Learn everything there is to know about ozone treatments at home

the ultimate guide to home ozone therapy

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the ultimate guide to home ozone treatments testimonials
The Ultimate Guide to Home Ozone Therapy Testimonial

The Ultimate Guide to Home Ozone Therapy will help you


in an idiot-proof step-by-step process

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Learn how to …


  • Pick the right ozone generator and accessories
  • Set everything up, doesn't matter which brand ozone generator you have
  • Figure out what ozone settings to use
  • Understand what to expect after ozone treatments and how to deal with it
  • Choose the right ozone treatments for a given condition

What Is It About?

“The Ultimate Guide to Home Ozone Therapy” is a practical book that helps you do ozone treatments at home.

It explains in detailed picture tutorials everything you need to know to feel confident about setting up your own “ozone lab” at home.

It covers safety precautions when dealing with equipment like oxygen tanks, regulators and ozone generators.

In addition, many solutions are provided to prevent the accidental inhalation of excess ozone gas in the room.

The book contains numerous lists with conditions that can be treated with ozone therapy.

Example protocols with specific ozone concentrations, amounts and durations are mentioned how to best apply ozone.

There are many tips and tricks how to get the most out of each ozone modality and how to deal with side effects like Herxheimer reactions.

It is a one of a kind compilation for the home ozone world with over 540 color pictures.

Doesn't matter what type of ozone brand you own (Longevity, Promolife or SimplyO3), and what type of oxygen source (industrial/medical tank or concentrator), the book will help you figure everything out down to the smallest luer lock connector. 

“The Ultimate Guide to Home Ozone Therapy” is the easiest way to go from newbie to pro in home ozone treatments. 

Table of Contents

Ozone Treatments Covered in The Book:

  • Rectal insufflations (with syringe, bag or direct method)
  • Vaginal insufflations (syringe, direct or humidifier)
  • Ear insufflations (direct, syringe or humidifier)
  • Nasal insufflations
  • Ozonated water
  • Ozone sauna
  • Ozone body suit
  • Ozone cupping
  • Ozone limb bagging
  • Breathing ozonated olive oil (BOOO)
  • How to make ozonated olive oil

Learn about Herxheimer reactions, Vitamin C, how to protect yourself from breathing ozone, how to use it preventively and more!

Herxheimer reaction is a type of detox or die-off reaction that often occurs after non-invasive ozone treatments. It is generally assumed that it's a sign of healing and effectiveness of the treatment. I present tips and tricks how to deal with it to get the most out of your ozone therapy.

Learn how to set up your own ozone “lab”

It's not just about the ozone generator, there are many more parts that go into a full ozone setup.

And keeping it safe is key!

ultimate guide to home ozone therapy

Every ozone set-up consists of four parts:

  • Oxygen source plus low flow regulator
  • Ozone generator
  • Accessories
  • Anti-ozone breathing protection

The book provides ample examples for various ozone kits.

Different brands can be mixed and matched as long as you know the right connector to use or the right size of silicone tubing.

In addition, the same type of ozone treatment can be performed with different gadgets.

I present different solutions, so you can try out the one that suits you the best.


ultimate guide to home ozone therapy

There is a lot of information online about how to do different ozone treatments at home, many contradict each other. In this book you will find a collection of recommendations from the most renowned ozone experts like Dr. Shallenberger, Dr. Viebahn, the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy and the Crazy Ozone Lady herself.

Learn the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to ozone therapy. It's not all unicorn and rainbows when it comes to ozone, inspite of what you may have heard from ozone doctors. Herxheimer reactions, rashes, painful discharges – the book covers it all and shows you how to deal with it.

satisfaction guarantee


Try this out and if at any point you aren’t happy with your purchase, let me know and I’ll refund your purchase – simple as that.


Paola Dziwetzki, aka the Crazy Ozone Lady, is the founder of, an online resource for enthusiasts of ozone therapy.

She is a licensed naturopathic practitioner, an independent researcher and a huge fan of ozone therapy. She has completed multiple courses in ozone therapy including one in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, the birthplace of the ozonated saline IV method and Oxyvenierung, the art of injecting pure oxygen intravenously.

Paola has been practicing ozone therapy for 11 years during which she resolved various health issues with ozone and the carnivore diet.



