Update March 4th, 2023: Well, as it turns out, I was wrong again. It all looks like the my actual problem was vitamin A poisoning!

Update June 28th, 2018: Everyone who thought that I was nuts when I wrote the below article: Well, you were most likely right. As it turns out the problem was not candida, but oxalates

You’ve been on the Ketogenic Diet for a while now and you’ve been promised weight loss, more energy, clearer head, better sleep or possibly even ascension? But instead you got some or all of the following?

  • weight gain
  • stiff neck
  • fatigue
  • brain fog
  • heart palpitations
  • head pressure
  • burning sensation in the mouth
  • insatiable thirst
  • impaired breathing / coughing / shortness of breath
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • stiff joints
  • muscle stiffness
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • rash
  • bloated, painful intestines
  • constipation or diarrhea
  • white coated tongue
  • phlegm or mucus or the feeling of having a “frog” in your throat
  • just overall feeling more miserable

But you aren’t willing to give up on the diet just yet because you were told all those negative symptoms you’ve started to experience were due to your body adjusting from a sugar to a fat burning metabolism? Or that your mtDNA was being repaired? That you just need to stick through it, or drink more water or take a few supplements? That in order to get well you have to get sick first? That the insomnia really is you having more energy and hence needing less sleep? And yet it’s been weeks, months, or more than a year but you still experience those symptoms and you’re not really feeling well and – surprisingly – you have actually GAINED some weight?! If so, then it might be time to consider that the Ketogenic Diet is actually making you sick.


How could that be? You ask.

And: Who am I to suggest such blasphemy?

I’m a former Keto Fanatic, someone who had been on the Ketogenic Diet for over 1 year until I realized that ketosis was wrecking havoc with my body, and now I’m here to tell you all about it. How did I get into the Ketogenic Diet? Did I go from eating pizza and drinking Cola straight to eating 4 eggs for breakfast topped with lard? No, I took a low carb Paleo Diet detour first which lasted for several years.


Humble Beginnings – the Low Carb Paleo Diet

It started as a trial-and-error journey to figure out why I was always experiencing a burning sensation down my esophagus after each meal, which made me – unknowingly at that time – stumble upon the Low Carb Paleo Diet.

After 1 year on it (during which the burning sensation and heart palpitations post meal which had been going on for 5 years, stopped entirely) I discovered that this way of eating had a name, that there was a science behind it, books were written on it, symposiums were taking place, doctors and other health professionals were curing all sorts of conditions with it.

But with the years some of the old symptoms started creeping back in, and instead of feeling energized like I used to at the beginning, I started feeling more and more exhausted after each of my low carb meals.

At the same time I was reading more and more about the evils of even small amounts of carbohydrates and the wonders of fat, courtesy of sott.net. So I gradually started cutting out low or medium carb foods like squash, carrots, beets, or almonds, assuming that that’s what didn’t allow me to reap the benefits of the cavemen’s diet like it used to.


Going Full-On Ketogenic

Eventually, I found myself at a point where I would eat slabs of organic grass-fed butter on top of beef patties made out of organic grass-fed 22% fat content ground beef for breakfast.

I would make pulled pork and slurp the released fat – that would be my meal.

I would eat spoonfuls of coconut oil or coconut butter (it would give me instant nausea and make me bend over from weakness – but hey, coconut oil is a miracle and super food, it HAD to be healthy, right?).

I would render my own lard from fat from organic pastured pigs which I would buy from Jimenez Farms at the Atwater Village Farmer’s Market.

After all that I would just feel horrible.

Of course it had nothing to do with the diet, it couldn’t have, I thought at the time. After all I was on the best diet in the world – the Ketogenic Diet! It could even repair DNA and cure cancer I was told – so how could it be bad?

And yet: something was wrong. Very wrong.

I had developed insomnia. I would wake after 5 or 6 hours and wouldn't be able to fall back asleep. I had developed an insatiable thirst – I was literally drinking 1 gallon of water per day. It didn’t help. My mouth was burning all the time. I was urinating and drinking constantly. My joints and muscles felt stiff and sore. I developed constant nausea and pains in my gastric area, and an extreme pulling sensation in my head and neck. My neck would be stiff like a wood plank.

What was happening to me?

On top of that I had gained weight which I completely couldn’t understand – how was it possible to gain weight on a virtually zero carb diet? It didn’t make sense to me. Maybe it was the trace amounts of sugars in the red meat I had read about?

At that point it started slowly dawning on me that things were getting out of hand if I was contemplating to cut out red meat in order to cut out carbs! I even started developing the post-meal burning sensation and heart palpitations which I thought I had already overcome years ago.


But I still wasn’t prepared to consider that there was something wrong with my diet. It couldn’t be! Sott.net was delivering a barrage of articles proving to me on a daily basis that fat burning is the answer to all of humanity’s health problems (and possibly turning us into 4D STO super-beings. And hell if I was to miss out on that ride!) I was feeling really miserable, yet if someone asked me at that time how I was doing I would say: “I'm GREAT! I eat meat and lots of fat every day!” then I would cycle back home and feel completely exhausted and fall onto my couch in a state of coma from a trip to the supermarket.

I was completely deluded, allthewhile being convinced that I was perfectly dietarily enlightened (which really is the worst kind of delusion).

So when did the bubble burst?


Ketosis Makes Candida Go Systemic

Somebody forwarded to me a German text by a German doctor who claimed that long-term low carb diets will make candida worse because candida can feed more readily on ketones than on glucose. I was incredulous. Having spent half my life in Germany I didn't have a very  high opinion of German doctors. I wanted to see whether I could find corroborating information in the English-speaking world. I ran a google search and an article by Mark Sisson from marksdailyapple.com popped up. It read:

Avoid very low carb.

Paul Jaminet, who suffered from candida overgrowth, argues that since candida (being eukaryotes) have mitochondria that can feed on both ketones and carbs (as opposed to prokaryote bacteria without mitochondria), going very low carb or ketogenic will only provide more fuel for the overgrowth. Furthermore, since ketones are water-soluble and pass easily through cellular membranes, ketones will actually be a more accessible food source for candida. Don’t go high-carb, since any extra glucose will just be food for the yeast, but don’t go ketogenic, either. Stick to around 100-150 grams of carbs while still limiting sugar. Although other sources do recommend going as low-carb as possible, my money’s on Paul.”


It basically says: “Ketosis will make candida worse.” What?! I had never heard of that before. Everyone else was always suggesting low or zero carb for candida. And this guy – Paul Jaminet – claims candida feeds more readily on ketones than on glucose!?

