Promolife Rectal Insufflation Package Review with the Promolife Mini

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The Promolife rectal insufflation package with the Promolife MINI ozone generator offers a perfect combination between simplicity, innovation, and ease of use. By focusing the application onto one treatment, this is a minimalist's dream solution. 

  • very simple, minimalist package that contains everything you need 
  • easy to use
  • buyer can choose between syringe and bags
  • limited ozone concentration settings
  • does not include an oxygen source


Technical Details
Maximum O3 concentration 65 mcg/ml
Dimensions 7.5″ x 5.5″ x 3.5″ [19 x 14 x 9 cm]
Power supply 100-240V
How many different ozone settings btw. 1/2 and 1/32 LPM?  5
Warranty Lifetime warranty
Return Policy 30 day return policy with a 15% restock fee. 
Ships worldwide? YES
How many catheters are included? 10
Options available? Yes: Single Cell or Mini ozone generator; 3 x 750 bags or 200 ml syringe


Full review of the Promolife Rectal Insufflation Package 

The Promolife Rectal Insufflation Package promises to provide all the essentials you need to perform rectal ozone treatments.

I recently re-started doing RI more frequently and so had the opportunity to thoroughly test out the equipment.

Having used the the Promolife Dual Cell ozone generator as my go-to workhorse machine over the past few years, I was curious how I would do with the simpler Promolife Mini.

Here is how it went:

What this review is about: the Promolife Rectal Insufflation package with the Promolife mini, the 200ml syringe, and 10 luer end catheters.

What the Promolife Rectal Insufflation Package consists of

The package consists of the three parts:

  • generator
  • syringe / bags
  • catheters

As a buyer you have the option to choose between the Promolife Mini or the Promolife Single Cell ozone generator. Selecting the Single Cell increases the price by an additional US$ 150. 

In this review I've tested the option with the Promolife Mini ozone generator.

For the accessories, you can choose between a 200 ml syringe or 3 x 750 ml bags.

Here, I will review the option with the Mini as the ozone generator and the 200 ml syringe, but I have also tried out the bags and so will mention them as well.

The package does NOT include an oxygen source.

Another possible constallation of the Promolife Rectal Insufflation Package: 3 x 750 ml bags instead of the syringe. 

Promolife O3Elite Mini ozone generator

The Promolife Mini is a very simple, no-frills machine with only an ON / OFF switch and a total of 7 ozone settings.

Four of those can be used for rectal insufflations: 25, 38, 52, and 65 mcg/ml. Although, realistically, you'll likely use only two of them: 25 and 38 mcg/ml. Why that is, I will explain later.

The generator has a clean, friendly look with its rounded corners, white paint, and elegant blue label on top.

The ON / OFF button shines blue when turned on.

Promolife Mini ozone generator. 

The oxygen inlet is in the back of the generator, the ozone outlet in the front. Both ports are equipped with convenient luer connectors which make it very easy to attach both the bag or the syringe directly with the machine.

The chart on top tells you which ozone concentration you get at the chosen oxygen flow. 

The ozone output chart is printed right on top of the Promolife Mini ozone generator. 

There are no additional dials.

Although the Mini is a very simple machine, it gives the impression that it has been designed with love and thought.

A surprising thing about the Mini is how much more it weighs than the Dual Cell although the larger machine puts out nearly twice as much ozone as the Mini.

My Mini displays a few unfortunate cosmetic flaws on its casing: patches of plustered up paint. The clearly have no impact on its performance but make me subtract a few points from the overall score. 

The casing of my Promolife Mini shows some flaws in the paint. 

Accessories: 200 ml syringe / 3 x 750 ml bags

When buying the Promolife Rectal Insufflation Package you have the option between a 200 ml syringe or a three bag of each 750 ml.

I’m a clear fan of the 200 ml syringe. It’s one of many fantastic solutions Promolife has come out with over the years.

It makes rectal insufflations easier to perform and more precise.

On top of that, the syringe is made out of more ozone resistant poly-carbonate. The plunger is silicone.

You can choose the 200 ml syringe instead of bags as part of the Promolife Rectal Insufflation Package. 

This makes it more or less indestructible, at least for ozone. 

It can be used for months or years.

I’ve had mine for over two years. The worst that happened to it that it starts to lose its markings on the outside. But the plunger is still perfectly intact and leaves no smudges like conventional syringes when they're used with ozone. 

The syringe used to require oil to make the plunger run smoother. This has been now fixed and there is no oiling necessary.

The luer catheter screws right onto the 200 ml syringe. 

It has been also equipped with sterile packaging, which is perfect for ozone practitioners who need to adhere to more strict hygienic standards.

