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PLEASE READ FIRST – How to protect yourself from breathing ozone
What is an ozone body suit? 
What equipment you need
How to put the equipment together and how to use it
Risks and how to avoid them



Ozone body suit or full body bag is a bag made of ozone resistant material which fits the entire body of the person and allows for the head to remain outside. It's a great alternative to ozone saunas: it's a whole body treatment during which ozone enters through the pores of the skin. Some people are heat intolerant and have difficulties taking saunas. For them the use of a full body bag offers a great solution.


In order to be able to use an ozone body suit (or body bag), you need:

oxygen + ozone generator + extra silicone tubing + body suit

Ozone body suit


Oxygen source: Either an oxygen tank or an oxygen concentrator can be used. Ozone body suits can be used at an oxygen flow of around 0.5 LPM (=1/2 LPM). Most oxygen concentrators will allow for flows of 1/2 LPM. A low flow regulator is not necessarily required.

Ozone generator: It should be a generator which uses ozone resistant materials, can be fed oxygen from an oxygen concentrator or an oxygen tank, and can produce relatively high ozone concentrations of up to 100 ug/ml.

Accessories: A body bag made of ozone resistant material like teflon or PEVA.



Suggested settings:

Oxygen flow: between 1/8 LPM and 1/2 LPM
Ozone concentration: 20 to 80 ug/ml or more
Duration: 30 minutes
For an overview of the different connectors and tubing, please go to How to connect ozone equipment.

Take enough tubing to comfortably connect the oxygen output (from either tank or concentrator) with the oxygen inlet on the ozone generator. Take a separate silicone tubing and attach one end to the ozone generator's “ozone out” outlet, the other end to the ozone inlet of the full body suit.

Turn the oxygen on, then the ozone generator, and set it at an ozone concentration of 20 to 80 ug/ml.

Undress fully, get into the body bag and close it. Use a towel around your neck to prevent ozone from leaking out. Recommended is to either wear a mask which filters ozone out, or point a fan towards your face so that it will blow away any excess ozone. The procedure works best when your skin is wet and warm so that your pores are open. Recommended is to take a shower before stepping into the bag or to use a spray bottle with warm water. A good idea is also to place an electric heating pad underneath the body bag.


Risks and how to avoid them:

Risk: same as with ozone sauna: itchy, red rash

How to avoid it: reduce the ozone concentration, reduce frequency or duration of the ozone applications.

Try any of the suggested remedies under “Ozone sauna – Risks and how to avoid them“.




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  1. Leon Gallienne

    Hi thanks for all this great info. I was wandering if I could get in the ozone bag and then get inside my IR sauna blanket?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Leon,

      I see no reason why you couldn't … Sounds like a good combo …


  2. Jan

    Hi Paola,

    I'm new to the ozone therapy world and have been vacillating between purchasing an O3 Elite single or dual. Either is a big investment for me. I don't want to get the single and regret later, but don't want to go with Dual if I don't need the power.

    Originally, I was thinking I'd just use it for water and ear/vaginal insufflation, because I have a walk-in sauna. Then I watch some of your sauna videos and it seems this is more powerful than the other methods. I thought I needed the Dual for sauna, but I see in one of these comments that the Single is sufficient.

    I've had Lyme for many years, likely mold issues and got hit hard by the “Frankenstein” bug in December. I'm hoping eventually I can get a concentrator so is there any real advantage to the Dual for me? Would I need more power than what the Single provides?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Jan,

      sorry for the late reply.

      I believe the single is fine for everything, including saunas.

      It is nice to have the added settings of the Dual but are they necessary? No, I don't think so.


  3. Charlotte Mills

    HI Paola,

    I'm considering getting a Promolife ozone generator and was thinking of getting the body suit too. What is the bag treatment good for? I have eczema and generally very dry skin despite very good hydration and diet. Is the body suit appropriate for this?
    Thank you,


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      HI Charlotte,

      the body bag suit is good for the same conditions like the ozone sauna, but it's a lesser version of it. The bag is also a good solution for people who have problems with heat.

      Yes, it could help with eczema.

      A good way to improve dry skin is to eat lots of good, saturated animal fats, I find.


