My 7 Most Incredible Experiences with Ozone Therapy

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Most 7 incredible ozone experiences (1)

Recently, a client of mine asked me an excellent question. He wanted to know what was my most memorable ozone experience? What problem ozone helped me the most with?

I realized that there was not one such experience, but several. Over the past 20 years (I just realized I have been dealing with ozone much earlier than previously stated), I used ozone for various afflictions with often outstanding results. 

I treated anything from an injured back, to  joint pain to a flu with ozone. 

I realized that I had accumulated quite a collection of stories that I would like to share with others. 

Here are some of the highlights I experienced with ozone therapy over the years.

[A heads up: some of the things I describe here happened nearly 20 years ago, so apologies if what you will read here does not match up completely with things I may have mentioned on earlier occasions.] 

Ozone injection into my right knee

This was one of my first and one of my biggest “Wow” moments with ozone. It is what got me hooked on ozone and made me understand its incredible power. 

I was suffering from knee pain, especially in my right knee. Back then I liked to work out at the gym, but after each workout the knee pain would flare up. 

I decided to get ozone shots into the knees. I booked an appointment with Dr. Harold Chandler Clark in New Rochelle, upstate New York. 

The doctor did a consultation with me first, during which he tried to sell me on a million different supplements. I declined and we proceeded to the ozone injections.

The ozone injection gave me an intense ticklish sensation. While the doctor was pushing the ozone into my knee, I was laughing my ass off.  He said he had never seen such a reaction. Neither did I.

After the injection, I moved my knee around a bit and noticed that there was no pain. It felt fantastic. I was hooked.

A day later, I went straight to the gym. In my enthusiasm I overworked the knee and so had to repeat the ozone procedure one or two more times to cement the gains.

After the ozone treatments, the knees never hurt as badly as they did before.

Ozonated saline IV triggered a crazy Herxheimer reaction

This was my first ever ozone IV I received in my life. It was at the same doctor who administered the knee injection — Dr. Harold Chandler Clark in New Rochelle, upstate New York.

After the knee ozone injections, I wanted to address the (wrongly) assumed Lyme infection in a systemic fashion. I decided to get an ozone IV done.

I don't know why I opted for the ozonated saline, I think it was because this was the only type of intravenous ozone administration that the doctor offered.

Besides the joint pain, I was feeling constantly tired and had digestive problems as well. Overall, I was feeling 50 years older than I really was. 

At the day of the appointment, the previously prepared ozonated saline was pulled out of the fridge and it was delivered into my arm through a drip. During the treatment nothing remarkable happened, as far as I can remember. I believe I felt some chills, but this could have been due to the low temperature of the saline solution.

This changed quickly on the way home, though. 

On the train that took me to Grand Central Station, all hell broke loose. I remember it was winter but I started to sweat like crazy and at the same time I started to feel ice cold all over my body. It was a sensation as if my joints, muscles and my entire body were filled with glass shards. Every movement hurt.

It was an intense reaction and I had a hard time keeping it together. I felt like I was going through a medical emergency of some kind. 

At the Grand Central Station I had to change to the subway. On the subway car, I was feeling incredibly weak and was clutching the railing. Half the passengers in the full car were looking at me, since at that point I could no longer hide that something drastic was happening to me. I felt like I would pass out any moment. Luckily, I didn't.

By the time I arrived home, I felt mostly OK again.

I had never experienced such a dramatic reaction to a medical intervention. I was ecstatic. Although, the ride home from the doctor's office was a daunting experience, all I could think of was “Wow, this stuff really works. It really seems to kill something. I need more!” 

I quickly booked another appointment.

The second injection was a complete disappointment. I felt nothing at all. There was no dramatic Herxheimer reaction like the first time around.

When I went to the reception to pay for the treatment, I also found out why. They had given me something else, no ozone. It was either MSM or DMSO (I don't remember which one). And it cost more than the ozone IV I had asked for. They had given me something else than what I wanted and charged me more for it??!! I confronted the nurse about it and she admitted that she simply decided to give me something else because she thought it would have been better for me.

