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The 14 Most Important Things to Keep in Mind When Doing Ozone Therapy at Home

by | Dec 6, 2018 | 59 comments

1. Protect yourself from breathing ozone

Ozone can be of great therapeutic value when given intravenously, as an insufflation, or as a sauna. Breathing raw ozone on the other hand, can result in an EXTREMELY uncomfortable experience. If you happen to accidentally breathe ozone in too high concentrations, it can be dangerous.

When exposed to ozone in the air, you can experience some chest tightness, difficulty breathing, wheezing, coughing, or even the need to sit or crouch down.

Whenever you use an ozone generator at home, you should be careful and avoid exposing your lungs to the gas as much as possible.

Here I list the best ways how to do it:


One great way is to use a mask which filters ozone out. This will allow you to be in a room filled with ozone without exposing your lungs to the gas. Just be aware that depending on how tight the mask sits, some ozone can still pass through. It is important to have filters with the following numbers: #2097 and #2128.

You can wear it when you’re in the sauna, when you do insufflations, or when you ozonate water and don’t want to leave the room.

3M mask 7500 series, filter #2097 removes ozone

3M mask 7500 series, filter #2097 removes ozone



Use a fan. Put it right in front of you at full speed. You want the fan to blow all the ozone away from your nose and mouth. Use it when you sit in the sauna. Fan plus a towel around your neck: a great combination to keep ozone fumes away. Also great during ear insufflations.




Open all windows and doors. Do you have a big balcony or a patio which offers sufficient privacy? Great! Just do your ozone applications outside.


Many people make this mistake at some point during their ozone adventures. They move the ozone output hose close to their nose to smell if the machine produces any ozone. WRONG! Don’t do it! Instead, keep the hose a good foot away from you and use your other hand to gently fan the ozone coming out of the output hose towards your nose. Do not take any deep breaths.

How to properly check for ozone

Left: This is the correct way to check for ozone. Hold the ozone output hose a foot or more away from your nose and gently fan towards you with the other hand. Right: This is the wrong way. Never keep the ozone hose right under your nose.


2. Protect your ozone generator

You’ve paid hard-earned money for your generator, you do not want it to get damaged. Or maybe you depend on daily ozone treatments to get through the day. You don’t want to have to go a week or more without your ozone gear when it gets repaired.

Here I show you how to make sure that your ozone equipment will serve you a long time.


If you ozonate liquids like water or oil, you want to use a trap. A trap is your generator’s best friend. It keeps your machine safe.

What is a trap and why do you need it?

A trap is an empty container between your ozone generator and the liquid. So, if the liquid travels back through the tubing, it will get trapped inside the empty container and never reach your machine. That way your ozone generator stays protected.

When you ozonate liquids a strange thing happens: some of the liquids will travel back through the tubing. If one allows this to go on for a long time, the liquids can reach the ozone generator. If water enters your machine it could burn it out. Although, some generators (like Promolife’s) can be easily dried out if the liquid is water. 

Oil is another matter though. If oil enters your ozone machine, you can scrap it. It’s toast. No warranty will cover that type of damage. This applies to all types of ozone generators.

Home ozone set up with the HTU 500 ozone generator for Breathing Ozonated Oil

An ozone generator with two gas washing bottles. One is empty and serves as a trap. The other contains olive oil. It’s connected to an oxygen mask to perform Ozonated Oil Breathing. To the outer left you see a Kröber oxygen concentrator.

Using a trap with ozone generator HTU 500 for Ozonated Oil Breating

A close-up of the set-up.

Gas washing bottles used as a trap for home ozone treatments

If you decide to buy gas washing bottles, keep in mind that the inlets/outlets of different bottles can have different diameters. Here you can find great quality silicone tubing to match your bottle.


Place the container with liquid below your ozone generator.

Make sure the water stands below your ozone generator

Use gravity to protect your ozone generator, here a O3Elite Dual Cell, from getting damaged by liquids. If you place the container with water or oil well below your ozone machine, they will have a harder time reaching your machine.



Use a check valve, it provides a good additional safety mechanism. A check valve is a little gadget which you put in the ozone line between the ozone generator and the container with the liquid. Should water travel back through the tubing, it will first end up in the check valve. It offers protection against minor amounts of liquids. If the volume is excessive, a check valve will not be able to stop them. Still, it gives you a good adjunct safety mechanism.

Check valve in line during water ozonation

The orange arrow points towards a check valve which has been placed in line between ozone generator and the water containing bubbler. The water bubbler is well below the ozone generator, there is a double protection in place.

