How to Make Ozonated Water (for Drinking)?

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Ozonated water is one of the most popular ways to use ozone in a therapeutic way. It is easy to produce, low risk, and can have profound medicinal value.

Ozonated water is made by running ozone gas through water. Special ozone resistant stones produce tiny bubbles which allow the gas to be suspended in water temporarily. 

For the best quality of ozonated water, it’s recommended to use an ozone generator which runs on pure oxygen as the feed gas (instead of air). 

What equipment do you need for making ozone water?

9 ozonated water with trap overview equipment

You need the following equipment to be able to make ozonated water of high quality:

  1. Oxygen source with a low flow regulator
  2. Ozone generator
  3. Accessories: silicone tubing, luer lock connectors, water bubbler, trap
  4. Breathing protection: a destructor attached to the water bubbler

Scroll down to find a list with the equipment I used on this page.

How to make ozonated water?


Suggested settings

Ozone concentration: 80 to 120 mcg/ml
Oxygen flow: 1/8 LPM
Duration: minimum 10 min (depends on the amount of water)


Suggested settings

Ozone concentration:

80 to 120 mcg/ml

Oxygen flow:

1/8 LPM


minimum 10 min (depends on the amount of water)

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1. Take a around 3 feet [1m] long silicone [or PVC] tubing and push it over the inlet of the regulator

9 connect with regulator o

2. Screw the regulator onto the tank. 

9 screw regulator on

3. Take the other end of the tubing and push a male luer lock connector into it. 

9 push luer lock into silicone tubing

4. Screw the luer lock connector into the “oxyge in” port of the ozone generator.


5. Plug the ozone generator into the power supply.

7 plug in generator copy

6. Take another, smaller piece of silicone tubing [12 inch or 30 cm] and push one  male luer lock into one end.

312 push luer locks


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7. Connect the luer end with the “ozone out” port on the ozone generator.


8. Push the other end of the silicone tubing over the luer lock connector of the trap (the inlet which is connected with the stem). 

9 connect with trap

9. Take another smaller silicone tubing [12 inch / 30 cm] and push one end over the outlet of the trap … 

9 connect silicone to trap outlet

10. … and the other end over the inlet of the water bubbler. 

9 connec trap with bubbler

11. Pour water into the water bubbler. Make sure that the stone is submerged in water. 

919 pour water in

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12. Put the lid back onto the water bubbler: make sure it’s tight. 

9 put the lid on

13. Open the valve of the tank: half a turn is enough. Watch the gauge jump up: it shows you whether there is gas inside. 

6111 open industrial oxygen tank

14. Select the desired ozone concentration on the ozone chart. Here: 1/8 LPM at maximum ozone, so 75 mcg/ml. 

9111 select ozone concentration

15. Set the regulator to 1/8 LPM. 

6112 set to 1_8 LPM

16. Check to see if there are bubbles coming out in the water bubbler. If there are, then everything is connected correctly.

9 see bubbles


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17. Turn on the ozone generator by setting both dials to 5. 

9113 turn o3 gen to the max

18. Ozonate the water for at least 10 minutes. 

9 ozonate the water for 10 min

19. After 10 minutes, turn the ozone generator off. 


20. Close the valve on the oxygen tank. 

6117 close valve of industrial oxygen tank

21. Open the regulator all the way up to release the pressure faster. Set it to 2 LPM. 

9116 open regulator to max

22. When the gauge has gone down all the way to zero, close the regulator by setting it to OFF / 0. 

9117 set regulator to off

23. Unhook the tubing from the “ozone out” port to prevent water from flowing back. 

9 disconnect tubing

24. Pour the water into a glass. 

9 pour the water into a glass

25. Start drinking it: first, keep the water away from you and take a deep breath, then start drinking it while holding your breath the whole time. 

hold your breath when drinking O3 water

FAQs about ozonated water

What type of water is the best to ozonate?

The best type of water to ozonate is cold, distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water. The less minerals, the colder, and the more acidic water is, the more ozone it can hold for a longer time.

Tip: Put a few ice cubes into the water bubbler, or to make a mix out of 50/50 refrigerated and room temperature water.

Can you store ozonated water?

Yes, you can store ozonated water in the fridge for several days. For best effect though, it’s recommended to drink freshly ozonated water since it’s holds the most ozone charge.

Recommended equipment for making ozonated water

This is the equipment I used in the pictures above:

1. Oxygen source: an industrial oxygen tank (either an empty tank from Promolife, or a full industrial tank from amazon), with an industrial low-flow regulator.

2. Ozone generator: Promolife O3Elite Dual Cell ozone generator

3. Accessories: a trap, ca. 5 feet of silicone tubing, luer lock connectors, 500 ml water bubbler with a destructor.

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Affiliate Disclosure

This website contains links to vendors of products I endorse, including If you decide to make a purchase through one of my links, they will pay me a commission. This does not influence my opinion about the products, as you can see from my reviews.


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