How to Do Vaginal Ozone Insufflations?

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Vaginal ozone insufflations consist of introducing ozone/oxygen gas mix into the vaginal cavity at an ozone concentration of around 40 to 60 mcg/ml.

They are used to treat any type of local problems, like yeast, candida, tumors, or any type of inflammatory conditions.

Vaginal insufflations with ozone gas are also believed to have some systemic effect.

Women report an improvement in mood, cognitive ability, and even digestion after vaginal ozone treatments.

They can be performed either with a bag, a syringe, with or without a humidifier, or directly from the ozone machine.

Here, I will demonstrate direct vaginal ozone insufflations without a humidifier.

I believe that this type of gas infusion is one of the most undervalued ozone treatments.

Which ozone equipment do you need for vaginal ozone insufflations?

  • oxygen source, here I use an oxygen tank and a low flow regulator
  • ozone generator
  • extra long silicone tubing
  • adapter
  • silicone catheter
  • luer lock connector
  • mask / fan
  • at least two towels
  • plastic cover

Scroll down to find recommended equipment for vaginal ozone insufflations

How to do vaginal ozone insufflations:


1. Screw a low flow regulator onto the oxygen tank.

2. Take a piece of silicone tubing, and connect one end to the oxygen tank. 

3. Take the other end and push in a luer lock connector. 

4. Screw the end with the luer lock connector into the “oxygen in” port of the ozone generator.

5. Connect the ozone generator to the power supply. 

6. Connect the ozone generator to the power supply. 

7. Take the other end of the silicone tubing and push the adapter inside. 

8. Set is aside for now. The adapter is where you will later connect the silicone catheter. 

9. Put a piece of plastic cover over where you will sit to perform the vaginal ozone insufflations to protect your furniture from being bleached.

10. Put a towel on top of the plastic. 

11. Sit down and introduce the catheter. 

12. Introduce it around 3 inches deep, or until you feel resistance. Do not exert too much force, otherwise you will kink it. 

13. Connect the catheter with the adapter of the silicone tubing (see picture 8) and cover your lap with a towel. 

14. Put the mask on (or if you prefer, a fan in front of you). 

15. Open the oxygen tank with half a turn on the valve. Watch the gauge jump up which shows you how much oxygen you have left in the tank. 

16. Check the ozone output chart to determine which ozone settings you need, I choose a flow of 1/16 LPM and an ozone concentration of 40 mcg/ml which means I will need to set the first dial on 2 and the second dial will remain off. 

17. Open the regulator to the desired oxygen flow, in my case it’s 1/16 LPM. Oxygen is now flowing through the ozone generator. 

18. Turn the ozone generator on. I set the first dial to 2, the second dial remains off. 

19. Relax or read a book. You can start with 10 min, and increase gradually to up to 30 min per day. You may experience some heat or gas escaping which can feel like bubbles. This is normal since the gas is not being absorbed at the same rate as it’s being infused. 

20. When you’re done, turn the ozone generator off. 

21. First, close the valve of the oxygen tank. Then, watch the gauge go down to zero. You can speed this up by opening the regulator all the way to 4 LPM. 

22. Once the gauge has gone down all the way to zero, set the regulator to zero. 

23. You can re-use the catheter. Just rinse it out with some warm water after you’re done. 

Recommended equipment for vaginal ozone insufflations

This is the equipment I used in the pictures above:

  • oxygen source, here I use a CGA 540 industrial oxygen tank and a low flow regulator
  • Promolife Dual Cell ozone generator
  • extra long silicone tubing: how long? So that you can comfortably sit away from the ozone generator, 5 to 6 ft. may be enough, depending how you place your equipment. 
  • adapter for the catheter
  • reusable silicone catheter
  • luer lock connector
  • mask (3M model 7502 with filter number 2097), or a fan
  • at least two towels
  • plastic cover, most plastic bags will do. 

Having your own ozone equipment is not enough. Knowing how to use it, is not enough. You also need to know how to use it effectively for the condition you have. I help people use ozone therapy in a way to make sure they see results. 

Legal Disclaimer

Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. No health claims for these products or treatments have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA nor any other medical authority approved these treatments or products to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Neither The Power of Ozone nor the manufacturers of these items are responsible for the misuse of this equipment or the information on this page. It is highly advised to receive professional council from a licensed doctor before using ozone therapy or any of the mentioned products or tests on yourself.

About the author:

PaolaI’m Paola the Crazy Old Ozone Lady behind The Power of Ozone. I’m a licensed naturopathic practitioner, natural health consultant, ozone therapy enthusiast, researcher, and ozone therapy analyst. I hold certificates in ozone therapy, hyperbaric ozone applications, Oxyvenierung, and the Andrew Cutler chelation. I own several ozone generators including a German hyperbaric 10 Pass machine. I have been using ozone for over 13 years, I’ve chelated with the ACC program for close to 5 years and I’ve been carnivore for nearly 1.5 years. This website serves as a resource for those who are interested in ozone therapy and other approaches to successfully manage chronic conditions.

Paola Dziwetzki, NP

I’m Paola, aka the Crazy Old Ozone Lady. I help people use ozone therapy in the most effective way. I have used ozone and diet to successfully treat psoriasis, joint pain, chronic fatigue, a low immune system, herpes infections, and a few other conditions.
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  1. Diane Jones

    What a terrific resource you are. I have stage 3 Lyme arthritis in both my knees, often causing severe pain especially at night. Would ozone help and what kind . How helpful would an ozone sauna be… wondering if it worth the investment.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Diane,

      thank you for visiting my site!

      I think an ozone sauna or ozone body bag could be very helpful.

      I would also look into a paleo / keto / carnivore type diet.

      Especially with the carnivore diet remissions or complete eliminations of arthritic pain are not unusual.


  2. Gugu

    Dear Paola,
    Thank you for providing this platform. Two years ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and subsequently had a full hysterectomy. I’m now a year post chemo and have introduced ozone sauna 3 x a week using vaginal insufflation method.. I was curious on the benefits of this method in my case considering that I no longer have a womb.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Gugu,

      the hysterectomy should have no relevance for the efficacy of VI.

      It’s assumed that the ozone is absorbed by the tissue and from there goes into the lymphatic system, extracellular space, or possibly even the blood circulation.

      I think doing saunas and VI is a good protocol!

      Keep us posted.



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