For those who want to insufflate a larger amount of ozone in one session, have the option of selecting bags instead of the syringe in the drop-down menu. 

The bags don't last as long as the syringe and tend to develop leaks with time. 

Thy are equipped with a clamp on the inflow line. You close the clamp when the bag is full before you connect it with the inserted catheter. 

Another drawback of the bags: the clamps tend to break down with time. 

Once the bag is filled you close the clamp to prevent the gas from escaping. 


The Promolife rectal insufflation package comes with 10 catheters with a luer end. This makes them really easy to attach to either the syringe or the bags. 

The catheters are around 16 inches (40 cm) long. You only need to insert 1 or 2 inches into your rectum, but the longer the catheter is, the easier it is to handle it when you connect it with the syringe or bag.

A filled 200 ml syringe attached to the luer end catheter. 

Ease of use, quality, versatility

The Promolife Rectal Insufflation Package is one of the easiest ozone setups to use. The ozone generator only has an ON / OFF switch and thanks to its luer lock ports, the directions with arrows, and the output chart on top, the machine could win the “Best Ozone Generator for Dummies” award.

The 200 ml syringe delivers the cherry on top. 

Apart from the flaws in the paint (which none of my other Promolife equipment shows), it’s clear that a lot of care and thought were invested into making the Mini.

The drawback are clearly the limited ozone settings.  Although they are its strength at the same time.

After all, this package has been put together specifically for rectal insufflations and not much else (although it can be used equally well for vaginal insufflations.).

And it fulfills this function well.

In the end, one ends up using only one or two settings: either 1/4 LPM or 1/8 LPM with 25 mcg/ml or 38 mcg/ml in ozone concentrations, respectively.

Theoretically, one could go lower to 1/16 LPM and achieve a higher ozone output, but practically at that flow the filling of the syringe takes over 3 minutes, and the filling of the bag nearly 13 minutes.

So, for those who don’t want to wait that long it makes more sense to get the upgraded option with the Promolife Single Cell.

I filled the 750 bag with oxygen at an oxygen flow of 1/16 LPM. I used an oxygen concentrator with an external low flow regulator. It took around 11 min. The filling of the syringe took over 3 minutes at the same oxygen flow. 

Does it come with an oxygen source?

The Promolife Rectal Insufflation Package does not come with an oxygen source.

One of the most common ways to solve this: buy an industrial oxygen tank (CGA540) at your local gas supplier, but get the regulator and an additional filter at Promolife. 

For the impatient ones: get already filled oxygen tanks and regulator here.

That way you'll be able to start putting ozone up your bum the minute the UPS guy leaves.

Bottom line

If you’re looking for ozone equipment only for rectal insufflations, then the Promolife Rectal Insufflation Package with the Promolife MINi ozone generator is the most straightforward solution you’ll find. 

If you are thinking about doing more ozone treatments in the future, then you can pick the Promolife Single Cell instead of the MINI. Promolife’s drop-down menu in their online shop makes this really easy.

The possibility to go with the 200 ml syringe instead of the usual shorter lived bags makes this package even more attractive.

In its most basic composition, this package is a minimalist's wet dream which will bring you joy for years to come. 

Possibly in more ways than one ;-). 


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This website contains links to vendors of products I endorse, including If you decide to make a purchase through one of my links, they will pay me a commission. This does not influence my opinion about the products, as you can see from my reviews.


  1. Steven

    Hi Paola.

    I received Ozone therapy in the nineties in America. He treated me with an ozonated terpene. It wasn't as thick as ozonated olive oil but very effective. It was an injectable product. I have yet to find anyone who makes the product for purchase. I'm sure the person that treated me has passed on. Do you know where I can purchase ozonated terpenes for injection?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Steve,

      apologies, but I have never heard of such a thing!


  2. Jeff

    Hi, Thank you for all this tremendous info!
    How long can ozone stay in a 200ml syringe before being used? I have a friend with a machine who can fill syringes for me but it would be at least half a day before I can use it once they give them to me. I see them once a week so I'm hoping there's a way to make them last up to a week. Is that possible? Does temperature affect it?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Jeff,
      yes, temperature affects ozone big time.
      The warmer it is, the faster ozone will break down.
      You would have to find a way to cool it, put it in a freezer and transport it on ice.


  3. Alex

    Hello ,

    How many ozone blod treatements did you make to overcome lyme ?

    In a week how many ?

    How many weeks ?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Alex,

      sorry I'm seeing your comment only now.
      I don't think I ever had Lyme … it looks like it was a misdiagnosis …
      But there are other people who had it and saw great results with ozone treatments.
      But it depends how soon you catch it, it looks like it.
      And the type of treatments and length of treatments can vary from person to person as well.
      Join The Ozone Group on Facebook to learn more.


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