Has ozone therapy ever killed anyone? What about hydrogen peroxide? How much truth is there to the often cited anonymous reports of “people having died because of ozone or hydrogen peroxide therapy”?

In this post I will examine some of the cases available on the internet which are often quoted as proof that oxygen therapy can be deadly and see whether they hold up to scrutiny.

Critics often argue that oxygen therapies are inherently dangerous due to the fact that ozone is a gas or that oxygen can be released during the administration of hydrogen peroxide and cause a deadly gas embolism. That’s why, when analyzing various death reports I want to primarily find out whether the oxygen agent itself (ozone or hydrogen peroxide) properly administered by a trained professional with medical equipment was ever the cause of death, not any pharmaceuticals or other agents which might be used in conjunction with the oxygen therapy. Those often carry well established risks on their own, like for example the blood anti-coagulant heparin. Also, for a fatal case to conclusively prove that it was indeed the oxygen component which killed the patient and not other outside factors, of course it had to have been administered correctly and with equipment which was intended for medical purposes.

Off we go.

I come across the first alleged death reports on the website Whatstheharm.net, created by Tim Farley, a self-described skeptic who is aiming “to make a point about the danger of not thinking critically”. The website deals, among conspiracy theories and pseudo-science topics, with a number of alternative medicine protocols and their purported risks. It’s asking “What’s the harm in ozone therapy?”.

The page claims that “Here are 13 people who were harmed” by ozone therapy, but only 11 are actually listed: Leslie Bremston, Brendon Johnson, Shannon O’Donnell & 6 other Australians, Melissa Taylor and “Jane Roe”. 10 out of which have allegedly died from it, and one ended up in hospital. Out of those 11, only one case is supplied by active links which lead to a real story: Melissa Taylor, 33. She is the one whose treatment ended  in hospitalization not death, hence we will not deal with it further.

Edit, November 11th, 2014:

Of course will I deal with it further! Sorry for the oversight:

The blatant misconception concerning Melissa Taylor's case and ozone becomes clear when reading this and this article (the two provided by whatstheharm.net): “Mrs Taylor's relatives, who witnessed the treatment, said Sartori used a syringe to withdraw liquid from a small metal cylinder, then injected three doses into Ms Taylor, in veins in her chest and neck.” Again: ozone is NOT a liquid. And it cannot be stored in a bottle. Clearly, there is a misconception about what Mr. Sartori injected into Ms. Taylor – but it wasn't ozone. It could have been ozonated saline solution which is usually prepared on site, not stored. But given that Mr. Sartori was known for injecting “a range of substances including caesium, DMSO (an industrial solvent) and Laetrile (also called B17 although it is not a vitamin, or Amygdalin)” it's more likely that it was one of those substances that Ms. Taylor received, none of which have anything to do with ozone.

Also: After having received the unidentified IV, Ms. Taylor “was discharged on July 4 to return to New Zealand.” which was two weeks later, from the hospital. That means that 2 weeks after the treatment by Mr. Sartori Ms. Taylor was still alive and well. In fact so well, that she didn't have any ill feelings towards the (what she thought was) ozone treatment itself “Taylor and her family are not upset about ozone therapy as such – it's the way Sartori was working that has angered them.”.

Ms. Taylor's death occurred in September 2006 – 3 months after her treatment. How one could make a connection between a treatment a terminal patient with metastasized cancer had received 3 months prior and her death remains a mystery which also the article itself completely omits to explain.

Reading over the 2 shoddy pieces of journalism I now understand why I didn't go into that case further: it's just so blatantly a disinfo story and it so completely fails to make its case I honestly didn't deem it worthy of further attention.

The other 10 quoted cases cannot be opened and the links lead to “Access Denied” pages.

Number of people so far, documented to have been killed by properly administered ozone therapy, by properly trained personnel, with proper medical equipment: 0.

Number of shady looking websites with misleading information written by people who cannot count to thirteen: 1.