  4. Student of Life

    Hi Paola,

    Have u heard of people rigging a kitchen ozone unit to do stuff like body bagging or ozone saunas?

    I have an elite single, which is lacking in power.
    Seems like if a dimmer switch could be added & possibly pure oxygen it might work great & save a ton of time & $ bc of all the extra power. Not to mention all the people who cannot afford medical units.

    Just curious if this is possible and if so do u have any recommendations or links?

    Also, for ozone water can u recommend an inexpensive bubbler stone?

    Have a small humidifier but it only works for very small batches at a time & I’ve noticed just using a hose makes much weaker ozone water unfortunately w similar times…& it already takes a while LOL

    Appreciate all ur info & research 😉

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Student of Life,

      you can use the Promolife Elite Single for body bagging and ozone saunas without any problems. It's sufficiently strong.

      The problem with using a “kitchen ozone unit” with an oxygen source is measuring the resulting ozone concentration.

      For that you need an ozone analyzer.

      As to bubbler stones: there are different ozone resistant options on amazon for people who use them for their aquariums. And they're cheap.


  5. Aaron

    Hi, I purchased an ozone sauna tent similar to the ones on your recommended page. I'm a bit concerned as these are not rated as ozone resistant. Will ozone break down the tent and cause chemical off-gassing?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Aaron,

      I have used several of those foldable sauna tents throughout the years, some of them every day for up to 6 months and I've never seen any ozone induced damage (apart from one where the zipper broke down, but not sure it was due to ozone). If you're concerned about ozone resistance, then the hard-shell models are certainly better in that regard. Yes, some of the fabrics of the sauna tents smell of a strong chemical odor when new (others not at all), which completely disappears after the first sauna. So, I assume that the ozone actually stops the chemical off-gassing.


  6. Lee

    Would this work with HPV/warts virus across the body, or would another method work best for systemic remedy, like DIV or autohemotherapy? Maybe more than one protocol?


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Lee,

      Yes, the body suit could help. DIV and MAH, too. But I would also pair it with a low carb, meat based diet.


  7. Rose

    How long does it take to treat skin conditions? I have had lesions for 1.5 years now, am exhausted of trying treatments. Am skeptical because I have done 5 sauna treatementf with ozone with little if any improvement.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Rose,

      what kind of skin condition are you dealing with?


  8. Gus

    Hi Paola, I would like to know your thoughts on colloidal silver solution therapy as it's been around for many years and seems to be popular. And what of the consumption of food grade peroxide? Thanks GT

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Gus,

      I tend to stay away from silver products. There are a number of studies which show that it's toxic to fish and rats.

      I've ingested highly diluted peroxide in my life. I found it helped greatly at times. But it can cause ulcers if the concentration is too high. I think flushing with a lot of water is important, even if the dilution of the peroxide was very high to begin with.


  9. Wendy

    HI Paola! So, when the ozone treatment in the body bag is done and you want to unzip and get out, how safe is that? Doesn't the ozone escape into the air, which is harmful to breathe? I'm confused…lol

    • paola d

      Hi Wendy,
      yes, the ozone will escape into the air and you're running the risk of breathing it in.
      That's why I suggest to wear a mask to prevent that.
      A fan, open windows/doors are also a good idea.
      Holding your breath while you step out is also recommended.
      But the mask is the best solution in my opinion: https://www.amazon.com/shop/thepowerofozone (the one with the pink filters).


  10. Nina

    Paola, you have links for everything usually : ))
    I asked the question where to buy the body suite and found the answer. https://www.promolife.com/full-body-ozone-bag/

    Don't want to waste your time answering : )))
    Thanks for all info!!!

  11. Nina

    Hello all!!!
    Please, someone tell me where to buy “A body bag made of ozone resistant material like teflon or PEVA” I am searching the web now, but perhaps you have a better and faster answer.
    Thank you so much! Mom has cancer : (

  12. Fiona

    Thank you for such an amazing website and your super attention to answering so many questions and providing so much help and sharing valuable research!

    Q. If ozone is kept longer when cold, like in ozinating water, then would it just diminish with a sauna?

  13. lizzy

    does the gas mask fully fully protect one from breathing ozone? I would like to offer an ozone bagging service and want to know if ozone. ody or limb bagging offers all the benefits of ozone therapy. Also how many sessions does one need of ozone bagging?