Promolife's humidifier / bubbler combo with a destructor

This bubbler has an attached destructor. The destructor prevents ozone from escaping into the room. This allows you to stay in the same space while ozonating your water.

Promolife's check valve

Make sure you connect your check valve the right way. And don’t confuse it with a filter!

The best solution? Use all three: trap, check valve, and place the liquid below the ozone generator.


3. Keep Vit C handy

Lemon serves home ozone safety

You were careful not to breathe ozone but somehow not careful enough and some O3 got into your lungs? Or, you used a too high concentration or did too much ozone? Now you feel drained, your lungs hurt, you have trouble breathing? Quickly dissolve Vitamin C and drink it right away. If the problems persist, drink more Vitamin C. A glass of freshly squeezed lemon, lime, or orange juice will also do the trick.

Vitamin C, being an antioxidant, will counteract ozone’s actions right away and provide relief.

For that purpose, if you are using ozone at home you should always keep some Vitamin C handy.

Lypo-spheric or liposomal Vitamin C supposedly has an absorption rate of up to 98%. Buy it here or learn how to make your own!


4. Don’t do glutathione!

In the past few decades, ozone therapy has become more and more popular. Unfortunately, so has the flawed “oxidative radical theory”.

This results in the paradoxical situation where many ozone doctors hold two contrary opinions in their minds about oxidation. They embrace it in the form of ozone therapy, but are at the same time afraid of it. This translates into the practice of administering two therapies that cancel each other out: ozone and antioxidants. Regrettably, the antioxidant of choice is in most cases glutathione.

It is one of the most potent and most popular anti-oxidative agents, produced in minimal amounts by every cell in our bodies. Ozone doctors who do not use glutathione seem to be an oddity nowadays.

Doctors think that it helps reduce the ozone induced Herxheimer reaction, helps the body to detox, or prevent oxidative stress.

The problem with glutathione is that it produces drastic adverse reactions in mercury toxic people, as previously described. It can redistribute mercury and lead to such symptoms like unrelenting headaches, crushing neuropathy, depression, suicidal thoughts, feeling “like dying”, anxiety, panic attacks and many more.

It’s important to keep the following things in mind when doing ozone therapy:

Ozone is an excellent stimulant of antioxidants, especially of glutathione. It will make the body produce just enough for things to be in balance.

Update: after further research, it looks like this statement is NOT correct. Ozone will deplete glutathione levels, but increase glutathione dependent enzymes like glutathione reductase, transferase and peroxidase, and other antioxidant enzymes like superoxide oxidase. All in all, the administration of ozone does NOT seem to significantly increase overall antioxidant activity. See Renate Viehbahn-Hänsler “Ozon-Sauerstoff-Therapie”, Olga Sonia Leon Fernandez “Ozone Therapy”, Hans H. Wolff “Das medizinische Ozon”. 

– Oxygen radicals are one of the most abundant and most important molecules in our cells. Oxygen treatments supply those life sustaining molecules with the necessary building blocks. The destruction of oxygen through antioxidants leads to the destruction of life.

One can not elicit any known disease by properly administered ozone therapies. So, there is no reason to administer counter-agents to “protect” the patient from ozone therapy.

– Ozone therapy (alone, without the addition of antioxidants) is known to relief symptoms of a wide range of conditions which have been associated with (NOT caused by) elevated levels of oxidative stress. Just a few examples: arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, or diabetes.

There is no such medical condition as “oxidative stress” due to too many oxygen radicals. It’s not a pathology in any medical book. There are no symptoms based upon which your doctor could unequivocally diagnose you with too many oxidative radicals from oxygen therapies.

Yes, there is such a thing as dangerous oxidative stress, but it stems in most cases from toxic metals, NOT from oxidative therapies. Suggested further reading: “Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment” by Dr. Andrew Cutler.

Other treatments which should never be performed because they can mobilize mercury are: intravenous ALA / DMSA / DMPS / DMSO / EDTA, cilantro, chlorella, MSM, or a diet high in thiols if there is a thiols sensitivity present. 


5. Do not use machines intended for industrial purposes

… to treat your body.

Ozone is used industrially in wastewater treatment, to clean water of hotels, hospitals, restaurants. It is often utilized in construction to remove odors from smoke or cigarettes, or mold. High amounts of ozone at very high concentrations are used for those purposes. Such concentrations could permanently damage a person’s lungs, or worse.

Ozone will kill every living thing if the concentration is high enough. Be it bacteria, bugs or mammals. It will just burn right through sensitive tissue. What makes ozone therapy safe is the low concentration of maximum 5% (which amounts to around 70 ug/ml) and how it’s used.

