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What is ozonated water?
What equipment to use?
How to put the equiptment together and how to use it?
What is a water bubbler?
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Water is able to bind ozone. When ozone is bubbled through water some of the ozone attaches itself to water molecules. The water then becomes ozonated water. The colder and the purer water is, the more ozone it can bind and the longer it can hold the ozone concentration. Drinking ozonated water is a great way to supply ozone to the upper gastrointestinal tract.



In order to be able to make ozonated water you need:

oxygen + ozone generator + trap or check valve + glass container (water bubbler)

Ozonated water diagram

This is the ideal set up when ozonating water which guarantees maximum safety to your machine. If you want to know how to use a short-cut, go to the Super Low Budget Tips.


Oxygen source: Either an oxygen tank or an oxygen concentrator can be used. Both the oxygen concentrator and oxygen tank have to allow for oxygen flows between 1/8 LPM and 1/2 LPM. Super low oxygen flows are not necessary to make ozonated water.

Oxygen concentrator: There are several possibilities. One can either use a low flow oxygen concentrator which allows for oxygen flows of 1/8 LPM to 1/2 LPM, which is enough to ozonate water, or one can use a regular oxygen concentrator (which usually allows for oxygen flows of 0.5 to 5 LPM) and attach an external low flow regulator to bring the flow down to 1/4 to 1/8 LPM and so be able to achieve higher ozone concentrations.

Oxygen tank: You can use either industrial or medical oxygen tanks. Most pediatric regulators allow for flows of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 LPM and up.

Ozone generator: It should be a generator which uses ozone resistant materials in the air chamber, can be fed oxygen from an oxygen concentrator or an oxygen tank, and can reliably produce stable ozone concentrations at given oxygen flows. Ozonating water can be performed using relatively high ozone output of up to 100 ug/ml or even higher.

Accessories: 1) trap or check valve. A trap is preferable, which is usually an empty humidifier. 2) Water bubbler: this is a glass container which has a water stone attached to its ozone outlet and which allows for the creation of super small ozone bubbles and hence for a better ozone saturation of the water. An ideal water bubbler has also a destructor attached to its outlet so that no excess ozone leaks out and one can remain in the room while the water is being ozonated.

metal modified stethoscope
Teflon modified stethoscope

Left: a trap which prevents liquids from flowing into the chamber of the ozone generator which could cause damage. Right: a check valve, an alternative to a trap. Best is also to keep the water container always below the ozone generator.



Suggested settings:

Oxygen flow: 1/8 to 1/2 LPM
Ozone concentration: 20 to 80 gamma or more
Duration: depends on the amount and desired concentration.
The following times should allow for a maximum saturation of the water:
1 glass (8-10 oz) – a minimum of 5 to 7 min
2 glasses – a minimum of 10-15 min
3-4 glasses – a minimum of 20 to 30 min
1 gallon – a minimum of 30-40 min

For an overview of the different connectors and tubing, please go to How to connect ozone equipment.

Connect the oxygen source (either tank or concentrator) with the ozone generator inlet via tubing. Take a separate silicone tubing and attach one end to the ozone generator’s “ozone out” outlet, the other end to the trap inlet (be careful to get that right! Be sure to connect the ozone output hose with the inlet of the trap, not the outlet, as explained here). Take a new shorter piece of silicone tubing and attach one end to the outlet of the trap and the other end to the inlet of the water bubbler. Pour the desired amount of water into the water bubbler.

Turn the oxygen source on and set it at a flow of for example 1/4 LPM. Turn on the ozone generator and set it at the desired ozone concentration.



If you do not use a trap or only a check valve, make sure the container with the water stands BELOW the ozone generator to prevent water backflow into the machine which could otherwise damage it.

 ozonated water below

What is a water bubbler and how is it different from a humidifier? 

A water bubbler is very similar to a humidifier. Both are filled with water and both infuse water with ozone. The difference between a bubbler and a humidifier is that the bubbler does not have a gas outlet. It has an ozone destructor attached to its outlet to prevent the release of ozone into the environment. While ozonating water, no ozone smell occurs.

A humidifier on the other hand infuses water with ozone and transports the humidified ozone through the outlet of the humidifier into a stethoscope or catheter.

Water bubbler explaine Promolife

A water bubbler: dry ozone (blue) enters through the inlet and is bubbled through water. The water retains some of the ozone, turning into “ozonated water”. The produced humidified ozone (orange) is trapped in the destructor. No ozone odor escapes into the environment.

