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PLEASE READ FIRSTHow to protect yourself from breathing ozone
What are vaginal insufflations?
What equipment you need
How to put the equipment together and how to use it
Risks and how to avoid them


You perform vaginal insufflations by infusing an ozone/oxygen gas mix into the female reproductive system with the help of a catheter. They are best performed in a continuous fashion: one attaches a catheter to the ozone output hose and allows for the ozone/oxygen gas mix to flow in for the desired amount of time.



Here is what you need in order to perform VI directly from the ozone generator in a continuous fashion. Which in my opinion is the best way to do it. 

You need:

1. Oxygen source (tank or concentrator) including low flow regulator

2. Ozone generator

3. Extra silicone tubing, connector, catheter

[3a.  OPTIONAL: humidifier and trap]

4. Mask

5. Extras: at least two old or white towels, some plastic cover, a good book


In the picture above you see the most basic setup for vaginal insufflations: an oxygen tank (although I prefer using an oxygen concentrator and an external low flow regulator), the Promolife Dual Cell O3Elite, some extra silicone tubing, a special connector and a catheter. 


1. Oxygen source: Either an oxygen tank or an oxygen concentrator can be used which produces oxygen of at least 90% purity. Whatever oxygen source you choose, make sure your ozone generator is able to produce concentrations between 20 and 50 mcg/ml at the given oxygen flow. Consult the chart of your ozone generator to find out whether you will be able to produce those concentrations.

2. Ozone generator:  It should be an oxygen fed generator which can produce ozone concentrations of at least up to 50 mcg/ml. Any of the recommended generators on this page will do the job. The one in the pictures above is the EliteO3 Dual Cell from Promolife. 

3. Extra silicone tubing, connector, and a catheter: Those are all the accessories you need to perform vaginal insufflations. For the silicone tubing you will need a luer lock connector to be able to connect it to the ozone output. The connector which helps connect the catheter with the silicone tubing will also fit the silicone catheters. Both the PVC and the silicone catheters can be reused. You just need to rinse them out after each usage. 

Best catheter: one with a luer lock attachment. No adapter necessary in order to connect it to your ozone output tubing. A simple luer lock connector is all you need.

For those who prefer to do VI indirectly: use Promolife’s new 200 ml polycarbonate syringe. Fill it with the ozone/oxygen gas, attach it to the inserted catheter, and insert the gas by pressing on the plunger. Make sure you also get an adapter if you opt for slip-on catheters. If you decide to go with luer lock catheters, get some spare luer locks as well.

A silicone catheter for vaginal (or rectal) insufflations from Promolife.

The “standard” PVC catheter which can be used for vaginal (or rectal) insufflations, also from Promolife.

Don’t forget to get the adapter: this allows you to connect a slip-on catheter to the ozone output tubing.


Suggested are the following settings:
Oxygen flow: maximum 1/8 LPM
Ozone concentration: 20 to 40 gamma
Duration: Start with 5 min per day. Increase slowly until you reach 20 minutes.
Some professional ozone practitioners suggest continuous VI continuously for up to 2 hours.

For an overview of the different connectors and tubing, please go to How to connect ozone equipment.

Connect the oxygen source (either tank or concentrator) with the ozone generator inlet via tubing. Attach silicone tubing to the ozone generator “ozone out” outlet. Insert a catheter into the vagina until you feel resistance or around 2 inches deep (6 to 8 cm). Turn on the oxygen and set it at the given oxygen flow. Connect the “ozone out” silicone tubing with the catheter. Turn on the ozone generator and set it on the desired ozone concentration. Place a towel on your lap which will absorb the excess ozone. Additionally, either wear a mask or put a fan in front of you. Open a window and make sure there is enough ventilation in the room.