Raw ozone should never be inhaled directly, see point #1.

How to find out if your machine is intended for industrial purposes? Join the Facebook group “The Ozone Group” and go to the files section. There, you will find a document explaining the difference.

Industrial ozone generators

Ozone generators for industrial water treatments. Don’t use them to clean your veggies 😉 !


6. Only use oxygen fed generators

When you use an oxygen source, either an oxygen concentrator or an oxygen tank, the flow is regulated. You can read how fast the oxygen flows (measured in ‘LPM’ or Liters Per Minute) by reading the regulator. By knowing the oxygen’s flow rate, you are now able to tell how much ozone the generator produces (measured in ‘gamma’ or ‘ug/ml’ or micrograms per milliliter). This allows you to use the ozone generator in a controlled way. You can determine the total dosage of ozone you want or the CT Value.

Being able to use your generator in a controlled, measurable way is an important part of home ozone safety.

O3Elite Dual Stage Promolife

The O3Elite Dual Stage has its output chart printed on top. The ozone concentration depends on how fast the oxygen flows through the ozone chamber.

A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator

This airfed ozone generator is great for ozonating drinking water or washing your vegetables, but not much else.

7. Secure your oxygen tank!

An oxygen tank contains oxygen under extreme pressure, around 200 bar or more. If the tank is not secured and the valve opens abruptly, the tank could turn into a missile and travel around the room uncontrollably.

This could potentially cause severe damage to property and even people.

You have to make sure that your tank is secured properly and that children do not have access to it. Only people instructed in how to correctly use an oxygen tank should be allowed to handle it.


Oxygen cart for home ozone safety

Promolife’s game change of a solution: pre-filled oxygen tank with a stand

8. Educate yourself

Read about how to perform ozone protocols safely. Learn (from reliable sources) the right amounts and concentrations recommended for each ozone therapy. Do not undergo ozone treatments without doing your due diligence.

Once you start using ozone at home, you become your own doctor. Which is your right. You have the right to treat yourself any way you want.

When you treat yourself, you also take on the responsibilities of a doctor. You need to learn about risks, contraindications, and the correct way to administer ozone. You also need to be prepared to know what to do in case of having any adverse reaction.

Recommended reading:

Check out the Facebook group “The Ozone Group”, and also my Facebook page “The Power of Ozone” where I often post the latest and newest ozone research. 

Principles and Applications of ozone therapy“, by Frank Shallenberger, MD

“The Oxygen Prescription”, by Nathaniel Altman

Medical Ozone a Hidden Source of Disease Prevention and Treatment” by Dr. Jacob Swilling Ph.

“Ozone, A New Medical Drug” Prof. Velio Bocci


9. Herxheimer reactions

Ozone Herxheimer reaction home ozone safety

Ozone induced Herxheimer reaction: you will feel worse before you feel better.

When talking about ozone I sometimes encounter people who tell me “I had no idea that ozone could create a Herxheimer reaction”. To me this sounds as if someone said “I had no idea water could quench thirst.”

Ozone is THE creator of Herxheimer reactions per excellence. It is the king of all Herxheimer inducing kings. This is the most important thing to know about ozone: you will get sick before you get better. You can take that to the bank.

And of course, you WANT this to happen. A Herx means toxins are coming out. And you want them out. It is not fun, but it is part of healing. One can minimize it to some degree or another, but rarely completely eliminate it.

Ozone induced Herxes can be pretty dramatic. It can be anything from feeling like having the flu, feeling run down and fatigued, to developing an extremely itchy red rash and having fluids pouring out of every bodily orifice. You can experience draining fluid from your ears, nose, coughing up phlegm, vaginal discharges and goo like stuff coming out of your rectum.

Yes, some ozone modalities tend to produce lesser Herxes or they happen less frequently (for example with ozone IVs). But, Herxes cannot be completely excluded with any ozone modality.

You want to know how to deal with an ozone Herx? Join the Facebook group “The Ozone Group”. In the files you will find ideas how to deal with ozone induced Herxes in the document “Risks of ozone therapy and how to avoid them”.


10. Don’t use ozone concentrations higher than 70 ug/ml

Zotzmann Ozon 2000

The German Herrmann Comfort is in my opinion the best ozone generator on the market. For IVs, the recommended maximum ozone concentration is 70 mcg/ml. 

As mentioned, ozone, when used in high enough concentrations can kill every living thing, from a plant to a mammal. What makes ozone treatments safe is the low concentration and how it’s administered.

