How To Do Rectal Ozone Insufflations?

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Rectal ozone insufflations consist of introducing ozone/oxygen gas mix into the rectum via a catheter at an ozone concentration of around 40 to 60 mcg/ml.

Typically, 100 to 400 ml are used, although the recommended amounts vary greatly from practitioner to practitioner.

Dr. Lahodny, for example, uses concentrations of 80 mcg/ml at volumes of up to 2,000 ml.

Rectal insufflations with ozone are used to treat digestive issues, inflammatory conditions like colitis, prostate problems, constipation, parasitic and other infections in the large intestine.

Rectal ozone treatments are widely believed to have strong systemic effects, although the evidence for this is scarce in my opinion

They can be performed directly from the generator, or by using a syringe or a bag. Here I will demonstrate how to perform rectal ozone insufflations with a bag.

It's recommended to perform rectal insufflations on an empty bowel, so after a bowel movement, or a water enema. It's also possible to do two rectal insufflations back-to-back, where the first insufflation is used to evacuate the bowel and the second to keep the ozone inside.

What equipment do you need for rectal ozone insufflations?

  • oxygen tank and regulator 
  • ozone generator
  • wrench key (if you're using a medical tank)
  • insufflation bag
  • catheter
  • silicone tubing
  • gloves
  • a lubricant (e.g. ozonated oil)

Scroll down to find a list with the recommended equipment.

How to do rectal ozone insufflations?


Suggested settings

Ozone concentration: 40 to 60 mcg/ml
Oxygen flow: not important, if a bag or syringe is used
Gas volume: 100 to 400 ml


Suggested settings

Ozone concentration:

40 to 60 mcg/ml

Oxygen flow:

not important if bag or syringe is used

Gas volume:

100 to 400 ml

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1. Screw a low flow regulator onto the oxygen tank.

2. Take a piece of silicone tubing, and connect one end to the oxygen tank. 

3. Connect the other end of the silicone tubing with the oxygen in port of the ozone generator. 

4. Make sure the ozone generator is plugged into the power supply. 

5. Open the valve of the oxygen tank with a key wrench. Half a turn is enough. Watch the gauge jump up. It shows you how much oxygen you have left in the tank. 


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6. Attach the insufflation bag to the ozone out port of the ozone generator. 

7. Choose the desired ozone concentration on the ozone output chart of your ozone generator. I pick an ozone concentration of 43 mcg/ml. Which means I will need to set my oxygen flow to 1/8 LPM. 

8. Open the regulator to 1/8 LPM. 

9. Turn the ozone generator on. 

10. Watch as the bag is being filled with the gas. 

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11. When the bag is full, turn the oxygen regulator to zero. 

12. Turn off the ozone generator.

13. Close the clamp on the line of the bag to prevent the gas from escaping. 

14. Unhook the bag from the ozone generator. Set it aside while you prepare the rest. 

15. Put on gloves. 


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16. Apply some lubricant onto your rectum. 

17. Insert the catheter 2 to 3 inches deep. You can do it standing up or lying down on your right side or any other position you find comfortable. 

18. Connect the inserted catheter with the filled bag. 

19. Open the clamp on the bag. 

20. Start emptying the bag into your colon by squeezing and rolling it. 

21. When you're done, pull the catheter out and dispose of it. 

22. Don't forget to release the pressure from your regulator when you're done. For this, first close the valve on your tank using the wrench key. Do not exert too much force. 

23. Open the regulator all the way up to the highest flow. See the gauge going down to zero quickly. 

24. Set the regulator to zero. You're done!

Recommended equipment for rectal ozone insufflations

This is the equipment I used in the pictures above:

  • medical oxygen tank (You can also get a filled tank here). Most people use an industrial oxygen tank for insufflations, which is fine. 
  • low flow regulator, CGA870
  • ozone generator: SimplyO3 Stratus 2.0
  • wrench for the oxygen tank
  • insufflation bag
  • catheter
  • silicone tubing (if you buy the above generator, you'll already get the tubing)
  • gloves
  • ozonated coconut oil (but you can use any ozonated or not ozonated oil)

If you decide to buy from SimplyO3, use the following discount code to get $50 off on the generator: POWEROFSTRATUS

What are rectal ozone insufflations used for?

