How to Do Ozone Ear Insufflations

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Ozone ear insufflations are a type of treatment during which ozone gas is infused at a low flow and at a low concentration into the ears.

It’s assumed that during the treatment the ozone byproducts penetrate the ears and the sinuses. From there they could potentially travel further and seem to have a positive impact even on the central nervous system.

People report improvements in sinus, brain, neck, tooth, jaw, and throat problems.

Ozone ear insufflations also appear to have an advantageous effect on infections, as well as the cognitive, and emotional well-being. 

Ear insufflations can be performed either with a trap, a humidifier, or with a syringe.

Here I will show how to do ear insufflations with ozone using a trap. The trap serves to muzzle the noise of the generator. Forgoing the trap could lead to permanent tinnitus. 

Keep in mind that ear insufflations come with considerable risks. Inform yourself about them by watching this video first. 

Which ozone equipment do you need to do ozone ear insufflations?

  • oxygen source (either an oxygen tank or an oxygen concentrator) and a low flow regulator
  • ozone generator
  • trap
  • earscope
  • mask or fan

Scroll down to find links to the equipment I used in the pictures. 

How to do ozone ear insufflations

  1. Screw the low flow regulator onto the oxygen tank.

2. Take a piece of tubing and connect one end to the regulator. 

3. Take a luer lock connector and push it into the other end of the silicone tubing. 

4. Screw the end with the luer lock onto the “oxygen in” port of the ozone generator.

5. Take another piece of silicone tubing, and another luer lock connector and connect them in the same fashion as in the previous step. Screw the tubing onto the “ozone out” port of the ozone generator.

6. Take the other end of the silicone tubing and push a female luer lock connector inside. 

7. Connect that end of the silicone tubing with the inlet of the trap.

8. Connect the earscopes with the outlet of the trap. 

9. Connect the ozone generator to the power supply.

10. Put the mask on. Alternatively, you can also place a fan in front of you. I prefer wearing a mask. 

11. Select the desired settings by looking at your ozone output chart. Choose an ozone concentration between 5 and 10 mcg/ml at the beginning at an oxygen flow of not more than 1/8 LPM. I pick an ozone concentration of 12 mcg/ml which means I need to set the oxygen flow at 1/8 LPM and the first ozone dial at 1. The second dial will remain off. 

12. Open the valve of the oxygen tank. Half a turn is enough. Watch the gauge on the regulator jump up and check if you still have enough oxygen. 

13. Set the regulator to 1/8 LPM.

14. Set the first dial on 1. The second dial remains off. 

15. Put the earscopes on. 

16. Lean back and relax. I suggest to not do more than a few minutes three times a week in the beginning. And: make sure your hair looks as disheveled as mine ;-). 

17. When you’re done, turn the ozone generator off. 

18. Close the valve of the oxygen tank. Do not exert too much force. When you close the valve you see that the gauge on the regulator is still up. Which means that there is still pressure inside the regulator. You should release the pressure to preserve the regulator. 

19. Open the regulator all the way up to release the pressure. Watch the gauge going down to zero. 

20. Close the regulator by setting it to zero. Good job! You’re done!

Recommended Equipment for Ozone Ear Insufflations

This is what I used in the pictures above:

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PaolaI’m Paola the Crazy Old Ozone Lady behind The Power of Ozone. I’m a licensed naturopathic practitioner, natural health consultant, ozone therapy enthusiast, researcher, and ozone therapy analyst. I hold certificates in ozone therapy, hyperbaric ozone applications, Oxyvenierung, and the Andrew Cutler chelation. I own several ozone generators including a German hyperbaric 10 Pass machine. I have been using ozone for over 13 years, I’ve chelated with the ACC program for close to 5 years and I’ve been carnivore for nearly 1.5 years. This website serves as a resource for those who are interested in ozone therapy and other approaches to successfully manage chronic conditions.

Paola Dziwetzki, NP

I’m Paola, aka the Crazy Old Ozone Lady. I help people use ozone therapy in the most effective way. I have used ozone and diet to successfully treat psoriasis, joint pain, chronic fatigue, a low immune system, herpes infections, and a few other conditions.
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