Although ozone recommendations vary from country to country and sometimes from one practitioner to another, for certain ozone applications a safe ozone range has been established. If you stay in the maximum 40 to 50 ug/ml range, there is little that can go wrong.

When ozone is used intravenously, it has been shown that red blood cells can be damaged if the ozone concentration is above 70 ug/ml.

When used topically, ozone concentrations of up to 100 ug/ml can be used.

When using ozone at home, stay in the safe zone.


11. Make sure you eat before you do ozone

Eat well before you do ozone

It doesn’t have to be steak every time, but you want to make sure you have eaten before you do ozone. It doesn’t mean you have to have a full belly, just make sure your last meal was not too long ago. Exception: drinking ozonated water which should only be consumed on an empty stomach.

Doing ozone is like a workout for the human body. You do not want to be fasting when using ozone. Just like you would not run a marathon when undergoing a juice or water fast.

Ozone increases the body’s metabolism. You burn more energy. You do not want to become hypoglycemic, feel depleted, or weak during an ozone treatment. Make sure you don’t do ozone when you feel week because your last meal was a long time ago. Best to eat something before you start ozonating yourself.

An exception to this rule is drinking ozonated water. This should be done either on an empty stomach or at least 3 hours after eating something.

So, when you eat, you wait 3 hours, then you can drink ozonated water. After you drink O3 water, wait 15 to 20 minutes before eating again.

When to drink ozonated water


12. Space ozone apart from antioxidants

Many people use ozone to treat infections. Ozone can be extremely effective with bacteria and viruses because of a multitude of actions it triggers:

  • It stimulates the body’s immune system. Our immune system is largely based on the production of beneficial oxygen radicals by white blood cells and antibodies. Molecules like H2O2, HO-, O-, O¯2, and nitric oxides. They reliably kill bacteria, viruses, mold. This is also called the “Oxidative Burst“.
  • It creates ozonides, which are ozone-lipid connections. Those have direct bactericidal and virucidal properties. Ozonides are able to burn through viral shells and bacterial membranes without damaging healthy cells.
  • It activates leukocytes which in turn produce ozone.

All of those oxygen based beneficial radicals are able to literally burn holes through all sorts of pathogens, reliably helping people overcome infectious diseases.

Ozone stimulates the production of this multitude of oxygen radicals.

The same beneficial oxygen radicals can be easily destroyed by antioxidants. Experiments have shown that levels of oxygen radicals in the human body can be reliably diminished by exposing a person to high doses of antioxidants. Consequently, one can expect immune system suppression and even cancer proliferation in a person with a high intake of antioxidants. And indeed this is something which has been observed in a number of studies, here, here, here or here.

Pairing antioxidants and ozone will cancel out ozone’s actions, at least to some degree. Which does not mean that someone who combines oxidative and antioxidant treatments cannot experience benefits. Vitamin C IVs can have profound beneficial effects, also because Vitamin C is regarded as a pro-oxidant in high dosages.

At the same time Vitamin C is such a reliable ozone killer that it is often kept handy at doctor’s offices to give it to patients who are experiencing an ozone adverse reaction (chest tightness from too much ozone, etc.). Vitamin C can stop those symptoms right away.

Ozone itself stimulates antioxidant production. Just so that things are in balance. So, it simply makes no sense to give antioxidants to people who undergo ozone therapy. The only person benefiting from it, is the practitioner who can bill the patient more money for more interventions.

It is best to educate yourself, save money, save your health, and stay clear from antioxidants.

If you nevertheless want to use antioxidants, take them several hours before you use ozone.  Also, wait at least one hour after using an ozone modality before taking an antioxidants.

Which antioxidants are powerful enough to counteract ozone?

  • Vit C,
  • Vit E
  • Vit A
  • ALA, Alpha Lipoic Acid (should NEVER be taken as a supplement, read here.)
  • NAC,
  • Co Q 10,
  • Astaxanthin
  • Glutathione (should NEVER be taken as a supplement, read about the dramatic side effects it can induce.)

Foods like berries or coffee can be safely taken during ozone therapy.


13. Ozone is not a wonder drug

… although it is darn close.

Ozone is a fantastic remedy for many people. From cancer, to pulmonary fibrosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme disease, cancelling hip replacements, chronic fatigue, and many more, the success stories often defy prognoses of medical professionals.

Yet, it does not work for everyone.

Like with any other healing modality, ozone can also have some limitations. Keep that in mind when you undergo home treatments. If you have been doing weeks or months worth of regular ozone treatments, you have used the right concentration and the right frequency and you are not seeing results – it might be time to consider that what you are dealing with cannot be fixed with ozone.

