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In order to receive ozone therapy, you don’t necessarily have to visit a doctor’s office. Many people all around the world do ozone treatments at the comfort of their own four walls and see remarkable results. So, what exactly is home ozone therapy and how is it administered?

Home ozone therapy is any type of treatment which involves exposing a body cavity or the skin to ozone gas or ozonated liquids (water or oils), and which can be performed privately without needing a doctor’s prescription nor presence.

Most commonly, home ozone therapies involve non-invasive treatments like ozone insufflations, ozone water, or ozone saunas.

Since regulations on what supplies can be acquired by laymen differ from country to country, home ozone therapy can encompass a wide range of different treatments depending on where you are located.

What types of ozone treatments can be performed at home?

Which ozone treatments you can perform at home depends on your access to an oxygen source plus low flow regulator, an ozone generator, the supplies, and on a your skills.

Oxygen is freely available in most countries. Oxygen regulators can be bought either locally or from international sellers of home ozone equipment, same as ozone generators. Accessories like catheters, bags, sauna tents, or syringes can be usually acquired without the need of a prescription.

Most non-invasive ozone treatments are easy to perform and require just a minimum of technical skills. The necessary know-how can be quickly acquired for free through numerous websites (including the one you're visiting right now) and videos which demonstrate the procedures.

Ozone treatments which are often performed at home include:

  • Vaginal insufflations*
  • Rectal insufflations*
  • Ear insufflations*
  • Nasal insufflations*
  • Sublingual insufflations
  • Bladder insufflations

All types of topical ozone administrations:

  • Ozone saunas*
  • Ozone bagging
  • Ozone cupping
  • Ozone body bag
  • Soaking baths while ozonating the water

And also the ozonation and application of liquids:

  • Drinking ozonated water*
  • BOOO – breathing ozonated olive oil*
  • Ozonated olive oil
  • Rinses with ozonated saline or water (eyes, rectum, vagina, mouth, ears)

This is not an exhaustive list. (Treatments in bold and marked with an asterisk [*] are the most popular ones.)

Access to medical grade oxygen and needles also allows for the administration of direct intravenous and subcutaneous ozone injections.


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How are home ozone treatments administered?

The most popular home ozone therapies are administered non-invasively, which means the skin is never punctured. Instead, the gas is either infused into different body cavities or is used to ozonate liquids first which are then applied in numerous ways. 

In order to be able to use ozone at home, ozone equipment is necessary, since ozone is a gas which can’t be stored or transported: at room temperature it breaks down within less than an hour. Ozone needs to be produced at the time of administration.

Once the gas is generated, it can be introduced into either the rectum, vagina, ear, mouth, eyes, or nose with the help of syringes, bags, or as a direct flow from the ozone machine. Ozone can be also used to treat the skin during limb bagging, ozone saunas, or for ozone body bags. 

Ozonated liquids (water, saline, oils) can be either ingested, applied topically, inhaled, or used as rinses.

Here an overview of how the most popular home ozone treatments are commonly administered:

home ozone therapy - rectal insufflation

Rectal insufflations: In order to get the gas into the rectum, first a bag or syringe is filled with ozone. The syringe is then connected to an inserted catheter and emptied slowly.

home ozone therapy - vaginal insufflation

Vaginal insufflations: In order to deliver ozone gas vaginally, the gas is infused in a continuous fashion through a catheter which is connected the whole time to the ozone generator.

home ozone therapy - ear insufflation

Ear insufflations: In order to treat the ears with ozone, the best way is to first fill a syringe and then connect it to a modified stethoscope. By pressing on the plunger of the syringe, the ozone gas is slowly introduced into the ears.

home ozone therapy - nasal insufflation

Nasal insufflations: In order to treat the sinuses, the ozone gas is injected into the nose via a syringe while holding one's breath to avoid inhaling it.

home ozone therapy - ozonated water

Ozonated water is produced by bubbling ozone through cold, mineral poor water for at least 5 to 10 minutes. It can then be ingested to treat the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, or small intestine.  

home ozone therapy - ozone sauna

Ozone sauna: To apply ozone topically, a sauna tent or box is used which allows for the head to stick out. A silicone hose transports the ozone into the box where it’s absorbed by the warm and moist skin.

home ozone therapy - BOOO

Breathing ozonated olive oil: in order to treat the respiratory tract, ozone needs to be converted to ozonides by bubbling it through oil. Ozonides are molecules which retain the therapeutical properties of ozone yet are safe to breathe.