  • Gas embolism (I personally think that risk is vanishingly small. I could only find one case where it was suspected that a woman died due to a gas embolism after a certain sexual practice which according to the coroner had pushed air through an open vein in her uterus and caused an air embolism. As far as I know, there is no reported case where this has ever occurred during vaginal ozone insufflations. Still, Dr. Rowen prefers to make people aware of it.)
  • Itchy rash and burning sensation
  • If you suspect having a tear or a wound due to trauma or other causes in your reproductive system, do not attempt vaginal insufflations. Otherwise you’re running a risk of pushing air into an open vein which could cause a gas embolism.
  • reduce the ozone concentration, frequency, or duration of applications




  • open wound in the reproductive system
  • transplanted organ

Except for the Ozonette, none of the ozone generators presented on this website have been approved for medical purposes. Any application of the machines for other than water purification is at the sole risk of the user.

Legal Disclaimer

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  1. karina

    What’s the ideal position for administering VI? Sitting? Laying down?

    • paola d

      I prefer to sit and work on my computer while insufflating. Find the position most comfortable for you.

  2. Jane Laursen

    IS the catheter used the same as for RI’s?

    • paola d


  3. Lia

    for systemic ozone is there any information re: rectal vs vaginal insufflation? The info I can find on rectal is that is is 80-90% as effective as MAH. I have successfully completed surgery ( 1 positive lymph node)chemo and radiation for aggressive uterine CA and now want to increase immune system and weaken any possible remaining cancer cells.

    • paola d

      Hi Lia,
      there is conflicting information on rectal and vaginal insufflation.
      Some allege that RI are a systemic treatment, others doubt it.
      The Cubans are big on rectal insufflations and seem to successfully treat a whole range of conditions with it.
      Vaginal insufflations are poo-pood by some, and embraced by other ozone experts.
      From personal experience I know VI are a systemic treatment, most likely through the lymphatic system.
      If I had had treatments for uterine CA, I would most likely concentrate on VI and some form of systemic treatment like ozone IVs at a doctor’s or ozone saunas.

    • Lia

      Thank you Paola — just found this site again. Started VI and RI at home and have 2 10 pass scheduled starting the first of January. Then plan on doing a series of MAH. Also do some EI for about 2-4 minutes 3-4 times a week.

      Thanks again

  4. Diane

    Is it okay to put ozone up the vagina everyday?

    • paola d


  5. Shannon

    I had VI ozone today for the first time by a naturopath. I have neuro lyme. He used 3 syringes of ozone via a catheter.
    I was lying down for the procedure. When I sat up there was copious fluid on the bed. The doctor didn’t know what that it was. It was clear and had no odour. It definitely wasn’t urine. What was this fluid that drained out of me and why did it happen?

    • paola d

      I don’t know exactly what it was.
      VI can stimulate natural secretions, maybe that is what it was?

  6. Kimberly

    I have actually found a vaginal insufflation device designed specifically for this use. It’s a vet supply, but I found out that the unit was actually designed for human use. This way you don’t get excess ozone escaping into the room and potentially damaging your lungs

    • Johanne

      Thank you Kimberly.
      I also bought it on o3vets for VI but promolife sells it for a lower price.
      I use the apparatus every other day and reduced a uterine fibroid I started at 20gamma increased every 3 days 20 minutes for each sessions and now I’m at a higher concentration of 53.
      A lot of yeast would come out after each VI
      This apparatus is a great investment since you get continuous flow.

    • Doina

      Hi Kimberley, which is the product from this page that you are referring to? Interested in buying something different for VIs than a catheter!

  7. Elizabeth

    I started vaginal ozone yesterday and immediately felt clear headed and more energized. Today I am experiencing a lot of yellow discharge. No odor and no pain/itch etc. I feel fine but the discharge is alarming. Anyone else have this happen?

    • paola d

      Hi Elizabeth,
      the discharge happens often. It is possible it is just normal vaginal secretions which ozone is known to stimulate.