What could that be? It could be anything from structural causes which can be only remedied surgically or with the help of a good chiropractor, food intolerances, breast implant illness, dysbiosis, oxalate build-up, or a toxic metal burden. Or it could be the resulting vitamin and mineral deficiencies caused by any one or a number of those problems.

Ozone will reliably kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and parasites, but it is unable to remove metals, restore lacking gut bacteria, remedy vitamin or mineral deficiencies, or fix anatomical misalignments.

This woman eliminated most of her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms by using ozone saunas.


14. Listen to your body

No one understands your body better than you. No one knows how you react to certain things better than yourself. Both your reactions and signs of progress should be the main yardstick to go by when you are doing ozone treatments.

If something doesn’t seem right, stop doing what you are doing. Regroup, research, rethink.

Take the opinions of others into account, observe yourself, and always stay vigilant.



Have I left anything out?

Let me know in the comments below!

About the author:

PaolaI’m Paola the Crazy Old Ozone Lady behind The Power of Ozone. I’m a licensed naturopathic practitioner, natural health consultant, ozone therapy enthusiast, researcher, and ozone therapy analyst. I hold certificates in ozone therapy, hyperbaric ozone applications, Oxyvenierung, and the Andrew Cutler chelation. I own several ozone generators including a German hyperbaric 10 Pass machine. I have been using ozone for over 13 years, I’ve chelated with the ACC program for close to 5 years and I’ve been carnivore for nearly 1.5 years. This website serves as a resource for those who are interested in ozone therapy and other approaches to successfully manage chronic conditions. 

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  1. Meg

    Hi Paola, thanks for this wonderfully helpful resource! Curious about what would be considered too much? Today, after discovering the start of another shingles outbreak, I administered on myself two vaginal insufflations, a BOOO, one ear insufflation, and I drank a liter of ozonated water. All in one day. I did follow the instructions for the time and dosages for each therapy (I went by Dr. Shallenberger’s recommendations on the two VI’s, and I see your recommendations are slightly more conservative). Is doing all these therapies in one day too much? If so, then how many different ozone therapies could I safely do in a single day? Kind regards, Meg

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Meg,

      I would need to know how long you did each therapy at what ozone concentration exactly, and how you responded to it all, to be able to say more.

      But for a shingles outbreak, I would mainly focus on ozone saunas. Ozone IVs would be also a good idea.

      Whether it’s too much would depend on your Vitamin C status. In general, I recommend to supplement with vitamin C when doing ozone treatments daily for a long time. But if you want to get the most out of the ozone treatment, then space it apart from Vitamin C by a few hours. If you don’t mind losing some of the ozone, then you don’t have to space it away.


  2. dwight anderson

    Have had hip replacement and want to know if ozone will affect hip

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi dwight,

      it may help. Either hip injections, or subcutaneous injections around the hip, or ozone saunas.


  3. Evelyn Dixon

    What are your thoughts on Hocatt saunas?

    I had co vid. 19 3. Mos ago and still feel awful fatigue and brain issues along with MCAS. i had a DIV session because I was told it would improve immune system and kill off remaining virus, after 3 sessions I felt like my brain stopped working my head felt like it was stuffed full of rocks and i could not move until for about an hour and until the nurse administering the OZONE gave me oxygen. I couldn’t breathe at all my chest was so tight. I was taking lipo c and glutathione which helped as well. They mentioned I have a pathogens or parasites in my brain and chest that’s why I had such a bad reaction as the ozone was killing them. I was not the same for 2 weeks. I had stopped until i could get back to baseline. Should. Have stopped or continued to hit it. I’m afraid of frying my brain.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Evelyn,

      sorry for the belated response.

      I love any type of ozone saunas. Never tried the Hocatt though, and I don’t think it has to be the Hocatt to get benefit from ozone saunas.

      When you received the DIV injections: how long after the injection were you allowed to get up? Do you remember?


    • Phillip

      Hi Paola,
      You are very informative and I sincerely appreciate that.

      I’ve scheduled my fiancee and I for a two pass ozone IV treatment, in hopes that it will help with her reoccurring breakouts on the face which I think are caused by hsv 1. My questions are:
      Do you think a two pass ozone treatment is too much for fist time users, and also do you think this type of therapy would be beneficial in her case?

      Thanks so much in advance!


    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Phillip,

      many people are ok with receiving full 10 pass treatments from the start. So, it’s possible that your fiancee will be ok with a two pass, yes. But the only way to know for sure is to try it out …

      If there is an active outbreak, then yes the ozone i.v. can help in diminishing it. But I doubt it will eliminate the infection completely.