Although whatstheharm.net is unable to deliver even one documented case of an alleged death linked to ozone therapy, I decide to do a web search on my own and see whether the listed names correspond to some authentic stories. Here is what I found:


Case #1: Leslie Bramston, 44

Whatstheharm.net: “Seeking a cure for her cancer, she was sold vitamin and herbal treatments for thousands of dollars. Finally she was injected with cesium chloride as part of an ozone therapy, and she died.” Clearly, there is a misconception: cesium chloride is not ozone. Nor is it part of ozone therapy. The fact that some practitioners might use it in conjunction with ozone therapy does not make it part of it. A report under the headline “Cruel end to dash for cancer ‘cure’” on The Australian’s webpage repeats the misconception: “Lesley Bramston, 44, died after she was injected with a cesium chloride treatment – also called ozone therapy”. Ms. Bramston’s sister, Susan, describes in the article what she saw when her sister was treated:

“He took this solution out of an oxygen bottle and injected it into an IV in her arm.”

An oxygen bottle contains oxygen under pressure – a gas. One cannot keep a liquid in a pressurized cylinder which is intended to store gas. There seems to be a clear misunderstanding of what Susan thought she saw and what it really was. Ozone which is intended for medical purposes cannot be stored in a bottle or any other container – it is so volatile, it has to be produced on site. Through a further search I come across a document which describes the ingredients of the concoction Mr. Sartori, the man who treated Leslie Bramston, had used: “The treatment used a range of substances including caesium, DMSO (an industrial solvent) and Laetrile (also called B17 although it is not a vitamin, or Amygdalin)” None of which is ozone nor is it a standard part of ozone therapy.

Number of journalists who have forgotten to do their homework: 1.

Number of people so far, documented to have been killed by properly administered ozone therapy, by properly trained personnel, with proper medical equipment: 0.


Case #2: Shannon O’Donnell & 6 other Australians

Whatstheharm.net reads “A friend recommended the doctor for her pancreatic cancer. He treated her with “ozone therapy” and showed her nude photos of his other patients. She died 36 days after beginning treatment. Six other Australians have died from this bogus treatment.” The Google search “shannon o’donnell ozone” renders an article by Fox News which states that “Shannon died 36 days after receiving ‘ozone treatment' in 2003 from a man known as Lubo Bitelco of Stirling, Australia.” The ozone protocol she received was supposedly “'vaginal blowing' during which she had to move up and down on the bed saying ‘Oh, boy,' “. I assume that “vaginal blowing” describes “vaginal insufflations” which is a proper part of ozone therapy during which ozone gas is being introduced into the vaginal cavity via a catheter. Moving up and down or in any direction and to have to utter “Oh, boy” or anything else for that matter is not part of the procedure. The cause of death was determined as sepsis. Yet the coroner was unable to determine whether it was due to the ozone treatment or due to the cancer. What is sepsis? According to the Mayo Clinic’s website it’s “a potentially life-threatening complication of an infection” be it due to bacteria, fungi or viruses. Given that ozone is known to be one of the most powerful disinfectants, to the point that it’s used in municipal water treatment plants all over the world, to assume that an ozone treatment could cause sepsis (36 days after the treatment nonetheless), it’s like assuming someone died of thirst due to water intake 5 weeks ago. As to the “6 other Australians”: a google search does not render any results in conjunction with ozone and possible deaths, hence it remains a mystery who those people were or what was meant by it. So what do we have? Number of incompetent, negligent and uninformed coroners: 1

Number of websites spreading disinfo by pretending to educate people: 1

Number of perverts with an ozone machine: 1

Number of people so far, documented to have been killed by properly administered ozone therapy, by properly trained personnel, with proper medical equipment: 0.


