The worst mistake you can make when doing ozone therapy

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The worst mistake when doing ozone treatments is to combine them with glutathione IVs.

People who receive glutathione intravenously often end up with crushing depression, become suicidal, or have panic attacks. They report “feeling like dying”, loss of hearing, debilitating tingling and burning sensations all over the body, electric shocks, or crushing back pain. Those symptoms sometimes pass after a few weeks, some last for a year or longer. Some have reported losing the ability to walk.

Given that glutathione is a natural molecule which is present in each of our cells, people have a hard time believing that it could cause such horrendous side effects.

Doctors and naturopaths alike are completely oblivious to its dangers, and often ignoring or gaslighting patients who were hurt.

But the reports are undeniable. People from all around the globe report the same peculiar symptoms.

So what's going on and what role does ozone therapy play in this?

Have I ever taken glutathione? 

I have never received glutathione in any shape or form. 

Consequently, this article is NOT based on my personal experience. 

It is based on countless conversations I had with people who felt they were badly damaged by oral or intravenous glutathione administrations and who were disbelieved, ignored, or maligned by the very people who hurt them. 

The astounding thing I encountered was that people from different continents and countries, who had never met each other often described the exact same things with the exact same words: “feeling like dying” or having “two rods in my skull”. 

It is also important to understand that I have talked probably to just as many people who swear that glutathione was the best thing that ever happened to them and they don’t ever want to stop taking it.

There were also those who went from loving glutathione to being badly damaged by it with the next dose. And that after months or years without experiencing any negative side effects. 

To this day I don’t have a final explanation why those adverse reactions occur, but there are several possible theories, see further below. 


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What is glutathione?

Glutathione (GSH) is a sulfur based molecule which is naturally produced by the human body. It is one of the most potent antioxidants. It protects our cells from free radicals and oxidative stress. [2]

In addition it also [1] [3]: 

  • is vital for the proper functioning of certain enzymes
  • participates in the production and repair of DNA
  • helps in the metabolism of drugs
  • is involved in the production of proteins in the human body

… and many more

Our bodies would not be able to function without it.

And yet, when given in large dosages, especially intravenously, it often creates horrific adverse reactions in some people. 

Glutathione can be taken orally, vaporized and inhaled or administered intravenously (either as a drip or as a push).

Although people have reported adverse events after all types of glutathione administrations, the IVs seem to be the most dangerous.

What is the connection between glutathione and ozone therapy? 

The connection between glutathione and ozone therapy is that many ozone therapists administer glutathione together with ozone, for a variety of reasons. 

The justifications range from wanting to prevent an ozone induced Herxheimer reaction, to prevent an ozone overdose, or simply because of the assumed health benefits of glutathione.

Sometimes glutathione is added to the ozone administration without the patient’s knowledge. The observed adverse effects are then explained away as a die-off reaction from ozone. Or they are simply ignored and the patient is misbelieved.

Does ozone therapy make glutathione more dangerous?

There is no reason to believe that ozone therapy has any impact on whether an individual will experience a good or bad reaction after glutathione. 

There are many members of various toxic metal detox groups (since GSH is preferably given to help with assumed chronic mercury and other metal poisonings) who have never received ozone treatments in their lives but who report the most daunting adverse reactions after a GSH administration. 


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What are the possible explanations for the adverse effects after GSH? 

The issue is mostly ignored by the medical community, as far as I know. There are no public forums dedicated to glutathione adverse effects, nor have any studies been conducted on the topic, nor is there any individual who has committed their work to this subject. 

Consequently, the problem remains mostly unexamined.

Here are some theories which have been proposed:

1. Cholestasis

This is a theory I am proposing: glutathione causes backed-up bile (cholestasis) in the liver. Some of the bile then flows back into the blood and poisons the patient. This causes all sorts of dramatic symptoms.

Why would this happen? If bile ducts are inflamed, narrowed, scarred, leaky, or missing, bile cannot be properly transported from the liver into the small intestine, as it should in a healthy human being.

In such a case the bile remains in the liver and causes cirrhosis. Some of the bile salts enter the blood and do damage in a variety of organs.

Glutathione, being a potent liver tonic, probably promotes bile flow. If too much gluathione is administered via IV, a lot of bile is produced which then encounters the blocked bile ducts.

If this is what causes the negative responses to gluathione IVs, then a protocol that helps open bile ducts and that helps to detox the liver should help.

This could be achieved with lactoferrin (low dose starting at 15 to 30 mg, according to Dr. Garrett Smith), low vitamin A diet, soluble fiber (beans, psyllium), activated charcoal, zinc, magnesium, low dose Alpha Lipoic Acid, heat packs, infrared light, or saunas.

2. Mercury toxicity

Some assume that the adverse reactions could be due to mobilization and misplacement of mercury (or other toxic metals) in people who suffer from chronic metal poisoning, for example from amalgams.

Anecdotal reports seem to suggest that patients who still have their amalgam fillings are at a higher risk of developing a negative reaction.

Especially the late Andrew Cutler, a self-taught mercury-detox expert, ascribed to this idea. He said that glutathione, being a single thiol agent, was not able to form bonds strong enough to escort mercury out of the body. Instead, only weak bonds were created. This resulted in mercury being moved around into sensitive tissue and causing oxidative damage. 

What does not quite add up with this explanation, is the fact that adverse reactions are also experienced by people who never had amalgam fillings in their life nor were ever exposed to toxic metals to any significant degree.

3. Thiamine (B1) deficiency

Vitamin B1 deficiency is possibly one of the most widespread nutrient deficiencies in the developed world, but also one of the most unrecognized ones, according to some researchers.

Many of the symptoms experienced by glutathione damaged patients perfectly match those of thiamine deficiency [4] [5] [6].

But how could large dosages of glutathione trigger thiamine deficiency?

Maybe it doesn't trigger it, but brings an existing GSH deficiency to the front. In the same way high dosages of thiamine can create functional magnesium, B9, B2, and B12 deficiencies. [8]

So, it is possibly a form of “Refeeding Syndrome”. [7]

4. Riboflavin (B2) and selenium deficiencies

Glutathione is constantly being recycled from the reduced to the oxidized form and back again.

In order to accomplish this, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and selenium are needed. If there is a deficiency in those nutrients, could it be that mega injections of glutathione could lead to a breakdown of this system with the resulting crashes?

Something similar happens when B1 deficient patients are given B1 in large dosages – it has a cascading effect where B2, B9, and B12 deficiencies can be exacerbated or created. 

GSH B2 Selenium cycle


Vitamin B1 needs B2 as a co-factor. So, if B2 has been used up by the glutathione cycle, this could possibly bring about a functional B1 deficiency, see above.

If that's the case, then supplying the patient with B1, B2, selenium, and possibly other cofactors (magnesium, molybdenum, B12, B9, iodine) could potentially fix the adverse reactions.

5. Genetic predispositions

Some theorize that certain genetic expressions (which are often wrongly called “mutations”) are responsible for not being able to deal with glutathione in large dosages. The main culprit is believed to be the CBS, the MTHFR, or some other allele.

Personally, I am not convinced that this is the case, since there are a number of people who have those genetic setups but are benefiting from glutathione IVs. 

6. Oxalate displacement

Many oxalate experts are convinced that those plant toxins deplete glutathione [9] [10]. Oxalates are tiny crystals contained in high concentrations in certain plant foods. Is it possible that an intravenous administration of glutathione leads to a massive movement of those sharp objects, wrecking havoc as a result? 

7. Other mineral deficiencies

Molybdenum could be one of those, see the comment section below. There, a reader reports that her practitioner reversed a negative reaction to glutathione by quickly giving her molybdenum.

Real life testimonials after glutathione administration

The following have been gathered from various online groups and are reprinted with the posters' permissions:

I know without a doubt that had you [Paola, the author of this article] not repeatedly posted this I would not have the ability to respond today.  I felt like I was dying and was unable to think straight, lost short term memory, could barely walk and my heart rate was going crazy high then dropping very low.  Yes I have Lyme but my response to treatment was horrific to say the least. I told my Naturopath doctor and then showed him this post. He thought it was a herx reaction. He was not concerned with my 4 amalgam fillings and said glutathione will only move metals in a Petree dish. Took a bit to sink in but I finally stopped ozone IV treatments with Meyers & glutathione push.

Slowly but surely I am gaining my strength back. I can now think clearly and my balance is much better. I am far from healed but with your guidance I believe I will get there. I am forever grateful ❤️.Now to get my fillings removed.

– Denise Vance Neill

Thank you so much for putting this out there!!! I did Ozone treatment in Clearwater Florida and had several adverse reactions to Glutathione pushes, which included losing my ability to walk, encephalitis, Migraines, nausea, vomitting, and made my condition way worse. I literally felt like I was dying, and told the doctor my body couldn't handle Glutathione. He told me not to believe everything I read online and Glutathione was safe. That was the closest to death, I've ever been — people need to be educated on the dangers of Glutathione. I also tested high for heavy metals, and amonia. The doctor finally listened to me — (…) my experience was very real and my Doctors arrogance and negligence almost cost me my life.

