John: “I used ozone therapy, Vitamin C, and Rick Simpson's Oil for liver cancer”

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I interviewed John who overcame liver cancer twice. Here is the summary of our talk:

How was he diagnosed?

In June 2020, John’s periodical AFP (alpha feta protein) test results signalled to a  cancerous substance in his liver. He got an MRI test done, which showed a small  tumour that was placed very close to an artery.

A CT scan done in early October 2020, showed that the tumour had increased from  about 1.5 cm to 4.5-5 cm in a span of merely 3 months. The liver surgeon his  oncologist referred him to, refused to perform surgery to remove the tumour due to  its critical positioning.

Similarly, in November 2017, a small tumour had been found in his liver as well.  Although, that was removed through radio wave ablation, which John described as  an easy and painless procedure for him.

Back in 1993, 24 years before he was first diagnosed with liver cancer, he was  diagnosed with a hereditary condition called hemochromatosis, in which excess  amounts of iron is stored in the liver. It was because of this condition, that the  doctors had suggested him to get periodical AFP testing done to keep a check on  cancerous activity in the liver.

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Did he use any conventional cancer treatments?

In Mid-November 2020, the doctors suggested John to go through with TAE  (trans-arterial embolism), a procedure in which non-radioactive nano beads were  sent to the liver through a catheter inserted in a femur, that would choke off the  blood supply from the artery and help kill the tumour. He further described TAE to  be palliative and not curative. 

He refused to get chemotherapy or any surgery done. His oncologist urged him to  get a two-part liver surgery done by a transplant specialist that would remove the  tumour through the insertion of radioactive beads, but having gone through 6 major  surgeries in his life, he didn’t want any more.

What were the symptoms he had?

In July 2020, after the onset of his second tumour, John started to suffer from  extreme nausea and discomfort. He lost all his appetite, and even drinking water  started to feel difficult.

This led to him losing a ton of weight. He went from 180 pounds to 143 pounds in  just 2 months from November 2020 to January 2021. 

Prior to his cancer diagnosis, he had been suffering with joint pain and fatigue due  to hemochromatosis and also had digestion problems.


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How did he use Ozone?

John used the following types of ozone treatments: Ten Pass Ozone TherapyBreathing Ozonated Olive Oil (BOOO), Rectal Ozone Insufflations, and Drinking Ozonated  Water.

In January 2021, John started to go for ozone passes every 7-10 days. Initially, his  liver wasn’t in the condition to get 10 passes, so the doctor started with 3-4 passes.  They later increased it to 10, when his condition started to improve.

Once he bought the equipment, he started drinking ozone water every morning.  Starting out with a 500 mL beaker, he then increased it to drinking about a 1000  mL of ozone water daily.

He also started taking rectal insufflations 2-3 times a week with the ozone  concentration in the high 20s mcg/ml and an oxygen flow of 1/8 LPM. He  performed the insufflations using a 200 ml syringe from Promolife.

What did he experience after the ozone administration?

John only found out about ozone therapy after his acupuncturist mentioned it at  one of his appointments. His willingness to try new methods to help with his  condition inspired him to try it out.

The normal range for AFP in the liver is below 2-3. When John started taking  ozone passes in January 2021, his AFP number was at an all-time high, and started  to drastically decrease soon after.  

January 2021- AFP: 386
February 2021- AFP: 215
Early March 2021- AFP: 14
Late March 2021- AFP: <2 

In Mid-January 2021, he started to feel hungry again, gaining his normal appetite  back after 3 months. By February, he started to gain weight again started feeling  healthier overall.

John also feels that his healing went beyond just the cancer with the ozone  treatments also helping him with his digestive issues and recharging his immune  system.


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What else did he do?

Besides ozone therapy, John also tried out Vitamin C infusions and Rick  Simpson’s Oil. 

He went for Vitamin C IV infusions once a week, in which a 50 ml bottle of Vit C  mixed with electrolytes such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium was  administered to him.  

As he had some trouble sleeping at night, he took a slightly heavy dose of Rick  Simpson’s Oil [made at home by him] every night, that put him to sleep for almost  10-11 hours.

What diet did he follow?

Once John started to get his appetite back, he started to try out intermittent fasting,  and ate all his meals in a 6–8-hour window every day. 

John was following what he describes as a ‘keto-light’ diet. He reduced carbs, and  increased his intake of fats, which mainly included more meats and cheese. He also  stayed away from an excess of red meat, which was easy for him as he wasn’t a  steak lover anyway, and instead opted for fresh fish, chicken, and pork.


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Is he now cancer free?

Yes, John is now completely cancer free. The last MRI that he did was in February  2021, which showed absolutely no signs of the second tumor in his liver. He also  hasn’t been experiencing any cancer-related symptoms. 

The AFP testing that is done periodically have also shown no new cancerous  activity ever since his AFP number went below 2 in March 2021.

Is he still doing ozone?

John reduced the frequency of his passes and now goes for the 10-pass ozone  therapy every 6-8 weeks.

He still drinks ozonated water on the daily and keeps up with the rectal  insufflations 2-3 times a week, especially making sure to take it on the days he  feels excess fatigue due to hemochromatosis.

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