Each of the ozone treatments can be performed in different ways and people come up with new types of ozone administrations all the time. Some methods are better than others, depending on the body cavity, people's preferences, and responses. For example, vaginal ozone insufflations are best performed using the direct method. Ear insufflations are best performed indirectly, so by using a syringe or a bag.

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What equipment do you need for home ozone therapy?

Every ozone setup consists of the following four parts:

1. Oxygen source with a low flow regulator

2. Ozone generator

3. Accessories (catheters, bags, syringes, sauna tents, silicone tubing, water bubblers, etc.)

4. Breathing protection (mask, fan, towel, balcony, ventilation, destructor, etc.)

The oxygen source delivers oxygen into the ozone generator, the regulator controls the flow or speed at which this happens. Inside the ozone generator, tiny fractions of oxygen are transformed into ozone which is then transported through an accessory into the desired body part. The breathing protection prevents you from inhaling it.

What equipment (1)

The oxygen source can be different types of oxygen tanks or an oxygen concentrator. Important is that the oxygen is of at least 90% purity, as long as it's used for non-invasive treatments (Invasive ozone treatments require oxygen of at least 99%.). The regulator needs to match the oxygen source and it needs to produce low flows between 1/16 to 1/2 LPM. So, for example a medical tank calls for a medical regulator, an industrial tank calls for an industrial regulator, an oxygen concentrator calls for an external low flow regulator, etc.

The ozone generator should be able to produce ozone concentrations between 20 mcg/ml and 80 mcg/ml at flows of 1/16 to 1/2 LPM. There is a wide variety of available ozone generators on the market which satisfy those requirements.

The same companies which sell the ozone generators also sell a wide selection of ozone accessories like different types of catheters, water bubblers, bags, saunas, etc. The accessories are specialized for ozone purposes and are made of ozone resistant materials like silicone, PVD, or PTFE.

Another very important part is breathing protection. During home ozone treatments ozone gas can escape into the room. It can be very harsh and damage the lungs if inhaled in excessive amounts or for too long. It’s important to protect yourself with the help of a mask, a fan, or by being outdoors.


Examples of ozone setups

There are many different brands of ozone generators, different types of oxygen sources, and different types of accessories which can be all mixed and matched depending on your preferences, budget, or living circumstances. Here a few examples:

Ozone water

Example O3 water copy 2

Example of a setup to ozonate water: 1. a medical oxygen tank with a medical low flow regulator, 2. a Promolife Dual Cell ozone generator, 3. a water bubbler, and 4. an ozone destructor which is already part of the water bubbler and which prevents excess ozone from escaping into the room. 

Ozone sauna

EXample O3 sauna marked copy

Example of an ozone sauna setup: 1. the Respironics Everflo oxygen concentrator with an external low flow regulator, 2. a Promolife Dual Cell ozone generator, 3. a foldable sauna tent, and 4. fan, towel, and mask as breathing protection.

Vaginal insufflations

Example VI copy

Example of an ozone set up for vaginal insufflations: 1. an industrial oxygen tank with an industrial low flow regulator, 2. the Stratus 3.0 ozone generator, 3. a luer end silicone catheter, and 4. a mask as breathing protection.

Is home ozone therapy effective?

Anecdotal evidence shows that many types of home ozone treatments can be surprisingly effective for some of the most serious conditions.