    • Johanne

      Dear Elizabeth,
      I also had lots of discharge.
      My naturopath told me the discharge is yeast coming out of my vagina.
      I’ve been doing VI now for 3 months every other day for 20 minutes per session with continuous flow. As I increased the dose more discharge would come out. the discharge is almost non existent now.

  8. Susana


    Did VI ever cause you start your menstruation? I know that I am not suppose to use ozone few days prior and after my menstruation so I normally wait 4-5 days after I’m done. Within two days of doing VI I start my period again and this makes it frustrating! just wanted to get your impute on this.

    • paola d

      Hi Susana,
      no, this never happened to me. But I have heard this a few times. So it seems it is possible.

  9. Kay

    Hi Paola, I had read that when doing longer VI treatments (2 hours), that the humidification bottle may be attached in order to add moisture & not dry out the vaginal tissue. You’ve been so helpful on everything ozone. Just wondering if you think it’s a good idea or not to add humidification to the VI treatment. Thank you.

    • paola d

      Hi Kay,
      yes with prolonged VI humidification might be a good idea.
      Just make sure you protect your ozone generator from water backflow.


  10. Natasha

    Hello Paola, I am wondering if VI can be as effective in delivering O3 to the blood stream as RI. I’ve been developing painful gas reactions to RI while VI run very smoothly for me, so I prefer to continue with them. It would seem to me as common sense, O3 would penetrate as well from rectal tissues as through vaginal walls? I’ve got a variety of viral conditions am currently treating with it. Thank you!

    • paola d

      Hi Natasha,
      contrary to what most ozone practitioners say, I do not think that RI are a good method to deliver ozone into the blood stream or that they are a good systemic treatment at all. With prolonged treatment one can achieve systemic effects in some conditions, but overall RI are not comparable to intravenous administrations, in my opinion.

      VI are in my opinion a better way to achieve systemic effects if done long enough and with high enough volumes. They are also easier to perform and less messy.

      Yes, I believe that with prolonged application, the O3 and its by-products is able to penetrate the intestinal walls and probably also the lymph.

  11. Liza

    Hi Paola,

    I’ve been doing regular RI and VI at home, and was wondering what is the ideal gamma and flow setting and length of time to do VI and reach say 5000gamma as you would with DIV? Or is this not possible?

    • paola d

      Hi Liza,

      I think you are confusing concentration with dosage.
      Ozone therapy is commonly applied at concentrations between 20 and 70 mcg/ml.
      The dosage during a DIV of for example 60 ml at a concentration of 30 mcg/ml would be 30 mcg/ml x 60 ml = 1800 mcg.

      In order to reach 5000 mcg at a volume of 60 ml, the concentration would have to be 5000 mcg/60 ml 0r 83 mcg/ml which is way too high. It is above what is considered safe for ozone therapy.

      For VI and RI one uses concentrations of 20 to 50 mcg/ml.

      Depending on the volume and duration of the application one can reach total dosages of several thousand mcg this way.


  12. Jami Piehler

    I own an ozone machine and love using it! I am 37 wks pregnant and just got my Group B Strep test back and it was positive. They want me to do IV antibiotics for all of labor and delivery and I am not comfortable with that. I am wanting to do vaginal ozone to try and eliminate the GBS before I go into labor (anytime now) but cannot verify that vaginal ozone is safe during pregnancy. Do you have any insight on this or can you point me anywhere?

    • paola d

      Hi Jami,
      it is not recommended to do ozone during pregnancies.
      Certainly not beyond the first 3 months.

  13. Nicole

    Hello. I have a few questions. First is, what are your thoughts on performing RI and VI in the same day? And also, what are your thoughts on taking Vitamin C on the days you do either of these? I generally take high doses. Thanks.

    • paola d

      Hi Nicole,

      performing RI and VI on the same day is not a problem.

      If you take Vitamin C, I would space it apart from ozone by several hours, to allow the ozone action to fully enfold.


  14. Karrah

    Hi I was wondering if one can do VI while on period?
    Thank you

    • paola d

      Yes, that is fine.

