6 Reasons Why I Don't Like Rectal Ozone Insufflations

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dont like RI featured

Wouldn’t it be great if news outlets had a disclaimer next to each article informing the reader about the author’s political bias?

Something like: “John has never met a Democrat politician he didn’t like. He believes socialism is good for one's health, and in his spare time he learns how to breathe less to restrict his CO2 output.”

Or: “Jessica is a registered Republican, she voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020, and is planning on doing so again in 2024, 2028, and 2032, irrelevant on whether he will run for president or not.”

(OK, I admit I wrote the last paragraph before the implementation of the one party system in the US, when such a joke would have been still permitted. Now, the mentioning of Trump without immediately denouncing him as a totalitarian insurrectionist and leader of a Russian white supremacist domestic terrorist group, amounts to a thought crime punishable with a travel ban, being put on a no-fly list, having all one's social media accounts closed, including Paypal and Venmo, being prohibited from holding a job, or having an agent, or being able to raise money online. So, it should be understood that I herewith diligently and thoroughly denounce him as being much much, like infinitely, like totally, horrendously worse than this guy.)

Such a disclaimer would make things so much clearer, no?

Instead, the news channels bombard us with highly biased narratives based on cherry-picked data taken out of context and claim to do so in the name of “neutrality”.

So, in the name of full disclosure and transparency, let me unveil my bias: I don’t like rectal insufflations (and I’m also against all types of government, doesn’t matter wether left, right, or center, in case you were wondering).

No matter how much information you will put in front of me trying to convince me that rectal insufflations are The Shit (sorry, I had to) and a great systemic treatment, I will dig through it and mercilessly sniff out all the weak points of the argument.

And no matter how many doctors you’ll present who swear all sorts of miraculous effects, and no matter how many people rave about them, I will still remain skeptical.

That’s because my bias, unlike the bias of everyone else, is the only one which is truly justified. Which is something I'm sure no other biased person thinks about their bias. [sarcasm alert].

So, here are the six truly and totally justified reasons why I don't like rectal ozone insufflations:

Reason #1: Pain, cramps, and bloating

Whenever I do rectal ozone insufflations, instead of seeing my digestion improve, I experience pain, cramps, and bloating.

There tends to be an uncomfortable sensation of soreness right below the stomach, which could possibly be the transverse colon.

Sometimes it’s also a sudden onset of cramps.

Some say that this could be a Herxheimer reaction, but I don’t buy it. It is possible, unlikely in my opinion, but possible. Or it could be gas byproducts from ozone reacting with stool leftovers in my colon.

Or it could be an irritation of the colon lining.

Whatever it is, I am not a fan of it and I’d rather not deal with it.


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Reason #2: Feeling of trapped gas

This can last for days after a rectal ozone treatment. It results in a crampy, painful, sharp feeling of fullness in my gut.

Is it because the ozone reacts with feces leftovers producing putrid gaseous byproducts? Possible. I hear there is at least one other therapist who came up with this type of theory.

Is it maybe because I don't do an enema before a rectal insufflation? Again possible, but since I don't have a bathtub, the prospect of having to deal with the liquid mess in my apartment is not appealing to me. Plus, I would risk losing a reason for my anti-RI bias. Definitely don't wanna do that. [sarcasm alert #2]

Whatever it is, it’s quite uncomfortable and it can last for days.

This phenomenon also debunks the idea for me that the ozone/oxygen gas is instantly absorbed by the colon. No, not in my case.

Reason #3: Zits

Whenever I do rectal insufflations I get zits – on my shoulders! Some of you may scream: Hurray! Detox reaction, it’s the toxins coming out! Keep it up!

Yes, maybe. Or maybe it’s the above theorized putrid gases created from ozone and leftover feces which are being re-absorbed and are re-poisoning me?

Who knows, no one has ever researched this.

But there is a well established connection between the gallbladder and shoulders. It’s used in medicine during the diagnosis of cholelisthiasis (gallbladder stones), it’s called the Collins' sign: over 50% of patients with gallbladder stones experience a pain in the shoulder blade.

What does it mean for my zits? I have no idea, but it’s something I can reproduce at will. So there seems to be a clear connection between shooting ozone up my bum and the skin eruption on my shoulders. Whether it’s good or bad, I don’t know, it's definitely not sexy. And being sexy is very important to me [sarcasm alert #3].


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Reason #4: Unknown effect on the gut biome

Given that ozone is an excellent anti-bacterial agent which indiscriminately kills both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, as I laid out in an earlier article, (and by the way 99% of good gut bacteria are anaerobic and live in the large intestine which is where your rectal insufflation goes), it is fair to assume that it could have a negative impact in that area. Whether this is something that really happens or not, is unknown since it’s never been researched.

(And no, please do not quote this paper to prove me wrong. They did NOT test the microbiome of the study participants, neither before nor after. So, no there is no research which proves that rectal ozone insufflations do not harm the gut bacteria.)