Examples: Judy was able to resolve Lyme disease primarily with ozone saunas. Ramona says that vaginal ozone insufflations were instrumental in helping her overcome cervical cancer. Jeff says that ear insufflations helped him combat cancer of his voice box (comments section).

In addition, there are studies which show the effectiveness of rectal ozone insufflations in the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa (an eye condition), senile dementia, hepatitis, metabolic syndrome, immunodeficiencies, Covid-19, or digestive issues.

Home ozone treatments can help maintain health gains from an intensive intravenous ozone course performed at a clinic, which is why certain ozone doctors encourage their patients to continue doing ozone at home.

Other ozone therapy experts are known to combine invasive with home ozone therapies. One example is Dr. Robins and Dr. Rowen‘s work in Sierra Leone, where they instructed doctors and health care workers who thought they had contracted Ebola to treat themselves with a combination of DIV ozone injections, ozonated water, and rectal insufflations.

Dr. Olmedo, a Spanish oncologist, treated himself with DIV injections, 10 passes, but also with rectal and sublingual insufflations when he thought he had caught Covid-19.


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Is home ozone therapy dangerous?

Ozone therapy in general, doesn’t matter whether performed at a doctor’s office or at home, is one of the safest health care modalities ever invented.

This does not mean that it’s completely free of potential complications. But the risks are either minor, transient, or extremely rare.

The biggest risk concerning home ozone therapies is the excess ozone gas in the room. When performing insufflations or ozone saunas substantial amounts of ozone gas can escape. This is why a protection from breathing ozone should be always part of a home ozone setup.

But as long as there is no obvious lung discomfort in the form of coughing, throat ache, or breathing difficulties, inhaling low levels of ozone is in most cases not harmful. Any discomfort usually passes within a few hours to a few days.

Important to know is that it is as good as impossible to consciously breathe in excessive amounts of ozone for a prolonged time, just like it’s impossible to consciously leave your hand on a hot stove for too long. You will automatically recoil from it.

Rectal insufflations can lead to a ruptured colon in patients with an underlying condition which predisposes them to weakened colon walls. This is extremely rare.

Ear insufflations can lead to pain, liquid discharge, itchiness, inflammation, and scabbing. The majority of people will develop some of those side effects which in as good as all cases pass by themselves once the ozone treatments are discontinued.

Ozone saunas can lead to extremely itchy rashes.

In addition, ozone therapy of any kind should not be performed by people with hyperthyroidism, transplanted organs, beyond the 1st trimester of a pregnancy, and if you're allergic to ozone.

DIV at home o copy

Depending on your skills and access to medical grade oxygen and to supplies like needles and syringes, direct intravenous ozone injections can also be part of home ozone therapies.

How to best apply ozone therapy at home?

When using ozone therapy on your own, there are a few quidelines to consider in order to get the most out of it. Generally, it’s best to pick the type of ozone administration which will allow the problem area to be as directly exposed to the ozone as possible.


For a sinus congestion, do nasal or ear insufflations.

For cervical problems, do vaginal insufflations.

For prostate problems or colitis, do rectal insufflations.

For exzema or psoriasis, use ozone saunas or ozone body bags.

For stomach or duodenal ulcers, drink ozonated water.

For a systemic infection, do systemic treatments like ozone sauna, ozone body bag, or drink ozonated water.

In order to achieve therapeutic effects, it’s recommended to do ozone therapy at least three times a week. If the problem is acute or serious, ozone should be done daily.

Since ozone can degrade the vitamin C stores of your body, supplement with the vitamin during intensive ozone protocols.

Is home ozone therapy illegal?

Not yet. There are no laws which prohibit you from doing what you want with your body at home, as far as I know.

But, this may change, soon. Already, police are allowed to enter homes without a warrant to check on people, naturally occurring gasses like nitrogen oxides, ozone, and CO2 are being banned, just like breathing natural levels of oxygen. New York is proposing a ban to outlaw smoking at home. Who knows which stupidity in the name of “saving us” is next?