    • paola d

      Hi lizzy,
      if the mask sits tightly and well then it can offer a near 100% protection, yes.

      The ozone bag is a less effective alternative to the ozone sauna, I find.

      It's good to have this option if one is dealing with heat sensitivity.

      How many sessions are rquired depends on what one is treating and on the response of the patient.


  14. Shanti

    Hi Paola,
    We have an infrared solo sauna and an ozone generator. We just purchased an ozone full body bag because our sauna is not designed for ozone, but we still want the benefits of combining sauna with full body ozone. Have you ever seen someone use the ozone bag inside of a sauna?

    Thank you.

    • paola d

      Hi Shanti,

      so you would get inside the body bag and then with that inside the sauna? And somehow manage to put ozone into the body bag? I don't think I ever heard anyone attempt such a thing. The problem I see here is that the ozone would be leaking out of the bag and you would end up breathing it inside the sauna …


    • Deidre Prozinski

      Hello Shanti-
      Did you attempt this body bag inside the sauna idea yet? I am thinking of doing the same thing as I have a Sunlighten Solo Infrared sauna that I'd also like to add ozone to… wondering if the infrared waves penetrate the body bag Ok? Would love to hear how it went for you. And to Paola– this type of sauna is like a tube that you lay down in with your head sticking out so if you put the bag inside the tube, you'd not be breathing in the ozone anymore than you would if the bag were just set up on the floor or a massage table, etc.

  15. mike

    Why not bubble the ozone through olive oil so that it is OK to breathe?

    • paola d

      Hi Mike,

      you mean before running it into the body suit?

      You can do that, but then you will end up with the suit being all covered in oil from the inside …

    • Herman Barnes

      Why is it called an ozone suit and not an oxygen suit?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Herman,

      because it's used for ozone gas, not oxygen.


    • Student of Life

      Hey Paula,

      Had to respond one comment down.

      I did keto for 2 years and zone for 5 before that.

      Keto helped a lot w joint pain, migraines, and I had a little more energy, but not a huge jump. Always got tired after eating w keto though, which I didn’t get w zone.

      Any ideas why?

      I have a crazy fast metabolism and had to drink shots of olive oil on after meals on keto, if I wanted to work out, and keep any weight on. Even then I was usually 160 at 6ft, and lost a lot of weight when I started missing meals on the go on a strict diet.

      Would love to try carnivores Benefits but I literally see no way of keeping weight on & I love vegetables & fruit, don’t like eating more than moderate amounts of meat.

      I want to try DIV. My Doctor gave me the green light to DIY, since I have some medical Experience, but want to try it at his office, just to see how I react & make sure I’m 100% about the procedure. Definitely want to get that one right & avoid having a bad reaction my first attempt…away from medical assistance?

      After trying everything else is DIV worth sticking urself at least a few times a week for chronic stuff? Or would u just use saunas ozone water etc?

      Stoked to try it!

      For substantial chronic issues is it usually effective to do body bagging and DIV 3 times a week, alternating days, while doing EI & zone water daily?

      I usually have to space out the stronger treatments at least a few hours & want to avoid spending all day doing this, but will if I have to temporarily if that’s what it takes.

      Hoping to knockout the ear infections ASAP, that seem to respond just as well if not better to internal treatments than EI’s…and all the systematic stuff too now that most the metals are out.

      Know this is off topic but do u have any experience w using frequency to heal this kind of thing?

      Mine is limited, but have enough to know some work well. Definitely curious about Rife Machines, Hilda Clark Zappers etc. seems like they have an advantage in not being limited by physical barriers, hiding spots, or other pathogen protection mechanisms

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Student of Life,

      I see you have a lot of questions and a lot of information to convey. Which is something that is best discussed one-on-one.

      I suggest that you donate to my campaign and then schedule a call with me so I can respond to your questions in depth: https://thepowerofozone.com///ask-me-anything.

      Talk to you soon!


  16. Private Person

    Would a light spray of diluted DMSO enhance the absorption of the ozone into the body??