Case #3: Katherine Bibeau

The “Times Argus” from Vermont, reports on January 2nd, 2005, that Katherine Bibeau, a breast cancer survivor, had been suffering from multiple sclerosis for which she had received hydrogen peroxide IVs from Dr. James Shortt. When her body arrived at the morgue, it was covered in “in large, deep purplish-black bruises”. She had encountered massive internal bleeding. Coroner Gary Watts concluded it was homicide. The alleged weapon was hydrogen peroxide, because Dr. Shortt treated Katherine “with something he shouldn't have infused her with.” The coroner stated that the hydrogen peroxide “had produced bubbles in Bibeau's bloodstream that started her down a fatal spiral into multiple organ failure and cardiac arrest”. What the coroner fails to explain is how a substance which is produced by the human body in abundance and has been successfully used by doctors since 1888 can create a fatal spiral into organ failure and cardiac arrest, nor how he arrived to that conclusion and how the skin discoloration and the bleeding relate to the H2O2 administration. What is explained on the other hand, is that Katherine Bibeau had been taking 2 different drugs to treat MS: Copaxone and Tegretol which are known to cause exactly the side effects Katherine displayed when she died. Copaxone: This website cites over 70 different side effects of Copaxone, among them “bleeding” and “fast, irregular, pounding, or racing heartbeat or pulse”. Here we read that “5 individuals taking COPAXONE reported DYSFUNCTIONAL UTERINE BLEEDING to the FDA”. The FDA issued a Warning Letter to Teva Pharmaceuticals (the maker of Copaxone) saying that Teva has misled consumers by overstating the drug’s benefits, downplaying its risks and even playing around with statistics during the safety trials. Here some highlights of the letter:

“In addition, it is unclear as to why certain patients dropped out or were lost to follow-up. For example, in one of the open-label studies described above, only 100 patients remained in the study at 15 years out of the original 231 patients.” “[d]uring the postmarketing period, there have been reports of patients with similar symptoms [of immediate post-injection reactions (IPIRs)] who received emergency medical care” “As stated above, FDA is not aware of adequate and well-controlled head-to-head clinical trials demonstrating that Copaxone is safer, more effective than, or otherwise superior to, other RRMS [Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis] therapies”

And this is just one of the drugs she was taking. Now to the other: Tegretol: FDA:

“TEGRETOL may cause rare but serious skin rashes that may lead to death.” “TEGRETOL may cause rare but serious blood problems. Symptoms may include: (…) red or purple spots on your body“

So, what do we have so far?

Total number of incompetent, negligent and uninformed, or just plain stupid coroners: 2.

Total number of news websites using misleading titles in their articles: 1.

Number of people so far who have been obviously killed by pharmaceutical drugs: 1.

Number of people so far, documented to have been killed by properly administered hydrogen peroxide therapy, by properly trained personnel, with proper medical equipment: 0.

The same article quotes another case:“Michael Bate, a 66-year-old retired engineer, had advanced prostate cancer” who was also a patient of Dr. James Shortt and who also passed away while under his care. I would have loved to examine the case a little closer but it seems someone else had the same idea and executed it better than I would have ever: Dr. James Shaller elucidates step by step the lunacity of attributing the death of Mr. Bate, a late stage cancer patient, primarily to whatever protocol he might have undergone prior to passing away. Next case:



The FDA cites a case of a woman with ovarian cancer who after receiving three ozone therapy treatments, is admitted to a hospital with “abdominal cramping, nausea and vomiting” and “small bowel obstruction and gastrointestinal bleeding”. The patient passes away 3 weeks later after the doctors were “unable to resolve the gastrointestinal bleeding and vomiting”. Her death is being attributed to the ozone treatments which consisted of “removal of 250 cc of blood which was ozonated with 250 cc ozone and returned to the patient”. This therapy is called Major Autohemotherapy (MAH). What the report fails to mention is that MAH, like any therapy which includes removing a patient’s blood and reintroducing it, requires an anticoagulant; otherwise the blood will clot and make reintroduction into the body, and the successful performance of the treatment, impossible. The most widely used anticoagulant in ozone therapy is heparin. Here are some of the well known risks associated with the drug:

