Ozone Therapy Generator Reviews

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Most of the ozone therapy generator reviews on this page are based on my personal experience.

I have been using many of them for years either on myself, on family members, or patients of my former alternative health care practice.

Here is an overview of all the ozone therapy generator reviews on this page in alphabetical order: 

The ozone generators marked with an asterisk (*) are the ones which I have used and tested personally. Some of them I still own and use to this day. 

All of the reviewed ozone therapy generators are typically sold for curative and healing purposes, which is why they’re often colloquially called medical ozone generators, although technically such a classification only exists in the EU. 

Remember, that the ozone generator is only one part of every functioning ozone equipment. For a full set-up you will also need an oxygen source, accessories, as well as breathing protection. Find more information here: “The Ultimate Guide on Buying an Ozone Generator”

You can also skip ahead and learn about the best five ozone therapy generators on the market. 

Dr. O Solutions – Ozone Therapy Generator Review

Affiliate: YES  |  Tested Personally: NO  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: not recommended


  • very affordable
  • can be used with both air and oxygen
  • can be safely used to ozonate water
  • comes with a total of around 6 feet of silicone tubing and a luer connector
  • Youtube channel with instruction videos


  • is being sold as medical generator although it’s the least medical equipment of all the presented machines
  • not recommended for therapeutical applications
  • online shop takes forever to load
  • lots of errors and mistakes in the descriptions, difficult to understand
  • Unclear return policy: 7 day on website, 30 days on amazon, or no returns. Which one is correct?

Dr. O Solutions ozone machine is the most affordable ozone machine on the list.best generator to ozonate water dr. o solutions

It can be used with both air and oxygen as the feed gas, at least according to the ozone output chart. In reality, using it with air would require an air pump which is neither provided nor available. So, then the question is: Why does the ozone output chart list air as a possible feed gas?

Half-baked effort

The above issue is just one out of many which makes this reviewed ozone therapy generator unconvincing as a therapy device.

The ozone output chart shows irrelevant or at least confusing numbers, since the machine can’t be used with air. So is the column with air as feed gas a careless left-over or is the seller not really concerned about what he sells to his clients?

Hard to tell, due to the many errors and typos on the website. From watching his Youtube videos, it’s clear he’s not a native English speaker. And neither am I, so I fully understand when mistakes are made. As long as the meaning comes through clearly, who cares? But that’s the point: the linguistic mistakes make it really difficult to decipher the information. 

But the fact that the output chart includes “air” as a possible feed gas makes it clear that it was not designed as a pure therapeutic machine in mind. 

Dr. O Solutions output chart

Typical low-end ozone generator?

Because of the apparent low quality of the generator, the vendor had to include a statement in the futile attempt to dispel what is obvious: “This is not a typical low-end Ozone generator”, it reads in the description of the machine. 

But that’s exactly what it appears to be. This generator is one of the lowest quality and cheapest machines on the market.

Similar machines can be found plentiful on Alibaba, the popular Chinese equivalent of amazon.

There is one huge problem with those devices: lack of trust. 

The error filled content of the website, the misleading ozone output chart, the low quality of the machine – it all contributes to the impression of carelessness.

When you nevertheless decide to use this generator, it probably won’t harm you. Probably. But you may be using too high ozone concentrations, or too low, who knows? If you already own this generator, it may be a good idea to have it checked for its true ozone output (unfortunately, the ozone analyzer Dr. O sells is not adequate for that). 


Dr. O’s generator carries the unique distinction of being the least medical ozone generators of all the reviewed machine. This machine can be safely used for ozonating water, food, and possibly doing ozone saunas. Personally, I would not use it for any other purposes.

Longevity EXT50 — Ozone Therapy Generator Review

Affiliate: YES  |  Tested Personally: YES  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: recommended


  • all glass ozone chamber 
  • many quality certificates
  • comes with unique certificate of ozone purity
  • lifetime warranty on glass cell, 5 years on all other parts
  • low EMF
  • wall mountable
  • sell full ozone packages with many accessories
  • universal voltage


  • no dial knob, so not many ozone settings
  • no online shop, orders are placed over the phone
  • no extras
  • no prices on website

Of all the reviewed ozone therapy generators, the EXT50 is the simplest ozone machine with an all-glass ozone chamber operated with just an on/off switch. It’s a true and tested, durable ozone machine from the famous Canadian company, Longevity.

Longevity EXT50 top view

Cosmic purity

Just like the more advanced model (the EXT120) the EXT50 uses an all-glass ozone chamber which allows it to produce ultra NASA-approved pure ozone. It’s the only ozone generator on the market which comes with a certificate of ozone purity.

Universal and low EMF

The ability to use an ozone generator with whatever voltage comes out of your wall appears to be standard technology with most ozone generators nowadays, which is an awesome perk. I burned my old EXT50 (and later had it fixed) because it did not come with this option. Current models make such accidents impossible. 

The low EMFs is another feature which makes life easier: if you worry about all that radiation that surrounds us, then using the EXT50 will put those thoughts to rest: its casing does double duty as an EMF shield.

All new with NEOS™

A new technology allows Longevity to use just one electrode (instead of the standard two) and lower electrical current. Thanks to this, the machine is quieter than the previous models and uses lower voltage.

Lasts a lifetime, certificates galore, and other bonuses

This North American company is confident their products will stand the test of time – which is why they offer a lifetime warranty.

One of the great and unique things Longevity came up with which no other company offers, are their practical plexi-glass boards. You can attach your ozone gear to the stylish board and have everything neatly organized!

Another advantage is the vast selection of extras and add-ons: at Longevity you can buy everything from oxygen concentrators to the smallest luer lock connector. You can even buy a suit case to carry your ozone gear in. 

Longevity is certified to the hilt: from QAI to CSA, UL, or CE – they have it all.

Longevity EXT50 side view


Since the Longevity EXT50 does not come with a dial knob to set the ozone concentration, it does not allow for a lot of variability.

The generator comes with exactly zero extras, so the smallest additional connector will be added to the price.

There is no online shop. So hopefully you are well prepared when you call to place an order, otherwise it’s easy to succumb to the charm of the sales staff and buy things you may have bought cheaper somewhere else.

No price transparency on the website. Again – you need to call and ask them for the price list. Sounds inconvenient? That’s because it is.


This is the perfect ozone generator for the minimalist who values ultra pure ozone above everything else: a machine with an all-glass ozone chamber and only an on/off switch.

Place an order by calling TOLL FREE 1-877-543-3398  from US & Canada.

Tell them you have been referred by The Power of Ozone. 

Request a Call Back about the EXT50:

Longevity EXT120 / EXT120T-Ultra – Ozone Therapy Generator Review

Affiliate: YES  |  Tested Personally: NO  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: recommended


  • all glass ozone chamber
  • advanced NEOS[TM] techology
  • many quality certificates
  • popular among doctors
  • lifetime warranty on glass cell, 5 years on all other parts
  • digital timer available (T-“Ultra” model)
  • low EMF
  • wall mountable
  • liftetime customer support
  • have full ozone packages available with all accessories
  • universal voltage


  • no online shop, orders are placed over the phone
  • no extras

The Longevity EXT120 has one of the best reputations among ozone doctors thanks to its uncompromising dedication to ozone purity. The EXT120 T-Ultra is without a doubt the best all-glass ozone best ozone generator all glass EXT120 mingenerator on the market. 