We know that the gut biome can affect our mental health, our immune system, bone health, and there is a link between the microbiome and autism as well and the use of antibiotics and kidney stones.

So, it seems that bacteria in our gut play an important role and that you don't want to disturb them too much, unless it's absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately, my good gut critters had experienced a fair share of profound disturbance in the past thanks to several quite serious food poisonings which wiped out a significant portion of them, as confirmed by stool tests.

This had triggered a severe histamine intolerance which I’ve since managed to overcome (thanks largely to this product – doesn't seem to be available in the US, unfortunately).

I have worked hard on keeping my gut healthy and I have come a long way. I can now eat smoked fish and even sauerkraut without being completely zonked out of my mind! Actually, I'm not even minimally zonked out of my mind when I eat it.

I would hate losing the gains I've made, so I tend to stay away from rectal ozone insufflations if possible. When I do do them, then only at minimal amounts.

Having said all that, I believe that there are certain prostate conditions where the benefits likely outweigh the potential risks.

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Reason #5: It’s a mess!

Dealing with feces is not my favorite past time activity, and yet during rectal ozone treatments this becomes unavoidable. One needs to be extra careful: one wrong move and some of the brown juice may drip on your couch. Do you have vintage Persian carpets lying around? Or furs of exotic animals? As I know many people do nowadays. [Yes, that'd be another one of those alerts again.]

In such a case you need to be especially attentive, since one moment of absentmindedness and you'll have thousands of dollars going down the shitter (sorry, can't help myself).

Dealing with rectal insufflation paraphernalia results also in added logistics for me, since I prefer to keep the supplies for rectal treatments separate from my other ozone supplies. Meaning: I use a dedicated syringe and bag for rectal insufflations, and separate ones for ear insufflations. This is to avoid transferring some of the bacteria from “down under” to other parts of my body and risking an infection.

I don’t know if this is at all possible, but I’m not eager to find out the hard way.

200ml syringe and catheter copy

What syringe is she talking about? I mean this 200 ml one (although you can use any other, smaller syringes, you may just have to refill them more often.) If you absolutely have to do rectal ozone insufflations (and I admit there are conditions where the rectal route would be the best approach), then in my opinion the syringe method is the most convenient and most precise one.

Reason #6: They don’t do anything for me

Ok, that’s not entirely true. They are a fantastic constipation remedy. I mean instant evacuation. Like wham, bam, done! During my worst histamine days, this was a blessing.

But as far as a systemic effect is concerned, like a surge in energy, or a better mood, or improvement in joint pain (not that I have any now, but I did in the past) – they don’t do anything for me in that regard.

This was different 12 years ago, when I was on a horrendous diet: I was stuffing my face with carbs and gluten every day and regularly ate sweets (my favorite were vegan cakes at a place on 145th Street in Harlem which I regularly indulged in after getting off the subway and before heading home).

Back then, I was suffering from fatigue, joint pain, stiffness, digestive problems, brain fog, and all sorts of other issues, and I think to remember that rectal insufflations did provide me with a nice energy kick a number of times.

But then I switched to a meat based, anti-inflammatory way of eating (only meat and veggies), removed all sugars, grains, and most carbs and that took care of the pain, the inflammation, and most of the brain fog and fatigue. At which point I didn’t need much ozone anymore.

And this is what I suspect happens in other people as well: those who experience an improvement in overall well-being after rectal insufflations tend to still indulge in foods which trigger inflammation. In those cases, I assume that the rectal ozone treatments are able to remove or reduce the intestinal inflammation, which has a positive systemic effect. People then mistake this to mean that the ozone was transported into the blood through the portal vein. But in reality it may have just reduced some inflammatory processes in the digestive tract.

So, if not rectal insufflations, what do I do instead?

It depends what I am treating. If it’s some form of a systemic infection, then I go for any type of intravenous ozone treatment, my favorite is DIV. It’s the simplest and one of the most effective intravenous ozone methods.

For joint pain, I recommend ozone saunas, ozone body bags, or local injections. And of course a change in diet.

For digestive issues: it depends what issues those are exactly, but drinking ozonated water, taking Oxy-powder, or vaginal insufflations can be helpful. I believe that if they’re done in a continuous fashion long enough (for at least 10 min) that they can penetrate the whole lower abdomen and help with bowel movements, bloating, pain, and other digestive problems.

Rectal insufflations have their place as well: they are a direct administration route to treat the prostate. So, they could potentially help with prostatitis, prostate cancer, or benign prostate hyperplasia.

But, you may not have to do ozone therapy at all. Out of all the people who consult with me, I estimate that in 50% of the cases or more I recommend people try other, less costly, simpler, or more appropriate interventions than ozone therapy first.

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  1. Eduardo

    Hi Paola,

    It does benefit the liver, 💯% (I guess LoL).

    About diet and RI:
    I live in the tropics, so I benefit from a detox plant based diet, often juicing and smoothing.
    Other than that I usually eat one meal a day, McDougall type of thing, rice, beats, salad, beans, or pasta.