Rectal insufflations with ozone are used to treat:

  • IBS, irritable bowel syndrome
  • colitis
  • colorectal cancer
  • any prostate problems, like hyperplasia, prostatitis, prostate cancer
  • Crohn's disease
  • constipation
  • diarrhea

There are also reports which ascribe rectal insufflations therapeutical benefits beyond the local administration, see below

Risks and contraindications for rectal ozone insufflations


  • ruptured colon in people with a weak colon
  • bloating, cramps, indigestion
  • feeling of “trapped gas”



  • weak colon, with risk of rupture
  • transplanted organs, since ozone treatments can stimulate the immune system and trigger a rejection of the foreign organ

Success stories with rectal insufflations

Brian Aston has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

He has been performing rectal insufflations for years, which he says keep his symptoms to an absolute minimum.

I interviewed him a few years ago, watch it here.

Here is a recent update:

brian aston update


RI helped this person with IBS, irritable bowel syndrome:

IBS and RI TOG remove pic marked



This gentleman reported improvements with an enlarged prostate, or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH):


Another member of the ozone community says rectal ozone insufflations helped him deal with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:


Temporary improvement in energy and reduction of inflammation:

RI and inflammation energy

Read more success stories here.

The Crazy Ozone Lady's take on rectal ozone insufflations

Personally, I have experienced cramps, pains, bloating, and acne after rectal ozone insufflations. And the very uncomfortable sensation of having gas stuck in the abdomen which could linger for days.

I have found them to be extremely effective for constipation. Rectal insufflations seem to trigger an instant evacuation after most applications.

Although I prefer to use Oxy-powder instead.

I believe rectal insufflations with ozone can be helpful with various types of prostate problems, colorectal cancer, Crohn's disease, or colitis.

As to the assertion that they are a powerful systemic treatment, I remain skeptical, as I pointed out here.

I do believe that they can induce mild systemic improvements in people who suffer from inflammation due to an improper diet high in carbs, sugar, oxalates, gluten, or other plant matter.

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This website contains links to vendors of products I endorse, including If you decide to make a purchase through one of my links, they will pay me a commission. This does not influence my opinion about the products, as you can see from my reviews.


  1. David

    Has anyone ever done rectal insufflations through ozonation of olive oil? So instead of BOOO, one would do RIOOO. Does this allow for greater ml? If one would normally do 300 ml of RI, could you increase this to lets say 1 L of RIOOO?
    Thank you for answer!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi David,

      I am sure that this can be done and probably has been done by someone at some point, but you need to consider that bubbling ozone through oil reduces the concentration of the gas dramatically.


  2. Chris

    Hi Paola,

    When I do rectal Insufflation, I often smell Ozone. I use 200ml syringe 2 times for a 400 ml session. Is it normal for ozone to leak out? If not what do you think I am doing wrong. I push the plunger very slowly so I don't think this is an issue??

    Also is it OK to eat before and after Insufflations if not how long should one wait before and after.

    Many Many thanks for the hard work you have put in your website it is such a great resource!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Chris,

      the ozone may come from the filling procedure of the syringe? If so, you can avoid this by using a syringe filling station or a destructor system: or this

      If the ozone smell comes about during the administration, then you may be leaking from your colon, which may indicate you haven't inserted the catheter deep enough. It should sit a good 2 to 3 inches deep.

      Yes, you can eat before and after insufflations, if you don't feel any disturbance in your digestion. I suggest to eat something rich in soluble fiber like beans to soak up any potential bile release.


  3. Esther

    Hello. I would like info on ozone injection INTO THE JOINTS please and Thank you

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Esther,

      what exactly do you want to know?



    I have the Industrial Oxygen Tank Regulator CGA 540 Low Flow Adjustable, the issue I have is I don't know what setting to use on the regulator to make ozone. It ranges from 0 to 1/32 and up to 4 l/m.
    Can you suggest what setting to set the regulator on?

  5. Gabriel

    Can one increase the gamma after a certain amount of experience or is it best to keep it around 40-60?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      I think it is best to keep the ozone concentration at that level but then increase the ozone volume. Or the frequency of ozone treatments.


  6. hERo

    my Ozon generator generate 600mg/H. I don't know how it is recalculated according to the formulas I found on your website. What amount (how long) is safe at 600mg / H? I don't know how thin my colon is, so I don't hurt myself. Is it good to take breaks? Let me know.


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