Maximum ozone output

The produced ozone concentration with home ozone machines is usually given in ug/ml or micrograms of ozone per milliliter of total oxygen/ozone gas *.

This is often one of the first things people want to know when they buy an ozone generator: how powerful is it? How much ozone does it produce?

Essentially, as a buyer you want to know: How much bang do I get for my buck?

The truth is though that unless you’re thinking about starting a professional ozonated oil production or want to treat your horse’s gangrenous foot, it’s very unlikely you’re ever going to need ozone concentrations of more than 60 ug/ml.

Certified German medical ozone generators which can only be bought by licensed health care providers and which cost up to $13,000 do not exceed ozone concentrations of 80 ug/ml. This is generally regarded as the upper limit for ozone therapy (exceptions are made for topical applications). Some Russian medical ozone generators do not even go above 50 ug/ml.

So although it’s a justifiable notion, the fact is that whatever you’re hoping to achieve with a home ozone machine, any of the presented ozone generators will likely do the job, even those who do not exceed ozone concentrations of 60 ug/ml.

Another thing to consider is that those are all essentially simple water purification devices for home use. What does that mean for the ozone concentration? It means that the machines do not show you the actual ozone concentration they put out at the moment of production like medical machines do. The actual ozone concentrations can vary between +/- 20% as has been shown during an independent output assessment by Dr. Rowen and Dr. Robins even with ozone generators which are regarded as the best ones in the industry.

Exceptions to this are Promolife and Plasmafire generators.

Promolife generators’ ceramic cells apparently make for a very stable ozone production.

Plasmafire generators have a built-in upper ceiling of around 70 ug/ml due to its cold plasma technology.

The latest output test of the Azco HTU-500 (aka “Paul’s Machine”, my current favorite) showed that it produced 82 ug/ml of ozone at a flow of 1/16 LPM at the highest dial of 10. Which is considerably higher than the previous measurement of 70 ug/ml at the same dial number. So as we can see, the ozone output can vary considerably from one measurement to the next.

Please, note that the lower the oxygen flow the higher the ozone concentration. The maximum ozone output has been here given at an oxygen flow of 1/32 LPM for all machines as a point of reference. This is often the lowest flow used in ozone applications, for example with ear insufflations.

* ug means micrograms, ml stands for milliliter.

1 ug = 1 mcg = 1 microgram = 1/1,000,000 gram, it's a measure of weight.

1 ml = 1 milliliter = 1/1,000 liter, it's a measure of volume.

So 1 ug/ml means 1 micrograms of ozone per 1 milliliter of total ozone/oxygen mixture.

1 liter of oxygen weighs 1.4 gr or 1,400,000mcg (=ug).

So it's 1,400,000mcg of oxygen per 1,000ml of volume, or 1,400mcg/1ml.

Which means that an ozone output of 70mcg/ml amounts to an ozone concentration of 5% (= [70mcg/ml] / 1,400mcg/ml).

An ozone concentration of 120mcg/ml amounts to an ozone concentration of 8.6%.

Which means that even the strongest ozone concentrators put out a maximum of 8.6% of ozone per volume of gas. The majority of the gas is oxygen, and only a fraction of it is actually ozone. 

Adjustable ozone output dial

An ozone generator for home use can be perfectly operated through the oxygen flow.

The lack of a dial on an ozone generator does NOT mean the machine is of lower quality.

But, an output dial is nevertheless a convenient thing to have and offers more variability in setting the desired ozone concentration.

A dial allows to set a wider range of ozone concentrations. When operating an ozone generator with a dial knob one can keep the oxygen output of the given application fixed and operate solely the dial on the generator to achieve the different ozone concentrations. An output knob makes for a greater ease of use.

On the other hand the lack of a dial does not necessarily make for a lesser machine. For most of the past 10+ years I've been using ozone I did so using ozone generators which were mainly operated through the oxygen flow.

Many ozone applications should not exceed a certain oxygen flow, like for example ear insufflations. If the oxygen flow is too high, it could lead to ear drum rupture. The suggested maximum oxygen flow for EIs is 1/8 LPM. A dial on the ozone generator allows to set a wider range of ozone concentrations for the recommended oxygen flow.

Longevity EXT120 ozone generator dial

Longevity EXT120 ozone generator has a dial which goes from 0 to 10. The machine also has a timer which allows to set a maximum time after which the generator automatically turns off.

Promolife O3 Elite Dual Stage ozone generator

Dials of the Promolife O3Elite Dual Stage – it has two ozone chambers which work independently of each other. Each ozone chamber has its own dial. It allows to set a great variety of ozone concentrations.