Hemorrhage [bleeding] can occur at virtually any site in patients receiving heparin.” “It has been reported that patients on heparin may develop new thrombus formation in association with thrombocytopenia resulting from irreversible aggregation of platelets induced by heparin, the so-called “white clot syndrome.” The process may lead to severe thromboembolic complications like skin necrosis, gangrene of the extremities that may lead to amputation, myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, stroke, and possibly death.“ “Hemorrhage is the chief complication that may result from heparin therapy (see WARNINGS). An overly prolonged clotting time or minor bleeding during therapy can usually be controlled by withdrawing the drug (see OVERDOSAGE). It should be appreciated that gastrointestinal or urinary tract bleeding during anticoagulant therapy may indicate the presence of an underlying occult lesion. Bleeding can occur at any site but certain specific hemorrhagic complications may be difficult to detect:

  1. Adrenal hemorrhage, with resultant acute adrenal insufficiency, has occurred during anticoagulant therapy. Therefore, such treatment should be discontinued in patients who develop signs and symptoms of acute adrenal hemorrhage and insufficiency. Initiation of corrective therapy should not depend on laboratory confirmation of the diagnosis, since any delay in an acute situation may result in the patient's death.
  2. Ovarian (corpus luteum) hemorrhage developed in a number of women of reproductive age receiving short- or long-term anticoagulant therapy. This complication if unrecognized may be fatal.”

“Generalized hypersensitivity reactions have been reported, with chills, fever, and urticaria as the most usual manifestations, and asthma, rhinitis, lacrimation, headache, nausea and vomiting, and anaphylactoid reactions, including shock, occurring more rarely. Itching and burning, especially on the plantar site of the feet, may occur. Thrombocytopenia has been reported to occur in patients receiving heparin with a reported incidence of 0–30%. While often mild and of no obvious clinical significance, a reduction in platelet count can be accompanied by severe thromboembolic complications such as skin necrosis, gangrene of the extremities that may lead to amputation, myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, stroke, and possibly death.”

Vomiting, nausea, bleeding, and death – it looks like the patient displayed a textbook hypersensitivity reaction to heparin with a possible “occult lesion” due to ovarian cancer which had potentially escalated the problem.

Number of corrupt government institutions which spread disinformation about the risks of oxygen therapies: 1.

Total number of people so far who lost their lives due to pharmaceutical drugs and added to the other 100,000 killed that year: 2.

Number of people, documented to have been killed by properly administered ozone therapy, by properly trained personnel, with proper medical equipment: 0


Case #5: “‘Bio-Oxidative Medicine' Practitioner Disciplined”

Presented by professional racketeer and bully Stephen Barrett MD, the article talks about a case against Dr. John C. Pittman who agreed to have his license suspended for 60 days because a “a woman he treated who had nearly died from a precipitous drop in hemoglobin caused by intravenous infusions of ozone and hydrogen peroxide, which destroyed many of her red blood cells.” “Nearly died” – meaning: afterwards she was still alive, as in: not dead.

Number of people so far, documented to have been killed by properly administered ozone or hydrogen peroxide therapy, by properly trained personnel, with proper medical equipment: 0.

Number of  psychopaths with a medical degree: 1.

[I do not wish to make light of a certainly highly stressful and probably traumatizing experience the patient went through. But, a) as stated at the beginning of my posting I’m only interested in cases of reported deaths, and b) it’s impossible to know what really happened just by reading the statement of the accuser and not having heard the story of the defendant. The defendant’s side of the story does not seem to be publicly available. The fact that Dr. Pittman signed the papers and consented to have his license revoked for 60 days, still does not necessarily mean that he agreed to the accusations or that he was guilty. Other legal and financial considerations might have played a decisive role. The case of Dr. Frank Shallenberger illustrates that perfectly. In the past, Dr. Shallenberger faced charges of the heinous crime of using “dangerous drugs” like magnesium and Vitamin B complexes in his practice, among other unsubstantiated claims. He decided to acquiesce to the allegations by the California Medical Board and to rather lose his California medical license and start practicing in Nevada, than to engage in a potentially protracted, costly legal battle, without really agreeing to any of the accusations. So unless we know why Dr. Pittman concurred with the allegations, it’s impossible to make a judgment about what really happened.]