Cosmic purity

Longevity prides itself on producing the purest ozone of all. It says it’s the only manufacturer of ozone generators with certificates of purity of ozone.

They say they accomplish this by making sure that the ozone gas which flows through Longevity generators only comes in contact with glass and no metal.

Longevity touts NASA as one of their customers. So if you’re a space geek who is looking for subatomic purity on a quantum physical level – the guys at Longevity got you covered.

Fully digital with a timer

Dial knobs? That’s so yesterday. Longevity ozone machines come with a digital interface and a display. You set all the specifications with just a few pushes of the right buttons. The timer is super convenient for ozone saunas or for ozonating water.

Go nano-ozone

The EXT120 machines can go down to 0.5 mcg/ml, that’s nanograms realm. On the upside, it goes to impressive 120 mcg/ml and you have the choice between an astounding 90 different ozone settings.

Good company

The brand is quite popular among medical professionals and it’s backed by the American Academy of Ozone. So as an owner of a Longevity ozone generator you’re in great company.

Not only ozone generators

In order to be able to perform ozone therapy you need more than just the generator. But even here, Longevity has everything you need: they sell their own oxygen concentrators, oxygen tanks, hard shell pods for ozone saunas, lots of different glass ware, you name it they got it! If you want, they will put together an individual package just for you.

Precision is the name of the game

Each ozone machine is tested WITH the regulator it’s shipped and the measured concentrations are documented. This is the sign of a company dedicated to precision. So with your ozone machine you don’t get just a generic output chart, but a report which shows how much ozone YOUR generator together with YOUR regulator puts out at a given oxygen flow.

Welcome to the Matrix

Longevity has developed a new technology which allows its generators to run on very low amps, generate as good as no heat, and to top it all off – it has only one electrode! They call it NEOS Technology. If you have no idea what all this means or why it should impress you, just take this away: this is some pretty advanced stuff which shows that Longevity is deep into serious research & development.

Additional extras:

Longevity touts an impressive alphabet soup of certificates: QAI to CSA and UL, CE, and their unique Certificate of Purity of Ozone. That’s pretty much all you can have in North America. One more, and they’d probably qualify for the Nobel Prize.

Thanks to openings in the back of the casing, you can mount it on a wall. Longevity has designed a special plexi-glass board just for that. That’s ozone therapy with style!

All the electronic appliances can add up and for super sensitive people it can be too much. No problem with the Longevity: their casing is designed to shield off those nasty EMFs.

The ozone generators come with a lifetime warranty on the glass cell and 5 years on all other parts. The machines can be used anywhere in the world since they run on universal voltage.


One major downside is the lack of an online shop. The only way to order is by placing a call. If you’re new to ozone therapy and do not know what equipment you need for which ozone modality you can quickly find yourself spending a few hundred to a few thousand dollars more than you anticipated after talking to the very persuasive sales staff.

The fact that they do not display prices on their website just adds to the inconvenience.

The distaste for using modern communication methods seems to also extend to email correspondence: it can take several days to get an answer.

Another downside is that the ozone machines do not come with any extras. You have to buy everything else separately.


The Longevity EXT120 and the EXT120 T-Ultra are the peek of oxygen flow controlled ozone generators: unique all-glass ozone chamber, all digital, timer, super pure, and super advanced. For the home ozone user it’s probably a bit of an overkill. Do you need all that NASA-certified purity in order to treat your arthritis? Probably not. For the ozone therapist who wants a simpler back-up generator to their German hyperbaric ozone machine – that’s probably the right one. If you have time to schedule that call in between your patient appointments, that is.

Request a Call Back about the EXT120:


Place an order by calling TOLL FREE 1-877-543-3398  from US & Canada. 

Tell them you have been referred by The Power of Ozone. 

Oxidation Technologies HTU-500 – Ozone Generator Review

Affiliate: NO  |  Tested Personally: YES  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: recommended


  • very affordable
  • all-glass ozone chamber
  • 2 year warranty
  • circuit protection
  • dial knob with 10 settings


  • you can't contact seller about support
  • no online shop with extras
  • 220V costs extra
  • oxygen flows differ from the standard pediatric flows on regulators
  • high pitched sound

The Canadian HTU-500 is the most affordable all-glass ozone machine on the market. Although it’s primarily marketed towards industrial and laboratory applications, it can be also used for most affordable all glass ozone generator HTU 500home ozone treatments.

All-glass ozone chamber

This ozone generator comes with a double quartz dielectric ozone chamber. It means that the ozone only gets in contact with quartz glass (instead of metal) during production. 

Automatic liquid or dust detection

If you get water or even worse, oil, into your generator, it could short-circuit. Not so with the HTU-500, since it comes with a circuit protection: if the machine detects moisture or dirt inside, it will turns itself off. In which case you will still have to get the dirt out of the machine to make it work again, but the automatic turn off prevents the cell from burning up and hence from costlier repairs.

Many different ozone settings thanks to a dial knob

On the HTU-500 the ozone concentration can be adjusted in two different ways: through the oxygen flow and through the dial knob. Here, the knob comes with 10 different positions which allows for 10 different ozone concentrations per oxygen flow.

HTU-500 ozone generator dial knob detail


Probably the potentially biggest downside of this machine is the manufacturer.

What do I mean by that?

This is not the first time I’m promoting this machine on my page. And the last time I did, it didn’t go that well.

I used to recommend the HTU-500 years ago when gnosiswellness.com was carrying it. As a result, many of my readers ended up being interested in the machine and they started bombarding the manufacturer, the Canadian company Azcozon, about it.

The head of Azcozon got spooked, started discouraging people from buying it and then exerted enough pressure on me and on the seller at gnosiswellness.com who then pulled the machine from his online shop.

And that was the end of the story.

As a consequence I stopped recommending it on my page thinking it was not commercially available anymore.

Everything depends on you, the reader of this page

This machine is safe to be used at home but neither the seller nor the manufacturer will tell you this because of a) legal reasons, and b) in order to not damage their business.

How could Azcozon ruin their business by recommending their own product?

Because their biggest business comes from making very similar ozone machines for another, bigger company in North America. (I won’t mention their name, but you can find them on this page.)

So if Azcozon started promoting the HTU-500 to private users or if it allowed other companies to market the HTU-500 towards home ozone users, it would do harm to its other, bigger arm of their own company.

This is why officially, this generator is sold as an industrial or laboratory machine and not for the general public.

So if you start contacting the seller, Oxidation Technology, and asking them to tell you how to perform rectal insufflations, or how to use it for intravenous ozone applications they will most likely a) not be able to help you, b) pressure me to stop recommending the machine, or c) pull the machine from their shop or start screening their customers, or d) remove certain information from their website to make people believe it’s not safe for home ozone use.

Be smart

So if you decide to buy it, you need to be smart about it.

Do NOT contact the seller or the manufacturer about information to help you set it up at home.

Do NOT contact the seller or the manufacturer asking whether this machine is ok to be used for this or that home ozone application.

Do NOT contact the seller or the manufacturer asking where you can get a pediatric regulator to match or where you can buy catheters.

Do NOT contact the seller or the manufacturer asking about anything.

Just go to Oxidation Technologies page, look up ozone generator HTU-500, put it in the shopping cart (do NOT select any of the additional options), type in your credit card information, and check out. That’s it.

And if you need help setting it up, contact me instead. Or use the wide collection of my Youtube videos to figure it out. Or join The Ozone Group on Facebook and ask people to help you out.