Paul's machine aka Azco HTU-500 ozone generator front, dial knob

Dial of “Paul's machine” aka Azco HTU-500. It goes from 1 to 10.

Output Chart

An output chart shows you how much ozone your machine produces depending on the oxygen flow and the setting of the dial. The values in the chart are based on measurements performed on the machine.

Ozone concentration is usually given as ug/ml (micrograms per milliliter) or gamma, which means micrograms of ozone per milliliter of total ozone/oxygen mix. It can also be given as mg/l, g/m3, or mcg/ml.

For this website I have consolidated all the available outputs which were often given in different units and present them in uniform ug/ml (gamma) charts.

Keep in mind that the presented ozone generators do not provide the exact ozone concentration during ozone production. The charts give an approximate value. The true concentration has been shown in independent testing to sometimes vary by 20% up or down.



Image: Wikipedia

Depending on where you live the electricity which comes out of your socket has a different voltage and frequency and requires different plugs. If you live in the USA, you are supplied with 110 to 120V electricity which means that your ozone generator has to be able to operate on that voltage. If you live in Australia the voltage which comes out of your socket is 220 to 240V and requires a suitable ozone generator.

All ozone equipment manufacturers on the list offer versions for both the 110-120V as well as the 220-240V market. Longevity ozone generators, being a Canadian company and catering mostly to the North American market, come as a standard 110 to 120 V, generators for 220 to 240V come at an extra charge.

Same with Paul's machine: it's a standard 110V. The 230V version costs $50 more.

If you're not sure which voltage is supplied in your country, please consult this list: voltage by country.

Promolife generators and the SimplyO3 Stratus 2.0 can be used anywhere in the world. The Promolife machines come with a convenient variety of plugs which can be simply exchanged depending on where you are. Given that the Promolife generators are very light weight, it makes for perfect travel equipment.

If you decide to go for one of the Plasmafire machines, you need to let the seller know which voltage you need and the generator will be equipped accordingly at no extra charge.

What is also possible is to buy a transformer. I've been using a US made 110 V ozone generator with a transformer I bought in Germany for around $30.

Dual Dielectric

An ozone generator which has a dual dielectric chamber means that it is made entirely of glass, a highly ozone inert material. All-glass ozone chambers are regarded as the best quality machines. Manufacturers of such generators maintain that the ozone produced is of the highest quality.

As a rule, generators which use materials like aluminum oxide or stainless steel are regarded as being of lesser quality because it’s assumed that the metal could corrode and contaminate the ozone.

Are metal electrodes really a concern with ozone generators?

Zotzmann & Stahl is regarded as the best ozone generator manufacturer worldwide. The Zotzmann OZON 2000 generator is famous for being used for the “10 pass” method developed by Dr. Lahodny. A hyperbaric Zotzmann machine costs around $13,000 and can only be acquired by licensed medical professionals. German ozone machines have to satisfy what are regarded as one of the most stringent industry standards in the world, and yet they use aluminum oxide which does get in contact with ozone in the ozone chamber. Why? Because according to German regulations aluminum oxide, stainless steel, and titanium count as some of the most ozone inert materials.

Ceramic is used in water purification processes which require ozone concentrations of a multiple concentration than what is used in the presented machines above. Ceramic is known to be an exceptionally ozone resistant material.

Nevertheless, among home ozone enthusiasts in North America all-glass chambers are the technology of choice.



All the ozone generators on the list come with a lifetime warranty except the Azco HTU-500 and the Stratus 2.0 which come with a 3 year warranty.

Longevity Resources offers a lifetime warranty on the quartz glass tube only, the electronics are protected for 2 years only.

Promolife and Plasmafire have unlimited lifetime warranties.

They do not cover damage incurred intentionally or by improper usage of the machine.

You pay shipping to send the machine in for repairs. If it turns out to be covered by the warranty the shipping is free. If the damage is not covered by warranty, you have to pay return shipping as well.


In order to connect the ozone generators to other accessories like catheters, catheter bags, modified stethoscope or humidifiers there need to be compatible attachment. The most common ones used in ozone therapy are quick or luer lock connectors. Usually, if you decide to buy your accessories at the same seller as the ozone generator, you will be provided with matching connectors. If you decide to source your equipment from different distributors it's good to keep in mind the connectors you will need to make it all match.