– Darla Jean McConnell

My histamine issues started after I saw a naturopath. He was administering ozone IV with a glutathione push at the end of the treatment. Since then these histamine issues began. In a crusade to get a better handle on my rheumatoid arthritis pain I got into a rabbit hole. Like my husband says I went from the fire to the frying pan. Slowly a year and a half later I'm finding relief but still suffering with many food intolerances. I've also come to realize that many naturopaths have no idea what they are doing.

Do you have amalgam filings in your mouth?
Yes, I've had one taken out so far. I have one molar and four other fillings to go. The molar I'm having pulled because it's a root canal.

Did you talk to the naturopath who administered the glutathione IVs about your histamine intolerance? If so, what did he or she say?
This histamine issue reared its ugly head after I did these 7 IV's. I never went back to him. Looking back now I believe He honestly is one of those naturopaths that's just making money on IV's, he's not healing anyone. If so, it's simple by accident.

– Marina Taniform

Dr. Frank S. does the glutathione IV after each ozone treatment! No wonder I got so sick!

Would you mind explaining what exactly happened?

Yes, that's who I spent $10,000 with. To get rid of Chronic Lyme and Mold toxicity. He had me take glutathione after my ozone IV's. I had severe anxiety, my Hashimoto's went crazy, I couldn't breathe, my heart was beating very fast, and I ended up in the hospital twice! I also had terrible diarrhea. He just looked at me after these incidents like I was crazy! He said that my Hashimoto's should be cured! It wasn't and still isn't. I was there for 3 1/2 months every day. Not sure if the Lyme is gone or not. I know that what he did did not cute my mold problem, that is for sure!

So sorry to hear that! What exactly did they hospitalize you for? Thyrotoxicosis?
I didn't know what was happening to me! My husband called the ambulance twice! I asked if they could test my thyroid, and that is when I found out that it was so low.

Did you have amalgams when you received the glutathione IVs?
Yes, I do.  Dr. S. Never even asked if I had them! I wouldn't recommend him to my worst enemy!

What did he say when this happened?
Just stared at me as if I was crazy!! He didn't have a clue! He insisted that my Hashimoto's was cured by ozone! He is extremely condescending. I waisted my money! And, that amount was a huge amount for us!

– anonymous

Last summer, when I got IV ab [antibiotics] couple of months, I got also iv ozone and glutathione. I got worse and worse. Finally after 4th IV ozone and glutathione, I got sudden deafness in my left ear ! Then I had to take ten days cortisone pills and 5 times HBO [hyperbaric oxygen] treatment to get my hearing back. So I think my Lyme treatment with glutathione went so wrong.                                   

Question: Did you report the hearing loss after the glutathione IVs to your doctor? If so, what did he say to that?

My dr has been ill since last summer. I report what happened to the clinic nurse, who gave me the treatment. She did not believed that iv glutathion either ozone had made me any harm :(. My doctor did not take any responsibility. I told the nurse after every treatment (4 treatments, one/week) that I feel worse and worse. Just before the last treatment, I got big spasms in my whole body, and felt horrible in my head.

 – Anonymous

Last year I was having IV chelation for lead and Mercury and the ND added ozone at the end to my blood. I think I did 4 or 5 times. I did not feel good. I was dizzy before I started. But it got really bad.
I bought Cutler's books. I have done some AC protocol chelation since last summer. It was the dizziness that was the main bad thing I can remember. After reading Cutler's book I will never do it again. I did have the challenge test before with DMSA which showed high levels of mercury and higher levels of lead excreted. The IV chelation also had glutathione added as well which adds to redistribution I believe.

– Terri Stott

I was given IV glutathione and almost died.
I have never had an amalgam filling. My high mercury is because I eat fish and we found out that I have a magnesium and potassium wasting disorder in my kidneys. Magnesium is the cofactor in glutathione production in the liver. I have no glutathione. They basically gave me a huge chelator dose but my liver couldn’t handle it. My heart rate got really really low and I was blacking out from it.

  – Melanie Goodman

A series of glutathione IVs helped me dance all night at my high school reunion 2 years ago, then I felt terrible after a couple of days and things kept going south. It took me over a year to recover from that, and I know others are not that lucky. The party was fun and everyone from my childhood had no clue I had health issues… but regressing so much in my health and feeling like I was going crazy plus basically losing a year + of my life was not worth it.

 – Teresa C.

I had glutathione IV at a different clinic and had a seizure twice.

Did you tell your doctor who administered the glutathione IV about the seizures or was he even present when this happened? If so, what did he/she say?
The clinic did an IV push of glutathione after IV treatments.

The first couple weeks of getting the push I did fine, then they upped the dose. I got the push and stood up to go to another room to see the chiropractor and my body dropped like a heavy rag doll back into the (lazy-boy) leather treatment chair and had a seizure.

Then they lowered the dose back down and I was fine for a couple of weeks.

Then I got the IV push and was leaving the treatment center since it was the last thing they did each day. I was kind of staggering towards the front door when the nurse stopped me and said “look at me” and my eyes were flickering like they were the first time and she said “sit down” and “I am getting help”. I sat in the lobby sofa and had a severe seizure. Saw my deceased grandparents. I was choking and gasping for air. They administered oxygen. I just kept shaking and my eyes flashing so they gave me an IV steroid (I think) whatever you need to come back to consciousness. My eye lids would not open for a significant amount of time. I had no control over them.

This was at a clinic at the end of 2015 and into 2016 (12 weeks).

 – JP

I have stage IV cancer. I slowly got my tumors markers into normal range with cannabis and lifestyle and nutrition changes. Two months ago, I was given glutathione, vitamin c and ala IV's. I have been on a downhill spiral ever since. The week after the treatment I had 2 anaphylactic “episodes”. I am exhausted and having a hard time regulating my temperature. I was feeling good before the IV's. My tumor markers are up a few points, The Dr's that prescribed them have no answers. I am so frustrated.

Did you tell your doctors about how you felt after the glutathione and ALA IVs? if so, what did they say?

They said it couldn't be the IV's because my symptoms didn't happen right away. I also had vitamin C last time and it burned the hell out of my arm because it wasn't cold or dissolved all the way. They thought I didn't feel good because of all the pain the IV caused.   The histamine reactions didn't start until 2 days later.
When I got the round in January I told the nurse my chest felt tight and I felt SOB [shortness of breath]. She said I might be coming down with a cold.

 – Lisa Jayne

I stupidly had IV glutathione (before I knew/joined this group) about a month ago – feeling a lot worse than I did before Christmas. Hoping chelation next week will help this…

I think I may have been ‘lucky' compared to others in that my reaction to it has been an overall worsening of symptoms not an immediate flare up that's obviously directly related to the glutathione drip. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome 3 years back and stopped working 3 months ago in an attempt to heal. I recently had 4 IV drips of vitamins and glutathione which has undone all of my improved health. During and after each drip I felt dizzy, nauseous and terribly fatigued. In the days following my symptoms made doing anything rather impossible. Since receiving IV glutathione I have had consistent muscle aches, joint and bone pain and fatigue/exhaustion on minimal movement, depression (not experienced this for 3 years despite health issues), the ringing in my ears has come back, brain fog up by 75%, unable to hold thoughts / think of the correct words or do the things I was capable of doing before – like attending college once a month for my part time course. I'm too sick to go in this coming weekend. I hope the damage isn't permanent.

Did you tell your doctor or practitioner who administered the glutathione IVs about your decline in health? and if so, how did he/she react?

I have 3 more IVs to have as part of a package I paid for. I'm drafting an email in the hope I get my money back for the 3 further treatments. As you know it's expensive being ill! This ‘health' meets beauty clinic (they do a range of treatments) have no idea what they are doing. In fact I was told it was normal to feel crappy! But also, that other people are fine during treatment. Yes, well they're obviously not sick like me! The clinic knows I have CFS. 

– Rebecca R.

I'm in a bit of a glutathione nightmare myself. I became sick after I had 4 amalgams removed followed by 4 root canals (root canal teeth since removed) 1.5 years ago. Since getting sick I've been told I likely have lyme and co-infections ( my strep levels remain very high). 2 weeks ago I had a glutathione IV ( 3rd one ever) and started a new herb for lyme. Within two days I had the worst “herx” of my life. It feels like there are metal rods going into my skull, my body burns, I feel so so toxic. I immediately started using my sauna and activated charcoal. By last weekend I was feeling somewhat better. My doc suggested I come in for another IV this week. Something told me to try one oral glutathione to see how I tolerate it. Well all hell broke lose. All my symptoms came back. I cannot get ouf of bed. Now I have a burning soar throat like I'm getting the flu. It hit me that maybe I am dealing with mercury versus lyme. Now I am horrified and I dont know what to do! Is there anything I should take immediately to lessen the effects of potential redistribution? I had taken oral glutathione many many times before without issue. My challenge tests comes back with low mercury levels but you mentioned this doesn't mean I'm not mercury toxic? I am so scared right now I don't know what to do… I'm at the ER now I can barely walk.