Case #6: “Death from an Unconventional Therapy for AIDS”

The “Annals of Internal Medicine”, Volume 120, No 8, page 694, reports that

“A 51-year old man with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), cytomegalovirus retinitis, and disseminated Mycobacterium avium complex infection, having read about the purported value of hydrogen peroxide therapy in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, injected 35% hydrogen peroxide into his subclavian vein catheter. (…) Progressive renal insufficiency with multiple electrolyte abnormalities developed, and the patient died on the 5th hospital day.”

This is indeed a tragic death, probably of a man so desperately sick and feeling abandoned by his physicians that he decided to take matters into his own hands. I’ve been there myself. I never thought I would be able to puncture my vein with a needle and perform an injection on my own body. But when you reach a certain level of sickness and desperation it leads you to do things you never thought you would have been able to. Clearly, what the man got wrong was the concentration of hydrogen peroxide. The proper strength of H2O2 during properly administered IVs lies between 0.0375% und 0.15%. That means that the H2O2 the patient used was over 900 times more potent than what is applied in a procedure which is used for medicinal reasons. What he did has as little to do with hydrogen peroxide therapy as butchering someone to death with a machete has to do with a life saving surgery.

Number of people so far, documented to have been killed by properly administered hydrogen peroxide therapy, by properly trained personnel, with proper medical equipment: 0.

Number of people who have not informed themselves well before injecting a highly corrosive agent into their veins most probably because they have been driven to desperation by the psychotic medical mafia in one of the most criminal scams of our times: 1.


Case #7: “An Unexpected Death During Oxygen-Ozone Therapy”

A report by Daniela Marchetti, MD, and Giuseppe La Monaca published by the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology in the year 2000, describes the case of a 20-year-old woman who died after having received her 31st autohemotransfusion. Autohemotransfusion is the same procedure as autohemotherapy described in case #4, see above. It is, as Table 1 of the document explains, the extraction of blood, its temporary storage in a bag which contains an anticoagulant, the addition of the ozone-oxygen gas, the mixing of the blood with the o2/o3 gas and its reintroduction into the human body via vein. Remember the previous lengthy quotes about heparin’s dangers? The anticoagulant of choice during ozone autohemotherapy? With hemorrhages and death being known side effects of heparin usage? It turns out that the autopsy of this patient revealed bleeding in 3 different instances:

1. Petechial hemorrhages in the white matter of the brain, page 145.

[wikipedia: “A petechia is a small (1 – 2 mm) red or purple spot on the skin, caused by a minor hemorrhage (broken capillary blood vessels).”]

2. “Similar unstained vesicles had also been observed in perivascular [surrounding a blood vessel] spaces, as well as annular [ring-shaped] hemorrhages.”, page 146.

3. “Edema, endoalveolar [small air spaces in the lungs] hemorrhages, and focal emphysema were present in the lungs.”, page 146

So, the autopsy found hemorrhages in 3 different parts of the patient’s body: brain, around blood vessels and in the lungs. Given that a) as quoted above “Hemorrhage is the chief complication that may result from heparin therapy” and that b) there were visible hemorrhages in the patient’s brain during autopsy and that c) the patient “lost consciousness during her 31st oxygen-ozone treatment by autohemoperfusion. Resuscitation was unsuccessful.” Is it then possible that her death was due to the heparin induced bleeding in her brain? Or at the very least: given the findings, can one exclude with certainty that it was not the heparin? Hardly. Unless one uses a lot of acrobatic medical terminology and proceeds to investigate with a bias, as seems apparent through the report:

“A chest radiograph (24 hours after the death) demonstrated gas in the right and left cardiac chambers in the main vessels (Fig. 3).”