I was livid. I was boiling with anger. She infused something in my body without disclosing what it was, without asking my consent, without talking to me about it. I found this unacceptable and never returned. 

How do I explain this dramatic first reaction to the saline? Looking back and knowing what I know now, I think what happened was that the ozone IV restored bile flow. The chills and sensation of glass shards was probably due to bile acids in the blood circulation as part of a detox reaction.

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Ozone saunas fixed a back injury

I was working as a bartender at a restaurant on Park Avenue, NYC, and one day hurt my back before I started a shift.

As a bartender you have to restock the bar before you start working. Which means carrying heavy crates full of liquor bottles. I lifted one such crate and suddenly felt sharp pain in my back. It was intense.

I understood immediately that I would not be able to work that day. I went to the manager and told him about it. He sent me home to rest. But instead of going home, I went across the street to my friend’s spa, La Casa Day Spa. Jane Goldberg had an ozone sauna as part of her inventory and I immediately booked a 30 min session. 

After the ozone sauna the back pain had gone down by 50%. 

After that, I went home, but repeated the ozone sauna the next morning before the start of my shift. After the second sauna, the pain had gone down by a total of 90% or more and I could go and lift crates again and finish my shift. 

What is interesting is that I did exactly the opposite of what medical experts recommend that you do after an injury. Instead of applying cold, I applied high heat. And yet, this worked better than anything conventional medicine would have offered. This experience convinced me that I needed my own ozone sauna at home. 


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Vaginal ozone insufflations stopped developing flu

This happened years ago in winter time. It was cold and dark and I had just come home from running some errands and I could feel the distinct sensation of coming down with something.

It was either the flu or a developing cold. I was feeling run down, sleepy and tired and had the urge to just go to bed and rest.

Instead, I hooked up my ozone generator and started doing vaginal insufflations.

Already during the insufflations I felt the symptoms go away. I did the insufflations for a total of 10, max 15 minutes.

Afterwards, the fatigue was gone and I felt as good as new again. Maybe I did another insufflations the next day, don't remember anymore. I do remember that I never got sick. The flu or cold, or whatever it was, never materialized.

This was one of many instances where I understood that vaginal insufflations are a powerful systemic, not just a local treatment. 

Vaginal ozone insufflation resolved knee pain

Another example of this was when I was doing vaginal insufflations to treat what I thought was an infection (but in hindsight probably wasn't because it did not respond to the ozone).

At the same time, I had some pain in my right knee, again. After the ozone insufflation the knee pain disappeared.

Something that surprised even me! Another example of VIs working system-wide not just locally. 


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DIV ozone injections fixed psoriasis and disattaching nails

I have never been officially diagnosed with psoriasis by a doctor. It is a self-diagnosis based on Dr. Google.

I had the typical symptoms throughout my life: red, inflamed patches. In my case, they typically formed on my eye lids, temples, shoulders and chest.

Another symptom I had developed around 13 year ago that can be seen in some psoriasis patients, is puss underneath finger nails. They dis-attach and the space between the nail and the nail bed gets filled with white puss. My nails looked similar to this and this (those are not my nails, I am just citing those as examples).

It looked like I was slowly loosing my nails. The puss-filled areas were growing every day, until I started doing DIV ozone injections. With the ozone injections, I could observe the healing. I could observe the effect of the DIV on my nails within less than 24 hours.

I would do a DIV injection in the evening, and in the morning I could see how the puss filled area had become smaller.

With daily DIV injections, the dis-attached areas were receding every day.

Another thing that was fixed by ozone was the joint of one of my middle fingers. I don't remember anymore whether it was the left or right middle finger, since there is no sign of the deformation anymore.

But what happened was that the the top joint looked as if it had moved to the side. Instead of a straight line, there was a kink. After weeks of daily ozone treatments, the joint was fixed. There is no sign of the deformity anymore. All thanks to ozone IVs.