    Why I'm mentioning all this?
    The other day I ate meat, and so today I had a major herx, after an RI yesterday night.

    • Eduardo

      Meaning, that by doing a diet same as you do now, I do relate to what you mention in your article, in regard RI not to be a regular option – I understand it totally.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      I'm back on the carnivore diet …

  2. Daveda

    Hi Paola, This article has great information that is very helpful to me. I am pretty sure I would have the same results that you have had from RI, knowing my own body, and I also have similar objections overall to it. Additionally, I have the idea that OOOB can have a systemic effect because, after all, the lungs distribute inhaled oxygen directly into the blood, and from there it goes to every part of the body. Unless all the ozone is absorbed instantly into the airway tissues – I tend to think some of it goes on to further oxygenate the blood. It would be nice to read about this from someone well versed in this. Thanks again!

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Daveda,

      yes, some users say that they get a systemic effect from breathing ozonated olive oil, so it's definitely possible, I think.
      Just give it a try and observe your response.


  3. AD

    Hi Paola,
    I have become so much more aware of gut health since listening to you thx for that 🌺

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi AD,
      I've become more aware about gut health as well. It's more important than many chronically sick people assume I think.


  4. Pamela

    I believe you may miss the point of rectal insufflation.. It is not to just treat prostrate, or intestinal, bowel issues.. although yes evacuation is good for you! but it is a way to get the 03 or oxygen into your body system.. and is has been shown that it can be almost as effective as direct IV ozone, which is shown to be best. Not everyone can or would do direct IV, I have though, and yes.. you feel it immediately .. right into your head (brain).. so you know it is working… the rectal vaginal routes are not as noticeable.. but someone fighting .. well, whatever they may be.. the rectal route is an easier choice.

    • Luc

      personnally, this is my experience
      i started recently ear and rectal insufflation
      after liquid discharge and scratching from my ears i stopped all for a week
      then i started again only rectal insufflation : i made my ears discharge liquid and scratching again, still after many times i did only rectal

      the effect of rectal insuffation is defenitely not only local i can say by my experience
      sytemic effect? depends on what you mean by this…

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Luc,

      this definitely sounds like a systemic effect of the RI. Thank you for sharing!


  5. Barry

    Please tell me where to purchase in the USA, the very soft silicon tubing clear hose. I don’t like to use the fish tank air tubing because it is too hard with movement.

  6. Randall

    For those in the US interested in FürstenMED Bifidoflor HIT that Paola mentions, there is a similar probiotic blend (non-histamine producing bifido and lacto strains but without the inulin prebiotic) that was formulated by Dr. Grace Liu (PharmD) called “Bifido Maximus”. I believe it is manufactured by Custom Probiotics in Glendale, CA.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Randall,

      “Bifido Maximus” contains bifidobacterium lactis, which FürstenMED does not.
      I contacted Custom Probiotics and asked them to mix a product for me with exactly the same strains as the German one, and they did, but their product has exactly the opposite effect on me as the FürstenMED. Right now, there is no US probiotic product which has exactly the same strains or that I could recommend.


    • Randall

      Well, there goes that idea! Wonder if the difference is the microencapsulation to provide large intestine release for the Bifido?

      Thanks, for the comparision results.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Randall,
      no idea. Maybe it was just the one batch I received from Customs Probiotics that was contaminated … ?


  7. Barry

    Neville Goddard theory is that we basically control our future experience by controlling and properly using our imagination and emotions.

  8. Barry

    Have you ever heard of Neville Goddard ? There are many YouTube videos of his writings. Try applying you feelings and imagination to his theory.

    Trump my still get 4 more years. Biden is now up for impeachment

  9. Erna Young

    Thank you for the helpful information and thank you for your humor. May I ask where you are located? I live in Maryland myself for many years, but I am from Germany.
    I got an ozone generator and I have a medical grade tank of oxygen, when I try to do vaginal trestments, the out hose blows off the generator. I use a small catheter. What am I doing wrong?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Erna,

      I'm currently located in Germany, close to Frankfurt. Around 40 min away.

      It sounds like your tubing is not connected correctly.

      Send me pictures or a video of the entire setup in detail to thepowerofozone@protonmail.com .


    • SUsan Woodrow

      My son lives n Dietzenbach> I visit there whenever the political powers will let me. I plan to visit this sprine. You are so ery much on target. I fear the Google =m face book twiter etc wil b controllg ppu lives afr more than and despot could do. TO ge able to totl=allu silence the presidnet by controlling the internet ec=access is horrid And google is threatening Australia that ey will dpisrupt their internt if then pass legislation fr ewspapers. Threaten an entire country….??? WOw, what gonads!!!!!

      I truly enjoy reading your informed and fun blogs etc. TY for being there, ather crazy Lady.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi crazy SUsan,

      thank you for reading my stuff!

    • Erna Young

      Thank you very much . I will try and do that. I paid a doctor to help me set it up at his office.

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