If a gas embolism “has never been reported in relation to O2/O3 therapy by autohemotransfusion” then why was a chest radiograph the first performed inspection? What is the importance of oxygen/nitrogen ratio during suspected gas embolisms and why is it mentioned that it could not be determined in that case? Is it possibly because nitrogen is the gas mostly found to cause problems during gas embolisms, not oxygen? Given that oxygen will be absorbed 100% by the blood? Interestingly, one of the most successful ways to resolve a suspected gas embolism is immediate oxygenation, either in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber or by allowing the patient to breath 100% oxygen. If that is the case, how could a properly performed ozone hemotransfusion have caused a gas embolism? It couldn’t. During the correct performance of ozone-hemotransfusion no o2/o3 gas is present in the blood anymore by the time it’s being re-infused, since the gas reacts with the blood completely and instantly. But given that “none of the instruments required to detach the plastic bag from the peripheral vein before ozone addiction [sic], nor those that are necessary for blood reinjection, were found at the scene of death” it could not be established whether the procedure had been indeed performed correctly, or rather in a negligent manner which would have allowed air to enter the vein. Irrespective of those inconsistencies, namely a lack of evidence of a gas embolism but clear evidence of internal bleeding, the authors maintain that

“chest radiography and pathological findings indicated death to be caused by a paradoxical air embolism from a congenital heart abnormality (patent foramen ovale [a small hole located in the wall separating the two heart chambers]).”

Maybe, maybe not.

So what’s the total?

Total number of people who have been found with internal bleeding after being injected with heparin: 2.

Total number of people who don’t really have a clue what happened but pretend they do: 2.


Total number of people so far, documented to have been killed by properly administered ozone or hydrogen peroxide therapy, by properly trained personnel, with proper medical equipment: 0.

Is it still possible that people have indeed died of properly administered ozone or hydrogen peroxide?

Yes, it is.

All I'm saying is that the so far discussed cases were completely unable to conclusively show that. What they have been able to show very well is shoddy journalism, incompetent coroners and medical professionals, possibly intentional disinformation by the FDA, desperate, misled, and abandoned patients with terminal illnesses, and in 2 instances very conclusive evidence of death due to heparin.

Do you think you know of a case which proves that someone has indeed died because of properly administered ozone or H2O2 which has not been discussed in the article? If so, I would love to know about it. Please write to thepowerofozone@gmail.com and supply the material either as an attachment or as a link. I ask that the provided information meets the following criteria:

1. It has to deal with a human fatality.

2. It has to be a complete text, meaning not just a heading or an abstract of a text, or part of a text. The whole document has to be accessible. Example of sources which do NOT meet these criteria: This page has, among other things, this to say about oxygenation therapy:

Is ingestion or infusion of hydrogen peroxide safe? At the end of his paper on how to infuse hydrogen peroxide intravenously, Farr cautions that the capacity of the lungs to allow gas embolism diffusion is limited. A continuous infusion of peroxide that results in 0.01 volume per 100 ml blood can cause an arterial gas embolism and irreversible lung damage [19]. That such adverse reactions do occur is clear from reports in the medical literature. These incidents include: oxygen gas emboli, necrosis and gangrene following peroxide enemas or colonic lavage [37-41,]; emphysema following peroxide mouth wash or gargle [42]; and ulcerative colitis, gas embolism, and emphysema following deep wound irrigation [43-45]. Peroxide ingestion results in respiratory arrest, seizures, gas embolism in the portal circulation, shock, and acute hemolysis. [46-48] Stroke and multiple cerebral infarcts [49] and venous embolism follow irrigation of anal fistula and irrigation of surgical wounds [20]. In contrast, the literature published by proponents of oxygenation therapy contain no report of adverse clinical incidents resulting from ingestion or infusion of hydrogen peroxide.”