– Anonymous

I was asked about IV glutathione in a PM [personal message] and I thought I would share my response and further thoughts. Maybe it can help someone else to avoid this horrible trap. 3 years ago exactly, I was chelated for 4 (4 hour sessions) (16 hours) with IV glutathione and IV ALA. This is some of what it has left me with. (I also had a whole mouthful of amalgams under crowns while being chelated, despite the fact that our local holistic dentist told me I was amalgam-free. He never even mentioned my crowns ) We go an hour now to see another holistic dentist,by the way, and she's awesome.

I can't really feel in my emotions just how awful it is. It's kind of like someone else is dealing with it and I feel their physical pain. I talk to myself in my mind as if I'm another person. There's tremendous derealization and depersonalization. I kind of feel like I am in an acid trip where everything is kind of breathing and moving around me. I have tinnitus in my left ear. I have a really strong metal taste in my mouth and I feel like I am in a metal box. When I blink I see a reverse image of what I was just looking at but it doesn't go away for at least two minutes. I guess the light does other things to me besides hurting my eyes. Eventually the reverse image swirls around in my blinking darkness like vertigo in my thoughts. I know that makes no sense. It really is quite nonsensical. Right now I am sitting outside by my pool looking at the sky. I can't feel anything but I can see that it's nice. Soon Don will come outside and help me walk inside before the mosquitoes eat me up. I can feel them starting to bite but don't have the energy to move. Or the balance. I fall down all the time. Everything is very logical and matter-of-fact. That's hard for me because for my career mainly I have been a psychotherapist and I'm an artist so not being able to feel my feelings is really tough. And I cannot recognize people's faces anymore unless they are real close family or a friend that I've seen more than 15 or so times. I can't remember things right after they happen. Like I have to go outside and touch the hood of the car to see if it's hot to know whether we have gone somewhere or we are getting ready to go somewhere. I feel like I am underwater and there is pressure in my chest. My nostrils are mostly closed and I can't get a good breath of air. When I walk my head feels like it's going to explode. I have gained 50 pounds (mostly lymphatic fluid) that I can't seem to get rid of. The bottom of my feet feel like bees are stinging them and the top of them are numb. My face changes every few days because of lymphatic fluid. I never know where I am when I am moving from one place to the other. I get lost in my own house. I forget if I am supposed to turn left or turn right when I come to the hall. I walk into door jams because I can't judge the space. And every time we pass a car I feel like I am going to die. I can no longer drive. I have lost my social circle. I have trouble hearing, I stutter and can't talk on the phone. I no longer make my own tears or saliva. I feel like I have the flu. My hair is falling out. I have crying spells and feel suicidal a lot. My vision is poor and sometimes I see double. If a metal necklace touches my neck sometimes my head starts shaking. It's very disconcerting and confusing but if I just stay in one spot I'm pretty good. Sometimes I will have a few good days and my husband and I will walk. I have made it to a quarter mile. I was once a runner. I was also once a Dean of students at a college and now I can't even help my son with his college application. I have had to parent from bed with some good starts and stops here and there. I was hoping this chelation “expert” knew what he was doing and I would have a few good years with my children before they grow up and move away.

Unfortunately it has just made everything 100 times worse. I am still in dental revision and will chelate when it's all out. People tell me I'm brave but I'm not sure what that feels like. What is my alternative? Kill myself? But like I said if I just stay in one spot I'm pretty good. Hopefully that spot doesn't include mosquitoes. I'm sure one day when I can actually feel my feelings I will be really angry.

 – Dianna Adams

I had a bad experience with iv glutathione when I had amalgams. First 5 I felt not sick at all..after that I went slowly down til I realized I was having major brain stuff by the 9th one..I know now I am infested with mold also in addition to then having 6 fillings..this was over 5 years ago. Was it cognitive impairment, mood instability or brain fog? All of that combined. Like awful.

– Beverly Schoenberger Gomez

Glutathione is one of the most commonly-used interventions by naturopaths, some dentists, and some doctors (alternative and even registered). I foolishly trried it at 600mg after trying to recover from a bad reaction to a ‘standard' medication, where it was routinely described across the ‘net as being effective for relieving adverse symptoms. Over a course of months, I noticed indigestion problems, sound sensitivity, feeling nerves being stimulated around the head area, and total exhaustion. Only an unknown per centage of people have a bad reaction, but it certainly simply is not worth the risk of the extremely serious reactions that happen. IVs in general are a really bad idea, glutathione is one of the worst.
The glutathione problems started after 5 days and have been getting worse as time has gone on.

 – Richard.

I was doing glutathione, lipoic acid IVs for six months and I developed really bad neuropathy.  I received them for immune support and lyme disease.  I had that for 6 months.  Then boom.  I couldn't walk.  I spent two months using a walker and the worst pain I could imagine.

– Rebecca

June 2013 started with brain fog and stomach upset. Took my gallbladder out. October 2013 took my thyroid out. Cancer. Kept loosing weight. Went crazy. Suicidal. Went to integrative doc. Gave me IV glutithione. Everything went to hell. I became more sick with horrific nerve pain, electric shocks, and emf (electromagnetic frequency) hypersensitivity.  I went from 200 pounds to 120. I don't feel like eating (…) I got very sick after IV glutathione which started my tingling and horrific nerve pain electric shocks.     

– Shelley

Been chronically ill for 4 years following improper amalgam removal and a tick bite (positive for analplasmosis) all within a week, all the while living in a rental with water damage/mold! Yeah, a perfect storm. Just like many of you, I've spent thousands on doctors who didn't have a clue as to the cause of my illness, worse yet, some even gave me treatments which made me worse e.g, IV glutathione. I've seen it all, and now ready to do some serious healing. (…) I had about 5 or so IV glutathione treatments 9 months ago. I think 2 grams in each. I developed bad neuropathy in my legs, arms and extreme soreness in the outer part of my shoulder. The worst bit was that I became suicidal for a couple weeks. Horrifying.

–  Stephen

Trying to undo even a tiny bit of major damage to my father, after IV glutathione and ALA for a week at a shady clinic. I've been trying to get him to do AC  chelation for a long time.
Short version: his health has tanked like crazy in only two years after having most of his teeth removed and replaced with implants. No doubt they broke some teeth to do the job. He had like 15 amalgams over his 80 years, but was in great health. Also his cadmium shows 12x high on hair test (which apparently (?) means 17x what the mercury on hair test is showing @1.5x cap). They went to a clinic and against my repeated warnings and advice did whatever IVs this gangster clinic recommended. This included ALA and glutathione drips every day for a week (!@&*##!!!). His symptoms are way worse now. He's 82. Not sure if he'll even agree to chelate NOW after getting much worse.
As an example he left the clinic feeling really good for about a week. Which is common with those treatments, thought he was doing better and then he tanked pretty rapidly far worse than he ever went in. Became super OCD, like overnight.  Shakier, dizzier, weaker and more anxious than ever. They told me about two weeks after leaving the clinic that they needed to talk to me and then fessed up that they had done those drips after my very strict recommendation not to do them under any circumstances [!!!!!!!!!!]. He even had my mom get the same drips with no medical background whatsoever as to why they were giving them to her. They gave them to every single person that walked into the clinic no matter what.  And then she told me she was basically scared to stand up to them and say that she didn't want them or that he didn't want them.  So their fear of the doctors at this expensive clinic – regardless of all of my warnings and research on how to do safe chelation – ended up putting him in far worse shape than he went in.   

– J.D.'s father, age 82

My horrific experience with Glutathione IV after only ONE push:
 – Changes in vision
– Coughing
Feels like two metal rods going up my back and into my head
– Wobbly/heavy head sensation
– Severe Anxiety
– Physical pain from anxiety
– Feel on edge
– Clenched stomach
– Tingling in extremities
– Loss of appetite
– Burning on back of hands, arms, and tops of feet
– Shooting pain in ribs
– Feels like knives in my brain
– Hard to focus eyes
– Problems with hearing in left ear
– Head feels like cement
– Chest tightness
– Neck pain/stiff neck
– Searing headache
– Stabbing pains in mid section, head, face, and teeth
– Sharp pins and needles in jaw and teeth
– Tightness in jaw
– Breathing has changed
– Pains in lower back
– Fluctuations in consciousness
– Strange jello sensations when moving my body
– My muscles feels stagnant
– Pains in abdomen
– Horrific Insomnia
– Legs feel like cement
– Brain feels numb
– Feel like a zombie
– Heightened awareness – like someone flipped the ‘on' switch and it won't turn off
– Feel like I'm going crazy
– Feels like my head is inflamed

80% I did not have before. The other 20% have been greatly exaggerated. I will never touch an IV or any chelator again for the rest of my life.

Did you report this to the doctor or practitioner who gave you the IV? If so, what did he/she say?
She said it was just ‘anxiety’ and that no one ever reacted like that. And that metal redistribution was not possible.

