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Below you will find a collection of ozone sauna testimonials from people all around the world who testify to the amazing healing powers of ozone sauna therapy.

Keep in mind that those are subjective stories which may be missing vital information about what the patients did besides ozone saunas which may have contributed in a significant way to their recovery. Many, probably most of them, used more than just ozone therapy.

I hope that this page will serve as an inspiration of what is possible when doing something as simple as ozone saunas (with or without additional conventional or alternative approaches).

Freddy Reverses Lyme Disease with Ozone Saunas and a Meat Based Diet

Freddy was dealing with severe mental disorders like paranoia, bipolar, insomnia, stroke & Alzheimer like symptoms, constipation, food sensitivities, chronic fatigue so bad that he couldn't walk to the end of my driveway, air hunger, extreme heart racing, heat sensitivity and more.

He tested positive for Lyme disease with the German Armin Labs test.

He resolved all his symptoms with a meat heavy diet and ozone treatments like ozone saunas and rectal ozone insufflations. 

You can access his entire protocol here. 

Watch Freddy recount his story: 

You can also watch it on rumble and X

Ozone saunas help with scleroderma

Danielle suffers from fatigue, brain fog, body aches, and cold intolerance due to an auto-immune condition, scleroderma.

She says that ozone saunas help her beyond words and that she feels brand new thanks to them. She describes herself as the biggest fan of ozone saunas.


ozone sauna fatigue body aches scleroderma

Pam treats gestational trophoblastic tumor 100% holistically with ozone saunas, keto diet and supplements

Pam was diagnosed with molar pregnancy. After a procedure to remove the mass, she was then diagnosed with gestational trophoblastic tumor. This is a tumor that can grow very fast and which can double in size in 31 hours. 

She was advised to start chemo therapy ASAP. This was in May 2016. The chemo treatments were supposed to end in October 2016.

Instead, she decided to go 100% holistic. She did not undergo a single chemo treatment. 

She went on a strict ketogenic diet with grass fed beef, some chicken, pork, goat cheese and eggs.

She started taking supplements: Vitamin D (50,000 IU daily), modified citrus pectin, iodine, liver support (dandalion blend tea), 80 enzyme pills per day (Wobenzym N pancreatic enzymes), 15 to 20 with meals, a bit of selenium, green tea, chlorophyl, turmeric, ginger, cabbage, red cabbage, pomegranate seeds, undisclosed sulfur based fungus (possibly Chicken of the Woods), pacific yew tip (Taxus brevifolia).

At the beginning of June 2016 she bought 10 ozone sauna sessions. She was doing them at around 2 per week. 

She was tracing her progress based on the HCG marker which before surgery was above 200,000. After surgery it fell to 3,000 and then moved to around 8,000. Within less than two months after starting the ozone saunas the HCG marker plummeted to less than 5, which is the normal level and indicates no cancer. 

She beat her goal by around 2 months compared to the scheduled chemo program. 

Her HCG marker has stayed in the normal range ever since. 

She continued doing ozone saunas on and off ever since. 

“Ozone was the knock out punch”, she says. 

With ozone she felt better from one day to the next. 

Her diet consisted of: fermented foods, sprouts with olive oil, ACV, red meats, a lot of beef, briskets, steaks, sometimes chicken, sometimes a bit of pork, some fish, cauliflower, dark  leafy greens, lambs quarter, red bell peppers, maybe once a week of berries, tried to exclude all sugars including fruit, eggs with greens with some goat cheese, plain Bevarian yoghurt, cottage cheese and flax seed mixture, no sweets, some pure monkfruit (pure monk). 

You can contact Pam through Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pamfarley.atx

Watch the entire interview here.

You can also watch it on rumble.


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Julie reduces vulvar cancer to dysplasia with ozone saunas

Thanks to regular ozone saunas Julie succeeded in reversing vulvar cancer to dysplasia after which it was surgically removed: 

vulvar cancer ozone sauna

Hans successfully treated bladder cancer with HOCATT ozone saunas

The following is a HOCATT ozone sauna testimonial by Hans, a client of Michelle at Michelle's Oxygen in New Zealand. Hans was diagnosed with grade 3 bladder cancer and instead of having surgery he decided to do ozone saunas, BCG tuberculosis therapy, take supplements, and change his diet. 