But do not talk to the seller. EVER.

Also: none of their other ozone generators are safe for home use (they all produce too high ozone concentrations. I checked.)

So how come I still recommend the machine?

Because based on the machine’s technical specifications, I know that it can be safely used for home ozone treatments.

I own that machine. I've used it regularly. 

Other downsides include the fact that it comes without any extras which you will need to get somewhere else (remember: do NOT contact the seller about anything). Oxidation Technologies does not provide any additional accessories except a water bubbler stone (which you don’t really need. One does not need a stone to successfully ozonate water).

Also: the ozone output comes with different oxygen flows than what is used with the regulators.

The standard model is to be used with 110V power. If you want to use it outside the US, you need to buy the 220V power adapter.

Unless they fixed it with the newer model (mine is several years old) then this machine emits a slightly annoying high pitched sound.

HTU-500 ozone generator side view


The HTU-500 is the most affordable all-quartz glass ozone generator on the market with a great ozone output range which makes it perfect to use for personal applications. This is a very good machine for anyone who can figure out on their own what else they need to make it work. It’s not for people who are complete ozone beginners and need a lot of support. The company won’t (and shouldn’t) help you set up the machine at home. So if you’re fine figuring it all out by yourself, then that’s a great piece of equipment.

>> Go to oxidationtech.com and type in “HTU-500” into their search bar to check the latest price

Ozonette – Medical Ozone Generator Review

Affiliate: YES  |  Tested Personally: YES  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: recommended


  • true medical grade ozone generator fit to be used for ozone therapy with CE II b certificate
  • ozone concentration can be set in 1 mcg/ml increments
  • built-in destructor
  • ergonomically designed touch pad
  • automatic syringe stop
  • automatic calculation of ozone dosage and volume
  • runs on universal voltage
  • comes with special CGA 870 regulator and tubing
  • 2 year warranty


  • O2 flow is given in L/h instead of LPM
  • maximum set time for continuous flow are 20 min
  • deviation of ozone concentration and volume of up to +/- 10%

The Ozonette is a compact, high quality, feature-rich ozone generator for therapists and home ozone enthusiasts alike. It is the best normobaric medical grade ozone generator on the market. 

True medical grade ozone generator

Best ozone generator for ozone therapy professionals ozonette

Many vendors of ozone generators advertise their machines as medical grade without them having anything to do with medical machines.

Not so in this case.

The Ozonette is a true medical ozone generator certified with the CE II b seal. (The manufacturer, Sedecal, omitted to add this to their website, but a document I received from one of the company directors proves that the Ozonette indeed has this credential).

The CE II b certificate is issued by European authorities only to medical equipment which has been tested and found to be safe for therapeutical applications on humans.

Here we have a unique situation where a true medical grade ozone machine is accessible to the general public.

This is possible since the FDA does not recognize ozone therapy equipment as medical appliances. European authorities on the other hand do (although most of them do not recognize ozone therapy as a valid form of medical intervention either).

Versatility through three different modes of operation

The machine comes with three different modes: syringe filling, continuous flow, and manual. This allows for any kind of injection, intravenous administration, insufflation, or any other of the accepted forms of ozone therapy.

Ozonette 3 modes display detail

High tech syringe filling mode

Since the machine is optimized for medical professionals it’s optimized for filling syringes.

For example: you don’t need to flush them since the machine automatically purges the lines before the filling starts. This ensures that only pure ozone/oxygen enters the syringe, and not air.

Don’t worry about the plunger falling out due to overfilling. The Ozonette automatically detects when the syringe is full and stops. This works with any size: I tested it with 60 cc, 10 cc, and 5 cc syringes.

The syringe mode allows for any kind of injections or infiltrations: into the joint, into the muscle, under the skin, DIV, or MiAH (Minor Autohemotherapy). You can even do MAH (Major Autohemotherapy): you fill as many syringes as you like and then inject the ozone into the bag with the patient’s blood.

Ozonette syringe port detail

Just set the timer, the machine does the rest!

The continuous option uses a timer. You just set the desired ozone concentration, flow rate, and the duration and press enter. The machine does everything else. After it’s done, the display shows you the total ozone dosage and volume used.

The continuous flow is great for doing any kind of insufflations like ear, vaginal, or rectal. It can also be used for ozonated saline IVs with continuous ozonation during the administration.

On the Ozonette you can set minimal ozone concentrations down to the single digits, in case you want to perform ozonated saline IVs the original Russian way (by not going above 2 mcg/ml).

The continuous mode is also great to ozonate water or do lightly ozonated oils.

Go micro management with the manual mode

You can select the manual option to have complete control over the process. It works by keeping a button pressed. The moment you remove your hand, the machine stops producing ozone. You press again, it continues. And it keeps calculating the ozone dosage and volumes during the procedure.

This is great for rectal insufflations to minimize discomfort. Instead of infusing the whole amount of gas in one go and risk cramping, you use small steps of around 10 cc, with short breaks in between.

The manual mode allows you to fill only half a syringe or less. Do you need just 20 cc but have only a 60 cc syringe? Not a problem when you use the manual solution.

Machine does the math for you

Another great feature is the automatic calculation of total ozone dosage and the total volume. After each application the generator shows how much O3 was used in total weight (mcg) and volume (ml). This happens in each of the three modes.

Ozonette display calculation

Super secure oxygen delivery system

SimplyO3 ships the Ozonette out with a special regulator. Although the machine has a built-in regulator, you still need one for your oxygen bottle.

That regulator and the generator itself come with a special, secure connection for the oxygen tubing that no other ozone manufacturer uses that I know of. It locks the tubing in. In order to pull it out, you need to unlock the hose from the connector first.

Ozonette oxygen super secure tubing

Extensive testing report included

Each Ozonette goes through an inspection before it’s shipped out. Each of the three modes are checked for accuracy and the results are documented (This is more extensive testing than Herrmann and Zotmann perform. Both of them test only one mode.).

The testing report is included with every ozone generator. The document tells you how well the generator performs.

Ozonette report

Extra features for exceptional ease of use

The touch pad is an ergonomically designed slider which allows to set ozone concentrations in 1 mcg/ml increments.

If you have accidentally filled your syringe with too much ozone – not a problem. You just empty the rest into the built-in destructor.

The machine runs on universal voltage. So whether you are in Europe, US, or Asia it will work everywhere equally well.

If there is something off, if for example you accidentally closed the oxygen tank, the display will inform you about it by showing an error message.


It has a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty which does not cover mishandling like dropping, or allowing liquids to enter the machine.

The Ozonette is produced by the Spanish company Sedecal which also manufactures x-ray and CT scan machines.


The Ozonette has a few downsides.

One is the units of the oxygen flow. In ozone therapy the flow is usually given in LPM, liters per minute. The units the Ozonette uses are given in L/h, so liters per hour. Which means in order to get to LPM you need to divide the number by 60. So the lowest flow of 10 L/h equals 1/6 LPM, or 0.17 LPM, the highest flow of 50 L/h equals 5/6 LPM, or 0.83 LPM.

Another feature that could have been done better is the maximum time for the continuous flow. It’s 20 min. Given that the recommended time for an ozone sauna are 30 min, the max time allowed on the Ozonette is too short for that. 20 min may also not be enough to ozonate larger amounts of water or oil.

An additional point is that the measured concentrations can differ from the set concentrations by +/- 10%. This becomes clear when studying the testing report. Which in my opinion is still acceptable. Ozone production is an inherently unstable process, so there are always some small differences between set ozone concentration and the actual result.