I kept reading and I realized that I couldn’t dismiss the possibility that this was correct. It would explain a lot of what had been happening to me over the last year or so. I had to test it. Paul Jaminet claims that if you’re getting sicker on the Keto Diet because of yeast getting worse, that you need to get out of ketosis in order to stop the systemic growth of candida. The way to do it is by eating carbs.


The Candida Ketosis Test

When I read that it was late at night. I wanted to test the theory right away, but I didn’t have any carbohydrate rich foods in the fridge. I decided to get some sweet potatoes the next morning.

When I woke up I distinctly felt the nausea, the pulling sensation in my head and the unquenchable thirst I had nearly gotten used to during the past year.

I jumped on my bike, went to Whole Foods Market, bought the first sweet potatoes of my life and by the time I was back home the pulling sensation, exhaustion, breathing problems, thirst, burning sensation in my mouth got worse. Did the exercise push my body further into ketosis and made the yeast grow? I couldn’t dismiss it. By then I was fully tuned in to my body. I boiled the sweet potatoes and ate them.

Within 20 minutes of eating carbs the devastating thirst I had experienced for over 1 year had vanished. Same with the nausea. I felt a nearly immediate relief in fatigue and neck stiffness. The phlegm I had been spitting out regularly? It stopped. I could breath better.

It was a revelation.

Wow, I was really onto something here. Within a few more days of adding back carbs I lost weight. That’s right: I lost weight by ADDING CARBOHYDRATES to my diet. With time I learned to observe my body well and learned to know when it would go into ketosis so I always made sure I ate carbs at the right time. Yet, I also knew that by eating too many carbs I would make candida grow as well.

So it was a constant balancing act.

The thirst, burning in my mouth and esophagus, constant nausea, short sleeping periods, breathing problems, phlegm etc. which had gone overboard during the ketogenic period – it all resolved itself and stayed mostly gone (with some flaring up here and there whenever I would go without proper food for too long).

What remained was a constantly stiff neck and bloating after eating fruit. However, given that I was also suffering from other symptoms like adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, low blood sugar, difficulty concentrating, mood swings which I mostly attributed to mercury poisoning, I couldn’t entirely dismiss the possibility that candida contributed to those symptoms to some degree or another. In any case – I needed to get rid of it.


How to get rid of Candida?

Ok, so now I knew I had candida. I also knew that I could not starve it out because if I didn’t eat carbs my body would go into ketosis and it would feed the candida even more. Which is what had been happening to me for over 1 year of a low to zero carb diet. If I ate too many carbs I would feed the candida as well, since candida also feeds on glucose.

The best I could do with diet was to keep it at a balance and to manage my symptoms but the candida would still be there.

But how to get rid of it for good?

I didn’t want to settle for anything less. I knew some people were using things like Diflucan, caprylic acid, oregano oil, olive leaf extract to control candida. Some even claim to have completely eradicated it with those remedies. Nevertheless, I wasn’t willing to spend money on supplements just to find out that they didn’t work in my case or that I was in some form sensitive to them – something that I had experienced all too often in the past.

I wanted to do the best treatment possible which would go straight to the cause of the problem.


Enter Andrew Hall Cutler – the Mercury-Candida Connection

At that point I already knew that I was mercury poisoned from over 20 years of having 4 amalgam fillings in my mouth (plus all the mandatory vaccines I had received over the years). Andrew Hall Cutler says in his book “Amalgam Illness” that yeast problems are a common complication of mercury and that the “appropriate treatment is MERCURY REMOVAL”. He further explains how mercury causes candidiasis in the first place:

“Neutrophils are in charge of killing off extra yeast. Mercury is known to inhibit some of the specific chemistry neutrophils use to kill yeast.”


Many others agree (although most of them don't seem to be aware of how mercury impacts the immune system): Dr. J Towbridge supposedly claims in his book “The Yeast Syndrome” that 98% of candida sufferers have mercury poisoning. He is also being quoted as saying said that

I do know this, if you have high mercury levels and you don't fix this problem, you will never get rid of your Candida.

Erik Bakker N.D. says

“It is speculated that the methylated mercury has a candida building effect in the intestines, and it is not until thorough mercury cleansing has taken place in these situations that the patient is finally rid of their chronic candida yeast infection. If you have a chronic yeast infections or candida you simply must look into the mercury connection.”

Natural News reports

“In the gut, mercury creates an environment that is not friendly for beneficial bacteria. An overgrowth of bad bacteria and Candida results.”

This study on neutrophil activity came to the conclusion that

“(…) HgCl(2) inhibited: (1) polarization and (2) immunoglobulin (Ig)G-mediated phagocytosis of sheep erythrocytes in a dose-dependent manner from 2.5 to 10 microM.”

Another paper presents the following negative effects of mercury on lymphocytes and neutrophils:

“Furthermore, mercury decreased the immune response, and age of seals had an effect on cell sensitivity to mercury. Concentrations of 10(-5)M of methylmercury chloride decreased phagocytosis and lymphoblastic transformation responses.”

So the picture seemed to be pretty clear: 


In order to get rid of candida one has to get rid of mercury – the Andrew Cutler  /  Frequent Oral Low Dose Chelation

Anything else would offer just temporary relief but no complete cure.

Andrew Cutler suggests a unique protocol which might very well be the only correct way to get rid of mercury and the only one with minimum risks involved. It requires respecting the chelators’ half lives and taking them in low and frequent doses around the clock – day and night.

Luckily, I seemed to be one of the few who never tried any other chelation protocol before coming across Cutler’s research. Many others who try other modalities (like taking chlorella, cilantro, glutathione IVs, DAN! protocol, taking chelators outside of their half lives or doing EDTA IVs – all of which can redistribute more mercury into the brain) often become much sicker before they come across AC’s program and finally get better. [Please join the “Andy Cutler chelation think tank” group on Facebook to learn more].

To cut the story short: I’ve been on Cutler’s protocol since September 2013 (it's now March 2015).

The gains in my health I’ve seen in that time are truly remarkable: my exhaustion is as good as normal most of the days (unless I increase the chelator dosis) – I can run errands and function, I can do things! Adrenal fatigue is at a minimum (I feel a little energetic low during the afternoon), ability to concentrate and to read is much improved, my mood has stabilized, blacking out after getting up (something I was dealing with since my early teens) is COMPLETELY GONE, waking up in the middle of the night due to low blood sure – gone as well, my dry skin has improved (it’s gotten worse on my cheeks, though. Is it because of mercury being pushed out of places which were in direct contact with the amalgams?), body stiffness has improved as well (the painful sensation in joints when getting up after a while of sitting in the same position) – I can go for a long and heavy walk several times a week.What still remains are my food sensitivities: thiol-sensitivity is probably the worst for me right now.  Additionally to gluten sensitivity.


Has my candida improved?

It seems it has indeed.

