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Which Countries Use Ozone Therapy for Coronavirus Infections?

by | May 25, 2020 | 13 comments

Thanks to the Coronavirus plandemic  some regulations have been abandoned completely or loosened up. In the spirit of “trying things out” to find something, anything, that works for Covid-19 medical authorities in some parts of the world have unfastened the iron grip on what is and what is not allowed in medicine.

Ozone therapy appears to be one of the beneficiaries of this more open approach. In Spain and Italy doctors have been allowed to treat hospitalized Coronavirus patients with ozone therapy with the first promising results.

As the situation is evolving rapidly, more countries may be following suit.

This is the situation as of the writing of this article:

Does Italy use ozone therapy to treat Coronavirus cases?

A remarkable thing appears to be happening in Italy.

Due to its elderly population which suffers from many co-morbidities (but also due to the very generous way of reporting), Italy has so far reported one of the highest death rates due to Coronavirus infection.

So it’s not surprising that medical authorities in Italy have shown to be more open towards unconventional treatments.

According to reports from the Italian Scientific Society of Ozone Therapy (SIOOT), 15 hospitals have started using Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) ozone treatments on patients with Coronavirus infections.

A report issued on April 9th 2020 by the Italian society offers an informal and preliminary tally. It says that so far 46 Covid-19 patients have been treated with ozone therapy, 11 of them were intubated at the beginning of the therapy.

After 5 ozone therapy treatments the following results were observed:

  • 6 of the 11 patients have been ex-tubated so far (55%)
  • 3 of the 11 were still intubated (27%)
  • 28 of the 46 patients did not have to be intubated (61%)
  • 4 of the 46 patients have passed away (9%)
  • 5 of the 46 patients have recovered (11%)
  • 2 of the 46 patients tested negative (4%)  

SIOOT-report-2-ozone therapy for coronavirus

The third and latest report, published on April 24th, reports the following updated results:

  • 15 of 24 patients have been ex-tubated so far (63%)
  • 5 of the 24 were still intubated (21%)
  • 36 of the 73 patients did not have to be intubated (49%)
  • 7 of the 73 patients have passed away (10%)
  • 10 of the 73 patients have recovered (14%)


Although the results sound very uplifting, we don’t know how they compare to the general fatality and extubation rate for Covid-19 patients. The reports do not offer any such comparisons.

A second association of ozone therapists, the Nuova Federazione Italiana di Ossigeno Ozono (NUOVA FIO), reports that an experimental trial has been approved by the La Sapienza University in Rome to treat Corona patients with ozone therapy.

At the same time, the NUOVA FIO reports about the successful treatment of 36 patients at a hospital in Udine. After the ozone treatments, only one of the 36 patients required intubation.



The Italian use of ozone therapy in Covid-19 cases has received considerable news coverage:



The headlines read: “Coronavirus: ozone-oxygen therapy a possible weapon”. “Coronavirus, the hope of ozone-oxygen therapy in the treatment of the sick”, “Donate to four hospitals ozone therapy machines”, “Franzini: ozone-oxygen to fight Covid-19”, “Pianezza tests ozone therapy for Covid-19”.

Ozone therapy appears to have a much better standing in Italy than in other countries.

Be prepared for the next pandemic and buy your own ozone generator. 

A good example of its popularity is the case of Claudio Pedrazzini. He is the first member of the Italian parliament who was diagnosed with Covid-19. What led to his recovery? Ozone therapy, as he proudly shared on his Facebook page. 

Although we don’t know yet how the results with ozone oxygen therapy compare to other treatments in critical Coronavirus cases, the fact that doctors are using it in hospitals at all is a world’s first and could greatly bolster ozone therapy’s reputation.

And the Italian doctors will need as many favorable opinions as they can get, since the legality of this whole operation appears to hinge on a misunderstanding between SIOOT and the ISS, Istituto Superiore di Sanita, a branch of the Italian Health Department.

So, hopefully no negative legal repercussions will await the doctors after the crisis.

Update May 25th, 2020:

SIOOT has issued another report:

last results comparison SIOOT copy

It compares the outcomes of 40 Covid-19 patients who have been treated with ozone therapy with the outcomes of 40 patients who have been treated with the “standard” therapy. 

The following markers have been measured: body temperature, blood sugar, creatinine, leukocytes, lymphocytes, CRP, and d-dimer. They were measured before and after the treatments and the averages have been calculated.

All the improvements in the numbers in the ozone group are significantly better than in the standard group. 

Unfortunately, it appears that the numbers are not entirely kosher and that they have been cherry picked to make the ozone group look better. 

