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A medical oxygen tank offers the highest oxygen quality. You will need a pediatric regulator and a doctor’s prescription to get it filled with medical grade oxygen.

CGA 870 medical oxygen tanks

TANKS - CGA 870 (medical)Capacity in L (liters) / CF (cubic feet)Toggle or post? How many RI can be performed at 500ml each? Can be filled without a prescription? DimensionsGood for all ozone applications including IV and injections?Price

Amazon, Medical CGA 870 Oxygen Cylinder M6
165L / 5.8 CFToggleca. 300NO Aluminum tank
11.8 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches
Weight: 2.2 lbs
YES $17.50
Amazon, Medical CGA 870 Oxygen Cylinder E680L / 24 CFPost (requires a wrench)ca. 1,300NO Aluminum tank
Diameter: 4.4 in. (111.8 mm)
Length: 25.3 in. (642.6 mm)
Weight 7.4 lbs. (3.4 kg)
YES $44.99
Promolife255L / 9 CFToggleca. 500NO Aluminum tank
Dim. 4-1/2" / H. 14"-1/2"
Weight 2.5kg / 5.5Lb. -
YES $110


REGULATORS - CGA 870 (medical)Pediatric? Range of flow in LPMBarb outlet? Price
Ozonatedoilonline.comYES 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, 3, 4YES $64.95
SimplyO3YES 1/32 l/m to 4 l/mYES $69.00

YES 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 2, 3YES $79.95 (save $10 when you buy with an oxygen tank)

A medical oxygen tank with a CGA 870 post valve

This is a 415 L medical oxygen tank with a CGA 870 post valve. It requires an oxygen wrench to open. Medical tanks can also come with a toggle valve which can be opened without the use of a wrench.



cga 870 pediatric regulator promolife

On top of the tank valve goes a regulator. It controls the flow of oxygen. Ozone applications require very low flows of sometimes down to 1/32 LPM. Low flow regulators are called “pediatric”.


What to look for when buying a medical oxygen tank?

New or used? I would always recommend to buy a new tank. Tanks need to be inspected regularly. When you buy a new tank, the inspection is already up to date. When you buy a used tank, you can not be sure that it has been properly maintained. It could contain impurities or it could have been mishandled, there is no way for you to verify. You don’t have to worry about such things with a new tank.

Capacity: How much oxygen do you need? How long do you want it to last? As long as possible, right? But of course the bigger the tank, the larger and heavier it is. So be prepared to compromise.

I had a number of oxygen tanks, none of them exceeded 680L. I finished only one of them: when I accidentally forgot to close the regulator and all the oxygen leaked out.

So even a smaller tank can last you a long time. Unless you want to use it to make ozonated oil or sauna. Then you will use the oxygen up quickly.

In general, a tank at around 400L is likely gonna last you for a few months.

Toggle or post? The valve of a medical tank can have either a toggle or a straight post. A valve with a toggle means that there is a little metal handle attached to the top of the valve. By turning on the handle to the right or to the left one can open or close the valve. Tanks can also come without a toggle, just a straight post. In order to open a valve with a straight post one needs an extra key or oxygen wrench.



CGA medical oxygen tank toogle vs post valve

On the left you see a CGA 870 medical tank with a toggle valve. The toggle serves to easily open the valve. On the right you see a CGA 870 medical tank with a post valve. The post valve requires a wrench to open and close it.

How many RIs can you perform with a tank at around 500 ml each? Rectal insufflations are one of the most popular ozone applications. So, often people want to know how many of them they will be able to do with one tank filling.

If one takes one RI of 500 ml as the measure, then with a 400L tank one can perform up to 800 insufflations ( = 400L / 0.5L).

If you ozonate 2 glasses of water at 1/8 LPM for around 15 min, you will use up around 2 L of oxygen.

If you do VI at 1/32 LPM for 10 min, you will use up around 0.3 L of oxygen.

A 30 min ozone sauna at 1/2 LPM will use up around 15 L of oxygen.

Example: If you do per week 3 RI, 2 VI, and ozonate water twice a week, and do one ozone sauna per week, you will use per week around 21 L, in which case a 400 L tank will last for around 5 months.

Will you need a prescription to get a medical oxygen tank filled? Yes. Medical oxygen tanks require a prescription.

Is a medical tank good for all ozone applications including IV and other injections? Yes. Medical oxygen tanks are used for all types of ozone applications. Doctors only use medical CGA 870 tanks to produce ozone in their offices.

cga 870 regulator promolife for oxygen tank

A Promolife CGA 870 pediatric regulator which fits CGA 870 medical oxygen tanks.

CGA 870 pediatric regulators

If you opened an oxygen tank without a regulator attached to it, the oxygen would soon escape within a very short time. A regulator makes sure that that the oxygen flows out at a controlled speed and that it lasts for a long time.
Every tank requires a matching regulator. A medical tank has a CGA 870 valve which calls for a CGA 870 regulator. Ozone therapy with home ozone generators calls for very low flows of oxygen down to sometimes 1/32 LPM. This is the reason why only low flow pediatric regulators are used.
Pediatric regulators typically have the following flows: 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 2, 3, 4 LPM. During home ozone applications you will only need very low flows, like the ones marked in bold.
When you look for CGA 870 regulators you will easily find much cheaper models than what I have listed above. The reason I have not included those in the table is because many of the more affordable versions have shown to be very imprecise. As independent testing by a few of our members of the Facebook group “Ozone to Health” has demonstrated, the flow of the cheaper models can vary by up to 50%.
Promolife‘s and ozonatedoilonline‘s regulators seem to be the most precise ones.
Barb or DISS outlet? A barb outlet allows silicone tubing to be slipped on easily. A DISS outlet requires an additional Christmas tree type adapter. Diss the DISS, choose a regulator with a barb outlet.

Barb vs. DISS outlet oxygen regulators

An oxygen regulator can come with a DISS or a barb outlet. Barb outlets are more practical. You can slip on a silicone tubing directly onto them. A DISS outlet would require an additional Christmas type adapter.



When you hold an oxygen tank at home, you hold an object under high pressure. Mishandling could lead to the cylinder turning into a missile and cause damage to humans and property. It is therefore of utmost importance that you secure your oxygen tank. Either keep it in a cart or bolt it to a wall. Keep it away from heat sources, open fire, and children.

Oxygen tank with cart

Look for a cart for your oxygen tank or a wall mount. Make sure the they fit the size of your tank.

Except for the Ozonette, none of the ozone generators presented on this website have been approved for medical purposes. Any application of the machines for other than water purification is at the sole risk of the user.


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Legal Disclaimer

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  1. Sherry

    I just spoke with the person who owns a welding company and he said the medical oxygen and welding oxygen is exactly the same. Their tanks are all steel.
    Can you use steel tanks for ozone therapy or does it have to be aluminum?

    • paola d

      Hi Sherry,
      yes, you can use steel tanks for ozone therapy. Just make sure that it the valve and the regulator match.

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