      For that, a more intense approach including diet changes are needed.


  4. Michele

    Thank you Paola for the very thorough overview and especially the recommended reading which I intend to buy. I am very much looking forward to starting Ozone therapy and am so hoping it will work for me. Thank you so much!

  5. Emma Flanagan

    I very much enjoyed reading this material. Well researched and put together. I was surprised how I agreed with everything that was presented. I work with reactive oxygen species, straight hydroxyl radicals and lots of them. Have been using them personally, experimenting and testing and I never had the alleged deleterious effects people talk about. It has been in fact the total opposite. I have accumulated incredible stories. Very undeserving bad reputation for the radicals.

  6. Allyson Turner

    Do you know how to ozonate powdered supplements like magnesium? I have the A2Z machine and would like to give it a try.

    Thanks! and thank you for all your valuable information.

  7. Cassie

    Hello, I have been self administering ozone therapy via breathing , ear and sauna on my self for several years . Recently my mother has developed pneumonia in one of her lungs, she was in the hospital for 2 weeks , on antibiotics with no improvement. She has developed an abscess and underwent surgery to try to culture the infection. They have since taken her off antibiotics, since they were not helping and causing her kidneys to weaken function. She has RA and has been on infusions for years ( a whole other ordeal), and a compromised immune system. They have sent her home for now with home care and are awaiting results for her endoscopy. I have ordered her a ozone machine and her doctor has agreed to let her try ozone breathing treatments with medical grade oxygen. Yay! He has asked that I write him a detailed description of my treatment plan for her. What are your recommendations for this situation?

    • paola d

      Hi Cassie,
      I hope that with “ozone breathing” you really mean “breathing ozone bubbled through olive oil”.
      Which is something I would recommend as well. You will more information on that here:

      In order to say something more specific about your mom’s situation, I would need more information which would require a more in depth conversation.
      You can book a Skype call with me where we can discuss this:


  8. Robin

    Nice article, but at the end it states that ozone can not remove heavy metals from your body but doing some research on that i find that many dont agree with that .. including a guru like Ed McCabe.


    The Netherlands

    • paola d

      Hi Robin,

      that’s a very good example why any type of labels like “guru”, “expert”, “specialist” are really meaningless.
      None of them prevent that person from being wrong, but it makes it much harder for them to admit that they’re wrong.
      Also none of those labels means that whatever given guru/expert/specialist says, must be automatically correct.


  9. Frank

    Hello, I really enjoyed your article! I received my first ozone IV treatment yesterday for chronic EBV and hashimotos. I haven’t noticed any “herx” symptoms yet. Does this mean the ozone is not working? How do people usually feel after a treatment? I felt pretty close to normal afterwards.

    • paola d

      Hi Frank,
      reactions differ from person to person.
      I would give it 24 hours to assess if there has been any changes.
      Also, sometimes patients need a couple of ozone IVs in order for them to “kick in”.

  10. Carol

    This is a fantastic article! Great information about the supplements, too! I’m impressed with how you are so responsive to questions and comments. Thank you for providing such a rich resource!

    • paola d

      Hi Carol,
      I’m glad you found it useful.
      Thank you very much for commenting!

  11. Jan Thompson

    Hi Paola, So happy to find your website. Ive been doing ozone off & on for 17 years. lately I feel like I have vertigo, so been doing ear insufflations @ 1/32 lm, concentration 50.2 ug. 10 min each ear. doesn’t seem to be helping, am I over doing it? also take chlorella/spirulina every day. Would that be cancelling it out? I just read that astaxanthin cancels it out too which I take. Any suggestions? Also how could I find an ozone clinic in my area? I live just south of Daytona Beach fl. Thanks so much for any advice. Jan T

    • paola d

      Hi Jan,

      I don’t think you are overdoing, especially if you say it has no effect.
      I generally discourage people from using chlorella since it can make possible heavy metal toxicity worse.
      Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant and could cancel out ozone’s effect in my opinion.
      About finding a practitioner close by: google a website called oxygenhealingtherapies. They have a list of ozone doctors in the USA.
      I hope this helps!

    • Richard Dolesh

      Hello Paola, Can you elaborate on what you said:
      “I generally discourage people from using chlorella since it can make possible heavy metal toxicity worse.”

      I have read that Chlorella is a gentle (and affordable) agent to assist flushing heavy metals out once herbs like Cilantro have pulled them out of tissue. Are you saying to avoid it in combination with Ozone?

    • paola d

      Hi Richard,
      if you follow one of the links I gave in the article you can find lots of horror stories of what happened to people who took chlorella or cilantro with suspected or confirmed mercury toxicity: .

