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An oxygen concentrator offers independence from refills and doctors. It usually presents a higher upfront cost than an oxygen tank but less maintenance and it guarantees a nearly endless supply of oxygen. A refurbished low flow oxygen concentrator is the most convenient solution for home ozone applications.

A few DIY skills and a little bit of online scouting make it possible to spend not more than $200 for a low flow oxygen concentrator: check out my Super Saver Tip below.


Percentage of oxygen purityRefurbished?WarrantyLow flow?

Lowest flow in LPM (liters per minute)?
Additional cost to make it low flow? Good for all ozone applications except IV and injections?Weight in lbs [kg]Price

Low Flow Oxygen Concentrator
93% (+/- 3%) at 1-2 LPMYES 2 years YES

1/8 LPM
-YES 55 [25]$ 699
Respironics EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator93% (+/- 3%) at 5 LPMYES 2 years NO

1/2 LPM
+ $150NO

an additional external low flow regulator is needed
31 [14]$ 699
NEW Respironics EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator 93% (+/- 3%) at 5 LPMNEW! 5 years NO

1/2 LPM
+ $100NO

an additional external low flow regulator is needed
31 [14]$1,049
DeVilbiss low flow oxygen concentrator
DeVillbiss low flow oxygen concentrator detail

The DeVillbiss low flow oxygen concentrator by Promolife offers the most in convenience: it has a built-in low flow regulator which produces flows of down to 1/8 LPM. This allows to perform all insufflations, to ozonate water and oil, do saunas, and many more applications.

What to look for when buying an oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen purity: when administering any type of ozone therapy on oneself, you should strive for a high percentage of oxygen. An oxygen concentrator should put out a minimum of 90% pure oxygen. Most machines on the market go above that. Most specifications show the oxygen percentage for flows of 1 to 5 LPM. The lower the flow, the higher the oxygen output.

Contrary to popular belief, most oxygen concentrators do not put out any significant amounts of nitrogen. Most concentrators contain a zeolite filter which filters out most nitrogen. The remaining 3 to 10% are mostly argon (a noble gas), carbon dioxide (CO2), and just minor amounts of nitrogen.

New or refurbished? Many states require a prescription when buying a new oxygen concentrator. An exception are refurbished concentrators. Well maintained, a refurbished compressor can serve you years.

Warranty: Especially when buying used concentrators, it is good to inform yourself about the costs if something does break down and how long the warranty lasts. Many sellers of refurbished concentrators offer a one to two year warranty.

Is it low flow? What is the lowest flow the machine produces? Ozone applications require very low oxygen flows of a fraction of a liter per minute. Your machine should allow you to go to as low as 1/8 LPM. This is a low enough to be able to perform all the necessary applications at a high enough ozone concentration without compromising on safety. Even lower flows of down to 1/32 LPM would be ideal.

Most oxygen concentrators cannot go that low. A solution is to buy an external low flow regulator or a concentrator which has a low flow regulator already built it – the ideal solution!

What are the additional costs of making it low flow? Promolife offers this great and accurate solution: an external flow regulator. Or you can buy one for around $10 on ebay and learn how to turn a high flow into a low flow concentrator with a few simple steps and some DIY skills, see video below.

Is it possible to use an oxygen concentrator for all the applications? Oxygen concentrators allow to do all the insufflations, sauna, water, and oil. Medical oxygen tanks with a higher oxygen purity are used for invasive methods like IVs or injections.



  • Go on your local Craigslist or Ebay and find used oxygen concentrators in good shape. Often, one can find a good Invacare, DeVilbiss, or AirSep concentrator for $150 or less. Then watch this video where my friend Teresa Caballero explains how to use a $10 gadget and some silicone tubing to turn any high flow concentrator into a low flow machine.
  • You don’t feel like engaging in craft projects? Then get this external low flow regulator and use it with your craigslist treasure: promolife external low flow meter


  • You are not really the type who spends hours on the internet trying to find the perfect deal? Then go to Chad Looney’s shop. I know, that website looks like a time capsule from the 80’s. But Chad has got the good stuff. You can often find some refurbished Respironics Everflo on sale for under $350. Most of his concentrators come with a 1 year warranty. Pair any of them with the $10 gadget I mention above or the Promolife regulator, and you are boss 😉 .

Except for the Ozonette, none of the ozone generators presented on this website have been approved for medical purposes. Any application of the machines for other than water purification is at the sole risk of the user.


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  1. Adam

    Hi Paola
    The old link for the $10 ebay flowmeter does not work.
    However there are other ones on ebay.
    Would any 0-1LPM Oxygen Flow Meter with Control Valve work?
    I see SimplyO3 is selling one for $33, but it looks the same as the cheaper ones on ebay.
    Thanks so much for all of the information and education!

    • paola d

      Hi Adam,

      thank you for the heads up!
      Yes, this one looks good.


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