The calculation of the delivered volumes does also not accurately match the actually delivered amounts. There is also a deviation of around +/- 10%. 


The Ozonette is a true medical ozone generator that is easy and fun to use. If you are an ozone fan and only want the best equipment, then you will love the Ozonette.

If you are an ozone therapist anywhere in North America then I believe that this is one of the best quality ozone machines you can buy for your practice. It may boost your reputation and it’s a joy to operate.

The Ozonette will allow you to perform any type of ozone application (except the 10 Pass).

The next best comparable normobaric piece of equipment would be one from certified German manufacturers which cost a few thousand $ more.

Check the following page for the latest discount code for the Ozonette.

A note: I believe that the current description on SimplyO3’s website about the Ozonette being equipped with a built-in analyzer is not correct and that what they really mean is the built-in calculator.

Would you like more info about the Ozonette? Request a Call Back!

Promolife O3Arc Plus – Ozone Therapy Generator Review

Affiliate: YES  |  Tested Personally: YES  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: recommended


  • an innovative dual dielectric ozone chamber with double ceramic walls
  • two ozone ports
  • timer
  • perfect for professional use
  • comes with extras (10 ft of tubing, luer lock adapters, power adapter, check valve)
  • universal voltage
  • pressure detection
  • lifetime warranty
  • extensive online shop with many extras


  • ozone output chart not printed on top

The Promolife O3Arc Plus is the latest ozone innovation from the Arkansas based company. The Promolife O3Arc Plusone of a kind feature of two ozone out ports make it a perfect solution for ozone dentists and other ozone practitioners.

Two can play the game

If you’re an ozone therapist, you’ve certainly encountered the following problem: you’d like to perform different ozone applications on the same patient. But one ozone application takes some preparation time (for example ozonated water) and the other can be performed immediately (for example an injection).

What to do? Up until now the patient either had to wait or you could buy a second ozone generator. Not anymore! The O3Arc offers a completely new solution: you can have the machine make ozonated water while you’re filling up syringes to perform injections on the patient. By the time you’re done with the injections, the ozone water is ready. So you can do two things at the same time.

Additionally, you can operate one of the ozone ports with a foot pedal. So you can treat a patient’s teeth with a tooth cup while filling up a syringe.

Promolife foot pedal


No metal in the ozone path

With the O3Arc Promolife has created a new innovation. Usually, the ozone chambers are a type of a tube. Not so here: the tube has been unrolled. The ozone chamber is flat instead of round. This allows for less heat generation and a more stable ozone production, says Promolife. And it allows for another added feature: a dual dielectric ozone production. Meaning: the ozone does not get in contact with any metal, only highly ozone resistant ceramic plates.

Time it!

Don’t get stressed when you treat multiple patients. Just set the timer. This new feature on the O3Arc allows you to work more efficiently. While setting up patient 1 for an ozone sauna in one room, you can go and do a consultation with patient 2 in another room, knowing that the ozone generator will turn itself off when the ozone sauna is done.

This is also great for anyone who wants to turn the ozone off a few minutes before the sauna is finished. That way you reduce the amount of ozone you’re exposed to when opening the sauna box.

Relieve the pressure

When using an ozone generator, hoses sometimes get kinked or blocked. This puts undue pressure on the ozone chamber. In order to protect it, the O3Arc Plus comes with a system which recognizes this and stops the ozone production. In which case only oxygen comes out.

Ozone settings up the wahzoo plus extras

The Made in the USA ozone generator comes with a whopping 70 different ozone concentrations, a lifetime warranty, and universal voltage.

You also get an extras package with 10 feet of tubing, luer lock adapters, a power adapter and a check valve.

Promolife O3Arc Plus output chart


The O3Arc models are the only Promolife ozone generators which do not come with the ozone output chart printed on top of the machine. Instead, the chart comes separately in laminated form. Don’t lose it!


The O3Arc Plus is a unique ozone solution geared towards professional use. With its second ozone port, a timer, and the option for a foot pedal it’s a true game changer. This generator solidifies Promolife’s position as the most customer oriented provider of ozone equipment on the market for both medical professionals as well as home ozone users.

Check the following page for the latest discount code for the Promolife O3Arc Plus ozone generator.

Would you like more info about the O3Arc Plus? Request a Call Back!

Promolife O3Arc Standard – Ozone Therapy Generator Review

Affiliate: YES  |  Tested Personally: NO  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: recommended


  • timer
  • dual dielectric ozone chamber
  • 70 different ozone settings
  • low heat
  • universal voltage
  • lifetime warranty
  • comes with total of 10 feet of silicone and oxygen tubing, extra luer lock connectors, wall mounts, power adapter, and a check valve
  • online one-stop-shop with extensive inventory
  • pressure relief system


  • output chart is not printed on the machine but a seprate file

The O3Arc Standard ozone generator from Promolife is a new dual dielectric ozone generator equipped with a timer, a digital display, and a pressure relief system. It’s the most affordable ozone machine for personal ozone treatments with a timer.Promolife O3Arc standard main pic

Time is up!

Now you don’t need to set the alarm on your cell phone whenever you do ozone. You can instead set the timer directly on the machine.

Do you want to avoid all the excess ozone when stepping out of the sauna? The timer solves this problem: you adjust it so that the ozone stops a few minutes before the steam. So by the time you’re done, the heat will have destroyed enough ozone that it’s safe to breathe again.

Dual ceramic wall – better than an all-glass chamber?

The O3Arc generators are equipped with a unique new ozone chamber: it’s flat instead of round and it’s a dual ceramic dielectric instead of glass. Ceramic gets less hot and may be even more ozone resistant than glass. Big industrial ozone generators preferably use ceramic because of its extreme ozone tolerance.

A dual dielectric machine means that the ozone does not get in contact with metal during production.

Digital, universal, with plenty of ozone settings

The O3Arc line comes with a digital display and press buttons instead of dial knobs. Thanks to the universal voltage, the machine can be used anywhere in the world, something which is standard for all Promolife machines.

The machine has 70 different power settings. Each setting corresponds to an oxygen flow on the regulator. An accompanying laminated chart explains it clearly and easily.

The machine comes also with a unique pressure relief system which makes sure that no damage occurs to the generator in the case of a kinked hose.

With the generator you will also get a total of 10 feet of tubing, luer lock connectors, a check valve, a power adapter, and if you order from outside the US – also a collection of power plug adapters.

Promolife O3Are ozone output chart


Unfortunately, the O3Arc does not have the ozone output chart printed on top. It’s a separate laminated document.


The Promolife O3Arc Standard makes ozone life easier thanks to the timer option. The new flat all-ceramic ozone chamber and the pressure relief system prove yet again that Promolife is an innovation powerhouse in the field of personal ozone equipment.

Use the following code to get a 7% discount on all ozone equipment: TPO7D.

Would you like more info about the O3Arc Standard? Request a Call Back!

Promolife O3Elite Dual Stage – Ozone Therapy Generator Review

Affiliate: YES  |  Tested Personally: YES  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: recommended


  • light weight
  • super silent
  • allows for many different ozone settings
  • low heat
  • can be mounted on a wall
  • universal voltage
  • output chart printed on top
  • great customer support
  • lifetime warranty
  • comes with total of 10 feet of silicone and oxygen tubing, extra luer lock connectors, wall mounts, power adapter, and a check valve
  • online one-stop-shop with extensive inventory


  • Some may like a higher ozone output when doing ozone saunas or ozonating water
  • Black rubber stoppers leave streaks (probably)

The Promolife Dual Cell is a light, quiet, low heat, yet very powerful ozone generator best overall deal for home ozone users dual cell ozone generator promolifewhich makes it the overall best solution for home ozone users.