The near relentless stiff neck and tension in my shoulders is mostly gone or much improved. Whenever I do allow myself to get into ketosis, it seems to take longer for my body to start experiencing all the symptoms I came to associate with worsening candidiasis. So I seem to be able to handle ketosis better. But it still impacts me negatively. So I still have reason to believe that there is enough of mercury in me to impair neutrophils’ candida killing properties. [As of mid-March 2015 I’m on round# 77 of the Andrew Cutler chelation. 100 rounds is often cited as a ballpark figure to see profound results.]

And as to the sudden nausea after eating some coconut oil? It turns out coconut oil brings the body immediately into ketosis  – says Paul Jaminet – hence instantly feeding candida resulting in my case in equally instant nausea and fatigue.


Can the Ketogenic Diet cure candida?

There is reason to believe it can.

Are you confused?

There are indeed reports of people getting much much better or even claiming to have completely wiped out candida with the keto diet.

How is this possible? Are they completely delusional?

I don’t think so (and as you recall, I'm an expert on delusions).

If one understands the underlying mechanics of candida development, namely mercury toxicity, it becomes clear that different levels of toxicity are possible, resulting in different levels of neutrophil impairment. Some people might be so profoundly mercury toxic that their immune system is nearly completely shut down, resulting in profound candida infestation. It those cases ketosis can make things probably much much worse. Others might be only slightly mercury poisoned. So the benefit they draw from possible mitochondrial stimulation via ketosis might overcome the slight immune suppression via mercury, and they feel better on the keto diet. The candida might have not been entirely eradicated but lies dormant or has been pushed into the background enough to not be of much trouble. It can flare up or become worse if the source of the yeast, amalgam fillings or continued vaccination, is not removed.


My Goal

Is to be able to eat ketogenically.

And I'm aiming to achieve that solely by continuing the chelation program.

It looks very much like ketosis is indeed the superior way of deriving energy. But I have learned that in order to be able to do this one has to have a minimum of health.

So yes, ketosis might be highly beneficial to the human body, but not if it's poisoned with mercury and the resulting candida infection.

I see many people go on the Ketogenic Diet and they go through a similar experience like mine. It just doesn't work for them. And it's not due to lack of dedication or because they were unable to get over the “transition phase” from glucose to fat buring, or because they were not detoxed enough, or because they didn't take the right supplements.

It's just that for them the “feeling sick” before “feeling great” translates to constantly only “feeling sick” with the “feeling great” never materializing. Some of them go on to try the Blood Type Diet and start eating carbs again – and improve. They then remain convinced that it was because of having found the right diet for their genome. Whereas the reason for their improvement might just be that the added carbs got their bodies out of ketosis, hence stopped the systemic growth of candida – without having anything to do with the composition of their blood.

In the past 6 years I was sick with the flu only 1 time, which was at the height of my ketosis phase.



About the author:

PaolaI’m Paola the Crazy Old Ozone Lady behind The Power of Ozone. I’m a licensed naturopathic practitioner, natural health consultant, ozone therapy enthusiast, researcher, and ozone therapy analyst. I hold certificates in ozone therapy, hyperbaric ozone applications, Oxyvenierung, and the Andrew Cutler chelation. I own several ozone generators including a German hyperbaric 10 Pass machine. I have been using ozone for over 13 years, I’ve chelated with the ACC program for close to 5 years and I’ve been carnivore for nearly 1.5 years. This website serves as a resource for those who are interested in ozone therapy and other approaches to successfully manage chronic conditions. 

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  1. Shen_Black

    WIth all due respect, the part about ketosis its so misleading. first off Candida feeds of everything, Carbs,protein,fats and hydrocarbons even. so even smoking helps candida grow.

    The sympthoms you mentioned when you transitioned to ketone are based on carb withdrawal and fat adaptation that occurs on keto, This is called Keto Flu. literally insomina,thirst,lightheadness are the key sympthoms of this.

    With all due respect without actual research and common sense, this article is misleading at best.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Shen_Black,

      when I open the link, the first thing I see is an update with a link. I assume you must see it, too?

      A pro-tip: read first, then comment.


  2. Jasmine

    Three weeks into the keto diet and I’m not doing very well at all.I’ve got issues with mould toxicity and I recently found out that ketosis can make these problems much worse. Check out Darren Schmidt on Youtube.He himself had personal experience with the ketosis and mould toxicity and felt dreadful on this diet .I’ve tried explaining this to some of these keto zealots but there’s no getting through to these people.According to them keto is the cure all for everything and anyone who disagrees is a blasphemer of the keto gods.No disrespect but these people strike me as a little unbalanced,much like their diet I suppose.Anyway I’ll be resolving my problems with an anti fungal diet ,Doug Kaufman and Darren Schmidt seem to have the right approach,no OTT nonsense.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Jasmine,

      Yes, I like some of the stuff Darren talks about.

      What is OTT?


    • Jasmine

      Hi Paola, sorry for responding so late, I completely forgot about that post from months ago.

      Yes ott means over the top, I was very irritable when I wrote that and I didn't do good job of it either.

      Well I have to admit I persevered with the keto diet but like you I'm not doing particularly well on it. Yes I've lost weight but I've developed a slight wheezing in my lungs and my hay fever is really bad this year. I'm also getting strange aches and pains that are worse than usual.

      I tried very low dose nystatin in the last five days at the recommendation of my natural therapy doctor. While on this I've now become even more sensitive to coffee. Today for example when I drank coffee I could feel the irritation in my stomach increase and my throat felt constricted but I could still breathe. It really freaked me out. The trouble is my chronic fatigue doctor still insists that keto is the way to go. I now have allergies that I didn't have before going on this diet.

      I've had a blazing row with my family over this because I wanted to contact my doctor about the constriction in my throat. They think I'm crazy but this crap is real to me and it's scaring me.

      Keto is far from a cure all but how do I get the balance between carbs and keto? I don't know how to even this thing out , any advice? I'm so confused and alone with this problem.

      I'm at the end of my tether,I need professional help and guidance, keto isn't working but what will? How do I get this mould out of my body without developing more allergies? What the hell is happening to me?

      Sorry for the negative post but I was researching coffee and mycotoxins and came across your website (again). I only just realised I'd written a post here from months ago.

      Any advice? Perhaps I should contact Darren Schmidt or Evan Brand. Both of those men had trouble with mould problems and were very badly affected by it too. Darren in particular said that the keto diet made his mould illness much worse.

      Not sure what to do with my doctor, she specialises in chronic fatigue syndrome but has a real bee in the bonnet about keto. According to her it's the cure all for everything and she won't shift. She insists all these symptoms are just the fungus fighting back, but is it?

