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PLEASE READ FIRSTHow to protect yourself from breathing ozone
What is ozonated oil?
What equipment you need
How to put the equipment together and how to use it
Paola’s Tip
Risks and how to avoid them



Ozonated oil is oil which has been infused with ozone. It is rich in ozonides, molecules which are formed when ozone bonds with oil. Ozonated oil can have various consistencies: from liquid to a vaseline like paste.


In order to be able to make ozonated oil, you need:

oxygen + ozone generator + trap + oil bubbler

ozonated oil

Oxygen source: Either an oxygen tank or an oxygen concentrator can be used. Given that ozonating oil can take up to several weeks (depending on the desired ozone saturation and consistency of the end product), the amount of oxygen can be substantial. For that reason oxygen concentrators have an advantage over oxygen tanks since they never run out of oxygen and do not need to be refilled. Oxygen flows of 1/2 LPM are adequate.

Oxygen concentrator: Most oxygen concentrators will allow for flows of 1/2 LPM. A low flow regulator is not necessarily required.

Oxygen tank: It’s not really a good idea to use an oxygen tank since it would require constant refills, unless one is aiming for a lightly ozonated oil. A low flow regulator is not required, flows of minimum 1/2 LPM are enough.

Ozone generator: It should be a generator which uses ozone resistant materials, can be fed oxygen from an oxygen concentrator or an oxygen tank, and can produce high ozone concentrations.

Accessories: 1) trap or check valve. A trap is preferable, which is usually an empty humidifier. 2) Oil bubbler: this is a glass container which allows for ozone to be bubbled through oil. It should not have a bubbling stone since the oil would clog the pores. If an oil bubbler with a destructor is used, it’s advisable to also use a trap between the oil bubbler outlet and the destructor, otherwise oil could enter the destructor and render it useless.


Suggested settings:

Oxygen flow: 1/8 to 1 LPM or more
Ozone concentration: maximum ozone concentration of your generator
Duration: several days up to 2 weeks of continuous ozonation
For an overview of the different connectors and tubing, please go to How to connect ozone equipment.

Take some tubing and connect the oxygen output (from either tank or concentrator) with the oxygen inlet on the ozone generator. Take a separate silicone tubing and attach one end to the ozone generator’s “ozone out” outlet, the other end to the trap inlet (be careful to get that right! Be sure to connect the ozone output hose with the inlet of the trap, not the outlet, as explained here). Take a new shorter piece of silicone tubing and attach one end to the outlet of the trap and the other end to the inlet of the oil bubbler. Pour the desired amount of oil into the oil bubbler (1/3 to 1/2 full). Turn the oxygen source on and set it at a flow of 1/8 to 1/2 LPM. Turn on the ozone generator and set it at the highest ozone concentration. Let it run around the clock and keep checking on it until you achieve the desired consistency.



Ozonating oil is not without risks. Fires have been reported to occur. The process should always be supervised. Never leave your equipment alone for too long. If the generator is too powerful and the amount of oil small enough, the generated heat and oxygen environment can create a fire hazard. Always make sure there is enough ventilation or cooling in place, once the temperature of the oil starts rising.

Paola’s Tip:

Ozonating oil to get the desired semi-solid consistency can take up to a few weeks of continuous ozonation. Many things can go wrong in that time: fires, oil can enter your machine, your machine can burn out, you can run out of oxygen. It’s often a messy, labor intensive process which requires a lot of attention. Why go through all this trouble and potentially damage equipment you spent a lot of money on? A safer and more practical option is to buy already made oil. There are many sellers who are more than happy to do the messy part for you and who offer great quality ozonated oils in all the variations and scents you can imagine.



Risk: Fire hazard.

How to avoid it:

  • Do not leave your equipment unsupervised
  • Make sure there is enough cooling and ventilation
  • Buy already ozonated oil instead of making it yourself




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  1. Britta

    What can these pils be use for?

    • paola d

      Hi Britta,

      which pills do you mean? The suppositories?


  2. Glencito

    Hello Paola

    Do you have a good source to buy cold pressed ozonated oils

    • paola d

      no I don’t.
      I also do not believe those are the best for ozonating oils. The Russians stress the importance of using refined oils for ozonating.

    • Harry Unangst

      where can I purchase a trap bottle and bubbler bottle at a reasonable price


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