How to Get the Benefit of Ozone Therapy for $100 or Less?

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Sounds crazy, right? And yet it’s possible. The four hacks I will present here are the same ones I used during times in my life when I didn’t have access to my ozone equipment, but they allowed me to get very similar, or even better results than I got from ozone therapy. Are you intrigued? 

Then let’s begin:

1. Carnivore diet

The carnivore diet consists of eating only meat, fish, and other animal products like dairy and eggs. Some even cut out dairy and eggs, and just eat nothing but animal flesh.

[Update 2023: This is the type of carnivore diet I recommend now, one that consists of muscle meat only, NO organs, no dairy, or eggs. Join my Muscle Meat Carnivore group to learn more.]

Sounds crazy? Good, then you know I’m not lying when I call myself that ;-).

And it works!

Trust me, I'm not a doctor.

I’ve been on the carnivore diet since April 2018. Which means that I haven’t eaten any plant foods for nearly two years. 

Why would this give me or you the same benefits as doing ozone therapy? Because the main mechanism of action of ozone therapy appears to be a potent anti-inflammatory effect. Be it arthritis, MS, psoriasis, or any other “-itis”: ozone therapy has been shown to be very successful in fighting any type of inflammation in the human body. [11] [12] [13] [14]

Exactly the same effect has been observed in people who go on the carnivore diet. Be it arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, lupus, colitis,  thyroiditis, or Ankylosing spondylitis — any type of inflammation appears to be either drastically reduced or completely eliminated with the carnivore diet. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

The results can be reliably reproduced in most people. A poll undertaken by Shawn Baker has shown that over 80% of people have seen an improvement in joint pain alone on a pure or a ketogenic diet. [9]

People who start eating carnivore cut out all carbs, so their body goes into ketosis. There is a growing body of research which suspects that ketone bodies have anti-inflammatory properties. [10] [15]

If you want to supercharge the effect of the carnivore diet, combine it with intermittent fasting: eat only once a day or within a window of 6 to 8 hours. For people on the carnivore diet this is often a natural progression, since meat is naturally much more satiating than plant foods. Once you cut out all carbohydrates from your diet, your blood sugar stabilizes and the appetite is reduced. 

Another option is the ketogenic diet. With the ketogenic diet, you still eat carbohydrates, but they are majorly reduced to not exceed more than 50g per day. You may get potent anti-inflammatory effects from going keto alone, without having to go on a pure meat only diet.

The carnivore or ketogenic diet can get you the same effect or even better effects as ozone therapy without spending a single extra cent. After all, you have to buy groceries anyway! All you need to do is just buy a lesser variety of them. Many people end up spending less on food while on the carnivore diet.

Give it a try!

Steak and bacon – a classic. Some people don't do well on bacon so they have to go on an even more extreme form of the carnivore diet, the lion diet. Foto shared courtesy of @thepowerofmeat

2. Hydrogen peroxide baths

Soaking baths with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) are another great way to get the benefits of an anti-inflammatory oxidative therapy for super cheap.

Hydrogen peroxide baths were my gateway drug to ozone. I had first read Dr. William Douglass' book about the wonders of this simple molecule, then tried it out and was immediately hooked.

During my first bath, I added around 2 cups of 35% H2O2 into a full tub of hot water, soaked in it for 30 minutes, and came out transformed.

What happened?

The arthritis in my fingers disappeared and never came back (that was around 20 years ago), my bloody dandruff went away, my stamina during workout improved by heaps and bounds, and my super stinky feet stopped being stinky.

When I say bloody dandruff I don’t mean it the way British people talk, I mean actual bloody patches of skin peeling off my head. Yikes!

Super credentialed, highly educated medical professional with prescription shampoos couldn’t help me – but a 30 min H2O2 bath could.

How do hydrogen peroxide baths work?

It’s not clear and no one has ever studied this, as far as I know, nor is this an accepted practice, neither among conventional nor alternative practitioners. But it should be! It's super cheap and super effective for all sorts of inflammatory issues.

What can be observed during H2O2 baths are bubbles forming on the skin. so I assume that the following happens: once H2O2 gets in contact with the skin, it splits into H2O (water) and single oxygen ions, O, or O minus. Those ions may be able to penetrate the skin and possibly create lipid peroxides and remove inflammation.

How much does it cost?

A gallon of H2O2 costs as little as $55. One soaking bath requires 1 to 2 cups, or 8 to 16 oz. If you do them 2 to 3 times a week then a gallon can last you up to 2 months.

Make sure it’s at least 30% strong. You can buy it online or at your local hydroponics shop.

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This is 35% strong H2O2 with a big and clear yellow warning label on the side. H2O2 looks like water, is tasteless and odorless so it can be easily mistaken for water. It's important to store it away from children and make sure to label it. 

3. Drinking ozonated water 

If all you want to do is ozonate your water, then an air fed ozone machine will do just fine and they cost a fraction of oxygen fed ozone generators. 

Air fed means that only ambient air (=80% nitrogen + 20% oxygen) is used to make ozone, as opposed to oxygen fed ozone machines which use nearly 100% pure oxygen.

Those simple gadgets cost between $70 and $150 and are great if all you want to do is ozonate water for drinking.

People have reported anything from an energy boost to better digestion to a clearer head from this simple treatment. Give it a try!

Together with the carnivore diet, it may be all that you need to do to feel great.

Where can you buy them? Amazon. Here two of the most popular machines:

This is a best selling air fed ozone machine. Word on the street has it that this model can be combined with oxygen source and produce pretty decent ozone concentrations.

Do you want to buy a more serious ozone generator? Check out this list. 