Did she tell you to continue?
Well, she did say that people who react like I do usually need more of it. But she never suggested that I do more.

Did you have amalgam fillings when you had the IV?
Yes, one. She gave me the glutathione IV to help with stress.

 – JB


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  1. Marcella Zavala

    I did 1 Ozone IV therapy with Glutathione & EVB push after I had COVID & I felt like I was dying!! I had the worst migraine of my life after & it did not go away for WEEKS! I was so scared that not enough Heparin was injected into the bag and that I had a clot in mt brain. I still am very nervous thinking about it. Is this something that I should be worried about or need to see a doctor?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Marcella,

      if the migraines have passed, then I don't think there is anything you need to do right now.

      My speculation about why glutathione causes those adverse reactions is that it likely mobilizes vitamin A or vitamin A filled bile.

      A liver detox program consisting of a course of low vitamin A diet in the form of muscle meat, rice and black beans could help. Or just the addition of beans or other binders like psyllium husks, apple pectin, sunfiber, activated charcoal, zeolite, bentonite clay.


  2. sheila sells

    Great post! I have/been experiencing terrible anxiety and panic attacks. It mostly hits the hardest at night. These started 6 months a go from a root canal/antibiotics. Since then I have had the tooth pulled. My blood panel showed my liver is slightly stressed. My NP has been giving me glutathione/mag pushes that seem to help instantly but the symptoms always come back. I started ozone IV only had it done twice but have had anxiety/panic attacks right after treatment. My first treatment of ozone she did a Myers cocktail right after, I am not sure if she added glutathione. I do have a sluggish liver. I am going to stop ozone and glutathione treatments for now. My question is how can I help manage my anxiety and panick attacks and reverse possible damage from glutathione? Thank you for all your help!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      HI Sheila,
      it sounds like the glutathione and ozone overburdened your liver. They possibly caused a bile dump that was too much for your bile ducts and possibly caused cholestasis.
      I suspect that ozone can do that, and glutathione probably as well.
      I think stopping both GSH and ozone is a good idea.
      A low vitamin A diet with soluble fiber, so basically muscle meat (no organs), black beans and rice could help.
      The soluble fiber in the beans binds bile, interrupts the enterohepatic circulation and so helps in liver detox.


  3. Michael Boxenbaum

    Dr Paola:

    Are you aware of any cases where MAH or multipass hyperbaric ozone (MPO..the acronym we use) was used to counter ammomia damage to the lungs? Thank you in advance.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Michael,

      I am not …. but there may be, only that I am not aware of them.

      Sorry, that I can't be of more help.


  4. Holly


    I’m really freaking out because I have never had glutathione or ALA or anything IV except MAH IV UVBI ozone which I started in February. Have gone every week sometimes 2-3 times a week & about 1-2 months ago I’ve started having tingling in both feet & pain & fluttering in a vein on the top of my left foot.

    I’m looking at any supplements I have taken since then that could be the cause like I had switched from regular B-6 to P5P around the time but I only took 50mg once a week, but maybe the ozone enhanced the absorption of a supplement to toxic levels. I was also taking an oral ALA 300 mg a day but have discontinued both. I’m racking my brain trying to figure it out & even quit my glass or 2 of red wine at night because I thought it could be the sulfites or histamines. I also had started eating a product with stevia at the time & apparently it can cause tingling in feet & hands so I threw out anything with stevia.

    My fear & concern is that could it be the MAH IV ozone? Is it possible it could cause tingling in the feet or neuropathy/parasthesis or damage nerves or veins since it’s IV? I have spent a fortune on it & it appeared to be helping me but could it have caused a new scarier health issue??

    Please let me know if this is possible as I’m trying to figure out if I should completely discontinue iv ozone if it could be causing harm.

    Thank you,

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Holly,

      tingling is a typical symptom for liver disease.
      Alcohol is not good for the liver.
      Stevia can damage the liver.
      Heparin (that is often used in MAH) can be hard on an already impaired liver.
      ALA is good for the liver, but can be too much in some cases of liver impairment and in too high dosages.
      “but maybe the ozone enhanced the absorption of a supplement to toxic levels” – I don't think that such a thing is possible.

      Maybe going on a liver detox protocol in the form of a low vitamin A diet, beans, soluble fiber, lactoferrin, could help.


  5. Emmy Erickson

    Hello 🙂 What are your thoughts on combining mHBOT with ozone?? In theory, would one need to supplement to lower ROS?

    Thank you a ton!!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Emmy,

      what is mHBOT?
      I don't think that you need to supplement with antioxidants when doing ozone or oxygen therapies, if that's what you mean.
      But taking some Vitamin C won't probably hurt but may help …


  6. Logan


    I have been taking cholestyramine for mold for the past 6 months. I am now about to re-test to make sure the mold is out of my system before I start treating my lyme. However, in order to do the mold test my doctor wants me to take liposomal glutathione for 5 days before. This article seems to suggest I should stay away. Any suggestions?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Logan,

      I am not very well versed in mold testing, I can't say too much … but logic would dictate that taking anything before a test would skew the results? But maybe logic does not apply here (I mean it sincerely, not sarcastically) …

      But yes, there are people who react badly to oral glutathione as well. But whether this be so in your case, I can't say …


  7. Rachel Freck

    Hi Paola
    I'm wanting to get set up with home ozone equipment here in London – primarily for rectal ozone but I'd like the ability to try other treatments. I've been told by one of the group members that you do consults to help people get started. Is that possible to organise. My USA practitioner has recommended this machine.
    Not sure if I can get it to connect with Oxygen tanks here etc. If you were able to spare time for a one off consult I'd really appreciate it.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Rachel,

      I hope my email provided you some helpful information.


  8. Mary Dossett

    Thank you, Paola, for all the knowledge you share — it is so very valuable!

    I have been nebulizing glutathione daily, and also having almost weekly iv pushes as a part of hi dose Vit c IVs for about 6 months, and have never had an adverse reaction — until yesterday. Within minutes of the push I experienced many of the strange, worrisome and serious side effects mentioned in this thread (visual abnormalities, including blind spots, fingers and tongue having shooting, tingling pain, heaviness in chest, cognitive impairment, feeling like I was going to pass out, etc.).

    For me the remedy was molybdenum.

    My ND immediately recognized my symptoms and gave me a push of molybdenum. Within 5 minutes 90% of the symptoms were gone or dramatically reduced. The remainder resolved within an hour.

    Forgive me if I don’t explain this using the right words…. As I understand it, I have a compromised sulfur pathway (I believe this is methylization). The glutathione push yesterday was administered much later during the course of iv therapy — the bag was virtually empty, rather than typically ~1/4 full. (A new assistant ND did the push, as opposed to my normal ND.) So I got an undiluted mega dose of glutathione. My body reacted accordingly to the flood of glutathione.

    I don’t know if the underlying cause of glutathione reactions is always the back up of sulfur in the body, or if molybdenum is always the answer. I just know it worked magic for me. Sharing this in the hope that this information might benefit someone else.

    Wishing vibrant health to all!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Mary, thank you for sharing! Very interesting indeed.


  9. Beth

    I am intrigued with what I am reading on your site.
    I have gadolinium poisoning. Others like me suffer from Gadolinium poisoning too. Some have spent a fortune to try to get it removed from their bodies.
    What are your recommendations using your techniques?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Beth,

      I don't think there is a known way to chelate gadolinium.
      I think there may be some anecdotal evidence for glutathione helping with it, but there are also some considerable risks involved in that approach …
      I would look into treating specific symptoms directly. So, if you suffer from fatigue, see if a change in diet, certain supplements, oxygen or oxidative therapies can help you.


    • Beth

      Thank You for your response Paola.
      There is actually a Doctor in North Carolina that does chelate and he is considered the top medical authority on gadolinium poisoning. I have consulted with him but I have not treated for several reasons. I have a friend that has treated with him. What you do is similar in theory, I think, maybe. The last I heard, the Dr was going to be publishing soon too.
      So, I have actually done the things that you mentioned here. I changed my diet and have been keto for over two years. I swear swear swear by ketosis, at least for me!! So Sugar Free and gluten-free has been so good plus I eat so much healthier on the outer aisle. I have some severe neurological problems from a spinal cord and brain stem injury too. I also have significant cognitive problems from both the gadolinium poisoning and brain, brain stem, And spinal cord. My immune system started attacking me severely about 10 years ago. I had nodules in my lungs and so many other things going on. Last year my hair fell out by the handfuls and I had severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and osteoarthritis.
      So I went to a rheumatologist. I am now on Humira weekly. It is my liver that is making me take more action. I began vomiting after my first MRI with gadolinium contrast in 1990. Fast forward to a few years ago, my liver functions just go through the roof and then come back down a week or two later.. Which, according to my doctors, is impossible, but there you are… If you look at my bloodwork that’s what happens, Over and over again.
      I was not aware of any risks with glutathione and gadolinium. Do you have a reference you can share with me? Coincidentally, I am taking multiple amino acids and supplements to raise my GSH. I also swear by this approach. It has helped me tremendously.
      I have also done TMS therapy and Nuro feedback/bio feedback which Helps But does not stick.

