Promolife Dual Cell Ozone Generator Review

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The Promolife Dual Cell is a classic: it’s powerful and versatile enough for every conceivable home ozone treatment. For the past 4 years it has been my go-to machine for all my ozone needs, from saunas to injections.

  • powerful output 
  • easy to use
  • versatile: can be used for any home or professional applications, from ozone saunas, insufflations, ozone water, to ozone injections
  • black rubber feet leave black smudges on a white countertop


Technical Details
Maximum O3 concentration 110 mcg/ml
Dimensions 10″ x 7.5″ x 3″ [25 x 19 x 8 cm]
Power supply 100-240V
How many different ozone settings btw. 1/2 and 1/32 LPM?  50 (total: 70)
Warranty Lifetime warranty
Return Policy 30 day return policy with a 15% restocking fee. 
Ships worldwide? YES
What is included?
  • 5 ft. silicone tubing with luer lock
  • 5 ft. PVC tubing with luer lock
  • 2 luer fit adapters
  • manual
  • power adapter
  • check valve
  • luer lock caps
  • wall mounts


Full review of the Promolife Dual Cell Ozone Generator

I own a fully functional high-end Zotzmann machine. This is a medical grade, professional 10 Pass ozone machine which is exclusively used by doctors and other licensed practitioners.

And yet when I feel the ozone itch, I don't go for the Zotzmann, I use my Promolife Dual Cell.

For the past four years and counting it has been my go-to ozone generator for anything and everything.

So, yes it may sound crazy but in a match Zotzmann vs. Promolife, the Promolife wins.

When reading this review, prepare for a love fest of cringe worthy proportions.

The Promolife O3Elite Dual Cell ozone generator. My staple ozone machine which satisfies all my ozone needs. 

Versatility of the Promolife Dual Cell ozone generator

It comes across unassuming: light weight, white paint, two dial knobs, two ports. And yet, this simple machine can do it all.

The Promolife Dual Cell is a universal generator.

By that I mean that you can use it for every single ozone application you can think of, from home ozone applications to treatments you offer at your medical practice.

Be it insufflations, saunas, ozone water, injections – it can do it all and it offers you a generous range of settings to choose from.

For the ozone sauna, an oxygen flow of 1/2 LPM is desirable. The Promolife Dual allows for 8 great ozone concentrations to pick from. 

For direct vaginal insufflations, it's at least 23 different ozone settings you can use. 

If you go for rectal insufflations, you have even more options. 

The Dual Cell will make ozonated water, you can use it for cupping, bagging, and injections – both intravenous and subcutaneous. 

It has a total of 70 settings, 50 out of which are for oxygen flows between 1/2 and 1/32 LPM.

Thanks to the super convenient luer lock ports, you can attach a wide range of accessories, here a syringe filling station. 

Ease of use of the Promolife Dual Cell ozone generator

The most brilliant thing about the Promolife Dual is that it has the ozone output chart printed right on top.

There is no looking around, no googling, the settings are smack in front of you.

Brilliant yet simple: the whole output chart is right in front of you at all times. 

You pick your oxygen flow on the left side, follow the row to the ozone concentration you want and the top column tells you the settings of the dial knobs. It's intuitive, simple, idiot-proof.

For anyone who needs more help, there are additional instructions on the right side AND an example! How much easier can it get?

I also love the feel and smooth movement of the dial knobs.

The two dial knobs move smoothly and give off an elegant click sound. It's a nice detail which gives the Dual Cell a lovely touch. 

From the first click to the slight resistance you feel when you turn them – it's pure joy. So yes, if you ever get bored, you can simply play around with the dial knobs.

Another feature which Promolife seems to have designed by reading my mind: luer lock connectors on both the oxygen in and the ozone out ports.

I love luer locks. I LOOOOOOVE luer locks. Sorry, have I already pointed out how much I love luer connectors? Luer locks make the ozone life so much easier. The Promolife Dual Cell ozone generator has them on both the oxygen in and the ozone out ports. Super convenient!