4. Oxy-powder / Homozon

I call those products “ozone in powder form”. Oxy-powder and Homozon are the two most popular brands, but you can buy more affordable local brands in almost every country.

Technically, it’s not ozone, since it’s not a gas, but those products have an effect which could be compared to a very mild form of ozone therapy.

They are magnesium peroxide powders, or MgO2.

When ingested, they release single oxygen ions which then go on to remove inflammation, potentially kill off pathogens, supply you with some extra oxygen, and liquify your impacted stool.

When I moved to New York and didn’t have my ozone setup yet, I used Homozon to deal with a nasty flu. It lessened my symptoms dramatically and shortened my recovery time.

But be careful: if you take too much, they can cause loose stools! Magnesium peroxide is sold as a laxative and it does that job really well.

The powders cost anything from $70 in the case of Homozon to as little as $15 for Ozovit, a European brand.

Get Oxy-powder on amazon.

What are your favorite ozone hacks? Leave a comment below!

Every household should have some form of magnesium peroxide: it can help with stomach flus, constipation, be a first remedy against food poisoning, and in general serve as a mild form of beneficial oxidative therapy. There are numerous brands: Oxy-powder, Homozon, Ozovit, just to name a few. 

There is another, a fifth hack that I used and which helped me greatly with debilitating fatigue when I didn't have access to my ozone gear. But I won't print it here, since it's a thoughtcrime to write about it which results in being downgraded by Google. But in my newsletter I talk about whatever I want. So, it pays off to subscribe: 

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  1. Student of Life

    Hey Paula,

    I have an elite single, but it’s lacking in power for things like body bagging or even drinking a lot of ozone water during the day, compared to kitchen units that apparently make ozonated water in just a few minutes wo even requiring pure oxygen.

    I’m curious are u aware of anyone successfully putting a dimmer switch or something on one & hooking up to oxygen to use for this kind of thing or ozone saunas?

    A lot of others are interested in ozone as well but few want to spend over $1,000 on a medical setup. Maybe there’s a better alternative?

    Know many are using these kitchen units but haven’t found anything solid on successfully modifying it to do more than water & oil. Appreciate any secret insider knowledge u no doubt always seem to have on these subjects😉

  2. Franco Filice

    Hi Paola,

    I used 1+1/2 cups of H2 O2 35% from in about 40 gal of hot water in my bathtub.

    I did not see any bubbles of oxygen, but on my skin formed a thin layer of something like a smooth oil-like substance.

    Is anyone's experience similar?

    How many baths did you need to relieve your pains using baths?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Franco,
      no, I don't recall having ever experienced anything like this.
      I saw a relief right after my first bath.
      Use twice as much H2O2 the next time and see if this will give you an effect.


    • luka

      How about H2O2 IV? Would that be potent therapy?
      I have early arthritis with joints hurting all over. It all comes from the gut, bad gut, leaky gut, dysbiosis. Every research point to it. Now how do we fix gut ? FIBER FIBER FIBER, but then more plants more pain….uhh what do we do?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi luka,

      The way to fix a gut is to reduce fiber, not increase it. And increase meat and other animal based products.

      Look up, Paleomedicina Hungary, Paul Saladino, Dr. Ken Berry, or the book “Fiber Manace” by Konstantin Monastyrsky.

      And yes, H2O2 IV can be also quite helpful.


  3. Andy

    Hi Paola, Thanks for inspiring us,

    I'm amazed about Hydrogen Peroxide Paths idea, it's hard for me to get Food Grade without stabilizer and any additives, but I can buy 30% with Stabilizer, like the one you've showed.

    Is there is a chance that the additives chemicals will enter the body, or there will be a big chance that fluoride and chlorine in the water will enter the body?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Andy,

      I assume you shower with the same flouride and chlorine containing water? If so, then I don't see why the risk with baths would be bigger than with soaking baths.

      For soaking baths the H2O2 with stabilizers are fine. I would not be concerned about it.

      I don't know where you're located, but there are many online outlets of 35% food grade H2O2 in the US. But I don't think it's necessary for baths.

      If you'd like to show appreciation for my website, consider a contribution to my project: .


  4. Kevin Paterson

    Hi Paola, Thanks for the great info in this article. A couple questions: For the peroxide bath, should we be concerned with all the thousands of chemicals and toxins in our city water we'll be soaking in? Should this type of bath only be done if you have a whole house water filtration system? Another question: Should we be concerned about killing off good gut bacteria drinking ozone water? And, should we do something to counter any of these possible negative effects of losing good gut bacteria? Thanks,

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Kevin,

      I don't see why the thousands of chemicals and toxins be a bigger concern with the H2O2 baths than with regular baths or showers? So, no I don't think that any special precautions are necessary.

      It's unlikely that ozonated water will reach the large intestine where the good bacteria reside. The water goes into the small intestine which is supposed to be devoid of bacteria. So, there is no need to do anything to counter the effects.

      If you liked the answer, consider a contribution to my project:


  5. Peter Lockwood

    what do you for Vit C????……
    you know what sailors got when no fruit…….
    its called………Mmmm…………
    how much C do you need a day?
    ……..well NONE ………wow………fiber…..hay dont need that ……… glad you say your not a doc.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Peter,

      I see that doing thorough research is another great skill of yours, additionally to having perfect punctuation and orthography skills while being a PhD. Impressive.

      I was wondering why, if my mental outflows are so distressing to you, you are such a religious reader of my newsletter? You know, there is a unsubscribe button.

      But maybe you like the pain …

      But how about, before I keep allowing you to pester me on my site, you donate to my cause first?


  6. Neil McGinnis

    thanks for what you do.


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