      I told her about the slight wheezing and she seems to think it's either an allergy or infection. Why would you develop allergies if keto is supposed to be a cure for all? Something isn't right here.

      I've also had to deal with slow bowel movement and insomnia while on the keto diet, not good is it. 5htp and St John's Wort helped with the insomnia but what kind of diet forces you to do this?

      Sorry for the long winded miserable post but I'm looking for answers. Any advice would be welcome, cheers.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Jasmin,

      I'm back on a keto diet, an extreme form of keto actually – carnivore – and I'm doing pretty well.

      I would look into the lion diet, basically do tabula rasa to find out which foods are problematic for you.

      Check, if histamine could be an issue.

      Or maybe structural problems?

      Keep an open mind and look for different explanations and solutions to your problems.

      And try one thing at a time before you move to the next.

      I hope this helps.


  3. Mary

    I found the HUMOUR HILARIOUS I found in OBECCESSION why am I SO SICK ???!!!


    All gurus Saying MUST SLEEP 8 to 9 Hours spent allot on Sleep Suppliments NOT WORKING

    Candida is causing MAY NOT BE because of DIE OFF STARVED to death

    I told most MD SEND ME PYSCHATRIST having BS Dietitics need carbs

    Who I need is good Dentist Mercury test with GI MAP TEST TRACK ALL BAD and GOOD





    • Lynn D.

      Well since ketosis makes candida (yeast) much worse, I think I'll make me a big ole batch of strawberry wine with some bacon fat, butter and coconut oil!!!! MMM MMM!

  4. Val

    Thanks so much for this Blog Post Paola, I can relate to a lot of it. Coconut oil really does affect the candida, so in my case it's true that ketosis makes it much worse. I'm very grateful to you for reminding me of this. The Keto Diet just doesn't work for everyone.

  5. Brook Saulpaugh

    An interesting discussion might be priced at comment. I do believe that you can write much more about this topic, it will not certainly be a taboo subject but generally consumers are there are not enough to dicuss on such topics. An additional. Cheers

    • paola d

      Hi Brook,

      I can't make sense of your comment.


  6. ItMe

    Sounds like your electrolytes we’re way off when you were vlc, which is common. Keto is a diuretic so you have to supplement potassium, calcium and magnesium or you’re going to feel like shit. The rest of your post is whatever.

    • paola d

      Hi ItMe,

      not sure you have read the update note at the beginning of the post. It turns out it was all oxalate buildup and then dumping.

      The rest of your comment is whatever.


    • Student of Life

      Hi Paula,

      Glad u figured it out. Yeah, feeling better So fast after a potato didn’t sound Candida related from my experience;)

      Do u Know how keto caused the oxalate flares & why they went away after eating carbs?

      Curious bc I’ve treated oxalates in the past but never noticed any changes

      I had some recent inflammation & a substantial dip in energy about a month after going off keto. Usually it happens right away but after getting metals & most the pathogens in check things are a lot different. Figured it was just due to treating what’s left of the biofilms, & the immune system dealing w Pathogens released Into the bloodstream. There’s often so many factors It’s really hard to know for sure, kinda like ur story as well 😉

      Are u still an active natural path practitioner btw Or was that just overseas?

      Appreciate ur info. Glad ur doing better

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Student of Life,

      I think what happened was that the keto triggered an oxalate purge and when I ate sweet potatoes (high in oxalates), that stopped the purge and stopped the symptoms which I originally attributed to candida.

      I had to close my practice due to my neck problems. I now offer consultations: https://thepowerofozone.com///bookme


  7. Ed

    I've been really sick for more than 10 years.
    I was diagnosed with CFS.

    It's a long story, after 10 years I discovered all was problem from Candida and parasites.

    I started a Ketogenic diet combiend with a lot of garlic, onion, lemon, etc…

    After 6 months I was feeling the best time in my life.

    After 6 years I am still on Keto, with 39 years and my best shape in my life.

    There is a lot of people in ketosis for a lot of years feeling really good, and that could revert a lot of illness.
    You can research for yourself…

    If you feel worst during the firsts months is all because you are killing all you Candida and parasites, because they are starving and dying and it realeases a lot of toxins in your body. I call it desintoxication. In a few months it will start to get better and better and better…

    It's just my experience. Just the experience of one person who is in ketosis now for 7 years.

  8. rebecca

    Here's my issue with the ketogenic diet. Well, not so much the keto diet as those who tout it in ignorance. There is a genetic SNP, the ACAT1 SNP, that if you have it, and if it is expressing, you are unable to process ketones. I have it (heterozygous). I do horrible on keto. I feel sick and have most of those symptoms that you listed above.

    I feel great on high fat, but I need carbs, too. As long as I don't go into ketosis, I am good.

    People have no clue about this SNP (ACAT1) so it is very frustrating when I hear people say “go ahead and continue doing keto no matter how bad you feel, it is just the keto flu and you will get over it in a few weeks or month”

    No, the way you should feel is carb cravings…. you shouldn't feel sick. Anyway, that is how I feel. Keto is great for many people. But so many of the MLM companies like KetoOS don't even care that they are getting people sicker as a result…. they just tell you to double the amount of their product!! hah.

  9. Alison

    Thanks very much. I have been considering eating keto because I've seen great results on a LCHF diet for migraines. I am about to start chelation therapy with Andy cutler for Mercury and lead toxicity and so i found you by typing in “chelation and ketosis. ”
    Perhaps i should hold off on entering ketosis if I'm about to chelate and just keep on the LCHF .
    My headaches have worsoned over the last 5 weeks again and this was what was spurring me into thinking about taking it a step further in keto. I think my migraines may be toxicity headaches.
    Thanks so much

  10. John

    Hi Paola,

    Great article. I even read all the comments, something I rarely do. I have a question: Since we all have Candida, what is the most effective method of testing for too much of it?


  11. Anita

    “My mouth was burning all the time. I was urinating and drinking constantly. My joints and muscles felt stiff and sore. I developed constant nausea and pains in my gastric area, and an extreme pulling sensation in my head and neck.”
    Thank you for the article. What do you attribute the above symptoms to? Candida, ketosis? Wasn't sure after reading the article. Thanks.

    • paola d

      Hi Anita,
      I attributed those symptoms to candida which was caused by mercury and which was exacerbated by ketosis, yes.

  12. MazTerGee

    Not everyone has mercury poisoning or mercury fillings, I've never had them

    • paola d

      There are many people who never had mercury fillings yet are mercury poisoned.
      There is a way to find out if one is mercury toxic or not. But if candida is present, this is a very strong indication for mercury toxicity.

  13. Jorge

    Anyone who claims to have instant cessation of symptoms within minutes of eating a potato is not to be taken seriously.