    • paola d

      Hi Private Person,
      no this is not a good idea.
      The ozone will likely degrade the DMSO and render it useless.

      Also, DMSO can be very problematic with mercury present in the body. So before using it, make sure mercury is not an issue for you.

      Hope this helps.

    • Student of Life

      Hi Paola,

      That makes sense about the mercury issue. A practitioner but in the day recommended adding it to mms & I had crazy side effects later during sleep. Was like almost my full body was falling asleep from lack of circulation, like when u sleep on an arm to the point where it was paralyzed, & hurt Like CRAZY when I had to move to get the circulation going again. I wasn’t even in a weird position & I felt like if I didn’t move & get my circulation going I might not get another chance. Really strange & obviously I never wanted to try it agains. Maybe it was from the Mercury but I still don’t trust DMSO after detoxing it! Had no issues w just MMS, b4 or after.

      Ozone water seems to be even better though, so I just use it when I can.

      Is there much difference in the effectiveness of body bags & saunas?

      Was considering ordering a bag but curious If a sauna would make more sense if they’re almost the same price

      Aside from DIV u seemed to think ozone saunas where one of the best systematic treatments, are ozone bags 2nd?

      I have some joint issues & tendonitis, along w a a long term inner middle and outer chronic ear infection that usually starts w a headache & internal systems b4 the ear drum area itself hurts. Th ears definitely has a bacterial component since antibiotic drops slowly helped, but switched back to colloidal silver when antibiotic drops were no better. The EI started after about 6 months of black mold exposure from an unknown internal roof leak, & parts of the internal Roof & mold ended up falling down during the repairs in my bedroom…. & I used the Bluetooth eye buds that wear in that room…after sanitizing the shit out of them & had a double chronic ear infection for 8 months now, that hasn’t gone away w 2 months of almost daily ozone- 10-20 min at 35-50 gamma, & only missing a day of the ears need a break, & keeping colloidal silver In 24-7. Never had a double ear infection b4 that or that wouldn’t go away w just ear drops from the doctor in my life. The Toxicologist I’m working w says the ear pathways are part of the bodies detox & apparently can be a side effect of that..but didn’t happen until months in & we hadn’t added anything new. I’m sure it could be a factor w it not going always, but doubt it’s the original cause.

      Also dealing w fibromyalgia, a lot of biofilms, & systematic Candida which was severe & Virtually impossible to treat effectively b4 getting heavy metals out & has been the main symptom causer, although those 3 have improved alot w detoxing & current other treatments , including a rash I’ve had to treat for 5 years or it flares up in 8-12 hours etc anytime forgot to use an antifungal cream after showering that I’m still dealing w

      Beat Lyme, EBV, chronic strep etc. & heavy metal poisoning, according to my last test results along w migraines & most of the systematic arthritis, but still have low grade levels left & plenty of tendonitis, that flares up if not careful.

      Seems like either one of those full treatments body could be a really good idea, especially if I’d rather not have to be stuck w a needle daily, hopefully a few times a week would work, If getting in a bag or sauna daily, but will do whatever it takes to overcome the rest of this crap. I’m Actually still fairly young believe it not & have had most that stuff stuff since I was a kid…but the mainstream doctors Missed everything despite running countless tests, which showed I was 100% healthy, & just called it fibromyalgia.

      Sorry this turned into such a long post LOL Ur a wealth of information Paola, & I would really appreciate any advice u have using ozone or anything else.

      I also have a functional medicine MD now, along w a Toxicologist, in case u also have any recommendations to run by them, but I have medical training & usually Prefer the DYI approach when possible, especially w a tight “shutdown budget”

      Btw, I really think u should link ur discussion group to ur ozone discussion board in the main menu. Sure a lot more people would join if they knew about it

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Student of Life,

      I think the ozone body bag is a great alternative for people who have a problem with saunas and heat in general. How they exactly rate in terms of effectiveness – I don't know, but that's the option I would choose if I could not do DIV or ozone saunas. But in general, I would expect the body bag to be less effective than the sauna.

      What I have seen with chronic health problems is that a change in diet can have the most profound impact.

      A low carb keto or carnivore diet has shown to be extremely effective in managing a wide range of conditions. I'd give this a try first, even before doing ozone!


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