Luer locks are universally sized mini-screws which make for a great, solid, air-tight connection.

They can be used to attach everything: syringe filling stations, filters, syringes, or insufflations bags.

To top it off: it runs on any available voltage, from 110 to 240V. Wherever you are in the world, just plug it in, and ozonate away.

Performance of the Promolife Dual Cell ozone generator

When turned on, the Promolife Dual Cell makes as good as no sound. if you forget to look at the lights, you will not know if it is on or not.

I run it for sometimes up to 60 minutes at a time without a problem. The bottom gets only slightly warm after prolonged use and cools down quickly.

When I used to work at a doctor’s office who allowed me to treat some of his patients with ozone therapy, I would pack the generator into my bag and take it to work. It's that compact.

The Dual Cell is light and compact enough to pack it into most bags and travel with it. 

Old school with screws

Most modern home appliances don't have any visible screws anymore. Most things are made out of hard plastic covers which are pressed together. This makes for a great look, until something needs to be repared, then it's a pain to deal with.

No such problem with the Promolife Dual Cell. There are easily accessible screws everywhere. If something needs fixing, you just take the screwdriver and look inside – if you know how to fix it.

After four years of handling the machine and moving around, one of the dial knobs got loose.

I contacted Promolife about it. They said: no problem, just use an Allen wrench. I did, it was super easy and the dial knob was solid again.

If there is a problem that you think you can fix, just grab a screwdriver and open that thing up. 

What the Promolife Dual Cell comes with

When you buy the generator you will also receive a number of accessories to help you set everything up: you will receive

  • clear PVC tubing to connect the oxygen source with the ozone generator,
  • silicone tubing to connect the accessories with the “ozone out” port 
  • two luer lock connectors
  • luer lock caps to protect the oxygen in and ozone out ports 

As an extra feature the back of the machine has two holes so that you can hang it on the wall if you wish.

Downsides of the Promolife Dual Cell Ozone Generator

The only thing that is a bit of an inconvenience are the black rubber legs, which leave dark smudges on white table tops. But they are really easy to clean up. 

I also accidentally got some oil on the labels on the generator and the letters came off. But Promolife said that they have already fixed this problem with the newer model. 

Both things are more of a cosmetic blemish which do not diminish my joy when using the machine. 

When you move the Promolife Dual Cell over white table tops, it may leave dark smudges. Which are really easy to remove with a cleaning cloth. 

Bottom line

The Promolife Dual Cell ozone generator is a classic. If you want to have a machine which will allow you to do anything and everything – then this is the one for you.

If you’re thinking about doing ozone treatments at home and want to be prepared for any eventuality, get the Dual Cell.

If you’re a practitioner and you’re looking for a good quality machine, you can’t go wrong with this generator.

Use the discount code TPO7D to receive 7% off. 


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Affiliate Disclosure

This website contains links to vendors of products I endorse, including If you decide to make a purchase through one of my links, they will pay me a commission. This does not influence my opinion about the products, as you can see from my reviews.


  1. Lynn

    Can I use my 870 Simply03 Stratus 3.0 regulator (for my medical oxygen tank) with the Promolife Dual Generator? Or do you recommend the PromoLife Gold 870 regulator for their Dual Generator?

  2. Leo G Younger

    Thank you. I bought it. I've never used Skype, but I donated $200 (+$8 processing) anyway. Is there an alternative to Skype we can use? Like a phone call or email? I'm boycotting Google because of their censorship policies.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Leo,

      yes, I saw your donation and answered 2 min after I received the confirmation.

      I sent you a link to schedule the appointment right after, which was 6 days ago.

      Please, check your inbox.

      Skype is not owned by Google, but by Microsoft as far as I know.

      But you can also use Zoom.

      Or I can call you.

      Please check your email and let me know if you received it.


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