It lists the following sources to supposedly back up its claims:

19. Farr, C.H. A protocol and guidelines for safe IV administration of hydrogen peroxide. International Bioxidative Medicine Foundation, Dallas, Texas, 1987

20. Shah, J. Pedemonte, M.S. and Wilcock, M.M., Hydrogen peroxide may cause venous oxygen embolism. Anesthesiolgy. 6l:631-2:1984.

37. Johnson, R.J.R., Froese, G., Khodadad, M. and Gibson, D. Hydrogen peroxide and radiotherapy. Bubble formation in the blood. Brit. J. Radiol. 41:749: 1968.

38. Ludington, L.G., Hartman S.W., Keplinger, J.E. and Williams, F.S. Incomplete rupture of the colon following a hydrogen peroxide enema. Arch. Surg. 76:658-66l:1958.

39. Sellers, R.D., Reventos, J., Lillehei, R.C. and Lillehei, C.W. Cardiac arrest due to use of hydrogen peroxide with experimental study of effects of topical antibacterial agents upon the heart. Jour. Thoracic Cardiovasc. Surg. 44:l4-20:1962.

40. Shaw, A. Cooperman, A. and Fusco, J. Gas embolism produced by hydrogen peroxide. N.E.J.M. 277:238:1967. 41. Brodeur, A.E. Peroxide Lavage of Colon in Children Held Risky. Med. Tribune 7:1: Oct.1966.

42. Walker, J.E.G. Emphysema of soft tissues complicating endodontic treatment using hydrogen peroxide. Brit. Journ of Oral Surg l3:98-99: 1975.

43.  Meyer C.T., Brand, M. Deluca, V.A. and Spiro, H., Hydrogen peroxide colitis: A report of three patients. J. Clin Gastro.3:31-35:1981.

44. Bassan, M. M. and Dudai, M. Shalev, O. Near fatal systemic oxygen embolism due to wound irrigation with hydrogen peroxide. Post Grad. Med. Journ 58:448-45l:1982.

45. Sleigh, J.W., Linter, S.P.K., Hazaards of hydrogen peroxide. Br. Med. Journ. 291:l706:1985.

46. Giberson, T.P., Kern, J.D., Pettigrew, D.W. Eaves, C.C. Haynes J.F. Near fatal hydrogen peroxide ingestion. Ann. Emergency Med.l8:778:1989.

47. Rackoff, W.R. and Merton, D.F. Gas embolism after ingestion of hydrogen peroxide. Pediatrics. 85:593-594:1990. 48. Jordan, K.S., Mackey, D. and Garvey E. A case review; acute hemolytic crisis secondary to i.v. injections of hydrogen peroxide. J. of Emerg. Nursing l7:8-10:1991.

49. Sherman, S.J. Boyer, L.V., Sibley, W.A. Cerebral infarction immediately after ingestion of hydrogen peroxide solution. Stroke.25:l065-l067:1994.

None of which deal with a human fatality which can be read freely in its entirety online, hence it’s impossible for me to analyze the material sufficiently well. If you know of material which fits the above mentioned conditions, please feel free to submit it to thepowerofozone@gmail.com .


About the author:

PaolaI’m Paola the Crazy Old Ozone Lady behind The Power of Ozone. I’m a licensed naturopathic practitioner, natural health consultant, ozone therapy enthusiast, researcher, and ozone therapy analyst. I hold certificates in ozone therapy, hyperbaric ozone applications, Oxyvenierung, and the Andrew Cutler chelation. I own several ozone generators including a German hyperbaric 10 Pass machine. I have been using ozone for over 13 years, I’ve chelated with the ACC program for close to 5 years and I’ve been carnivore for nearly 1.5 years. This website serves as a resource for those who are interested in ozone therapy and other approaches to successfully manage chronic conditions. 

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  1. Holly

    Hey Paola,

    I’m getting a bit nervous about the UVBI IV MAH ozone treatments I’ve been getting & kind of wishing I had listened to you a while back when you suggested I discontinue them & try saunas instead.