    • Anamaria

      Hi Beth,

      I am sorry to hear that. Unfortunately the same happened to me this July. Have you done anything sucessfully? Like DTPA chellation and did it work? I did my first EBO2 this week and I am feeling much better but can still feel burning sensation in my skin and trembling from Gadolinium. Have you done anything that worked for you that you can share with me too?

  10. Drew

    There are other possibilities also. I have 2 hours of well-being followed by many hours or days of severe anxiety and insomnia with oral glutathione, NAC, and whey (all taken on separate occasions). MSM does not cause problems for me. In my case, I suspect it's a problem with glutamate or glutamic acid

    • Steven

      I was chelated with EDTA and then given glutathione by an extremely educated Environmental MD Functional Medicine doctor. I have limited circulation in my hands and feet, they are cold and tingling. I am wondering if this is a reaction as you describe. I am full of mercury which is what was keenly being chelated.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Steven,

      how soon after the EDTA and glutathione IV did the limited circulation and cold and tingling sensations set in?

    • Paola Cardona

      My mom had c. Diff a year ago from clindamycin, currently weighing 82lbs, has had a chronic e. Coli UTI for the past 3 months or so. Have taken d mannose, uva ursi, garlic with parsley, probiotics and the stubborn infection doesn't go away. Her current naturopath asked to use grapefruit seed, berberine, ozone suppositories, probiotics. Last time she took berberine and grapefruit seed along with colostrum she had really low blood pressure and very low glucose. I am also concerned about the Ozone suppositories, do you have any feedback and suggestions?
      The multivitamins we are currently Taking have NAC, is this OK to take long term? Any side effects?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Paola,

      ozone suppositories would not necessarily by the best type of ozone treatment for UTI … I would rather suggest drinking ozonated water, ozone saunas, vaginal insufflations, and if none of this works, then bladder insufflations.

      I also recommend going on a low oxalate diet. And of course no sugar. Best a meat based, low carb paleo or keto type diet.

      I believe NAC is OK to take long term, yes.


  11. Owen

    I have just found out I was given glutatheioje with my ozone

    I have been depressed since with other symptoms, what do I, please help, should I go to the hospital?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Owen,

      I hope that the tips I gave you through messenger will help you.


  12. L.C

    Hi Paola,

    I recently received Ozone via IV therapy just two days ago. I am receiving them for a high viral load of a few different viruses and chronic fatigue syndrome. I have gotten them in the past and then stopped due to the high cost. I recently started getting them again. I had my first one a week ago.. and then my second one this past Monday. My practitioner does this by removing some of my blood.. and mixing it with ozone in a 500CC bag of NS..and thent he ozone is addded.. it then goes through a UV light machine… I am not sure of the amount or the level of ozone i received.. but after that I received an IV of glutathione push over about 10-15 mins . During the ozone IV treatment my arm started to feel crampy, and the sensation when up my arm to my shoulder. It felt tight in a sense… but the IV was certaintly in a vein.. my arm was not swollen.. but it did feel tight all the way up my shoulder.. I advised the RN but we finished the ozone therapy and moved onto the glutathione.

    After wards I felt a little woozy.. went home ate and eventually fell asleep. Yesterday and today I feel like my body is on fire, I feel very warm, but I do not have a fever. My heart feels like it is pounding, however my heart rate is around the 70s, I am a bit headachy and just feel like I have the flu in a sense. my breathing is ok.. i think its more anxiety related at this point because i am concerned about any sort of reaction or of course fatality. I read your article about glutiathione and ozone. could this be a Herx reaction? or something more serious? Im a bit concerned, I have not felt like this in the past.. and did not have this reaction last week. Do air embolisms typically occur right away? Is there anything I can do to help with the way I am feeling.. thank you for your expertise.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi L.C.,

      what you're experiencing could be a glutathione adverse reaction.

      When you received the IVs in the past – did you get them with or without glutathione?

      What you are describing does not sound like an embolism. But more like an adverse reaction.


  13. Josh


    I am suffering from fluoroquinolone toxicity which results in 1) Chronic high levels of oxidative stress and 2) depletion of glutathione. As such typical treatment by naturopaths and functional medical docs include IV antioxidants including glutathione, NAC, and Lipoic Acid. If IVs of their antioxidants are so damaging how is one supposed to recovery from fluoroquinolone toxicity? Kind Regards, Josh

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Josh,

      I suggest to look for stories of other sufferers who have managed to overcome fluoroquinolone toxicity.

      I can give you some ideas, but I suggest to research it further.

      From what I understand, the problem is in many cases damage to connective tissue.

      Here are some ideas how to restore connective tissue health:
      – remove inflammation from your body by going on a low carb meat based ketogenic diet and by using ozone therapy
      – zinc
      – Vitamin C
      – Vitamin B 6
      – cryotherapy
      – red light therapy
      – GHK copper peptides
      – bone broths with lots of collagen
      – glutamine and glycine supplementation

      I hope this helps.


    • Josh

      Hi Paola,

      Thank you for the help. The best paper to date on FQ toxicity is titled “Treatment of the Fluoroquinolone-Associated Disability:The Pathobiochemical Implications”. It details how people experience multi-organ system damage and that the main cause is damage to the mitochondria which results in toxic levels of oxidative stress throughout the body, in part because of lower levels of glutathione. As such oral and IV intake of antioxidants including glutathione are common recommendations. You raise some good points though about the risks, so I'm trying to figure out what the best approach is. Kind Regards, Josh

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Josh,

      is the damage because of low glutathione or is the low glutathione because of the oxidative stress? Glutathione is a great marker for oxidative stress since it tends to go down when oxidation occurs. So it may be a question of chicken and egg. I haven't read the paper though …


  14. Dan Eyink

    In our clinic we have not given Iv glutathione because of lack of clarity to what it is adding to iv vitamin c or ozone/ubi. I will say we have detoxed mercury, aluminum, lead and other metals successfully without side effects using kinesiology to help guide the choices for freeing up the metal and binding it. The levels of the metals are documented by blood, urine and symptoms. Metal flush from Chi Enterprise is one of those products that seems to work well. Your information is helpful and thought provoking. Thank you.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Dan,
      thank you for being open minded and for considering the ideas of the Crazy Ozone Lady 😉

    • Christina

      Can you please help me?? How do I get rid of mercury with kinesiology?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Christina,

      kinesiology is a way to diagnose conditions or deficiencies. I don't think one can use it to chelate mercury.


  15. carly

    dear Paola, thank you for this informational post… I am currently taking ozone water which I make with a cheap machine at home it does not use oxygen… I am also using this water to wash and sit in and put a bit in the vagina too as I have large rectal tumor which has gone through vaginal wall… I have been having a glass in the morning and a glass at night on empty stomach. I have been feeling very sick and the tumor has been more painful with some burning sensation. i was also taking c60 which is what I thought was making me feel so sick so i stopped taking it but i still feeling very sick just on the ozone water… any advice would be greatly appreciated, many thanks

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi carly,

      I would rather do vaginal and rectal insufflations in such a case …

      When you say “feeling very sick” after the O3 water: could you describe what exactly you're experiencing?


  16. Shannon

    I wonder if the same is true for Liposomal Glutathione (which I have pulsed for years).

    While this makes sense, why wouldn't the bodies own Glutathione have the same impact? A GSH IV does move the needle, but what is the estimate? 20-25%?

    Wouldn't our normal GSH be liberating mercury at a dizzying pace at the pre-IV levels?

    Really, your thoughts do make sense….if GSH attracted a mercury bond and became subsequently metabolized, the mercury WOULD have to go somewhere. Though, I suspect the metabolism usually occurs locally (i.e. within the cell itself), and the mercury re-released locally.

    I'm actually on the fence myself with the anti-oxidant levels (Vit C, GSH, etc.) versus pro-oxidant levels (for example, DIV Ozone) and what is the most effective treatment. In my mind, reactivity isn't 100% even when both are present in the body. In other words, there's a probability associated with GSH finding an O3 molecule (or ozonites, O2, etc.), and it's definitely not 100%.

    Maybe someday we'll have more answers, but that will require funding for a substance that is dirt cheap…

  17. Martin Zelazny

    Is is ok to have nasal ozone insufflation or dental ozone shots while taking supplemental glutathione or a supplement that naturally increases glutathione?
    Also do you know why I always feel super hyper and anxious aftr taking ozonated oil capsules or suppositories?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Martin,

      yes, it's ok, only that you will probably not get the same benefit from ozone if you do.

      I don't know why you feel super hyper. What type of ozonated oil is it? Olive oil? If so, maybe you have problems with salicylates?


  18. Leif

    Hi anyone had luck with ocd treatment with ozone? I've tried everything and gone anywhere and my OCD is so bad I literally can barely do simple tasks. I've thought of chelation but afraid if I don't do it right might make my OCD worse. Last time I checked heavy metals test mercury I think was in middle range whereas tungsten was highest. But that was years ago.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Leif,

      I used to suffer from OCD for years, what helped was exposure therapy, it's a type of psychotherapy.