    This part cracks me up:

    “By the time I was back home the exhaustion, breathing problems, [etc] got worse. Did the exercise push my body further into ketosis and make the yeast grow?”

    Water makes plants grow. Maybe you can sprinkle water on a seed, go out for a bit, and come back home to a tree.

    • paola d

      “Anyone who claims to have instant cessation of symptoms within minutes of eating a potato is not to be taken seriously.”
      Anyone who claims to know something better about an experience of another person he did not witness himself, is not to be taken seriously.

      “Water makes plants grow. Maybe you can sprinkle water on a seed, go out for a bit, and come back home to a tree.”
      Maybe you can go on the internet, read something and learn from it. Or rather not, because this would be as unlikely as me coming home to a tree …

  14. CT

    Thanks for your article. I have been trying various diets to try to reign in gradually worsening migraines (16 years now), and “nearly” keto diets (50 – 100 carbs per day) reduce the frequency by 75%. However, I haven't felt like this is a “cure”, just a nice migraine-management tool because if my carbs go up too far, the migraines come raging back same as before.

    After removing my last bit of metal under a crown 8 months ago, I have been preparing myself for a long chelation journey. I finally got started 10 weeks ago, but the therapy gives me constant migraines 3 times worse than usual and I can feel my gut bacteria getting out of whack (like when you take antibiotics). I still got 8 very painful rounds in, but am taking a break to heal and flush the dislodged toxins out with daily giant smoothies & coffee enemas. I plan to start again with the chelation after an upcoming vacation (I have to go low carb to survive the trip).. maybe I will reduce the dosages to see if I can tolerate the therapy better.
    After 10 rounds on chelation (9 ALA only – the 1 ALA + DMPS gave me even more horrible head & body pain), my energy (then again maybe this is the smoothies..) and mood have improved, but not sleeping well after messing up my sleep habits. 100 rounds seems like such an unattainable goal from here, but I do think it's the right path.
    Yours is the first article I have found that mixes Andy Cutler protocol with ketosis, and your findings resonated with me (though it a bummer about the food sensitivities remaining after so many rounds).

    All this experimenting on ourselves sometimes reveals some nice tips for others. Thanks for sharing yours.

    • paola d

      Hi CT,
      thank you for reading my blog!
      What dosage are you currently on?
      Have you tested yourself for thiol sensitivity? This might be important. If you are thiol sensitive, the coffee enemas could be a bad idea …
      And yes, I agree diets are also in my opinion mostly symptom managing tools, although they can be very powerful ones.

  15. bluema

    You can choose several routes for mercury chelation, including DMPS/DMSA/Sulfur, etc. I took a more natural route after researching the dangers of the aforementioned. Cilantro/Chlorella/Bentonite/Coffee Enema, etc along with several metal chelation complex formulas several times. I used to hate the taste of cilantro, but now I love it and eat it in massive amounts with no ill-effects. My biggest telltale sign for candida overgrowth has always been my tongue – it used to be coated white but now it's pink, no ear wax, etc. I also did several candida cleanses, anti-fungal holistic formulas, and daily incorporate caprylic acid/MCT/garlic/probiotics. Watch for the quality of fats you intake to up your omega-3, get 10 parameters urinalysis strips (instead of just ketone strips) to monitor your protein (kidney), ph, sg in conjunction to monitoring and keeping ketones between 1.5-3 mmol/L by restricting caloric intake and keeping meat consumption less than 20%. Finally, don't forget lots of raw green veg/smoothies to counter the acidity that comes from ketosis, drink lots of lemon juice water, apple cider vinegar, etc. Also don't forget the trace minerals, but I'm sure you're already aware of that.

    • pola polanski

      Hi bluema,
      there really is only one correct approach to chelate mercury, that's the frequent oral chelation.
      Doing “natural” chelation methods with cilantro or chlorella does not remove mercury.
      Hence, your conclusion, that mercury is not the underlying cause of your candida because you did “natural” chelation, does not hold.
      You cannot exclude that you're indeed still mercury toxic and that this is indeed the underlying cause of your candida.
      Feel free to look into the Andrew Cutler chelation or frequent low dose to learn about safe, effective and affordable way to chelate.

    • bluema

      Really? There's just one way? According to whom?
      Your speculation is that the mercury poisoning contributes to the virulent and persistent candida pestilence. I no longer have a candida problem despite having had a mouth full of amalgams for decades, so my carefully researched natural mercury detox must've helped, or at least debunked your mercury/candida theory? I still experienced a stiff neck and head pressures in the absence of carb on particularly fat heavy meals. I do not believe the symptoms you experienced were candida related. It seems like you overloaded on pro-inflammatory fats and did not balance the diet with adequate raw veg, micro and phytonutrients, along with omega-3. Another speculation is that you may have had a problem with insufficient pancreatic enzymes or developed gallbladder inflammation to digest heavy meals after prolonged fat ingestion on your HFLC diet, but certainly not a properly administered ketogenic diet where you're supposed to ingest some carbs. I'm done here. Good luck.

    • pola polanski

      thank you for commenting.
      Unfortunately, you make a common logical error: mercury toxic people get relief or even complete resolution of their symptoms from a wide variety of therapies or supplements: from Vit C, adrenal supplements, to diet changes, to ozone therapy, or even physioterapy. Most of them need to continue doing that therapy or diet change in order to maintain the gains. This does not mean that their symptoms are not caused by mercury. That's a common logical misconception.

      Also: if you had read my article in its entirety you would have read the part where I say that there are reports which give credence to the belief that the Ketogenic can indeed cure candida. This still does not negate the fact that mercury was the underlying problem of the candida. Most people who see an improvement in candida with the Keto diet, need to continue the diet in order to keep symptoms at bay.

      It might be that you're not mercury toxic, I don't know. It might be that your candida had nothing to do with your amalgam history.
      But you cannot say that with certainty and exclude mercury as the underlying cause just because you improved your candida with some herbal and non-chelating remedies …

      Also if you had read my article further, you would have excluded the possibility that my reactions were due to what you think was the wrong diet or wrong food types.
      To this day I eat A LOT of saturated animal fats, and the symptoms I experienced while being on the Ketogenic diet have not returned.

      Also gallbladder inflammation comes with severe pains. The chances that I have or had that is basically non-existant.

