Every ozone equipment setup consists of the following 3 parts:

oxygen + ozone generator + accessories.

basic ozone set up diagram

For most treatments the oxygen source and ozone generator will remain the same and only the accessories will change.

If you want to switch from one treatment to another, for example from doing ozone saunas to rectal insufflations (RI), you just need to change whatever accessory you put in position 3 of the picture above. So in the given example, you would replace the ozone sauna with a bag and a catheter (which are needed to perform RI).

How is everything connected?

How is the oxygen tank attached to the ozone generator and the generator to for example a catheter?

In general, everything is connected via tubing.

Usually, there are two different kinds of tubing used with ozone equipment: 1) clear PVC tubing which is used for parts of the setup which do not get in contact with ozone, and 2) silicone tubing which is used to connect the ozone output with the given accessory.

PVC is generally used to connect the oxygen source (tank or concentrator) with the ozone generator. So the tubing goes from the oxygen outlet on the oxygen source to the “oxygen in” inlet on the ozone generator. PVC tubing is clear.

Silicone tubing goes from the “ozone out” outlet on the ozone generator to the given accessory which supplies the ozone to the human body. Silicone tubing has a milky color.


Can I use silicone tubing instead of PVC to connect the oxygen tank with the ozone generator?

Yes, you can.You can use silicone tubing to connect every piece of your ozone equipment.

The reasons for using PVC tubing is a) the part between oxygen source and ozone generator does not get in contact with ozone hence it does not require highly ozone resistant material like silicone, and b) it tends to be cheaper than silicone.


Additionally to tubing, there are connectors.

Different ozone equipment manufacturers use different connectors. There can be luer lock, quick, barb, or other type of connectors. Some parts can be hooked up without additional connectors. Having the right connectors at hand is important for correctly putting together ozone equipment.

Luer Lock connectors

Luer lock connectors

Quick Connectors

A simple barb connector: allows to connect tubing of the same diameter

DIY connector

DIY connectors: a smaller diameter silicone tubing inserted into a larger diameter silicone tubing

5-in-1 connector connectors

5-in-1 connector: allows to connect tubing of different diameters.

Barb connector Connectors

Quick connectors

Barb connector

A barb connector which allows to connect tubing of different diameters

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  1. Danny Payan

    Hola Paola!
    I have had continual muscular pain in my lower right let for the past 3 months. I have had therapeutic massages, acupuncture and laser sessions but nothing seems to help. Do you think that ozone muscular injections might help reduce the pain. If so, what concentrations might I try? I am doing all types of streching, but like I said, the discomfort does to totally go away, and then returns back to its intensity. I have an medical oxygen tank and generator.

    • paola d

      Hi Danny,
      I believe I answered your question already in the ozone group?

      I would first try taking magnesium up to 1000 mg per day or as an IV.
      DMSO is also great for any type of pain.
      After that I would first give ozone saunas a try before going in for injections.

  2. Ana

    Hello. Could you please tell me where can I get the tubes and the connectors? I don't know where to find them in Spain. Thank you

    • paola d

      Hi Ana,

      I don't know where to find them in Spain, either.
      If you'd like to buy them from the US, then check out this page:


  3. Odin

    Hi Paola,

    thanks for your help on my last question!
    I've been looking into ozone a bit more and I came across ozone air purifiers. I don't really understand how they create the ozone. On this site you write about either having a ozone tank or having a ozone concentrator. I don't think these purifiers will have a tank but I was wondering what you know about this. I can't find anything about a concentrator either.

    please let me know if you have any information/ answers.

    Best Regards,


    • paola d

      Hi Odin,

      air purifiers work very similar to oxygen-fed ozone generators.

      The main difference being that they produce ozone from the 20% of oxygen contained in the air. They suck in the ambient air which is exposed to electricity. This results in the production of ozone from the oxygen naturally present in air.


  4. Odin


    I don't fully understand why some ozone generators are single dielectric and some are dual dielectric. Why should you make a single of you can have a dual as well? is this due to pricing? Can you please help me understand the benefits of both?

    thanks for all your help!

    Kind Regards,


    • paola d

      Hi Odin,

      dual dielectric generators have a number of disadvantages: they get hotter, are more difficult to produce high ozone concentrations and higher flows and so tend to be less precise and it is more difficult to control the ozone concentration.

      There really is no additional benefit to dual dielectric, at least not one which would off-set the drawbacks.

      The fixation on dual dielectric generators is mostly due to a successful and unrelenting marketing campaign by one of the main producers of dual dielectric generators. This type of fixation is virtually unknown in Europe, where the best generators are produced. No one cares there whether it is a dual dielectric machine.


  5. Terry Hull

    I have my own OzoPure ozone generator capable of putting out an advertized 70 mcg/ml of ozone. I've had and used it for approximately 20 years. It was manufactured with a specially-made quartz crystal generating tube along with all appropriate materials used in its construction.Complete with digital ozone concentration readout, timed or continuous click knob settings, external heatsink, and leur lock capable. An identical unit was used for ozone therapy training sessions where a leur lock was used by myself to fill a 60cc glass syringe for major autohemotherapy and direct injection purposes. 60 mcg/ml was the chosen concentration gor both. My question is: Do you know of anyone locally, I live in San Diego, that can handle the task of re-calibrating the unit, as my digital readout is malfunctioning climbing wildly and descending, up and down with different end readings at different times. I believe I can, with a bit of research, find the manufacturer and/or the person or firm which did the original calibration,I was just curious if you knew of anyone local to me. Thanks for taking my question and any help you may be able to provide me.
    Respectfully yours,
    Terry Hull

    • paola d

      Hi Terry,
      I don't know anyone locally. There is someone in Utah who could possibly do that.
      Let me know if you want to have his contact.

  6. Theresa

    Yes Ma'am that is what I mean with the olive oil.
    You are a blessing , thank you.

  7. Theresa

    I am interested in the ‘breathing of ozone' . Can you send a link for the mask?
    Also, Does that just go to the lungs or does it go over the upper body?
    just don't know?

    • paola d

      Hi Theresa,
      I hope you mean “Breathing Ozone Bubbled through olive oil” since one should never breathe ozone directly.
      If that is what you mean, this is the mask you can use .
      Many people who use that protocol also report increased mind clarity. So one can assume that the effects go beyond just the lungs. The lungs absorb some of the ozonides and likely transport them throughout the body.

      Hope this helps.

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