Light as a feather – you can pack it in your backpack

One of the most striking features of the Promolife Dual Cell is its weight. If you’ve ever held an ozone generator in your hands, you will understand how unusual this is.

The light weight and the fact that it runs on any voltage from 110 to 230 V makes it a perfect traveling companion.

It’s so quiet, you can fall sleep while it runs

The next positive surprise is how quiet it is.

Again, if you’ve ever been around other ozone generators, you know that some of them can be pretty noisy with uncomfortable high pitched sounds.

Not so the Promolife.

It’s so quiet it’s hard to believe it’s actually on. Just look at the light instead: if it’s on, then you know it’s really on.

This quiet wallflower packs a powerful punch

Featherweight and silent yet it comes with a whooping horsepower of 110 mcg/ml.

As a home ozone therapy user you will likely never use such high ozone concentrations. They are also only attainable at super low oxygen flows of 1/32 LPM. But the fact that it’s so powerful allows for the perfect ozone concentrations of 30 to 50 mcg/ml at more commonly used flows of 1/4 to 1/8 LPM.

Everything right in front of your eyes – no more looking around

One of the most brilliant ideas Promolife came up with was to print the output chart on top. It gives you instant access to all the information you need in order to set the generator to get the desired ozone concentration. You first select the oxygen flow and then turn the first dial, and if needed the second dial to get the ozone output you need. 

Promolife Dual Cell output chart top view

Cool as a cat

It not only purrs gently like a cat but is also just as cool. There really is no such a thing as a completely cold ozone production process, but the Promolife Dual Cell is one of the coolest generators I know. 

Even after running it non-stop for 1 hour, the machine becomes only marginally warm. This is thanks to the ceramic cells which don’t heat up. Thanks to them, the Promolife does not require a fan.

Made in the USA

Promolife claims that every one of its components are made in the States. So no cheap and shady parts assembled in far away countries under unknown standards. It’s all made in my favorite place in the world – USA!

Promolife Dual Cell dial knobs detail

They got your back – for life!

Should anything break down, you just send it in and Promolife fixes it for you. The machine comes with a lifetime warranty. Shipping costs extra. They even offer a testing service where you can see if the machine still puts out what it’s supposed to put out.

The warranty does not cover damage from accidentally dropping it (please, do not throw it in the air to see if it can fly since it’s light as a feather) or allowing oils to get into the machine. So make sure to always use a trap

Best support ever

Promolife really has some of the best customer supports out there. Not only do they have a ton of videos on their Youtube channel and written instructions which come with the ozone generator, but if all that fails they will actually go through everything with you on the phone.

Promolife is the best One Stop Shop for home ozone users

Promolife is a market leader in ozone equipment and especially in ozone machines for home ozone users. They have everything, and I mean everything: from pre-filled oxygen bottles with 99.9% pure oxygen, to connectors, ozone resistant infrared saunas, hard-shell saunas, ozone suppositories, ozone monitoring devices, you name it. If they don’t have it, you can bet they’re working on getting it.

Promolife Ozone therapy online shop screenshot

Get it up and get ‘er done

Do you live in cramped conditions or have too much stuff anyway? Get that thing out of the way and just hang it on the wall. The Promolife Dual Cell has two holes in the back, perfect for nails.


I’m really fishing here but I feel I need to write something otherwise it sounds too good to be true. So the only thing that I can honestly come up with is that some people may take a little longer to grasp the output chart and how to operate the two knobs. Once you catch on, you understand how easy it is though.  The chart is really simple and self explanatory. There really is no way one could have made it clearer. But if you never had to operate any machinery of that kind, there may be a small learning curve.


The Promolife is the best ozone generator for people who do ozone therapy at home.

You can use it for any type of insufflations, the ozone sauna, you can ozonate water with it, use it for more invasive applications if you desire, you can do everything with it and it will last you a long time. And if not – you have a lifetime warranty. And if you run out of supplies, you just order it all from Promolife’s online shop. Thanks to the two dial knobs the machine allows for a wide variety of ozone settings. It’s the perfect home ozone solution.

Check the following page for the latest discount code for the Promolife Dual ozone generator..

Would you like more info about the Promolife Dual Cell? Request a Call Back!

Promolife O3Elite Mini— Ozone Generator Review

Affiliate: YES  |  Tested Personally: YES  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: recommended


  • great ozone range in spite of lack of dial knob
  • slick design
  • output chart on top
  • cool and quiet
  • universal voltage
  • Made in the USA
  • comes with total of 10 ft. of tubing


  • ozone output may be too low for some
  • no dial knob

The Promolife Mini is a slick and small ozone generator which can be lifted with just one hand. It’s the best no-frills ozone generator for home users.best no frills ozone generator promolife mini

Small, convenient, great ozone range

The Promolife Mini is small (7.5×5.5×3.5” or 19x14x9 cm) and cute. The casing is white painted aluminum with rounded corners with the output chart printed on top.

Although it lacks the variability in output, since it’s controlled only through the oxygen flow, it has a great ozone range: All the ozone concentrations at flows of 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 to 1/32 LPM give perfect ozone levels: from 25 to 65 mcg/ml. You can use it for any home ozone application.

Made in the USA, fit for the world

Promolife claims that all parts of the generator are made in the USA. The machine can be used anywhere in the world, since it runs on universal voltage.

Promolife Mini ozone generator output chart

Quiet and cool

Like all Promolife generators it barely makes any sound and it stays cool even when it’s been on for several hours. This is thanks to the use of ceramics in the ozone chamber. 

The oxygen in and the ozone out port have convenient luer lock connectors. And you get additional luer lock adapters as part of the extras package.

Promolife Mini picked up in one hand

Additional extras

Just like the Single Cell and the Double Cell, the Mini can be mounted on the wall. It has a lifetime warranty (which excludes damage through oil in the ozone chamber, so make sure to use a trap), CE approval, a power adapter, and it comes with an extra check valve and a total of 10 feet of two kinds of tubing.


No dial knob – you adjust the ozone output only through the oxygen flow on the oxygen tank. This means your range of different ozone concentrations is limited.

If you like to supercharge your water with extra high ozone concentrations, then the Mini may be not enough for you.


The Promolife Mini is small and sexy thanks to its clean slick look. Although it lacks a dial knob, it comes with well thought-out ozone ranges which make it easy to forget the lack of variability. If you are a beginner or want to keep it low and safe – that’s the perfect ozone generator for you.

Check the following page for the latest discount code for the Promolife Mini ozone generator.

Promolife O3Elite Single Cell — Ozone Therapy Generator Review

Affiliate: YES  |  Tested Personally: NO  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: recommended


  • light weight
  • very silent
  • comes with extras
  • universal voltage
  • lifetime warranty
  • customizable ozone output
  • chart printed on top
  • minimal heat generation
  • lifetime warranty


  • ozone output may be too low for some


best ozone generator for users at home promolife single cellJust like its bigger sister, the Promolife Single Cell ozone generator impresses with silence, low heat, and light weight. The Single Cell is a great deal for home users on a smaller budget but who still wish to have the convenience of a dial knob.