  16. bluema

    I came to this site after experiencing a stiff neck and bloated head while in ketosis, especially after a few heavy fat meals. I don't believe the Mercury link to candida necessarily explains your issues. I had my amalgams removed 15 years ago and did several chelation therapies just in case around that time. I believe your immediate nausea after coconut oil consumption might've been related to the strain on your gallbladder with the heavy saturated fat. Also, a true ketogenic diet does not remove all carb. You do need to intake to about 20-60 grams of carbohydrates per day, and deep ketosis over 3 mmol/L isn't necessarily optimal. Some carbohydrates/glucose is useful to upkeep your thyroid, liver, and gut functions. When my neck was particularly stiff and bloated feeling (more on the sides up to my ears to head), I consumed a small peach from my organic garden and uncomfortable stiffness immediately got better. I'm not sure what this means exactly since I'm early in my research, but this only happened when I didn't include enough carb/glucose on particularly heavy fat/protein loaded meals thus far. Don't forget that for the majority people, including enough fibers and carb up to 10% of caloric intake is necessary to support healthy bodily functions, and you definitely have to lower high PUPA fats to keep your pro-inflammatory omega 6 in a better balance.

    • paola d

      Hi bluema,
      thank you for your comment.
      Please explain what you mean with “did several chelation therapies”. What chelation protocols exactly did you do?

  17. Andy Theise

    Ketosis cured my Candida overgrowth 100% so maybe you are just different. Everyone is different and your way isn't the “Right” way. There are many ways,

    • paola d

      Hi Andy,
      thank you for commenting.
      Did you read the whole article?

  18. Phil

    Another possibility is that while in Ketosis, one burns stored fats, which will release toxins since toxins are stored in fat.

    • polapolish

      Might be the case in someone who has not undergone extensive ozone therapy with 2-4 hours of ozone applications per day for months and years as I have. If you know anything about ozone therapy, you'll know that it's one of the most powerful detoxing modalities there are. Which is also the reason why it can and in most cases will cause really dramatic Herxheimer reactions once the oxidized toxins start leaving the body (except mercury. Ozone will not remove mercury or any other heavy metals). After years of doing ozone therapy I stopped experiencing any Herxheimer reactions (and do not experience them when doing ozone to this day), which means the possibility that I had any stored toxins in me, was as good as zero.

  19. MatthewGrace

    I'm more interested in knowing what dosages and types of chelator you're on… Ala only? Dmps? Where did you get your supplies? How long are your rounds and how long did it take to notice progress? You can't write an article like this and not share! Did I miss another article where all this is disclosed?

    And now, I'll attempt to contribute in some meaningful way: Google Lufenuron. Use the Owndoc source if you decide to give it a try, there's is pure, cheap, and they provide the most amount of research by a landslide. Perhaps you'll like it too. It is a very clever way to combat yeast without toxic drugs, and now that you're doing so much better, might really provide a boost to knock down the last vestiges of yeast – at least, in the quantities enough to make you sick. Remember nothing is perfect, so don't kid yourself into thinking you have to wait until the mercury situation is 100% perfect before advancing your regimine. Food for thought.

    I'm about to embark on Andy Cutler chelation myself.

    Good luck!

    • polapolish

      I've done a few rounds of ALA only, but most were a combination of ALA and DMSA. I also used DMPS in combination with ALA but not too often. DMPS is too expensive for me.
      I've just finished round 121 and was on 37.5 mg of ALA and 25 mg of DMSA.
      I get my chelators from livingnetwork: http://www.livingsupplements.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=6&zenid=af6463eeb899a515a472b84997a4fad5
      My rounds are currently 72 hours or 3 full days long. I've tried longer rounds in the past but they seem to be too difficult for me. I do better on 3 days rounds.
      I noticed some progress from the first round on, as well as some worsening.
      I've noticed some lasting progress I'd say 1 year into the protocol.
      I heard about Lufenuron. I don't think I'm gonna try that. I react negatively to most supplements like Vit C, molybdenum, Vit E or D, so I don't think taking an incredient used in pest control is gonna be a good idea for me. Plus the candida seems to be mostly under control now, anyway.
      Hope that helps.
      I'm planning on posting a more in depth update soon.

    • Chris

      so did you chelate without supplements then (as you say you don't tolerate them)? I don't tolerate supplements as well and hence I don't dare to start chelation as it is not suggested by Cutler to chelate without antioxidative protection. Thanks!

    • polapolish

      yes I've been mostly chelating without supplements. It's possible. And it's possible to do it successfully.

  20. Lewis

    Could you please go into detail about what your daily die would consist of?

    I would deeply appreciate it as I tried a keto diet in the past for 2 weeks with ZERO carbs – like not even from liver and noticed my symptoms amplify a lot.

    What you have wrote makes perfect sense and I just need some guidance.

    Thank you

    • polapolish

      Hi Lewis,
      so since writing this article my diet changed again. I assume the reason for that is just what I had speculated and predicted: that with continued mercury chelation the candida would decrease and would allow for a less carb heavy diet. I'm currently on round 111 of chelation and I'm back again on a low carb diet and doing better on it.

      But: if you ask how my diet looked like when I wrote that article which was when I realized an improvement in my symptoms after adding back carbs, then that's what it looked like more or less: I would basically eat a roughly 50:50 ratio of carbs to protein with lots of fat (Kerrygold butter).

      So I would eat for example around 4 rice crackers in the morning with a thick layer of butter and a liver (or some other meat type) pate.

      Then for lunch I would eat potatoes and some meat, like a steak, or pork chops. The plate would have usually one side full of boiled potatoes (with butter on top) and on the other side the piece of meat and possible one or two sliced tomatoes on the side.

      Then for dinner I could have again some rice crackers with more meat type of a spread, and always lots of butter.

      Or I would make a rice chicken stew, with around a 50:50 ratio of rice to meat. and serve that with cucumber pickels or freshly sliced cucumbers or tomatoes.

      So basically I was making sure I would get a good serving or carbs, which consisted of either rice or potatoes or a rice noodles or rice crackers. And combine that with a nice serving of meat either in cooked, sauted or a pate form.

      I hope that helps ….

  21. mrmasseyman

    I cant remember where I read the following… I will try to dig it up but it really resonated with me…

    Ive been trouble shooting lyme, candida, and now mercury with ozone etc for the past 4 years…

    I followed your youtube vids starting in 2012 after dark field microscopy (Fry Labs) confirming positive western blot lyme and RMSF…

    The Fry Test also illustrated huge amounts of blood born mycoplasma spiked with bartonella

    I have read that the candida somehow are able to “feed” from the mercury deposit, or in my mind perhaps benefit from the immediate cellular environment caused by the mercury FUBAR situation…

    and that the candida fungus effectively encapsulates the mercury into a nasty fungus shelled bomb with a mercury core

    so, when and where the candida is killed/removed, an amount of mercury proportional to the amount of candida is mobilized as well

    From my experience with oxidative therapies, including “nuclear orange” explosive movements following IV ozone, that had to be entire colonies of candida being imploded at once…

    accompanied with wicked neuro herx symptoms lasting weeks without relief, that I now know was compounded by the freshly released mercury distribution

    the explanation of candida cellularly surrounding the mercury in some form of synergistic relationship makes some sense… at least to me

    and it may be wise to have optimal mercury chelation methods in place before attempting to tackle candida, lyme w co infections etc…

    in my case I certainly wish I had installed a proper chelation “mercury safety net” in place at the beginning of my lyme treatment

    • polapolish

      It's unlikely that mercury was released when you did oxidative therapies.
      Candida doesn't feed on mercury.
      No pathogen does. The reason why they put mercury in the form of thimerosal in vaccines is because it's antibacterial and antifungal.
      If you're looking for a proper chelation method – that's the Andy Cutler protocol. The most effective and safest method there is.