    I’ve had a total of 30 over 3 months, Monday, Wednesday, Friday for a while & other weeks once or twice.

    They only take out 60 ccs of blood mixed with saline & started with 60 ccs ozone & worked slowly up to double that or 140.

    I was feeling better overall & seeing improvement in my long covid pain & inflammation, but around the time they doubled my ozone, maybe a month & 1/2 ago, I’ve been dealing with a new troublesome issue with my feet. A vein on my left foot looks funny & has a fluttering, spasm sensation on & off plus pain & tenderness in that area plus near constant tingling/bubbling feeling along the bottoms of both feet. I got an ankle compression sleeve for the painful, aggravated vein & it’s helpful but I’m really nervous about what could be going on & if the cause is the IV UVBI ozone & or the heparin? They only use a tiny amount like less than 1 unit.

    The nurse practitioner has seen my vein on the top left side of ankle & thinks it’s just phlebitis & nothing to worry about. She thinks the tingling is just circulatory & insists it’s nothing with the treatments that they should help everything, but I still have concerns it’s related.

    Worth noting that I realize UVBI ozone thins the blood & is anticoagulant but I believe I have been taking too many blood thinning supplements during & before the treatments began, plus began drinking red wine at the time & I’m discontinuing to see if it helps: Lumbrokinase enzymes, Quercetin, NAC, Curcumin & Turmeric, Vit E & Krill & Fish Oil, Resveratrol with Grape Seed extract & I was having 1-2 glasses of red wine every evening- all of which have blood thinning effects. I quit the wine 2 weeks ago suspecting it for many reasons- histamines, sulfites, fermented etc. Quit the Lumbrokinase 3 weeks ago & the rest of the possible blood thinning supplements except NAC a few days ago. I canceled my next UVBI ozone & am going to tell her I’m taking a break & think I don’t need anymore or at least no more than once a month for maintenance. I want to see if my feet & vein get better without the weekly treatments.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on what could be going on will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    PS: I asked the NP to check my D-Dimer because I’ve been worried it’s a clot, DVT or air embolism & she said my results are normal 186 & the reference range is 0-500 ng/ml.

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Holly,

      unless they injected the vein on your ankle, it is highly unlikely that this is phlebitis from the UVBI ozone injection.

      I would need to know much more to be able to say something helpful …

      Feel free to schedule a call with me: httsp://thepowerofozone.com///consulting


  2. Gorgi Georgievski

    I visit Dr.Robins office for Ozone therapy, after three treatments,
    I end in nearest hospital and spent 13 days most in coma.
    Dr Robins submit consent document in the Court with many side effects, in his scientific papers which He publish on internet, He
    claims possible inflammation of brain and inflammation of veins.
    Ozone is near toxic, see OSHA standards.His therapy DIV is illegal
    in Europe.

  3. gina funk

    i had ozone rectum 3 diff times threw a syringe. I have weakness, brain fog,blood in my stool,purple bruises all over my body. never had this. I also feel my blood like something crawling. I have to go to hospital b4 its to late. Im scared. This was done by md. assistant each time. low dose i was told. I did this for my auto immune mild ulcerative colitis. This is a downward spiral for my whole health. I'm a single mom too.

    • paola d

      Hi gina,

      wow, that does not sound good!
      I don't know what went wrong there, but I hope you will recover soon.
      Maybe look into fecal matter transplants?


  4. bob

    nice job. I'am getting h202 tomorrow and I read about the women that died and had red and purple spots. not worried any more and looking forward to my treatment

    • paola d

      Thank you for reading!
      I hope you will like the H2O2 treatment.

  5. Robert

    Thank you for posting this information. Very well documented. RHP is the ultimate IV ozone method, and no one died so far! This stuff about embolisms from oxygen written by “scientists” is laughable. S.Barrett is a very low life form (maybe an FDA robot?)

  6. Diane

    Thank you for sharing this info. Your article is very thorough and informative; it's good investigative journalism. Thanks!


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