Light, silent, cool

It can be easily picked up with one hand, makes as good as no noise, and stays cool even after hours of operation – thanks to the ceramic cell.

Easy to use with the chart on top

The ozone output chart on top of the machine makes it easy to find the desired setting. You regulate the ozone output in two different ways: 1) the dial knob, and 2) the oxygen flow. This allows for additional variability in ozone output.

Universal voltage

It runs everywhere in the world thanks to the built-in power converter. It also comes with several different power plugs. So, no matter where you are: US, EU, Australia or beyond – Promolife takes care of you.

Same applies to their regulators. They have many different international options.

Perfect for lifetime patriots

The machine is Made in the USA and it comes with a lifetime warranty (this does not cover oils in the cell, so make sure to use a trap whenever you intend to ozonate olive oil).

Additional advantages

It has convenient luer locks at the oxygen in and ozone out ports and you can hang it on the wall instead of having it lie around.

An additional perk: its output is customizable. Would you rather get 40 mcg/ml of ozone instead of 33 mcg/ml at setting 3? Not a problem.  Promolife can make it happen.

The generator comes with a CE certificate.


Some people who wish to have higher ozone output for ozone saunas or to ozonate water, in which case this generator may not be strong enough.


For home ozone users looking for a generator to do home ozone treatments – that’s the best deal. It combines the best quality with the best price and the best service. It comes with 5 ft of silicone tubing, luer lock connectors, and a check valve. Everything else you’ll get at Promolife’s extensive online shop, including pre-filled oxygen tanks.

Check the following page for the latest discount code for the Promolife Single ozone generator.

Would you like more info about the Promolife Single Cell? Request a Call Back!

SimplyO3 Stratus 2.0 — Ozone Therapy Generator Review

Affiliate: YES  |  Tested Personally: YES  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: recommended


  • light weight
  • small
  • universal voltage
  • 6 months money back guarantee
  • lifetime warranty
  • perfect ozone range
  • great customer service from a trusted company
  • luer lock on ozone output port
  • $50 discount available with the code: POWEROFSTRATUS


  • Is regulated through the oxygen flow only, so limited ozone output variability 

The SimplyO3 Stratus 2.0 is a brick sized, no-frills ozone generator controlled through the oxygen flow. With the discount it’s the most affordable simple ozone machine that best no frills ozone generator stratus 2.0can be used for any type of home ozone treatment.

Small, easy, universal

The Stratus 2.0 is small and light — it can be moved with just one hand. 

It’s very easy to use. The red light lets you know it’s connected to the power supply, the green light goes on when you turn it on. It runs on universal voltage from 110 to 230 V.

Pleasantly humming along

Once it’s turned on, the machine emits a pleasant low level hum. Just enough to let you know it’s working without being annoying.

The Stratus2.0 comes with a sticker on top which keeps all the ozone output numbers right in front of you. No need to go looking around before you use your machine.

The luer lock connector at the ozone outport makes it easy to attach a filter, a syringe, or a bag.

It’s what inside that counts

This machine looks identical to two other generators on this list. Yet, I do not recommend them, but this one I do. How come?

That’s easy: the machines may look identical, but the insides are not. SimplyO3 has done their homework. I don’t have as much trust in the other sellers as I have in SimplyO3.

Let me explain why:

Originally, the Stratus 2.0 was equipped with one of those output stickers which distinguish between oxygen tank and oxygen concentrator as the oxygen source.

Based on that sticker, the ozone output supposedly differed by up to 147% between those two oxygen sources (see Truly Heal’s sticker).

I questioned the truthfulness of that chart. It didn’t make sense to me. The oxygen purity of an oxygen concentrator varies by maximum 10% from an oxygen tank. Consequently, the ozone output should not have varied by more than 10%, too.

SimplyO3 took note, tested the machine, and yes, it turned out that the output numbers were wrong – as I had suspected.

Perfect ozone output

So they adjusted the electronics of the machine so that now it produces better ozone concentrations at the different flows, and they fixed the sticker.

With the ozone concentrations at the oxygen flows of 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 LPM: 66, 45, 28 mcg/ml you can do everything you want: from any type of insufflations, ozonate water, or do ozone saunas. It’s a great ozone output range.

So yes, you may find ozone generators which look like the Stratus for much less, but inside they’re not.

It’s similar to what you get when you buy a Mac computer vs. a Windows machine: The latter is cheaper, but with the former you’re paying for the superior service.

Same here: when you buy the Stratus2.0, you’re dealing with a company which has shown to value transparency and puts the customer first. And you’re getting an incredible 6 months money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. 


If you're going for one of the simple no-frills ozone generators, this is the best deal: reliable ozone output with a perfect range, great customer service from a trusted company. No frills and no problems.

Check the following page for the latest discount code for SimplyO3 ozone generators.

Request a Call Back about the Stratus 2.0:

SimplyO3 Stratus 3.0 — Ozone Therapy Generator Review

Affiliate: YES  |  Tested Personally: YES  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: recommended


  • universal voltage
  • 6 months money back guarantee
  • lifetime warranty
  • many different usable ozone concentrations
  • comes with special regulator
  • output chart printed on top
  • extensive online shop with many extras
  • luer lock on ozone output port
  • $50 discount available with the code: POWEROFSTRATUS


  • missing information about oxygen flows: knowing them is important for many ozone applications.

The SimplyO3 Stratus 3.0 offers a new simple solution to handling ozone equipment. This ozone generator is one of the easiest generators to operate. simplest ozone generator to use stratus 3.0


Are you done trying to figure out how oxygen flows relate to ozone concentration? Why does one go up if the other goes down? Why is oxygen flow important anyway? Why can’t one just look at the ozone concentration? Well you can – with the Stratus 3.0. The generator does away with oxygen flows altogether. You only look at what ozone concentration you want and set the corresponding number on the oxygen regulator. Easy peasy! For that SimplyO3 redesigned the ozone regulator to use numbers from 1 to 11 instead of flows. 

Ozone concentrations galore!

The downside of many no-frills generators are the highly inconvenient ozone settings. Some machines have just one or two usable ozone concentrations. Not so the Stratus3.0: it has at least 8 great ozone settings. This is thanks to its unique regulator which has additional flows besides the standard 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 LPM settings. 

Built-in destructor

This is a great feature to protect yourself from excess ozone. Have you filled up a whole syringe with ozone but you needed only half of it? Not a problem: just empty the rest into the built-in destructor. When you’re ozonating water just hook the ozone out port of the ozone bubbler to the destructor. That way you can stay in the room while your water is being prepared.

Additional benefits

The ozone output is a convenient luer connector which is perfect for syringes.

The Stratus 3.0 comes with an incredible 6 months money back guarantee. If after 6 months you’re still not convinced that you like it – just ship it back and you’ll get your money back.

The machine is CE approved which is a European seal of quality.

SimplyO3 has an extensive online shop with extras and they run several Youtube channels with instruction videos and lots of other information about ozone.


Knowing the oxygen flow you’re using is an important part of ozone treatments. Make sure to study the accompanying flow chart to know which number on the regulator corresponds with which oxygen flow. 

Why is this important?

Example: If you’re doing ear insufflations you don’t want to blast the gas at a speed of 1 LPM into your ears, otherwise you could blow your ear drum. Similarly, when doing rectal insufflations straight from the machine: it makes a difference if you infuse the gas at a high gas flow or a low one given that the colon has only a limited capacity. 