How an ozone humidifier works

An ozone humidifier: dry ozone (blue) comes in through the bottle inlet, is run through water, and now being “humidified ozone” (orange) exits through the outlet. It can then be run through a modified stethoscope for ear insufflations or through a catheter for rectal or vaginal insufflations.

Bubbler Humidifier combo Promolife for ozone therapy

And that’s why I love Promolife: they always come up with a solution! Here a water bubbler / humidifier in one. If you attach the destructor to the outlet, you’ll get a water bubbler. Otherwise it’s a humidifier.


Do I really need a water bubbler?

No. You can either just use a humidifier and leave the room while the water is being ozonated. Or you can forgo the humidifier or bubbler entirely, use any glass jar or bottle, get a water stone, attach the stone to the ozone output hose, drop it into the water bottle, turn the machines on and leave the room while your ozone water is being prepared. When not using a water bubbler with a destruct unit, it’s important to not be in the room while the machine runs since there will be a lot of excess ozone.



  • Take a clean, empty glass bottle or glass jar. It can be an old wine or water bottle, doesn’t matter. Fill it with the amount of water you want to ozonate, drop the ozone output hose inside and wait for your water to get ready! Without using any water stone or bubbler. I’ve been ozonating my water like this for years. It works just as well as if one used a water stone. Do not forget to leave the room or at least make sure there is enough ventilation. If you can place your glass bottle on the balcony or patio – even better!


  • Do you only want to make ozonated water and not much else? No need to spend a few thousand $$ on expensive ozone equipment. As long as you only want to ozonate your water, food, or want to fumigate your room – a simple $70 air fed water ozonator from amazon will do it.



Risks of drinking ozonated water:
  • accidentally breathe in the outgassing ozone (which escapes the water and collects on the surface)
  • painful abdominal bloating and gas when the ozone water reacts with food in the intestines


  • hold your breath while drinking ozonated water
  • blow away the excess ozone on the surface before drinking
  • wait 3 hours after your last meal before drinking ozonated water.
  • after having ingested ozonated water, wait at least 15 minutes before you eat or drink anything
  • do not put anything else in the water. Just use pure water. Preferably mineral or reverse osmosis filtered water. Distilled water is fine as long as you supplement with minerals afterwards. Adding salt is ok, too. 






a transplanted organ

Except for the Ozonette, none of the ozone generators presented on this website have been approved for medical purposes. Any application of the machines for other than water purification is at the sole risk of the user.

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  1. Harold

    Do you see any value in using ozonated water as an enema following a coffee enema for detox purposes? Using 3 cups of saturated O3 water.

    • paola d

      Hi Harold,
      I would do it the other way around: firs the enema with ozonated water, then a coffee enema. You want to prevent any ozone from reacting with coffee remnants.

  2. Chris

    I have a ozone generator that puts out 500mg/ hr how long should I ozonate 500ml of water?

    • paola d

      Hi Chris,

      ozonate it for around 15 to 20 min. Make sure to leave the room while the machine runs.


  3. Brando

    Hi I hope you can help, my Ozone generator put out 8000mg hr I do have a Ozone Destructor from promolife. I use a Oxygen concentrator as well 5LPM is this to much Ozone? I cant convert Grams To Micrograms, well I have found a converter but I don’t understand the answer 8e+6. how can I compare this to Promolifes Generator at •Ozone output up to 110 Ug/ml (gammas) I’m lost,thanks for any help.

    • paola d

      Hi Brando,

      this is definitely too much ozone.

      Your machine is not intended for personal use but most likely either for a swimming pool or to remediate homes. You should not be anywhere near it when it is on.


  4. Donna

    Thank you very much for this info! An 8oz glass of ozonated water lasts only 20 minutes if left standing, but after it’s ingested, how long does it take for it to do its job? I take Pine essential oil for 3 days in a row and then take a few days off. Should ozonated water be avoided on the days I’m using Pine essential oil?

    • paola d

      Hi Donna,

      I feel the effect of drinking ozonated water up to an hour or longer …

      I would space the O3 water and the pine oil by a few hours, then you are likely on the safe side.


    • beverlyannsjoblom@yahoo.com

      Hi Donna, I’ve ordered my turpinetine oil (pine oil) –the one jennifer daniels MD recommends, and plan to use it along with ozone water. I agree to take them at separate times.