      Neither chlorella nor cilantro are chelators, and certainly not gentle. They’re able to mobilize and redistribute mercury and cause great damage.

      I also suggest to join the Andrew Cutler Chelation Support group on Facebook to learn more about it.


  12. LUIS

    Hello Paola,
    Thank you for all your efforts to make ozone therapies easy to understand.
    My question refers to the ozone therapy for Glaucoma:
    While Drs. Shallenberger and Kondrot specify ozonated saline applied as droplets directly in the eye; by contrast, Dr. Velio Bocci states that this should NOT be performed: “0.9% NaCl) should never be ozonated because of the formation of hypoclorous acid. This compound can cause inflammation and phlebitis upon infusion of ozonated saline…”(Ozone a new Medical Drug, Chapter 3, Page 13)
    What is your take?

    • paola d

      Hi Luis,
      it seems that Dr. Bocci’s reservations are mostly of theoretical nature. So, he *assumes* that because of the assumed (the Russians claim that they couldn’t find any hypochlorous acid after ozonation. But then again they use super low concentrations of 1 to 2 mcg/ml) there could be risk of oxidative stress. The experience of Dr. Kondrot seems to not verify this assumption. But I would contact Dr. Kondrot directly, who seems to have the most experience in treating eye conditions with ozonated water, and ask him about it.

  13. HealthyC

    Hi Paola, I have been reading up about ozone and what is needed for home therapy. I have concerns about getting O2 tanks filled without contamination if I dont have a dr prescription and use a welding company like Airgas. Are O2 concentrators as good as tanks and are there some good brands- not too bulky machine and not too expensive?

  14. Melissa Miller

    I juice basically every morning at least 20 or 30min before I eat or drink anything else. I know this is alkalizing and full of dietary organic water. Will these aox effect ozone therapy I’m doing orally for my gums and subsequently also my other fungus and bacteria issues?

    • paola d

      Hi Melissa,
      no, juicing will not affect ozone therapy.
      Unless it’s loads of fresh lemon, lime or orange juice.

  15. Cheryl E Robinson

    Hi Paola. I’m very excited to find your website. Very informative indeed! I do ozone therapy for myself and my husband at home in a zip-up body suit bag. I have been reading about varying settings on the oxygen and the ozone generator and am wondering what the correct settings would be for this use?

    My protocol is to have a hot shower first, lightly towel dry, and hop in the bag for 30 minutes. I also read that since you want your pores to be as open as possible, it’s a good idea to put a heating pad underneath the bag to keep your body warm.

    Thank you for your answers!

    • paola d

      Hi Cheryl,
      the settings depend also on the ozone generator that you have which you didn’t mention which one it is.
      The oxygen flow I would set at 1/4 to 1/2 LPM and the ozone concentration can be pretty high, up to 70 mcg/ml or more.


  16. Robert Jerald

    Thanks for your article. I was surprised at all the supplements you listed that cancel out ozone effectiveness. Does spacing them out (hours away from ozone treatment) completely resolve the issue of canceling out the effectiveness? I Really would like to continue with NAC but do not want to hinder the ozone therapy from fully working.
    Also, how long does ozone work in the body after you finish receiving a treatment?
    Rob J.

    • paola d

      Hi Robert,

      I don’t think that spacing them out by several hours completely resolves the issue of cancelling out ozone’s effectiveness, but I would say to a sufficiently large degree.

      The problem with NAC is that it is a sulfur compound which can lead to mercury redistribution in mercury toxic people who are thiol sensitive. So before continuing with it, I would first make sure that there is no thiol sensitivity present.

      As to how long ozone works in the body: that is anyone’s guess. Some ozone experts allege that one can detect ozone’s effect weeks after an application. But the immediate and strongest effect I would say lasts for several hours to a day.


  17. Coffee Lover

    Hi, I’m currently doing major autohemotherapy ozone intravenously and have a quick question: you mention that coffee can be consumed during ozone, but don’t the blood vessels constrict when you drink any kind of caffeine, and wouldn’t that lessen the effect of the oxygen traveling throughout the body? I know in Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments (which I’ve done previously) they say to avoid coffee for a few hours before and after and am just wondering if Ozone therapy would be the same way. I should mention I asked my doctor this and he said he didn’t think coffee would be a problem if I drank it during an Ozone session. I just don’t understand how it couldn’t interfere though! Any thoughts?

    • paola d

      Hi Coffee Lover,

      it appears that coffee has both vasodilating as vasoconstricting properties:

      Which effect dominates in an individual probably is different for everyone.