Another minus: the built-in destructor does not have a luer lock access. So if you want to use it, you have to build an additional attachment for it or use a piece of a silicone tubing.


The Stratus 3.0 employs a new, easier way to operate ozone generators: it does away with the oxygen flows and instead only uses ozone concentration. It’s the most foolproof ozone generator on the market which comes with a special regulator.

Check the following page for the latest discount code for SimplyO3 ozone generators.

Request a Call Back about the Stratus3.0:

Synergy WPS-100 — Ozone Generator Review

Affiliate: YES  |  Tested Personally: YES  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: not recommended


  • sold under “make an offer” option on Ebay
  • dial knob
  • helpfull vendor
  • lifetime warranty


  • I've known the seller for ca. 10 years and I personally came to the conclusion that I can't trust him. You may arrive at different conclusions. 
  • Improbable claims on website about produce
  • low quality components

The Synergy WPS-100 is the ozone generator with the Synergy WPS100 ozone generatormost flexible price of all the machines on this list. It’s offered on Ebay with the “Make offer” option.

Dial knob, lots of help, and lifetime warranty

The machine has an ozone output dial knob which allows you to set different ozone levels at a given oxygen flow.

The manufacturer and seller of the Synergy machines is very helpful and willing to work with anyone with any budget.

The Synergy ozone machine is covered by a lifetime warranty.


The Synergy WPS-100 is the first oxygen fed ozone generator I ever had. I bought it around 10 years ago. Since then I had it replaced at least once with another WPS-100 and also had a WPS-400 for a short while.

I still own a WPS-100.

Back then I was so new to ozone generators I actually believed that it was a medical grade device.

I’ve learned a thing or two since then.

The Synergy WPS-100 is not a medical grade ozone generator. Its components are some of the cheapest on the market – I’ve opened a few of them and looked inside.

From the very start I used to have problems with that generator.

But I was so new to ozone, that I didn’t know whether I was doing something wrong or if it was the equipment. Finally, after other users reported similar problems, I understood: it wasn’t me, it was the equipment.

What issue am I talking about?

There were copious amounts of oil coming out of the machine. Not some negligible oily residues, but a good inch of the silicone tubing being completely blocked with oil after using the machine for a few weeks. There was so much oil, it was dripping out of the tubing. It would completely block any ozone from coming out.

How can this be explained?

Here is a possibility: When you talk to any seller of ozone generators, you will learn that the number one reason why ozone machines are sent back is because of liquids that get inside. The most problematic is oil. Many people ozonate olive oil which then leads to some of it flowing back into the ozone machine (which is why using a trap is so important).

An ozone chamber with oil inside needs to be tossed. There is no way to repair it.

My speculation about what happened: instead of throwing away those oil contaminated cells, the Synergy manufacturer kept them. He then omitted to clearly segregate them from the new cells and carelessly built those oil damaged chambers into new ozone generators. As a result, during operation, oil was coming out of them. 

Another problem was also how the vendor reacted after those claims came out: he vehemently denied it, instead continued to show evidence that all other manufacturers allegedly have the same problem (I’ve had since then numerous other generators and never observed it with other models), and at the end he threatened me with a lawyer.

There was no “Let me look into what may have gone wrong”, no questions about what exactly me and others saw, no requests for photos, no investigation, no doubts about him having possibly done something wrong. Instead just pure gaslighting.

As a consequence I completely lost any trust in the seller.

Now, I’m reading on his website that the he claims that his machine comes with a “unique quartz glass cold corona tube that does not come in contact with metal” which, if true, would essentially make it a high quality dual dielectric machine. And that without increasing the price, adjusting the ozone output chart (which is the same as 10 years ago), and without it advertising as such.

Imagine a car manufacturer claiming to have upgraded a model with an engine that is twice as powerful but kept the price the same, didn’t change the top speed on the technical specs, and would not advertise it as more powerful. Does this make sense or is it more likely that he's just telling you something you want to hear?

For me, it further supports my impression that I simply can’t trust this seller.

That’s my personal opinion on the matter.


I do not recommend this nor any other ozone generator from the seller.

Truly Heal O3 Power Bundle — Ozone Therapy Package Review

Affiliate: YES  |  Tested Personally: NO  |  C.O.O.L.*  Rating: not recommended


  • comes with lots of extras
  • ozone output chart is printed on top
  • Free Youtube tutorials
  • universal voltage + international power plugs
  • international regulators for different countries
  • 5 year warranty
  • Christmas Special for 2019: 20% OFF + 8 FREE Ozone Oils + FREE International Shipping


  • hopelessly overpriced
  • comes only as package, generator cannot be sold separately
  • charges +$100 for medical regulator – why?
  • lots of misinformation, half truths, sales pitches disguised as information
  • incorrect ozone output chart
  • only one usable ozone setting
  • strict returns policy

The Truly Heal O3 Power Bundle is a package deal: it comes with an ozone generator plus a lot of add-ons for insufflations, ozonating water, or bagging. It offers the most extensive ozone package with most extras truly heal power bundleselection of accessories of all the reviewed ozone machines.

Lots of extras

The O3 Power Bundle comes with a wide range of attachments that allow customers to do anything from rectal to vaginal insufflations, ozonating water, breathing ozone bubbled through olive oil, to nasal insufflations, and more. The Power Bundle also includes a destruct unit to protect the user from excess ozone when treating water. And it comes with a selection of a regulator— either medical or industrial. (Oxygen needs to be bought separately and locally).

All international

This generator can be used all over the world: it comes with different power plugs that fit into sockets in the US, EU or Australia.

The ozone output chart sits comfortably on top of the machine: that way, you can’t lose it.

Truly Heal ships the ozone package with the fitting regulator for your country: they service 3 different continents. They offer regulators to fit 4 different oxygen valves. Wherever you are — Truly Heal makes sure you can use their equipment.

Free Youtube training

Truly Heal has a wide selection of Youtube videos with instructions. You get step-by-step training on how to connect everything and how to use it.

The generator comes with a 5 year warranty.


The biggest downside is the price. Although the ozone package comes with many extras, it’s wildly overpriced. The price for the package is $1,540 or $1,440 (if you go with the industrial regulator).

In order to understand by how much it’s overpriced, I looked up the prices of the extras at a) Promolife, and b) amazon.

If one bought the generator at Alibaba, where it’s sold for around $300, and all the other accessories at Promolife which offer higher quality equipment, I arrived at a total price of $862.

If the accessories were bought at amazon, the total price falls to around $534, according to my estimate.

Meaning: When buying the same or higher quality items at different sellers than Truly Heal, you can save between $700 to $1,000.

Generator only as part of the package

Another huge downside is that the generator cannot be bought separately, as it was in the past. It only comes as part of the package.

This is most likely in order to conceal the low price (and quality) of the generator and to make the package deal seem more attractive. 

Pricing difficult to understand

When ordering the ozone package, you have to select the type of pediatric regulator you wish to have: a CGA 870 medical or a CGA 540 industrial type. When selecting the medical option, the price jumps up by $100. Which is strange since you can buy the same medical regulator on amazon for less than $20. An industrial pediatric regulator costs on amazon just a few bucks more. So it's difficult to justify the $100 jump on Truly Heal's site. 

Incorrect ozone output chart

The generator comes with an output chart which distinguishes between two oxygen sources: an oxygen tank and an oxygen concentrator.

