[Update December 2015:

Since I wrote this article around 2 years ago I've come across new information which made be rethink my stance on the RHP/EBOO protocol. I now have reason to believe that the traumatizing side effects reported to me by the people who had undergone RHP/EBOO treatments weren't due to a Herxheimer reaction, as previously thought, but due to mercury redistribution due to the many glutathione IVs which were administered simultaneously with the RHP/EBOO therapy. I talk about it in my new article here and also give addresses of affordable RHP/EBOO clinics for those who are aware of the risks and are interested in taking advantage of this type of ozone therapy. Those clinics offer RHP/EBOO sessions at a much more reasonable price of around US$ 160 per treatment.]

Yes, that is correct: RHP / EBOO is the most powerful ozone protocol – if you can survive it.

Just like using your car to jump across a 3 lane highway by propelling yourself off a ramp is the fastest way to get to the other side – if you can survive it.

“Wait a minute, there is danger in doing ozone? I thought it was one of the safest protocols there is.”

Yes, it is, but the risk in RHP or EBOO is not the ozone, it's the heparin.

What exactly is RHP / EBOO?

RHP stands for Recirculatory Haemoperfusion.

EBOO stands for Extracorporeal Blood Ozone Oxygenation

They both describe the same procedure, which is a type of ozone blood dialysis. Blood is extracted from one arm, it flows into the ‘dialysis machine' which infuses the blood with ozone and filters it, and the now ozonated blood is being reintroduced into your other arm.

What they don't tell you is that this procedure, like any procedure which requires blood to be extracted and reintroduced into the body, requires an anti-coagulant. In ozone therapy it's mostly heparin. If no heparin is used, the blood will clot and it's impossible to perform the procedure. If too much heparin is used – it can induce death, be it due to the liver shutting down or by causing internal bleeding.

Since during RHP your entire blood is being extracted and re-infused – that calls for maximum amounts of heparin.

Saul Pressman explains in his book “the story of ozone”:

“Blood coagulates when it is exposed to the air, so a method had to be found to prevent coagulation. The liver normally secretes heparin to prevent clotting inside the body. Sodium heparin was found to be effective in preventing clotting outside the body. Later, when heparin was seen to cause problems in some patients with liver problems (especially cirrhosis), sodium citrate was adopted by some doctors. However, heparin is still widely used because sodium citrate is less effective, even though heparin is hard on the liver and is known to suppress the immune system.”


Most people who've ever looked into ozone therapy will sooner or later come across the mythical, magical RHP. This mythos is mostly due to Ed McCabe's “Top 5” in his book “Flood Your Body with Oxygen”.

Ed McCabe created a list with the 5 most powerful ozone protocols and on the number 1 spot of that list he put RHP, “the crown jewel” of ozone therapies, the king of all kings, the one thing which can single handedly cure cancer, AIDS, lyme – and restore peace in the Middle East – with just few treatments.

Coupled with the claim that RHP circumvents a Herxheimer reaction (since allegedly all the oxidized toxins remain in the machine) and the fact that it's banned in the US and is prohibitively expensive (up to $10,000 / month which can include a max of 4 treatments only) – the hype is perfect and irresistible.

Imagine yourself being a multi billionaire, jet setting to faraway Asian countries to receive a magical ozone treatment at top-secret locations, while dodging evil FDA agents.

“Oh yeah baby, just pass me my Gucci sunglasses” you say, while being hooked up to an RHP machine and turning your body into a disease proof armor.

Bruce Wayne has nothing on you.

Big spoiler alert – the reality is nothing like it. I've never received RHP (although, after reading Ed McCabe's book, I wished I had for a long time, preferably in a very similar scenario as described above), but I know 2 people who have.

Both had been chronically ill for quite some time.

Not only did they not get better with RHP (they had been both diagnosed with lyme disease among other things), but one closely escaped death (landing in an intensive care unit with acute liver cirrhosis) and the other going through such traumatic Herxheimer reaction that he chose to mostly stay away from ozone ever since.

Both people have spent tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars, respectively, over the years to restore their health. One of them asked his parents to take out a mortgage on their house so he would be able to pay for the treatment.

Those stories and others made me understand to what incredible lengths people are able to go and what heretofore inaccessible resources they can mobilize if their health is at stake.

And that is exactly what some of those who run the RHP clinics primarily speculate and prey on: people's desperation. And at the same time they conveniently omit to disclose the substantial risks associated with it.

The claim that RHP will not create a Herxheimer reaction only makes sense on paper. Once you take a closer look into it or talk to people who had it done, you realize that that cannot be the case.

Why? To claim that an ozone blood dialysis machine will not create a Herxheimer reaction is to assume that

1) all the toxins in the body can be found primarily in the blood and

2) the ozonated blood which is being reinfused into the body does not carry any ozone anymore at the point of re-entrance. Both assumptions are wrong.

1) Our bodies, meaning: our organs, muscles, tissues, tendons, even bones, lymph fluid, blood and most of all – fat – carry toxins and pathogens. The older we are, usually, the more toxic we are. Just cleaning out the blood does not automatically result in a cleaned up body. Also given that most toxins are stored in the fat (something the body does to protect the organs), it will take time to release them. A few ozone blood cleansing procedures can at best start that process which takes time and dedication to complete.

2) The reinfused blood is supercharged with ozone and oxygen. On re-entrance into the body which is full of toxins and pathogens it will immediately start reacting with them – resulting sometimes in the most severe and traumatizing Herxheimer reaction imaginable. So the RHP induced Herxheimer reaction can be – contrary to the claim by its proponents – one of the worst ever.

So, you might ask “what IS the most powerful ozone protocol?”

It depends what you have – there is no all-inclusive answer.

There is no single magical ozone bullet which will take care of any pathology in an equal measure, doesn’t matter whether it’s fungus on your feet or a HEP C virus infection.

The belief in such a magic bullet is the main misconception about ozone.

So, if you have brain cancer – most probably ear insufflations alone will take care of it.

If it's an ulcer in your stomach – drinking some ozonated water will probably fix it relatively quickly.

If it's Lyme, the thing is slightly more complicated, since you want to ideally flood your body with ozone so that Lyme won't have anywhere to run and hide in its cyst form. The most minimum program are ozone ear insufflations and ozone saunas, but if you can add DIVs, other insufflations and/or o3 water to it, you will achieve a higher and faster ozone saturation.

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