      In general, I agree with your doctor. I don’t think that the efficacy of ozone will be determined by whether and when you drink coffee.


  18. Ricardo Brunetti

    I am very interesting in reciev informations about Ozone and terapias

    • paola d

      Hi Ricardo,
      Then you are at the right place. Just read my page!

  19. michael

    Would you recommend trying an ozone sauna for general health maintenance and anti-aging (I am over 65)? Considering trying one to see how it feels.

    • paola d

      Hi Michael,
      most definitely. That is what I would do and intend to do and keep doing.


  20. Steven

    Thank you. A decent primer.

    • paola d

      Thank you!

  21. Tony

    I have been chelating for heavy metals, on round 11, following Andy Cutler protocol and also doing intravenous ozone once a week for Lyme disease, on ozone treatment days I do feel more nerve pain than normal, I have been getting ozone treatments for over two months now and can’t say I have noticed any positive results is his long enough? Wondering if I would benefit more by consentrating on chelating only.

    • paola d

      Hi Tony,
      I would stop the ozone in your case, and concentrate on chelating only.

  22. Alexander

    Hi Paola,

    Thank you for the extensive guideline-overview for safe ozone use. I see you mentioned ALA as an antioxidant that is strong enough to counteract ozone.
    Can you use ozone when you do the Andrew Cutler protocol?
    Thank you in advance and love your work.

    Best regards

    • paola d

      Hi Alexander,
      yes, you can do ozone and chelation at the same time.
      The only thing where I would make sure that it is spaced apart is drinking ozonated water and taking chelators. I would make sure there is a good one hour room between those two things.
      Also I would abstain from supplements like Oxy-Powder or Homozon while on round and only take them off round.
      With other applications I don’t see a problem during chelation.

      Hope this helps!
      Thank you for reading my website 😀

  23. Shannon

    which types of ozone produce the least herxing, fron least to most.
    Which type of ozone treatment should one start with if they have tick borne illness?
    Thank you.
    Shannon W

    • paola d

      Hi Shannon,

      here are my answers to your questions:
      “which types of ozone produce the least herxing, fron least to most.” – Herx reactions are quite individual. Different people get different types and levels of herxes with different ozone treatments. In general intravenous ozone applications create the least herxes, with ozone saunas and ear insufflations the most.

      “Which type of ozone treatment should one start with if they have tick borne illness?” – You should consult with your doctor or ozone practitioner who can do a full exam on you before recommending a therapy. In general, systemic ozone treatments are used like intravenous ozone methods or ozone saunas. Which one one starts with is mostly inconsequential. More important is to find the ozone treatment which gives the most benefit and sticking with it throughout the herx.

      Hope this helps.

  24. doug

    I read an article that stated temperatures above 40 degrees F would destroy ozone. Any truth to this?

    • paola d

      Yes, heat destroys ozone. That is why you need to produce it continuously during ozone treatments, since it breaks down quickly.
      At 40 degrees F the breaking down would happen very slowly though.

  25. laura maritz

    wow ive been treating patients with ozone for two years, and you never stop learning
    can you do glutathione the net day

    • paola d

      Hi Laura,
      thank you for being open minded.
      The problem with glutathione is not so much the possible counter-reaction to ozone, but the fact that it can mobilize and redistribute mercury into the brain and other sensitive organs.
      So the best time to do glutathione is: never.

  26. polla

    Thank you, Paola! This is very helpful and I learned a lot!
    I encourage new and old ozone users to read this article.

    • paola d

      Thank you dear!

    • Dennis Hannon

      Hi Paola
      Great informative article. I am going to Bali soon to get ozone injections in paravertebral muscles, for degraded lumbar discs.
      I don’t think the doctor has done it before so I may need to help him.
      What gamma would you suggest?

    • paola d

      Hi Dennis,

      15 to 20 mcg/ml.


  27. martin soto

    Excellent information, all of it is very important. Thank you for your contribution to this exciting and important field in science and medicine.

  28. TeresaC.

    great article – anyone thinking about doing ozone therapy needs to read this!

    • Kathy Black

      Will ozonated water damage my water pik? I’m guessing it will. How to use ozone for dental/gum health besides swishing with ozonated water.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Kathy,

      It may make the pik brittle over time …

      Other ways to use ozone for dental health: use an ozone containing tooth paste
      Tooth handpiece to get into the nooks and cravices:
      Tooth caps to treat single teeth: (they go with the dental hand piece above)
      Oil pulling solution:

      And yes, swishing with ozonated water is probably also a good idea.


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