the part That confuses me is the 55ug/ml . Is that powerful enough to treat and help with Lyme etc?
    I don’t get what that refers to.

    Thank you so much ,

    • paola d

      Hi Kim,
      55 ug/ml refers to the ozone concentration produced by the generators. ug is micrograms. So 55ug/ml means there are 55 micrograms of ozone per one milliliter of ozone/oxygen gas mix.
      The higher that number, the more powerful ozone output the machine produces.
      Many doctors who treat Lyme and other infections successfully, use ozone concentrations in the 40 to 50 ug/ml range, so yes it appears that is enough to help with Lyme. Successful ozone treatments also depend on the frequency and duration of applications, not only the concentration.
      Let me know if you have any other questions.



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