As great as ozone can be for various treatments, we should never breathe ozone in. Our lungs are made to breathe O2, not O3. Breathing a concentrated amount of ozone can result in extreme discomfort and pain. The good news is that this is rarely permanent and in most cases the worst reaction can be quickly relieved by drinking large amounts of Vitamin C. (How dangerous is ozone in air pollution? Please read about the surprising finding.)

When using home ozone equipment, it’s of utmost importance to protect oneself and others from breathing ozone and to minimize lung exposure as much as possible.


The most important precautions are:

1. Never breathe ozone straight from the ozone output hose. Most ozone accidents could be prevented by heeding this warning. Most people get a whiff of too much ozone because they want to check whether there is any ozone coming out of their generator. They keep the ozone hose close to their nose and breathe it in. This is dangerous and should never be done. The safer way to do it, is to keep the output hose a safe 1 to 2 feet away from you and use the other hand to gently fan some of the ozone towards your nose. Do not take deep breaths when you do this.

2. Whenever you can – open windows. Do you have a patio or balcony? Even better! Put your ozone equipment outside. Silicone tubing is very affordable: get some extra long tubing and put the jug of water to ozonate on your balcony.

open windows when using ozone at home

3. Use a fan. Whenever you use ozone equipment, put a fan right in front of you so that the ozone will be blown away from your nose and mouth.

4. If possible, use a destructor

ozone destructor Promolife

5. This is my favorite and I found the most effective and the most comfortable solution: a mask which filters out ozone. Make sure the filter cartridges have the numbers #2097 or #2128.

3M mask 7500 series, fitler number #2097 removes ozone

6. Are you ozonating water or oil but are not using a destructor? Leave the room!

7. Always keep Vitamin C at home. If too much ozone accidentally got into your lungs, dissolve Vitamin C powder in water and drink it quickly. Keep drinking until you start feeling better. Liposomal Vitamin C or a cup or two of freshly squeezed lemon, lime, or orange juice will also do the trick.

8. When doing ozone saunas – use plenty of towels around your neck to prevent ozone from escaping.

9. Do not direct the ozone stream towards your eyes! According to Dr. Kondrot and Russian doctors low concentrations (maximum 5 ug/ml) of ozone applied externally can be beneficial to the eyes. Higher concentrations should be avoided.


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