DIV Ozone for the Superparanoid

Direct Intravenous Ozone Training

DIV Ozone Training


✓ Learn how to perform direct intravenous ozone injections safely

✓ How to create an air-tight oxygen circuit

✓ How to handle a filled ozone syringe correctly

✓ How to protect your veins

✓ How to handle blockages and burning



What is it?


“DIV Ozone for the Superparanoid” is a one-on-one 3 hour live video training to teach you the safest way possible to do DIV. It contains an overabundance of safety precautions to satisfy the most careful minds. 

What is DIV?

DIV ozone therapy is the direct intravenous injection of ozone/oxygen mix. It’s a potent form of ozone therapy which is performed by doctors and countless home users all over the world. 

Who is this training for?

The “DIV Ozone for the Superparanoid” training is for anyone who would like to learn how to perform direct intravenous injections in the safest way possible. You can be either a home user or a medical professional.

What makes DIV for the Superparanoid so safe?

The DIV for the Superparanoid training contains an overabundance of precautions to reduce the risk of accidents to an absolute minimum.

Why is it called “for the Superparanoid”?

Someone who is paranoid sees risk everywhere and will do everything to avoid it. This is how this training is designed: to satisfy even the most careful users. And it's constantly being refined. 

How much does it cost?

The training costs USD 347.00 and takes 4 hours. 


What will you learn?


DIV ozone therapy is a unique treatment: you're injecting oxygen, which is a gas, not a liquid. This requires a special set of precautions. Every gesture and handling of the syringe needs to be thought out to prevent air from entering.

How to work safely

This training shows you how to perform DIV to reduce the risk of accidents to an absolute minimum. From the equipment, the set-up, to every hand movement – the focus is on the safe injection of pure ozone/oxygen mix. 

How to prevent accidents

DIV is a very safe protocol, but accidents can happen – as with everything. As long as you follow the steps of this training you will reduce the risk of accidents to near zero. 

How to protect your veins

The injection of pure ozone/oxygen intravenously the way it's practiced by many ozone doctors now, often leads to vein damage. You'll learn how to minimize the risk of phlebitis. 

How to work with blockages

You press the plunger, yet the content of the syringe does not go into the vein. This is not uncommon. During the training you will learn trips and tricks how to get things flowing again.

How to create an air-tight oxygen circuit

One of the most important factors during DIV is to make sure that only pure oxygen/ozone is injected, never air. This starts with how the ozone equipment is connected. 

How to fill the syringe

During “DIV Ozone for the Superparanoid” one always needs to remember that ozone is heavier than air. To prevent spillage of ozone, the syringe needs to be handled in a specific manner from the moment it’s filled to the moment of the injection. 

How to handle the syringe

Once the syringe is loaded, how you hold it and what you do with it, decides whether you will end up injecting air or oxygen. I show you all the moves you are allowed to make to make sure you will inject only O2.

How to prevent lung discomfort

The lung discomfort is a common occurrence during DIV. If it occurs too soon, it will limit your ability to finish the injection. Learn, how to prevent it.

How to create an air-tight oxygen circuit

One of the most important factors during DIV is to make sure that only pure oxygen/ozone is injected, never air. This starts with how the ozone equipment is connected. 


What equipment do you need?


Before you book the training, you should have all the equipment ready: the oxygen tank with a low flow regulator, the ozone generator, and the accessories.

DIV for the superparanoid package

An oxygen tank, a low flow regulator, extra silicone tubing, an extra filter, ozone generator, a syringe filling station with a filter and a destructor, and an ozone syringe – some of the things requires to be able to perform the “DIV for the Superparanoid” method.

DIV supplies overview

A tourniquet, alcohol wipes, a 27g butterfly needle, tape, cotton gauze, syringe caps, and bandaids. Find a complete list of the required supplies below.

The most convenient way to buy everything is by placing the following three orders:

  1. “The Power of Ozone DIV Package” (use the code TPODIV for 7% off)
  2. A box of 27g butterfly needles
  3. Everything on this Amazon List

Then just wait until everything arrives and schedule the training with me through this link.