Here the full transcript of this Youtube video where he recounts what this did for him:

“… as it was she who was the person who recommended that I have attention given to a urinary tract failure that she had diagnosed with reflexology at the beginning of 2010, and recommended I take cranberry. I ignored this to my detriment as at the end of 2010 it was discovered that I had cancer. And on being hospitalized I was found to have grade III, T3 cancer in the bladder.

Immediately on hearing that I had cancer, Michelle recommended that I should take vitamin C pills, co-enzyme 10, B12, and also cell food drops. While at the same time regularly visiting her and being treated in the HOCATT system which infuses your body with ozone and oxygen. These being detrimental to cancer, according to her. I of course did this and continued to do this while still visiting the urologist.

I was later sent by the urologist to check whether it had gone out of my bladder. I was grade 3 T3 which meant it was into my lining of my bladder. His recommendation was that I should remove my bladder, otherwise once out it could be something that could not be stopped. In the beginning of 2011 I continued with Michelle system with the HOCATT. Twice a week with the pills, and at the same time I asked the urologist whether it was possible, as recommended by Michelle, to have me treated with the BCG system, which is the infusion of tuberculosis into your bladder so that your immune system can attack it. His comment was that I was past that. It could only be done if you’re grade 2. I requested that I go back to hospital and on taking scrapings, the report showed that I was grade 2 T1, so therefore I had pulled back on the cancer and for this I thank the HOCATT system and the recommendations of Michelle.

We then had myself treated through the urologist once a week with the BCG, after which I waited six months and all this time still continued with the HOCATT system and oxygen and the pills only to find six months later that I had gone down to low grade. Subsequent to this I was advised that I then should not wait another six months and go back to hospital and take more scrapings.

It was then found that I had gone back up to grade 2 T1 again. I continued again with the HOCATT system heavily, now going three times a week on occasions, and still on the same pills.

The urologist warned me that he had told me to remove the bladder. But on speaking to a person that lives  close to me, her husband had died when he had the bladder removed, and I decided I would have a go at trying this BCG system a second time, against the advice of the doctor, and still I said to him I’m continuing with HOCATT system and the recommendations of Michelle.

He said if I believed in that and my meditation and the fruit and vegetables type way of eating and and and [inaudible] berries I must carry on with it. If that’s what I believe in. I did do this. Subsequently, after this system of BCG it went right down to being checked in 2014 I was checked again in the hospital, only to find that now I completely free of any malignant cancer in my bladder. And since then I have regularly tested my urine and when I’ve gone back to the doctor as his recommendation was on every six months, he has asked me to go back in the hospital. I have suggested that he just to see if my urine has got any cancer cells, it has not. And to this, 2016, I have no reading of any malignant cancer. For this I greatly thank, and still continue to this day with HOCATT treatment and the pills as recommended by Michelle so so long ago. And for that I wish to thank her as I have had already six extra years. Thank you.”

HOCATT bladder cancer

HOCATT ozone saunas improve Multiple Sclerosis symptoms

This is a video which has been unfortunately set on private, so it can’t be watched publicly anymore. It was public in 2014 and was still public in 2019, as my Facebook post shows.

I’m recounting from memory what it said: It showed a woman who had been suffering from MS, multiple sclerosis. I believe that her most troubling symptoms were related to walking, something that the ozone saunas helped her greatly with. The patient was clearly delighted at the improvement she saw from the saunas. I believe she was doing them once per week.

Judy recovered from Lyme disease mainly by doing ozone saunas at home

Judy Seeger recounts how she got rid of Lyme in 6 months doing ozone saunas and ozone insufflations. She started treating herself shortly after finding the typical round Lyme rash (erythema migrans) on her body.

She treated herself non-invasively at home and mainly with ozone saunas. She did not use any ozone IVs.

