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“The Ultimate Guide to Home Ozone Therapy”

A complete resource on how to do ozone treatments at home with over 540 pictures, and detailed step-by-step guides on 346 pages. 

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DIV for the Superparanoid

“DIV for the Superparanoid” Book

A guide on how to perform direct intravenous ozone injections with 227 pictures and over the top safety precautions. Available as PDF and print book. 171 pages (PDF), 136 pages (PRINT). 

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“11 Tips to Get the Most Out Of Home Ozone Therapy”

Nearly a dozen great tips and tricks to make your home ozone therapy a success. A collection of best guides and recommendations. 12 pages.

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“DIV for the Superparanoid” Training

Learn how to perform direct intravenous ozone injections during a 3-4 hour video call.

You will be provided with a list of necessary supplies before the training. 

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Paola the Crazy Ozone Lady

2 Hour Consultation with the Crazy Ozone Lady

An in depth discussion about how to best implement ozone therapy and other treatments to regain health. Learn more

Paola the Crazy Ozone Lady

1 Hour Consultation with the Crazy Ozone Lady

Get help in setting up your “ozone lab”, or to discuss which ozone generator is the best one for you. Learn more

Paola the Crazy Ozone Lady

30 Minutes Consultation with the Crazy Ozone Lady

Do you have a quickie question you need answered? Then book this quickie sesh! Learn more

Free Resources

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How to Get Started with Ozone Therapy at Home – QUICK GUIDE

A FREE quick guide how on how to pick your ozone set-up, what ozone settings to use and how to apply ozone therapy at home. 

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Buying an Ozone Generator for Ozone Therapy at Home – the Ultimate Guide (3rd edition, April 2021)

A complete guide which explains step by step which ozone equipment you should buy based on your preferences and how to save money.

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Ozone Therapy at Home – Settings for the 5 Most Popular Treatments

A convenient one page cheat sheet with the recommended ozone settings for rectal, vaginal, ear insufflations, ozone water, and ozone sauna.

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How Much Ozone Is Used During Ozone IVs? (2022 edition)

Download a one page infographic listing all the ozone dosages used for each type of intravenous ozone treatment, from 30 Pass to DIV.

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Home Ozone Therapy: What Equipment Do You Need?

An overview of the ozone equipment you need to be able to perform the six most popular home ozone treatments. With links to online shops.