[Note about the “The Power of Ozone DIV Package”: if you leave the preselected choices you will receive a Promolife Dual Cell ozone generator, pre-filled oxygen tanks and regulator and a few other supplies. Alternatively, you can also select any other ozone generator from the drop-down menu. Instead of the oxygen tanks you can also select either a CGA 870 regulator and then buy a pre-filled medical tank from omssupply, or you can select the CGA 540 regulator and get an ultra-high purity scientific grade tank from your local Airgas.]

Alternatively, you can also order everything one by one. Make sure you have all the following pieces of equipment (1. through 15.) 

1. Oxygen tank with a low flow regulator

I recommend the following solutions:

Learn more about how to obtain oxygen for ozone injections here.

About industrial tanks: up until now it was assumed that industrial tanks contain 99% pure oxygen, just like medical tanks, but information which has emerged in The Ozone Group calls this into question [you have to be a member of that group and be logged into Facebook to be able read it]. The safety of DIV relies entirely on the purity of the gas in your tank. It is your responsibility to make sure you're getting at least 99% pure oxygen before you do DIV. If you are not sure about the purity of the oxygen in your tank, don't do DIV.

2. Ozone generator

Any ozone generator from Promolife, SimplyO3, or Longevity can be used.

3. Syringe filling station

This simple gadget is an essential part of the “DIV for the Superparanoid” method.

4. Filter

A filter is needed for the oxygen line between oxygen tank and ozone generator to remove any contaminants and any particulate matter. 

5. Luer locks

The luer locks serve to insert one of the filters into the oxygen line. Get at least 2 pairs. 

6. Ozone resistant syringe

Ozone resistant syringe, either from Promolife or SimplyO3. Do NOT use glass syringes. 

7. Butterfly needles

27g butterfly needles are ideal. If you want to inject more than 60 cc, 25g butterfly needles can be used. You can get them here, here, or here

8. Silicone tubing

Silicone tubing makes for a tighter connection between tank and ozone generator. Depending how far away you want to place your oxygen tank from your ozone generator you may need 4 to 6 feet of extra silicone tubing.

9. Alcohol wipes

You can get them at your local pharmacy or here. Or you can use any disinfectant of your choice.

10. Sharps container

Use either a special bucket to safely dispose of the needles or use an old detergent bottle.

11. Tape

The tape should be 0.5′ wide, or use clear tape. You need to see the line of the butterfly to see if there is blood back flow. If the tape is too wide or if it's not transparent, it will obstruct your view.

12. Bandaids

To put over the puncture wound to stop bleeding.

13. Cotton pads

To press over the puncture wound after you remove the needle.

14. Tourniquet

I recommend this type if you will mainly inject yourself. If you are planning on injecting other people, you can also use disposable tourniquets.

15. Syringe caps

They protect your syringe and the filter and make sure that everything remains as sterile as possible. Buy them here.

Who is your instructor?

Paola Dziwetzki is a licensed alternative health care provider.  

She underwent extensive training and has years of experience in ozone therapy:

  • She worked for a local medical doctor as a phlebotomist and medical laboratory assistant. 
  • She had her own practice where she administered ozone therapy to her patients
  • She completed an ozone therapy course in Nizhny Novgorod with Prof. Maslennikov
  • She completed the “Blaue Karte” ozone therapy course in Germany
  • She participated in two different seminars with Dr. Johann Lahodny on the topic of the 10 pass
  • She holds a license in “Oxyvenierung”, the German art of injecting pure oxygen intravenously
  • She has been practicing DIV for over 10 years and has performed hundreds of DIVs on herself, family, friends, and patients

Training overview

  1. Recorded legal disclaimer
  2. How does this training work?
  3. General preparation: hygiene, needle disposal, general safety etc.
  4. Setting up the ozone equipment
  5. How to create an air tight oxygen circuit
  6. Learning by doing: you do a first dry run, without instructions
  7. Complete demonstration of the “DIV Ozone for the Superparanoid” technique 
  8. Second dry run
  9. Third dry run
  10. Questions
  11. Trouble shooting DIV: first injections, blockages, burning 
  12. How to inject more than 60 cc
  13. All about veins: which veins can you inject, tips and tricks to protect them
  14. How to use ozone therapy in the most effective way

How does it work?


1. You need to book a 15 min FREE pre-call where I will explain some legal things, what equipment you need, and where you can ask me a few questions.