When one compares the average before levels in the ozone group for blood sugar, creatinine, leukocytes, CRP, and d-dimer, with the average before values in the standard group, then it becomes clear that they are much worse for the ozone group. 

If the ozone group participants had worse values to begin with, then it makes sense that any improvements would be much more pronounced in that group as compared to the standard group. 

Also the values in the standard group display decimal points, like for example 21.38 for the lymphocytes after 15 days. In the ozone group nearly all the numbers are even, meaning without decimal points. Are those fantasy numbers or real measurements?

Also why has a change from 10 to “<10” been calculated as a reduction by 50%?

Does Spain use ozone therapy to treat Coronavirus infections?

Spain is another European country which has been reporting unusually high death rates from Coronavirus.

Now a polyclinic on the Spanish island of Ibiza has authorized the use of ozone therapy on Covid-19 patients and so far “the results have been spectacular” according to Dr. Alberto Hernández, Assistant Physician for Anaesthesia and Resuscitation.


A second trial is going on at the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia in Valencia, Spain, on around 50 patients, according to the filed documents. 

Another Spanish medic who have been vocal about ozone therapy is Dr. Olmedo, a Spanish oncologist. He claims to have recovered from a Coronvirus infection with the help of ozone therapy, which he calls “magical”, as I reported in this article

Here a report from one of the first patients, Sergio Tonelli. He was in such bad shape due to the infection that he was about to be intubated. Instead his wife authorized the use of ozone therapy. Which, as he says “changed my life”. The effect of the ozone therapy was immediate. He received a total of 6 ozone treatments after which he was discharged from the hospital.

Does the USA use ozone therapy to treat coronavirus cases?

In the US the FDA claims that ozone is a toxic gas and has no therapeutical properties.

Nothing has changed in its position since, as far as we know.

Recently, an organization who is advocating for more patients’ rights called Texas Right to Know has appealed to the US to allow the use of ozone therapy on Coronavirus patients in the US. Something which made it even onto Yahoo News:



But given that hospitals receive $13,000 from the government per Covid-19 patient and $39,000 if the patient has been intubated (according to doctor and state senator Dr. Scott Jensen), the incentives for doctors in the US to treat sick people with a relatively cheap method like ozone therapy are very low.

There are a number of doctors though who treat Coronavirus patients in their private practices with ozone therapy.

Among them Dr. Robins and Dr. Rowen.

Dr. Hyman is another doctor who is working on an ozone therapy trial on Coronavirus patients in the US, to hopefully see similar results like the ones in Italy. 

Dr. Brownstein reports cases where intramuscular ozone injections and hydrogen peroxide nebulizations have either improved or eliminated symptoms of acute respiratory infection.

There are more doctors and practitioners who have announced in  The Ozone Group that they’re open to treat Coronavirus infections.

So, although there is no official government sanctioned effort at any US hospital to use ozone therapy on Covid-19 patients, there are a number of doctors who have taken up the initiative at their practices.

Update, May 25th, 2020: according to the Larkin Community Hospital in South Miami, they are putting together a FDA submission to begin a trail on Coronavirus patients with ozone therapy. 

Does China use ozone therapy to treat coronavirus infections?

A video circulating on Facebook appears to show doctors applying ozone therapy to a Coronavirus patient. 


It’s barely 39 seconds long and it shows two men in protective suits using a green Herrmann ozone generator on a patient who is separated from them by a screen. One of the men is shaking the typical egg-shaped, blood containing bottle which is used for either the Major Autohemotherapy or the 10 pass. No further information is provided. So it’s impossible to tell if this is a recent video or not. 

Dr. Rowen also shared a message he says he received from a Dr. Shi Kemei from the Tianjin medical university in Tianjin, China. In that message Dr. Kemei claims to have received very good results in four Coronavirus patients with ozone therapy.

Update April 13th, 2020: A member of The Ozone Group provided a link to the following article.

In it Dr. Antonio Galoforo, a member of the Italian ozone therapy society SIOOT, claims to have received information from doctors in China.

According to this information, two hospitals in Tianjin have obtained “significant results” with ozone-oxygen therapy. The hospitals are claimed to be the Tianji Haihe and the second hospital of Tanjin Medical University. The names of the Chinese doctors were Dr. Dong Ming and Dr. Li Peter.

They reported the following outcomes of ozone therapy on Covid-19 patients:


«four Covid-19 positive patients, including one critical case, one serious case and two normal cases, have been treated with Oxygen Ozone Therapy.
After the treatments, the symptoms of dyspnea, severe cough, chest anguish and asthenia subsided until they disappeared. In particular, the critically ill patient was recovered without using invasive mechanical ventilation or intensive care treatment. All four patients recovered were discharged without problems after verifying the viral inactivation (“viral clearance”) of Covid-19»

The effects of ozone therapy were described as “rapid and effective”.