Quality Certificates

In order to be able to sell electrical products on the US, European and other markets, a manufacturer or reseller is required to get the product certified by an independent body which will attest to the product's electrical or mechanical safety. Those independent bodies (NRTL = Nationally Recognized Testing Laboraroty) evaluate, test and finally certify that a certain product is safe to use in the workplace. There are different, competing certificates which all follow laws of OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration).

Those certificates are supposed to assure that when you plug the machine into your socket and turn it on it will do what the manufacturer claims it will do, and not explode or cause a power outage in your neighborhood. All those certificates attest to is that those machines will do what they are designed to do and gives them a stamp of approval to be sold on various markets.

What none of the certificates says, is that those machines are safe to be used for therapeutical purposes, including the ETL certificate which the American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAO) likes to quote.

Every single ozone generator presented on this page is officially a water purification device and sold as such, including Longevity Resources machines. Call Longevity staff and ask them, they will be the first to tell you so.



Extras can be anything from extra PVC or silicone tubing, to connectors, USB sticks to other accessories some of which will allow you to get started with ozone applications right away. Extras and discounts can make a considerable difference in the total amount you will spend on your ozone equipment.

Certainly, the best deal when it comes to extras is offered by Plasmafire. The add-ons will allow you to begin treatments such as breathing ozone bubbled through olive oil, ear, rectal or vaginal insufflations. It even comes with a CGA 540 pediatric regulator. All you need is a tank and oxygen to get you started.

Keep in mind that the humidifiers which come with the Plasmafire package are made of plastic. Ideal is glass ware, which you can buy cheaply on ebay.

Promolife offers a lot of extras but they do not allow you to start with any of the protocols. They are mostly tubing, connectors and information videos.


Discounts and extras which come with the generators can make a considerable difference in the total amount you spent for your ozone equipment.

Paul Harvey offers a 5% discount at the checkout. When you type the code “generator5” and click on “update” the website will calculate 5% off for you.

Promolife offers a super exclusive 7% off for members of the Facebook groups “Ozone, Chelation and Paleo Diet” and “Ozone to Health”. Once you join the groups you will find a code in the group files which you then can use at the checkout. The discount is valid for ozone generators, oxygen tanks, regulators, concentrators, and various other accessories. It does not apply to the hard shell sauna.

Plasmafire offers exclusive discounts for readers of thepowerofozone website: $150 off on the Alpha V and $100 off on the Beta V. Please click here to apply for the discount and receive a free copy of the e-book “The Story of Ozone” by Saul Pressman.

Longevity Resources do not offer discounts to its customers. But once you have acquired a Longevity ozone generator you can participate in their referral program. Once you are signed up you can receive up to $150 per referred customer.

SimplyO3's Stratus 2.0 offers a discount only to buyers of 5 units or more.

For a in depth review of the single ozone generators, please go to the page “Ozone Generators“.



Affiliate Disclosure

This website contains affiliate links, which means Paola may receive a percentage of any product or service you purchase using the links in the articles or advertisements. You will pay the same price for all products and services, and your purchase helps support Paola‘s ongoing research and work.

Thanks for your support!


Except for the Ozonette, none of the ozone generators presented on this website have been approved for medical purposes. Any application of the machines for other than water purification is at the sole risk of the user.

Legal Disclaimer

Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. No health claims for these products or diagnostic tools have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA nor any other medical authority approved these products to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Since every person is unique, we highly recommend you to consult with your licensed health care practitioner about the use of ozone products in your particular situation. Neither The Power of Ozone nor the manufacturers of these items are responsible for the misuse of this equipment. It is highly advised to receive professional council from a licensed doctor before using Ozone Therapy or any of the mentioned products or tests on yourself.


  1. Carol

    Is the Azco HTU-500 ozone generator still a good choice for ozone generators?

    • paola d

      Hi Carol,
      yes, the Azco HTU-500 is still a good choice, but unfortunately, it is not available anymore.


  2. Glenn LaDue

    Great information! I am looking to get set up at home. I was wondering which one you suggest the Alpha V or O3 Elite for seronegative chronic lyme? Also would rectal insufflation be the best therapy or would you suggest I buy a ozone sauna as well? I currently do near infrared light therapy 3x a week.
    Thank you so much,

    • paola d

      Hi Glenn,
      If your condition is something which can be treated with ozone, then it doesn't matter what generator makes the ozone.
      Having said that, my preference is Paul's machine. This is currently the best deal on the market for all glass generators.
      I personally do not regard rectal insufflations as systemic treatments. They are a weak systemic treatment at best. They are mostly a local treatment.
      So I think using ozone saunas PLUS ear and rectal insufflations could be a better option here.

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