  5. Chris Crane

    Hi Paola,

    I think I may try one of the inexpensive air fed ozonators from Amazon for ozonating water as you’ve suggested above. The company that sells the most popular of these units (one with a diffuser stone) shows customers standing over or next to the water while it’s being ozonated. If I read you correctly above, this isn’t safe. Am I correct in assuming that when one of the air fed units is on, I would need to leave the room? If so, for how long? Second, it’s not clear to me from what I’ve read above that the O3 Elite Single Stage, which I will likely be buying for insufflation, is powerful enough to ozonate water. Am I right?

    Thanks for all the great information here,

    • paola d

      Hi Chris,

      Yes, I recommend to leave the room for as long as the ozonator runs. Unless you use a water beaker with an attached destructor, then you don’t need to leave the room.

      Yes, the Single Stage is powerful enough to ozonate water, but you will not be able to reach as high ozone concentrations as with the Double Cell. But you might not need to get as high.


  6. Kelly Langham

    Hi Brando,
    After making ozone water can you store it for a few days or should you drink it straight away as it looses its ozone.

    Do you recommend only having one 250 ml glass in the morning as I’m using it as well as other alternatives to treat stage 4 lung cancer.

    • paola d

      Hi Kelly,
      yes, you should ideally drink it right away.
      It will store in the fridge for some time but not at the same potency as when it was freshly prepared.
      One can drink 4 to 6 glasses per day or more.
      I would also consider doing BOO–breathing Ozonated Oil.
      Also find a practitioner who offers ozone IVs.


  7. Cezary

    Could you recommend a. Budget air fed water ozonator from amazon.co.uk in UK? Thank you.

    • paola d

      Hi Cezary,

      this one is ok. But it tends not to last very long. A few months in my experience.


  8. Damian

    What would cause purified water to turn a bluish hue in color when ozonating water?

    • paola d

      Hi Damian,

      I have no idea …
      Are you sure it was the water and not a reflection of some blue surface nearby?


    • beverlyannsjoblom@yahoo.com

      Are you using the blue bubbler stone. Those are made in China and not recommended for ozone water making.

  9. Jas

    What if i prefer to ozonate 1 gallon of water, what will happen if i did not consume all the ozonated water? Is it still safe to drink? is it true that ozonizer produce alkaline water? Thank you

    • paola d

      Hi Jas,

      see my previous answers. I hope I covered all your questions?


  10. Jas

    Hi Paola ,
    I’m new to ozone therapy, i bought this ozonizer generator and have read different opinions from different websites..So my questions are:
    1. What if i ozonated water and im not able to drink it all, is it still safe to drink?
    2. so after 30 mins the effectivity of ozone is half life and after 2 hours is gone , so what is the state of water? is it remained alkaline?
    3. What will happen to the body if i drink ozonated water after every eating?
    4.Is it true that i can stock ozonated water for a weeks to a month? is it still pure?

    sorry for many questions.
    Thank you

    • paola d

      Hi Jas,

      1. Yes, of course. Many bottled mineral waters are ozonated before they are bottled.
      2. After all the ozone is gone, you simply have ultra purified water, that’s all. Ozonation does not change the pH of the water, but the pH determines how for how long the water can hold the ozone.
      3. You should not drink ozonated water after food, but around 15 before. You should wait a good 3 hours after you have eaten, before you drink the water.
      4. Yes, you can stock it in the fridge, but it will keep losing the ozone. It will remain pure, yes. Unless it is re-contaminated.


  11. Steph

    Can I use filtered water from my fridge to make ozone water?


    • paola d

      Hi Steph,

      I hope so. You may want to check if it filters bromides. If it does, it should be fine.


  12. beverlyannsjoblom@yahoo.com

    Hi Paola, thank you for what you do. I’m a huge ozone user as well (love Toby at Promolife) and have learned a lot from you. I’m on a water fast “water only” and have been using ozone water for a couple of days as mouthwash since nothing is allowed in the mouth which could stimulate digestion (not even salt water). Do you think if I DRANK or or even SWOLLOWED some ozone water it would stimulate digestion? I want to stay away from stimulating digestion for stimulation prolongs the hunger pangs and other issues.

    • paola d

      Hi Beverly,

      I strongly discourage you to drink ozonated water while on a water fast.
      It could spur on your metabolism and trigger a hypoglycemic episode.


  13. beverlyannsjoblom@yahoo.com

    Thank you!


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