So, if you haven’t bought your home ozone equipment yet, now may be a good time.   


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  1. Darien

    Hi Paola,

    Just reading your website. I`m from Germany and consider to do ozone at home. I`ve been treated with IV Ozone (Große Eigenblutbehandlung) at the age of 30 in 2006 for about 7 month once a week. I had neurological issues like brainfog, fatigue after receiving 8 vaccines during 2 years. I also got immunglobulins from this doctor. So I don`t know, which drug was responsible for healing.

    So in short, after this seven month I gained my health back to nearly 90%. I was ten years fine without any further treatment.

    Unfortunately the symptoms came back in 2016 in a much more severe form. I have now twitching of my muscles, brainfog, fatigue, weakness. I fear a serious neurological disease.

    I have an appointment in 3 weeks to get 10 passes at a private doctor here in Germany, since I`ve never received Ozone since those days again.

    But I`d like to support my immunesystem at home, too. Do you think ozone could help me in any way? And which form of ozone treatment would you recommend?

    I read the work of Velio Bocci and gained a bit of hope again.

    I would highly appreciate an answer. If you like, in German :).

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Darien,

      I think since it helped you 16 years ago, chances are good it will help you again. The only way to find out is to try it out, I think …

      Ozone is a great tool to help with the immune system.

      In order to have an idea what form of ozone would help you, I would need much more information than you provided.

      But given my current liver fixation, I would strongly recommend to also take care of the liver in the form of a low vitamin A diet, low fat, lactoferrin supplementation, activated charcoal, psyllium husks, soluble fiber in the form of beans.

      I wish you success!


  2. Brooke

    Can ozone be used to treat dandruff? If so, what would be the best technique?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Brooke,

      I know of people who have made DIY head caps and then pumped ozone in there.

      There are attachments to shower heads that produce ozone. This may be a potential solution.

      What worked for me: soaking baths in diluted 35% H2O2, sniffing ozonated water. It's possible that there other treatments would work as well.

      Hope this helps.


  3. Susan P. Woodrow

    Great inteoduction to Ozone. Well written and well delivered

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Thank you!

  4. Barry

    I wish you would please tell us some more details about your carnivore diet, such as what do you eat for the 3 meals every day, and how do you cook the meat, and if you recommend any carnivore books. Is it true that if one places raw meat into fresh ozone water for a period of time, that the meat may be eaten raw and uncooked, without cooking the meat ?

  5. Dan

    When doing a sauna how Strong is the Ozone, whats the settings?

  6. Barry

    Do you think there is possibly a difference in a carnivore diet wellness response for one who receives a great amount of ozone therapy, and another one who receives little or no ozone therapy ?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Barry,

      Yes, I believe someone who combines ozone treatments with the carnivore diet will likely see positive results faster.

      I do recommend to add Vitamin C when doing carnivore and ozone therapy together, since ozone can degrade vitamin c stores. If someone does carnivore they will probably have a hard time replenishing their ozone depleted Vitamin C levels. Which is why adding Vitamin C is a good idea.

      I eat one time a day, right now it's around 2 pounds of ground beef, with around 1/2 pound of raw tallow that I render in the pan. I pan sear everything in the beef fat. And I add around 1 pound of pork belly.

      I sometimes also eat pork ribs, chicken legs, ox tails which I cook for several hours on low heat until it falls off the bones.

      In order to eat meat one does not have to ozonate it.

      As good as every culture in every corner of the world has some traditional dish consisting of raw meat or fish. Examples: tartar (many different countries), carpaccio (Italy), sushi (Japan), whale blubber (Inuit), raw blood drinking and raw liver (Massai), Mettwurst (Germany). Just to cite a few examples. I'm fairly certain that none of them are ozonated before being consumed.

      When meat is ozonated, questionable by-products are produced. So, I'm not sure this is a good idea long term. There were multiple studies which were done on this, you may want to look this up.


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