Update: I have obtained a copy of the original letter from the director of, the website which published the article:

letter from Tianjin University I


There, Prof. Dong Ming confirms that all four Covid-19 patients could be dismissed from the hospital after ozone therapy which prevented the use of invasive mechanical ventilation.

There may be soon more information emerging once the whole study is completed.


Does Germany use ozone therapy to treat Coronavirus infections?

Some people wonder whether the relatively low mortality rate in Germany is because of widespread use of ozone therapy.

After all, Germany is regarded as the birthplace of ozone therapy. And it has a relatively large number of ozone practitioners. 

Unfortunately, ozone therapy has not been used in Germany on Coronavirus patients in any official capacity that I know of.

There is not a single news article which mentions it. Neither German news media, bloggers, nor Facebook seems to render any information on the subject. Not even the mention of Italian hospitals using ozone therapy seems to have made it to Germany apart from some Facebook posts which have not received a lot of attention.

Just like in the US, there may be doctors who do treat Corona patients in their practices with ozone therapy. But so far no one has been advocating this nor has any doctor in Germany reported successful outcomes on Covid-19 patients with ozone therapy. 

Other countries which may be using ozone therapy for Coronavirus

Romania, another European country, is now also on board with ozone therapy. Dr. Gabriel Mogos, the vice-president of the Romanian Ozone Therapy Society, said in an interview with Antenna 3, a Romanian TV station, that they’ve seen “promising results” on Covid-19 patients. One of the reasons why he expected ozone therapy to be helpful with Coronavirus infections is that it’s a “virustatic disinfectant”. The below screenshot was made with the help of Chrome’s language translation option. The original article can be found here.

Romania 1 marked

One of the most enthusiastic reports comes from Peru, the South American country. A message by Dr. Carmen Cabrera has been republished on Facebook. In it, she said the following (translated with Google Translate):

“I just came out of the Covid meeting at my hospital, where doctors from all specialties participate, and they have analyzed all the treatments used in the hospital one by one in the ICU and interventional patients and the only thing that they have not objected to is OZONE. So, from Wednesday at the latest they will give us an area and all hospitalized patients will receive it. It was well worth all the work put into this! I am happy!”

And she said that ozone therapy is the best treatment for Covid-19.


The title reads: “Ozone therapy, the best treatment for Covid-19. Do not hesitate.”

A report from Georgia, the country in Europe, quotes Tengiz Tsertsvadze, the head of the Tbilisi Infectious Diseases Hospital, as saying that 4 patients have recovered from Coronavirus infections with the help of ozone therapy.

Doctors in Chile report having successfully treated two Coronavirus patients with ozone therapy. They have also contacted their Secretary of Public Health to allow for a wider use of the therapy.

In Brazil, bill 1383/20 has been passed in the parliament, but is awaiting approval by the Senate. Once implemented, it would authorize the use of ozone therapy on Covid-19 patients.

Dr. Juan Burbano, a doctor practicing in Ecuador gave an interview in which he said that he successfully treated 287 patients with a combination of ozone therapy and interferon. He says they all tested positive for Covid-19 but did not specify the type of test that was used.



Dr. Franzini of the Italian Scientific Society of Ozone Therapy has shared an email which claims that ozone therapy is about to be used on Covid-19 patients in Iran.


This has been confirmed since with the following information: the Bagheiat-allah University of Medical Sciences in Tehran, has announced a clinical trial with a target of 80 Covid-19 patients which began in April 2020. 

A reader of my Facebook page left the following comment:


According to this, there appear to be doctors in private practices in Turkey who use ozone therapy on Covid-19 patients without waiting on government to catch up with the approval process, similarly to what is happening in the US.

Dr. Olmedo shared the testimonial of a patient from Mexico being treated with ozonated saline IV by Dr. Consuelo Servin and reporting great improvement:


It appears that at least one doctor in Argentina also administers ozone on Covid-19 patients, as another post by Dr. Olmedo claims:

dr olmedo x ray pictures from argentina

Have you heard of other countries which use ozone therapy on Covid-19 patients? Let us know in the comments below.

Find an updated tally of Covid-19 successes with ozone therapy here

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  2. Ben Whitmore

    I’ve been trying to track some of the ozone therapy / covid-19 progress (see my listed webpage)

    I’ve tracked down 5 clinical trials underway so far (listed on that page), though there are rumours of others.