2. Make sure you have all the equipment ready before you book.

3. After the 15 pre-call you will receive a link to book the actual training. It costs USD$ 247 and lasts around 3 hours. You can pay with Paypal, or through Stripe using your credit card.

4. Before the training starts, set up your ozone equipment and your camera in a way that I can see everything you do.

5. Once the training begins, I will do a short recording of you saying a legal disclaimer that you will not hold me accountable or responsible for any harm or damage which may happen to you after the training.

6. This is a hands on training during which you will be asked to demonstrate things and you will be asked test questions to check if you understood everything.

7. You are not allowed to record the training. It is recommended to take notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The DIV ozone for the Superparanoid training costs USD$347 and lasts around three hours.

You pay for it through the link you will receive after the 15 min screening call.

What does DIV ozone therapy stand for?

DIV ozone therapy stands for direct intravenous injection of ozone.

Which means that during DIV a mix of oxygen and ozone gas is injected directly into the patient’s vein. This happens slowly in increments of 1 cc every 10 to 30 seconds while the patient is either in a horizontal or in a reclined position. 

Can DIV ozone injections cause a gas embolism?

Yes, they can. But if DIV is performed properly, the risk is nearly non-existent. 

The main reason why DIV injections are safe is because a mix of pure oxygen/ozone is injected, never air. 

Oxygen is readily absorbed by red blood cells. The transport of oxygen is one of the main functions of blood.

Air is made out of around 80% nitrogen. Nitrogen is not easily absorbed by the blood and when injected into the vein can cause an embolism.

During proper administration of DIV great care is employed to exclude the possibility of injecting air.

How dangerous are DIV ozone injections?

DIV ozone injections are one of the safest types of ozone therapy. 

Dr. Robins claims to have performed over 350,000 DIVs in the past few decades without a single case of embolism. [1]

Oxyvenierung is the practice of injecting pure oxygen intravenously and it has been used in Germany for the past 50+ years without as single documented case of embolism.

If DIV is performed with the proper precautions and if it’s used with pure oxygen, then the risk of an embolism and other complications is extremely small.

Can you kill someone by injecting oxygen intravenously?

Yes, you can. If it is done in a wrong manner. 

This has been shown in animal experiments [2] and in the fact that there have been cases more than 30 years ago in Germany where a few patients died due to the use of an obsolete and dangerous form of DIV [3].

This obsolete method is not practiced by anyone anywhere in the world, as far as I know.

If certain precautions are not respected, there is a small risk of death involved in DIV.

By applying the DIV for the Superparanoid method, that risk is nearly completely eliminated.

If DIV is performed with the proper precautions and if it’s used with pure oxygen, then the risk of an embolism and other complications is extremely small.

If DIV ozone therapy can kill someone, isn't it irresponsible to teach it?

I think it would be more irresponsible of me not to teach how to do DIV safely.

Thanks to the Coronavirus situation, DIV has been discussed more openly in the ozone community [4] and more and more people are searching for good instructions how to do it.

They want to be able to apply this easy yet powerful method at home in case the need arises.

And because of a lack of good references, they try to learn DIV from Youtube videos.

Some are also former DIV patients and want to recreate what they saw their doctor do. 

No matter what, people will use their creativity and they will find ways to learn DIV, not knowing if they’re doing it right or not. 

By offering my DIV ozone training, I present the option of learning how to perform DIV safely. So that you don’t have to just “try it out” and hope that you’re lucky. 

What you see on Youtube videos may work for some people, but in others it can go horribly wrong.

My training removes “luck” from the equation as much as possible and present and a safe method to perform DIV.

It also makes sense to keep things in perspective. Although injecting oxygen intravenously can lead to death in certain cases, so can drinking water [5], using a kitchen knife, driving a car, eating peanuts, or just visiting the doctor.

So although the possibility of causing a severe injury during DIV exists, the probability of this appears to be extremely small.

If DIV is as safe as you say, why do people think it's dangerous?

It’s a combination of a grain of truth, ignorance, misinformation, and media distortion.

The truth lies in the fact that injecting gas into the vein can indeed kill a person. This happens much more often in hospitals when nurses are either not careful when laying an intravenous drip, or during surgery when air gets into an open vein. [6]

Most people are ignorant about the fact that air is mostly nitrogen which is what causes the embolism in the vast majority of cases. During DIV no nitrogen is used but only a mix of ozone and oxygen.