    • Student of Life

      It can be so hard to figure out effective solutions for all this stuff!

      I had all the same issues, and like u tried EVERYTHING. I’ve studied natural medicine for many years & have tried most things DIY but there was too much conflicting data on heavy metal home detox for my taste. Noticed some people Online had literally done 400 rounds plus of the cutler protocol wo success, while some had bad reactions & many succeeded but it often took a very long time. Some practitioners said it was dangerous & redistribution seemed to be a big issue for some. It was Also rather complicated for long term use. Maybe some just did it wrong but I didn’t want to take the risk. Really glad it worked for Paula, & So many others, it just wasn’t for me. Same w many other protocols out there and the practitioners in my area were insanely expensive $10k or more. The struggle is real!

      Long story short I eventually found an affordable Toxicologist who was well known for getting results w Mercury & other heavy metals Candida Lyme SIBO & everything else so many of us have been dealing w. She works w people, tests for metals & pathogens, & treats long distance w phone consults & mails tests supplements etc. I tested negative for Mercury & Lyme within 6-8 months & had the Candida reduced & stable for the first time ever. Also reversed most of the arthritis in every joint in my body. Still working on the Candida, which was the absolute worst symptom causer! but my counts go down substantially every time. She charges $175 for the 1st 6 weeks of testing for & treatment & her rates go down after that. The supplements aren’t Very expensive & she doesn’t care if u get supplements elsewhere. I’m not affiliated, just a patent who knows the struggle & recommend what worked for me to those interested. If u or anyone else wants a practitioner who gets results w these issues u can find her website & phone # googling “Toxicologist Shiela Ring Reed”

      I got my 2 fillings out W precautions for $250 each, Btw which surprised Bc it was 10 times that back in the day. Which was required b4 the mercury part of the heavy metal detox.

      I had bad Fairly bad Mercury toxicity Symptoms both times, despite precautions, so I must be sensitive to it but High doses Of V-C took away most of them & 3-4grams of Nac neutralized 100% the second time around. Was so impressed I continue to used them during the whole detox process, which probably speed things up. I highly recommend at least high dosing Buffered V-C at least 3 times a day to anyone dealing w mercury, & it helps w the Candida too.

      Just started using Ozone & I’m definitely a big fan of that.

      Thanks for the article Paula, learned some knew stuff?

  22. Allen Branson

    Thanks for the info. I'll look into this protocol.

  23. Pamela James

    I think it is really important to get certain tests before attempting any kind of diet that is supposed to work for anyone. Each of our bodies potentially have different things going on that might not allow the diet to work. If you work with a functional medicine doctor you can get a sense of what is happening, yeast overgrowth, improper break down of fats in the body, adrenal fatigue, etc. Trying to guess and eat the right foods to see if symptoms worse can be confusing and disappointing since it can take several weeks to see any change in your symptoms.

    • polapolish

      There are several potential problems with this approach though:
      – not everyone has the money to spend on functional doctors and tests many of which are not covered by insurance. That has certainly been my situation for most of the time. Many chronically ill people also are so sick that they cannot work so they can even less afford tests and doctors
      – many of those tests aren't really accurate and do not provide conclusive results. The most accurate tests as far as food intolerances are concerned are trial tests, like the ketosis-candida test. or exclusion diets to test for gluten-, lactose-, thiol-, and other sensitivities.

      I've met many people who've been to the supposed most expert doctors there are: Klinghardt, Nathan, Shallenberger. Over the years they spent tens or hundreds of thousands of $$ and were not better. Talking about being diappointed …

    • Amy Anderson

      1000 % agree. Even eating for my blood type was difficult with a gallbladder problem but with the help of an amazing muscle tester and now my primary monthly doctor , I was able to help dial in the foods I did not want to part with even though I was eating for my type about 80% of the time. It just wasn’t enough with the dairy I was consuming. I strongly believe that blood type and any pre-existing conditions that might be wreaking havoc in the body are to be identified first.

  24. Andrea Wyckoff

    Great write up! I was diagnosed with candida over growth years ago, but it naturally went away when I went grain/refined sugar free. Also had my mercury fillings removed in that time.

    I found my sweet spot which is just flirting with keto, some no carb meals, balanced with lots of berries and low sugar fruits in other meals. Some days are keto, some are low carb. My body is finally happy.

    I also live with an autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis which flares up when I have a large amount of the gram negative gut bacteria called klebsiella. Mix klebsiella with the HLA-B27 gene combined with leaky gut, and you get a very painful cripplling disease. Klebsiella feed on starch, so I must eat low starch to control the AS. The AS low starch diet is naturally low in carbs, and totally keeps my autoimmune disease quiet. More relevancy to the benefits of low carb to beat disease. Anyhow enjoyed reading you post, I have been on a relatable journey myself.


    • Anthony C

      Andrea where and how can one get fillings removed?
      And what about the hole left?

      I beleive I have had cavities heal naturally but it doesn't seem to occur completely regularly formme yet as I suppose I am not in that superior level of health yet
      But I am 99% my teeth have healed before and are healing now..
      I have heard that there have been cases where fillings have popped out or fallen off of healing teeth.. that would be nice
      I'm not sure how to get that to happen
      But if you could give me some information on the removal of fillings I would be very much appreciative
      Thank you


    • Christie Jordan-Brown

      Hi! How did you find out all of this about yourself? Do you mind sharing? I can't get diagnosed correctly.

    • polapolish

      thank you!

    • Sekator

      So You telling me that with candida overgrowth for so long time that You wasnt able to get out of bed… You ate sweet potato and in 20 mins You ve been cured? So that s ebough time to kill candida and remoce all toxins from Your body.. 20 mins and bloody potato..??

    • paola d

      So you telling me that you managed to get all the way to the end of this post without taking the time to really read it or understand it?

    • Everett

      Great read until you used vaccines as an example of mercury… a pear contains more mercury than a vaccination…

      Perhaps try again without the antivax rehtoric

    • paola d

      Hi Everett,

      I suggest reading up on trace amounts of mercury in vaccines or the 25mcg dosages of mercury still in millions of flu vaccines https://www.robertfkennedyjr.com/vaccines.html.