Paola Dziwetzki The Crazy Ozone Lady

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  1. Tara

    I purchased an ozone generator… then found you. Your set up looks complicated…. I have Lyme brain and don't know if I would be able to learn how to be proficient or even assemble my “lab”. Lyme has affected my CNS and major organs. I am devoted to using ozone therapies… Just not sure if it can be dumbed down for me. Thank you. Tara Alexander

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Tara,

      There are many Youtube videos and step-by-step guides on my site with tons of pictures. I don't know how to dumb it down even more …


  2. Beatrice

    Hello Paola, I purchased the book a couple of days ago and finished it. I found it a very useful practical guide on the how-to of home ozone treatments. I have been looking for answers to a chronic health issue I have been dealing with for the past 6 years and I think ozone is worth trying. Thank you for putting together a thorough guide. I am now looking to learn more in depth information on the physiological, biochemical and therapeutic effects of ozone therapy. I have a medical research degree and I’m also a holistic nutritionist, so technical information doesn’t scare me and is welcome. What do you recommend in terms of top 1-2 resources (books, articles, etc…) to get started? Thank you.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Beatrice,

      yes, there are a number of publications on the topic of the underlying or theorized mechanism of action of ozone therapy. Some can be found on pubmed. Prof. Velio Bocci's book “Ozone, a New Medical Drug”.


  3. Greg

    I am trying to contact Paola for a possible podcast interview. Please email me back if you are interested.

  4. Tim Fugate

    Hi Paola, I really appreciate all of your knowledge of ozone treatments and and your take on the wold events unfolding daily, crazy as they are. I agree with your views completely by the way, but that's not why I am writing you. I ordered your book back in February and apparently didn't download it and of coarse the link has expired by now. If you could please resend the link. here is my receipt info. Order ID: #10928440
    Receipt Date: February 13th, 2022. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work. Tim

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Tim,

      I could not find the order at the order number you provided but I sent you a copy via WeTransfer. You have 7 days to download it. Let me know if you received it.

      The craziness is ramping up by the day, ain't it! What a shit show … but hilarious to observe in a way …

      Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.


  5. peter van der aa

    send me information when you have published the BOOK

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi peter,

      do you mean as a paper book? The book has over 540 pictures, so the paper book would probably cost around $70 to $100, would this still interest you?


  6. Alice Schitter

    I think I may have deleted my ebook from my Inbox. 😩
    Could u please resend? I currently have COVID, and am doing VI. Since I am stuck at home, I have time to go thru the ebook and now I can’t find it. Please help!
    Alice Schitter

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Alice,

      I sent you a WeTransfer download.

      I hope this works for you.


  7. ann mckinnon

    I am trying to get the book on the ultimate guide to home ozone therapy. I want it no matter what. It is obvious it is censored, can I get it some other way and pay directly.
    Ann McKinnon

    I love Poala. I am having issues with getting through on the website to pay.

  8. ann mckinnon

    I am trying to get the book on the ultimate guide to home ozone therapy. I want it no matter what. It is obvious it is censored, can I get it some other way and pay directly.
    Ann McKinnon

    I love Poala.

  9. Andrea

    I had selected to get the quick guide for the additional $10, but it didn't charge me for it or give me access to it. I only received the Ultimate Guide.

    Is there a way to process for just that quick guide item?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Andrea,

      if you mean the “DIV for the Superparanoid” book, you can buy it here:

      It is not a quick guide though, it is about a separate ozone therapy topic entirely. It deals with direct intravenous ozone injections.

      I hope this helps.


  10. Michael E. Keating

    I DO NOT use Credit Cards. How do I use Visa gift card for payment?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Michael,

      from what I understand gift cards have a cc-like looking number, expiration date and security code? If so, you should be able to use them just like credit cards at the checkout … Let me know if it works.


  11. Kathy Wendelken

    Can I get this book in boo k form. ?

    • Nessa

      What is the promo code?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Nessa,

      the code PROMO is a temporary code for subscribers of the promolife newsletter ( that will give you $12 off on the book until March 9th, 2022.


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Kathy,

      I am working on the print version. It will take a while, since I need to re-format over 540 pictures.

      Make sure to be subscribed to my email list to be notified when it's ready: httsp://


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