    I find it very hard to interpret the SIOOT results, as they provide no baseline to compare to, and don’t clearly explain treatment durations / observation timelines. Why bother publishing results without making the basics clear? It’s a bit infuriating. I’m gagging for some clearer information, which we should start to get when some of the clinical trials complete. My initial enthusiasm about Dr. Rowen is more muted now that I’ve read more about the risks of direct IV ozone that he advocates (see my page of notes), and also seen his advertising of a ludicrous article on 5G and coronavirus (and his support for Trump!). It’s a shame, as his “penny costing treatment” article is otherwise well-written and draws together some good research.

    • Ben Whitmore

      Click my name above the comment to view my ozone notes page (hopefully should work). The spam filter prevented my including the link in the comment itself.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Yes, it did!

      Impressive research.

      And you are also aware of the shaky legality the Italian trials are based on.


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Ben,

      I agree with the way the SIOOT results are presented and I have the same problems with them. Also the fact that they did not compare it to any control group is problematic. Ozone may render great results, but if they’re not better than if one did nothing, or when compared to the conventional route (whatever that may be in a given country right now), or when compared to hydroxychloroquine, then it’s still not very impressive. But without a control group it’s impossible to say.

      I agree, Dr. Rowen tends to publish some nonsensical stuff, together with some good stuff. He also appears to believe in chemtrails. But in that regard he’s not different than any other human being on the planet. There is not one medical authority, person, or news outlet which is correct on everything 100% that I could find. The bigger a medical authority is, the bigger the lie they often spread.

      I was also a Trump supporter, at least of most of his economic and de-regulatory efforts. But since then he’s gone full socialist with the passing of free stuff for everyone and the unprecedented draconian measures he supported during the Coronavirus crisis. Not cool in my opinion. So, sorry, if this will turn you off from reading my stuff …

      Thank you for your comment.


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      As to the risks of direct ozone IVs: I read your notes and the translation of the German paper you have on your website. It’s a very good article. There is more to this issue though. The question is also: how come there have been no deaths during Oxyvenierung? Which has been practiced in Germany for the past 60 years. Why has Dr. Robins seen no deaths? And he performed over 200,000 IVs so far. The answer in my opinion lies in the fact that Dr. Wolff, who came up with this technique, used an obsolete form of DIV which made it more dangerous.

      I think it’s also important to keep things in perspective: a paper published in 2010 found 26 deaths due to chiropractic adjustments with many more likely being unreported. Yet no one is googling “can my chiropractor kill me” before they schedule their appointment. Why is there so much hysteria surrounding ozone therapy but none when it comes to chiropractors, or using Tylenol or aspirin, the last two which have likely killed hundreds more people than ozone therapy ever will.


    • Samuel subero

      Hello I want to know if I can desinfect a room with ozonated water ? Thanks!!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Samuel,

      I assume you mean spray surfaces with ozonated water? If so, I doubt that this would be very effective. You would probably achieve better results with H2O2, chlorine, or disinfecting alcohol.


    • Matthew Roeser

      Just because you may disagree with his politics or other interests does not negate positive findings, does it? O3, or ozone is for a scientific fact known to be a bacteriacide. The problem is not that it kills biological cells as we know it does. Can it distinguish between healthy cells and harmful cells. But then chemotherapy does that too. It kills both healthy cells and cancer cells. I have read a lot of information saying how toxic ozone gas is and I agree. But in what amounts:? Water is toxic too in large amounts! When I read that critique of ozone I always think they are doing us a disservice, because all drugs have therapeutic and lethal dosages. Saying a drug or substance has lethality doesn’t tell us anything without the proper information about dosages and how the drug is administered. For example, some drugs are administered topically and others are not. You don’t crush up aspirin and rub it on your forehead if your head hurts! You get the point. And please don’t take this is me not commending you for doing research nor a blanket criticism. I just wanted to add context to the subject of ozone.

  3. Prof. Enzo Cutini Ungaro

    Many Hanks forte Your importante contribute. I am an old Ozone Specialist no in medical files, but in clinica engineering and industrial application. Grazie di vero cuore. Ciao. Enzo from Tenerife .

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Caro Prof. Enzo,

      Le ringranzio per leggere il mio blog! E per essere un fan di ozonoterapia.


  4. Hans de beer

    I was not officially diagnosed as been contaminated with the virus but I have never been so devastating ill from a common flu with most symptoms as described from Covid-19 so I think I had it. Fortunately I already was scheduled for a 10-pass treatment for another reason so I was lucky since after 2 treatment nearly all symptoms vanished. This took place in The Netherlands

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Hans,

      wow, awesome!
      Would you agree to a short interview on my Youtube channel where you could share your experience?

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