      But if you'd rather choose to indulge in cognitive dissonance, then maybe this blog is not for you.


    • David

      This blog post is nothing but the ramblings of an internet diagnosed hypochondriac. You are doing the world a disservice by spewing your dribble.

      You ate a sweet potato after years of being low carb and felt great after 20 minutes. How does that deduce you have candida overgrowth? Have you been taking stool samples and having them analyzed?

      Paul Jaminet provides no scientific evidence to back up his claims. No studies were done. No samples taken. It's all based on how a person feels. You have no internal candida detector. Ketones exist in your blood stream and bladder and very very little in your gut. Candida cannot eat ketones, it requires sugar or starch. You can't ferment beer or wine by substituting fat for sugar.

      Most people that go low carb are cutting out a large source of nutrients. Especially B vitamins. Go ultra low carb and you're cutting out even more. You need to be diligent and possibly take supplements. Vitamin A would be a big one. An egg has about 300iu whereas a sweet potato has almost 20,000iu but in the form of Beta Carotene so there is no worry about over dose.

      That is most likely what the problem was and why a dose of vitamins made you feel better so quickly. Look up deficiency symptoms.

    • paola d

      Hi David,

      “That is most likely what the problem was and why a dose of vitamins made you feel better so quickly. Look up deficiency symptoms.”

      So you mean I should stop engaging in my type of internet diagnosed hypochondria and instead engage in your type?
      Because I looked up Vitamin A deficiency symptoms and could not find a match with the ones I described.

      What you may want to do instead of trolling my website is to a) provide scientific evidence that a ketogenic diet leads to Vitamin A deficiency, b) provide scientific evidence, that a lack of Vitamin A produces the symptoms I was describing and that supplying 20,000 IU of Vitamin A is known to alleviate those within 20 min.


    • Amy A Anderson

      While it’s great that you have done some research I feel you have missed some areas that could have been vital to your ketogenic success. Jumping on a diet to try something new is one thing but ketogenic living is something that you have to know your body and it’s tendencies already and before starting it should have a good idea of what foods your body doesn’t tolerste If you were doing it to look for answers then you may run out to problems like you have . First and for most, we cannot eat all fats and all proteins just because someone else considers it good. I am a strong believer in eating for your blood type and have been doing so for years and have resolved many of my health issues from food allergies and intolerances, adrenal and pre hyperthyroidism issues, digestive issues and gallstones with a gallbladder I cured on my own. I tried the ketogenic diet because I’ve supporting my boyfriend and his health quest and I need something to help me sustain muscle while on off weeks of working out since my schedule is all over the place. I also have a good muscle tone and build muscle quickly and I’m in my prime and would like to look the best I can possibly look in my entire lifetime. I am in O blood type which means my blood type does the best on Paleo high-protein, high meat diet of properly sourced proteins and vegetables. I also cannot tolerate gluten or dairy ( goat and feta are exceptions) There are vegetables I am supposed to avoid there are vegetables that are highly beneficial . My boyfriend is an A blood type, and A’s can typically thrive on a vegetarian diet low on animal proteins with the exception of fish. He’s not as strict with himself as I am and falls off the wagon a lot but even making major changes like taking out red meat and potatoes made an instant improvement in his heartburn and weight. With As it’s all about getting past the lower levels of stomach acid, and going for digestible proteins, which by the way have the same symptoms of too much stomach acid. You pop a Tums because it seems like the thing to do and all you’ve done is created a moment of relief only to make the problem worse by removing even more acid, the same acid that is digesting your food is also digesting your esophagus because your one-way valve is weekend by gases produced by the undigested food sitting in the stomach.
      My point is , if you were in A blood type ( about 40 % of the world) eating whatever fats and proteins the other guy told you eat you could be simply taking in the wrong kinds of fats and proteins, same with vegetables even.

      Coconut is something I have struggled with and the blood type diet does not support coconut for most. Personally, I could not heal my gallbladder until I took out a few remaining foods like coconut, avocado, and salmon . What!!!! Aren’t those healthy things! Well yes, for some but not me. Coconut and avocado are two foods I’m supposed to avoid already for my O Blood and salmon is neutral however even beneficial proteins or a problem at one point for me since I had an organ that was not helping… my gallbladder. Being a meat eater without a properly functioning gallbladder is very confusing. I knew I had a problem with those three foods and once I remove them I begin complete remission. NOTE: Bad gallbladder is are very common and before starting a high fat protein diet you must consider this first.
      My entire point is that both my boyfriend and I have to source are proteins and fats differently. Pork is a food that all blood types are supposed to avoid so go figure, eat pork fat and bacon and you get heartburn or other complications. Being in a ketogenic diet is not unhealthy it is how you are achieving ketosis that can be unhealthy and damaging and this is a warning if you are reading the correct ketogenic protocols. I would be in a world of trouble if I started doing all the dairy I was told was OK and on the flipside my boyfriend would be back to digestive issues if he started consuming them out a redmeat he was told is OK to eat.

      There is a solution for all of this even if you are not good at eating for your blood type, although I think it is the missing piece of the puzzle every walk of life.

      Try adding exogenous ketones and see how everything changes if you can achieve still sourcing your food correctly. There are warning labels on improperly achieve in ketosis but exogenous ketones makes this whole process beautiful!

      PS exagenous ketones are taken in the form of a powder and helps the body achieve ketosis in as quick as an hour and does allow for looser restrictions on carb or sugar intake, although you really don’t crave them you can still have a cookie if you want it do you feel you’ve earned it . You can take a weekend off and start back Monday right where you left off Fri. It’s not what we’re doing it’s how we’re doing it people!! Don’t just start a fad because you heard it works . Look into it, research it, and above all know YOUR BODY.

      Here are areas of health that have been in the ketosis spotlight:
      Parkinson’s disease Alheizmers disease
      Reduce inflammation
      Improved cholesterol

      Before disregarding or giving up on ketosis, check out this amazing Netflix documentary.


      People of all ages are living better more prosperous lives because of proper ketogenic living. Like with everything, practice makes perfect so at minimum check out living for your blood type. You might not like what foods you see on the beneficial and avoids list but once ignorance is taken out of the equation you might be able to live the life you deserve! PEACE , LOVE, & RESPECT

    • Medina

      Thank you for a well written document. Some of these posts had issues with you feeling a whole lot better after eating a sweet potato. It's the same principle as immediately feeling like S.H.I.T. after taking some exogenous ketone supplements. I am so glad I came upon this because I knew something wasn't right after taking this supplement and it wasn't because I hadn't removed any carbohydrates from my diet, in fact the opposite was true. This blog makes total sense!


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