Watch the whole video:

Judy Seeger thumb

Shannon resolved long-haul Covid symptoms with ozone saunas

Shannon experienced troubling and persistent symptoms after she recovered from a Covid-19 infection. She felt extreme fatigue which did not allow her to function properly. She felt like she was suffering from brain exhaustion and brain fog. After some research she decided to go for ozone saunas. 

She found a place only 20 minutes away from her home. After the first ozone sauna she felt an improvement in her symptoms by 80%. After the second sauna she felt like she was 100% back to normal. She has done three saunas so far and plans on doing some more to take care of some minor remaining problems like an eye twitch.

Watch the interview:

Judy Seeger thumb

Tasneema's Dad has resolved heart disease with ozone saunas

Tasneema shared the ozone sauna testimonial of her Dad in a Facebook group: Her father suffered a heart attack 4 years ago and was told he needed emergency triple bypass surgery. Instead he opted for ozone saunas. This is the only thing he did. He neither changed his diet nor took any medication. His daughter says that now his previously blocked arteries are “flushed” and that her Dad engages in manual labor regularly without any problems.

You can read the whole thread here (you need to be logged into Facebook and be a member of The Ozone Group)

Shared with permission:

ozone sauna heart disease marked


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Tim says ozone saunas helped him resolve suspected brain inflammation

Tim Star was the founder of the Pulse Clinic in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The clinic has since closed permanently, unfortunately. But Tim’s testimonial has been preserved by this website.

There, you can find the following transcript of a Youtube video (which has since been taken down) where Tim was recounting his story about how he came across the power of ozone. He said that ozone saunas helped him resolve what was assumed to be brain encephalitis. He was so impressed by it that he decided to open his own ozone clinic.

Here is his ozone sauna testimonial:

“I was introduced to Ozone therapy by Dr. Erica Elliot six years ago. I had just returned from a vacation in the Caribbean with severe headaches and complete brain fog. This included the terrifying experience of waking up not knowing where or even who I was. Erica diagnosed me as having encephalitis….an infection of the lining of the brain that cannot be treated with antibiotics. She said it was probably caused by a mosquito bite but what she did NOT tell me was that encephalitis can cause permanent brain dysfunction. She prescribed Ozone treatments as ozone is one of the only antibacterial/antiviral agents that can get past the blood brain barrier.

So it was on her advise I purchased an Ozone sauna and it worked….. within about 10 weeks I was virus and symptom free.”

He also added this about his wife's experience with ozone and PEMF:

“My wife Roxanne Swentzell was diagnosed as having osteoporosis 2 years ago. At the age of 55 she had already lost an inch in height. Because Western medicine has no safe and effective treatment for this progressive disease I searched for an alternative solution and discovered the Pulse machines we now use at the clinic. What I did not foresee was the powerful combined effect of these two technologies. PEMF opens up the ion channels in the cells and when this is followed with the healing power of Ozone you create a very effective treatment for a number of chronic illnesses along with a very safe method to rid the body of heavy metals.”

Jeanie knocks out a bad flu with ozone saunas

Watch Jeanie's ozone sauna testimonial: 

ozone sauna testimonial thumb about bad flu

Gugu sees a dramatic improvement in chemo therapy side effects with daily home ozone saunas

Gugu received two different courses of chemotherapy: one in 2018 and one in 2020. As a result, in 2018 she experienced a crushing fatigue which did not allow her to function normally. At that time she did not use any ozone therapy.

During the second course of chemo in 2020, on the other hand, she decided to combine it with daily ozone treatments including ozone saunas and this time around she had ample energy and was able to run errands and take care of daily chores without a problem. She says that the difference between the two chemotherapy treatments was stark and significant.

Watch her ozone sauna testimonial:

Gugu _Home Ozone Therapy Helped Greatly With Chemo Side Effects ozone sauna testimonial


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Pam: “Ozone saunas keep me out of the wheelchair”

Pam* has been diagnosed with Bartonella, Babesia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme, and H. pylori.

Her symptoms were: severe shortness of breath, dizziness, debilitating fatigue, difficulty walking,  talking, and thinking, bowel incontinence, joint pain.