  19. david

    i am wondering if gettingiv glutathione and ozone on the same day is a bad idea (i realize you do not support iv GSH to start with)

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi David,

      I think getting glutathione in general is a bad idea, so that includes doing it on the same day as ozone, yes.

      But if you space it apart from ozone by several hours, then at least this should minimize the ozone cancelling effect of the GSH.


  20. Nathan

    I made a donation how do I ask a question?.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Nathan,

      I answered your question 2 days ago. It went to the thewhiterabbit@…. email.
      Check your inbox and your spam folder if necessary.
      Thank you for your donation!


  21. Alli

    Hello, thank you for this post. I am curious; do you feel ozone iv’s are still safe as long as a glutathione iv is not given? Thank you.

    • paola d

      Hi Alli,
      I'm afraid there is a misunderstanding.
      In this article I'm pointing out the danger of glutathione IVs, not of ozone IVs.
      As long as ozone IVs are performed by properly trained personnel with proper equipment, they're pretty safe.
      It's the glutathione which has a high rate of adverse reactions – which has nothing to do with ozone.


  22. Gretchen

    Hi Paola,
    My husband has WnV and EB. He recently started DIV ozone and his doc did an glut IV. After reading this I’m terrified. He feels horrid. He has a mouth full of amalgam fillings and recent had one removed.
    Obviously we will not have any more glut IVs done and will continue the Ozone therapy.
    Would you recommend removing all the fillings? Also, what chelation protocol do you recommend? There is SO much information out there it’s overwhelming. Thank you!

  23. HealtyC

    Hi Paola. Does using the ANF disc AGL or AGLS cause this same problem with interaction with ozone? From what I understand these discs help your body to naturally produce the glutathione to detox liver. I have used the disc before and it helps my migraines but have not gotten ozone yet. Thanks!

    • paola d

      Hi HealthyC,
      If you are referring to the carbonized metal discs that one applies to the body – I don't know. I couldn't find information what metal is involved there. If you have a link to the discs you're using that would be helpful.

  24. Cynthia A Sands

    I just found this article and blog. Thank you so much.
    I want to say that, in trying to heal myself, I tried oral glutathione, along with some other supplements that contained thiols, and I realized very quickly that it/they were making my health problems much worse. In researching what was happening to me, I discovered the thiol connection. I can only imagine what iv glutathione would have done to me. I am currently doing ozone therapy only. I would like to know what your opinion/experience is of modified citrus pectin as a chelator. I tried it for eight months before starting the ozone therapy. Thank you so much for sharing your insight and knowledge with us.

    • paola d

      Hi Cynthia,

      thank you for posting!


  25. Mike

    Thanks Paola,

    This has been very helpful. In fact, it's lead me to find even more information that I had no idea existed. This is why I say “stronger together”. What I didn't know is that there is some disagreement between the experts:…/HMPTLII_Lesson24_HeavyMetalDetox.pdf

    That lead me to even more infor that Dr Sircus presents regarding the use of those natural things at home and why he things they should be used in combination:

    It's clear to me now that it's a continuous long-term life-time journey where we might obtain better health through an understanding of environmental toxins and a variety of detox protocols.

    There may come a time when one may have to determine which method to choose based on cost and availability, so I'll keep this info close while I do more research to implement the best approach for me.

    Thanks again. Never stop teaching. We need more people like you.

  26. Mike

    Hi Paola,

    Over the years (about nine years) I have been researching solutions for my own health challenges associated with mercury toxicity. And, in that time I've run across your work on youtube and blogs helping to get good information out to people to help them heal and share your story. I always wanted to thank you for your efforts, so here's my opportunity. Thank you. With people like yourself around we are not alone. What's more, we are stronger together.

    After finding you again in this blog post I must ask you about the reference Dr Kondrot made in a recent blog post of his own:

    “Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, Director of Medical Research of the Heart Disease Research Foundation, Omura observed that subjects had higher than normal levels of mercury in their urine after consuming Vietnamese soup, which has large amounts of cilantro This is a good sign for if you have higher levels in your urine that means mercury is being removed from you body. He followed up on this accidental finding and discovered that giving cilantro to patients with mercury poisoning for several weeks successfully eliminated the toxin from the body. ”

    The link where this quote is found:

    This seems to be in conflict with your statement that cilantro can not be reliably used. Although he appears to support your other information in regards to chelation agents. Likewise he mentions glutathaione in playing a helpful support role in protecting against heavy metals, but not in IV therapy.

    Anyway, I would like to know what you think of Dr. Yoshiaki Omura's research and the Dr. Kondrot's blog post in general.

    Thanks again for all your hard work. You've helped a lot of people including me.

    • paola d

      Hi Mike,
      thanks for reading my blog.

      Many things can mobilize mercury and lead to an increase of mercury levels in the urine, and at the same time lead to a redistribution of mercury into sensitive tissue like brain, adrenals, liver etc. If this is done long enough, the person can be left profoundly debilitated. Doctors and patients alike rely too much on numbers on tests these days. What is relevant though are symptoms. What does it matter that urine tests showed that x mcg of mercury have been removed, if at the same time 2x mcg of mercury have accumulated in the brain, something which cannot be tested?
      The dangers of cilantro, glutathione IVs and other similar therapies are well documented with countless reports of people having been hurt by them. With chlorella and cilantro having the number 1 spot, it seems: .

      Hopt this helps.


  27. Sharon

    Hi, I have had I'v treatments with Dmso, Edta and ozone. Everything you are saying about the side effects is true. I'm feeling really Sick. I have lots of symptoms. Not sure what to do or what to take. I have been positive for Lyme I have mercury fillings etc Is there any way I can speak with you. Thanks

    • paola d

      Hi Sharon,
      so sorry to hear this happened to you!
      The best way to talk to me is by scheduling an session here
      You can also write to thepowerofozone @ but I cannot promise that I will answer in a timely fashion.
      Don't do any more chelation IVs and please remove the mercury fillings ASAP.

    • Student of Life


      I’ve heard of these reactions u described. Ironically NAC-which is obviously a gluthione precursor-is what saved me from severe acute mercury toxicity -on top of chronic toxicity-after getting my fillings removed. V-C helped a lot after the first one, when the best high end chelators charcoal & else worked at least V-C released abt 80% of symptoms for 5-6hours per dose of buffered V-C

      I tried high dosing NAC w it the second time after hearing doctors were using it to detox mercury & it eliminated 100% of horrible mercury toxicity symptoms. I also continued to use it during the entire time I was detoxed by a toxicologist & tested negative within 6 months-which surprised me bc I’ve hear it takes an average of 3 year for most people, but pathogen loads were also plummeting & symptoms were a lot better as well.

      I’ve also nebulized synthetic gluthione when sick & felt amazing after a couple rounds.

      It’s known as the body’s master detoxifier. Why would it work so well for mercury poisoning for many people & wreck the health of others?

      The only thing I can think of is the same gene that is almost 100% correlated w autism that drastically limits the body’s ability to detox heavy metals.

      I don’t doubt these people’s stories just curious why the reaction can be the polar opposite for different people?



    • Tony

      That was so insightful. ??

    • paola d

      Thank you!

    • Ken Miller

      I have been taking IV ozone therapy for 6 weeks now but feel worse than when I first started. How can I know if my integrative Md. Is using glutathione? I ask what was in the IV and they told me it was proprietary.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Ken,

      just ask him if the proprietary blend contains glutathione.
      If you feel worse, then I would consider stopping the treatments.
      Also, the explanation that it's proprietary sounds like a cop-out. You're not asking him for the exact formula, but generally what is in there.
      I would never allow anyone to inject something in me without being informed about the exact ingredients beforehand …


  29. Eduardo

    The coffee enema also generates glutathione.

    Is it a problem and one should do camomile enema instead?

    • paola d

      Hi Martin,
      it can indeed not be used with an oxygen bottle.
      Yes, it is good for ozonating water only.

      “How best is to take ozone?” – depends what you are treating or what you want to accomplish …

  30. Kay Cherry

    This blog was just sent to us by another PALS (person with ALS.) Thanks for the great information. My husband, Kim, was diagnosed over five years ago with ALS. He began using ozone in April of 2012 and has used it since then. Besides changing his diet and adding supplements and having a negative attitude toward dying of ALS, he used herbs, ozone and hyperbarics to heal. Five years ago, he could barely breathe, could not get in a body of water over his chest, had severe foot drop, losing strength in his hands, losing speech, balance, etc. He still has some foot drop and balance issues, but now his stamina has returned, he golfs, swims, walks and breathes. We feel ozone was a huge part of his healing therapies. He continues them to date.

    • paola d

      Hi Kay,
      thank you very much for sharing your husband's story!

  31. Vickie

    Hi, thanks for the great article! I have read that when detoxing mercury it helps to take bentonite clay to help move it out of the body. Can you comment on this?