Additionally, as mentioned, there have been several deaths due to DIV in the early stages of the procedure more than 30 years ago in Germany. Back then an obsolete and dangerous method of DIV was used which did lead to fatalities.

Another reason why people and even many ozone doctors regard DIV as dangerous may be the skewed perception created mostly by media outlets.

This applies to nearly everything in our lives.

Crime for example has been steadily declining in the US since the 1990’s. Yet the reporting of violent crime has made the exact opposite trend. 

“From 1993 to 1996, the national murder rate dropped by 20%. During the same period, stories about murders on the ABC, NBC, and CBS network newscasts rose by 721%.” [8]

The same thing applies to the gender pay gap [10], deaths from climate catastrophes [9], ideas about the role of corporate “greed” in the increase of health care costs [12] [13], or the lethality of the Coronavirus [7].

Everything we are being bombarded with by media seems to distort reality by 180 degrees. 

This applies also to ozone therapy.

The public seems to have the idea that ozone therapy is dangerous and that deaths occur frequently. This can be seen by the fact that “ozone therapy deaths” appear to be a common Google search.

Yet the perception of ozone therapy as something dangerous is not supported by facts:

In the past 30 years there hasn’t been a single well documented case of death in the US attributed to DIV or ozone therapy.

The only case I could find is the report of two men in a Las Vegas apartment who have met with an elderly lady and her daughter.

According to the media reports the older woman received two ozone injections on two consecutive days. After the second injection she lost consciousness and was hospitalized. She then passed away a week later.

According to some reports though it appears that it was the daughter who administered the injection, not one of the men. It’s also not clear why this took place in an apartment, not at an office. But given that the only testimonial that we have is the daughter’s, and given that none of the two men seem to have been convicted and incarcerated since, it’s unclear what really happened. [26]

Taking this case as evidence that DIV is dangerous, is like saying a death from a leg amputation with a rusty machete at a make shift operating table in the Amazon jungle is evidence of the dangers of medical surgeries.

Consider also the following:

There are more well documented cases of people having died from drinking water than from DIV or any other form of ozone therapy [14 -22].

A review from 10 years ago found 26 documented fatalities from chiropractic adjustments. [23] With many more likely being unreported. That’s 26 more well documented cases of death due to chiropractic than from DIV.

Have you ever googled “death by chiropractor” before you booked an appointment at your local joint adjustor? Probably not.

Around 5,000 people choke to death every year in the US mainly on food. [24]

Yet how many people search for “death from eating food” before they book a table at a restaurant? Not many, I think.

According to some sources between 100,000 and 440,000 people die per year in the USA alone because of complications from medical treatment. [25] Those numbers do not take into account deaths from properly prescribed and properly administered drugs and other non-hospital medical interventions. 

And yet how many people do you know who search for “deaths caused by medical doctors” before they go in for their prescription refill?

So again: there is a huge discrepancy between reality and what is being reported by media. This applies to essentially everything in our lives, including ozone therapy. 

An accident at an alternative health care provider can make the national news for weeks. Whereas during the same time thousands of patients die at the hands of highly credentials medical doctors without a single mention in the media. It’s just business as usual.

So yes, one can die from doing DIV, just like one can die driving a car, while using a kitchen knife, or eating peanuts.

But as long as one has been instructed how to do something properly the risk of injury falls to near non-existence.

Have people died because of DIV ozone therapy?

Yes, in Germany over 30 years ago a few people died during an obsolete form of DIV ozone injections which is not performed anymore. [3]

This DIV ozone method was developed by Dr. Hans Wolf and it was supposed to prevent accidents, but instead it had the opposite effect. This type of ozone method is not being practiced anymore anywhere in the world, as far as I know.

I could not find a single well documented case of properly performed DIV which has been performed by correctly trained people with the right ozone equipment which has led to a fatality.

The only other case is of two men in a Las Vegas apartment who supposedly performed DIV on a woman and her daughter. The older woman passed away a week later and the death was later attributed to the injection.

The two men were later accused of murder. But: other reports indicated that it was the daughter who performed the injection, not one of the men. Since the only testimonial we have is the daughter’s it’s not clear what really happened. [26]

Also: I could not find any information which showed that the men were convicted and incarcerated. But if the case was as clear as media pretended it was, how come no conviction took place?