And of course the red inflamed patches on my skin and the joint pain resolved as well. 

ozone fixes psoriasis finger joint

I don't have a before photo of my middle finger and how it was disfigured by psoriasis, so I made this exaggerated graph to get the idea across. The pink line traces how the finger looked before I started ozone therapy (approximately). The entire top joint had moved to the side.  There was no straight line along the finger. After a few weeks of mostly intravenous ozone injections, the joint went back to its original position. Now, there is no visible trace of the former disfigurement. This is one of many things that I keep kicking myself in the butt for that I didn't take a photo of it. 

2018 health turnaround with ozonated water

Of all my ozone experiences, this may be the craziest one.

At the beginning of 2018 I was feeling like I was dying. I didn't know of what or how or why, I just had the distinct feeling that my body was giving up on me.

I had lost over 25 lbs (around 12 kg) of weight, I was feeling like I was poisoned with something, I was incredibly weak, very constipated, I was having one bowel movement per week, my stool had turned pale, I was feeling like I couldn’t stand upright for any amount of time.

I would go to bed at night expecting to die in my sleep. I felt like I could have a stroke or a heart attack anytime or as if something drastic could happen to me.

I was reacting to everything I was eating. And I mean everything. Even to lamb, oat meal, white rice, literally everything.

I was so sick and fragile that I was actually afraid to do any type of ozone treatment. I remember catching a whiff of a chlorine containing cleaning product and feeling dizzy. If chlorine gives me this type of reaction, then ozone will be probably even worse, was my thinking back then.

In the end, I did do ozone. I don't remember how I got the courage together, or if the craziness just took over at some point. In any case, I decided to prepare some ozonated water thinking that this would be the gentlest way to do ozone. 

What happened next was one of the most dramatic turn-arounds I had witnessed in my life and it all happened in less than 20 minutes.

I drank the ozone water and immediately a number of dramatic reactions started setting in: 

  • my eyes started rolling back into my head
  • I felt unbearable chills all over my body
  • I felt like I could lose consciousness any minute and had to hold myself agains the kitchen counter
  • I felt like I was about to throw up, but all that came up was some gel-like, slimy sputum

This was going on for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and once it passed, I felt completely transformed.

I had energy, I felt stable, I felt normal.

I went out and ran some errands. 

The ozone water gave me restored health for a solid 5 to 6 hours – until I ate something again. 

For the longest time, I had no clue what it was and how to explain this. I still don't, although I have my speculations (I believe it was a release of backed up bile and possibly stored vitamin A). All I knew is that it worked.

I continued with the ozone water every day for the next several weeks. Each day the violent reaction was less and less until there was as good as none and I felt normal most of the time. 

But that day in April 2018, ozonated water transformed me from a living zombie into a normally functioning human being within less than 30 minutes and the effect lasted more than 5 hours.


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  1. Rebecca Harris

    I'm using ozone rectal insufflations to keep bladder cancer from returning to me. My naturopathic docs prescribed 50g IV VitC 2x weekly – very costly! I have the equipment to do ozone at home and want to know if the oxygen insufflations are equal to the IV VitC? They both cause oxidative results and I think ozone lasts longer?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Rebecca,

      I think vaginal insufflations, ozone saunas, drinking ozonated water would be better for this purpose. And also bladder insufflations.

      I don't know how the various ozone treatments compare to Vit C IVs, though … but they can be extremely effective.

      Yes, high dose vit C IVs are said to produce hydrogen peroxide, same as ozone treatments. But I don't know which one lasts longer.


  2. Day

    Dear Goddess of Ozone, Just bought your DIV book on Amazon, should receive it tomorrow. Also purchased Dr Bocci's Hardcover 2011 2nd Edition (hardcover cheaper than paperback, go figure). Also purchased the Synergy 120 (the 2022 upgraded big gun). I went all in (drank the kool-aid) because your writing and videos were so genuine, humorous, and all tested on yourself. You contributed heavily to my decision to invest in all of this for a better future and better health. You're helping a lot of people suffering out there with your awesome information. Good on you Dr D (Paola). Best!


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