It says that based on which of those two oxygen sources you chose, the ozone output can vary by up to 150% (example: at 1/4 LPM you get 17 mcg/ml of ozone with an oxygen concentrator, but 42 mcg/ml when using an oxygen tank. This is a difference of nearly 150%: 17 + 147% = 42).

Truly Heal Ozone Package output percent increase

The problem is that the oxygen purity of an oxygen concentrator varies by maximum 10% from that of an oxygen tank.

Consequently, the ozone output should vary by maximum 10% between concentrator and tank.

As a matter of fact, testing of those type of generators has shown that the charts display fantasy numbers. This is most likely also true in this case.

Only one usable ozone setting

The ozone output when using an oxygen tank apparently varies from 90 mg/l at an oxygen flow of 1/16 LPM, to 71 mg/ml at a flow of 1/8 LPM and 42 mg/l at 1/4 LPM.

90 mg/l exceeds the acceptable limit for any therapeutical ozone applications except limb bagging and ozonating water.

71 mg/l is borderline excessive. It’s not recommended to use such high ozone concentrations for most applications.

Which essentially only leaves one usable setting: oxygen flow at 1/4 LPM which gives an ozone concentration of 42 mg/l. This is an acceptable range. Although at 1/4 LPM the excess ozone in the room with applications like VI or EI will be quite high.

Truly Heal Ozone generator just one setting

The next lowest setting of 23 mg/l at an oxygen flow of 1/2 LPM can be used for ozone saunas – an option which Truly Heal does not offer.

Sales pitches disguised as information

The Truly Heal website and the Youtube videos seem to be a helpful resource. Provided you can navigate the half-truths or misinformation.

Example: it says that oxygen from oxygen concentrators is not acceptable because of nitric acid.

Nitric acid is NHO3. In order to produce this molecule, water is needed. But oxygen concentrators do not produce any water. They have filters which remove any moisture from the gas. It’s impossible to produce NHO3 by using oxygen concentrators. The oxygen coming out of oxygen concentrators is so dry that patients who rely on them, are advised to use humidifiers. 

The page then further mentions nitric oxides, seemingly using those two molecules interchangeably, although they are in different classes of chemicals with vastly different properties.

Those are just two small examples. But essentially every video on Truly Heal's channel contains misleading information about ozone therapy.

No returns, unless seal intact

Have you changed your mind after unpacking everything and trying it out? Tough luck. Once you have broken the seal, you can’t expect to get the whole money back. Their returns policy is pretty unforgiving, it seems. Inform yourself thoroughly before you decide to place the order. 


Their PEMF equipment is top notch. Their ozone gear – not so much. The Truly Heal O3 Power Bundle comes with the most extensive selection of extras but is wildly overpriced. You can buy similar or better quality equipment for $700 to $1000 less. And it offers just one usable ozone setting. But it comes with lots of accessories and “feel good” Youtube videos. The universal voltage, 4 different power plugs, and international regulators raise its appeal for an international crowd.

* C.O.O.L. Rating stands for Crazy Old Ozone Lady Rating. It's my subjective assessment of an ozone generator based on its features, output, how easy it's to operate and also the overall service the vendor provides. 


Buy the Ultimate Guide to Home Ozone Therapy

The Ultimate Guide to Home Ozone Therapy Image

Helpful Resource

Affiliate Disclosure

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About the author:

PaolaI’m Paola the Crazy Old Ozone Lady behind The Power of Ozone. I’m a licensed naturopathic practitioner, natural health consultant, ozone therapy enthusiast, researcher, and ozone therapy analyst. I hold certificates in ozone therapy, hyperbaric ozone applications, Oxyvenierung, and the Andrew Cutler chelation. I own several ozone generators including a German hyperbaric 10 Pass machine. I have been using ozone for over 13 years, I’ve chelated with the ACC program for close to 5 years and I’ve been carnivore for nearly 1.5 years. This website serves as a resource for those who are interested in ozone therapy and other approaches to successfully manage chronic conditions. 

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Affiliate Disclosure

This website contains links to vendors of products I endorse, including amazon.com. If you decide to make a purchase through one of my links, they will pay me a commission. This does not influence my opinion about the products, as you can see from my reviews.


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    I am in medical sales in the the anti-aging, regenerative medicine, functional/Integrative medicine/Wellness market.

    I have a clinician looking for “the green machine”. I read your article (i like your writing style BTW) and was curious if there is an importer/distributor in the USA?

    I sent the manufacturer and email to their website address and have not heard back yet.

    They are liked that it was easy to use the Green machine and quickly move from a 10 pass procedure to loading up a syringe for a quick treatment of the joint.

    My concern is the ease of ordering supplies, service and training.

    Thought or contacts are appreciated. I love your passion!

  2. eric

    Hi Paola,

    Thank you for a very good review. As someone in the market for a new ozone generator, I found this to be very helpful. I have noticed that you have not mentioned the Zotzmann generator from Germany that many European doctor and a few American doctors use (Ozon 2000). Are you familiar with that machine and how does it compare with the others that you have listed?

    Thank you again.

  3. Jess

    I'm looking at the Promolife Single Cell. Can you elaborate on its limitations for making ozonated water?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Jess,

      There are none, in my opinion. You can make ozonated water with it. You won't be able to use as high an ozone concentration as the Promolife Dual Cell for example, but you don't necessarily have to go that high.


  4. Carla

    Which is your favorite machine overall?

  5. Donna

    Hi Paula! What do you think of WPS-400 Synergy Ozone Machine Generator? They say “WPS-400 has one of the highest ozone outputs in the world ”

    I need your opinion on this, please

    Thank you

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Donna,

      It's Paola.

      The WPS-400 has certainly not the highest ozone output in the world. This distinction probably goes to ozone generators used in municipal water treatment plants. When exposed to such high levels of ozone probably instant death would occur. With ozone treatments for therapeutical means you don't necessarily want to look at the “highest ozone output” but an output that stays in the safe zone of 20 to 80 mcg/ml. More than that and it is not ozone therapy anymore.

      In general I don't like the Synergy machines, see what I wrote about their lesser model.


  6. Kevin

    Hi Paola, who/what would you recommend to learn how to do I.V. saline infusions, I have someone experienced in medicine and administering IV's, but need to learn dose , flow rate. frequency, how to mix o3 with saline bag, if any special catheters ( ie is it ok to use the usual ones or do they react with the o3 saline, silicon drip lines? , etc are necessary and what equipment IS necessary for this procedure – I have the Longevity 120 and all their accessories- happy to do a course/read book what ever is best- Thank you

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Kevin,

      I don't know about any such book on ozone saline IVs …

      Please, write me an email to paola [at] thepowerofozone.com and I will give you some details about what supplies you need.
      We can then schedule a consultation where I can show you how to do it.


  7. Robert

    Thanks for a thorough review!
    Re the WPS-100, the manufacturer dodges the truth with word choice.
    He says that the quartz tube does not touch metal. When I asked him if the GAS touches metal, he replied that the “tube doesn't touch metal. I repeated me question but he never replies to it.
    Yes, cheap Chinese parts put into a case in the USA to gain the “Made in USA” scam.

  8. Randall

    Hi, Paola,

    Is there a new discount code for Promolife? The one listed in this blog (TPO7D) no longer seems to work. When used it replies, “The coupon code you entered has been disabled so it can't be used.”

    Thanks, for all the great ozone info on your site!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Randall,
      the new code is TPO7D21.
      The page will be updated soon accordingly.

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