Best Kit for Vaginal Ozone Insufflations

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vaginal insufflations best kit

There is a dizzying array of gadgets and solutions when it comes to ozonating your lady parts.

There are luer lock cathethers, silicone luer catheters, cone shaped PVC catheters, silicone cone shaped catheters, luer PVC catheters, or green dildo look-alike.

In addition, some say you are supposed to use a humidifier, others say you don't. Some suggest using a bag, others recommend a syringe.

Which one is the best?

In my opinion, the best kit for vaginal ozone insufflations is simply a piece of silicone tubing (3 to 4 feet), two male luer lock connectors, and a luer lock silicone catheter.

Here is the whole thing:

vaginal insufflations kit

The best kit for vaginal ozone insufflations costs around $25 (August 2022) and consists of a 3.5 feet long silicone tubing, two male luer locks, and a silicone catheter with a luer end.

Here is what it looks like when it is connected to a whole ozone set-up with ozone generator and oxygen source (in this case an industrial oxygen tank with a low flow industrial regulator).

best vaginal insufflation kit

A full ozone set-up, her with a small industrial oxygen tank with a low-flow industrial regulator, the Promolife Dual Cell ozone generator, silicone tubing and the silicone catheter.

The silicone hose is around 3.5 feet long. You can make it longer or shorter, depending on how far away from the ozone generator you will sit.

Together, it all costs around $25.

The silicone catheter is 12 inches long (ca. 30 cm) and has a diameter size of 18 F (= french, unit for diameter size.)

silicone catheter luer lock

The 12 inch long (ca. 30 cm) silicone catheter with a luer end is re-usable.

The catheter can be re-used dozens of times.

After a vaginal insufflations session, simply rinse it out in warm water and let it dry.

silicone catheter luer close up

The luer lock ending of the catheter.

silicone catheter luer lock openings close up

The catheter has two small openings at the end which allow for the dispersion of the gas.

comparison silicone vs PVC tubing

The openings of the silicone catheter have softer edges than the ones of the PVC catheter.

Thanks to the luer ending, you can easily attach the catheter to a male luer lock connector.

The luer lock connectors act like mini-screws and make for a very secure connection.

All disconnected luer silicone catheter

To connect the catheter with the silicone tubing, line up all the parts.

luer lock silicone catheter vaginal insufflation disconnected

Push the male luer lock connector into one end of the silicone tubing.

vaginal insufflation silicone catheter luer connected

Then screw the catheter right into the luer lock end.

The continuous mode of vaginal insufflations is the most effective one. But it results in a lot of excess ozone in the room.

This is how everything looks when it is set up:

Vaginal insufflations best kit

Check out the step-by-step guide on doing vaginal ozone insufflations. Don't forget the anti-ozone breathing protection. Here I use a fan, but a mask is also a great solution. 

The silicone tubing is directly connected to the ozone generator and you let the gas flow in a continuous fashion.

Make sure to protect yourself agains the accidental inhalation of ozone gas by placing a towel on your lap, wearing a mask and / or placing a fan in front of you.

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