As mentioned above, taking this example of two men having done something to someone in their apartment, instead of at an office as legal practitioners, can be hardly taken as evidence that ozone therapy as practiced by many medical doctors worldwide, is dangerous.

Just like one can’t take the actions of one crooked doctor to extrapolate onto every medical doctor. [28]

Are you using the Robins method of DIV during the training?

No, I don’t.

The “DIV ozone for the Superparanoid” method is safer, less taxing on the veins, and uses mor precautions than the Robins method. 

What qualifies you to teach DIV?

I’ve been doing DIVs for over 10 years on myself, patients, family, and friends.

My original instructor was someone who had been performing DIVs daily on dozens of people for over 20 years.

Since then I have become a licensed alternative health care provider which allows me to perform a wide range of invasive treatments.

I have learned the art of Oxyvenierung [29], the German practice of injecting pure oxygen intravenously and have obtained a license in that method.

I have also completed a number of ozone therapy courses, including two with Dr. Johan Lahodny, the inventor of the 10 pass method.

What can go wrong during DIV ozone therapy?

If it is performed in the wrong manner, you can lose consciousness, vomit, temporarily lose your eyesight, or die.

Additionally, you can develop phlebitis (inflammation of the veins), burning sensations, pain, redness, or hardened veins. DIV can lead to sclerosed veins which may make it difficult to puncture them in the future.

The DIV for the Superparanoid method reduces the risk of this to an absolute minimum, but can not exclude it completely.

The safety of DIV also hinges on the purity of oxygen used.

It is in your responsibility to use at least 99% pure oxygen. I do not make any claims about the quality of oxygen you’ll use.

Are DIV ozone injections the strongest type of ozone therapy? 

The DIV ozone therapy method is certainly one of the more powerful ways to administer ozone therapy.

At least, that’s my opinion based on my own experience and my clients’ responses.

In my practice I would regularly see people report an immediate response from DIV, whereas they would get no or only a mild response if I administered multi-passes with 30 times of the ozone dosage they received during a DIV ozone injection.

Why that is, is not entirely clear. But it shows that the amount of ozone does not seem to be the determining factor in how effective an ozone method is.

I own a 10 pass machine and I could be doing 10 passes all day long.

And yet, when the need arises, then the DIV is my go-to option, not the 10 pass.

Dr. Rowen and Dr. Robbins published a paper which demonstrated that doctors who have have applied DIV on Ebola patients, saw an elimination of the condition. [30]

During the Coronavirus outbreak, a number of ozone doctors and home users reported excellent outcomes with DIV, as I reported here.

DIV requires just a few accessories, and is simple and easy to perform and gives you freedom and independence.

How difficult is it to learn how to do DIV ozone injections?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't — you're right.”
― Henry Ford

If you think that puncturing a vein and doing an IV is something you can do, then chances are good that you can.

There are thousands of drug addicts all over the world who manage to do just that.

Hopefully, when you book the training, you will be more sober than them ;-).

And hopefully, more careful as well.

What equipment do I need to be able to perform DIV ozone injections?

You will need an oxygen tank filled with at least 99% pure oxygen, an ozone generator, a syringe filling station, a special plastic syringe, butterfly needles, and a few other accessories.

You can find a complete list here.

Do I really need the syringe filling station? I talked to my doctor / Promolife / my grandmother and they say I don't

If you’d like to follow your grandmother’s way of doing DIV, then you are free to do so.

But if you want to learn how to do DIV from me, then yes, you do need the syringe filling station.

Alternatively, if you have a destructor and a three-way-valve and a filter, then you can already have the equivalent of a syringe filling station and you don't need the above gadget .

Can I use an industrial oxygen tank for DIV ozone injections?

The general assumption up until now was that there is no difference between industrial and medical oxygen tanks. Both ozone experts as well as users assumed that they both contained 99% pure oxygen, with the only difference being the chain of custody.

Unfortunately, this appears not to be true anymore.

A member of The Ozone Group recently posted pictures which showed that industrial tanks hold only 96% pure oxygen.

But: we don’t know if this is true for all industrial oxygen tanks, or just for this one case. We also don’t know how accurate the used oxygen analyzer was.

But 96% pure oxygen is not enough to perform DIV.

It has to be at least 99% pure.