    • paola d

      Hi Vickie,
      bentonite clay will not help detox mercury out of the body as far as I know …
      For that you really need chelators taken according to their half lives.
      So ALA every 3 hours.
      DMSA every 3 to 4 hours.
      DMPS every 6 to 8 hours.

    • Alla

      Wow thank you for writing about this. I had a really bad reaction from just doing vitamin cocktail with glutathione. I literally couldn’t move. I have back pain daily but after doing this vitamin iv w glutathione I couldn’t get out of bed, back pain was much worst than I have ever experienced. I have Sjogren symptoms for few years now just sever dryness in eyes and mouth. I been wanting to try doing ozone iv therapy to remove things from my body and see if Sjogren improve with my uti’s. The doc wants to add glutathione to the iv. Now I am wondering if I should try first day w out glutathione and next day with it to see any difference. Just to compare to my last symptoms after having glutathione iv therapy.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Alla,

      another idea may be to get just the glutathione with nothing else and see how you react to it. This will give you an idea whether your initial bad reaction had anything to do with it or with some of the other things you received.

      But for UTIs I would not concentrate on any type of IVs, but first try drinking ozonated water, or vaginal insufflations, and if that does not work, try bladder insufflations with ozone. Or soaking baths in diluted H2O2 or ozone saunas. My 2 cents …


    • Grace

      I had ozone in my mouth shots twenty my brain felt off, burning uneasy sensation. My dentist said some people will not take ozone because it makes them feel so uneasy, others will take it no issues so people will take a small amount to not go over there threshold. I had eight months of ozone IV for jaw bone infection no issues, I had it shot into my ganglion nerve center I know that crazy it was to reset my central nervous system .. I had worst, burning pain in my liver it was so bad we went to the ER. MY new doctor told me that what the hell is the ND doing, and it was wrong due to blah blah blah, but I think antibiotics have risks, even many contrast tests have risks. I think it is best to do your research and decide for yourself what will work

  32. Will

    All Robins does is ozone and he says he has done over 100000 patients, seems like he would of noticed something. Is it possible the bowel tolerance vitamin C might have a mitigating effect? It is a healing modality in and of itself, and if find many people saying C does work for detoxing mercury.

    • paola d

      Hi Will,
      millions of people have been vaccinated by thousands of doctors, one could also argue that the doctors should have noticed something, and yet most don't, or lie to themselves that they don't, or don't see the damage because they don't know what to look for.

      Yes, Vit C helps with mercury toxicity symptoms, so it could mask some of the adverse reactions.
      It does not detox mercury, though.

      An example as to doctors harming people and not realizing it: I can highly recommend joining a few self-help Facebook groups. There you will meet patients and you will find out that what the patients say is often something else from what the doctors tell you. Many, many have been harmed by doctors who continue to claim that they never saw an adverse reaction.

    • Rob

      >seems like he would of noticed something

      Nope. They pay absolutely no attention to what happens with patients, and when a patient reports an adverse reaction they deny it. I've experienced it myself and also seen it happen to several other people.

      Like Paoloa said it's the same thing with vaccines, where one day the kid is fine and then after getting the vaccine the kid is a vegetable and the doctor says the kid was already like that.

      All Robins has one of the “largest track records” of at this point is damaging large numbers of unsuspecting patients. It's not 100% certain that glutathione will damage everyone who gets it, but it's like playing Russian roulette.

    • Robert Kern

      Most informative site I have come across. Plan on parking here. Your a beautiful and knowledgeable person. I will be donating. Thanks!!!

    • Dr Howard Robins

      This is Dr Robins
      We have performed over 245,000 Direct intravenous ozone therapies.
      We use intravenous glut with ozone in what I call a Robins Glut Sandwich.
      Half the ozone then the glut then the other half of the ozone.
      Research studies show that when ozone interacts with glut ROSs and LOPs, reactive oxygen species and lipid oxidation products are formed that continue to destroy toxins of every kind inI our bodies in addition to all virus fungus yeast mold and bacteria and eliminates harmful free radicles as well.
      We have proven through urine analysis that this method of ozone therapy can chelate mercury off nerve tissue as well as brain tissue which regular chelation therapy cannot do.
      My patients who are properly prepared by using VitC in a special way along with correct hydration do not suffer from this chelation effect.
      At least they are not complaining by phone to me as they all have my cell number have been instructed to do so or in person.
      Dr.Huggins, who was a friend, who developed the concept of the need for mercury removal and methods to do it told me over lunch one day that he did chelation therapy during the removal as 19,000 times more mercury will be released that would have if you left them during your lifetime.
      Many dentists today do not do this. Several in NYC send me their patients immediately each day after removal for RMDIV to chelate it out of blood and nerve tissue as well.
      However I do not use glut in those treatments as I want the ozone itself to work directly as much as possible and not be used up reacting with glut for chelation purposes.
      I don’t who the “many patients” are that have had negative effects that have spoken to you about ozone and glut, but they are not likely my patients.
      If you don’t understand the chemistry, I would be happy to explain it to you if you would,be kind enough to call me.

    • paola d

      Hi Dr. Robins,

      thank you for taking the time to post.
      I know you have a busy schedule.
      I really admire your work and experience with DIV, of which I am a supporter of.

      But understanding the risks of glutathione, or anything else, is first not a matter of understanding the underlying chemistry (about which I believe I do have an understanding, although I did not have lunch with Dr. Huggins, but finished a certificate course with Dr. Andrew Cutler) but first simply listening to patients. Not believing a patient and telling them “you are not going through what you are going through because you do not understand the chemistry” amounts to patient abuse in my opinion. And this is what I would be doing if I was telling people that who come to me with their horror stories. First I only listen and ask questions. This is the best one can do in order to be able to determine what happened.

      Certain people who receive glutathione IVs, without any type of ozone therapy before or after, experience horrendous side effects. This is a common observation.

      I know one person who has committed suicide because of glutathione. Before he did I had spoken with him over the phone several times and had countless chat sessions. He was going through pure hell. This was because a single glutathione IV. No ozone or anything else involved. Until his death he maintained that the glutathione IV sent him into a psychological, emotional, cognitive, and physical tailspin out of which he never recovered.

      Clearly, not everyone reacts that way.

      Many people get great benefit from glutathione.

      What is important is to know the risks involved so that adult people can make an informed decision. This is all I am trying to do.

      There are risks involved in everything, including ozone and not properly performed DIV.

      For example, there is a patient who reported that after receiving a DIV at a doctor's office in NYC, she stumbled onto the street and collapsed and had to be taken away by ambulance. Not sure you heard about it?

      This is something that can happen if DIV is not performed properly. This is why the Oxyvenierungs Association in Germany, which trains people how to perform intravenous oxygen injections, instructs practitioners to make sure the patient remains immobile and in a horizontal or inclined position for a good 20 to 30 minutes afterwards. I can explain to you the physiological reason why this is important, if you are curious. Oxyvenierung has been done in Germany for over 60 years with growing popularity and zero fatalities.


    • Madeline

      I had simple ozone injections from Dr. Robbins about 10 years ago, and they were OK. But a personality problem developed when he made me a pair of shoe insoles that were the most uncomfortable I've ever had. And the most expensive. I just could not use them. Robbins kept telling me that they were good and I was somehow not perceiving that. It felt egotistical of him, bullying even. So I could imagine him denying adverse reactions from ozone patients. Anyway, I persisted in asking for my money back and he did give it to me, so good for him with that.

  33. Will

    What about Robins in NYC?
    He has done some tens of thousands and says glutathione is good to do with div, although he is strict on doing the vitamin C to bowel tollerance as well.

    He has one of the largest track records and is saying something completely contradictory to what this site is saying?

    • paola d

      All I can say is that there are many many people who report horrendous side effects after glutathione IVs.
      Many report that when they reported the adverse reactions to their doctors, they were minimized, not taken seriously, the doctor would refuse to believe them or explained it away as something else.
      I guess it is similar to the vaccine or mercury amalgam issue: thousands of doctors will swear that vaccines and amalgams are safe. And yet there are innumerable reports of the most devastating adverse reports. Children turning autistic on the same day of a vaccine. People feeling often immediate relief from symptoms like MS or arthritis after amalgam removal, yet there are thousands and thousands of dentists who will swear tooth and nail that they have never had a patient harmed by amalgam fillings.
      Doctors are also people: they see only what their mind allows them to see.

    • Christina

      Do you know of a good bio dentist to remove the teeth with the toxic fillings?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Christina,

      there are many different good dentists. Just google one in your area.

      Make sure they use:
      – separate oxygen source for you during the removal process
      – either a rubber dam or a plastic housing to put around the single tooth with a suction tunnel attache to it
      – cutting device, not a drill, and then manual removal of the single amalgam pieces
      – extra suction
      – cold water spray to reduce mercury fumes.


  34. Susanna

    Thanks for these info are vital.
    I realized that he had some adverse reactions after taking glutathione orally
    I will never take more !!!!

    • Christina

      I’ve experienced same! I wonder if NAC Os ok?

