How I Discovered Ozone Therapy

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How I discovered ozone therapy featured

Over the years, clients have asked me this question many times, so I thought it may be a good idea to finally put it down on “paper”.

I like to tell the story because it shines a light on a great remedy that seems to have been largely forgotten in the alternative healthcare world, namely hydrogen peroxide.

So, here is the story how I became the Crazy Ozone Lady.

It was around 20 years ago. I was renting a beautiful room in an old renovated apartment in Berlin. One day, while being busy not going to university, I was browsing the website of the Washington Post. (Nowadays, I mostly avoid the commie rag.)

I was scrolling down a page and noticed a one-line ad with an outrageous claim. I don’t remember the exact words, but it was something like “Cure Cancer for $2” or something similarly ludicrous.

I had lost my mom to pancreatic cancer a few years earlier. Ever since I had been asking myself if there was something we could have done to save her.

Clearly, this made me particularly susceptible to all kinds of crazy ideas.

I clicked on that ridiculous link mostly to verify my suspicion that even the greatest lunatics can put up ads on Washington Post’s website.

I was then directed to a page about this super simple “cure” that can take care not only of cancer but basically every other illness under the sun. And that you can buy at any pharmacy for as little as $2 a bottle.

I kept scrolling and reading, asking myself when I would see the prompt to type in my credit card number.

Clearly, this must be a scam, I thought to myself.

The only question was how big of a scam. How much money were they pulling out of people’s pockets to reveal this Earth-shattering secret?

I kept reading and scrolling the absurdly long ad and finally arrived at the credit card field.

Fifty bucks, that’s all they wanted from me. And yes, upon signing up I would be subscribed to a newsletter or something similar. But $50 did not seem shady at all. It was actually a pretty fair amount for what they were promising. More than fair.

Weird, I thought.

Even weirder was the fact that by that point they had basically given away all the information.

The super amazing, cancer-curing remedy was simply hydrogen peroxide, the ad said. Something you could indeed buy all around the world for pennies.

And the guy claiming this was William Campbell Douglass II, a third-generation physician.

So, instead of signing up for his $50 newsletter, I went to amazon and found his book for roughly $20.

Add to cart, check out, and my life changed.

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The book presented different ways to administer hydrogen peroxide.

One of them was to use diluted 35% H2O2 in soaking baths. 

You filled your bathtub with hot water (enough to cover your body), added 1 to 2 cups of peroxide, and soaked in it for 20 to 30 minutes. 

Great, I thought, easy enough. Let’s do this and see what happens. 

I did as instructed, bought the stuff at the pharmacy, went home, did the soaking bath — and magic happened. 

Arthritis disappeared, dandruff resolved, stinky feet became a thing of the past — and I could finally run on the treadmill without feeling like passing out. 

But let’s go one by one. 

me doing experiments ozone o

After 20 years of doing ozone therapy, I have finally reached my maximum sexiness score. Follow me for more fashion and life advice.

Arthritis in my hands: The joints of my pinky, the ring and the middle fingers of both hands were hurting. (Arthritis often shows up together with psoriasis, which I also suffered from.) It was a more or less constant pain that would become more pronounced with movement.

Having arthritis in your hands at the age of 28 was definitely not sexy. Like literally sexiness level zero.

But after that one soaking bath the pain in my hands was gone. And my sexiness level was restored to at least 2. Maybe even a 3.2 (see above picture for proof).

The dandruff was another problem that was fixed after the peroxide bath. And it wasn’t just white flakes on my shoulders, no this stuff was something straight from hell.

We’re talking bloody chunks of skin peeling off my head. It was so bad, I had to use a special shampoo that was so toxic that I could only get it with a doctor’s prescription. And it didn’t even work!

So, then came the peroxide experiment.

During the bath I had the brilliant idea of submerging my head (not the face) under the water.

After that, the dandruff was gone. One bath and the nightmare was over. I couldn’t believe it. Hydrogen peroxide had defeated Satan, or whatever evil force had cursed me with this misery.

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Another thing that was majorly chipping on my sexiness score at that time were super stinky feet.

It was so bad that whenever I went to the shoe store I would always pick a far-away corner of the store when I wanted to try something on. And that only during off-hours.

But then came The Bath. From then on, I didn’t have to hide in corners like a leper anymore. The peroxide had burned away all the stinkiness.

After the H2O2, I had become so emboldened in my non-stinkiness that I started wearing the same pair of socks for days. They simply wouldn’t smell anymore.

But the most amazing thing was what happened at the gym.

I liked to run on the treadmill. Although, I was really bad at it. I would get out of breath very easily, turn beet red, and look like I was about to pass out any minute.

On at least two occasions people had come up to me and asked if I was alright. Mind you, this was in Germany, where people are notoriously reluctant to approach strangers.

Which gives you an idea how bad I must have looked.

Here, too, things changed dramatically after just one bath. Now, I wasn’t running on the treadmill, I was flying! I had infinite breath! I felt like I could be going forever!


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Hydrogen peroxide turned out to be a revelation for me.

The effects I experienced after the soaking baths were significant and immediate. It was, next to my experience with acupuncture, one of the most incredible things I came across on my journey towards self-healing. 

Which made a sentence in Dr. Douglass’s book even harder to believe. He said that as great as hydrogen peroxide was, that there was something even better than that, namely ozone therapy. 

Something better than peroxide? How could this be? Well, whatever this ozone therapy was, I had to have it, I decided. 

Shortly afterwards, I bought my first cheap air-fed ozone generator for the equivalent of roughly $150. 

It took me a few more years and a few more relocations to buy an oxygen-fed ozone machine. By then, I was living in my favorite country in the world, United States of America.

And the rest is history …. 


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