I personally would not use industrial oxygen at this point.

I suggest to get either Promolife’s pre-filled oxygen tanks or medical oxygen. 

If you decide to go with industrial oxygen, you may want to ask for a certificate of purity.

Whatever you decide to do, ascertaining the purity of your oxygen before doing DIV lies in your responsibility.

I can not and do not make any claims about the quality of oxygen you'll use.

Where can I get medical oxygen?

I suggest the following places to get at least 99% pure oxygen:

1. This article mentions several places where you can order a filled medical tank without a prescription, 100% legally. Do not mention ozone therapy, when you order from them. You will also need a low flow oxygen regulator which you can get here or here or here.

2. Your doctor. If you have any type of lung condition or one of your family members, you can get a prescription for oxygen form your doctor. Alternatively, you can befriend an ozone doctor or dentist and try to get your oxygen tank refilled through his/her office.

3. Promolife pre-filled oxygen tanks hold 99.6% pure oxygen. Make sure you buy the special regulator that goes with them. 

If you use industrial oxygen, be aware that a member from The Ozone Group posted pictures according to which these tanks hold only 95% pure oxygen. We don't know if this applies to all industrial oxygen tanks and whether the used oxygen analyzer was accurate or not. But if you decide to go with industrial oxygen, I suggest to get a certificate of purity from your welding shop. 

Why should I learn from you if I can watch Youtube videos instead?

I’ve been doing DIV for over 10 years. I know what can go wrong, what to do and what one should not do. That's how I know that there are no good Youtube videos to learn DIV.

If you decide to use Youtube videos, you may be lucky and everything can go well, or you can get unlucky and it can go horribly wrong.

DIV is an easy method, but there are a few crucial points to respect.

Anyone can drive a car, it’s not rocket science. And yet, if you fail to do something as simple as look in your side mirror, it can lead to a tragedy.

Similarly with DIV: as long as you know what you’re doing, it’s safe and easy.

But one careless move can have serious repercussions.

I show you how to avoid them as much as possible so that you don't have to guess if you're doing it correctly or not.

How much ozone is in one DIV injection?

DIVs are typically performed with 10 to 60 ml at an ozone concentrations of 20 to 70 mcg/ml.

Depending on the volume and the ozone concentration this can amount to an ozone dosage of 200 mcg to 4,200 mcg.

I read that it's nearly impossible to cause an embolism with DIV, is this correct?

It is correct that it’s quite difficult to cause a serious injury with DIV if it’s done correctly.

But it’s not impossible.

Animal experiments have shown that injecting oxygen intravenously can lead to death. [2]

Same with the obsolete form of DIV which was practiced in Germany more than 30 years ago. [3]

I read that even when accidentally air is injected, it's not very dangerous. Why then do I have to be careful?

It appears that there are two extreme groups when it comes to DIV: one group falls into apoplectic hysteria at the mere mention of injecting oxygen intravenously, the other is nonchalant and nearly oblivious to the possible dangers of an air embolism.

I think both attitudes are misplaced and damaging.

Injecting air is dangerous, it can cause an air embolism and it should be avoided at all costs.

Air bubbles injected into a vein can cause embolisms in the central nervous system or the heart and can be fatal.

Other reported complications are neurological deficits similar to those seen in stroke patients, loss of consciousness, seizures, or paralysis.

It’s estimated that the use of central venous catheters leads to air embolisms in 1 out of 772 cases. [31]

Another study found the incidence of air embolisms to be at 2.65 per 100,000 hospitalizations. [31] With the real number to be most likely higher since many, or most cases, are not being reported.

Given that there are millions of hospitalizations per year, the number of patients experiencing air embolisms due to medical treatments may be significant.

Air embolisms is a serious condition the risk of which should not be underestimated.

Luckily, the DIV for the Superparanoid training is designed in a way to exclude the possibility of injecting air as much as possible.

Do I need to be a licensed if I want to book the training?

No, you don't need to hold a license in order to book the training.


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Legal Disclaimer

Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. No health claims for these products, therapies, or diagnostic tools have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA nor any other medical authority approved these products to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Neither The Power of Ozone nor the manufacturers are responsible for the misuse of the equipment. It is highly advised to receive professional council from a licensed doctor before using ozone therapy or any of the mentioned products or tests on yourself.