  15. Doris Tillman

    I am considering doing VI ozone as a replacement for the expensive IV treatments (200 each). I am using it for the Herpes virus (never had an outbreak, but labs show high antibodies).
    Would you expect VI to be as effective or recommend staying with the IV therapy

    • paola d

      Hi Doris,

      I would not go according to lab results to gauge efficiency of a treatment.
      If you never had an outbreak, then high antibodies could also signify a past infection.
      It is difficult to say without having the whole picture.

      In general I would say that IVs have a different impact than VI.


  16. Jane Haveman

    Can we simply connect our catheter to the tubing coming out of the ozone generator, which has 02 coming into it at 1/8, and then inserting the catheter rectally or vaginally? How long would we keep it in? This eliminates the need for the adapter kit bag.
    Thank you.

    • paola d

      Hi Jane,
      yes, vaginally you can do that.

      If you do it rectally you need to be careful and look at a timer to not exceed 500ml. So at 1/8 LPM this would be 4 minutes.


  17. paola d

    Hi Nancy,

    can I write you an email?


  18. shravani

    I’m 8 dpo and suspecting pregnancy. I was taking vaginal ozone twice a week as per my physician’s advise. Is it safe to continue it?

    • paola d

      Hi Shravani,

      ozone associations do not recommend doing ozone during pregnancy.


  19. Amy

    Hi Paola,

    I was wondering if you know anything about or have any article links where they used Ozone therapy for Endometriosis, PCOS and Uterine polyps (fibroids).

    What therapy and dosage do you recommend for these types of problems?

    Thank you!

    • paola d

      Hi Amy,

      I don’t have any such articles at hand, sorry.
      Doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, but I just don’t know of them off the top of my head.

      I would recommend vaginal insufflations. One can start at 10 min per day and increase to 2 x 30 min.


  20. Jenny

    I went to NY and stayed doing IV ozone for 1 month for my MS, 2-3X per day, 6 days per week. I am now doing VI at home. I have so many questions!
    Does VI break down the vaginal tissue after a while? I am currently doing it 1 HR per day
    Is VI going to be strong enough to replace IV?

    • paola d

      Hi Jenny,
      if you are doing VI at a safe concentration in the 40 to 60 mcg/ml range, then no, there should be no tissue breakdown. Even at 70 to 80 mcg/ml it should be ok, but I would not go higher than that.
      “Is VI going to be strong enough to replace IV?” – I don’t know. Best go according to your response to the insufflations. If you feel they give you benefit, then keep going. Just make sure you stay protected from breathing ozone:


  21. Sue

    Should you avoid sex on the days you do VI?
    Also any suggestions on why RI causes me so much gas pain, abdominal cramping, & bloating? I am doing them directly as directed by my doctor.
    Thank you!

    • paola d

      Hi Sue,
      no, you don’t have to avoid sex on the days you do VI.
      I don’t know why the pain, bloating, and cramping occur. I assume it is because of the gas which is produced when ozone reacts with left-over feces in the colon.
      I also get the cramps and bloating. Which is one of the reasons I don’t like doing RI.


  22. Susan

    I am confused on how much to do for a VI per day? I have cervical cancer and want to do as much as I can, but still be safe. Also how much per day for RI?

    • paola d

      Hi Susan,

      I can’t tell you what you should do for your cancer.

      But I do up to 60 min of VI per day. Others who this experience some serious itching though.

      As to RI: have you watched my video on the topic?


  23. Kay

    Paolo,you are simply awesome thank you for knowledge you’re sharing here. Im pretty new to this,just got the ozone machine i have done VI a couple of times i feel the air escaping ,i connect a catheter to the bag …do i need a different equipment or i don’t insert the catheter in emough?
    And what a the recommendations for an VI.

    • paola d

      Hi Kay,

      the gas *should* escape during VI. VI works differently than RI. RI is an insertion of gas. VI is more a douche or rinsing with the gas.