    • Willow

      Great article, thank you for posting!

      Last fall my naturopathic doctor suggested I take oral glutathione to help with my brain fog. It caused extreme anxiety, extreme anger, emotional outbursts, a disconnection from reality feeling, severe memory loss, bad back pain, dizziness, feeling faint, etc. I explained all of this to my doctor, and he suggested I take a break for a week, then restart it. Not being in my right mind from undertreated Hashimoto’s for four years, dehydration, and other nutritional deficiencies, I did this. Then one morning I woke up and all of my memories (conscious and unconscious) were wiped out, I had blurry vision, and all anger, anxiety and emotions went away. I was physically and emotionally numb, with altered consciousness. I experienced full blown dissociation. I forgot who I was. My nervous system was shut down. I felt like I was dying. One night it felt like I was actually going into a coma. My doctor thought that I just needed talk therapy. He said all my symptoms were caused by anxiety. He said glutathione shouldn’t have caused all of that. No doubt about it, it did.

      I’m sure I have mercury toxicity, as I was vaccinated as a child. I read that glutathione can cause a functional B12 and folate deficiency. I was vegan for 16 years and wasn’t that good about taking B12. I tried B12 injections, but they didn’t help for too long – probably because I was still dehydrated. Folate seems to make my memory issues worse.

      Fast forward to now, after taking nutrients I’ve been deficient in, and drinking lots of water with electrolytes, I am doing better. My mind is still pretty blank, but some of my memories have returned. I have good days and bad days. I still can’t form new memories. Once in awhile I become aware and experience depression.

      I spoke with a functional neurologist and he said it sounded like my hippocampus was burned out.

      Does anyone know what to do to reverse the damage? It’s frustrating not being able to form new memories, or remember much. . I feel I don’t have a “working” memory. Sometimes a lot of potassium helps.

      Thanks in advance.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Willow,

      this is a horrific account. Thank you for sharing it. I hope other people will read it as a cautionary tale.

      What I would suggest is that you start with low dose Alpha Lipoic Acid, also use K2 Vitamin, and low dose (15 mg) lactoferrin, and go on a low Vitamin A diet (mostly rice and meat) for a while and see if this will improve your condition. My latest theory is that the glutathione damage could have mostly to do with liver health and impaired liver function. It's possible that ingesting or injecting GSH, causes a too big dump of either Vitamin A stores or toxic bile which closes off bile ducts in the liver, causes them to be backed up and bile to enter the blood stream. The solution is to unblock the bile ducks and allow the bile to flow freely again. This can be achieved with the above interventions. Try it out for a month and see if there is any improvement. That's my 2 cents …


  35. Anne Merical


    I had ispot test showing positive for lyme and coinfectiins in 8/16. I began lyme treatment using mah ozone, pemf, silver, sauna, and iv glutathione. Tx consists of 36 sessions. I am now on my 30th tx. My symptoms continue to change and worsen, with most of them being neurological in nature and debilitating. It is not herxing. Although my test results for heavy metal showed no mercury (unheard of for lyme patients), my systems match of with clinical presentation for mercury toxicity. Namely, crushing burning, tinging, and numbness that is overwhelming. And tremors, vision problems, headache, muscle spasms, and electric brain. I don't believe these are lyme symptoms. Treating doctor disagrees and believes symptoms are from bacteria cycles of lyme such as cyst formations that continually change. My urine heavy metal test was out of range x 10 for gadolinium. Perhaps this metal is being transported around my body due to glutathione.

    • paola d

      Hi Elise,
      what other tests did you do to check for mercury poisoning, or was the urine challenge test the only one?

    • Owen

      Hi, I’m really worried here so responses would be greatly appreciated, I had ozone 10 pass on Thursday for the first time, and have been feeling unwell since, I first thought this was maybe herx, but I found this article and I’m worried it could be mercury poising!
      Basicly after the ozone, I had very sharp intense vision at times, and the day after I was super depressed and still quite depressed now. I can’t find out until tomorrow wether my dr gave me glutathione but he was administering something with a syringe while the blood was passing, should I be worried? What do I do from here

    • Grace

      It sounds to me like mold / mycotoxin poisoning you might get checked for that with a mold specialized doctor will do urine test through real time labs and then you'll know .. Lyme and Mold illness are the great pretenders

    • bruce

      How are you after the therapy
      I dont always get to this site often so feel free to email me

    • Deborah Carter


      “My urine heavy metal test was out of range x 10 for gadolinium.”

      You have had an MRI with contrast and is more than likely the cause of your illness. Gadolinium is not found naturally in the human body. We are told by the radiologist the contrast is excreted from your body within 48 hours, but it is a lie, as you have proven with your urinalysis. Your symptoms are exactly those of Gadolinium Deposition Disease. Please see the website “GadoliniumToxicity” and you will find your answers there. There is actually a closed support group, of which I am a member, for those unknowingly poisoned by MRI contrast. There is no 100% effective chelator to remove it, but the support group provides information and hope. Take care.

  36. Kylie

    Would Max One which has the molecule RiboCeine which helps glutathione formation in the cell, be harmful too?
    ie if the body's detoxification system is improved when it has very high levels of mercury, is a bit of a risk?

    • paola d

      I have never heard of it, sorry.
      I don't know how it works or if at all.
      Join the Andy Cutler chelation think tank on Facebook and post that question there.

  37. Suzy Mccoppin

    AMAZING BLOG!!! do you recommend ozone without glutathione for people with mercury poisoning and parasites?

    • paola d

      Hi Suzy,
      Thank you for reading my blog.
      I would recommend ozone without glutathione for anyone doing ozone.
      For parasites, rectal insufflations could help.

    • Christina

      I had a glutathione IV push a few days ago and I thought I was going to go out of my mind!!! It was terrible. Was that likely mercury? I was wanting to do ozone roughly 5 days after the glutathione IV, is this a bad idea? Should I wait? How long should I wait past that glutathione Iv before doing ozone? Will ozone further push possible mercury in my brain? Or other unwanted places?
      I have several metal filings— (which I now want pulled and replaced with implants.)

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Christina,

      people who have mercury fillings and do glutathione IVs often report such experiences. So yes, it's possible that what you went through was due to mercury displacement.

      I would wait until the glutathione reaction passes completely before doing anything, including ozone.

      No, ozone can not move mercury or any other metals around, but it could further overwhelm your body.

      Go on a low carb, high fat, meat based diet to give your body good proteins to be able to restore any possible damage. And wait.

      If in 2 weeks it's not better, then let me know.


    • Grace

      Great information. Did the DMPs challenge which reveals heavy metal levels I had zero mercury in my body, but I had lead which led me to research where I grew up and found houses had lead pipes and children and adults were affected by it. I was out of the country at health resort I had two weeks straight. of chelation, followed with glutathione and nutritional IV's Studies have shown cilantro juice is one of the strongest natural chelators. I had months of of Ozone IV , due to mystery illness, So it is good to get with an expert

    • Caroline

      Hi Paula,

      I had two ozone treatments and felt amazing afterwards. This was to help clear out old viruses/bacteria/and Epstein Barr fragments. Then three days later I did the Myers cocktail with glutathione push (I was traveling abroad and thought that might boost my immune system). I have also had the weirdest side effects: racing heart one night/anxiety attack, and then since the time I had that, I just haven't quite been feeling like myself–light headache, a tiny bit dizzy, just some weird tingling or those electric shock feelings someone else described. Nothing painful or visibly different, just something feels off internally. I don't think it was the ozone, but this article you posted now makes me think I had some type of reaction to the glutathione (which was administered on a separate day). Would I feel better getting ozone therapy in a week? I am trying to rest, eat the high meat/rice diet as you suggested. Anything else?


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Caroline,

      adding soluble fiber in the form of beans (preferably black since they are the lowest in Vitamin A), or psyllium husks could help speed it up, as well. And low dose lactoferrin of 15 or 30 mg per day.

      Try it out and see if it works.

      I would abstain from ozone therapy for a while, since I believe that ozone also triggers liver detox. I think that's what happens with the glutathione pushes as well but to a much larger degree. And if too much bile is dumped onto possibly blocked ducts then that triggers those horror scenarios due to backed up bile. So, I think I would abstain from ozone for now. Possibly continue with it later, though.


  38. Daniela

    How to choose a reliable and good quality ozone generator? Trustable brands?

    • Michelle T

      Hi, I read your post on iv glutathione with ozone therapy. I have had a weird uncomfortable headache for a week now following a 10 pass with something called the pk protocol (which includes iv glutathione). Any suggestions on what I should do?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Michelle,

      take Vitamin C, dissolve it in water and drink lots of it.

      Get a Vitamin C infusion.

      If you don't have any amalgam fillings anymore, do a few rounds of the Andrew Cutler chelation:

      Go on the ketogenic or carnivore diet for a while. Ketosis is good for brain health.

      Feel better!


  39. Soto Martin

    Excellent analysis, there are many things to consider when evaluating therapies. No stone should be left unturned.



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