Vaginal Ozone Insufflations as a Systemic Treatment — Why Do They Work?

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vaginal ozone insufflations as a systemic treatment featured

The science is settled: rectal ozone insufflations are a great systemic treatment. Vaginal ozone insufflations on the other hand are only to be used for yeast infections and not much more. 

Case closed. 

At least this seems to be the prevailing opinion among ozone experts about vaginal insufflations.

Many ozone therapy books completely omit them. Or they suggest women subject themselves to bizzare positions during the treatments, as mentioned in one of Dr. Shallenberger's books.  

Frank Shallenberger quote VI

Huh???!!! (Page 54 from Dr. Frank Shallenberger's book “The Ozone Miracle”)

Which only illustrates the ignorance of some ozone “experts” on the subject.

Consequently, as good as no one suggests introducing ozone gas into the V to treat the flu. Or to help with indigestion. (Apart from some wacko Crazy Ozone Lady, pfft!)

Inserting medications rectally on the other hand – yes of course. This is a tried and tested method. But inserting medications vaginally – no one does that. Clearly, there must be a reason for it, right?


Because, unlike what you may have heard, only a fraction of what is practiced in medicine is based on reason and science. (I know, this sounds preposterous, but that’s another story …)

Here are the facts: 

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The vagina is an underutilized way to deliver medications

That’s not me saying this, but some science nerds who have been studying the vajayjay for over hundred years:

“[…], there is a large body of evidence that demonstrates the capacity of this organ for absorbing a wide variety of drugs. The first report appeared as early as 1918 and the initial list of substances studied (morphine, atropine and potassium iodide [1]) has since grown to include compounds as chemically diverse as misoprostol [2], cabergoline [3] and indometacin [4].

Source: “Is the Vagina an Adequate Route for the Administration of Hormonal Contraceptives?”

“The presence of dense network of blood vessels has made the vagina an excellent route of drug delivery for both systemic and local effect.

Source: “The vagina as a route for systemic drug delivery”

“Furthermore, systemic absorption after intravaginal administration of chemicals has been well known for a long time; In particular, low molecular weight (MW), nonpolar drugs are usually well absorbed and able to achieve therapeutic systemic levels.”

Source: “Vaginal Drug Delivery”

The vagina is often an ideal route for drug administration because it allows for the administration of lower doses, steady drug levels, and less frequent administration than the oral route.” 

Source: “Why consider vaginal drug administration?”


There you have it, medical doctors and researchers admit that the vaginal route is an excellent way to administer all kinds of drugs.

On top of that, the vaginal route presents a number of advantages over the oral route, because:

  • It circumvents the liver and goes directly into the systemic circulation
  • Prevents liver toxicity
  • It is easy to administer
  • It can be self-inserted by the patient
  • There are no interactions with gastric juices and hence no degradation and interference with enzymatic actions

Now, that’s all fine and dandy, you may say, but where is the proof that it also absorbs ozone?

Can the vagina absorb ozone?

I admit, there is no scientific evidence that it can. 

No one has performed a study to find this out, not to my knowledge at least (If you think there is, comment below). 

The Russians have performed a number of experiments with vaginal insufflations, but they all dealt with local conditions like candidiasis or vaginitis.

There is no study that looked for systemic effects of vaginal ozone insufflations. 

But just because nobody looked for it, does not mean such an effect does not exist. 

After all, absence of evidence does not equal evidence of absence.


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Why does it make sense to assume that the vagina can absorb ozone?

Nevertheless, there are good reasons to assume that the vagina is an excellent delivery method for ozone.

Let me explain:

The inside of the vagina is made of epithelium – a type of skin tissue.

We know that ozone and its by-products can penetrate the outside skin of our bodies during an ozone sauna. Prof. Bocci's (highly limited) mini-study showed that certain blood markers go up after an ozone sauna.

This demonstrated that transdermal ozone treatments can have a systemic effect.

The vagina is constantly wet and is able to absorb a wide range of drugs (see above).

Consequently, it is only logical to assume that the always moist inner skin of the vagina would be able to absorb ozone as well or even better than the moistened outside skin during an ozone sauna. 

On top of that, the vagina is surrounded by a wide network of blood vessels:

“The network of blood vessels that supply blood to the vagina include a plexus of arteries extending from the internal iliac artery, uterine, middle rectal and internal pudental arteries. In fact, arteries, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels are abundant in the walls of the vagina. Drugs absorbed from the vagina does [sic] not undergo first-pass metabolism because blood leaving the vagina enters the peripheral circulation via a rich venous plexus, which empties primarily into the internal iliac veins“.


Source: “The vagina as a route for systemic drug delivery

Not only does the vagina absorb all sorts of substances very well, but it bypasses the liver and goes directly into the general circulation (iliac vein instead of the portal vein).

In addition, there are many reports from users who attest to the systemic effect of vaginal ozone treatments.

Women report how vaginal ozone helped them with conditions like knee pain, back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, neck stiffness, flu-like symptoms, energy and even more nefarious things.

VI knee pain, sciatica, lower back pain M

How else to explain the resolution of knee pain after a vaginal ozone insufflation if it does not have a systemic effect?

Spanish ozone doctors say vaginal insufflations are better than ozone IV

Then there is the Madrid Declaration of Ozone Therapy.

This is a publication by a Spanish ozone association which is comprised of a group of medical doctors. In their latest edition, they proclaim that vaginal ozone insufflations are a powerful systemic treatment:

“Considering the speed of capillary flow, as well as the fact vagina is a wide, clean, moist and well-vascularized receptacle, vaginal insufflation is a systemic route and is even a more effective route than MAH and RIO3.”


Source: Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy, 3rd edition, 2020


MAH stands for Major Autohemotherapy and it's the classical way of administering ozone intravenously. RIO3 stands for rectal ozone insufflations.

This group of medical ozone doctors claims that vaginal ozone insufflations are a more potent ozone treatment than a certain type of ozone IV and rectal insufflations.

Does this have anything to do with the fact that their organization is headed by a female (Dr. Andrea Schwartz)? I wouldn't be surprised …

Bottom line

If your doctor claims that the vagina is not able to absorb any medications, you may want to let them know that their knowledge base predates 1918. That's the year when a study was conducted which proved that the vagina can absorb a wide range of medications.

Although there are exactly zero studies on vaginal ozone insufflations as a systemic delivery method, there are solid scientific underpinnings to assume that ozone can be absorbed vaginally.

Numerous anecdotes from women worldwide support this view as well. 

I think it's time ozone doctors join the 21st century when it comes to vaginal ozone.

Don't let misinformed “ozone experts” deprive you of a great and effective ozone treatment.

Try it out yourself – that's the only way to know for sure whether it works or not.


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