  24. Betty

    I just started home VI therapy after spending $3000 on MAH ozone at my doctors office. I’m using the “measured” approach where I fill a syringe with a specific concentration (38-52 ug/ml) and use between 150-200 ml of the ozone gas. First off, the extreme energy increase and positive mood obtained through VI seems every bit as intense as the MAH delivery…at least for me.

    Unfortunately I seemed to get a large die off of good bacteria because I had all the symptoms similar to taking antibiotics. I recover after a few day using up to 150B probiotic/day. Could this reaction be due to too high of a concentration or three treatments within a week? The doctor had me take a 50B probiotic/day but didn’t mention that it was for the ozone therapy. The MAH therapy I received was 10-14 days apart over 6 weeks.

    • paola d

      Hi Betty,
      it is unlikely that the amounts, the method and the concentration you are using would have any discernible effect on gut bacteria.

      What is most likely is that the symptoms you’re experiencing are due to oxalate release. They may feel the same as when taking antibiotics because antibiotic use an lead to oxalate buildup. So both the release and buildup of oxalates can trigger similar reactions which may be wrongly interpreted as die-off.


  25. Kay

    Paola it’s Kay again,
    Question,Im currently doing VI,RI and EI for breast/lung cancer and I do drink ozonated water. What would be the best way among what I’m currently doing for lung/breast cancer.
    I’m still learning about this but thanks for any information that you have.

    • paola d

      Hi Kay,

      I can’t give you advice how to treat your cancer.
      But I heard that some people do VI, ozone saunas and do cupping over the affected body parts while in the sauna. Whether this will help or not, I don’t know. With cancer there are often many different factors at play.


  26. Betty

    Hi Paola, thanks for the reply about the oxalate reaction. So does VI cause an oxalate release where MAH does not? I didn’t get this reaction (that feels like taking antibotics) with 4 months of intensive MAH ozone therapy (up to 5 passes). Thank you for your website!

  27. Jen

    Hi Paolo – Thank you for sharing so much and being a wonderful spirit. Do you think VI can have any positive affect on an ovarian cyst?

    • paola d

      Hi Jen,
      yes, I think it could have a positive effect.
      It’s a matter of trying it out …

  28. Kim

    Hi Paola,
    Great website! Thank you for all the information. It has been extremely helpful and I’m excited to get my own machine. I have a question about VI. I was wondering if there are any specific things I need to know since I have had a total hysterectomy.

    • paola d

      Hi Kim,
      VI can be also performed after a hysterectomy.
      This should not reduced the effectiveness of the protocol.

  29. Jacqueline

    Have you ever heard of vi healing hypothyroid. I have been doing vi almost daily for about 6 months…suddenly realized my thyroid med was making me hyper so cut it way down and feeling much better. This never happened in the 10 years that I have been taking thyroid meds only happened after many months of vi.

    • paola d

      Hi Jacqueline,
      ozone is known to increase hormone production, so this is what you may be experiencing.

  30. Nicki

    Hello, I have pudendal neuralgia which I believe is from overly tight pelvic floor muscles and it’s either trapped or irritated the nerve, so I’m in a lot of pain. Can ozone help with pelvic floor dysfunction, or pelvic floor muscle spasms etc?

    • paola d

      Hi Nicki,
      I have never heard of that particular type of condition, I had to google it.
      If there is an impinged nerve and hence inflammation, ozone could indeed help.
      I suggest a more gentle approach though first: ozone saunas.


  31. Kim Leonoudakis

    Hi, if you prefer to do VI indirectly with a bag or syringe how much would you recommend daily?

    • paola d

      Hi Kim,
      I would probably do several 200 ml syringes daily. Anything from 1 to 10 …

  32. Chris

    Hi Paola,
    Any thoughts on doing VI at the same time as a coffee enema? Any conflicts?

    • paola d

      Hi Chris,
      none that I can see …


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