At her worst, she would be in a wheelchair and her mom had to move close to her to cook for her and take care of her.

She would feel “like a vegetable” most of the days.

After being diagnosed with a number of chronic infections, she started taking different supplements, herbs, and also antibiotics in the hopes of first getting rid of the H.pylori infection.

None of it had any affect and she was not feeling any better.

Finally, her doctor suggested she try ozone therapy in the form of ozonated saline IVs.

She agreed. After a short, initial worsening, which was assumed to be a Herxheimer reaction, she added a number of binders. She continued with the ozone IVs and was gradually, but slowly improving. After having done the ozonated saline IVs for 6 to 9 months, her veins would not support any more punctures and she switched over to ozone saunas.

At the beginning she was apprehensive and very skeptical whether she would see the same effects with the ozone saunas as with the ozone IVs. Yet, it turned out that her fears were unfounded and she says does not see any difference in effectiveness between the two ozone protocols. 

She finally decided to buy her own ozone sauna and is now doing them two to three times a week.

Pam recently started driving again, after a break of several days.

She says after ozone, diet is the next most important thing for her.

Her diet is free of gluten, grains in general, dairy, and eggs, and she eats only minimal sugar, and 99% of it is organic.

“Ozone is the one thing I know I can’t do without. I would give up anything before I give up ozone. Anything.”

Listen to the audio here.

Desmond resolves long haul Covid symptoms with a 15 minute ozone sauna

Desmond came down with Covid-19 and was able to get over the most acute symptoms by receiving a 10 pass ozone treatment, yet some problems persisted for several months afterwards. 

He then bought his own home ozone setup and after doing just a 15 minute session in a simple foldable sauna, he says he saw all his long hauler symptoms disappear. 

Watch the whole video here

Desmond _ My Story about ozone therapy and Covid thumb

Additionial ozone sauna testimonial

ozone sauna erections

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how to use

ozone therapy

in the most

effective way


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  1. Jasmine King

    I’m trying to get the same dosage as a one pass with sauna. Would 22 gamma for 30 min be more oxidation than the one pass, or less?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Jasmin,

      I don't know whether one can compare the ozone dosage of an ozone sauna vs a one pass …. One has to take into consideration the skin area exposed to the ozone gas … it is also not known how much of it the skin absorbs … But 22 mcg/ml for 30 minutes sounds like OK settings … just be mindful of the rash.


  2. Brenda Hankins

    Is this with the soft or hard hyperbaric ozone machines? I’ve heard the soft don’t work sufficiently and it must be hard. I’ve only used hard and it works wonders. I have M.E., POTS, MALS, &,celiac, and now I just sustained a very severe brain injury (7 days in ICU, 10 days inpatient rehab, now in outpatient rehab).

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Brenda,

      the soft ones work just as well as the hard shell ones in my experience.

      I have used both types in my life and could not tell that the hard shell ones delivered a stronger effect than the soft ones.

      I hope it will help you!


  3. Morgan

    There is a Nobel Prize winner by the name of Otto Warburg which was fawarded to him or his work entitled “The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer”: in summary its cause is a lack of oxygen. May I suggest that those who use the ozone sauna are, thus, likely to avoid Cancer.

  4. Gail Jones

    so you cannot use the infra red sauna for the ozone treatment ?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Gail,

      many people do and it seems to work, but some of the cheaper infrared saunas may not be ozone resistant.

      This one apparently is: https://thepowerofozone.com///PLinfra


  5. Dennis

    I'm having a skin reaction with small, itchy warts after my ozone sauna.- 1/2 L/min at 20 micrograms per ml for a duration of 30 minutes. I had a infrared sauna for 30 minutes to create heavy sweating before entering a body bag with ozone flowing as noted above. I had this reaction both times I did the ozone sauna. The ozone saunas were 3 days apart. I'm planning to cut back to 15 minutes and 10 micrograms per ml to see if that helps.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Dennis,

      good idea.

      But the warts may be a detox reaction …


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